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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 10, 1872, Image 1

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ra'l''-NO. 26.
VOL 6.
her aad Proprietor. -
Railway Time.
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
Only Direct oute to the National
Capitol and astward.
On and after Monday, November 19, Trains
will run as follows t
KASTWAKU. Reprtu. lint. '. lCvprvu.
Purkorsliurg 8 40 Am 11 00 Pm 5 SO I'm
Cumberland 8 13 Pm 8 05 Am 2:09 AtA
Harper's rrry 6 41" 1 00 Pm 6:48 "
WiwhliistonJuuc'n. 9 30 " 4 45 Pm :. "
Arrive. .......
Baltimore. 80" 4 05 " 8:50"
Washington ....... 1100 " 15 " 10:00"
Philadelphia ....... 85 Amlll 80 " l:S0Pm
New York S 15 " 15 Am 1:40 Am
NewYm-k 10Pm (I HO Am :!0Pm
. ' Philiuleluhla ....... 4 00 Am It 45 Pin 14:04 Am
WanlilnRton 145 00" 6:45 1'ra
Baltimore !. 8 50 " 405 Am 8:00"
Arrive '
WashiiiKton Jnno'u. " 445 " 8:20" .
Harper's Ferry.... UOSxrh 7 12" 10:00"
OuinbvrUnil 8 40 Pm It 08 " 4:48Am
ParkerHlmrir 12 85 " T 85 " 8:25 ''
Pullman PaUo Drawing Boom Bleeping Pari.
Which are as comfortable, elegantly furnished,
and almost equal to a fl re-Hide, are nn nil Trains
from Cincinnati to Baltimore and Washington,
8oe Schedule of Marietta and Cincinnati HhII
wny for time of arriving and departing' from
The advantages of this routa over (11 others
lt, that it Rives nil travelers holdlnir through
tickets the prlvlloiro nf visiting linltiniore,
Philadelphia, and the National Capitol free.
Timeqninkerand rates of fare lower than by
any other line.
The scenery nlon? this Hallway is not equaled
for grinulour on tliisContinont. ;1
Capitol and astward. TO SHIPPERS OF FREIGHT.
This line offers superior Inducements the
rates beliiir nne-thlrd lower tosnd from Boston,
New Yoik,nr any other Kastern point. In or
dering goods of any description from the Knst
giveillrefltlons to ship' tla Baltimore A Ohio
K. Ki.snd iiiHhipniug Kast givesamedirections.
Freights xhliiped by tills route will have des
patch, and be hsndled with esre and save
shippers much money. : J. L, WILSON, ,
Muster Trsnsportation, Baltimore. '
G. It. BliANOHAitl),
Uen. Freight Ag't, Bttltimoro
S, U. JONKS, Oen. Ticket Ag'tiitnlthn'oro.'
Oen. Puss. Ag't.( Oiaolunati.
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette
Rail Road.
To all Points West, Northwest
and Southwest.
The Great Through Mall and Express Pas
songer Line to St.- Loulx, ICunaaii City. BC.
Josoph, Denver, Sun Frnnclsoo, and nil points
In Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.
The shorteat and onlyiUrect route to Indian
apollt, Lafayette, Terro Haute, Cambridge
City, Snringtield, Peoria, Burlington, Ghloag,
Milwaukeu, St. Paul, and all point in the
llorthwaxt. .
The linllanipolis, Cincinnati and Lafayette
Ballroad, with its eonnoctlons, now offers paa
sengers more facillllHM In Through Ooaoh and
Hleeplng Car Servieu than any otlior line from
Cincinnati, having the advnutago of Through
lMilyOni-H from Cincinnati to St. Louis, Kan.
silsClty.Bt. Joseph, I'uorla.BnrlinKton.Chlctgo,
Omaha, and all Intermediate points, presenting
to Colonists and Families such comforts and
accommodations as are aflordod by no other
route. '
Through Ticket and Baggage Chocks to all
Trains lesve Oiuclnnatl at 7:30 A.M., 8;00 P.
Mi and 9:00 P. M.
Ticket can be obtained at No. 1 Burnet
House, corner Tulrt and Vine Public Limi
ts, cqrnor Mutu and Htver; also; at Depot,
corner Plum and Pearl Mtreeti, Cincinnati, O.
no sure to purchase tickets via llullanspolls,
Cincinnati and Lafayette Kallrosd:- -
Ohlof TloketOlurk, Master Transportation,
Cincinnati. Clnolnnat
3 EXPRESS TRAINS leave Indianapolis
dally, except Sunday, for ST. LOUIS and
rriHE only L(nB tutiu'loi PULLMAN'S, c.le.
I bratelD'nwiig-'ro6ui Slvoplng Par from N.
V Pittsburirh. , ColuiubUR, LouiMVllle, Cin
cinnati, and Indianapolis, to St. Louis without
Passengers' should remember thn( this is the
Ureat West Bound .Route for Kansas City,
Leavenworth, Lawrenoe, Toiieku, June- .
tion City, Fort Boot t aud St. Joseph,:
rillPDiIJTO TO KANSAS, for the pur
tMlUnnll I O poseof establishing them.
