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QL)t inquirer..
t.. a .i Dtnt-v nt Rowen'
t. .ii.ii., U.vii. Ri.in ni Main Street. asl oj
JIUHllMft, w... -
Court Ilouso.
j. W. BOWEN, Editor.
August 14, 1872.
National Nominations by the People.
Thomas Ewing, Jr.
August Thlem.
Of Vinton County.
National Nominations by the People. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET.
of Wayjio County.
'of Franklin County.
of Licking County.
Of Gallia County.
Of Pike County.
Sent to any Addrei,
Tho campnign of 1873 bids fair to bo one of the
itlng in
i nnr lwil timl lllstnrr.
For the
mirnosfl of usslstlnr
in the dissemination or tno
HiuMriiin nf nolitii-.al reform. THE MCARTHUR
Knquikkh will be sent during the campaign, or
for lour months, for only 26 cents. Subscriptions
may commence at any time, and continue for
II ill.. ! 'An.1. ...lunvlntlnn CI Ril
Address. J. VV. ROWEK,
Editor and Publisher, McArthur, O.
Resolutions Adopted by
the Democratic and Liberal
Republican Convention.
The following report of the
Committee on Resolutions was
omitted by oversight from the
published proceedings of the
Congressional Convention last
Mr. Chairman and GmUemtnothtConttntion:
Your Committee on Resolu
tions would respectfully recom
mend the adoption of the fol
lowing: '
We, the Democrats and Lib
eral Republicans of the Eley
enthOhio Congressional Dis
trict, in joint convention as
sembled, declare: Inat we
heartily approve the platform
of principles as set lortn. by tne
late uincinnaii ijonvenuon uuu
adopted, by the Baltimore
Convention, together with the
letters of acceptance by Hon.
Horace Greeley on being noti
fied of his nomination by said
conventions, and that we will
cheerfully labor for the elec
tion of Greeley and Brown, as
well a3 the nominee of this
JAMES B. RAY. Chairman.
Candidate for Congress.
The Democratic and Liberal
Republican Congressional Con
vention, held at Portsmouth
on Thursday last, by a unani
mous vote, nominated Samuel
A. Nash, Esq., as a candidate
for Congress. ' "
Mr. Nash has been a resi
dent of Gallia county since
1849, and is well and favorably
known as a gentleman of edu
cation and culture, and a law
yer of ability. . He is well fitted
to honor the 'position he has
been selected to fill, and if
elected will be a faithful rep
resentative of the interests of
the people of the Eleventh
[Gallipolis Bulletin.
The Congressional Conven
tion in the Koas and Highland
District assembled at Hillsboro
last Thursday a Tveek. Each
county composing the district
had a candidate. Ross pre
sented Hon. L. T. Weal. Mr.
Neal received the nomination
on the 163d ballot.
Carry the News to Hiram!
Tuesday week, in Richmond,
Indiana, an election took place
for Justice of the Peace, where
at the Greeleyites developed
extraordinary strength. They
carried the city, by a majority
of 455. " '
Hon, U. II. Pendleton will
return from Europe, where he
has been for some time, in a
few days, prepared to go act
ively into the campaign for
Greeley and Brown and the
Democratic and Liberal ticket.
The State Mass Convention at Columbus.
Ratification by the Democrats and
The Democratic and Liberal Mass Meeting at
Columbus, on Wednesday, the 31st of July, was
a grand success. The soverul Congressional
Districts were represented by both Democrats
and Liberals, and each District was represented
in the organization and oa committees by ropre
sentutlvo citizens of both elements of tills great
party of truo union, frcodom and reconciliation,
This district bad for Vice President, J. W. New
m an; for Secretary, J. W. Bo wen j and for Com
mittoe to select Presidential Electors at Large,
Charles Rose and William Davis. '
lion. R. P. Spaulding, Liberal, of Cleveland,
was chosen Chairman by unanimous acclaim,
and delivered a stirring sppeeh on taking the
The Committee on Presidential Electors at
Largo for the State of Ohio, through Its cliair
man, Dr. Wayne Griswold, reported Dr. A
Thiemo, ofClovelnnd (editor of thoLlbcral Ger
man paper there,) and Genoral Thomas Ewing)
of Lancaster. The selection was unanimously
approved and confirmed.
