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)c (Enquirer,
OFFICE-Tn Second Btort ' Of Bowen'j
Bulldinff, North Bide ot Main Street. Iwt of
Court iionsu
McArthur,...-- Mf 1872
J, V. JV"i
of Wayne County.
of Franklin County.
of Licking County.
Democratic Primary Election.
The Democracy of Vinton County, Ohio, will
meet at 1 o'clock r. h., on Saturday, July 30th
1878, at the places hereinafter specified, for the
purpose of holding a Primary Eloction, and
choosing candidates for the following County
In Clinton Township, the election will he held
In Hamdcn and at the Baits School House; in
Richland Tp., at Alledsvllle and the Darby
School House: In Wilkcsvillo, at the Hawk
School Hgnsc; in Brown Tp., at tho Two-Mile
School House; and In Eagle, Bwan, Jackson,
Elk, Madison, Harrison, Vinton and Knox, at
the usual place of holding election in said 'i own
That upon meeting at each of said places those
present shall appoint a Chairman and two sell
ers, whoso duty it shall be to receive tho votes,
keep a correct poll -book of those voting, count
tho votes, and keep a tally of the votes; and the
Chairman is requested to Immediately forward
the Poll Books and Tally Sheets to the County
Central Committee at McArthur.
By order of the Central Committee.
JOHN MAYO, Chairman.
Special Announcement.
At a meeting 6f the Demo
cratic Central Committee for
Vinton county, held July Gib,
1872, it was
Resolved, That all voters
of Yinton county, Ohio, who
are opposed to the present Ad
ministration and willing to
abide the decision of the Cincin
nati and Baltimore Conventions
and support the Democratic
county ticket, be invited take
Eart m the Primary election to
e held Saturday, July, 20th,
! By order of Dem. Cen. Com.
O. T. GUNNING, Chm'n.
From Baltimore.
We learn from a gen
tleman just returned from
Hamden, that a telegram an
nouncing the endorsement of
Greeley by the National Dem
ocratic Convention at Balti
more, had just been received.
This is the only news received
from the Convention up to the
hour of going to press.
A singular incident happen
ed yesterday on the 5 :40 r. M.
north on the Hocking "Valley
railroad. While the train was
in full motion, an immense
cloud of bees suddenly swarm
ed into the cab of the engine,
and alighted upon the astonish
ed engineer and fireman, ccf
ering them completely from
head to foot. For a few min
utes the air was vocal with the
tune of "Shoo Fly!" and there
was some vigorous exhibitions
of gymnastic exercise . within
that cab. After a brisk fight,
the insects were finally driven
off. Strange to say, neither of
the paities were stung.
Liberal. The candidates
for office are generally liberal.
One of the candidates before
the primary election in this
county has subscribed for six
copies of the McArthur Enqui
rer. This is right. Come in
with the names. We shall see
to it that all the candidates
who receive the nomination
shall be triumphantly elected.
' Subscribe for the Enquirer!
Colfax, in bis letter, indors
ing the Philadelphia nomina
tions.. savs: "men are nothing,"
which is especially true of
Urant, who, as Jiixecuuve,
comes as near a cypher as a nu
man being can.
"Grant is making money out
of hia position, said toenator
Carpenter to a Herald corres
pondent. ' .Ji
A Few Words About the
There has been considerable
feeling gotten up between
some persons in this township
in regard to the question of
the proposed , railroad tax,
which, in our opinion,' is all
wrong. The subject should
be freely discussed by those in
favor of and those opposed to
the tax, without any ucjeind-
ness or personalities. . We are
all neighbors; our interests are
to a certain extent identical;
and what is good tor farmers
is beneficial for tho town peo
ple, and what' injures either
party h injurious to both.
We lire sure that no fnrmer
in tliis'township would refuse
a form nny, price it' he could
i i,i v for it iu 'tHif.y years.
He woulil not, think . of the
debt, but mighty sm.hi -"go for
tin ib'cd. !iy vot'mir HAIL
111) AD YES, you will in less
than 20 yea ra make, on the in
creased prices ot your etock,
grain, etc., enough to purchase
a farm and pay for .it, while
the value ot the farm you now
mvn will nerhans be doubled.
