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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 04, 1872, Image 3

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l)c (Enquirer.
T. "W. Bowon,
To-day will boyo8torJ;vy to-mor
if ti mo wore mon o', thoso who
roost ti round on storo-boxea would
bo nwful rich.
If you warifc Blanks or Blank
Books of any description, go to tbo
McArthur Enquirer office,
Thomas Koacii nnd Mahvey Zihukrwav
Umieutore, are building an addition to the
Livery Htablo of J. u. Swotlnnd, at tlio past
Tlio IMckftU-RV (flinty Vni ,nin i,
the 17th to the iOtliof tl.is month, at C'lrclovilk".
A. It. Vim (.leaf, Secretary of the society, will
i'ii'h i iuiveoiniillinentnry ticket to the
Tub warm weather for this year
endod on Friday last. Frost was
obsorved in Swan Township on Sat
uruiiy morning.
oold Out. J. J. Shockov him
sold his Hotel on Jtfain Streot to
Jionry noiihincH. ot Dvndas. and
on jtfondny ho removed to tho iione
formerly occupiod by Jlr. Hull, on
corneror Jjognn and .Locust Streets
The young men ospocially thoso
who cast their first vote this fall
aro till for Greeley and the Domo
cratio State, District and County
Ticket this fall. That is right,
The wifeofWonh Dearth, living
in Richland Township, three miles
south of Allonsvillo, died suddenly
on Friday, August 30th, aftor.three
days illness. Her attonding physi
cian was Dr. Drake, of Ellsworth
Dr. J. B. Drake, of AlIenHvillo, was
sent lor, but he did not arrive unti
after her death.
Next Sunday Afternoon at three
o'clook, Elder II. A. Pallistor wil
preach in the Christian Church.
Subject: "Christ Not True.". The
Methodist Quarterly Mooting being
held the same day, tho services usu
ally hold in tho morning and even
ing will bo omitted.
Tns public sale, last Saturday, of
Isaac Ullom, Into, owner of tho farm
sold to Vinton County for Infirmary
purposes, was attended by a large
number ot persons. Mr. Ullom
and family depnrtod yesterday by
railroad lor Illinois. Hon. A.- J
Swaini, having purchased the use
ot tho inhrmary Farm until the
time possession is to bo given.
moved to the dwelling last ilonday
List of Letters remaining in the
Postoffieo at McArthur, Ohio, Sep
tombor 1st, 1872 :
J. P. Christie, 2; Mrs. Margaret
Ellis, Luther Kidnockor, Henry
Miller, Miss Alice .Martin, Miss
Maggie Quinn, James White.
Tint following is a List of Lotters
remaining in the Postoffieo at Za
leski, Ohio, September 1st, 1872:
James Hough, John Poling, Mar
tlia Slurr, George Murdook, 2, Wm
Lightfoot, Thomas Coftors, Abram
Cane, Miss Annie Haines, Artannisa
Bennett, Miss Florence Casey,
Frank Crummit, David Colliers.
J. G. WILL. P.M.
Remember that next Thursday
week, the 12th inst.,is the time ap
pointed for the Yearly Meeting, of
the Disciples of Christ to commence
at thlsplaoe. The basket meeting
will be held the Sunday following
in Arnold's Grove. This mooting
has been looked forward to with
much Interest, and we.foel confl
TDK MoArlliur Kiwulr&r hns lost. At Zaloskl
pne subscriber during the past two weeks, and
we are compelled to enter his uumo upon our
black list. The Enquire in much better off
wunout mien a reader, nocausoiie never pain a
pent. He proved himself to be a notorious liar,
a snenkino-scoundrel, and a irunnlno nuisance
to the poor printer. He has left. He ran off
like all the sneaks who are determined to cheat
tlio printer. He's left the State. When he stop-
peri on tne tram ne reu aown m tne oar
car door dead drank, and the passenger know
he was mean enough to take a paper for more
than three years and run off without paying
for it. He has voted the Radical ticket ever
since he had sense enough to vote, and up to
mu nour qi uiu noiiarrure no iiiouirniurnnt whs
honest and cauble of takluK care of himself
without assistance, Zalesklls rid of him; so
are we. no oiyos us on suusnriptiuu amy si.ou,
Hit taaino, when he left, was Dr. Pickett, but
hi uuino, wnen ne leu, was ur. f lOKe'
what it mo be elsewhere, we can't sa;
to look upon. Honest people do not ohoat the
Col. D. S. Curtlas, Deputy of the
National Grange, left on Monday
morning morning lust for Mans
fjeld, tq attorn) th,e S,tate Fair.
frjqqpe. t)Q will gq f,q Cantqn, Stark
pounty, fan the purpqao of organi
sing Qranges. Ho will roturn to
this county within three weeks to
complete tbo organizations. Ho is
a gontloman whom, we like to meet
and wo hope he may be suooossful
jp the good work in whioh ho is on
gagod, in every county he visits.
