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lje (Enquirer,
OFFICE-In Second Story of "owen s
Swing, North Side ol Main Street. ht of
Court House,
J. W. BOWEN, Editor.
McArthur, July 81, 1872,
National Nominations by the People.
of Wayne County.
of Franklin County.
of Licking County.
The Meeting Last Night.
For some reason unknown to us, Hon. D. J,
Callin, did not come yesterday afternoon to
address the meeting held at the Court House
last night. O. T. Gunning, Esq., Chairman of
the Democratic Central Committee had received
a letter from Mr. Callcn stating that be would
positively be present.
The meeting was organized by calling C. P.
Ward to the Chair. J. W. Bowen was appoint
cd Secretary.
Partoftho business of the meeting being the
sclcstlon of seven Delegates to represent Vinton
county in the Congressional and Judicial Con
ventions to be held at Portsmouth,' August 1st,
(tomorrow,) the following named persons were
1. W W. Belford,
2. L. Dcs Martin,
8 C. W.Holland,
4. T. A. Murray,
5. J. W. Bowen,
. O. T. Gunning,
7. V. 8. Claypoole.'
A motion was introduced and adopted author
izing tho Delegates or persons who may be
present at tho Conventions, not exceeding the
number to which the County is entitled, to cast
the full vote for tho county.
Meeting adjourned.
Every Grant organ that puts
in an appearanee at this office,
the Portsmouth Republican,
Jackson Standard, and Logan
Republican, in particular, are
in great trouble over the situ
ation. They are bothered by
two fears: one is that the old
Democratic party may die; the
other that Grant may be de
feated. We can only say that
while this country remains a
Republic, the first can never be,
the second is not only possible
and probable, but a nxed tact.
If as the Grant organs declare,
t i . . r i - :
weeiey is going 10 oe so easi
ly defeated, why in the deuce
are they so badly frightened ?
That s what we would like to
know. .
"Dolly Vaeden" is the
name the Vinton county Grant
paper applies to the union of
the Liberal Republican and
Democratic parties. There is
nothing in a name,' but 'Dol
ly Vardens' are fashionable
now-a-days, and the 'Dolly
Yardenparty' propose to dress
up the Grant Government with
new officers. Mark that, ye
worshipers of the bull-pup
The small Grant organ ' of
Vinton county has not heard
that Hon. D. W. Toorhees, of
Indiana, now supports Greeley
and Brown, and has received
the nomination for Congress
by the Democracy of his dis
trict. JN ot beard a word about
On the 22d the Daily Ohio
statesman was united with the
Daily Dispatch, of Columbus.
This leaves the Democracy
, i j. it r
witnouc an organ in me capi
tol city. As soon as arrange
ments can be made, a new
Democratic paper will be start
ed. : '
There is not one Radical in
Vinton, county who is willing
to risk a dollar on the re-election
of Grant. Wise men in
deed! This was not the case
in 1868,
Our County Ticket.
There is no reason why
Demacratic party in Vinton
county should not, at the elec
tion on Tuesday, the 8th of
rwnhei- liftvH ft creatlv in
creased majority over that of
former years, it we dm ao our
duty. It is such a ticket as
will briog out the full strength
of the party.
George W. Pilcher, of the
Christian Union Church, is an
old resident of the county, is
honest and reliable, and pos
sessing an irreproachable char
orf pr. TTfl wa9 selected, as well
tW V V" " r
as the candidate for' Clerk of
the Court George E. Cook
from a number of candidates,
good and true Democrats,
whose nomination was warmiy
nmed bv hosts of friends. He
will fill the duties of the imT
portant office with most perfect
fidelity to the interests of the
v m m .1' 1 1
county, and with the mgnest
honor to the people.
George E. Cook, of Wilkes-
ville. is an-Irish gentleman of
fine talents, and is not only
well qualified to fill any county
omce but many positions in
the State Government. He is
the master of three or four
languages; a fine penman, an
accurate accountont and a good
Dusmess man; aaaeu to mat ue
is honest and poor, which, with
his acknowledged ability for
ea a .1 . m . A
the discharge ot the duties oi
the office, mark him as the
proper man for the position.
