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(S:l)c inquirer.
nr.l-lf t Inuml RlJirV Of HOWOU!
Building, North Side oi Main Street, East of
Court House.
j. W. 1IOWEN, Kdltor.
Mc Arthur, - September 4, 1872
"Our Banner Streams in Light."
Pacification and Purification.
No more Nepotism--No Presents--
No Bribes.
True Civil Service Jteform.
the Lima pbeseht hot the dead past.
Charity to All Malice toward None.
Universal Amnesty Impartial Suffrage.
,0 EAST-NO WESI-Ho horth-so south.
National Nominations by the People.
Thomas Ewing, Jr.
August Tnieme.
Of Vinton County.
National Nominations by the People. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET.
of Wayne County.
of Franklin County.
of Licking County.
Of Gallia County.
Of Pike County.
National Nominations by the People. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. COUNTY TICKET.
Sent to any Addreii,
The enmpnign of lflns bids fair to be one of the
most excit incr in our political history- For the
purpose of assisting In the dissemination of the
doctrine of political reform, The McArtuuh
Knoi'Iker will he sent during the campaign, or
for four month.'), for only SScents. Subscriptions
may commence at any time, and continue for
'the time spccilled. Yearly subscription, 11.60.
Address. J. W. BOW KN,
Editor and Publisher, Mc Arthur, 0.
Meetings of tlio Democracy and Liberal Re
publicans will be addressed at the following
Richland township, Wednesday evening, Sep
tcmlxr4 Speakers, Claypoole and Mayo.
-.- wwimM! TWmiMMr eweilng, September 5
Spcakors, Mc.Gllllvray and Snivel.
Friday evening, September 6 Speakers Clay
poole and McUUUvray.
ship, Saturday evening, September 7 Speak
ers, shlvcl and Mayo.
Monday cvonlng, Septembor 0 Spoakors, D,
B. Hlilvcl and John T. Foreman.
township, Tuesday evening, September 10
Spcnkcrs, MctiUUvray and Claypoole.
CENTER SCHOOL-HOUSE, Vinton township,
Wednesday evening, September 11 Speakers,
Claypoole and McUUUvray.
ship, Tluirs(lnyevcnlng,8oitonilcr 12 Speak
ers, Foreman and Mayo.
ship, Friday evening, Soptvinber 18 Speakers,
Mayo and Claypoole.
hip, Snturdny evening, September 14-Spcak
era, McUUUvray and Claypoole.
The Advisory Committees in the several town
hips will make the necessary arrangements for
holding thoso meetings.
By order of County Central Committee.
II. D. Baker, Esq., a youn
lawyer of Portsmouth, an
heretofore a Republican, has
como out for Greeley and nro
, '-! JT"
poses canvassing the county for
Greeley and reform.
1 The Slate Iff "opened at
Mansfield last Monday and
will cIosq on Friday.
Saturday Afternoon Sept, 21.1872.
The eloquent young. Irish 0
tor, ot Mercer uouniy, win
nrpftpnt nnrl deliver an I
and soul-stirring speech. Come
in wap-ona. on horseback. on
foot any way to get here
and near the Jive issues or mo
campaign candidly and fear
lessly presented.
Friday Afternoon, September 20. '72.
Will be present and deliver
able and eloquent speeches.
Tflvprvlinriv should attend and
. --j j ---
and hear the issues or the cam
paign fairly and candidly dis-
Scared and Desperate.
. The Radical Ring of McAr
thur (no country Republican
cares a straw) are getting ter
ribly scared and desperate over
their miserable prospects in
Vinton county. As a conse
quence some of them are as
cross and touchy as Grant's
pups.- They snarl at every
Greeley man tbey meet who
does not please them. They
devote considerable time to
snapping at the McArthur En
quirer. Their filthy organ, is
sued by a carpet-bagger from a
city, devotes the most of its col
umns to foul personal attacks
on the candidates on the Dem
ocratic and Liberal Republi
can tickets, and whines and
cries like a' sick kitten. How
badly this Ring must feel.
The slang they print and the
lies tbey create about candi
dates will have no effect what
ever. Let the slang-whangers
continue right along in the
same manner in which they
started out. Let them pitch
in. This mode of warfare will
soon change.
The Meeting at Jackson
The meeting of the Liberate
and Democrats at Jackson, of
which we spoke last week, was
a splendid attair. An ox, fur
nished by our good old friend
William Radcliffe, of Milton
township, was roasted, and a
grand dinner set before the
more than five thousand peo
ple who were present. A
number were present Irom
Vinton county. Among those
who assembled to bear the
speeches was a delegation of
colored voters, numbering thir
ty, from Jackson township, in
that county. Gen. Thomas
Ewing delivered one of the
best speeches we ever read.
It appeared in full in the Dai
ly Enquirer of September 2d.
lion. u. J. Callen ot Mercer
county, and Samuel A. Nash,
the Liberal Republican and
Democratic Candidate for Con-
ess iu this district, made
speeches in the evening.
V7r should like to see a polltloal
campaign carried through on prin
ciples of truth and decency. -CiV-
cleville Herald.