Httlvos In new homes, will have liberal discrim
ination made in their favor liy this Line. -Wat-Isfuctory
coinmutatlcf.i on regular rates will be
given to Cnlonlste and large parties trsveliag
toKPttieri and (hulr bciguage;. erqlgrant outllt
IiihI stock will be shlppoilou tli woit Javora
ble terms, presenting to
8 uon comforts and SDoommodatlons, M are pro
TtCKELS oan be obtained st all the principal
Ticket Offices In the Eastern, Middle aud
outhern State.' -.
"' Goneral Pavsnngnr Agent, St. Iuts.
UUUT.JCMllKTT, -Esstern
Passenger Agent, Indianapolis.
JOHfl K, HjMl'rtOJJ,
general Buptiristswdeut, Iudiauupous,
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
On and after MONDAY, May 8Hth. 1H71, Ex
till!, Trains will ' lCKvr CQIjlJWByU and
bltt'sTLI.N JJ siud AH hiv V points Earned .be.
low, us follows: i ,
Stations. !; No.' j; ' " u No. 4. u " No. 8. '
Ooliiiniius,;j.;...liil0am 4il0 pm t. Ii3B an
Crestline. .(, ... p in 0;pin 4:00 a iq
Cleveland... 8:40p m ' t:4fipm
Hutnilo. ..o,-.;40iW)pm J4:l0pm
NiagaraFolls. .. ,7:00a in 8:45am
t :80am
4:40 pm
8:05 pm
Kocliester. . 4 . . .".1 :l am T :0S m
Allmny .i,.w.9:4Rin .
Boston.........-; I 8:20 pm
New York City ; . 8:80 p m
CfcHtllno.,,.,,,,,, u in
RaUliiioru v. IP 40 a m
2t00 pm
i swam
11:89 pm,' 11 :00am
o :hu p m s :u a m
'(85 p m t Wmrn
40p m,
Wnslilugton..; 1 10 p in
Philadelphia.., II 18a iu J 8 Ift ojnjTW) am
cTHtlln(h..'.i..,ll HO p iu ; ,5 46 p iu KM'i m
Kurt Wnvne .... 8 80 a III
Chicago v.iU-wJ.ia lo pm: wt mi
inn in ai i in
600 pm
-.i. . i,-
JfctyNo. 4, leaving t'oliiniliua at 4:10 p, in.
nas a i nrnugn uarvi iinitnmiiH qitmiiiuivi,
b..,.i,ln..ln.Aul,l ivlfrlimifcithunirft at.7:1iO nm.
Trnln tio. on the Columbus A Hooking Val-
I-.. f..il-. 1 - frM.ltl.IU,. rl'Miln n'l,,.i,uh
' pAtittfCNUKU TRAINS reluming arrive at
Coluinbua at 12:86 in. 11 il5 a. in. and 1:50 a. m.
tarPalaoi 1 Day 1 and Sleeving-' Can
.. ',!,! On' AH l'ralna. i i; , m:i 1
11 n l 1a.uIi 1,il,i,tiUii nf 9.JU1 A. m An
i.,i,ti flivhtiih fjrltlinnt. ilAtentlnn.' nv
ImiIIi ririe an'l New i York (lerltral Railway.
niTlvliig nt New York bri Jtonday morning (it
U:4U A.Mj
T ViL-J..-a k ali rWlaa nltltl fl,
for pnrtlouiar inrormaiion in roRnrq v
thrniiKM tlkoti, ttmc.'cnni.iiollfiins, pto-n W r.1,1
duu taut. ,MoHj.,rlorthi Mdf?ll,ini)Jy to
! . , K. B. FLINT. Oen, Hnnnrllitendonl.
flWVVlVf AWa wwa
Indianapolis Railway. Railway Time.
Is the Shortest, Quickest
and only Road running its enr
tire trains through to
Our arrangements and con
nections with all lines from St.
Louis iind Louisville are per
fect, Reliable and complete for
all points
This is the shortest and best
route' to Kansas' City, Leaven
worth, Atchison, St. . Joseph
and ' to all points in Missouri,
Kansas arid Nebraska.
Through Tickets . and full
information as to time and
farej can be obtained at any
It. It. Office or at our office in
Cincinnati. . . . i
E. GALLUP, Gen, .East Ias. L Agent,
7 viNtinnAii.
W. B. HALE, Gen. Pass, anil Ticket Agt.,
Indianapolis Railway. Railway Time. Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
An and after Oeceniber 10t)i. 1871.
Trains will
run as lonuws;
t:20 r. m.
. Arrive,
8.40 P. H.
2:S0 A. W
9:00 "
7:50 P. M,
8:80 "
11:48 "
2:30 A. U.
8:80 "
Athena Wlx,
Columbus:.. 9:45 A, M.
Pittsburgh., 8:45 P. u.
Sandusky... 6:00 "
Cleveland... 8:00 "
SpringUeld.. 12:25 "
Hllitt 12:.5
Dayton J "90 ' .
Kicnniona... a:io
Indianapolis 6:10 '
Chicago 12:15 A. M.
Close connection mode at Lancaster for Clr-
clevllle, Znnesvllle, and all points nn the Cin
cinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad. .
Direct connections mnuo at loiuinnns lor
Davton. Hurinarfleld. Indianapolis. Chioago,
and all points West. Also, for Cleveland,
lluiralo, fltunurgn, ami an points feast.