For this office there is not a
more competent man in the
State thaa Nelson Richmond.
He has served about ten
months of his first term, and
he thoroughly understands .the
busioess of the office and has
proven himself to be a safe and
faithful custodian of the peo
ple's money. His uniform
courtesy and careful attention
to the duties of the office is
making him hosts of warm
H. B. Mayo, the nominee for
this office, having served a
a greater portion ot his nrst
term, and beinsr well known to
the people of the county needs
no introduction trom us, oe
cause he is a capable and relia
ble officer, and has received
the approval of all good men.
He is an estimable citizen, and
a man of unquestionable integ
ritv and capacity, deserving
the votes ot both parties.
Josiah B. Martin, of little
Knox township, in the far-off
eastern part of the county, the
nominee, for Commissioner, i3
one of the be9t men in the coun
ty. He is a man of sound
practical sense and discrimina
ting judgment, a first class me
chanic, and will not only raaue
a good officer but the most
obliging public servant. Lit
tle Knox never having had a
candidate for any county oflice,
will give him almost her full
vote. As the people in that
part of the county wish a Com
missioner, he will receive large
majorities in the other townships.
George W. Green, of Knox,
the Candidate for Coroner, i3
an honorable, upright man, and
will make an excellent officer.
The next thing in order is
an organization of the Democ
racy in every township in the
county. Let us make a grand
fight for the success of Demo
cratic principles. Lutus make
a great effort! The cause is
one of the most worthy for
which man ever battled.
What's the Matter?
Isn't it about lime for men
in Vinton county, who wear
Grant s nice collar, to be get
ting up a "Grant ratification
What's the trouble?
Have not the funds been sent
on from Washington yet?
We are deeply interested.
and should like to know, you
know. Can t the urant organ
inform the people something
about it?
' The Cincinnati and Balti
more Conventions we're for
peace and universal amnesty.
Ihe Philadelphia Convention
for war with a determination
tear open afresh the healed
wounds of the two sections.
Vote against Grant.
Falling Into Line.
Every paper which comes to
us from the great centers of
news is filled with notices of
Greeley and Brown ratification
meetings, in which thousands
of men heretofore Republicans
take prominent part. Calls ap
pear signed by many hund
reds of leading men formerly
of that party, now enthusiast
ically supporting the farmer
philosopher of Chapp'aqua; and
no where is a single murmur
heard from the gloricus old
Democracy. No grander ex
hibition was ever shown the
American people.
Here is a successful party in
the midst of its career of pride
and power, suddenly disrupted
by the desertion of the wisest
and best or its members be
cause it has become hopelessly
corrupt, and because its head
disregards his oath and vio
lates the Constitution.
And hero is our grand old
Democratic party, eve patriot
ic, ever unselfish, and ever
ready to perform every duty
the emergency demands; rising
above the pride ot name and
men, striking hands with pa
triots, of whatever party, ap
pellation or name in the past,
in order to redeem the land
and restore the Constitution of
our fathers.
Grand spectacle, glorious ob
ject, and sure victory 1
The receiver of gifts and
chief of robbery and corruption
Useless Grant, has squads of
worshipers in nearly every
part of this bankrupt country.
A small squad of them still ex
ists in little Yinton county,
who make great brags about
their "economy. Hiight or
ten of this little squad have
called a "Republican County
Convention in McArthur, tor
Monday, August 5th, for the
purpose of selecting candidates
for county offices." As the
candidates for the county offi
ces were selected by the little"
Grant Ring, in McArthur, sev
eral days ago, it is useless for
the Ring to attempt to make
any one believe that a conven
tion will select candidates.--The
whole thing is "on the
slate." The Ring, composed of
'political tricksters and disap
pointed office-seekers,' who are
not blessed with 'economy and
common sense,' and who refuse
at all times and on all occasions
to 'restore our eredit to a sound
basis,' has made arrangements
to run certain men for the offi
ces, and no convention can
make a change in the ppo
gramme. The ' work of the
Ring must be carried out.
Four of the five candidates for
Sheriff will therefore 'bid fare
well to every fear and wipe
their weeping eyes.'