That is what we should like
to see, but no Radical . editor
attempts to do anything of the
kind. , "Principles of truth
and decency" are entirely un
known to them. Let the edi
tors of the Herald set a good
example and perhaps gome of
the "narrow-minded block
heads who "act in the most
unscrupulous way without even
realizing that they are guilty
of immorality and are degra
ding themselves,'' will no Ton
ger "resort to base means for
securing their ends." , The
Herald should be guided by
the New York Tribune, It is
a cood cruide for all "narrow-
minded blockheads" supporting
tne pup ana norse Administra
tion. .
Good News for Our Radical
Gen. Pillow is for t
Present. This is good news.
ueureBogiaatofaear u
Grant will want a tiilW VM
he is put in his little bed next
Let the Little Radical Ring of McArthur
The "Narrow-minded Blockheads." who
run Vinton County Grant Conventions
to suit Themselves can see what Honest
Horace Greeley Thinks of Them.
Horace Greeley has written many good things,
but none surpass, we think none equal in spirit
and vigor, the letter in which he replied to the
New York Union club that threatened him with
expulsion, when be and Gerrltt Smith and oth
ers signed the Jefferson Davis bail bond. This
was not the letter of politician or a nominee
for office. It was written five years ago. The
date of it is May S3, 1867. But it anticipates and
fully warrants the attitude of Horace Grooley,
now on the platform of Cincinnati and Balti
more. After referring to declarations consist'
ent with it, the letter thus concludes, with a
prophecy of the way in which his act would
come to bo regarded a prophecy already ful-
flllefl: ,
Gentlemen: I shall not attend vour meet
Ing this evening. I have an engagement out of
town ana snau Keep it. i no not recognize you
as capable of judging or even fully apprehend
ing me. You evidently regard me as a weak
sentimentalist, miuiou oj a maudlin pniioBopny,
i sirraugii yuu m uniiuw-niiuuetl uiucnuuuiis,
who would like to be useful to a great and good
cause but don't know how. Your attempts to
Dase a great, enduring party on the hate ami
wrath necessarily eugeuderod by a bloody civil
war, is as though you should plant a colony on
an iceuerg wnivn naa soinenow uruieu into
tronical ocean
I tell you here that out of a Ufa
wuuot.it uuuwi w 1.1 it; gwu VI II II ii m II J. I 111 I.
your children will select my going to Richmond
.. .1 .l . I, e 1. Lln.l
to tin
ruu BiKuiiiK limb uau uumi am me wisuav nib,
and will fool that it did more for freedom and
humanity than all of you were competent to do,
though you lived to the age of Methuaaleh. 1
and signing that bail bond as the wisest act
asc notningoi you, men, oui uiai you proceeu
to your end by a direct, frank, manly way.
Don't sidle off into a mild resolution of censure.
but move the expulsion which I deserve, if
I deserve any reproaen vnatever. All I cure
for is that vou make this a smiare, stand-uu
fight, and record your judgment by yeas and
nays. I care not now few vote with me, nor
how many vote against me; for I know that the
latter will repent it in dust and ashes before
three years have passed. Understand once for
all, that I dare you and defy you, and that I
Eropo8e to ngm it out on tne lino mat 1 nave
eld from the day of Lee's surrender. So long
as any man was seeking to overthrow our gov
ernment he was my enemy, from the hour in
which he laid down his arms be was my former
ly erring countryman. So long as any is oppos
ed to the national unity; the ledoral authority,
or to that assertion of equal rights of all men,
which has become practically identified with
loyalty and nationality, I shall do my best to
deprive him of power; but when be ceases to be
thus, I demand nis restoration to all the privi
leges of American citizenship. I give you fuir
notice that I shall urare the re-enfranchisement
of those now proscribed for rebellion as soon as
i snau reel connuent mat mis course is consist
ent with the freedom of tho blacks and the unity
of the Republic, and that I shall demand a recall
of all now in exile only for participation iu the
rebellion, whenever the country shall have been
so thoroughly pacified that its safety will not
thereby bo endangered. And so, gentlemon.
hoping that you will henceforth comprehend
me somewhat better than you bare done, I re
West Virginia Election.
An election was held, in
West Virginia on Thursday,
August 22d, for State officers
and for the adoption or reject
ion of a new Constitution.
There were two candidates in
the field for Governor. . Cam
den was the regular uominee
of the Democracy, and Gov.
Jacobs, the present Democrat
ic Governor of the btf.te, . wuo
failed to receive the nomina
tion, ran independent against
Camden. The latest news
from the election i9 a dispatch
from Charleston, W. Va., da
ted September 1st. The dis
patch says :
"Governor Jacob s election,
heretofore disputed by Cam
den, is now conceded by all,
His majority will be about one
thousand. The constitution is
ratified by three thousand to
four thousand majority.
Governor Jacob has been
asked his postlon In the Presi
dential canvass. Away goe9
the idea of his support of
Grant He is for Greeley and
accuses his political opponents
in the late canvass of having
caused the misunderstanding
of his true statements. A full
interview is to bo had with
him to-morrow, when his en
tire views will be forthcoming.
Democrats who supported
Jacob, and Liberal Republi
cans who did the same, will
take steps early this week to
organize a Greeley Club.
Thus the campaign In West
Virginia, under glorious auspi
ces, is nobly begun."
Local Matters.