Take the Hocking Ynllev and Pan Handle
route to Chicmro and the North we. t, It la the
shortest by sixty-six miles, giving passengers
mo Deueutoi quicaer tune anu lower rates
than by any other line. '
E. A.' BUKIL, Gen'l Ticket Ag't.
Stalfo OMo, Vinton County. -
Jesse Francis, Adainlnistrator of the estate of
milium r runcis, ueueaseu, l iaiutiu,
John W. JefTrey and Wifo; Defendants.
In A'luton County Court of Common Pleas. Or-
- i uor oi naie.
Puraiinnt to the command of an order of sale
in the nliovo citso Issued from the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and to me
directed as Sheriff of said county, I will offer at
public sale, at the door of the Court House, In
the town of MoArtlmr, in said Vinton coun
ty, on
Monday, the 22d Day, of July, A. D.
At the hour of S o'clock P. M. of said day, the
following described lands and tenements,, situ
ate In the county of Vintou, and State of Ohio,
to-wit: , ; ' . . . ' "
quarter of Section Number eight (8,) Township
ISunilHir Ten (10,1 and Run go Number Nineteen
Hi,) containing iorty acn-sj niso anouiur tract,
ying south Four (4) chains aud Forty -one (41)
links south of the North-west corner of Section
Nine (0) same township and range; thence South
Four US chains and Seventeen (17) links to the
corner of Handy Smith's land; thence South
Sixty-four (04) dosreas east Five (5) chains and
r ive (O) nnas to ti:e county rumi, tueiiuo uriu
andSlx (nj links to the place of beginning, con
taining one au0lUiVW von. hundredths (1 (17-100)
5111S. .
Amiralaed at Two Hundred and Beventv-flve
Dollars (ri5.00.) and must bring two-thirds of
of that 8im. , ... .
To he sold as tne property or v onn w . u onrey
ami Wifo tn aatlsfv an order of sale4ssued from
said Court of Common Pleas in favor of Jesse
Francis, Administrator or the estate of William
Francis, deceased. . j, ' '
XISMI urMLS-UUlllll iiami,
Sheriff Vinton county.
D. B. BbIvel, Att'y for Plaintiff.
Men's if Ohio, VinUm County.
; Abraham Wfinur, piaintm,
Charlea W .Sprouie and Mary J. Bprouse.De-
Vinton County Court Common Pleas. Order
.a hA .nAnla,A( aolA
IksucU lrom theCourt of Common Pleasofvln-
inlil county, I will offer for sale at the door of
Hie Court House. n Uio own oi sacAriuur,
Vinton county, Ohio, bn
Mondayi tha 22d day of July, A, D,
At the hour of 3 o'olock P. If, of said' day, the
following described landa and tenement, to
wttl . . i
In-lot number flve(5) in the village of Hamjen,
Vinton County, Ohio.
. Appraised at Eight hundred dollars ($800.00),
and must bring two-thlrds of that sum.
i'o be aom as tne propprty pr iyir"i
rnnso and wife to snlsry an order of sale is
sued from the Court of Common Pleas in favor
Of Abraham Wilbur.
Tonne or Bale Caen in nann on tne aay oi
tale. : DANIEL BOOTH. ...
Sheriff Vinton Count.
1st. L. Clikk, Att'y for Plaintiff. ,
June II), Ib7S-6w-
State of Ohio, mpn Wnty. . :. .
'J'? 1 WwardD.Ilodge, Plaintiff.! ,
;' Chni'lftBSIIilmnn anil Wife. Defendant.
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleas.
uraor or pnie.
Pursuant to the command of an order of sale
In ths above case issued from the Court of Oom
inmi Pleas of Vinton county. Ohio, and to me
directed as Sheriff of aatd oounty, I will offer at
mbllo sale, at the door or the uourt nouse in
he, town of MoArlhur, iu said Vinton county,
ou(ay, th 1 39th. . Bay i of. July,
ii'ii; ' i i A. D, 1872, . ,. .
At the hour of I o'clock P. M. of asld day, the
following duacribed lands aud tenements, to-
, in-Lot Nmnlier One Hundred and Blxty-sov-n
(lff7,i In the town of Uo Arthur, Vinton conn-
Annrsl'sml at Two Hundred and Twenty-five
Dollars (IM&.OO,) and must bring two-thirds of
that sum. ' ,
. ..To bo sold s the (iropfirty of Charles flldmsn
aiiitwtro,opan onler (if sale iuniMl from the
Court oi Common Pleas of said county in favor
of Kdward D. Dodge . I ,
.'"ffiA BOOTH,
Sheriff Vinton oounty.
StattofOMo, Vinton Oomt. ! ''':
Catharine Glasgow, Plaintiff, .
' '' , against
Eliza A. Button, Administratrix of Daniel But
ton, Deceased, and others, Defendants.
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleas. Or-
. i der of Sale. '
Pursuant to the command of an order of salo
issued from the Court of Common Pleas of Vin
ton County, and to me directed as Sheriff of said
county, I will offer for salo nt tho door nf the
Court House, in the town of MoArtliur, Vinton
county, Ohio, on r i m .
Monday, the 22d, Day, of i July,
.' ,, ,A D. 1872, , , ft ,
Atthehourof8o'cloclP. M. of said day, the
following described lauds and teneiuents, to
wlt: '.
, In-Lots Numbers One Hundred and Eighty,
five (185( and OntfHundrod and Ninety -one (lilt,)
in the town of McArthur, Vinton county, Ohio:
subject, however, to the dower estate of suit!