Gov. B. Grata Brown, the candidate for ice
President, was thereupon introduced, and ad
dressed the meeting. He was most chceringly
greeted, and applaudo d with great enthusiasm
throughout his speech, which was highly appro.
priate, torso, vigorous and convincing. His ex
position of the condition of the Southern States,
under the mistaken and ruinous policy of the
Grant Administration, was strikingly true, and
their certain and safe redemption by the Mis
souri policy was vividly presented from actual
experience iu that now peaceful, happy and
prosperous State, in which tho animosities and
antagonisms of tho war were eliminated, and Its
peoplo all In harmony and accord, and engaged
in industrial pursuits in strong contrast to the
State's being harrosscd and dostroyed by the
Radical policy.
Col. Wm. M. Grosvcnor, of St. Louis, was tho
next spcakor, and treated the matters at Issue
with great power of facts, principles, reasons
and illustrations.
At the close of Col. Grosvenor's speech a dis
patch was read, from Cincinnati to Hon. John G.
Thompson, stating that Hon. Goorgo E. Pugh
tendered his services to the State General -Committee,
and proposed to lead the Old Guard.
The following resolution was then presented
and adopted:
fitsolrtd, That this Convention ratify and in
dorse the action of the Cincinnati, Baltimore
and Clevolaud Conventions, aud in. bcltulf of the
Democrats and Liberal Republicans of Ohio,
we pledge our united support to the notninuos
of said Conventions, and cordially Invito the co
operation of all citizens of the Stute, without
regard to previous party affiliations, who are
opposed to the re-election of President Grant,
aud the policy of his administration.
An i nimense meeting in front of the State
Ilouso in the evening, was addressed by Hon. J.
II. Dickson, a Liberal Republican of Lorain
county, Gen. Ewlng, of Lancaster, Judge R. F.
Paine, (Liberal,) of Cleveland, Gen. Aquila Wi
loy, of Wooster, (our candldato for Secretary of
State,) and Judge Clark, of Columbiana. These
speakers held and entertained the meeting till
U o'clock, when it adjourned.
The meeting served to bind tho Democrats
and Liberal Republicans together with the
heartiest feelings of sympathy in a common
Candidate for Judge.
The Judicial Convention,
which assembled at Portsmouth
on the 1st inst., as the reader
observed by the proceedings of
the Convention we published
last week, placed in nomination
for Common rleas Judge,
John T. Moore, Esq., of Pike
County. The qualifications of
Mr. Moore tor the important
position are first-class, being
one of the leading lawyers of
the Pike County Bar. He is
honest and correct in all the
relations of life, and will re
ceive the support of all parties
in his own county Yankee
Wetmere to the contrary notwithstanding.
The injunction and the Enjoiners.
On Saturday, August 3d,
1872, before Judge Steel and
Olds through their attorney
(Dickey and Harrison) came
the persons who prayed for' ft
restraining order against the
Commissioners and Auditor of
Ross county, commanding them
to desist from contracting for
the building of certain Rail
roads, and the issuing of bonds.
The Judges granted the in
junction and required the par
ties to enter into a bond ot one
thousand dollars. The cause
was set for hearing Oct. Ssd,
[Chillicothe Post.
The Lunatic Asylum was
visited by the Editorial Con
vention while at Athens. Sev
eral rooms were conditionally
engaged. Hillsboro Mail.
You are correct, Bro. ButlerJ
The first room spoken for was
by Brother Boardraan of the
Hillsbtro News. He engaged
it conditionally for yourself.
Kentucky Election.
Elections tookplace in ev
ery county in Kentucky on
Monday, the 5th, lor county
officers. The tickets to be
elected were local, no State
ticket was to be elected, The
Democratic majorities, as usu
al, are very great.
The Liberals and Democrats
of Cincinnati claim Hamilton
county by 7,000 majority.
Last year it gave Y,uw nepuo
lican. The political flood of
1872 will throw all others) in
the shade.
It is very amusing to hear
the "Rebel Colonel," who ed
its the Logan Republican, talk
about the "GrecleyiteDemo-
cratic-Kebnl-party.'' Go on
i i i
VOionei. kLiwi
Carry the News to Grant and Hate.
