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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 07, 1872, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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;-" ..,,-i"".'..v:i,:;'.r .VrrftT
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I - ' TV"' .
VOL. 6.
I Publlshsr nd Proprietor. I
J $1.50 PER YEAR, 1
I IaAdvanoa.
NO. 30.
J y vy 'vyjipjy'V
Railway Time.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road
On nd after June 9, lfj371, Triana will
run aa follows :
:b : j : : : :
: S : : I ; ;
a :
u. : : -.4 :
to Mb "5 w
:j :::::::: :3
3 : ! :j :
D aO V CO tH
i. a
: t : :
a e a 8 j
.a :
O . to
at)" a
-"2 : ! i i I I i'ijj : : i i : i I ! i i i
chH 533 S! 2i J
32 : : 12 j .1 i i i- i j i i i i ? ! I :
.3 j J i 1 ; !j 1 11 1 M'l'i ii!': :
iin 1 1 ! in ;
: : : : :
9 : : ! : : :
3.5 'S
C1NCINVAT1 KXPKEtS will run dully
All otherTralng rlivlly, except Sunday.
stop between Humden and Athens. , - ,
Portsmouth Branch.
SlnU. Aooommodatlon.
imp. k. 6:00 A. M.
4.09 " 7.08 "
(I.S0 10.5S "
8.10 A. M. I'-10 p- "
lft:0( "'I 4:00 "
11.80 P.M. S.17 "'
Dep. Hamden
Ar'T. Portsmouth
Don. Portsuu.ulU
A t v. Jncksan 1 1
Trains Connect at Loveland.
For nil points on the Mttlo Miami Railroad, and
at the Indlutiiipolls A Cincinnati Railroad Juno
tloti for all polnti West. ,
Muxturnf Trawtpnrtatlnn.
Great National Short Line Route
Great National Short Line Route East and West.
Direct Route to the National
Capitol and Eastward.
On aw) aftr Monday, Novferaber 19, Traln
will vun a follow 1 . .- " :
Parkenlmri .......
Ciimberlana ...
Harper'l Ferry. ...
New York.
S'aidurigtQa :..,-
ltlmor, .........
Arrlv ,,
Waihlngton Jnno'n.
Harperri Ferry.....
Parkemburg '
iM Am
6 40 Pro
8 SO "
S 89 Pin
44 Am
8 03
eaa "'
s in
1000 "
195 Am
414 ".
12 Pm
05 "
95 "
84 Pm
9b Pm
M Am
1 80 Am
11 45 m
445 Pm,
100 "
80 "
19 OH Pm
405 Am
4 85
6 59 "
18:04 "
10 99 "
8:45 Am
11 00 '
88 "
Fnllmtn FaUot Drawing Eoom BlMpl&g 0n,
WMch'are ui oomfortable, ologantly furnlihed,
And almot equal to a'lrt-tlda, are on ull Tralni
from Olnolnnatl to Baltimore and Waihlngton.
aooSohtiluliof Marietta and Ctnotnnatl Kail
aay Jbrmi of ijrrlyln . and prHng from
'We (Syantaiiet of thla vouta over all other
la, that It Blvoi all twyeleii holding through
jloketi the nulvllpae jf yUltlng flaltlmoie,
lihlUdelphla, and the National Oapltol free.
Tlmequ oker and ratal of tut lower than by
any othor line. . 1 . . 1 . r- ) ''
The icenery along thli Hallway U not equaled
for grandeur on thltContluent.
to shipperTof freiqht.
ThU line oflfort euperlor Jndno"int the
rntei bolng one-third lower tdnd frmu Iloiton,
MdWiVbikf ofanf other Kaaterh point. In or
ffqrrnlrgQt)droEani4H0''lptl") from the East
ileiflreotlont to alilR via Baltimore A Ohio
Hi Una in nn
lilni)lniiBiiitglv8ained tm oni.
Utiumilppwl by tun route wui. nave ue-
patch, and be handled with cnre and lav
ahlppen mnoh money. J. L. WILSON,
Master Tmniportatloa, Baltimore,
Oon. Freight Ag't, Baltimore.
H.B.JONES, Oen. Tloket Ag't, Baltimore.
Gnn. Pain. Ag't , Otnninnatl.
Capitol and Eastward. Indianapolis Cincinnati & Lafayette
Capitol and Eastward. Indianapolis Cincinnati & Lafayette Rail Road.
Capitol and Eastward. Indianapolis Cincinnati & Lafayette Rail Road. GREAT THROUGH PASSENGER RAILWAY
To all Points West, Northwest
and Southwest.
., , 1IANAF0I4S. r ,1
The Great Through Mall
fin. I Eprc Pita.
ongnr Line hi. uouih, nanaaii vuy. at.
JiMuph, llonvnr.Ban FrnnolHOO, and all puintt
In MIMurl, Kaiwa anil Colorado. ',- , , I
The bort8t and only direct route to Indian
niiolU, IiRfuyntte, iTerre Hanto, Cambridge
1: ty.Hprlnglleld, PBqra, BurllPK'on, OhloiMfo,
blfwHiikoe, .St. Paul, an t polnti lu the
leortiuf et.1 -v ' ' ' ' 1 1 s 1
' I'li't IniUnnapolli, Olnolnnntt and Tjfifnyetto
Itairrniul, with Its oonnootloim, now offort pan
...nlraii Wnrn riutllltlni In Tlirouuh Coach and
hIuohIiib (Jar Beryloo tlnn any qtlmr lino from
10 aivaniiige fif ThrouK"
iimiLl to tit. Lonlii. Kan
iit(flty,Ht. Jowph, I
Din. lint, and all Intormudlate poInU, prenantlng
to Oolonlnti and Kamlllui diioh coin ford anil
nooommodatloni at are aflurdeil by no othor
r"W. . . : . ' .