Eliza A. Button, and so much thereof as is
...I 1 rniin..!.... 1. ...
CUlltlllUeil 1U . U1U 1U1HWIU llWUIKin,
to-wit: Commencing at the Soutli-i'ustcorni'r of
sam in-iot jnmoer mi; incnco est icet;
IICUUO l.Ubll WJ bllO .Ulbll JJ1IIC Ml Bltl.t Mft,
thence East 2S foot to the North-east corner of
sulci Lot; tuonce South to the place of hpglumnir;
anil, alMi comineucing at tln Houth-Cul corner
oi (.am m-iot mimoer it,; men west s lect;
thence North to the North lluoof said lot; thence
Eimt i feet to the North-east corner nf said lot;
thence South to the place of beginning. , . , y i
1 Appraised, so encumbereil by said dower, as
follows: . Li, .i
In-lot No. 101 nt - - . - ,.,-.$15.00
In-lot No. 185 at - - ' 1(0.00.
And each of said In Jlots fnnstTfrltrsrhvo-thlnls
of the appraised valne-tliersaif,
To be sold as property belorigliigTo tho estate
of Daniel Button,-deccasedji to satisfy u judg
ment in favorof Catharine (flasgow.' " '
Thumb OFALK-Cubli in hand at the time of.
salo. i . V. ' DANIEL BOOTH,
'- t tihorifr.VintonCo.'
D.B.Sm't-t,, Att'y for Pl'ir. ,. - ; .
June 10, 187S-5w.-18i . ' .
Indianapolis Railway. Railway Time. Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad. SPECIAL
To tU Qualified EUctonof Jlllj fyiinihfp:
NOTICE Is hereby given -t hut' 1 he following
reouust slirued nv one 'himihvd tax-unriiif
electors of snld township of Wlk, hu been made
upon tne trustees oi sum iowusnipk umowa,
to-wit: i V.' wj: ii?.tt2..r.
To tkt Tfiutett of Elk Tnonnhtpr Vinton County,
I f 1 '; C ' 0A k .-
WE, tlid undersigned tax-paying electors of
.HlulAJtvllslllllulx.ll., 1-ulllll.jr Ul V 1IIIU11, VIIIW.
one hundred in nnmher,, rcsjiectfully request
tunc you construct a riiuromi ironi a point on
the southern boundry of said township, whore
the old road-bod of the Scioto and Hocking Val
ley K. It. orosses said bonudrr, being tho south
ern terminus to the northern or western boun
dary of said township, near the corner thoreof,
ocing tne nortnern terminus, innt yon appro-m-iata
the sum of (ir.000 ton ard the coustruution
of said mad, said sum bolnir'less than live per
cent of the assessed .valuation of the real and
personal property last inado In said township;
that said sum of $25,000 he in Bonds nf said town
ship of Elk, payable at tliw oltii-e the Treasurer
of Vinton county, Ohio and shall bear seven per
cent interest, liayablo annually; that $5,000 in
amount or sanl uonus snail noconie uue anu pay
able in twelve years, $5,000 in 14 years, $5,000 in
18 years, $5,000 in 18 years and $5,000 in '40 years
after the date of their execution and delivery;
that said Bonds shall be of thcl'ollow ingclenom
Ination, to-wit: One hundred of 0110 hundred
dollars each, ' twenty of live huudred dollars
each, and Ave of one thousnnd dollars each, and
be nuiubcood from one to one hundred and
twenty-tlve inclusive. That each and every
one of said Bonds shall have the nocessary In
terest Coupons attached, and that said Bonds
and Interest Coupons shall be executed and
signed hv the Trustees and Clerk of said town
ship of lk In the usual and ordinary manner of
executing and signing Bonds. That you ca(l a
meetinp of the nuullllcd electors of said town
ship of Elk, in tne manner provided by law, on
Tuesday, the 23d day of July, 1872,
between the hours of six o'clock .a.m. an d six
o'clock p. M., at the usual place for holding elec
tions in said township, said electors being then
and there required to vote for or against tho
the construction of said proposed railroad, and
the requests herein made. That you give 80
days notice of the calling of said mooting of the
qualitled electors of salute wnaliip, by publica
tion in some newspaper-or general-circulation
In said township. This rciiucst is made under,
and for the purpose of availing said township of
Elk of all the benefits,' power and privi
leges of an Act of the General. Assembly of the
State of Ohio, entitled "ail Act to Authorize
Counties to Build Railroads, and to Lease and
Operate the lame," passed April 83, 1874.
Signed, !'' ':!'
D. Will ' John Mayo
John, N. McLaughlin , James Malono .
U. H? Claypool L. Des Martin
J. M. Mc'OIlllvray : i James Buley .
J. W. Delay
i.. iJ.uonge
Henry Bobo ,
John Lord 1
Jos. Doddrldgo
J. T. Shaj'P
C. W; Holland
J.'W. Bowen
P. O'Kcefln
B.'T. Quick
James Arnold
John Sldmun .
G. W. Bruuton
Chester French
M. It. names '
' A. Barloon , . ,
E. B.Clark
Jes. Clloin
1 P. Tdmllnson
Andrew Wolf '
Jacob Ullom
Dan Booth
Robert Sage
A.U. KOSi ,
A. Pearce
O. T. Gunning i
Owen Dowd
Finney Strong
A. C. Dowd
S. II. Trimmer
Thomas li. Davis
Henrv Payne
John J. Shookey
8. W. Sherwood
H. P. Ambrose
John H.King .
