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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 17, 1872, Image 1

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' i i ' .try '"Ife:
f J, W. BOWEN, I
I Publisher and Proprietor. J
1 11.50 PER YEAR, l
i InAdvtscs. J
NO. 27.
Railway Time.
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National
Capitol and Eastward.
On iiml lifter Mumlay, Novembor 11), Trains
-will inn lis loiinwH : .
(Hn'nati fait
Krprtat.l Line. Bxprtit,
..... Depart
Harper's Kerry
Wushiniton Juuo'n.
..New York .. .
New York
Washington Junu'u.
Harper' Kerry
0 55 Am
3 5 I'm
6 40 Pin
2 ,'!:) Am
8 44 Am
1 12 I'm
4 45 "
8 25 "
0 03 "
8 30 "
10 00 "
85 Am
8 IS '.
5 61
8 2(J
R45 "
10 00 "
1 !0 Pm
4 10 '
12:24 Pm
n 30 Pro
13 64 Am
8 80 Am
8:20 Pin
4:00 Am
8:00 Pm
8:60 A in
9:20 "
11 45 Pin
0 45 Pm
8 00 "
8 50 "
8 0O "
405 Am
4 25 "
ory "
12 0flPm
12:04 "
6 00 Pin
10 82 "
3:45 Am
0 25 "
11 00 "
Pullman Falaoe Drawing Eoom Sleeping Can,
Which aroint entnfortablo, elegantly furnished,
anil almost equal to ft n re-side, aruon nil Trains
from Olnclimatl to Italtlmore and Washington.
See Schedule of Marietta and Cincinnati Hall
way for time of arriving and departing from
'Plio advantagos of this route over all others
Is, that It kIvus all travelers holding through
tickets tho privilege of visiting Baltimore,
l'hilailelilila, anil tho National Oapitol free.
Timoiiiiiofcorand rates of fare lower, than by
any other line. . .
The ; scenery ulon"; thla Railway Is not equaled
for griknduur on mis Continent.
This line offers superior Inducements the
ratos being one-third lower to mid from Boston,
New York, or any otlur Eastern point. In or
dorlns kod.Is of any description from the East
iriveillroctinns to ship f Unltlmoro & Ohio
It, It., and 1 ii alii piling East give same directions.
KreiKhts shipped by litis route will have des
patch, and no handled with care anil save
shippers much money. J.L.WILSON,
M aster Transportation, Baltimore,
Gen, Freight A g't, Baltlmoro.
8. B. JON ICS, Gen. Ticket Ag't, Baltimore.
, . Ooii. Pass. A,'t., Cincinnati.
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette
Rail Road.
To all Points West, Northwest
and Southwest.
The Great Thro null Mail and Express Pas.
SQiigov Line to .it. Louis, Kansas Olty. St.
osujih, Denver, San Francisco, and all points
la Missouri, Kansas and Colorado,
The shortest and only direct route to Indian
apolis, Lar.'ivuttu, Term Kaute, Cambridge
City, Spt'liiKlield, Peoria, Burlington, Chlong ,
Milwaukee, St. Paul, and all points In the
The Indianapolis, Olnolnnntl and Lafayette
Railroad, with Its connections, now oilers pas
sengers more facilities In ThroiiKh Conch and
sleeping (Jar Service than any other line from
Cincinnati, having the advantage qf Through
Dailv Oar from Cincinnati to bt, Louis, Kan
sas (Jlty.Ht. Joseph, Puorla.Burllngton.tailctgo,
Omaha, and ull Intermediate points, presenting
to Oalnulals and Families such com forts and
aouamiiiodiitlons as aiu afforded by no other
Thramih Tickets antl Jlaggago Ohtokt to all
"t'i'i"i' I ave Cincinnati at 7:30 A, U., 8:00 P,
H . an lll:i)ii P, M, .
IMelieiM " 1 1 tie olitalnoil at Vn. 1 Btirnot
II.iiiso.ci rer I'hlM iwid Vine Publlo Ltnd
nu, ciiim"!' .Mm m ai.n Itlveri (tUo, at Depot,
..ijiier I 'iim .iti l !'.'! I Streets, Olnelunatl, O.
i t)ekarl)to pail 1 1. Icets via IndanapolU,
Dlnclilnati and' Lal.tyu.tc Itallrond.
Ohlef Tlokul Clerk, Master Tian.portfttlon,
(Jlnoliiiatl. lluiplnuat
3 1iPRl28S I'tlAIMa loave Indltnapolll
dallv, exennt Kuiulay, tin' Vt, i-OCJn and
rpiIE only Line running PULLMAN'S ole
I brnted Drawlng-rooiu Bleeping OarsfromN,
T Pittsburirh. t'ohimbus, Loiilivlllo.. Cln
JlnutlK6udfoi)BiiHpoHi, to Bt,loul without
ptiapito. -. : n
Jpataengevi should veiuembor that thU ! tli
Uroat West Hound Haute for Kanwis City,
Leavenworth, Lnwronoe, Tnpeka, Juno,
tlon Olty, Fort Hoott and Bt, Jotepli.
tllfD AkITO TO KAN3AS, for the pur
tm UnAN I O poaeof eitabllslilng them
W Jftl luncVhbuTiis" win hava llbarhl Jlecrlrn
(natlrnt made In their favor by tills Line. Hat
sfautorypninmuMlon on roguia.r rates will be
given to ColoiiIsM and large partl traveling
totetheri and their baggage, einlgrant outllt
and stock will be shlppudou tin most ravora
bie lermt, preientlng to
colonists and Families
y non comforts nnd accommodations as are pre
imitml by NQ O'ViipHHOUTf;.