Yote Railroad Yes, if you
want to secure wealtn ana
nrnsnentv. Remember that
all the money will be expended
in Elk Township; it will all go
on the tax duplicate to assist in
IpRsfininp- vour taxes. You
will not pay one cent of tax
nor interest until tle uonas
are issued for work Jdone, and
then only the interest for five
years, after which you will pay
on the principal, and the value
of the road will add greatly to
the tax duplicate and assist in
paying the principal. Come,
farmers; come everybody. " Let
us have a line of railroad run
ning North and South through
our county!
, The nest State election will
be held in North Carolina, on
the first of August. . The can
vass is waxing warm. At a
recent meeting whilst Judge
Settle was speaking for 'the
Administration, an- American
flag was pelted. The Grant
papers have made a great mil
abaloo over this occurrence and
have rung' the changes on its
attrocity, -in first -class bun
combe style. The fact is care.,
fully eliminated from this state
ment.'however, that the flag,
though of the national design,
was a little political affair with
the names of Grant and Wil
son printed ou it, and that this
political character was the sole
cause of the pelting.
The conservatives, though
rhev have all the moneV and
political influence and office
holdiDg interest of the Admin
istration arraved against them,
are making a good fight, and
are hopeful of the result. Ihe
latter will be awaited with in
The Liberal and the Demo-
nratic State Conventions of Il
linois, both met at Springfield
Ex-Gov. Koerner, a Liberal,
was nomm ated as the joint can
didate for Governor, while the
State officers were about equal
ly divided between Democrats
and Liberals. a The proceedings
were harmonious, while the en
thusiasm was immense. The
resolutions of the Democratic
convention of course instructed
for Greeley.
An Important Item.
The cash value of farms in the
United States is $9,292,803,-
nrt fie nA
OJ1 Ol larullUK lumieuieuus auu
machinery, $;535,87H,y. xtie
total amount of wages paid,
including value of board is
$.jJ.G!i8G,28r; total estimated
value of a farm productions,
including betterments and ad-
... . i i
ditiou to stocks, $z,4U,jo,
H58. Orchard productions
47,335,189: produce ot of mar
ket gardens, $2U,ina,y; ror
i. .1.-4- fltQK OCiQ O'TT
est pruuuuLB, fouu,. i.
Wm. Loyd Garrison, the
man who for thirty years pub
lished a paper at Boston with
the standing motto that ''the
pnnst.it.nt.inn of the United
States was a cbvenant with
death, and the Union a league
with hell" -this man has writ
ten a letter to Senator Sumner
in defense of Grant and in fa
vor of his re-election. This is
as it should be with all such
persons' as thia life-long traitor
The Office-Holders' Nomination.
The nomination of Grant
at Philadelphia was receiv
ed in this city with as lit
tle enthusiasm and as ranch
unconcern as we have ever seen
exhibited on a like occasion.
A band of music in the square
attracted a small crowd of boot
blacks, news boys and others
who delidit in anv kind mu
sic from a hand organ to a full
brass band. When the news
came that Grant was the can
didate, the brass cannon was
run out and belched forth the
usual number of explosions on
such occasions and then all was
quiet. There was no rejoicing,
no hand shakinzs. no conzratu-
latior.s with each other, Iicpub-
leans outside ot the ring leei-
ing that the nasty dose pre
pared for tWin was beinsr for
ced down their throats by the
federal officials. In the street
ears, at the IjoJ.els and other
places of public resort, the
nomination was scarcely men
tioned, and then in the same
don'-care-a-cuss sort of way
that a sea-sick man rnanifests
when recommended to eat fat
nork as a cure. Ihere was
some little interest manifested
dnrinff the dav on 'the Vice
Presidency ; fyuf; wljpu e news
came, that Wilson was nomina
ted Repnblicans were too sick
to express pleasure or displeas
ure. The whoje thing was
looked upon as a put up job,
with which the mass of the Re
publican tax-payers liad no
thing to do. Cleveland Plain
dealer. .
Butler's Opinion of Grant.
August, 25, 1867.
"My De4r SjR I have
read vour letter to Mr. Smith
on the proposed nomination of
want with much rnterest.