As we are now in the midst
of an important political cam
paignone npon which the
future destiny of our country
depends wo can not devote
as much space to local itoras
daring the campaign as has
been oui custom, mere is
nothing like installing into fbe
mmds of tne people sound and
patriotic doctrine. Get their
their heads level an 4 t!e7 WiH
vote right. We intend ft
make the inquirer a terror to
Grant thieves and porruption-
ists from this time until tbft
close of the campaign. Every
Democrat and Liberal Repub
lican in the'eounty, not already
taking tho paper, should send
us his name as a new subscri
ber, with the cash in advance.
You will then be kept posted
as to whatistransDirinfr. The
campaign will bf a warm one'
Every Democrat and Liberal
Republican is expected o do
bis whole duty.
Andy Johpsorr fs out as -ap
independent candidate for Con!
gressmau at
dressed an immense mebv. ,
Nashville, one evening last
week, and will make , things
lively down in old Tennessee.
For the Enquirer.
Rambles in Vinton County.
- We found MeArtlmr, county
seat, pleasantly situatfd o-.t ;i
small hill, gently sloping in iill
directions to stream-', wlii.-h
encircle it onall siue, ami . su r
rounded by a grand ainphitlm
ater of higher hilhj surmounted
with fertile field3 of grain and
occasional groves of old forest
trees, the whole presenting . an
extended landscape of great
picturesque beauty; but the
most charming feature of all
consists in the mauy rich vine
yards of haudsorae grapes;
from which large quantities of
excellent wine are annually
manufactured, the most exten
sive of which are owned by
T. B. Davis and E. P, Bothvvell,
consisting of Concord, Cataw
ba and Ives beed lings. We
also noticed many fine apple
orchards loaded with choice
Another gratifying feature
of this fine old village i3, that
the various mechanic shops
appear to be in good order and
thtTiJecupants industrfom and
prosperous. ,
It is surrounded by a good
character of farms, in which
grazing seems to predominate,
tuougn niucn grain is raised.
.i i i
It contains a handsome Court
House, built of brick, but lack
ing a sufficient square or park
to give it a pleasant appear
ance. rue town sutlers one
draw-back, in being too far
(some three miles') from the
railroad station; while it needs
a new road, with more direct
connection with the Ohio river,
which should be at Galhpohs.
Its streets cross at right angles,
and run with the points of the
compass, east and- west, and
north and south.
Some interest is manifested
by the farmers in the vicinity
in the uobje Order of "Patrons
of Husbandry," and effoita are
being made to nave the order
established among them. Iron
ore, coal, and good ' building
stone exist in abundance in the
hills and valleys of the county.
The head nd chiet omcer or
the Patrons is Hon. Wm. Sauu"-
ders, the skuitui ana experi
enced Superintendent of the
liovernmein nixperimentanjrar-
den9 and Arboretum, at the
City of Washington j and the
Secretary of the National
Grange is O. 11. Kelley, tLsq.,
who will promptly respond to
all lgtters, for tracts, circulars,
or other Information in regard
to the Order and getting up
ocal Granges, .
Vinton is one of the old set
tled counties, is well cultiva
ted, and seems tp enjoy a lib
eral degree of prosperity.
Long may it flourish, and en
joy all the progress it deserves.
Jbew locations possess more
natural elements or resources
or comfort, prosperity and
wealth than this; but it needs
a telegraph station, which, no
doubt, the enterprise of the bu
siness men win soon secura
at least when anoer railroad
is opened.
We notice one thing which
is not quite so creditable, that
ig, Rumders of idlers hanging
around the corners and saloons,
while there is a demand for la
borers throughout the country.
Tnrouffh the kindness ot
Dr. D. V. Rannalli, we enjoyed
a pleaiant day among the" vine
yards and orchards; ne sup
plied us with a pleasant saddle
norse. and then accompanied
us "to some of the finest vine
yards and peach orchards in
this region; among them . the
ymeyard of Thos. Weaver,
where we saw a large quantity
of as good Concord grapes ' as
ever grew; standing at the rate
ot five to six tons to tne acre;
and be is busi v engaged in
athering and shipping them to
Ijncinpati, where tbey sell at
v'e cents per ppupd We plso
visited the thrlftv reach or
chard of George Brown, where
the trees are well laden with
that excellent fruit; everywhere
fruft is plenty this year.
Rambles in Vinton County. PATRON.
If our Democratic atid Lib
eral Republican friends will
but work and organize through
ont Vinton Cqunhr the majori
ty for ths otate and county
ticicec ac me vciooer eiecuon
and. the majority for Greeley
will bo large in.tljp county.
Urganition ispqwer utilized I
T '""l Work , for the
Orgau,v. ' ""'jve ev
whole ticket! Loc uS
ery man ,a handsome majority..'
Democratic and Liberal
Republican Mass Meeting
The following Deniiicrntiu and Liberal Repub
lican mi'olinu's mil horeliy aunmim-ed:
Meetings for Gen. Thomas Ewing.
New Lubun, Wednesday p. m. Sunt. 4.
Youngstown, Thursday evening, Sept. 5.
Llovotuml, iHiitiifdiiy evening, Sopt. 7,
undusky, Monday evuniuif, Htipt. I),
oletlo. Tuesday uVcnliiir. hunt. 10.