' f tcKKLS'oaa bo obuaiiort at all tho prlnolpal
Tloket Uirloea in the Kiuteni, Middle and
Bouthera mates. q jQl '
Qonnral PaaHnnger Agent. St. Louis.
' ' Hoii'i. KMllIiTT,
Ksstqrn PmsdiigAr Aionf, Indlhnsuolls,
. Uenera) luporlntendeut, Jndlanapolls.
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
A,tiil al'tnr MONDAY. Mav SHth. 1871. Ex-
nrkiKsTrains wlli,.ltiuv COLUMBUS and
OKKiiTLISE and AHIUVI at points named be-
Inw na fullrvws t ' ' 1,1 '
No. 2.
No. 4.
0:45 am
7:05 a in
3:00 pm
11:011 pill
. p:Htl 1 III
. , 8:45p III
. .10:80 pill
,..1:00 m
...1:80am .
8i3B in
4 :40 p m
1:30 a in
11:00 am
New York Olty.. 8:80 pm
tl :40am
llarrlHhiirg ,
Tli -ft i in (1 85 n hi 8"BS" m
, V.'IO p 111 1 (ft a m 8 45 p ill
,.715am 112Asm 2 40am
,.10 40am 20 pn
. . 1 10 p m 25 p in - . . :
. II 15 a in 815 p in 7 00am
V-imH fiiST.. .. .Trt Fi TJ i'r.p Hi , (ftBan)
Vort Way no.... 51 a in 115 a in llttftam
Chicago 12 10 i in T DO a in tl 00 pm
nt.v-Mn. A. limvlnir Cnhiniliu at 4:10 r. tn
has "u Through Oarein Delaware forHprlngrleld,
reuchlliglspi'lnglU'lU WH .iiiuunniinRiiai i;su ii in
'I'i'iilii Nn. a mi the Onliinilnw nocking Vnl
lev H all road connect with No. Train. Through
Tliti.lri fur anln nt. At.hmiR. '
PVKHKNGKH TIIAINS inttirnliig nrrlvo at
r,nhiiiiliusatJ2:HAa in, 11:15 a. in, rind 9:50 a. in.
tny-talacoDay and Bleeping;' Can
On All Trains.
ii ''0 0" leaving Coliimluis at Uiflfl a in, on
Hini'l iV. runs through without detention, by
...... !.!..!.. ..M.l M...v V..HI. Il....i..l 1f..ll.a,a
iirrlvliiir at Now York nn Mnndny morning at
11:10 ,.M
iihrMnnlat Infnrnintinn in roitiiri
i ir riniiriM okiiik. Minn. u.Miiiriii.i.nin. v
Sinkela, l imn. nnnneniioiiN, vtii,, io ai
iiollila Ivist, West, North and MonUi, apply, to
or address K. num, ii'iiiiniiM,wnio.
K.S. FLINT. Oeii.HiiperlnUmilUlit.
(len. Agent. Ooluiuhue, O.
KITH KRR FORI . '. , '
Pimsevc "nln ulnis, Oi
Indianapolis Railway. Railway Time.
Is tie Shortest, Quickest
and only Koad running its en
tire trains through to
Our larrano-enients and con
nections with all lines from St,
Louis and Louisville are per
feet, Reliable and. complete for
all points
This is the shortest and best
route to Kansas City, Leaven
worth, Atchison; St. Joseph
and to nil points ia Missouri,
Kansas and Nebraska.
Through Tickets and lull
information ns to time and
fin e, can be obtained at any
It. h. Ofhce oi' at our office in
12. GALLUP, Gen, East Pns. Agent,
V. It. HALE, Gen. Puss, and Ticket Aut,
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
On and after December 10th, 1B71, Trains will
run as follows:
Athens 6.20 a. m.
1:20 r. M.
6.40 p. M.
2:20 A. U
9:00 "
7:80 "
7:50 P. II.
7:81 "
8:80 "
UM "
2:80 A. H.
8:80 "
0:45 A. H.
8:45 P. M.
8:00 "
Cleveland.., 8:60
Springfield.. 12:86 1
Xenla 12. 5 '
Davton 1-80 1
Hlchmond... 8:15 '
Indianapolis 6:10
Chicago 12:15 A,
Close connection made at Lancaster for Clr-
olevlllo, Znnpsvillo, and all points on the Cin
cinnati and Musklligum Valloy Railroad.
uirecc connections inauo ut coiuniuni ror
Davton, Springfield, Indianapolis, Chicago,
ami all points West. Also, for Cleveland.
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and all polntv Eaat.
Take the Hocking Vallev and Pan Handle
route to tblcuKO and the Kurthwest.lt Is the
shortest by sixty -six miles, giving passengers
mo ue nen cot quioaor time anu lower rates
than by any other Una.
j. w. UOH Kill r,
K. A. DUELL, Gen 'I Tloket AgH.
Slaltqf Ohio, n)on County.
Jesse Francis, Adamlqlstralrtr of the estate of
yt utiain f rupcn, iiecoaseq, i-iainiiu,
John W. Jeffrty and Wife, Defendant!,
In Vinton county Court of Common Pleas. Or.
dor of Sale,
Pur. limit to the oommaucl of an Order of S&1S
In tho above case Issuod fi'mn the Court of Com
mnnl'luas of Vinton county, Ohio, and to me
directed as Sheriff of laid county. I will olfer at
intuitu saia, at tno uoor or tne court iiouse, in
die town at MoArthur. In said Vinton noun-
ty, on
Monday, tho 22d Say,o ij'uly, A, D.