The white hat will go into a
white house.
Van Wert has over thirty
Greeley. Republicans.
P. T. Barnum wagers $5,000
thatGreely will be. elected.
The Akron Geroiinia is out
for the honest farmer of Chap
paqua. The Boston Times abandon
ed Grant last week, and two
thirds of the Boston press is
now against him.
Three members of the Grant
Executive Committee in Cin
cinnati have resigned and shout
for Greeley.
Judge Webb, a prominent
Radical politician of Kansas,
has announced himself in favor
of Greeley and Brown.
Col, Sidney M. Barnes, once
the Republioan candidate for
-rr -i
governor ot jientucKy, is now
a Greeley elector in Arkansas.
The See Bote, the leading
German paper of Wisconsin,
published at Milwaukee, now
comes out lor ureeiey ana
The Providence Press, Re
publican, goes for Greeley and
Brown. The Press is the larg
est and most influential paper
in the State.
A. T. Stewart: the New
York dry goods merchant, has
given $20,000 for campaign
purposes to aia in tne election
of Crreeley.
The Germans of Cleveland,
Ohio, headed by the RepubU
can German Daily of that city,
are almost unanimously oppos
ed to Grant. They won't go
for the man who sold arras to
the Trench to kill their rela
tives with.
David A. Wells, who does
not love Mr, Greeley over much
has demonstrated by indispu
table figures that lien. Grants
Administration has proved
more expensive and been more
expensive than that of Andrew
Mr. M. W. Saunders, a col
ored man,- who is a candidate
on the Grant electoral ticket,
in Maryland, hns left the party
tyranny and declares for Qree
ley. His letter gives good
reasons tor his course and will
have good influence with the
colored race.
The Grant men of Janesville,
Wis., recently hung Greeley
and Brown in effigy. It did
not hurt Afessrs, Greeley and
Brown very much, but if; cost
the Grant party some of its
best men. This shows the
spirit which the re-electlonlsts
carry into the campaign.
As every man who turns
from Grant to Greeley is Re
nounced by the Renomination
ists as a renegade or I'ftspal, it
would bo interesting to know
exactly what sort of materials
that party is comp.'ed t
members are evidently a prf"
cious set of scamps in each
other's estimation.
The nomination of Greeley
and Brown is received with the
greatest enthusiasm; ratifica
tions, largely attended, are be
ing held m all the principal
cities. The staunchest Demo
crats everywhere take part in
the proceedings and declare for
Greeley and reform.
Hon. Gerge W. Julian, lafe
Republican Congressman from
Indiana, delivered a powerful
and eloquent speech at Indian
apolis, a few days ago, in fa
vor of Greeley .and Brown.
He will carry hundreds and
thousands of voters with him
for Honest Horace Greeley, in
If things keep on at the
present rate, there will be no
interest in uuuucs m win
so much like a jug handle, all
on one' side. There seems to
be a stampede from theUepub
lican party, and it promises to
assume such proportions that
we shall be overwhelmed by
the recruits for Greeley and
Brown. The die is cast, and
the notorious bummor and his
notorious ring are doomed.
Every .day we hear of promi
nent men io fBffei'eot Part9 f
the country leaving the demor
alized ranks of the Republican
party, and with each day the
number increases. Meanwhile
the "loyal" office-holders are
sweatingand swearing at a
[Lorain County
Let Us All Help!
Let every Democrat and
Liberal Republican in Vinton
county go to work am work
faithfully until the October and
November elections are over
to help put Grant out of pow
er and all his indicted, convict
ed, pardoned and unpardoned
thieves, robbers, pimps, plun
derers, prison-birds, repeaters,
ballot box stuffers, woman
murderers, defaulters, monopo
lists and enrnet-baggers. The
gang have controlled the coun
try long enough. Surely, the
people . throughout the land
know the tricks, plans and.
the schemes of these pub
lic plunderer?. They have
hidden already too long under
the cover of ''union," 'loyal,"
"Rebel Archives," etc. Let us
all go to the front! Let us
purify the country from shore
to short.