Grant Rings fix up the list
of candidates 'with economy
and common sense,' The party
is at presen toverstocked yyith
economy and common sense
The organ of the race-hoss
candidate for the Presidency
mixes things up occasionally.
In its issue of last week it de
clares, in one paragraph, that
'nobody is leaving the Grant
party, and anybody who nays
so is a liar.'
In another uaragrapb the
same paper mentions three
candidates on the Democratic
ticket who, nrrt long since,
were recoernized as Republi
cans. Taking this latter state
ment a9 true, who liesr lr not
true, who lies?
Eh? ;
One More.
One of the electors on the
Grant electoral ticket in Indi
ana, has withdrawn from the
Republican ticket and supports
Greeley and lirown. This
causes the appearance of sick
smiles on the visages of the
worshippers of horse-racing
Grant is still at Long Branch.
He devoted a day to business
last week. As he seems to
prefer that place to Washing
ton, the people of Vinti n coun
ty, by 500 majority, will favor
the idea of giving him a Jut
lough in November.
A white man of Paducab,
Ky., was ejected from a negro
ball, and now comes up smu
ing with a damage suit for the
outrage. .
The Roll of Grant's Honest
The Administration organs
and the advocates of General
Grant are claiming that they
have the support of the honest
portion of the people, and that
the corrupt rings are against
them. The following embra
ces a few of the many honest
supporters of Ulysses I., which
we give as the commencement
of the roll of Grant's virtuous
The Custom-house Ring.
The General-order Swindle
Ring- J1 .
The Santo Domingo Riug.
The District of Columbia
The Seneca Sandstone Ring.
The Indiana Ring.
The Navy Department Ring.
The Laud Grabbing Ring.
Tho Chorpenning Fraud
The Cameron Ring.
The Washington Lobby
The OfficeifcHing Ring.
The Internal Revenue Ring.
The Whisky Ring.
The Philadelphia municipal
The Carpet-bag Ring.
The1 Military Ring.
TheCameron-Kemble 'Ads'
The Monopolist Kings eve-,
. The Great .Railroad Rings.
The National Bank Rings.
The Southern Plunder'sRing.
The Office-holder's Ring.
These embrace a few of the
selfish oupporters of Grant's re
election, who are drawn to that
side, believiqg that with his
success they can plunder the
Eeople and fill their pockets
etter and more successfully
than with any other person for
President. The list of rings
can be counted indefinitely.
With such an aVray the less
that the Grant orgaus say
about rings on the other side
[N. Y. World.
Most of the present residents
of Jackson county have not
forgotten H. II. Fullerton, who
resided there a few years ago.
He was a bitter Abolitionist,
and during the war his bitter
ness knew no bounds, which
we can distinctly prove by
Bro. Mackley of th Jackson
Standaid. He presided over
the first Republican Conven
tion ever held at Jackson. He
is now a resident of Scioto
county. This is the way Mr.
Fullerton talks now:
'T do. not know whether we
should call ourselyes. Ljberals
or not? The party that gives
away a portion of the public
domain larger than the New
England territory must be very
liberal; a party that gives the
National Banks and bankers
so many millions of dollars are
very liberal; that, sends $200,
000 into North Carolina to
electioneer for Grant is quite
liberal; that allows a Cabinet
officer to pay out nearly $100,
000 without authority of law,
is very liberal, too liberal for
- t mm
me to belong to, and l go tor
Thei'9 arp hundreds of men
just now talking in tb.e" same
manner, The Grantites will
soon have an opportunity to
see themselves as others see
them..- ' ,
The worshippers of i the
great gift-taker, cigar smoker,
and hoss racer, who have 'fairly
clogged the stream with bar
gain, sale and ' corruption and
weighed the country aown
with debt apd taxation,' had
better flee unto th;e mountains
of Hepsidam, because the PEO
PLE are upon theip track, and
after November, there will not
be one left to tell the tale of
their destruction! They will
all have gone where 'the wood
bine twineth,' never to return
as thieving Radicals.
The railroad vote in Picka
way county last Saturday was
defeated, lacking about 600 of
the required two-thirds major
ity. An election will be held
forthwith i jn the' townships
through which the Farmers'
and Miners' Railroad will pass,
The Prohibitionists of Mich
igan have nominated Henry
Fish For Governor.