Morris Evaus
J Hums Ward
Owen D. Hawk
A. Will. ., .
J. B. Will 1 '
D. C. Gill .
A. W. Brown
Francis Strong . ,
John Seal ' i '
Parker Rankin
George W. Benedlot
Jnhn P.Dunkle
Perry Allonder
L. 1). Barnes
Ed. Holland
"IMchnrd Dmrhtf
G. W. Slsson . ,
J. N. Dillon 1
Harvov Bnbbius
r William Mathews
W. I). Gold
John Cornwall
E. X. Bnrnlitll
; David Androff
B. B. L'llnm ,
, George Bull ; i
J. Ira Dell
. . L. O. Perduo :
Benonl Hixon
William Bray
Prestley llltt
I ' CM. Hidman , r
C. J. Btlllnghurst
' Alex. Ward ittf '.
IamUir Sprague
C. B.Dunklo ,
A. W. Ullom
Joseiih V. Kulor .
David Lantx
, James B. Johnson ;
Kphralm Hunter.
Zack. Stevens j : ,
O. W. Holland 1 1
W. F. Felton
J. S. Hulm
Isaac Reynolds
D, V. KannalU
K. P. Bothwell '
H. B. Mavo , .
Job W. Lucas :
John Jones
O. P.Ward
G. W. Pearce
William 8ry i. . 1:1
Ell Reynolds ...
G. W. lMlor 1 !
V. R. Snrague
J. C. Pugh " , .
George Lauti
A. II. Dowd '
C. W. Harnett .
Horace Rodd
J. O. Swctland .
J. A. Felton '
J, U. Swetland Jr. ,
D. B. Snivel
itenry viurs,
That in accord nnco with said request a' meet
ing of said electors Is nereuy canon, anu a spe
cial election for said purpose Is hereby ordered
at the usual place of holding election iu ia(l
township of Elk, qn " r'' 1 " '
:; ; ; Tuesday, .231872.;'
botweeu the hours of six o'clock a. m. and six
o'clock r. M., at which time and place said eleo
tors are requeatod to vote for or against the con
struction of the proposed KaHroiul, the lxurow
Ins; of thoamouutnninedasa ftind for the pur
pose, and other requests therein made. The opin
ion of snld electors shall be expressed on the bal
lot as follows:. . . -1 i
RAILE0AD, U0,, ,;
Which Ballots shall be 'oountod and nit limed
by the Judges and Clerks of election as in other
oases.. ... , , i ,
, j LEVI WTMANi 1 '!.)'. : ,
.; ,."! JAMES B. JOHNSON,! Trnsteos,
' M0RHIH Kvanh, Clark.
June 111, 1878. 6w
ProlaUaouH,. WJfi (t' fl)ilo ';
NOTjClt s lioreby given that Alexander Bo
ler. GuanllanofBarah lllndinau, an insnno
person, has Ulod his amount herein, as such
guardian, for partial settlement: and that the
same is set for hearing oil the 80th day .of July
next onsulug, at 10 o'olock A. M.
,t ,, II. B. MAYO,
June 88, 1872,--4t Probate Judge
Assignee's Notice.
A DIVIDEND W 8 nor cent on tho olalms
iV igslnat LONG ft HM1TH Will be 'paid to
the creditors, at, the Office of the Ppibute Judge
of Vinton oounty, Ohio, at McArthur, during
the ensuing week, ronimonelng-.luly- 8,. 1H7J,
and the two succeeding weeks at the (Jountlng
itooul of the uoderalgiuHlatChmicntlm, Olilq.
' .v 'loll AaslguoeoILnng ABrnith, ,
O . ' , !r: :
Stattof OMo, FbOiai County,; ,-: i,v, h:,:'.v :
Abraham Wilbur, PlaiuUff, ,
Sebastian Goetz et. el., Defomlnnts.
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleas. Or
der Bale. .
Piimiimit tn dm pmiimiiiiil of flit order of sale
Issued lrom the Court of Oonlmou I'luaa of Vln
tan eniinfv ami in inn directed as Sheriff of
said county, I will otter for salo nt the door of
tne court iiouho, in tne xown . nuuvtuiur,
Vinton county, Ohio, on
Monday, the 22d Day of July, A- D.
,. . - .1872, ; . ,
At the Hour of 1 o'clock P. M. of snld day, the
following described lnnds and tenements, sit
uute in tho County of Vinton, and. H.ite of Ohio,
to-wit: ' '
Commencing nt tho north-west cornor of the
north-eiiMtnne-luill'of the nordi-enst qnnrter
of Hectlou number thirty, Township number
ten (10,) of RunifO number seventeen (17;)
thence running South within two ('J) rods of Jo
sluh Wilbur's nouse: thonceenst-lo the Mari
etta it Cincinnati 11. B. ; thoiiceM iniiilnp- north
ensterly to tho south-west emu' e or -Bridget
White's lot; thence duo north to the Section
line; thence due west to the plnco of beginning:
containing two acres more or ' . J- !' ii .all the
ruivi leges and aiuiiutuuauvm.' vliorcu) -.(Miloug-"g.