At the hour of 2 o'clock P, M. ot said day, the
following described lauds and tonomonts, situ
ate In the county of ylnton, and State of Ohio,
Tho Xorth-eait quarter of the North-east
ouartor of Section Number eight (8,) Township
Sumner Ten (10,) and Range Number Nineteen
19,) containing forty acres; also anotber tract,
lying south Four (4) chains and Forty-one (41 j
Inks south of the North-wost corner of seotlon
Nine (0) same township and rai)W thsnosbouth
Four U) phahis aud Bovonte (ni links to the
comer of Handy Smith's lniii( thenut Booth
Sixty. ftinr ((is) atctiit east Five (5) chains and
Five (5) links to tit oountv road tfionoe Xuith
Forty. one and three-fourths (41i) rtegroos East
Ons chain and Fifty-eight links; thvuee North
Forty.elght (4B) degrees West Eight (ft Otialnl
and.six (ft) llnkl to Ilia place of fcoilni"I!i?L.90n,:
tainlng one sua ilxtyiverhuniHaill (11TT-1O0)
acre.1' '
Appraised at Two Hundrpd and Baventy.flve
Do) furs (t21B.0O.T kud must bi'lnv two-ttllrdi of
of that sum, . .
To be sold as the property or Jotm w. jorrrey
ntirt U'lfa tn .nf latv an nrrlar of aala issued from
said Court of Common Fleas In favor of Jesse
Francis, Administrator of the estate of William
Francis, doooaasd.
isHMsureAiK vainin nami,
SlicrlfT Vinton county.
I). B. ftmvKl, Att'y for Plaintiff,
June H), 1872 Bw.-q(
iinfsa Ohio, Vinton County,
Abraham Wilbur, plaintiff,
critlrL 1
Charles W,8prouse and Mary 3, 8prouse, De-
i. i .. ' -fendunts, , 1 . .
Vinton County Court Commbu Doal, Order
oi nniv. 1
Ptiransntto the command of an nrdorof Salo
(mnnil (mm the Court nf Common Plebsof Vin
ton Ooiinty, and W jno d(vected s Sheriff of
said oonnly. 1 will offer fur salo at the door of
the Court Homo, in the Town or mc,r(pur,
Vinton county, Ohio, oh
Monday, the 22d day of July, A. D.
At the hour of 2 o'clock P. M. of said day. the
following described lands and tonomonts, to
wn, i
Ill-lot number Ave (5) In the village of riamden,
Vinton County, Ohio.
Appraised at Eight hundred dollars ($800.00),
and must bring two-thirds of that sum.
To be sold as the property of Charles w.
Bprouse and wife to satisfy an Order of sale Is
suod from the Court of Common Fleas In favor
Of Abraham Wilbur.
Terms of Bale Cash In hand on the day ot
ale. pANIEL BOOTH. .
Htieritr viutou county.
M. L.OLiRK, A tt'y for Plaintiff.
. Juno II), 1H71-6W-B
iinnn r's sale.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Edward D. Dodge, Plalntlff.f
Charles Rlihnan and Wlfo, Defendants.
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleas,
lii-ilur uf Bnln.
' Pursuant to theooiniViiind nfnn order nf sale
In the above ease IhbiiuiI from the Court of Com
mon Picas of Vinton county, Ohio, and to me
directed as Hherlft of said county. I will oiler at
liubllo sale, at the door of the Court Iiouse In
(he town of MoArthur, lu said Vinton county,
Ull '
Monday, the 20th Day of July,
A. D. 1872.
At the hour ort o'clock P. M. of as Id day, tho
r..n .II....I 1 U ...... ............... ...
Mil liny iiih oi'nci I i't. iiiiiii n.iu frviivinpiii.., w
witi 11
1 ... M....,l.u n.,A llnnilrail n nil HI w. w.a.tw.
tn (Hrf) III tho town of He Arthur, Vinton conn.
1 ...... ia.I , 1I..,1..A1 an.l Tarmtl v.fl vil
Doll urn (ii25,00,) and must bring two-thinlsof
unit sum. ..., ,..
To be sold s the iirnpr-rtjr of Oharlea Hldnian
and wile, nn an onlfr f sale ImsuwI from the
Court o Common Pleas of said county in favor
or Kiiwarn ii. I'ongn
TgngsorHALK- imow
Hherlir Vinton oounty.
K. A. llratton, Att'y for Pl'IT.
Juno JO, 181)1.-6 w. ,
Sia l of Ohio, Vinton Counts.
Catharine Glasgow, Plaintiff,
Eliza A. Button, Administratrix of Daniel But
ton, Deceased, and others, Defendants.
In Vluton County Court of Common Pleas. Or
dor of Halo.
Pursuant to the command of an order nf sale
Issued from the Court of Common Pleas of Vin
ton County, and to mo directed a (Sheriff of said
county, I will offer for sale, nt tho door of the
court Mouse, in me town oi jnciruiur, v luuiu
county, onto, on .
Monday, the 22d. Day of July,
a- v, 1014,
At the hour of 8 o'clock P. M. of said day, the
umowuig uu&cnueu ittuun aim tuiiuiiioiiiti, lu
In-Titn Numbers One If nnilrwl mid Klirhtv
flvo (1HS( and Oiiellunih'cd audNlnety-ono (lilt,)
ln(l.nn..,nnrU.lril.. trt. ...... fkl.l..