In n(ack room of one of the
Department', ;i buildings, at
Washington, the Aaministra
tiou has set up a wholesale ed
itoaial manufactory. Here a
baker's dozen of ink-slingers
aie confined, who, with the aid
of scissors and the paste-brush,
burrow through old files of
the New York Tribune, and
turn out daily columns on col
umns of editorials, which are
immediately printea on supa
and scattered through the Post
office broadcast, amid the Ad
midistration press. This se
cures unanimity of opinion,
and the dissemination of only
orthodox doctrine.
It appears that the Rebel
Colonel who runs tho Logan
Republican was in our town a
few days ace No one here
knows anything about his vis
it, except the Grant and Hate
organ, the proprietor ot one
barber shop, and the landlord
of one hotel where he procured
some "nasn." in the tfepub
lican strange to say no one
in the town is mentioned in
Montgomery style but those
those who manage the above
institutions. Nothing has been
missed since his departure from
the hotel, barber shop, or the
printing o$ce, that we have
heard of. I-.
A simple and effective mode
of killing one's creditors withv
out fear of detection has been
invented in New Hampshire.
It cosists or writing to the in
tended victim a letter requir
ing an immediate answer, and
inclose a pqwei fully poisoned
stamp tor return postage.
Agents who will take the pat
ent right for States or oounties
where there are many mothers-in-law
may realize handsome
The New York Times of
Saturday boasted that the ad-
vantages in ine iwtn parol i
ni efeou were with the Ee-
publicans baoM tfeey )iad
control of the ballot hZX?lt:ma
The ancient practice of taking
the ballot boxes home over
night, and not counting the
votes until next day, U still in
force in that State.
Advices from the sea fisher
ies of New-foundland are of
the most sickening and blood
curdling nature. The recent
storm swept like a very wind
of death, at latest accounts forty-two
vessels had gone down
and over two thousand lives
lost. There were in all four
thousand persons imperiled,
and of this number only very
few haye been heard from'.
Iff the law apportioning the
State of Qhio into Congression
al districts, passed April 27th,
1872, we observe that the
Radical law-makers omitted
the 20th Ward in Cincinnati.
The act is' to be found on paj
gesl37 and 138. Can not
some Grantite explain
Ever since Greeley's nomi
nation at Baltimore, the earth
has been watered and replen
ished with genial and refresh
ing showers. Since' the peo
ple have manifested a disposi
tion to 'do what's right, the
God of Heaven is disposed to
smile on U3. .
We have received a number
of the Ashland Press. It has
been enlarged and greatly im
proved. It. opposes Hate and
ay ora Reform.'
The Difference Between
Democratic and Grant
Leiow we give tne expenses
ot me uiuerent branches of.the
government when under' Dem
ocratic rule, and"valso the ex
penses of the same nnder Grant
rule. Let every thinking man
read and reflect, and they will
at once conclude that a change
of Administration is essential.
1. In 1871, the civil list co9t
$13,683,771, more than in i860.
a, m isa, our toieign in
tercourse cost $458,230 more
than in i860.
3. In 1871, the miscellane
ous expenditures cost $20,408,
520, more than i n-1860.
4. In 1871, the military ser-
vice cost Jfiy,iJUY,(oy more
than in 1860. -
5. In 1871,'the Indians cost
$4,435,870, more than in 1860.
o. in tne naval ser
vice cost $7,916,378, more than
in 1860. '
The Cincinnati Enquirer of
the 2, speaks in the following
terms of toe Opqgressjonal
nominee of the Liberal Repub
licans and Democrats in the
Eleventh District:
"The Liberal Democratic
Convention for Jthe Eleventh
Ohio District, held at Ports
mouth, ypsterday, nominated
Hon. Samuel . jjash, df Gal
lia, for Congress, Mr. Nash is
one of the old Guard Repub
licans of. Gallia, and is one of
the ablest lawyers and most
popular men in the district.
If? js a brofhen pf Judge Sim
eon ijash and Hon. William
Nash, now Republican Senator
from ualjia, and was tor some
years editor of the Ciallipoljs
Journal. With the wide spread
disaffection in the Republican
ranks, the disaffection with the
Radical nominee, and the abil
ity and personal popularity of
$Jr. Nash, a Liberal victory
may "fie achieved in the Elev
enth District provided, of
course, our friends wake the
most of their opportunity."