Its criticisms on Grant's ca
reer are just, But what will
you do? You can not get it,
or anything else concerning
Grant that is not laudatory
published. And why? Bet
cause both sides are courting
him for the presidency, and so
the truth must not be told.
We are, I fear, to try the ex
periment again that we did
with Johnson; that is, nom-i
nate a man for supposed avail
ability, without knowing his
principles or fitness. Grant's
selection will be a misfortune,
because it will put in a man
without a head or heart, indif
ferent to human suffering and
impotent to government.
Respectfully yours,
It is understood that th Bal
timore and Ohio railroad com
pany will extend the Newark,
Somerset and Straitsville rail
road southward from Shawnee
City to Hamden, on the Mari
etta and Cincinnati road, a dis
tance of thirty miles. With
this extension extension com
pleted, the Baltimore and Ohio
will have a north and south
line from Sandusky to the Ohio
nvar at Portsmouth.
Tho Railroad election was
held in Ross county last Mon
day, on the question of levying
ing a tax to construct a rail
road north and south through
that county. The result,of the
vote in the city was 2,100 for
and only 20 in opposition to
tne tax. i-.ee ine peopiu oi
Elk township do as well in pro
portion to the population as
Those Radicals who peem to
have particular spite at Horace
Greeley for going 0 ett Davis
bail bail will doubtless be grat
ified to learn that Garrett
Smith, who is also one of the
bondsmen of the "arch traitor,"
was one of the Vice-Presidents
of the office-holders' convention
at Philadelphia.
It is announced that circulars
are about to be issued to all
money order post offices, mod
ifying the regulati8ns in rela
tinn to the issninc? of monev
orders often dollars or less will
be five cents, on other sums the
charge will be as heretofore.
Two freight trains collided
on the M. & (J. II. 11. neat
Symmes' station, on Friday last,
which resulted in the destruc
tion of an engine and eight
cars. ; JNo one hurt, lue
mail train east was delayed
three hours, and no Cincinnati
naners of that day reached this
town. What became of them?
Tun rains af last weok Improved
corn crop.
Isaac Linboott, residing near
Amesville, Athons county, is doad.
The weather last weok wns ox
tromoly warm.
The farmers are now in the hay
hnrvost. In somo localities tho
grass is very light.
Tho Athens County Fair will
be held on the 12th and 13th
of September.
The McAathur Enquirer is to bo
enlarged and much- improved. It
is now printed on a power press.
Galttyolh SemiWeeldy Locomotive.
Eli Shookey wob thrown onr a
horse, belonging to Dr. A. Wolf, on
Friday evening Inst, near the rasi
deneb of frank Strong, anil wns
slightly injured.
Tun stamp tax on nil papers and
documents, except bunk chocks,
will bo abolished after tho 1st' of
October, and after tho 4th of No
vember tho wholo Grant tribo of
plmulorors will 'go yhoro thowoqij-
bino twincth,' '.,
Among a small crowd of boys who
woro rolling ldJ;a"1vol to "find rats,
a short distance' from town, on
Monday morning last, was little
Joo Holland, son of Edward Hol-
and. A log rolled en his foot and
hurt his too badly. Littlo boys, be
careful I
It is really true that the future
prosperity of thss town will mainly
depend. upon tho energy and enter
prise of our own citizens. Unices
a railroad, i? buH Mrqqgh, th,e tcyn,
wo nood not oxpoot evon tho slight
est Increase in tho population and
business. Voto ".Railroad Yes."
LASTThursdny was the 9Gth An
niversary, qf Ainorican Jndepond-
ti . i i
once. JNO puouo aernonsiraiion
was mado in this town. Most of the
business housos wero closed during
that 4ay; e wont to see the 4tD
at Zalcski, whore the folks are ex
tremoly patriotic and always hap
New Postal Law. Tho now law
just pasood by Congress, authorizes
tho issuing of ono cent postal cards
for correspondence, and reduces tho
postago on newspapers and circu
lars from two cents to one cont, on
all of loss weight than two ounces.
Tho law goes in forco immediately,
and the cards will be issued in a
fow days.