Tliimitin lioaowanu uaggugo ynaoai 10 ,au
mil ill...
Tmlim lva Olnclnnatl at 7:30 A. U.
8:00 P.
"i'lukHtii oan bo obtained at Kn. 1 Burnet
Hiiune, oorner xnipi mi w
l'ublln Land
ciirnor niaiu wm.
Ulveri nlh. at Domtt,.
0 ?!ier lMilih ailil Pearl 8trinta, Olnnlnnatl, O.
ii.i .i.rn tn mi ruli une ticket via Indlanauolli.
Olnnlnnatl and LafayetU.ttiUlrond. .
Olilcf Ticket Clerk, Maator Transportation,
' Olnclnnatl, J Clnolnnat
Hatltuan :ims;
W Ny. ....
Is . ' the Shortest, ; Quickest
aud ouly Road. 'running its, en
tire trains through to : .
Our arrangements and con
nections with all lines from St.
Louis and Louisville are per
fect, Reliable and complete for
all points
This is the shortest and best
route to Kansas City, 'Leaven-
worth,1 Atchison', St. Joseph
ana to an points in iviissoun,
Kansas and Nebraska.' "' ' ' "'
Through Tickets, and' full
information as to time . and
fare, can be obtained at 'any
li.' R. Office qr 'at 'our office in
Cincinnati; ' 1 . " ' -'
E. 'GALLUP, Oen, Eaat Pas. Auent,
W. K. HALE, Gon. rasa, and Tloket Act.,
- .wti x.ovis.
:VA.xri3ix.iA. .. ;
3 EXPRESS TRAINS leave Indianapolis
chill v, except Sunday, for ST. LOUIS and
THE WEST. '. '.
THE only Lino running PULLMAN'S cfle
brated Orayang-rooin Sleeping nra from N.
T., I'lttsbnrgh. ColmnhiiH, tiouiaville, cn
cliiQHti, and llHll(tnapoli,to St. Loula without
chango, , '
PrnKfivs Bhouli'l'nombor tlint thias the
Great West Bound Ronte for Kahkaa -ity,
Leavenworth, Lawrence, Tonek a, Juno-
tlon Ci', -ojeoaiid, strioeojill!"' '
CaJIOD A tlTC TO KANSAS, for the-pur-tMluKAN
I O posoof establishing them
Helves In new homos, will have liberal discrim
ination made In their favor, by this Line. Sat.
Isfttctorycoinniututlo.i on regular rates will be
given to Colonists and largo parties traveling
together: and their bngRHKO, emigrant outllt
and .took will be alilppod-mt the most' favora
ble terms, presenting to
Suon comforts and accommodations aa arc pre
sented by NO OTHER ROUTE.
TTCKEL9 ean be obtained at all the principal
Ticket OIHces In the Eastern,' Middle and
Southern States. ,
O. E. FOLLETT, , ; '
General Pnsseiiger ARont. St. Loula.
Eastern Passenger Agent, Indianapolis.
Qenern Superintendent, Indianapolis.
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
On mil ill fur December 10th. 187L.Tralns will
un aa follow. i . , '
i Depart. .1 Depart
Athena ...... 680 k. M. ' ' , -S:20 v. u.
Arrit.. . ; i Arrive.
Columbus... 9:45 A. M, .', . 5.40 t. M.
Pittsburgh.. 6:45 P. H, , - : . StSO a. M
Samlinkv... 6:00 " . I . 9:00 "
Cleveland..: SAO " - '1:80 u
Snrlngflold.. 1:8S .' .17:50 P. M.
Vonlft 19:1.5 M . 7:81
Dayton .1-80 ' ' M "
Kicnmona... 0:10 i.;oo .
Indianapolis 6:10 f 8:80 A.M.
ChlcagOyi...l8:ip a; , ; ! . ,.,1 tiSO 1 "
Close connection mndo at Lancaster for Clr
olevllio, Zanesvlllo, and all points on the Cin
cinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad. .
Dlreot commotions made at Columbns for
Dayton, Bprlngfleld, Indianapolis, Chicago,
and all polnta West. Also, for Cleveland,
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, ami Ml points East.
Take the Hocking Vallev and Pan Handlo
route to Chicago and the Northwest, It li the
shortoathy alxty-ilx mllet, giving passengers
the benefit of quicker time and lower rates
than by any other line. DOHF.RTT, '
1 uuqrtntendtirit.
E. A. Bnill,, Gen 'I Ticket Ag't.
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
On and alter MONDAY, May S0tklB- Ex
press Trains will iiwfe COLUMBUS and
CRESTLINE and ahrivi at point! named be
low, ai follows 1
Station. No. 9
No. 4,
1.11:80 pm
1 andnm
No. 6.
9i39 am
' 4:60am
9:00 pm
4:40 pm
1 :60 a m
. 11$ f m
,,:48p m
:ima m
RoeheaMtf r-rrrr.l t80 m
Aiuany ...,.,...,Miini
Rotten l:WDm
Sew York City. . 8:80 p rn;
Crotllne....l...45pm ; ,635pni l3Sm
Piltabnrg . pm iMam 8pm
Jlarrlaburg Tliam , 1128am 340am
Baltimore 10 40am 8 40pm i
WHshlngton .... 1 10 p m 6 25pm
Philadelphia. . .11 15 a nv JlQpm TOO an
Crestline .'.,.v.U W p ill , 746pm . 565am
rort wayne a warn
Chlongo ....pippin
,115am 11 83 am
t hiPXni i leaving Columbna at 4:10 p. m.
has a Through CareW Polaware for Springfield,
reaching fiprlngdnld without chnn ge at 7iK0 p m.