The Grant organs are filling
their papers with personal ar
guments about Mr. Greeley,
showing why Democrats can
not vote for him. All such
efforts are a mere vaste' of
powder- Pemopratg every
where will vote for Mr. Gree
ley, as Democrats in North
Carolina have voted for his
friends, to save our free civil
government. Their votes iu
the coming election will reach
beyond Mr. Greeley, and will
be cast to suppress uurpaon
ajd military rulend 'a pro
test against a personal govern
ment and a ' military encamp
ment at the White rlouse.
Greeley Pic-Nic and Dance.
There will be a Greeley pic
pjc'and 4ance at Wifttt's Grove,
one-half mile East of Aliens-
ylJle, on gaturcjay, August 24th,
aj whjeh. speephes wijl foe mde
by John l &
poole of McArthur. The bwt
of music has been engaged for
the occasion, and refreshments
will be provided for all. Let
the old, y)UnTi vefl every
body tor inauy friileg arqund
go and dance and hear the po
litical is?ues of the day fairly
discussdf .
The officers of the Gallipolia,
McArthur Columbus Rail
road Go-, araoug whom was
President: Langley, met the
Trustees of. this township, at
this place, on Tuesday of this
week. We have not learned
that the conference resulted in
the transaction of any business
relating to .the Railroad. The
Trustees, as will be seen by the
advertisement in.tbjs paper
under the heading of "To Rail
road Contractors,'' will recive
proposals for the building of
the road on the old .road-bed
through the township. ,
Contented people are hard
to find. The imagination is
constantly' conjuring up some
thing that tljey think will
add to their stock of comforts.
One bubble succeeds another,
till life's race is about to close,
when all realiize how vain and
foolish are the imaginations of
of man.
News Depot.
O. W. Saylor has opened a News Depot In hli
Silversmith Shop, where ha will keep for sale
11 the literary and polltlcaljapers that may be
oallodfor. Oood and lee bint.
Elections for 1872.
The elections during tho pivsout year will bo
held as follows :
North Carollua '. August
Utah Territory .......
Montana " .
Now Mexico Torr'y Bept
California '..
Maine "
r'nlnrjuln Tarrihirv "
Dacota " October
Iowa . ...
South Carolina
West Vlririnia...
Massachusetts Nov
Alabama. "
Arkansas M
Delaware "
Georgia ... "
Illinois , , '
Louisiana ,
Maryland "
Minneota ,
M Issourl
New Jersoy
New York .
Arizona Terrl tory
District of Columbia " S7
The Presidential eleotlon will occur In all the
States on the 6th of Novomber,
Law Office.
Attention is directed to the
law card of O. T. Gunning,
Esq., in to-day's paper. Those
having any legal business what
ever to transact should call up.
on Mr. Gunning at his Prug
btore in this towu. lie will
attend suits in any township in
the county, before any Court
in this or adjoining counties,
and draft deeds, all kinds of
legal instruments, and attend
to legal busines with prompt
P- J. BilingJurst pan talp
the finest pictures of any de
scription. On the day of the
Railroad Tax Election in this
township, he took a picture in
which is represented the Court
ljousft and the Jarge crowd of
voters ana oiners in won oi
the Court House. Everybody
should purchase one of the
pictures ' for future Mferenqe,-
ray his gallery on Logan street
a visit.
There is uo doubt but that
Greeley will be the next Pi es
ident. A vote on the Presi
dential nueti&n w tajjen on
Monday afternoon lat, on the
niai) tram nonnu east, not ween
McArthur and Vinton stitlons,
which resulted as follows:
Greeley .
Grant ..
. 4
Greeley's majority 18
Hurra for the White Hat I
The Choicest.
frii i i . a
i)e pnojee ot pr gooa re
cently received by Wjw & Co.,
atKaleskl, are being 'sold out
very fast, as the assortment is
much better than any hereto
fore opened in their store, Gc
and see the seasonable goods.
Kagsj pfN?r, author pf ""qiney'u
Qeogruph'y,'" 4 bpIiqqI book of our
boyish days, died on the Slat of Ju
ly nt hli residence In Strntford.
Conn., aged 74-
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
eoto Bl880n'.