The greater portion of the
interior of Vinton county was
favored with a good rain on
Thursday, t(he 4th. The rain
slightly interfered with some
of the celebrations, bqt all the
people within the rainy terri
tory were pleased to see the
long looked-for rain come, even
if a few white dresses were
TnERE will be a Picnic and Dance
in a fine grove near Allensville on
Saturday, July 27th. Job Wyatt,
Wesley Haynos and, 0. vy . Snyder,
. . y-i
are tne managers, ureal pniqq
will bo taken to ontortain all who
may be present. John H. Boley
will furnish all with refreshments.
He will havo a largo supply of the
most delicious ce Cream. The
best muslo has beon engaged- Fop
further particulars, boo posters Issu-.
ed from this offlco.
John Redd, ir., was kicked
and trampled upon by a horse,
on Thursday afternoon last,
while curryins: and feeding
horses at the stable of H. Redd
of the McArthur House. He
was badly bruised nearly all
over his body, and on the head
is a severe cut three or four
inches long, which extends to
the skull bone. The horsp be
ing shod, if is 'suppposed the
the cut wns made ny tne caiR
of the shoe. Johny is slowly
recovering and will soon be out
again. His wonnd9 were dress
ed by Drs. D. V.- and C. S.
About twenty-nine boys in
this town should have guardi
ans appointed. It would be a
good thing for the boys, because
it migth prevent somo of them
from being severely punished
for driving old maros and cows
into the corporate limits of the
town for the purpose of receiv
ing ten cents from the little
souled official, who encourages
the boys in this sort of stealing,
so he can have tho great hon
or of causing old and feeble
women much trouble and ma
king them pay fifty cents and
one dollar to the useless and la
zy creature before the old cows
and mares, stolen by the boys,
can be "honorably discharged"
from the incorporated hop; lot,
known as a Pound; for the use
which the tax-payers have, to
pay $25 a year.
The Great Mastodon and
the Marvelous Arabs.
Houston, Springer & Hendorsoil's
groat Arab, Animal and Aronio
combination will pitch its Gas-lit
City of tonts in MoArthur, on Fri
day of this week.
Tho New York Sun of Afarch 30.
1872, contains the following con
cerning the leador of the wondorful
troupe of Bodouin Arabs, who form
but ono of tho unrivalled attractions
in the Great Mastodon aggrega
"An interesting private exhibi
tion of the immense strenth and en
durance of the human frame was
witnossod yosterduy morning in the
arena on tho stago ot tho Grand
Opora IIouso, John G. Ilcenan de
clared IlaBhoot Aloop decidedly the
strongest man in tne world. The
troop to which Aloop is attachod,
musters lourtoen Arabian athletes,
callodbytho playbill, 'Tho ChiU
dron of tho Desert.' Of these, this
mouorn Ilorculos yesterday suppor
ted on his shoulders and curried
about tho ring oight, whoso aggre
gate woight reached 1,440 pounds.
Ho next hold at arm's length one
of his brethren, u man weighing 187
pounds, then lifted from tho ground
six men who clung to him while he
was prostrate on his back. lie is
performing with tho Europenn Hyp
pothoan Company, and will tog
night undor.tne tq hold eight heavy
mon as a flnnlo to the many feats
of skill, strength and onduranco his
troupe are famous for."
O. Tf Gunning has just reraqyed,
from tho "Old Brick Corner" his
splopdid assortment of Drugs, Med
icines, Oils, Paints, BooAs, Station
ery, &c; to 'his NEW ROOM
in Will's New Building, one door
west of Oilman, VYard fc Oq.'s Store,
on Main Street, where he will bo
pleased to meet all his old custom
ers, and as many more as chose to
give him their patronage.
His Tew Boom Is really the finest
in Southern Ohio; is being visited
by everybody; and his supply o
Drugs, Wines, Oils, Toilets, and the
liAe equal to any other establishment
Jatho oountry.
, Ho fills presciptions, and can ac
commodate all customers at reason
able rates. If you want to see
the (nest D?ug Store, 'drop
a and examine this one.
Paid His Price.