Train No. S on the Columbus A Hocking Val
lev Railroad nonnootwlth No. 4 Train. Through
Tlnkotl for sale at Athens,'
PASSENGER TRAINS returning arrive at
Columbus at 12:86a m. 11 :15 a. m. and 9 :50 a. m.
S&Falaoe Day and Sleeplngr Cari
..-On All Trains. .
V"Ko8" leaving Oolumbmi at 2:85. a m, on
SiindRV. run through without detention, by
both Erie and New York Central Railways,
arriving at New York on Monday morning at
6:40 A.M.
Vqv particular Information Ip regard to
through tlakota, time, connections, eto., to all
polnta East, West, North and South, apply to
or address E. FORI), Oolnmbns, Ohio.
,1 ... B.H. FLINT, flen. Superintendent.
Qen. Agent, Columbus, O.. - .
EUGENE FORD, . . . .
. , pmt.-v nbns. Oi
Indianapolis Railway. NOTICE
To the Stockholders of the G. McA.
To the Stockholders of the G. McA. & C. R. R. Co.
A LL persona having aubaerlbod to the Cap!
1 till Stock of the Gnllipolia, MoArthur
Columbus Rntlmad Oo are nerbby required to
make payment, to. the Seoretarv nf the Oompa
nv, nthlsolllno In tiallipolls, Ohio, and parties
living in Vinton county. Ohio, may make pay
ment, If mora oon vun lent, to Da mat, Will,
President of the Vinton County Bank, inatal.
mentnon tholraubscrlptlona, aa follown
A 4th Inalalment of 10 per cent ., on or before
July 89, 1879. A ,A ' - 1
A 6th Instalment of 10 por oant.onior before
AtiguatM. 1878. ' -
A 6th Inatnlinentof 10poreent,on or before
September 83, 1H78. ' II
A 7th 1 nstnl ment of 10 per cent., fin or before
AnMhTrislalrnent of 10 per cent., on or before
November 83. lm " '1' "" 'u 'nl'
A th ITistaiinentof lOper ocnt., on 01 bofore
Doo.ombcrlW, 1H78. '
By order of Board 6f riraor.rs, w
Beo'y O., MoA. A O, U. E. Co. '
'July 8,1879,'. - ' ' .') ' v 1
fttnorifT 'and liir
na ana.
' ereasa of Floeri and'--Woighi
Clear Skin and Beautiful' . .
Every Say an Increase , of Flesh and
Weight is seen and Felt.
Scrofula, Consumption, S;pbllls In Its
many forms Glandular Disease, Ulcers
in the Throat,! Mouth ; Tumors, Nodes In the
Glands, and other parts of the system; Sore
Eyes, Strumous. Discharges from the Ears;
Erup4ve Diseases of the Eyes, Nose, Mouth,
and the forms of Skin Diseases ; Eruptions. Fe
vwr iw, Scald Head.ltinr-wonn. Salt-Rhtturo
Erysipelas, Ague, Black Spots, Worms iu the
Flesh, Tumors, Cancers in the Womb, and all
Weakening and Painful Discharges; Night
Sweats, and all Wastes of the Life Principle,
are within the Cnratlve Range ol Railway's
Saranparillian Resolvent, and a few days' use
will prove to any person using it for either of
these forms of disease its potent power to cure
thorn. , . '
Not only docs the SARSAPARILLIAN RE
SOLVENT excel all known remedial agents In
the Cure of Chronic, Scrofulous, Constitution,
Skhi and Syphiloid diseases, but it is the only
positive remedy for
Urinary and Womb Diseases, gravel. Diabetes,
Dropsy, Inoqnt(nnce, of Urlue, Blight's Dis
ease, Albuminuria, and in all cuses where
there are Brick Dust Deposits, or the water Is
thick, cloudy, mixed with substances like the
white of an egg, or threads like white silk, or
there is a morbid dark, bilious lippoarnnoe, and
white bone-dust deposits, and whore there is a
pricking, buttling gensatlon, and pain In the
Small of the Back, and a6ng tho Loins, . In nil
these conditions B A DWAY'S SARSAPA
RILLIAN RESODVENT, aided by the applica
tion of Radway'a Ready Rrcllefto the Spine
and Small of the Back, and the Bowels regula
ted with one or two of Railway's Regulating
Pills per day, will soon make a complete cure.
In a few days the patient will bo able to hold
anddischnrge water naturally 'without pain,
and the Urine will be restored' to its, natural
clear and ambor or sherry col.ir, ,
Are supplied with new', hoaltby'a'nd vigorous
blood, bat furnUh.es sound, structure, Ilenoo
nil suffering frin Weakening Discharges,
olther Male or Female, or from Ulcers or Sores,
through tho repHratlve processor RADWAY'8
SABSAPARILIAN, are arrested, and the rup
tured organs healed. . . , ....
11 1 BKVp.Ri,y, Mam., July 18, 1889.
Dr. RaBWaT i I have had Ovarian Tumor In
tho ovaries and bowels. All the doctors said
"thoro was no holp for it." I tried every thing
that was recommended, but nothing helped mo.
I saw your Rosolvent, and thought I would try
it, but had no fnfth, tfl hoc'V'l8e (ll sua'cned
for twelve year's. I took six; bottles' of the Re
solvent, one box of Railway's Villsj aud; used
two bottqs of yonr Rprtdy Relief ;and' there is
not a sign pf a tumpr n bo npe) pv felt, and -I
feci better,-smarter, happior than I havofnr
twelvo years. The worst tumor w In the left
side of the bowels, nyor the groin. I write this
tsvoufoitha benefit of others. You can pub
ilsh If you chooho.