MeAnTHuflt OHIO.
HAVING this dav sold mr Store to my dauah
ter, Mrs, CATfiAHINft MKLLOB, I desire
11 whn km Inilnhljul tn ma to nU ftnd settla im.
mediately. I am thankful for pattklnduMi aud
ravori, ana you will pieox eoniinu tne uirou
age to my successor In the Dry Good and ITara
llr limcnrv bu.lnets. who has received a com
pfete stook; of goods In all the departments of
tiieoullhtin, at tl.e o q stand, on veoonu street.
Zaleskl, Ohlq, an4 wlb. d?lr; vSf 111 P7
ftAn.la .nil manv nnikr mini. . f. It
' " MA8V DQU.
Zaleikl, Ohio, Aug. 1. 18TI,
CKALED proposals will ba received at the of.
O lice of Uie 'Chirk of1 Klk Township, Vinton
oounty, Ohio, until the hour of l'U'olock P, M.,
... ii hi. . I . . .It'... ' I ' l'. ' i . ... .
Saturday, Qcfobpyw, 1879,
far the construction of a $aroaJ aqng the fol
lowing route, to-wit Beginning at a tiqlut on
the southern bomidry of said Townsniu where
the old Koad.bed of the Hvloto and Hocking
Valley Railroad orosses said boimdry. belnir the
Southern terminus, alouj said old KoaU-bed
throiiih or near to the town of MoArthur. and
thence to the Northern or Western boundry of
am xowninip near me corner inereoi, ueina;
vuo nuruiera lerminun.
Said line uf Knllroad will be constructed In ao
eonlance with the provisions of an act entitled
an "Act to Authorlia Counties, Cities. Incorpo
rated Villages sndTownshlps to build Hallroods,
mnu to i.un'u mm uiwnn me name," natxoa uy
the Umieral Assembly of the State of Olilo, April
Sad. ltfWt Hie -work to be done under the dlreo.
tlun ofa competent 'Knglheer,' to be 'furnished
by said Township, and will Include the grading
and the building of all bridges and culverts,
furnishing cross-tlos, rails aud spikes, laying
traok aud ballasting, with all neoessary side
tracks, and doing aud performing all the work
necessary to the completion of said Una of UalW
Mad, and putting the same In r uuu lug order,
ue contractor will oe required to rurnlsn all
materials, and to enter Into bond with approved
security that he will perform said work ocoor.
ding to contracts and within a time limited
therein, not exceeding two years. Jiids will Im
rncelved'Air the emiHtructlou of the whole of
ma one oi uauroaiii or mr any part thereof,
the bid specifying the part proiKitod to be built,
and Uie price per mile for building the same, or
for the greatest uumlier of tulles that will be
built for said sum of MR 000 so as aforesaid ap.
nrqirito for the building of said rood. Tho
work uf cdiiHtrjictloM will lie )iuiiifinod oa soon
allor bond Is givm tut poUslhlej m work to be
paid for during the progress of the work, In
eordimco with Section S of said act. The prollle
said Knllroad, with estimates and peeldna
tions will be seen at the olUce of said Township
vmtii on ami niuir Boutumoer soul, mix.
i.i.i. in t ' i i
The bids will lie opened and examined, and
tho contract awarded
I as early as
early as practicable on
alter said l.th of October, lOTat
lit and
Will endorse on the sealed envelooe sneloslnsr
bldsi "Proposal for Constructing Hallroad,n
and address the same to the Township Clerk of
Klk liuwusljln. Vinton Co., O.
llKNIir sIKIlflOD, ) Trustees
LKV1 WY MAI,1 I KlkTp.,
JAS. 11. JOHNSON, J V. Co., ().
Moama Kvanr, Township Clerk.
August 14, W.
VODY! Call at Ounnino's Ukimi Stokk, In Will'
Iiulldiug, and suo those Kinu Oil I'aiutiniis,
Chioinos, riiotographs, Hulu and Colored Lull
ogruphs, which are for sale very -cheap. They
are so beautiful I
Railroad Notice.
riVl'IIK stockholders of tho Farmers'
and Mi-
X uers' Huilmaii Company are requested
meet In Circlovillo. l'lckitwav county, O., on the
lstdavof KKl'l'KMBHK, Wi, to olect Ulrec
tors for said Company, and take such other
steps as they may deem best for the interest of
the F. and M. Koad.