Ill WIT .1 VI MJI.I VI11II , 1 IIIIAfll Willi!,., Villi.,
ubjoct, however, to the dower estate of said
uti7.il a. uutton, ann so mncn tnereor as is
wiitiiiumi lu wiu luiitiwiu iniuuuo,
to-wit: Commencing at tho Bouth -east corner of
saiu in-ioi TNinuner ji; tiience nest x ices;
ineuue jNortia u iuu juhw-.ii.. ..-imiri lrfir;
thence East a3 feet to the Nortb-eiiRt corner of
said Lot: thence South to the place of licinnnlnir:
and, also commencing at tflu Houth-east corner
oi said in-tnt Mumocr im: tnence west a tcet:
thenco North to the North ilneof said lot; thence
r.nst Vi tcot to tne Mortn-enst corner ot said lot;
thence South to the place of beginning.
Appraised, bo encumbered by said dower, as
ioi lows:
ln-lotNo. 101 nt 1-15.00
In-lotNo. 185 at .... 1100.00.
And each of said In-lotsmust brimr two-thirds
of tho appraised value thereof.
To be sold as property belonging to the estate
of Daniel Button, deceased, to satisfy a judg
ment in favorof Catharine (ilu.sirow.
J f.kms op Salic Cash In lutml at the time of
Sheriff V inton Co,
D. B. SmvKl., Att'y for Pl'IT.
JuiielM, 1S7SS 6W.-10
TbthtQmltfitd Electors of K I h To'wnthip:
NOTICE Is hereby given that the following
request signed by one hundred tax-paying
electors of said township of Klk, has beeu made
upon the Trustees of said township, as foHows,
7bfAe Trwteet of Elk Towiuhlp, Vinton County,
WR. tbn umlersiirned. tay.navinir electors nf
said township of Elk, county of VTutou, Ohio,
one hundred In number, respectfully request
that you construct a railroad from a point on
the southern boundry of said township, where
the old road-bed of the Scioto and Hocking Val
ley K. R, crosses said boundry, belug tho south
ern terminus to the northern or western boun
dary of said township, near the comer thereof,
oeing tne nortnern termiuus, mat you appro
uriate the sum of 126.000 toward the construction
of said road, said sum being less than live per
cent, of the assessed valuation of the -real and
personal property last made in said township;
that said sum of 125.000 be in Bonds of said town
ship of Elk, payable at the oiuee the Treasurer
of Vinton county, Ohio, aud shall hear seven per
cent Interest, pavable annually! that 15,000 In
amount of said Bonds shall become due aud pay
able In twelve years, 5,000 lu 14 years, $5,001) In
io years, o,uuu in is years anu in xu years
after the date of their execution and delivery;
that said Bonds shall be of thefollowlngdonom
luatlon, to-wlt: One hundred of one hundred
dollars each, twenty of five hundred dollars
each, and live of one thousand dollars each, and
be numbered from one to ouo hundred and
twonty-nvo Inclusive. That each and every
one or laid Bonds shall have the nocessary In
terest Coupons attached, and that said Bonds
and Interost Coupons shall bo executed and
signed by the Trustees and Cletk Of said town
ship of Elk In the usual aud ordinary manner of
executing and signing Bonds. That you call a
mooting of the quallued electors of tald town,
ship of Elk, la the manner provided by law, on
Tuesday, the 23d day of July. 1872,
between the houn of tlx o'clook A. ji. and six
o'olook P. , , at the usual place (W holding elec
tions in asm townsi,ip, saiu eieeuu-s oeing tuun
and there required to vote for or against the
the construction of said proposed railroad, ami
the requests herein made. 'J'l.at jMli glya 80
days notloe of the nailing oi said meeting or the
qualified oleetor ot salntdwhelilp; by uiUlua;
ion m sum. w.H.i;niJor ui so nii yiiiiiotvei.t
n said towuslllo. This rtitiirtst mnde wmtsi',
and lor tho surpass flrvlilug said township of
Elk of all the beneilis, power and privl.
leges of su Aot of the General Assembly qf the
dtate of Ohio, entitled "an Aot tq AtUliorUe
Counties to Build Railroads, And to Lease and
Operate the same," passed April S3, 16711,
.1 M4U'J
John N. MoLaughlin
James Malono
L. Dei Martin
s. ciaypooi
M. Motillllvra?
siamef vaioy
Mi 4J,a
i, Dodge
rv Bob
A. YaHpue
John Lord
O. T, Gnnnlni
Jos, Doddridge
J, T, sjharn ,
J, W. jlowea
denies Arnold
Julia Bldman
0. W, Brimtons
Cheator Fronou
I. R Barnes
A, Barleon
E. B, Clark
lee, Ulloni
Dan Booth
Robert Sage
E. A. Blssou
Perry Allsndej
L, li, Barnes
Jllcnard Doghty
Harvey Bobbins
William Matbeifi
Fiuaey bhod
A. C, Dovrd
a. ir. I'.immn
Thomas ii. Davit
Johu j. Bfiooker
s, yy, anerwuoq
II. P, Amirose
John II, luug
Morris Evaul
James Ward .