Ottawa, Wednesday p. in., Sept. 11.
Wapakonuttn, Thursday p. in., Sept. 13,
Marion, Frldav. l. m.. Mont. 12.
Siirlnglleld, Sntmilny evening, Sept. 14.
oiauuiiH, ivoiinvsiiiiy nuornoon, Boot.
Aniens, liuiniiiiiy aiiernoon, Menu IU.
Pomeroy. Friday afternoon, Sopt. SO.
I ronton, Monday afternoon, Sept. S3.
Portsmouth, Tuosilay nfternoou, Sept. 94.
Meetings for Hon. Cassias M. Clay.
Batavla, Tuesday p. m., SeptcilTlier 10.
Portsmouth, Wednesday evoning, September 11.
Ironton. Thursday p. nr., Seittemlier rJ.
Oiillinoiis, Saturday n. m.. SontomlHjr 14.
Midilloport, Saturday evening, Heptoii
Morrow, Tuesday p. iu., September 17.
Meetings for Gen.
Aquila Wiley.
Wausoon, Wednesday, p. m. September 4.
Hiyan, Thursday p. in., Huptembor 5.
('elina, Saturday p. in., Scuteinher 7.
i, Saturday p. in., Scptoinber 7.
'la. Tuosdiiv u. m.. Suiituiulierl
liatnvia, Tuosday u. m., September 10.
Portsmouth, Wednesday evening, September 11.
Ironton, Thursday, p. in., Soptemb
Unilinolis, Saturday p. m., Suptem
Midi llo port, Saturday ovening, So
emoer 14.
. Sentcinoor 14.
aiurrow, x iiusuuy p. in,, sopioinoor I I.
Xenia, Wednesday p. in., September 18.
Urliiuia, Thursday evening, September ID.
HoUelimtaino, Friday, p. in., Suftenibor SO.
Kenton, Saturday p. in., September SS,
Meetings for Col, J. G. Lowe.
Otlokee, Wcdnosday p. m., BcptemhoH.
lirvnn. Thiirsdav II. m.. Soutember fi.
ueiina, Saturday, p. in., eoptemoer I-
Meetings for Gen. Durbin Ward.
Mt. Gllcnd, Wednesday p. m., September 11.
tiallion, Wednesday evening, September 11.
Meetings for Hon. P. Van Trump.
Siilnoy, Wednesday p. m., Soptombor 4.
Lima, Thursday p. in., September 6.
Van Work Friday p. m., September 6.
Dcllnnoo, Saturday p. m.,Neptombor 7.
Napoleon, Monday p. m., September 9.
l'orrysbiirit, Tuesday evening, Soptombor 10.
Ottawa, Wednesday evoning September 11.
Wnpakonettu, Thursday evening, September IS.
Meetings for Judge J. C. McKeemy.
Sidney, Wednesday p. m., Soplombcr 4.
Lima, Thursday p. in., September 5.
Van Wert, Friday p. in., September fi.
IK'llnnco, Saturday p. in., September 7.
Nagmloou, Monday p. m., Soptemher 9.
Perrysburg, Tuesday evoning, September 10.
Meetings for Hon. J. B. Jones.
Marietta, Wodnesdav afternoon, Soptember 18.
Athens, Thursday afternoon, September 19,
Pomeroy, Fridny aiternoon, September SO.
Ironton,' Monday afternoon, September S3.
Portsmouth, Tuesday afternoon, Septembr 24.
Meetings for Ool. 0. N. Goulding,
Monroevlllo, Tuesday evoning September 10.
Shelby, Wednesday evening, September 11.
Mansfield, Thursday evening, September 14.
Newark, Friday evening, September 13.
Meetings for Hon. W. H Oldham.
Monrooville. Tuesday evening, September 10.
Shelbv, Wednesday evening, September II.
Mansfield, Thursday evening, September 13.
Newark, Friday evening, September, 13.
Meetings for Judge E; F. Paine.
Mt. Giload, Wednesday p. m., Soptombor 11.
uauon, Wednesday evening, eeptemoer n.
Norwnlk, Thursday evening, September IS
r roniont, noay evening, eopiemner i
Elmore, Saturday p. m., Soptember 14,
Meeting for Hon, F. H- Hard.
Wansoon, Wednesday p. m., Soptember 4.
Bryan.Thursdav p. in,, Sentemlier 5,
Napoleon, Monday p. m., Soptember 9.
Meetings for Hon. M. J. Soathord.
Joint discussion with Judge Marsh.
Zancsvlllo, Saturday evening, Soptombor 7.
Coshocton, Tnosdav afternoon, September 10.
Newark. Friday afternoon, September 18.
New l'hiladolpiila, Tuesday evening, Sept. 17.
Meetings for Hon. W. D. Hill-
Norwalk, Thursday ovening, Soptombor IS.
Fremont Fridny evening, September 13.
Klmoro, Saturday evening, September 14.
Meeting for General Morgan-
Tiollefontainc, Friday afternoon, Scptemlier 80.
Kenton, Saturday afternoon, September 31.
Hfoeflngs for Senator Carl Sehurx.
Dayton. Thursday evening, September 5.
Tiftln. Friday afternoon. September 0.