Pres. Incorporators F. and M. U. K.
F. C. Smrn, Sko.
August 14, 18711.
Mo Parson eaa take these Bitter accord.
Ing to dirtclionl, and rtmain long unwell, provided
their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or other
means, and the vital organs wasted beyond thr point
of repair.
Dyspepsia or Iiidlgeatlou. Headache, Pain
in the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the Cheit.Dii
siness, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Ta.ie
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of th
Heart, Inflammation of the Lunis, Pain In the regiflns
of the Kidneys, and a hundred QUier nainrul symmmns.
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. n these oompialiHa
it has no equal, and on bollle will prove a teller guar
mcvui n.m.riia inaa lenginjr eaverusemeut,
Vor fameile ConipliMnte, In young or old,
mmeo w iingie, at in qa
wn of womanhood, or ih.
jpm oi me. inese '4 aniq
(ntluenoe that a marked
Sitters display so decid.d an
improvsnitnt is soon psretp.
For Inflanituatorr and Ch route Rkia.
nesitlsni and Gout, Bilious, Remittent and luter.
mittent Fevers, Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys
and Bladder, these Uitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood, which is generally
produced by derangement of the Digestive Organs.
They ar s Gentle Purgative a wall a
Tons, possessing also the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Inflam
mation of th Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Bilious
For Sklss Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
ies. ruituies. noils, war.
leU Sore Evoa.'Erv.
Dlscolbratlbhsof ihaSktn. HudiM.
and Diseases of th Skin, of whatever name or nature,
ar literally dug up and carried out of th system in a
short time by the use of these Bitters
Qratteful Thousands proclaim Vihiga Bit-
Tits the most wonderful Invigorant that ever sustained
in sinking system.
WALKER, Prop'r. K. H. HcDON AI.D CO.,
iruggists and Gen. Agts., San Francisco, Cel..
and cor. of Washington and Charlton Sis., New York.
Tor Fever one! Ague, Intermittent Fever,
Mviti pepiqtyqal opBUlom Fever,
A4 mm m m muumt wwuh inn
from waiariom, mu-ah, or miaamaUo
No one remedy is louder
called for by the necessities of
the American people than a
sure and safe cure for Fever
and Ague. Such we are now
enabled to offer, with a perfect
certainty that it will eradicate
the disease, and with assur
ance, founded on proof, that no harm can arise
from its use In any quantity.
i: mat wnicn protects rrom or prevents tins qia.
iraermrrst e' of immense) i service in-the cam'
hunJties whpre it prevails. Pifpttritton fs'bewej
ban cure, for the patient escapes the risk whici
te must run In violent attaoks of this baleful die.
temper, Thia "Curb" expels the mlasmatlo
poison of 1'eveb and Aoub from the system,
and prevents the development of the disease, If
taken on the first approach of its premonitory
symptoms. It is not only the best remedy ever
yet discovered for this class of complaints, but
also the cheapest. The largo quantity ws sup
ply for a dollar brings it within the reach of
everybody; and in bilious districts, where
Fever and Aoub prevails, everybody should
have It, and use it freely, both for cure and pro
tection. It is hoped this price will place it within
th reach of all the poor as well as the rich.
A great superiority of this remedy over any
cftJier-verdlovord ftr,i.ip speedy end certain
pure qf Intermittent s,tba$ It conpilnVna. Qtm
phe qr nilnorali consequently it produces (
Sulnlsm or other Injurious effects wnatuverupott
i constitution. Those cured by It are left as
althy as if they had never had the disease.
Fever and Ague is not alone the consequence
oi we miasmatio poison, a great variety or uis
orders arise from it Irritation, among wblcb
are Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Oout, Headach,
Blindness, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asth
ma, Palpitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen,
Hysterics, Pain In the Bowels, Colic, Paralysis,
and derangement of the Stomach, all of which,
when originating In this cause, put on the In
termittent type, or become periodlcaL Thia
"Cuhe" expels the poison from the blood, and
consequently cures mem an aitae.