533, OXFORD ST., LONDON, C., W.,
July 13, 1872.
Proprietor Democratic Enquirer, Mc
Dear Si u: I beg to ac
quaint you that I have no in
terest whatever, in the mauu
facture or sale of medicines
that are now being advertised
and sold in the States as 'Hoi
loway's Pills and Ointment.'
Gross frauds have been
practiced upon me by two per
sons, one Joseph Haydock, and
the other David rnngle, both
of New York, and who. at dif
ferent times were managers of
my business at 80, Maiden
Lane, in that city.
David Pingley now sets forth
that he has the copyright to
make and sell my ' 'Ho'lloway's
Pills, and Ointment, and for
this, and other misdoings legal
proceedings are now being ta
ken by my representative in
New York against him, and
Last year I gave a Power of
Attorney to one Henry M.
Martin 'of New' York, to put a
stop to these practices, but in
stead of doing so, I regret to
say, he has greatly abused his
trust, and among otner tuings,
without my consent or knowl
edge, gave a Ucense for the for
mation or a company styieu
the 'New York Chemical Com
pany' to make and sell 'Hollo-
way's fills ana uintment,
which I believe are being ad
vertised in your paper, and this
greatly to. my detriment.
rrora lntormaciou wumn
eached me on this subject, I
deputed one, a Mr. George
Martin, my brother-in-law, to
proceed to New York to an
nul the i'ower ot Attorney 0i
the said H. M. Martin.
I am sure that you, as an
honorable gentleman, can not
desire to aid, by means of your
valuable paper, unprincipled
parties in committing rraud up
on the American public, by
the unjustifiable use of my
I have no other desire what
ever in addressing you, than
that the American public
should know that the medi
cines which they may. buy
bearing my name, do not em
anate from me, nor have I any
longer any establishment in
America, nor are my genuine
medicines sold there.
X am, 4ear sir, yours faith-fully,
The Record is displaying in
its columns some of the hard
sayings of the New York
Tribune about the Democratic
party several years ago. This
is done to influence Democrats
to help the Record retain in
power the leeches and vampires
who for years pa9t have been
sucking the life-blood .out of
the country and sapping the
liberties of the people, .. And
this same little sheet that is
despised by nine-tenth9 of the
Uepublican party in yinton
county, j? also winning for
Democrats to help it elect a
county ticket for Us glory and
aggrandizement. W e suggest
that it re-publish some ot its
own articles, in which it called
Democrats.everything but re
spectable and hopest raefl,' If
T 1 iii " '.hi
it ages tni$ ueuiocrats win do
able to appreciate more fully
the Reoora'a disinterestedness
in their general welfare.
- . i ii .. . ,.m r.m- r . .
Eighteen years ago, oui' fellow-citizen,
Jacob Ruttei'.-sold,
in passing up the Ohio river,
from Portsmouth 4q Catletts-
burg, forty " thousand ;: bushels
of corn, to the furnace-men.
The furnaces were not one-
tenth as numerous then as they
are now. By' the F. & M.
road wp reach, tips market dU
rect. There is no doubt but
that every bushel of surplus
corn that we raise in Pickaway
comity,-can be 'sold to the furs
nace-men along . the Ohio 1 at
Baltimore prices. Circleville
Union. ,
Gov. E. Follinsbee Noyea is
depopulating the Ohio Peni
tentiary, lie is pardoning fel
ons almost as fast as they can
be convicted. A number of
.most vicious murderers life
members have been turned
loose since 'Noyes moved to
Columbus. There are dark
bints of brokers and men who
receive commissions. Is the
broker's office located, -in Cincinnati?.
For the Enquirer.
Mh. Editor: I. desire to
know why Mr. Raper delights
in abusing almost every man
or woman that differs with
him? In the last Record I
find the following language, in
aeference.to the Democratic
candidate for Sheriff, Rev. G.