Toledo, Friday evening, September fl.
uicvoiaud, natnruay evening iscptemnor i. .
Columlius, Monday evening, Septamber9.
Cincinnati, Tuesday evening, September 10.
Meetings for Col. Wm. M. Orosvenor.
Eaton, Wednesday aftenioon. September 11.
Aiiddietown, Tiiursdny aiternoon, ncpteinuer is
Marion, Friday afternoon, September 13.
Ilelawaro, Saturday afternoon, Soptombor 14.
Lancaster, Mondav afternoon, September 16.
I)gan, Tuesday afternoon, September 17.
Mnriotta, Wednesday afternoon, September, 18.
Athens, Tliursuay afternoon, neptemlier 19.
Hamden, Friday afternoon, September 30.
miiiicotne, naturuay aiternoon, septemoerxi.
Meetings for Geo. W, Houk.
Kstnn. Wndnnsrlav afternoon. Sontember 11.
Middletown, Thursday afternoon, September 11
Meeting for Senator M.W. Ransom.
Lancaster. Mondav afternoon, September 10.
Txgnn, Tuosdnv p. m., Septumlor 17.
Circleville, Wednesday afternoon, September 18.
HAMDKN, Friday p. m., aeptemher 20.
Chillicothc, Saturday afternoon, September 31.
Waverly, Monday aiternoon, Scptemlier S3.
Locust Grove, Tuesday afternoon, September 84.
West Union, Wednesday afternoon. Sept, 85.
Georgetown, Thursday afternoon, September 88.
Meeting for Senator A. O. Thurman.
Delaware, Saturday afternoon, September 14. .
Meeting for Hon. L. T. Neal.
Wavorlv, Monday afternoon, September 83.
Locust Grove, Tuesday afternoon, September 84.
West Union, Wednesday afternoon Sept. 85.
Georgetown, Thursday afternoon, September 88.
Meetings far Colonel Geo, W. Andrews.
Bryan, Thursday afternoon, September 88.
Meetings for Hon. A. W. Patrlok.
Woostar, Wednesday evening 8optember 11.
Mansfleld,.Thursday evening, September 18.
Crestline, Friday evening, September 18.
upper oanausay, Saturday aiiernoon, oepu i.
Findlay.Mondtty evening, September 10.
Toledo, Tuesday evenlug, September 17..
Cleveland, Wednesday evening, September 18,
Delaware, Thursday evening, September 19.
Columbus, Friday evening, September 80,
Meeting for Hon, J. B. Barrow.
Wooster. Wedneiday evening, September 11.
Mamflleld, Thursday evening, September 18.
Crestline, Friday evening, September 13.
u pper oanausay, saturuay aiieruuuu, oept. i.
Meeting for Hon. J, K, Mower.
WostLIberty,aturday afternoon, Soptember 14.
Auma, wnaneiasy anornoon, oupwmuBr 10,
Urban, Thursday evening, September IB.
Bellefontalne, Friday afternoon, September 80.
Msetlngs for Dr. J. J. Mutton.
West Liberty, Saturday afternoon, September 14.
Bellefontalne, Friday afternoon, September 80.
Msetlngs for Hon. D, Callen,
TT.milnn tVl.Viiv .ffaminAn. fiAnkurnhn. til.
McArthur, Saturday afternoon, September 81
nont, n, it, rimison anun,
will speak at WoodauoltL Thu!
Hons, n, a. Hudson
He II. Oldham
day afternoon,
September 19.
Meeting for Hon. 'August Thleiue.
Youngstewn, Monday evening, Septembor 18.
Sleubenvllle, Tuo.day ovening, Heiitemlier 17.
Pullalro, Wednenliiy ovonlug, Soptember 18.
Woodsfleld, Thursday afternoon. September 19.
tanesvtue, riuay evening, supwinuer m.
Other appointments will be rqvle in a few
days. County Cqnlttee will make all neces
sary arrangements ior noiaing mas meetings.
E. B. ESHELMAN, Secretary.
The only persons hereabouts who
are Interested In Grant's election
are tho Federal office-holders.
They foel anxious about their bread
and hotter, and strive desporatoly
to show that Ulysflos should be ro
talned. Portsmouth Times.
That is the case wherever i
Federal office-holder or office-
seeker can bo found. In Vin
ton county there are a few of
the holders and about one half
dozen of the Federal office
seekers who are, extremely
Grantish in their views. The
laboring classes propose to vote
for ureeley and honest gov-
the uadicals are, growing
uneasy aboqt Maine, aUhougn
they have bpen ciirryli'J? the
State by from 10,000 to 30,000
County Union Sunday
School Convention.
Pursuant to a call, tho friends of tho Sunday
School cause met Ji! McArthur, August 25th,
and decided to hold a County Union Sunday
School Convention. The follnwiiigoffieora wore
eloctcd: . .
II.'H. 8WAIM, r resident.
11. DAVIS, VlOB Proiiliit .
HICIIAKD CllAIO, Ilocording Secretary.
J. 8. IIUIIK, tkirrosiioudlng Socrotnry.
8. W. SHERWOOD, Treasurer.
M. K. Babnkh, ) .
II.W.Coui.tbap, ( Executive
. Geo. W. Holland,
L. O. Pkrduk, I Commlttoo.
O. W. Holland, j
XII) Towiuhlp.-J. T. Foreman, E. J. Winters
Clinton. Ralph Watson, W. B. Dye.