Price One Dollar.
A. Ii v E Hf S J Ili E'
Having purohased the above Woolen Mill,
would respectfully announce to their patrons,
and the publlo in general, mm tni nun i nyw
prepared to do all kinds of CUSTOM WORK
kinds of work usunllv done In Country Mills.
CHINERY, under the Superintendence of J. N.
LOTTRDGE. work will he rlone with nkakkss
where the Wool is good and clean, and well
Our prices for doing work are ai follows;
Roll Carding. H . Z 06 oents.
Cardlngand Spinning, lb.... .....18 ",
Making Stocking Yarn, double ant : :
twisted, -fii....' 80 "
. a , . such as
. Constantly on band and for sale,
which we will exchange for Wool, at rates
that cannot fall to aatlsly those who give 'us
us a call, and at the same time give you the
satisfaction of patronizing a .
wTh. highest HrofiVSa'
For all General Diseases of 8 took and
. ..! Poultry, !
Inyder'r, U. S. Assistant Assessor, Mount
jEtna, Pa,, C. Bacon's, Livery and Exohangs
Stable. Sanbnrv, Pa. . .
irABaitra nrrppn niT VOTTNnrcR Wolfe &
mini's: aiorcnant,
Wmfl?bdLI0.-Thoma. Ollng.
an'a. Union county, Pa- .
H. A, Cartwallar'i. Milton. Pa.
COWS CURKD.-Dr. MoClosry'i, J. H.Mo
Cormiok'a, Mllton.Po,
OAPK8,-Dr. D. T. JCreba's, Watioatpwn.
Pa-. Dp, U, Q. Dayls . 0.W:9trcker''s,hri nri
James Finney's, Milton, Pa. Hundreds Dior
could be olted whose (took; was av4 oy Ullng
' ) '. ! PAlltP Wt I .
Druggist, Chemist, Horseman, ' .
At his whosale and retail drui and chemloal
emporium, No. 86 Broadway, Milton, Penn.
: ; "T '.-
I WISH to buy , to be delivered at ray (tore, In
Zaleaat, avery deiorlptlon of i- :
OH' Cast and froiM Iron !
For whloh I will pay the highest market price
In ' . , 1 .
"Gather up your OLD IRON and bring it to
my store. 1 8. SHIPlBx,
April 84, 1878-t
Narier Stock! 'Fruit and Flower
;" Platei! !!
' Ad4rss 9 K. PHOENIX, 1
,. ',' ili.'hois. !. ' ; ;
,900 Acres; 81st year; 19 Greenhouses.
Apple 1000 1 yr, I); 8 y, ISO; 8 y., 840 ; 4y 160.
, 4 Catalogues, 80 oenU. , 1
,)' - ' . 86 6m,
The advertiser, having neen ponnanently
Ulli vu u mnniiwHiuiwB,0Wii."".i."',",i
simple remetly, Is anxious to make known to
his follow annoreni the means or cure. Toall
who desire It, he will send a copy of the 1 pro
scription uaeil, (free of charge), with the, a free.
tlons for picpsrlng and using the aame which
thov will find a sura Ooaa o conhumptiok
AiTnHA, Bronchitis Ac Parties wishing the
prescription will please address 1
111'' ' 1V6 Penn St WlUlauisburgh,'
WUhelm'i Danville ea.,
Waihlngton vlUe, W. JJ (tca
.Tiiraif Nhni4. Pa.
Pursuant to notice duly given, a number of
cltljaas, subscriber tp lni agremont to Organ.
Izearl Agricultural Booia'.f for Vinton, County,
met Saturday, June 1st, 1SH, at tho Court House,
McArthur, In said county".
When, on motion tV.aLfWAii! was appointed
Chairman,1 and E. A. Bbatton Secretary of the
When Benont Hlxon reported the following
agreement and signers thcrctoto-wlt: . .;.'
"We, tho undersigned, lo annex our names
as members of an Agricultural Society, in and
for the County of Vinton, Ohio, and agree to pay
one dollar oaoh as ronuUred by laWi , j . .
' S 11,1 Mt, JOU..J
Bcnonl Hixox '
Stephen Salts
Albert Kirkendall
T. IR Craig
Francis Strona-
,11 UW.I
George A. Craig
P. Murdock
n , iiouanu
E. Q. Tiimns
Nelson HoAhlncjs
ill Cox
Mat, Slosbor - j y'ltevfii Cooper
JoReph Johnson ienry Hobblns
.nnn at art , a. win t
George W.Calu ..j, .iv;L'n.W;.noUaBl
Honry Hoifhines, sr1 5 M. ii. Potter 1
Anthony Cassell
I). C. Gill
s. isamlnger
M. H. Bowman
Jolmalts2d :
Daniel Nuunemaker
Wm. Bray . "
John Bray -
U. W. Sisson
O. W. l'carce -Chas.-
c. P.Ward
D. V. Hannall
McD. Lottridge
V. R. Sprague '
John N. McLaughlin
D. Will ' e
Thomas A. Murray .
M. R. Barnes
William Sry
H. II. Swaint .
A. J. BwairA, ."
Eli Livingston
Isaao Ulloni
K. D. Dodge
Richmond Uuhn
W. 8. Liston
J.G. SwitUud . "
D, B. Snivel
p O'Keeffe
S. 1
W. Sherwood
Harnett Aikin
" A. Bnrleon
Samuel R. Bay,
xienry jimiuu
I Elihn Robbins
T. M. BiV
Horace Redd
J. W.BuWeii .
On motion, the report was received and order
ed to bd filed and recorded. . " ' .