A pprstsed Hi Fifteen Hnndred and Thirty
threo dolliirs and Thirtv-tlircocents ($l,5!i3.ii3,)
nml must bring two-thirds of that sum.
To be sold as tne property of Sebustinn Goctz
and others tc satlsfv an order ot sale issued
from tho Court of Common Plena In favor of
Abraham Wilbur. ' r ,f
Tkkus op Sali!. Cash In hand.
Shoritl'Viiiton County,
M. L. Clatik. Attorney for Plt'ff.
J line 10, 1872-W5-14
Assignee's Notice. NOTICE
Assignee's Notice. NOTICE —OF—
NOTICE is hereby given, is pursuance of
law, ol the intention of the CommlsHloners of
Vinton county, mo, to mum a .
In Harrison Township, near the Tcshlonce of
Jonathan Ray, and that
Petition 8 for and
' ' Remonstrances dyalnst
The building of the snme, will bo considered if
filed in tho Auditor's Otllce of snld county, on or
Monday, July 15,18 72.
By order of Commissioners. - '
Auditor Vinton Co., O.
June 19, 1672 4w.
For all General Diseases of Stock and
Snydor's, TJ. B. Assistant Assessor, Mount
iEtna, Pa., C. Bucou'b, Livery and Exchange
Stable, Knulinrv, Pa. ' !
Wilholm's Danville Pn., A. Ellis's; Merchant,
Wushingtonvllle,! Pa-. . ,T.( Nice Slonaker's,
Jersy Shore, Pa. '
Si Bro's, Lewlshnrg, Pa. 1 1
on's, Union county, Pa.,
H. & A. Cadwaller's. Milton, Fa. .' ,
COWS CUItKD.-Dr. McCleery's, JV 'H.Me
Cormlck's,' Milton, l'n. ,
OAPKS.-Dr. I). T. Krebs's, WaUonUwn,
Pa., Dr. U. Q. Davla. C. W. 8(lckor's. John and
James Finney 'i. Milton, Pa. Hundreds mora
could be cited whose stock was saved by using
the Red Hone Powder., ; . j ..i,
Driijfglst, Chemist, Horseman, -'
At his whosalo and retail drug aud chemical
emporium. No. 86 Broadway, Mlltou, Penn.
Having purohascd the Above Woolon Mill,
would rospoctfiillv nnnouooe to their patrons,
and tho Dublle InVeneral. that this Mill is now
prepared to do all kinds of CUSTOM WORK
lAituiAu, eriKiNiHU, wcAviau, anu an
kinds of work UHiiallv done In Country Mills.
CHINERY, under the Superintendence of I. N.
LOTTRDGK, work will he done with nkankss
where the Wool Is good and clean, and well
Our prices for doing work are as follnwii
Roll Carding, ftb 08 oenta.
Cardlngsnd Spinning, n:.: 18 "
Making Stocking Tarn, double and
twisted, r t- 80 "
such as - '" i i
STOCKING and other YAKNS, ,
Constantly on hand and for sale,
which we will oxchanee for 'Wool, at rates
that cannot fail to satisly those who give 'us
us a call, and at the same time give you the
satiBiaotion oi patronising a
The highest Market Prloe paid in CASH for
wooi. , uuubivii. a tu,
Ma.v9, 1878.
To Stockholders of the G., McA.
To Stockholders of the G., McA. & C. R. R. Co
ALL persons having snbsorlbed to the Capi
tal Stock of the Gallipolis, McArthur A
Columbus Ilallrooil Co,, uio uoreby rcqntred to
make payment to the Secretary of the Compa
ny, at hlsolllco in Gallipolis, Ohlo.und parties
living in Vinton oounty. Ohio, may make pay
nisnt, If more convenient, to Daniel Will,
President of the Vinton C6unty Bank, Instal
ments on their subscriptions, as follows i
A 4th Instalment of 10 per cent ., on or before
July S3, 187)1. '
ABtli instalment of 10 per cent., on or before
August !. 1H7U. i
A 6th Instalment of 10 per cent, on or fiefure
8optomberf,lB7. ' .
A 7th iiutnlmehtof 10perc(mt.,on or before
October 83, 187.
A n 8th Instalment of 10 per cent, on or before
Novcinbor 88, 18TJ. .
A 8th iiiBtnlinent of 10 per cent., on or before
Decembers, 17.
By order of Boars of Directors ! ,
Boc'y 0., MoA. & U. B. R. Co,
July 8, 187.'
A Splendid Supb'ess.' llore Agents
wanted to soil the Lift) of
Wrltton ly hit nrothor. The most popular and
rapid-selling Hook that has been offered to
Agunta In the West for a long while. Liberal
terms offered. Aguuts muko as much "as
100.00 per week. ,
For Circulars, address TRUMBULL B'HOTH
ERH. Publishers, ItulUuiore, MiW ''
July jo, nniiM(wi: '
L.. i !.l i i i ujh I.J.J i-i -uimusuea
T WISH to buy, to bo delivered 8t my storo, In
nlosKl, evorj desoriptlon of - '
Old Cast ; anft Wrought ' Iron !
Vorh,lo't V W &y the highest market price
Oathor up your OLD IRON and bring It to
my storo. . ,, ..... S. SH1PLKY.