WilketttlU. M. 3, Carr, John Miller.
Fno. George Knox, George Robinot.
A'noo. Clark Mcl'hersou, G. W. Kanode.
Madhon.Uov. Itlckotts, John T. Craig, Jo.
soph Whltlach.
Brown. Hoy. Stephonson, Georgo Walters.
.Straw. Gcorgo W. Johnson, John S. Wlthor
spoon. jMlnon. Dr. Totors, Robert Barnblll.
JllcMaiul.-W. S. Crow, J. A. Martindill Wm.
II. Allison.
JTarrUon. William Clark, Marcus Walker.
Engle.-3. W. Wilkinson, J. T. Smith.
. ThoExooutlvo Committco mot and flxod on
tho 10th day of Soptombor as tho time for hold
ding the Convention. Each Sunday School in
the County Is entitled to one Dolcgato. On the
17tll tho various Sunday Schools of tho county
aro requested to como in and hold a grand Bas
ket Colobratlon in Arnold's Grovo. Provision
has bcon modo for delegates who como in on tho
10th. A One Bannor will bo presented to tho
township bringing the largest delegation on the
17th; the delegation to be estimated according
to the population of each township. Tho Aux
iliary Exooutlve Committee aro requested to go
to work earnestly, and notify tho Schools In thoir
Tho dolegates nro roquostod to bring Into the
Convention complete reports from thoir Schools.
Those wishing Information respecting the Com
mlttoo will correspond with J. S. Iluhn. Com
petent Instructors will be in atlendnuce,
Each Sunday School is requested to collect
1.00 to pay expenses.
H. SWAIN President.
Meeting at Dundas.
O. T. Gunning, Esq., adr
dressed a very large number
of Democrats and Liberal Re
publicans at Dundas, on Mon
day night. His speech was an
effective one and the nncMence
gave him a close and attentive
hearing during the Rpeaking.
The people are awake in Clin
ton and will give a good ac
count of themselves at the Oc
tober and November elections.
To Road Supervisors.
We have printed and for sale at
this office, Blank Itooelpts for Road
Tax paid in labor. Supervisors aro
requested to call and sootho blanks.
PRAOnKS. We were highly pleased with the
baaketfull of beautiful and delicious Peaches
prcsontcd to ns on Saturday morning bmt by
Gkokoe Bkown, who lives on the nigh and
healthy hill about half wav between McArthur
and AlleiiHville, Mr. Bitowx is onoof ourmoNt
successful farmers, but aa a fruit grower ho
succeeds when his neighbors, for miles nronud,
fail; and the secret of liis success la that he is
so highly elevated. May he live a thousand
years and duplicate tho delicious peaches ov
ery yearl
The Political Meeting at
We were favorably Impressed with tho order
ly and intelligent audience which greeted
Messrs. Mavo and Clavpoolc. tho speakers nt
the Democratic and Liberal Republican meet
ing nt Zaleski, on Saturday night last. Al
though quite a number of tho audience were of
the opposition they showed by their conduct
that tbev wero likewise gentlemen. The speech
of Mr. Mavo was a truthful, able, and effective
one, and was listened to witli closo attention.
Mr. Clavpoolc also made a most excellent
speech which was replete with sound reasoning.
The Zaleski Brass Band was present and enli
vened the occasion with gooil music. The
meeting was held in tho building cast of the
Shipley Houso, and Mr. S. Shipley took an act
ive part In having tho room prepared for hold
Ing the meeting. The meeting was a success
in every particular and all departed after Its
close cutliused and delighted.
Zaleski. DIED.
In Jackson Township. Auirust SO, 1872. of
Rheumatism and Dropsy, Gkouub Sain, son of
Adolphus Bain, agea in years
In Allensvlllo, August 81, 1873, Infant dftugh
irof Samuel and makt Lyle, aged 18 days.
Vinton County, Ohio, Septembor 8, 1878,
To the Qualified Voter of Vinton County,
WHEREAS, By the Laws of Ohio regulating
elections, it it required or the ShorliT or hit
county to give notice before the time of hold
ing a general election by proclamation
throughout the county, of the tlm on which
such eloction shall be lioldon t
In nursuance of such reaulsitlon. 1. 1) AVIFT.
BOOTH, Sheriff of Vinton County, Ohio, do
hereby proclaim and make khown Umt ti
Second Tuesday In October, A. D. 1872
Being the 8th Day of eald Month, 1
Is by the Constitution and Laws of Ohio, ap
pointed the day on which the niialillnd elector
of Vinton County are notlflpd fa nwot In their
respective town-hips, at their usual or proper
places designated Kir holding eloction, between
the hours of fl o'clock la the forenoon and 8
o'clock In the aftorimoon of said day, and then
anii mere proceed to vote uy uauot lor (p) X
lowlug olUosrs, to-wit i
One Secrotary of State for the State of Ohio)
One Judge of the Supremo Court for the State
of Ohio:
One Member of the Board of Public Works for
the State of Ohio.