Owen D, Hawk
. Will
. A. Will
D. C. Olll
A, W. Brown
franoll '6ti'0n
John Seal '
George W. Bensdlot
John P.Duuklt
Ed. Hoi and
J, S. Dl
Isaao Ri
I Ion
TV , ay. uoiii
, ItaiinMli pavld AndreWs
ft. 11, L'llom
Oieorgo Bill
iM. leriiue
Ronbnl Hixon
William Bray
Prostley Hltf
C, M, Hldmail
0. J,'Bllllnghur,
Alex. Ward
A. W, Ullom
Joseph V. Kaler
David Lanta
James B. Johnson
Ephralm Hunter.
Zack. Stevens
G. W. Holland
Honrv Clark
H. B. Mavo 1
Job W. LnoM
John Jones
c. n. ward
G. W.'Pearos.
William Bry
Ell Reynolds
O. W, Pllcher
V. R. Suramie
J. C. Pualt
O. W. Barnett
Horace Redd
J. G. Swetland
J. A. Felton
J. G. Swetland Jr,
D. B. Bhlvel
Thnt in nn.iwrlATtoA Tvlth aaid reobfist a meet.
Inirnf imld nlHctoi-s it horebv called, aud a sue-
nlul nWtlnn'fiir aald nurnois Is lierebv ordered
at the usual place oi noiuing election in said
township of tlx, on
Tuesday, July 233, 1872,
between the hours of six o'clock A. M. and six
o'clock p. H-, at which timo and place said eloc.
tors are reiiucsteu to voi icir or against mucin
at.nirtlim of the nmuosod Railroad, the liorrow-
Ing of the amount named as a fund for the pur
pose, ami oilier requests tnerein iniuie. iiiououi
Ion of said electors shall be expressed on the bal
lots as follows)
Which Hallnts shall bo counted and returned
by the Judges and Clorks of election as In other
easos. MAN
nTll;3ul. JOHNSON, .Trustoos.
JflKNV llEUHOLD,. ' 1
Morhih Evans, Clerk. '
June 12, 1812. 6w
Trotat Court, Vinton Oounty, Ohio,
TO OTICI5 Is hereby glvon that Alexander Bo
1 ler, Uuardlanof Barsh llliidinan.aii Insane
person, lias uieu ins i.iuuub iihi-u..., a. ui.-ii
guardian, for partial aettleinentt and that the
same Is set forbearing ou the 20th day of July
noxt ensuing, at IU o oiocx a, m,
1 1 , II . M A X O,
June 28, 1872. 4t Probate Judge
Assignee's Notice.
A niVIDRND uf fl nor cent, on the claims
iV against LONG ft HMITI1 Will bo paid to
uie creditors, at tneonice oi tne i'rooate.iiioge
or Vinton oounty, Ohio, at MoArthur, during
the oiiNUlng week, commencing July 8, 1812,
and the two Miioneodlng weeks at the Counting
llooin of tno unti.migned, ntcniiiicotnn, unio.
Assignee of Umg A Smith.
SUittof Ohio, Vinton County. V ,
Abraham Wilbur, Plaiutitr, ,
Kebastiiin (ioetz et. nl.. Defendants.
In Vluton County Court of Common Pleas. Or
der Bale. - .
Pinmisiit to the command of an order of Bale
Inaiind fr.im I lin I 'nnrt nf Dnllimoll Pleas OfVill-
ton countv, and to mo directed as Blioriff of
Bald county. I will offer for sale at the door of
tno uourt iiouse, in tno iwa oi iriuur.
Villain county, Ohio, on , '
Monday, the 22d Day of July, ' A. D.
1872, .
At the Hour of 1 o'clock P. JI. of said day, the
following described lands and tenements, sit
uate in the County of Vluton, urd fctntc ot'Ohio,
Commencing at the north-west coi ner of the
north-east one-half of the north -east quarter
of Section number thirty, Township number
ton (10,) of ltango number seventeen (17;)
thenca running South within two (3) rods of Jo
siah Wilbur's house; thence east to tho Marl
etta k Cincinnati II. R. ; thence ryiulng north
easterly to the aouUi-weyt mrnm tjiilirct
WtiltrTSTot; thence due uurtll to the Hoc t Ion
llne;tliencc duo west to theplntm of beginning:
containing two acres more or lesK, with all the
firivi leges and appurtenances thereto lielong
ng. Apprslseil at Fifteen Iliindred nnd Thirty
three dollars and Thirtv-thrcecents ($1,583.33,)
and in list bring two-thirds of that sum.
To be sold as the property of Sebastian Goetz
and others to satisfy nn order ot sale issued
from tha Court of Common Pleas in favor of
Abraham Wilbur.
Teums of Sale. Cash In lined.
Sheriff Vinton Counly.
M.L. Clark. Attorney forl'lt'lf.
, J1IIIO 111, 1B72-W0-14
For all General Diseases of Stock and
Foul try.
Snyder's. U. 8. Assistant Assessor, Mount
yEttia, Pa., C. Bacon's, Llverv and Exchnngo
Stable, Sanhurv, Pa,
Wilholm's Danville Pa., A. Ellis's; Merchant,
Wn-diinntonvlllu. Pa- .1. Nice Slnnnker's.
Jeinv Shore, Pa.
& lire's, Lewlslmrg, Pa.
iioksi-.s uuitKi) ok COLIC Thomas Cllng
an's, Union comity. Pa.,
II . & A. Cadwaller's. Milton. Pa. I
COWS CUllKD. Dr. McClcery's, - J. II. Mc
Corinlck's, Milton, Pn. 1
GAPES. Dr. 1). T. Krehs's, Watsontowil,
Pa. Dr. IT. O. Dnvls' O W.Rt.inbnr.. .Inlin anil
James Finney's, Milton, Pa. Hundreds more
cuuiu ue citea wnose slock was saved Dy using
the Red Horso Powder.