.AprlU4,187-t " 4 . ' ,
1 True greatness consists' -not
ia padigieo, wealth or fineYyi'
The .distinguished, ., Demo'
crata at'the ' Weddejl, .House,
nt Cleveland at about 8 o'clock
on the evening previous to the
assBijibluig of th State Con
vention, were serenaded by
Gray 3 Band. An immense
crowd of people gathered 'in
front of the ilotel( Balcony,
densely packing the streets in
that vicinity. A series of
speeches followed, interspersed
with music, beginning with
Hon. J. F. McKinnoy, member
of Congress from the 4th dis
trict. He said they had ap
peared. to-night to consider
.qdestious of a national charac
ter. He showed how differ
ently corruption was ' looked
upon in Jackson's nine and
now.. Iu Jackson's time, two
newspaper correspondents, in
Washington, who held clerk
ships,proved defaulters to the
amount of $2,800, which seem
ed enormous then, and was" au
act sufficient to disgrace the
party. He compared that theft
with the thieving which was
constantly going on in the Re
publican party. . Men in the
Republican party did nut' steal
because they were Republi
cans, for some ot ..the worst
thieves therein were men who
had been kicked out of the
Democratic party, and" had
gone into the dominant party
For the spoils and nothing else.
Corruption prevailed there be
cause the Republican party
was called upon to use ten
times the amount ,of money
that any party had ever used,
and this enormous money-handling
had led to the evil. The
speaker called upon the people
to act in this emergency, shake
off party trammels, and insure
such a result in November as
should redeem their oppressed
country. The only way to
purity the government was to
practically exemplify the theo
ry that all government must rest
with the governed.-
' General Durbin Ward fol
lowed. ' He proposed to con
sider two or three" point9 in
the canvas. 1st the policy of
the respective candidate likely
to come before ; the people.
Grant stands on a platform of
bayonet suppression of the
South. At the late session of
Congress he refused to give '.yp
the proscriptive, system; he re
fused to graqt general i amnes
ty; he refused till the last to
give up the'right of the Presi
dent to withhold the writ of
habeas: corpus; he refused his
assistance to all necessary
mean9 to , give peace to the
South.' On' the other . baud,
what is the platform. which the
which the candidate opposed
to Grant ia likely to stand up
on universal, amnesty, and
removal from the South of . all
disabilities heaped upon her,
and perfect forgiveness for the
the past, so that her people can
help you to pay taes, -. . ".
Gentlemen of both .parties,
do you want morep roscription
and: military rule after seven
years of peace? If you want
war, proscription and bayonets,
vote for t Grant, . the bayonet
candidate; if youwan,t. peace
and brotherly" love, .vote ';for
Horace .Greeley ,: ;. One ticket
mean9 war;; the' other means
peace, i One means'.: sectional
strife; the other meanB ! broth
erly love.: ', I appeiV to. , every
lun, who helped to uphold the
flag in the South, whether now,
after seven years of "peace, be
is in favor of a continued bay
onet rule? Will you take the
big.G or the little, g? "-;"wiU
simply say of Grant that, , for
the ftnat'ti'me in .the, history of
the American Republic, he has
given us the spectacle of a
President accepting resents
from those to wh,, he has
whom h(r3 given offices. ' Did
George Washington ever ac
cept a present aud give', an of
fice iu return? Did,, he , ap
point all his kinsfolks to oiceV.
Did he try to keep up ' bad
blood between the two sections
of the country in order to
maintain himself in power
When befom jn our liistory,
have we seen ii president, , the
very "day aTter the adjourn
ment of Congress leave the
capital with a cavalcade of
dogs, mules, carriages and hor
ses; and start off to the sea
shore? When before did a
president associate with low
blackguards? I pause from
sheer contempt, which chokes
But the other side? who
and what is Greeley? I take
it for granted that Greeley is
is to be the opposing candidate
to Grant. There is no doubt
about it. ; The people have al
ready nominated Greeley not
the members of Congress, the
editors of prominent papers, or
the politicians. Jhe warmest
advocates of Greeley are
among the yeomanry of the
country. A man of brains iin
dee an old white hat, is worth
twelve men like Grant. I have
not always agreed with every
thing that he has said, but I
have always found him a man
of high integrity and love of
country, tiis name is laminar
in everv household, and his
advice and encouragement to
the poor and struggling have
endeared him to the hearts of
the people. If he is presented
to the country as lirant s op
ponent, there can be no doubt
about his election by the peo
ple. No, ray Republican
friends, the' hand writing is on
the wall. He will be endorsed
tomorrow; and in November
next the old white hat will be
taken off in the White House
its owner will be elected
over the man who was once
honered, bat betrayed his trust.
General George W. Morgan
was the next speaker. The
General confined his speech
mostly to tho extraordinary
and criminal wastefulness
which has marked the Repub
lican manaegment of the pub
lic funds. He said we were all
contrymen, and he trusted that
the canvass inaugurated . to
night would be conducted in
such a manner that they could
all continue friends. He elab
orated somewhat the partisan
efforts ot the Administration
to preserve the bayonet aud
other outrageous laws, which
were happily, foiled through
the efforts of the Democrats
and Liberal Republicans in
Congress. He said that in no
legislative ' assembly in - the
world was a grander victory
for liberty won than when the
bayonet law was overthrown
by this ooajltion. . During the
twelve years past the party ' in
power had had control of more
revenue than ever mortals han
dled before, During the last
seven years the men in power
have collected an amount of
taxes in excess of all the prop
erty ill he United States; and
what have they done with it?