One Representative to Congress for (he Eleventh
congressional Wistrict, composed oi me utili
ties of Vluton, Jackson, Uallla, Lawrence and
One Judge of tho Court of Common Ploas for
tne noconn nuo-i-Mvisiiin ui tuu nuvvutiiuiini
eial District, composed of tho counties of Vin
ton, Jackson, Lawronco, Hc.ltto and Pike, to
nil the vacancy occasioned by the resignation
of Hon, W, W. Johnson,
One Sheriff for Vinton County
One Clerk of tho Court for Vinton County J
One Treasurer for Vinton County
One Probate Judge for Vinton County)
On Commissioner lor Vinton County
One Coroner for Vinton County,
And the Trustees of the several in
aid County are hereby notillod that the follow
ing number of Juror are apportioned to their
Townships respectively, and mat tney nro re
quired to select the said number and inako re
turn thereof to the Clerk of the Court ot Com
mon Pleat, togother with the Poll-Book
Klk .11
Knirln 8
WHko.vllln ;
Knox .. i
Richland "J
llurrluin 1 8
Swan ,,
.. II
Jackson ....
Brown' .... .
.. 0
.. V
. 7
Given under my hand, at niynftlcn, In MoAr
thur, this 81 day of heptemlwr, A. l. WS,
shmliT of Ylnton County, Ohio,
Hejitomlmr 4, n '
IT is a mark of tho unsuccessful man, 'Hi.it ho
Invariably looks his stable door wheu the horse
bus been stolen. This soil of wisdom never
thinks about bodily health until It I B"'"-'- 11,11
Just ns much lis any disease lias beii.ino seiiled,
tho power of tho system to resist and throw It
off is woakencd; henco time Is nil linportnnl.
For dyspepsia, all discuses of the liver, stomach,
skin aud kidneys, and all that begin in villaleil
blood, do not wait until the trouble Is cohlliiii
od, but attack it by a tinu-ly use of On. Walk
er's California Vinkuab Bittkrs. nSl-4t
Cam. aUGuNMNO'8 DRro Stork, In .Will's
Building, and see those Fine Oil Paintings,
Chromes, Photographs, Plain and Colored Lith
ographs, which are for sale very cheap. They
aro so beautiful 1
. 'The Best Pump in the World-'
OUtt Agents ronort over fWO.OOO worth of
property'saved fromlFire this i ear by theso
pumps, being tho most powerful foreo-pmnps
In the world, as well ns Non-f reciting.
See October number, page 31)0, nlso the Prce
mlum-List, pngo 8!of (lie Am. Agriculturist.
This paper never deceives tho farmers. Se
notlce in February number, pnge 4. Try ono.
If it don't do the werk claimed, send It back and
get yon r money, as wo warrant our pumps to
to do nil wo claim for thorn on our circulars.
Solid forcirculsi-s or orders to the Bridgeport
M'f'g Co., No 05 Chum bora St., New York.
An order for nine No. 1 Pimps secures an ex
clusive town airenoy. No 17-tf.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry Repair
ed Promptly:
All the Periodicals of tho day furnished on
short notice.
Chromos at$l each. Como and soo.
o. w. SAYLOR.
Vlnecrar flitters are not a vils F.nirv Drink
made of Poor Rum, Whiskey, Proof Spirits and Refuso
Liquors, doclored, spiced, and sweetened to please the
taste, called "Tonics," " Appetizers," "Restorers,"
&c, that lead the tippler on to drunkenness and ruin,
but are a true Medicine, made from tho native roots
and herbs of California, free from all Alcoholic Stimulants.
They are the Great lllond Purifier and a Life-giving
Principle, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the
System, carrying olT all poisonous matter and restoring
the blood la a healthy Condition. Inrilliinar it rrrA.t,in
and invigorating both mind and body. They are easy
of administration, prompt in their action, certain in their
results, safe and reliable in all forms of disease.
No Peraou can take thoso Bitter accord
ing to directions, and remain long unwell, provided
their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or other
means, and the vital organs wasted beyond tho point
of repair.
Dyspepsia or IiKllgesllmi. Headache, Pain
In the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the Chest, Dii
ainesi, Sour Eructations of the Slnmach, Had Tastx
in the Mouth, bilious Attacks, Palpitation of the
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the regions of
the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the ousprings of Dyspepsia. In these complaints
it has no equal, and ono bnttlo will prove a better guar
antee of ilt meriis than a lengthy advertisement. .
For Female Coinplaluti, in young or old,
married or tingle, nt the dawn nf womanhood, nr tha
turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display so decided an
inline tee that a marked improvement it soon percep-
For Iiiflnuimrttory and Cliionlo Rheu
matism and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigeslion, bilious,
jciniuciii aim imermmenc revert, uiseaset ot tne
Blood. Liver. Kidneys and HlnHrUr iIi..a Iliii.r. Imv
been most successful. Such Diieaaea are canted by
Vitiated Blood, which is generally produced by derange
ment nf the Digestive Organs.
They are a Gentle Purgative as well a
a Tonio, pottessins alto the uecullar merit of actinz
at a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Inflam.
.us t-ivcr mm visceral vrgan., Hna ill unions
For Skin Dlaeaiei. F.rnminni. T.n.r c;,ti.