Druggist, Chemist, Horseman,
At his whOHsle nnd retail di n ir and chemical
emporium. No. 80 Broadway, Milton, Penn.
Havlnf tnirohnsed the nhnvi, Wnnlnn Mill
Would resnectfnllv annnnnnn in HinlK nr.
and the public in general, that this Mill ia now
prepared to do all kinds of CUSTOM WORK
KiiiuBui "dm usuRiiv unno in country anils.
V!MK; ,lnaer Superintendence of I. N.
LQ1TKDGK, work will ho dona with meaniiss
wnt.ro in wl t una laa,-mA -wM
Our prices for doing work re at foU'owsi
Roll Curdlnir. Wlb (Mnnnla.
Cardlngand Spinning, ti ft,,,, n
Making Stocking Yarn, flOP-blewd , -,
tvhi.u, . m ,,, . . au "
such as
WWWi&Q and other YARNS,
Constantly ou band and for sale,
wlllohwewlll exohange for Wcol, at rates
thatoannot fall to satlsiy thP frhQ give 'us
we a call, and at the same time glvo you the
satisfaction of patronising a
The hlahest Market Prlee Bald In CASTI for
May 29, 1872.
To the Stockholders of the G., McA.
& C. R. Co.
ALL pevsont having snb.orlbod tn the Capi
tal Stock of the Gallipalls. MoArthur
Columbus Railroad Co., are naraby required to
,ke pavment to the secretary or the uoropa-
.17 at in. (iiucu in uaaiwiii, vii.u, nuu pn.
living In Vinton cqnnty. Ohio, may make pay
ment, U mors convenient, to DaXIKi WIil,
ProslJnt of the Vinton Oounty Bank, Instal
ments on their subscriptions, ai follows i
A 4th instalment of 10 per oent ., on or before
Jly62, 187J. '
a, otn mstaimeni or iw per oent,, on or neiare
August 22. 1T2, . .
A 8th Inst.lmentof 10 oer oent. on ov before
September 28, 1879. . .
k 7th lnstalmentof 10peroenton or before
Oafnh.rDfl 1H7B.
An 8th Instalment of 10 per pent, on ov before
November 98, im
A Ith Instalment of 10 per cent., on or before
Tl . V 1 .u-a 1 .
6y order pfpoafd, of PlQt"gtfln
. , lea'y 0 MsA. 0. R. B, Co.
, Flowers, Bulls;
Nursery Stookl Fruit and Flower
Address F K. PHOENIX.
aVM InMii etaf trati 1fl nrannhonsas.
Apple 1000 lyr., $30; y.,$80 a y., 10; eyl.lBO.
t catalogues, mi emu..
16 6m.
A Splendid Buccesi. More Agents
wanted to sell the Life of
WrlttOn by his Brother. The most popular and
rapid-selling Book that has been offered to
Agents In the West for a long while. Biberal
terms ouured. Agonts make as mucn as
100.00 per week.
Tor Circulars, addroas TRUMBULL BROTH
Ells, Publishers, Baltimore, Md.
July 10,1 B1 lw.
1 WIBII to buy, to bo delivered at my itore, In
KAloskl, every oosoripllon or
Oli Cast ana MM Iron!
For which I will pay the highest market price
Gather up your OLD IRON and bring It to
my store B. SHIPLEY.
, April 84, l7-t
Attachment Notice.
Martin i Company, Pl'lfs.
1 Before T.Blaok,
r. .r . t i. nr ai..,i
AlexnnderTlonherd. DortjTp., Vinton Oo.,0.
N the lt.h duv nr.Inne. 1879. said Justice is-
J sued an order of attachment In tho above
action for the stun of $10 HO.
Held case Is set ror hearing on the Bd of Aug
st.lB7Mto'c.ockA.M, MAKVnN A CO.
By O. W Oiht, Att'y for Pl'ffs.
JlllyB, 1H79-8W
KAArt Agents wanted to sell the bnattllfu
0JJJ photogranh Marriage Cortllioates
aim s'por.ograpn lamuj i
For terms, send stamp to OllliHtH & Run. , I'nh
llshors, York, Pa. ft-4t.
Mr. J:n";"K:-You will jileaso announce the
J iT i. V;: ." """aisi, as a candidate
tor Sheriff of Vinton Couuty, subject to tho de
n n!!.?1 ' 'S pemocrntio Primary Election on
the 20th oi July, aud
Editor ENqrjiKKK. You will please announce
the liiiiiiH nt AT.. uiTM'ii.'i .r ........ ii. i... ......
the nomination for Sheriff, at tho ensuiujr pri-
muvvn nniiim or
F. W. TTi vuva n.ilU.U,.a ... . ...iii,.i .
....... iLOHni,,,,,, lis uj tviuiuruw ills
name us (mmJidato for Slieriff.
Mr. Editor: Annonnco In tho next pnner
tlin ninnn nf K( iT.r.Af i-ai unrtir t -m...i:'..
lownt)hij, asasuitul.lBcanditliito for tho olllce
nrKllnlir u,,l,ln... 11. .1 ....I.l .ff i. . r.. .
orntic Primary Election, on Saturday, July 20.
and oblige MANY DEMOCRATS.