On motion, the following Rules for the organ
ixatlon and management of the "Vinton County
Agricultural Society," by which name this as.
sociation shall be known, woro unanimously
Board 'dfJDlroctors for the man.
ageinent ol this Society, shall consist of the
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
and twelve Managers,. (one from each township)
time of election shall be fixed In the By-Laws.
The President, Vice. President, Treasurer and
Secretary shall, after tho first election, hold
their offices for one yoar, and the. Manager's snail
hold their ofllocn fur, tw.Qya,rsiahlofttoers shall,
hold pvo,r unVfl vl0i successors ore eleotod and
qualified, ,. . ',, , , . 1
No' 9. . The Board of Dlraetors shall fleet ft.
Treasurer and Soorotarv, whw shall hpld
ofjecs as aforesaid, and at their n'6""
shnllelasslfv the Managers, so that their WTO
of office shall expire one half each year, 0, ti
one half the managers shall be chosen annually.
No. 8,. Merribors of the Society must, be rest,
dents of Vinton county, and must annually pay
the treasurer t he sum of one dollar,
No. 4. The Tmnsnrar shall keep a Hat of the
members nf the (oeletv, so as to be able to re
nort annuallv to the Stale Board the number of
members eaeh vear,- and so as to ascertain who
shnll ho entitled to vote for officers.
No. ri.' The SoclelvshH open -their Premium
Lists ta All persons, without restriction, except
on field crops and minerals, which shall be co,i,
Oned to the conntv. - ' - .
No. 6. Competitors ttr Wfimlnma. residents
of tle noiint, must be m,emliera of the Sociotv.
No. 1, Al articles offered for premiums must
he owned bvthe persons offerlnsr the same, or
bw Mm, mernher of h- uly.
No. R. Awdrrtlnir Commlttens YutWS eommv
with thelnw rennlrlnar competitors for preml
nms on field eron. minerals and Improvements
to furnish full and accurate statements of pro
cew. expense of culture, production, Ac, Ao.
No. 9. Comnetltors for premiums on cropa
shall bo required to have the srmund and pro.
ducts accurately meswrert. and proof under
oath must be furnished bv each competitor.
No. 10. The Soclctv shall have dnlv prepared
an annual report, and shall present tho same to
the State Board of A trrlmiltnre, on or before the
annual meeting of said Board, as prescribed to
be held bv the th section of the "Act for the En.
ennragemeht of Agriculture," passed Feb. 80th,,
1861. , . , 1
No. 11. Said Heport shall contain.
1st.. Allstof. the premiums awarded at the
previous annual fair,
8l. A conv.of the published abstract of the
Treasurer's account, as the same was published,
In confhnnitv with the 8d section of above nam.
ed act of the General Assembly of Ohio.
8d. All statements of competitors for premj.
urns on crops or other Improvements in agrl-
niiltniNt. rlAfMtlln mmlA nf tllllMrA. Ac. Ac
4th. A general account of the proceedings of
tne society, number or its memners, anu me
prospects of Its progress and usefulness.
ftfh. A itfltAmunt thfl nrlncfnftl crODB raised
in the countv; an estimate of the amount of
eacn raised; the average vtem por acre; me sin
king characteristics of the previous season, the
names of the destructive insects, whioh may
have Inlnred the crops; and such other facta a
Will tend to give a view of the state of agricult
ure In the county, so that the aame may be em
bodied In the State Report. ' , ,
No. 19. The Secretary shall oause the official
proceedings of the Society to be published In a
newspaper of general circulation in the county.
No. 18. The Treasurer shall annually file with
the Auditor of Vinton county a detailed state
ment of the receipts and disbursement. Of the
Society for the preceding year,
. On motion, a,n, elootlon was ordered for Presi
dent, Vice President and twelve Managers, One
from each township, to terra until their luo
cesson are duly sUcted. 1 .
When the following oftotrt. wan duly alec
ttdi 1 ' '.
: mttDlXT,
vioa raiaroiMT,
E. A. BRAXTON. ' . , I.
Wm. Bray, of Elk towuahlp, '' :
Lewis A. Atwood, of RlolUand Q,wnihlPi
T. M. Bay, of Clinton township,
BenJ, Hawk, oWllkea ville township,
John Calyln, of Vinton towuahlp, - '
Robert Thompson, of Madlaon township,
Geqrgen, Bell, of Knox township. ' '
Thomas Magee, of Brown Township, ,
John Bray, of Swan township, - - , ;
It. S. Barnhlll of Jackson township,
8. H. Haynes. of Eagle township, '
Marcus H. Walker, of Harrison township.
The following resolution was then offered and
adopted, to-witi t 1
Retotved, That the Board of Directors are ear.
nestly requested to meet at the Court House.
MoArthur. O., on Saturday June 98d, 1878, at 9
o'clock P.M., forthepurpqwqfiwtlnEa,Treaa.
urerand Secretary, fixing the time aud place of
holding the Fair foY iffja, and other matters neo
essary to comploto the organisation of the tool
ety, .;
On motion, E, A. Bratton, Benont Hlxon and'
J, W.Bowen were appointed a Committee to
revise and draft By-Laws, Ac, for this Society,
and to ascertain where suitable ground oan ha
obtained for holding Fairs. 1
On motion, ordered, that the Editors of th
Intutrtr and Rtoord be requested to publish tha
proceedings of this meeting. (:
A. J. SWAIN, Chairman.
E. A. BRATTON, Secretary.
At a mooting of the Board- of Directors of the
Vinton County Agricultural Society, held pur
suant to notloe didy given, at the Court House,
MoArthur, O., June Sid; 1879, the following
mombors answered to thelrnamesj ' 1
BENONI HIXON, President.