Judere Welsh of the supreme
Court of Ohio, recently held
that the inmates of the Na
tional Military Asylum, at
Davton. were citizens of Ohio
and consequently entitled to
vote, oo it seems that Judge
Welsh has reconsidered, his
ooinion on the Dayton Sol
diers' Asylum, and now de
cides that the soldiers of the
United States have a right to
vote in Ohio in violation of the
State fJonstitutien,. TMs is a
part of his bargain for renomi
nation. What a Judge to sit
upon the bench of the Supreme
Court of Ohio?
Three scoundrels Absa
lom Kimble, 'Jacob Kimble,
and lex McCloud who had
outraged and then murdered a
little orphan girl, named Mary
Belle Secor, aged 14 years, as
she was returning alone through
a etrp qf woods, near Olina,
Meroar county, Ohio, on Sun
day, June 23, were taken from
the Uelina jail, by two or three
thousand persons, . on Monday
morning at 3 o'clock, July 8,
and hung to the branches of
thp tiees in the vicinity where
tne muraep was cpmrnuiea.
The Railroad route between
Athens and Pomeroy has been
located. It comes to the Ohio
river at Monkey Run. Work
upon tjie road is to ' ' bo. pora
menced immediately, and in
twelve months it is expected to
be cornpieted.-HJQluraDnsis
patch. ,
Elk township is in the woods
and not quite ferjeed in, but
McArthur is fenced in. Let
every tax-payer go to the elec
tion on the 23d inst.; and vote
'Railroad yes.''
"Grant is not fit to govern
this country," 1 were Stanton's
dying words. , , ,
Don't fail to visit ' Dr.: Bowers',
Dentist. Booms at Ilulbtrt Houst.
Mb. Kditoh: You will nlouiii) iiniioiinco tlir
name of JOHN J. HIIOCKKV, hh a uiimlidiito
for Hhoriff or Vinton umutr, mtiijoct n iue uo
ciiilon of the Democrutln Prlmury Klectlon on
the SOU. of J,,.y, onngo
Editor Knuuiiier. Yon will ploiiso nnnounoe
the mime of A. L. lllNTKJl as u cuiKlidato for
the nomination for Sliorlff, at tluf onBuing prl-
F. W. IIaynks authorizes ns to withdraw 111"
naino ns cauuiuato lor SlierM.
Mb. Editor: Announce In tho next paper
tho name of SOLOMON SIIII'LKY, of Madison
Township, ns a suitable candidate for tli olllce
of Bhoriir, suhjoet to tho decision of tho Demo
cratic l'rimary Election, on Saturday, Juiy xv,
and oblige MANY DKJlOClt ATS.
Mr. Bowkn': l'loaso . announce tho name of
G. W. I'lLCllKK, as a suitable candidate lor
oiiunn oi vinion uouniy, guoiect u uiu uvuinmn
of the Democratic Primary Election, to lo hold
Mr. Bowkn: Fleaso announce tho nnino of
UKO. Ji. COOK as a suitaMo candidate tori lorn
of the Court of Common 1'lons, subject to the de
cision of tho Democracy at the miliary woo
Wi are authorized to announce the name of
JOHN T. FOKKMAN. at a candidate for tarn
mon Pleas Clerk, subject to the decision of tho
jiemocrntic miliary luociion ou iuo win oi ou
ly, ltfil
Charles W; Holland will bo n candidate for
Clerk ol Common Pittas Court, subject to the de
cision of the Democrats of Vinton county at the
ensuing primary ejection. ' ' ' j
Kditor Democratic KsqniRKR: As It Is not
altogether necessary that, all tho candidates
should bo residents of the vllluge of McArthur,
you will please announce (Ho nuiuoofNATIIAN
DIXON, of Hichlanil Townshin. ns a suitable
rn,niiuaie mr oierK 01 too court, simject to t no
decision of the Democratic Primary Klectlon,
HlldOUllgO MA I JJ-.JlUl.lt.Vl.