M u nnu'vu. T'liin .... .,... .1,.
r, iir lit ... iii..miiiij iiiu iinuic ill
V as a Hintaiiie caniliilate fur
Slieriff nf Vinton County, subloct to tho decision
ot the DemiH'ratic Primary Election, to be held
II TtnnrVU. Plnnm n ........... n 1 1. ....... .. !
r.i t" ' i'iw nunuuum tiiu name ill
c. iajuiv as a suuanio caniliilate lor Clerk
of the Court of Common Plons, subject to tho do
clsion of the Democracy nt the Primary Eloc-
are niithori.ed to announce the name of
.TOIIV'I' ivilll.'l l ... . i:......
a, ...j.iA , nn j, i;uiiuiillliu mr 1.UIII-
mon Pleas Clerk, suhlect to the decision of the
Democratic Primary Elecliou on tho iiOth of Ju
ly, 1S1!!.
riiulita W TTll...... -..II, l. . 11.1.... r.
,i . Jiviiiiiuu in ud n riiiiii.uiiiu nir
Clerk ol Common Pleas Court, subject to tho de
cision nf lint ll.iniftKi.,.,,1 nP V l,,tr, .,,.... u, I.a
... .. v. .,.,,, ... . in. v.. vvuiiiiji nt buu
ensuing primary election.
V II I T f 1 w rnrunnnvifi l."" v .... . . . i . i .
. ...... " ii..ni,ij i.niiiiiinn: ah ii, is mil
altogether necessary that all the candidates
should bo residents of tho village ofMeArthur,
Eon will please announce tho namo of NATHAN
H.XON, or Richland Township, as a suitable
candidate for Clerk of tho Court, subject to tho
decision of tho Democratic Primary Election,
anil oblige MANY DEMOCRATS.
Editor MoArthpr Enquirer: Announce
the nanioof J. II. MARTIN, of Knox Township,
a first-clnss mechanic, and a farmor, as a most
suitable candidate for Commissioner of Vinton
County, suhlect to the decision of the Democrat
Editor Enquirkr: Announce the name of
II. II. NWAIM ns a candidate for re-election to
the olllce of Commissioner of Vinton county,
Mr. Eniron : Plenso annonnco the namo of
HENRY REYNOLDS as a suitable candidate
for the office of Treasurer, subject to the decis
ion of the Democratic primary Election, and
Mr. Editor: Please announce that NELSON
RICHMOND Will be a candidate for Treasurer
of Vinton county, subloct to the decision of the
Democratio Primary Election, on Saturday, Ju
KELCH, of Clinton Township, asasuitablecan
dldato for Probato Judgo, subject to the decis
ion of the Democratio Primary Election, on the
n. B. MAYO as a candidate for nomination to
the ofllce of Probate Judge before tho Deme
ocratlo Primary Election to be held July SOth,
Mr. Koitoh! Announce tho name of GEO.
W. GREEN, of Knox township, as a suitable
candidate for Coroner of Vinton county, subject
to iaaaRtia m iau.
A Race for a Widow.
A coi'roafjondetit writes to
the Hwknto (Mln) Union of
a wicjon' who reildea in n cor
tain fawn in Winona oounty
who hftcl boen wooinc two
young striplings, the ofla ten
and thn otner elnytjii years her
junior. Botft th lads happen-
ed to meet t" lady at the same
time, and both were on the er
rand pf deciding upon the day
for celebrating the nuptials, m
each had the encouragement to
believe himself the favored suit
or, The widow herself was
undetermined, and a scene of
tears gave a momentary rellnf
to the heart-th robbing tf the
two younc lovers. Finally
she chose the younger of the
two, and they parted for the
nia;ht. In the morning
the discarded lover be
thought himself of his pho
tograph and ring, still in the
possession of the lady. He
went to the lady to obtain them
and again sought favor in her
eyes. She yielded and prom
ised if he should get his license
first she would marry him.
He left on tho afternoon train
for Winona to procure the li
cense, and noticed his rival on
board, who was on the same
errand, but evidently knew
nothing of the new bargain.
As Boon as the train arrived
the lover who held the latest
promise rushed for the clerk's
office and obtained his license,
and just as he was retiring the
rival entered and applied for a
license to marry the same wo
man. Our hero who had ob
tained the license was bound to
press his iidvantage, and in
stead of waiting for the morn
ing train, which would bear
his rival home, he footed it
home through the mud the
same night, and secured his
prize the next morning by mar
rying her.
$2,010,000,000 "has been col
lected in taxes by the Federal
Government sin'ce the war clon
ed. This i enough to have
more than paid ofl the Nation
al debt, yet the debt is
as large as it was in 18G5,
The question is what has be
corao of all this monoy
''Lights and Shadows of New
York Life; or the Sights and
Sensations of the Great City."
A work descriptive of New
York City in all its various
phases. Its Splendors and
Wretchedness; Its High . and
Low Life: Its Marble Palaces
and Dark Dens; Its Attrac
tions and Dangers; Its Rings'
and Frauds; Its Leading; Men
and Politicians; Its adventurers;
Its Mysteries and Crimes. By
James D. McCube, Jr.
The National Publishing Co.,
ofCiucinnati, have just issued
one of the raost remRrkaole and
attractive books of the day,
oeai ing rne aoove tine, it is
comprised in one large octavo
volume of 850 pages, and illus
trated with nearlv 200 fine.en-
gravings of noted places, life
and scenes in New York.
To Mr. McCabe is due the
credit of having produced the
most complete and graphic ac
count of the great citynnd its
busy and varied lite that it has
been our fortune to meet with.