Has it been applied on the
public debt? The amount
collected is $4:00,000,000 more
than was the public debt 'at
the close of the war, and that
debt has only been reduced
$3,000,000; When the old
peaoemaker unfurls his nag
then I will go before the peo
pie and prove all that I say.
f lie speaker showed the un
blushing front which public
robbery and swindle put on
by citing the case ot the Japan
e9e mail line of steamers, the
postage revenue of which net
ted $20,000, but which was
voted a subsidy of $1,000,000
a year This robbery, which
the mass ' of the Republicans
suffer from as well as the Dem
ocrats, was beginning to be
popularly appreciated. The
present attitude of the Demo
crats was a magnanimous atti
tude. For the sako of the
downtrodden people they had
gone beyond their party lines
and taken a candidate whom
they had opposed for a quarter
of a' century.' He had no
doubt about the result; if he
had, he should despair of free
institutions and the patriotism
of lis oonutrymen. ; ; ;
Dr. Wayne Griswold, of Cir
cleville, was called' vQUt. ; He
spoke of the , peculiar circum
stances of the situation.- . - All
the people, wish.ed.was.: to re
store the government, to-. its,
pristine purity. ' Menwithout -regard'to
party, had united to
sweep from power this corrupt -administration
and "put the old
White Hat in tbehite House;.,
It was a foregone conclusion- j
the ind orsem en t of Greeley by; : j r 1
the national fDeoidcricy;'' tha ;
uprising of; the -people 8hows: ;
that Horace, Greely-is.'to be
the' standard bearer. He ; -;
should go for; Gr epl eyl', Because f -'
he was an- honestrman. He
vvas the first '"man - to" reach a
kind hand across '(hegulf of
blood and say "we shall beonr
people again'" The speaker 1
alluded to the futile efforts to
laugh down Harrison, Tayloe : '
and Lincoln. He said the Re
publicans were trying a similar -game
with old Horace Greeley
to-day, and they would fail as
completely.,';:; - .: '"
The Hons. OlmtonA; White
2f Georg3
uouge, 'F-iaifcDn3uiaec smr feedo
i ted RnrfR&fctitii&Wjrt&m!
tened to with close andappre
ciative attcntionj'ynfi-equent-ly
interrupted withrapplause.
The meeting broke up with
three cheers for Horace Gree
ley. ' ". -;:
A New Counterfeit.
Tho public is caatiOnod against a'
deception being, practiced by Borne
persons in Peoria,'Ill., who arc put
ting some staff in bottles, and label
ling it with an imitation of Alfbid
Speer's Port Grape Wine, from Al
fred Speer, Hew Jersey. The gen-
eral appearance of the Bftme is such -as
to deceive the public, until they
use the stuff in the bottle, when it i
will- tell for itself.' Bpbke' Port'
Grapo Wine is made at. Passaic, N.
J., and this, together with the nunv
ber of his New . York office, is print
ed on his label. His name isSpebr,
Vineyards, New. Jersey; not.'Sier &
Co., Peoria, 111.' ; Our, readers will
easily notice the difference of pla
ces on the label;, jThis attempt to
rob him of the high,', character his
wine has obtained,1 to: injure his
busines, and to "destroy tho reputa
tion of his Port Gtrape Wine, by
palming off a vile imitation, will,
we trust, be frowned down and dis
couraged by all honest dealers and
the press everywhere. Speer's rep
utation os a wine grower, and the
character of bis wines, is so well es
tablished that several attempts havo
been made by unprincipled lollows
to impoBO'upon the public some
mixture yut up and labeled similar'
to this Port Grape Gine. It is well
known throughout ' the United
States that Alfred Speer was one of
the first large wine growers in this
country, the flrst who advertised
native wines, and the first and only
ono who adopted the name of Pork
Grape Wine. :u j !;:','.'
We would imdress upon Physt
olans, in prescribing. his wines, .to
request thoir patients. to inspect the
label, and see that they get Speer's
Port Grapo: Wine, Jrom. hij Vine's
yards inew Jersey, the oval land
sctpe in the center of the label hav-
ing a lady on horseback, holding in
her hand a bunoh of Grapos.
Every battle of his bis goods; has
his signature, 'Alfred Spoer, Passa
ic, N. J.,' over the cork. None oth
er is genuine. . ' 1
Gray Hair restored to its original
Youthful Color by ,its use. .It will
make Hair grow upon,, bald beads,
except in very ngod persons, , aa it
furnishes tbe nutritlve principle by
which, the hair j is nourished and
supported. n-, - ? ;. -
It will prevent the 1 hair from
falling out, and does not stain the
8k,n" ;-.'. ; ..
No bottor evldeuoo of its Bupori-.
ority need be adduced than the fact
that so many imitations of it are of
fered to the Public ft is a splodid
Hair Dressing!- Our treatise on the
Hair sent free by mail;' '
R. P. nALL & CO;,' Nashua, N.
H., Proprietors. :.'-;:r'v' !.'
' For sale by druggists. " ,
What roof covers .the . raoaK
noisy tenant? The7oof of the
month.1' V ' '"' ! ' .l'::,;-r'' '-
A. closing sentence.'' 5

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