W. Pilcher:
"Pilcher lives in McArthur,
and is a 'Nasby' preacher
without a station or congrega
tion.'' . Wonder if Mr. Pilcher or
any member of the Christian
Union Church to which he be
longs, has ever harmed the no
ble individual who expects to
gain popularity by publishing
such language? Is the author
of the above sneering words
the same small creature that
hastened a few weeks atjo to
the bedside of a pick widow
woman, living in McArthur,
once the wife of a Methodist
minister, and shamefully abus
ed her without the least cause?
If he is "the same1 disgraced
creature, I would say that it
would be much better for Inm
to. cease . throwing out insults
to those who do not harm him.
Montgomery of tho 7fr.nuhlir.nn
has nut u now head on his naner.
Hocking Sentinel.
Somebody would render a sorvico
to thepubhc by puttinga 'now head
Myers in Athens
A 'new head' could not bo put on
Montgomery. If tho old one should
bo re-constructod, it would answer
for the time he runs tho Republican.
Five Hundred Thousand.
SST 500,000 Bottles of. Grkene's
AUGUST Flower has boon Hold in
this Stato in throe months, We on
ly risk you to go to tho drug stores
of Gunning or Sisson, McArthur,
O., and got a Bottlo Free of charge,
or a regular sizo at 75 cts. Every
Bottlo warranted to cure Dyspepsia
or Liver Complaint, Sickhiadache,
Costiveness, Heartburn, Water
brash, Sour Stomach, Indigestion,
Impure Blood, and all disease caus
ed by Impure Blood, or deranged
Stomach and Liver. Try it.
G. G. GREEN", Prop.,
Columbus, O.
Decidedly damp the re'
cent heavy rains.
To the Stockholdorii of the Oalllpolls, Mo
Arthur and Columbus It. II. Company.
YOir nro hercbv notified to meet nt tlio OlUce
of tboC'oniimny inGnlllnollH, on MONDAY,
tho 2d iliiv of Kentemhor. 18T2. nta nVlnnk 1. M.
for the purpose of considering tho question of
twuiiiH n wmi miiib jtiwiiNinii iiiiu pitrt oi me
line of your liiiilrond lnving in the Township of
Gallipolis. and for tho transaction of any other
business that may bo presented.
Jjy urdor or tho Executive Committee.
. . WM. SHOBER, Secretary.
July'81, 1879. '
8taU tf Ohio, Vinton County.
Joiae Francis, Plaintiff,
John W. Jeffrey, Defendant
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleas. Or-
flftl. nf Main
Pursuant to the command of alvonrtl order of
ale with n. fa. clause, Issued from the Court of
vuiiimun rieas or v inton Countv, and to me ill
reptcd as Sheriff of said county, 1 will offer for
i?r . "i? uu"f.u' tourt tinuio, in tno town
of McArthur, Vinton county, Ohio, on
Monday, the 2d Day of Septem
ber, A D, 1872,
At ; tho hour of 1 o'clock P.M. of said day, the
iollowlnsr described lnnds Anil timamnnfn
uate lu the county of Vinton, and State of Ohio.
, Commencing at a point in the Section lluo be
tween Sections So. 8 and ?iQ. ft n township No.
10 and Hange No 10, ton chains and flfty-elirht
link. South of the Korth lines of said Sections,
and said Dolnt belnir tlui Ann th.wA.t nw. nt
tract of land contaluinsr 1 07-100 aores, convey
ed by John Francis to William ttranols by deed
dated January 4,18(10, and recorded in Volume
T, Paw 474 of the Record of Deeds for Vinton
County; Ohio; thence South 64 degrees East 6
J'ftln and M links to the County lload, and to
. ouutiiMi wirner oi said iastmontlonea
tract: thence along- said Boad In a South-wost.
erly direction to said Section line; thence In
A NOrth.WfiltArlv ri(lAi.Hnn lw.u S1 Vivl. a
D1 Oak Tree standing In the South line of
mo .-xurui-ean quarter or the 3iorth-east Quar
ter of said Section 8s tbenco East on said South
line to saldSeotlon line; thence North on said
Beotlon line (p the place of beginning;, contain
ing t acre, be the samo more or less.
Appraised at Fllty Dollars (60.00,) and must
brlug two-thirds of Hint sum.