Kiutor MoArtiutr Knquirkr: Announce
(1... ...mnflf I II HI (DTtU n.....n... 1
a tlrst-claas mechanic, mid a farmer, an n nnist
suiutoio candidate lor i;piinMioner or v niton
County, sithleot to, tltqdgciiiioiiot'tlio Democrat
KniTOit Knopirkk: Announce the name of
tl. u. hVVAl.M as a candlilato tor ro-oloction to
the oflloe of Commissioner of Vinton county,
uhloct to the decision of the Democratic Prltnii.
ni'UUV llL'VAl lid '.. .;..! ..1.1.. 11.1...
Mr. KniTOR: Plenso uuuuiinc.o the name of
for the otUco of Treasurer, subjoct to the decis
ion of tho Democratic primary Klectlon, and
oblige . . . , MANY D K.MOC'H ;TU.
Mr. Kditor: Please nnuuoiicw that NELSON
RICHMOND Will li a caiuUduto for Treasurer
of VinUm ruiuir
nty, subject 'ti the decision ot the
KKLC1I, of Clintim Townshil). nsusuitahlecan
didate for Prohato Judge, subject to tiie decis
Mr. Kditor: Please announce tho nnmo of
II. Is. MAY O as a cnnilulate for lioiuluutmii to
. u as a caniiiuaui lor noinuiavion to
f Probate Juduo befnio the Demo-
lliu uiuce in i runniu
Mr. Koitob: Announoe the name of GKO.
W. (iltKEN, of Knox township, as a suitable
candidate for Coroner of Vinti) cnnnty, nubfcct
One of tho migratory bl rds of tho genus 67 rut
and belonging to tho gallic order, known ns a
crane, paid the Steam Mill Pond of Oilman,
Ward & Co., avislt this nmroing, and was shot
by John Lynch. It was brought to our olllce
bv Philander Kby, for the inspectionof all hands.
This is tho largest bird ever seen n tUis part' of
t.hn cnmitrv. its t.ntst!otcllotl Avillirs lileasured
Sleet and iVinchOH. The bill of this bird is
straight, sharp and long, witli a slight furrow
from the nostrils toward tho point, the nostrils
being linear, the neck and legs very long. It
came to tho mill pond well prepared to wade
and reach for such food as may be there, but like
some of tho unruly boys of our town, It itiko n
sad mistake.
TnB late rains "played tho deuce"
With .the - stove-wood belonging to
Gilraan, Ward & Co., near tho Wa
ter Mills. Tttrgo quantities washed
away(rv It floated up a hill(l)
The water raised high enough to
carry it away at night(l) That
firm havo concluded to. insure the
halanoe of the wood in tho Shot-gun
Company of Hartford, Cone, as it
would not bo vory profitable to take
out a policy in any other company.
There is not a particle of doubt but
what tho company is reliable; it is
"sure shot."
ForAyer's Medicines, go toQi
W, Sisson's!
[From the Jackson Standard.]
[From the Jackson Standard.] Tobacco--The New Law.
The attention of fanners and dealers is dlrcc
tod to that portion of tho new revenue law which
goes Into erf'ect July 1, relating to dealers in to.
api mill clirnrs. A retail denier in leaf tobac.
co is detliied u be ono who "sells leaf tobacco In
Quantities less than tho original hoirshead. ease
or bale; or who shall sell directly to eonsu.
mors, or to persons other than dealers in lcaf
tobacco, or to manufacturers of tobacco, iiiulf or
cigars who have paid the special tux as such."
The amount of special tax on "retail dealers in
leaf tobacco" is llxcil at (5)m live hundred dnl.
larxa year) and If Uioiii auiiual sales are over!
it,uuu, snail pay u aiuiiimu tneivtn nu cents ior
everv dollar iu excess of (1,000 of their sales.
A '"dealer in loaf tobacco," shall pay (25)
twenty fire dollars; and isdellned to He one "who
sells, or olTors for sale, leaf tobacco." He may
sell in small quantities to other dealers or mau-
utnetururs, but not to consumers.
A "dealer iu tobacco" shall nav (5) five dol
lars. This applies to all dealers ''who sell or of
fer for sale, manufactured tobacco, snuff or ci
gars." There Is now no exemption of 1100 sales
as under the former aw.