His book is brim full of solid
and useful information, and
abounds in descriptions of the
various public buildings of
New York, its palaces, prisons,
hotels, churches, stones, hos
pitals, etc.
I he work sets forth in
glowing colors the noble work
tor suffering humanity, which
ia eroiner on everv dav in the
cp cj y J
great city, and reveals with a
bold hand the terrible crimes;
the dark mysteiies, and the
hidden sins of metropolitan life.
We are introduced Into the
home of the Fifth Avenue mil
lionaire, and carried with equal
interest to the squalid cellar of
the Five Points, beggar. We
are brought face to face with
the good and the bad, the high
and tne low, with leading mer
chants, bankers, editors, and
actors, with bummers thieves,
detectives, and murderers, with
working women, ballet fflrls,
adventuresses, and a host of
other, and we seem, to bo 1 lis
tening to their, stories from
their own lips, bo thoroughly
does the author enchain our in
terest. Our warmest enthusi
asm and our deepest, contempt,
are alternately aroused by the
thrilling recitals of their deeds
of virtue and vice. The history
and frauds of the famous Tam
many King are related with
great force and candor, and this
portion alone worth tat
price ot the book.
In short the book is RTtw
York in miniature, The au
thor has penetrated, under the
protection of the police, into
the darkest and most danger
ous haunts of crimes in tho city,
and has thus been enabled to
obtain accurate information on
the topics whereof be treats.
Visitors to New York, can not
hope to see or know as muob
of the city as tbey may learn
by a perusal of this book., To
all who contemplate visiting
the great Metropolis, we cor
dially recommend it, both for
its information and for its pow
erful warnings against the dan
gers of the city. Those who
can not see ifew York for
themselves wiU b.e m a great
measure repaid for that pnva
tion by reading this work. It
is published in both English
and German; sold by subscrip
tion only, and the publishers
want agents in every county
The fact has come to light
during the last twelve years
the United States Government
has been robbed of $160,000,.;
000 by frauds in the whisky
and tobacco business in New
York. These frauds were com
ruitted by Republican officials,
aDnointea bv President Lin
coln, kept in'oflice against the
wishes of President Johnson,
under the Tenure or olhce law,
and coutinued, in office by
iresident Giant.
Railroad iron has gone up to
such a high price that some of
the roads, almost ready for the
iron. taVk of waitint? until it
ooraes down.
Loins and Lion-Taming.
The process of lion-taming
is elaborately described by a
writer in the London Daily
News, part of whose story we
"Watever is the reason, the
forest lions are more intelli
gent and teachable than those
bred in confinement. The lion,
tamer begins by .taking the
feeding of them into his own
hands, and so , gets them to
know hira.. He commences
feeding them from the outside
of the deo, and then ventures
inside oi one at a time, always
carefully keeping his face to
the animal and avoiding any
violence, which is a mistake
whenever it can be avoided, as
it arouses the dormant devil in
the beast. Getting to handle
the lion, the" tamer begins by
stroking him down , the back,
gradually working up to the
head, which, like the cat, likes
friction, and begins to rub his
head against his hand. Whea
this familiarity is well estab
lished! ft hoard is handed in to
the trainer, which he places
across the den and teaches the
lion to jump' over it, using a
whip with a thong, but not for
the purpose of punishment.
"Gradually this board is
heightened, the lions jumping
over it at every stage, and
then comes the hoops, etc.,
held on top of the board to
quicken the beast's understan
ding. To teach the animal to
jump over the trainer, the lat
ter stoops alongside the board,
so hat when the lion clears
one he clears the other, and
half a dozen lessons are ordina- .
rily about sufficien to teach
this. To get a lion to lie down
and allow the tamer to stand
on him is more difficult. It is
done by flicking the beast over
the back with a small 'tickling
whip, and at the same time
pressing him down with one
hand, By raising his head
and taking hold of the nostrils
with the right hand, and the
under lip and lower jaw with
the- left, the lion, by this great
pressure-op the nostril and lip,
oses greany me powei oi nis
aws, so that a man can pull
them open and put his head
nslde the beast's mouth, the
feat with which Van Arnburg's
name wa so muob associated,
The only danger is' lest the an
Imal shomd raise ons of his
forepaws and stick his talons
in, and if he does, the tamer
the tamer must stand fast for
his life untfl he has chitted the
paw,M ' , '
Size of Animalcules.
The microscope gives us a
thousand lessons, to oe gained
in uo other way but by its thou
sand of multiplications. - The
size, structure, habits, and char
acter oi millions of little ani
malcules can alone be determ
ined by the use of the glass.?
There are A number ot species
of this minute animal so small
that a half million would not
fill a ladv's thimble. . These
species of animalcules so small
that ten million would have
moving space in a cubic half's
inch! Again, the microscope
reveals to us these animals so
small, but not with Joricated
forms, that 500,000,000 would
not be crowded in an egg-shell
A space no larger than a speck
of sand would contain 5,000 of
these'living, moving, producing
i The shedding ofthese minute
animals composed a great part
of i Tripoli, which .contains
enough of the skins of these
animalcules in a cubic foot of
the substance, to represent
more beings than any figures
yet made can compute. In va
rious portions of the globe these
little economies of nature have
passed down i into a stratum,
became impregnated with the
oxide of iron, and is . a very
valuable and economical ore
for commercial purposes. 1 ' "
TiisMaArthur Democratio Em
quirrr has put In a ew power
Mt. Sterling Review.

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