To be sold as the property of John W, Jeffrey
to satisfy a vendl order pf sale Issued from the
Court of Common Pleas In favor of Jesse Fran
cis. Tgnxi or BAU-Cash In hand at the time of
". T . ' Sheriff Vinton Co.
p.B. Shivki,, Att'r for Pl'ff,
July 81, 167B.-OW.
' Deware'of, Counterfeits
JOB MOSES' ""tftmftiiP"
or tattnslvtly ooTntTMraiTao. DUhorust Drvf,
rUtr tntUnor to nil the. amnurftlu tomaJurrsaur
rufltt. n fenutns Harm thtnamsafjom IMoaea
pa tach patkatf. sill othsrs at worfMw imttaitoiu.
Th osRoma Pills are nnfallln(ln the ear of U
tboM painful and danferous dlseuss to whloh th
fenwl constitution Is subject. Thy moderate all
xoexes and romoT all obstructions, from whati
evsr oaves.
therare putloulailr sufudT Vher U1 in a short
timet brin
and althoufl
i varT Dowsrnil. contain nothing hurt.
n tue month Mrimi wltu rerul
ill to the constitution. In all ewes of Nervous an4
ipmai Amotions, fains in tut pack an4 limbs,
'Minna on eliith t exertion. Palpitation of the Heart,
fireiencs ana vv nuee, mev win eueot m cure wnen
sll other means hays failed, Ihi circulars around
each paokanalve full directions and edvloe, or
will be sent free to all wrUlnf for them, sealed
u uru oDMirmiion.
1 N. B. In all cases where the omtn cannot be
obtained, One Dollar enclosed to the Sole JProprle-
ior, JOB MOHK8, 18 Cortlanilt Bt New Yorkwlll
nanra a bottle of the gsnuins, oonUlnlna; Jflity
Ills, by return mall, aeeurely staled from any
nowledte of lie eontenta.
(rare Oooohs, Ooi.d, Asthma, Bsohobitib. Si
mauAT.lioAiineiiexi, uirriucLT UHBATBIXO.
piriiaf OoasonrTioALrjaa Dieaisss. They
bav no taste of medicine, and any child will take
them. Thousands have been restored to health that
bad before desiialred. Testimony riven in hundreds
of oases. Ask for BRYAN'S PULMONIC WANCR8.
Price 3ft cwn-a. per bo. JOB MOSK8, Propria
tor, 18 Cortlandt Btreet; New York.
J Nil SU nnafmbard. Parle.
ln.narad h J. OA RAN
These Bills are highly reoommended by ths entire
Medical Faculty of Ifranne aa tua Tory beet remedy
fu all eases or Bparroatirrhas, or Seminal Weak
ness; NIhtly,DallyorFrmarirIinlaalonsi Bnx
ual Weakness or Impaunty ; Weakness arlslnr from
ieorat HaMtamnd Hoiual Kxoesses I KtlaxaHmol the
Ctenltal Organs Week Hplne : PeposlU In the Orlne,
and all the sliaslly train of Diseases arlslnr from
Overnsepraaciesses. Theyourewhenallothcrrem
dlea fll. Pamphlet of Adyloe In each box, or will
f sent for toany address. F'rloa SI per Box.
Rent bymaUesitireVMa'Irom all OMervalton.on
Mb. Kihtob: A tlio Oriint I'urty lu V'liitoii
county will iiooil n ciiiiiiiotuiit Cuidiio:, lilwiau
Biiiiouncotliiit HAltVKY WKlJAr Wilkt'it
villo, will make n mot coiiiiiutwit ullU'er, mul
NOTICK is l)oroly Riven that petition will
bo presented to the Coniminnionei-H of Vin
ton countv, Ohio, ut their next reffiiliii1 session
in September, 1874, m-iivlng for tlio OHtnblisli
ment of a County Itoud lu Knox and lirown
Townships, to commence and end as follows,
Beginning at a county road loading from
Moonvillo, Vinton County, to Albany, Athens
County, at O. H. Bell's gate; thenco lu a North
westerly direction through lauds owned by suid
G. K. llell, Klchoy's hoirs, Isruel Chossor, Win.
8. McWhorter, John Martin and James Mc
Whorter to a Sugar tree in front of the School
XIA..A 1 Ui.l. llla...lf. Vrt H In IfnnvlWnatilli!
thence in a moro wostorly direction through
lands owned by J. B. Martin, Douglas, l'litnam,
and thd M. & O R. 11. Company, to the road load
inir fromi Athens to Coo's Mill, and there to ter
minate, MANY l'KTITlONElW.