E. A. BRATTON, Vice President.
" Afimtvars. Wm. Bray, Elk .township; Lewis
A. Atwood, Richland; T. M. Clinton; John
Calvin, VlntoA; Uoorge R. Bull. Knox; 8. H.
Haynes, Eaglo; M. H. Walker, Harrison.
When Benont Hlxon, President, called the
Board toorder, there bolng a quorum preaont.
E. A, Bratton tendered his resignation aa Vloe
President, which was accepted. , ' , 1 1 . .
. Whon, on motion, E. A. Bratton was appoint
ed Secretary pro tern, of this Board. ' 1 1 ; " .
The President ordored that the proceedings of
the mooting of the Society, June 1st, 1879, be
read; and the Rules of.Ooverument, whloh were
road accordingly. t , 1 it 1 . , .1
When E. A. Bratton, as Chairman of the Com
mlttee appointed to revise and draft By-Laws
for tho government of this Society, reported By
Law and Regulations for the Fair for 1872,
which were fully discussed and considered sep
arately, and adopted as a whole, unanimously,
as follows, to-wit;
E. A. BRATTON, Vice President. BY-LAWS.
No. I. Tho officers of this society shall bo
elected on the first Saturday in April, in each
year not Ice of which election shall be publish
ed in two nowspapers, if published in the coun
ty, three weeks prior thereto, signed by the
No. 8. The President shall preside at all meet
ings, and In case of his absence or inability, the
Vice President shall perform his duties; they
shall perform all the duties required of them by
the laws of Ohio, Rules and By-Laws of this
No. 8. -The Seorotary shall keop an accurate
record of the proceedings of all meetings, acorn
ploteliftof raembors, a full and complete list
of entrances lor premiums and collect the fees
thereon, record nil awanls of premiums, and
perform all the duties required of him by laws
of Ohio, Rules, By-Laws ami Regulations of this
Society; he shall take an oath of. office; ho sball
give bond and security as required by Treasur-'
to the Society,-wjth proper conditions; lie oliall
pay aa nioueysiny jinn conootert to tne Treas
urer1,, .taking hiij -woipt therefor; charge all
Claims for collection to the Treasurer. - '
No. 4. The Treasurer shall doop a full record
of filenames of all members, open accounts with
each, and so keep the books ol the Society as to
show all receipts and disbursements? he Shall
take an oath of office, give bond and secnrlty, to
be aproved by tho President and Secretary, in
the sum of one thousand dollars, payublo to the
Vinton County Agricultural Society; condition
for the payment of all money that may como in
to his hands upon tho ordor of tho President,
countersigned by tho Secretary, and the faithful
discharge of his duties according to Laws of
Ohio, Hjnlcs, By-laws and Regulations of this
Society. ,.
No. 5. The Board of Directors, at their first
meeting each year, aftor tho aunual elec
tion, shall appoint an Exeoutivo Committee- of
throe members, who shall act for that yoar; and
when required by the President in writing,
any two of them shall bo a quorum to act, and
shall havofull power to make contracts, buy
and sell any property for suid Society, lease or
Eurchaso Fair Grounds, prepare tho same for
olding Fairs, and do all things UQt roquired. of
other officers, that they may doom essential for
the atlvonoeient of the host interest and pros
perity of tle Society. They shall audit their
awn o.ccbuuts, a majority sluiU sign the same,
file them with tho Secretary; and the Prosidunt
and Secretary shall issue an order therefor on the
Treasurer as in other 0 uses.
No. 0, iy oltlaen of Vlpton county, upon
signing, tho Mules, By-Laws and Regulations,
ami paying one dollar to the Treasurer, shall bo
entitled to a Card of Membership, and Ticket
inot transforablo) admitting him or her to the
pair4 of the Society, and riirht to vote at all the
meetings of members.
Family Tickets to Fairs, annual ly. one dollar.
Visitors' Tickets, daily, twcmtv-flve cents.
. Chldren undor nude layoara old, TIckots, dai
ry, to cenUj '
. 7. Each entrance fee for members or their
raH"lc8 for premiums shall beas follows;
'ass A. Horses, Jacks And Mules ... .50 cents.
... ' B.' Cattle. Sheep and Hog 50 "
" " C Field Crops and Seeds 85 "
" "!. Mineral Products. ..; 8li "
" E. Farming ImnlcmontA 2S "
" F. Mochanical Department. ...85
" G. Domostic Department 23 "
II. Poultry (in pairs) 90 "
I. Horticulture ' 20
14 K. Floral and-Fnncy Dep't... .20 "
" L. Mlscellaneons Dept 85 "
Non-residents of Vinton countv shall b rier
mittnd to enter In all C'lase,. except C and D,
and tn all other Cla&sa--i- entrance
rtitf, m nmuwKj '
Classes A, B, E and F, $2.00. All othor Class
es St.25.. Sweepstakes, oncn' to all, $1.00 each,
entrance and there must be three competitors or
no award will be made.
TTo. 8. The President, Vice President and Seo
rotary shall appoint an Awarding Committee
loreaon L-iass: anu rue Awarnincr lominitioe
for Class I., shall also act as a Discretionary
Cnmmltte to make awards In morirorkms eases.
The Committees shall be appointed on the morn
ing of the day tho duties are to be performed: a
record shall hemtdnof the. samo, and vacancies
from anv cause shaltho filled at onno.
No.fl. 'The President shall have nnwer to or
der all notices necessary to be published; also,
lists of premiums and lists of awards; and on
accounts filed with Secretary to Issue orders for
snme on the Treasurer, and to order all necessa
ry printing. "
No. 10. The President and Secretary shall de
liver to all persons wishing the same, a Diplo
ma or Certificate of premium awarded, instead
of the . : .