It (s an in-
aluahle wotectlon taviitiniigrants and Pdrsobe
ravening ow temporarily re.iumsr in nc
rlous district. If taken occasionally or dally
while lexposed to the Infection, that wiU be ex
ere too from the system, and cannot accumulate
In sufficient quantity to ripen into disease.
Heno it is even more valuable for protection
than cure: and few will ever suffer from Inter
mittent if they avail themselves of the pro lea
tion this remedy affords,
For ZAwr tmio
For IAwr CftptmUtt; arising from torpid-
Ity of the Liver. It I an excellent remedy!
', sum
ulatlng the Liver Into healthy activity, and pr
re duoing many truly remarkable c
ores, watre
otter medloine fog, u -.n..
ii. i . I..
Dr. I. O ATllRaVCb., toweU. Bf km,,
Ayors Oathaxtio Fills,
Tot the relief and
cure of all derange.
tnent In the itora
ch, liver, and bow
els. They ar a mild
aperient, and on
excellent purgative.
Being purely vege
table, they contain
Wwi?avw MuAh
serious sickness Aug
suffering Is prevsul
. d by their timely
use j and erery family should have them on band
for their protection and relief, when required.
Long exuerioiioe haa Droved them to ba tlia inf.
est, surest, and best ot all th nu$ with which
luim. iMiti wo., ui mu in. i.i. wiui wmosj
tlio market ahoumla. Rr thulr nnnaelonsl uaa.
Uie blood is purified, the corruptions or th sys
tem expelled, obstructions - removed, and the
Vriqle mvliiwery of life restored to Its healthy
E"VTii" iiwriiiTjrivne'Wiieii pwionie cioggeq
and ihigglkW ar ileansad fcy UuSsf n MHltt, and
H PM"lr1 J !W frrr. 'Wniisimpf)ionc'iiiseae
ailgea mm npuiui, we v1iepf Wllleh ClmtHrij)
when reckonod on tli vat mumtuiW who en.
a on ui vat mu tituuow iq eniuy
it, can hardly be computed. Their ugar contlu
mokes them Dleasanl to toka. and nrnaarvaa liui
virtue unimpaired for any length of time, so
that they are ever fresh, and perfectly reliable.
Although searching, they are mild, and operate
without disturbance to the constitution, or diet, or
Full directions are a-lven on the wnnnav la
each box, how to use them as a Family Physio,
mr tno louowing complaints, wiucn luese
itU rapidly cure :
xor asvanrtMlat or aillsreat loa. I.latlaajL.
oa. Liaata-Ha and "Wnm mt ImuHi.. ihn
siiuuiu na Ukkfiu mniirni.iiv tiaiintiiPufu tia .rj
1 1 . . . . T ' r: t -- "i .Trrrr'T-i r"
i moaerate v
wii anu rostore i
e its healthy tone and a-'uoil,
For ablror OoaasilaUB and Itm rarlnna
toms, VIIIohs sMhaoko, lck llraO.
taclso, JsansMlleo or Uma Ichoasa, Mil.
Call and Illlloo jTavora, thy should
be Judiciously taken for each ease, to oorraot th
diseased action or remove the obstructions walott
onus It.
or Dysssterr or DlnrrhsM. but one
mild do geiiornTlr reaiiirsd.
For liltonniatiss., i(, Oraival, 9mU
Vt, IMck aiul gUe. tiioy h
houiif betomw
trously taken, reqtilreil'. to ejiairge tbo-diaeslaaicl
ketion of 'Ui ayetoin, "with suoh chant tho4
fcomplalnts disappear.
For ISranay and Dnipalcstl wolUsageu
they should ba taken in lurve and freipient dose
to iirodune) the effect of a drastio purge,
' For iBpreiealaa, a large dose should be
f rpd.Hoes tlie t)esirei effeot Uf yi.
As'a Dinner fill, take one or two Htl 10
promote digestion and relieve the atomaab.
An occasional dos atimulate the stomach and
bowel, restores Uie appetite, and invigorates the
system. Hence it Is olten advantageous where
no serious derangement exist. One who feel
tolerably well, often flnda tint a ,lnu r thu
J'llli makes lilm fuel decidedly bettor, from their
cleansing and renovating effect on the dlgoslir

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