Dealers in tobacco may not sell leaf tobacco
under their 8,nccl"l tax paid as tthiha'cco dealers"
but must pay separately the "retail dealer in
leaf tobacco" tux. Neither can dealers In loaf
tobacco sell mantirnctiired tobacco, snuff or ci
gars under their leaf tobacco tux paid, but must
pav separately the tobacco dealers tax.
Farmers may sell leaf tobacco in the hand, of
their own raising, without tax, to dealers in
leaf tobacco and manufacturers of tobacco and
cigars, lint they are 1'orblilden to sell to consu
mers direct, or to merchants who are not deal
ers in leaf tobacco. They inuit koup an account
of all aaleg and to whom made, ami exhibit the
same llcu called iipoil by an o Ulcer. When
twisted by band or pressed It Is subject to a tax
of SO cts. per lb. before salo.
I have given this synopsis of the law that deal
Assistant Assessor.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
go to SifiBon'B. .
Are Von Going West ?
If to, take our advice, and purchase your tick
ets over the old reliable and popular Mlaourl
Pscllto Esllroad' which Is, positively, the only
Line that runs throe Dally Express Trains from
St. Louis to Kansas City, and the West I and is
lositivcly, the only Lino wbloli runs Pullman's
'aUce Sleepers and Day Conches (ospocclully
for movers) equipped witn Minor's saiety nat
form and the pstent Steam Itreke, from (it. Louis
to Kansas City. Fort Bcqtt, Pniwins, Lawrenco,
Leavenworth, Atchison, St. Joseph, Nebraska,
City Council blullH and Oinnhj without, changol
For Information In regard to Time Tables, rules
Ac, to any point In Missouri, Kansas, ngornsKa,
Colombo, Texan or Onllifornia, call on or address
8. H. Thomson, AgmitMlssQuri I'acMc ll.a. Ool.
timbiis.Obloi or, E. A.i'ord, General piusonger
Agnct.Bt. Louis, Md'
No trouble to answer questions I
For Fine Perfumery, go to $B"
son's DrugPtor,
To Whom.It Blay Concern.
Those knowinp; themsolves in
debted to T. A, Mnrtin & Son, eith
er by note or book account, aro re-
quosted to call and settle up. ' All
accounts and notes unpaid by Au
oust first., will lie plaood in tho
way of collection unless otherwise
arrangod, ' '
MoArthur, July 10, 1872. tf.
N.J. Bowers, Dentist, ot tlui el-
ificeof Drs. Finnoy & Uowors, Lo-
gan, O., will visit McArthur, on Iho
15th of prosontj month, remaining
two wooks, orsuch'timo na ho may
bo sparod from th offlco at homo,
where he hopes to socuro tho pat
ronage of citizons and the adjoin
ing country - No work performed
but such as ho can recommend, and
at prices satisfactory to all
Call and' seo specimens of supori-:
or work.
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas,
Advertisoing alo'no does not pro
duce huccoss. The thing which ia
advertised must havo intrinstio
merit, or else largo advertising will
do it moro harm than good. If yon
havo anything ' which you know to
bo good, advertise it thoroughly,
and you will bo dure to succeed;- if
it is poor, don't praise it, for peo
ple will soon discover you are lying.
- Such is tho policy of tho Burling,
ton Route, which runs to throo
groai regions in ino vcsi: ist, 10.
Omahn, connecting with tho great
Pacific Roads. 2d, To Lincoln, tho
wipiuu iii j.xuuiuima, aim uu uuu
... A .T 1 . ( .....
beautiful region south of tho riattt'j
filled with Itnilrond lands and homo.
steads. 3d, To St. Joseph, Kanaitss
City and all Kansas points.
Tho roads aro splondntly built.
havo the best bridges, finqst ears,
tho Miller platform and coupler,
and tho safolv air brako (in ni-ftvont
the loss of life that is ovorywhoro
oiso nappening;;i'uiiman s sloepors,
Pullman dining onrs, Targo and
powerful engines (to make quick
time and connections), and aro in a
word the best equipped roadg in tho
Wost. So that if you desire to iro
safely, surely, quickly and comfort-,
ably to any point in Southern IownN
Nebraska, Kansas, or on tho Paciftt
Roads, bo suro that you -go. "By
Way of Burlington." '
All who wish particular infonna-
tiqn. and a largo map, ohowinc
ftnrrnntlr t.hn fli-nni. Wnok mA nil ,
railroad connections, can obtain
thorn, and any other knowledge, by
addressing General Passengor
Agent,' B. & Mo. R. R. R., Burling
ton, Iowa.
about 11 o'clock, of iiiiKfevor, John K., son ol
Finnic and Ai'Ulo Miong, aged V months and 4
days, . , - ..