No. I. No person allpwed to ride or drive in
to the enclosnro. except to unload animals or
articles for exhibition, and they not allowod to
remain only a sufficient time for such purpose.
No 9. Persons entering animals or articles
for premiums, not allowed wltbln the enclosure
until their names. No. or Class. No. of Articleor
Animal and description thereof; If Animal, age,
slie. color, Ac, shall be entered on the books of
the Secretary, and entrance fee paid.
No. 8. If article be Agricultural orHortlcnlt.
nral, the mode of culture, quantity and quality
of land, kind and amount of manure por acre, and
amountproduced per aore, mint be furnished.
No. 4. If Manufactured Articles, the name of
ownorand manufacturer, price of article, ltl
uses and advantages, will be required.
No. 6. The Secretary shall furnish cards,
with the No. of Class and No. of animal or artl.
cle, at the office when entered, and the (am
shall be placed on the animal or article to be ex
hibited. . .
T No. 6. No animal or article (hall be removod
nntll the close of each dav's exhibition except
by permission of the presiding officer.
; No. 7. The awarding Committees shall meet
at the ofuoe on the grounds, at ton o'clock or the
day their duties are to be performed, when their
names will be recorded and duties assigned;
which record the Secretary shall notexnibit, or
the oflloert give infonnatlon of who the award
ing committees are until awards are made.
No. 8. Any person named on an Awarding
Committee, having an animal or article entered
for premium In the class of his appointment will
make it known, and his place will b Ulltd by
another, , ..
No, 9. Awarding Committees are required to
make their reports to the Secretary, at the offloa
aa soon as practicable, stating In their report
such reason of their Jading as may be valuable
and useful.
No. 10. No persons, under an preteni. are
permitted to Interfere with th awarding Com
mittees In their adjudications. , .
No. 11, The Awarding Committees atll o'clook
A. MV unhi. .h.ll ViavAAvMilUlVfl UOSieSBlon
of the Hall or grounds, as the case may require,
for the purpose of examination and making out
their awards. The officers shall tee that this
regulation be enforoed and the Hall or grounds
aoerwara tnrown open to general viaiwn,
Claat A. Horses. Jack and Mule 50 oent
" B. Cattle. Sheep and Hog., 50 "
" C. Field Crops and Seed ' .
" D. Mineral Produots "
UE, Farm ,,,iM " -
" F. Meohantoal Department M !
" G. Domestic Department J9 "
: " H. Toultry (In pair) . . .'., v '"K " 2
" L Hortloultliro $
" K. Floral and Fanoy Dept 90 "
"L. Mlscsllanoous Dept....j.i..i..85
9 o'clock P. M., Address on Agrioulture.
Display of all tho premium (took in the Dri
ving King at iu O'cionx a. iu., v'"VY'
badgos affixed by the Judgos.- o'clock 1". M.,
Ladies' ana ueuts' equesirmu "'""r'r
clngmatches, trotting matches, trials of speed,
' . - . .. II.hu In ,11 AMIM.
No!' 18, ''Thoreshall.beaCoininltteeof Award
a .1. a nam.m- An MaI, elfl... MI1U AS JllllffCS
for ring exercises, trial of speed, Ac, there
snail oe uve appoinuxi.
Whon a Premium List wa ubmltted to the
Board by E. A.; Bratton, for 1879, whloh, on mo
Hon wii ailonted bv the following resolution;
n.ui..j irh-ifi.. T.ut.tf I'lmtnlimiM. marked
J..-V.V.W, A. IN- .MV .... w- - -------
"A," reportotl by E, A. Bratton. be adopted
with the addition of 8d Promiuma In Classes A
and B, of 50 per cent, on isc rrouuiuns.
On motion, the Board proceeded to the oleo
tlon of t'oa following named oOloCra, to-wltt
For Vice President, Henry C. Bobbins, received
a majority and wa declared duly elected) lot
Seotetary, George A. Craig reoeivea a majority
and was declared, dojy eloctod; also,. Joseph
8. Hubn was appointed Recording Secretary
lor Troaurer, Goorgo W. Blson received a
maloritv and wa declared duly elected. Exoo-
Utlv Committee Wm. Bray.L. A. Atwood and
Georae Waxier, received the unanimous (up.
port and deolarod duly ' appointed ., ExeouUva
Coma ilttee tor 18T8. - . . . . ..; , r ......
, ... i r- .
On motion, the Board ordered that the Mana
gers shall be classified as follows : The Mana
gers for the first six Townships, alphabetically
arranged, shall hold thoir offices for two years,
to-wit: Brown township, Thomas Magee; Clin
ton, T. M. Bay; Eaglo, S. H. Haynes; Elk, Wm.
Bray; Harrison, M. II. Walkor; Jackson, R. 8.
BornhiU; and the manager for the remaining
six townships shall bold only the present year,
as determined by lot, to-wit:. Knox Tp., George
R. Belt; Madison, Robert Thompson; Richland,
L. A. Atwood; Swan, John Bray; Vinton, John
Calvin; and Wilkesvllle, Benjamin Hawk; so
that each year one-half of the managers shall
be elocted as required by law.
On motion Board adjourned.
BENONI HIXON, President.
E. A. BRATTON, Secretary pro tem.
E. A. BRATTON, Secretary pro tem. A Thrilling Adventure.
It was about tbe year 1805
that I settled in Virginia, near
.tjjef'tljs Jof - Kanawha j; The
country' at tht - ti rHef was' an
unbroken wilderness. But few
settlements had been made by
the whites, and they were so
far apart aa to render vain 'all
hopes of assistance iu case of
attack from hostile Indians,
numbers of whom still infested
the neighborhood. I lived
there alone. with my wife for
several months unmolested, and
by dint of perseverance, when
young and hardy, had succeed
ed in making quite a clearing
in the forest, which I planted
with corn, and which promised
an abuudant yield.