July 81, 1872.-4W.
Cider Mills !
with the least labor.
Price no frreatcr than is demanded for other
Mills claiming; to he first clnss.
If In need of a Mill it will pity you to write us
befor purchasing any other tluin tho AMERI
CAN. JStjg Sco that our name is on it.
IVo. SO Plum Street.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cherry Pectoral,
For . Diseases of the Throat and Lungs,
ueh as Coughs, Golds, Whooping
Cough, Bronohitis, Asthma,
and Consumption.
Among tlio great
discoveries of modem
science, few nro of
moro real vnHio ta
mankind than this of.
fectual remedy for nil
diseases of tlie Throat
and Lungs. A vast
trial, of iU virtues,
throughout this mid
other countries, lins
ehowq that it docs
turolv and efTectiMlv
control tbem. The testimony of or best ci'tfr
cons, of all -olasses, establishes tho met, that
CiiEnnr Pp.ctorai. will and does relieve and
euro the afflicting disorders of the Throat and
Lungs beyond any othor medicine. The most'
dangerous affections of the Pulmonary Organs
yield to its power; and cases of Consump
tion, cured by this preparation, nro public
ly known, so remarknule as hardly to bo be
lieved, were thoy not proven beyond dispute.
As a romedy it is adequate, on which the publio
may rely for full protection. By curing Coughs,
the forerunners of more serious diseuse, it saves
unnumbered lives, and an amount of suffering
not to bo computed. It challenges trial, nnd con
vinces tho most sooptioal. Every family should
keop It on hand as a protection ngainst the early
and unpercoived attack of Pulmonary Affections,
which are easily met at first, but which become
incurable, and too often fatal, if neglected. Ten-
uer lungs nceu mis aeience; nna it is unwisu to
be without it, As a safeguard to children, amid
the distressing diseases which beset tho Throat
and Chest of childhood, Ciieriiy Pectoral
Is invaluable; for, by its timely use, multi
tudes are rescued from premature graves, and
saved to the love nnd affection centred on them.
It acts speedily and surely against ordinary colds,
securing sound and health-restoring sleop. No
one willsuffer troublesome Influenza ana pain
ful Bronchitis, when they know how easily
they pnn, be ourej.
Originally the product of long, laborious, and
successful chemloal Investigation, no cost or toll
is spared In making every bottle in the utmost
possible perfection. It may be confidently re.
lied upon as possessing oil the virtues it has ever
exhibited, and capable of producing cures as
memorable as the greatest it has ever effooted.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Praotloal and Analytical Chemists.
Hair Vigor,
Tor restoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
4 dressing;
once agreeable,
healthy, and
effectual for
preserving; the
hair. . It soon
restores faded
or gray hair
to its original
nnlnis. siflVA. rAsi
gloss and freshness of youth. Thin
and baldness often, though not always,
cured by its use. Nothing can restore
the hair vhere the follicles are ds
stroyed, or the glands atrophied and
decayed; but such as remain can be
saved by this application, and stimu
lated Into activity, so that a new
growth of hair is produced. Instead
of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent the hair
from tnrninc trrim ir Tallinn- nff. o.nrl
o r j 0
consequently prevent baldness. The
. L 1 ' P ' 1 1 ' J . it. ' 1 1.1. i'
reswraiion oi viwuicy in gives to tue
Benin nrrentfl &nd nrnvents tho fnrmru
tion of dandruff, which is often so un
cleanly ana onensive. meo lrom those
deleterious substances which . make
some preparations dangerous and inju
rious to the hair, the Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it If wanted
merely for a HAIR DRESSING,
nothinerelso can ha found on naii-tiMa
Containing noither oil nor dye, it does
not Soil White cn.m'hrir nnd vnh. lnafa
long on the hair, giving it a rich, glossy
lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co,,
rravctloai and Analytical ChemUts,

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