At tho residence of his father, near ?.atc-kl,
on Sunday nioniing, Julv 7th, about ! u'clock,
from thtufl'ects of heat, Owen 1)., cHost son of
Uri M. and Hosnnnah Ui-een, iijjod; W years, 11
mouths ami 27 duvs.
Tho deceased wits n worthy Vounir lnim mill
leaves an ox tensive clrcleof relatives ami IWciuls
to lament his curly death. Ho was employed In
tho ltailroad Car-wheel Foundry at Zuleskl, as
moulder, and Huflcring from theolfectsof hour,
he ceased work on the Huturdiiy morning before
his death, and returned home, cnmnlniniiifrof a
severe pain in Ids lieail. His remains wero hu
rled In the graveyard at Zaleaki, on Sunday
Heirs of William Ross. .
frohali Court, Vinion Oounty, Ohio,
OTIC IS is hereby given that Henry O. liar-
den has 11 led his accounts herein, as iruardl-
an of Nancy A. Calvin, John II. and (icorKo M.
Uqss; ami that said accounts are set for Injuring
on tho 3d day of August next ensuing, at HI
o'clock A.M.
II. B. MAYO, l'robato Judgo.
July 10, 1872.-4W.
Trees, Flowers, Bnlls, Seeis !
Nursery Stock! Fruit and Flower
Address F K. I'HOKNIX,
600 Acres: 21st year: 12 Cirocnlionson.
ApplelOU01yr.,20;2y., flO; 8y., fW, 4y., $50.
4 aiuioguus, xu cents.
2ft flm,
KflAft A irenti wanted to sell tho bo mi tl fit
tvUv pliot oifiuipb HIn,irliiKO tiertlfloatna
and 1'iiotograpH Family Kecorda,
For terms, send stnmo to Ouiiikh tu lino. . Pub.
Ushers, York, Pa. . ... 20-4t.
Attachment Notice.
Martin It Company, ITffs. ") Before .I.T.BIack,
airiUiist !!. I'., of Madison
Aloxnnder Hen nerd. Dort.J Ti) Vinton 0o.,O.
ON tho Wtli day of June, 1812. said Jnsilee la
sued an order of attachment in tha above
action for tho sum of $10 85.
H(d case is set for hearing on the 3d of Aug
ust, 1872, ntv o'clock A.M.
MA It lift dt UU.
By C. W. GiKT.itt'y tor Pl'ffs.
ji. .
Ayer's :
Hair Vigor,
For restoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and .Color.
A dressing
which is at
once agreeable.
""S healthy, and
W efifeotual f o r
M preserving the
hair. It soon .
j restores jaaea
or gray hair
to its original
color, with the
gloss and freshness of youth. Thin
hair is thickened, falling hair checked,
and baldness often, though not always,
r.nrerl Viv ta lis a. NVirhinc f.a.n TAafnra
the hair vrhere the follicles are de
stroyod, or the glands atrophied and
decayed; but such as remain can be
saved by this application, and stimu
lated into activity, so that a new
growth of hair is produced. Instead
of fouling tho hair with a pasty pedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or tailing off, and
consequently prevent baldness. The
restoration of vitality it gives to the
scalp arrests and prevents the forma
tion of dandruff, which is often go un
cleanly and offensive. Free from those
deleterious substances which make
some preparations dangorous and inju- '
rious to the hair, the Vigor can only
1ammA 1m. 4- L.m. -J. ' Tf . 1. .1
merely, for ft HAIR DRESSING,
nothing else can be found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dyo, it does
not soil white cambric, and yet lasts
long on the hair, giving it a rich, glossy,
lustre, and a grateful perfume. ;
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
rraotloal and Analytical Chemist
bOWsHLl .U&88,

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