Rheum. Blotchet. Soon. Pimillu. Pustule.. Ilnll. t ar.
huncles, Ring-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Ery
sipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration, of the Skin, Humors
and Diteates of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,
are literally due ui and carried out of ths iv.tf.in in
short time by the uit of thete Bitten, One bottle in
mi, ca.c. wm convince met nioti increauiout oi tneir
curative effects,
Cleanae Ilia Vitiated nlnnil wli.n..r vrtn
find hi impuritiet bunting through ilia skin in Pimples,
Eruption, or Soret ; cleante it when you find it ob
structed and thigglih in the vtint i cleans it when it is
foul ; your feelings will tell you when. Keep ths blood
pure, and the health of the system wilt follow.
Grateful tliontaiida nrnclilm Vihioab lb-
Ts the moil wonderful Invigorant that evtr tustnined
the .inking system.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms, lurking in
the system of so many thoutauds, are effectually de
stroyed and removed. Saya a distinguished physiol
ogitti There iatcarcely an individual upon the face of the
earm whom uoay it exempt irom tne pretence ol worm.
It is not upon the healthy elements of the body that
worms esist, but upon tin diseased bumon and slimy
deposits that breed tlittt living monstera of diteate.
No system of Medicine, no vermifuge, no anthelmin
tics, will fret the system from worint like thete Bit
ters. Bleoltanlnal Diseases. P.non. .nrarcd In
Paints and Mineral., such at Plumber.. Tvoe-ieit.ra.
Gold-beattrs, and Miners, at they advance in life, will
be aubjeot to paralytii of the Bowels, To guard sgaintt
this tk a dot of Walksb's Vinioar BiTTias once
er twice a wmk. at a rraventiv.
Billon, lleinlttent- and Intermlttatsi
Fevers, which are to prevalent in the valleys of our
great rivtrt throughout the United Statet, especially
r ,i.- vi :. .:....! ou. i. : ti,. 1 m.
..(u, i,iiiwuiri. siiinoilk .sin.
nttttt, Cumberland, Arktnsat, Red, Colorado, Braiot,
Rio Orande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannali, Roan
oke, James, and many others, with their vaat tributa- -rice,
throughout our tntln country during the Summtr
and Autumn, and remarkably to during l.asont of
unusual neai ana cirynatt, are invariauiy accompanita
by extensive dtrangenieuts of die stomach and liver, ana
other abdominal vitcra, There are alwayt more ot let
obstructions of tlx liver, a weaktitst tnd irritable ttate
of the stomach, and great torpor of tlx bowels, being
Clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In thsir treat.
m.nt, a punrttive, exerima a powerful tnfluanct uoon
that various orgnn, it ttsenlially necessary. There it
no cathartic for tin purpose equal to Da. J. WALKaa's
Vinioar Bittkrs, as they will speedily remove the
dark-colored viscid nitlttr witli which the bowels are
loaded, at ilie same tints eiimulttiug the secretion, of
the liver, and generally restoring the healthy fuuctioui
of tht diiettlv organs.
Scrofula, or King Evil, While Swellings,
Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck, Goiter, Scrofulous,
Inflammationt, Indolent Inflammations. Mercurial Af
fections, Old Soret, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes,
etc, etc. In thete, at in all other constitutional Dif
aset, Walks1! Vinroa Bittrrs have thown theie
great curative powen in the mos obstinate and intracti
able cases.
Ur. Walker California Vinegar Bitter
act on all these cases in a similar manner, lly purifying
the Blood they nmove the cause, and by resolving tway
the effects of the inflammation (rlit tubercular deposits!
the affected parti receivt health, and a permanent cur
it effected.
The properties of Da. Wai.ksr's Vimroar
Bittrrs an Aperient, Diaphoretic and Carminative,
Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-irritant,
Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-llillous.
The Aperient and mild Laxative pronertlet of
Dr. Walkrr's Vinroar Hittsrs are the best safe
guard in all cases of eruption and malignant fevers,
their balsamic, healing, and toothing properties protect
the humor, of he faucet. Their Sedative properties
allay pain iq the nervous system, stomach, and bowels,
either from inflammation, wind, colic, cramp., etc,
Their Counler-Irritaut influence extends tliroughcmt
the system- Their Diuretic propertiet act on the Kid
neys, correcting tnd regulating the flow i f urine. TIeir
Anti-Hiliput propertiet stimulate tht liver, in tin secre
tion of bile, and Ita discharget through the biliaty dtictt,
and are tuperior to all remedial agents, fur tht cure of
Bilious Fever, Fever end Aaue, etc.
'or(lf tile liody against diaeaae hy purl;
Tying all itt fluids wilb Vinroar Bi'ttrks. No epi
demic can tak hold of a system thus forearmed. The
liver, the stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the
nerves are rendered diseate-pioof by this great Invig
orant. 1 '
Directions, Take of the llilWrt on going to lr
atnightfron) half to on and pne-half wine-xlaufull,
tat gooc) nourishing food, such at beef tteak, mutton
chop, venison, ruast beiif, and vegetables, and, takt
ptlt-door exercise, 'r(ey are composed pi PHraly yegtiti
able Ingredient, ana ounlain no spirit.
Pruuxlslt and Gen. Aris., San Krancitco, Cal
and oor, of Ws.liinaltm and Charlton Sit., New Vol k,

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