One morning atter we had
dispatched our humble meal,
and J.had just prepared to
venture tortn upon my ;accus
tome4 I'outine of labor, my at,
tentiou was . arrested by the
tinkling of a cow bell in the
corn field.
' 'There' said my wife, 'the
cow is in the corn field.'
But the ear of the back
woodsman becomes by educa
tion very acute, especially
from tho fact that his safety
often depends upon the nice
cultivation of that sense.
1 was not so easily"'deceived.
The sound was. repeated.
Thai said I iu-iep.y- to my
wife's remark, 'wan not the
tinkle of a bell upon a cow, but
a decoy from some Indian who
wishes to draw me into ambush.
Believing this to be the case,
T took down mv old musket.
and seeing that it was proper
ly loaded, stole cautiously
around the . field toward the
snot from which the sound
seemed to proceed.
As l suspected, tbere, in a
clump of bushes, crouched an
Indian waiting for me to ap
pear in answer to ms decoy
bell, that he might send a bul
let to my heart. I approach
ed without discovering myself
to him, until within shooting
distance, then raised my piece
and fired. : The bullet sped
true to its mark, and the Indi
an fell dead. ,
"Not knowincr but that he
was accompanied by others, I
returned with full speed to
the cabin, and having firmly
loaded the door, I watched
all day for the companions of
the lAdian i naa kumu, ao
add to the danger and seeming
of my situation.. I
discovered that I had bu6 one
shot left, and if attached Dy
numbers J should oe entirely
in -their power- 4-?eteTmined
to do the best witu tne pow
der. I put it into tne musket
fon suited lor me o-
proach ot night, feeling sure ot
an attack. .
Nio-ritfiftmeatlast. A beau
tiful moonlight night it was,
too, and favored me greany,
a a I ivrai Id therebv be able to
nWrvs tha movements of the
enemy aa he approached the
cabin. . ,
It was two hours after night
fall, and yet I had neither
. .i
heard nor seen a sign or me
Indians, when suddenly 1 was
startled by the baying of my
dog at the stable. The stable
stood a little to tne west oi tne
cabin, and between the two
was a patch of clear ground on
which the light of the , moon
fell1 unobstructed. Judging
from the noise at the stable
ihnb the v would advance from
that direction, 1 posted myself
at the port-hole' on that side of
the cabin,
', 1 Viftd nreviouslv olaced my
wifrt nn tho croaa-uole in -the
K ak .... m I
chimney, so that in case our en
emies effected an entrance into
our cabin, she might climb out
through the chimney and make
her escape. , For myself 1 en-
tertainea no hope,, but deter
mined to sell my life dearly.
"With breathless anxiety 1
waited at the port-hole. At
length 1 saw the memerge from
the shadow of the 'stable and
advance across "the open ground
toward my cabin. , One- two
three great ! heavens 1 six
stalwart Indians, armed to the
teeth, and ','urged , . on by the
hope of j-evenge,- and 1 alone
to oppose t.h era with one charge
of powder. . My case was des
perate, indeed. With quick
and stealthy steps, in close sin
gle file, they approached, and
were already within a few
yaodsof the house, when a
slight change Tn the movement
of the forward Indian changed
the six, so tltit-a-gortion of the
side of each was. uncovered.
They weffi "in range, and one
aim would coyer, . all. Quick
as thought l:aimed; and fired.
As the smoke cleared away 1
could hardly credit what my
senses showed me as the result
of my shot. The fifteen slugs
with which l loaked the mus
ket had done, their work well;
five of the six Indians lay dead
upon the ground, and the sixth
had disappeared.
Although no enemies were
now in sight, 1 did not venture
forth until morning. There
lay the bodies of five Indians,
undisturbed, together with tbe
rifle of the" other. Securing
the arms and ammunition of
the fallen Indians, 1 followed
up the trail of the missing one
until 1 reached the river, be
yond which point 1 could dis
cover no trace whatever, r rom
tlae amount of blood which
marked his trail, together with
unmistakable evidence that he
had picked his way with diffi
culty, 1 was led to believe that
he was mortally wounded, and
in order to prevent his body
from falling into the hands of
the foe, he had groped his way
to the river, and thrown him
self into the current, which had.
borne it away.
Some of the Grant papers
are . endeavoring to make a
strong point against Greeley
by asserting that I weed and
some other individuals of ques
tionable honesty support him.
This hardly strikes U9 as being
exactly the point. Suppose
some thieves do support Gree
ley, that is not his concern,
nor is he responsible for it.
But should he support a thief
the thing would be changed
materially, and his friends
would have good cause to find
fault and his enemies to criti-
rarv a a "
ciae. ; :.wnile trreeley - may - be
supported by this class or geni
try, who are sure to be found
betting on the side likely to
win, Grant is supporting Casey,
Leet and Murphy, and a host
of thieves far worse than any
that will vote for the Philoscii
pher. People very well know
that a man can't help who sup
ports him, and when success is
sure he will always he will al
ways be followed by a host of
disreputable men. Bat a Pres
ident is responsible for the
people he supports, and if they
prove to be thieves, and he
continues his support, honest
men will usually consider him
as approving of their condqci),
A Brazilian Marquis recent
ly killed his wife's lover and
brought his head to her on a
silver dish, decorated with
parsley. There is no knowing
how much comfort - that poor
widowed heart took in seeing
the taste displayed in serving
up the departed. ' '
Sii hundred, thousand feet
pf lumber have , been shipped
and await transportation from
the Conneaut harbor, since the
opening of the present season,
and it is estimated that 1,000,
000 feet will be about the sea
son's shipment. j ' ;

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