. We have neglected to suy that
Dr. .T. B. Drnko. of Jefferson Conn.
py, Ohio, an excellent physician and
surgeon, has located at Allonsvillo,
jn thin county, h'avin'g tho practice
of tho late I)r. H. G, ilooro, of that
yjllago, pr. Drnko is, a gontloman
fll'fino profossiotjal apijuiroments,
and will make his mark as a physi
cian and. surgeon in any pountry,
Tffo congratulate tho good pooplo of
.llonsyillo ancj yloinlty rjpqq thoir
good fQrtuno jn socfirj'rig' tjg lqca
rion ap.4 ppryipos Rtnqng thprrf .
Meeting at the Court House.
On last Saturday afternoon,
I t 1 a
nuinuur ouarmers and lownx peo
pie iiHsembled tit the Court Houbo
for the purpose of considering the
propriety of organizing tiny Patron
of Husbandry in this region. Capt
Vv . J. Kann alls was called to th
Chair, and statod tho object of tho
mooting. Col. D. S. Ctrimss, on
invitation stated the aims," objects
and benofits of tho order; .aftor
which Thomas Maoee took the
necessary papers for getting up a
list in Brown Township, and Wm
Hays took tho papers for Richland
and it is hopod Granges will be
tormod in both theso townships.
Saturday being tho day' of tb
public salo of Isaac Ullom, one and
a half miles north of town, '.many
of tho farmors could not attend the
mooting. ''
Tho farmers of each township
Vinton county ought to organize
Grango of Patrons of Husbandry
or if it should bo inconvenient
form Granges in each township,
two, throo or four townships could
unite and hold regular meetings at
differont places in tho townships.
For the benoflt of the farmers and
others wo copy the list of officors.
ftc, of tho organization in Starr
township, Hocking county, from
the Logan Sentinel
Starr Grange Patrons oe Hus
bandrt. On the night of Wednes
day, August 21st, tho farmors of
Starr township met at tho rosidonco
of Mr. N. li. Woodward, to form a
Grango of Patrons, and wore insti
tuted and initiated by D. a. Curtis
Deputy of tho National Grange
with tho lollowing officers;
F. W. Frey, M..
John Mason, O.
N. J3. Woodward, L.
Goo. G. Mooro, S.
Alex. N. Jones, A. S.
Ed. C. Moore, Chaplain.
. Johu W. Crosby, Treasurer,
Thomas O'Neill, Secretary.
J. n. MitchellG. K.
Miss M. C. Austin, L. A. S.
Miss M. A. Froy, C.
Miss S. E. Austin, P.
Mrs A. E. Austin, F.
'The Grange decided to hold its
rogular monthly mootings on tho
Wednesday night beforo tho full
moon of each month
Autumn, 1872.
Folton is in the citv this
wook selecting one ot tho finest and
best stocks of Goods for hia numer
ous customors. "At this timo there
is a decline in prices of somo classes
of goods, and it is an excellent time
to tako advantage of it. He wil
select tho most desirable stylos of
goods especially all the new styles
He knows how to please those
who doul with him.
The assortment will arrive in a
fow days, and evorybody are invi
ted to go and examine them.
Rousing Meeting at Allensville.
ThO DomOftrftPV Ami IMIWaI1 PflniiVillnnnti hA
tile lliriff'st nolidcHl nine ti no nvnr lialrl In ami ml
am uiniiiiwu cownxiup, at Allonsvillo, lust Won
(lay night. The attendance was very lariro. at
tuiuivo, aim ontiiusiustlu. A numlier of ladles
Wero D'rOflonL IT. S. riiLVlliv.ln. .Inlin XfAirn .1
Jf. McGillivrny. and Harrison Lvlo, the tresl-
dent Of the meHtlnir. mailfl snnmfina. Wn lourn
that the address of Mr. Mayo was tho best he
over iiiixiu ncing interentiiig ann argumeuta-
" ini'i uiitKiiiK n lavoriune impression on tne
tuuieiiiw. ah were uciiKiiieu witn tne witf
remarks made liv Mr. I.vln. nbl KlnhlanH i
alive. The Liberals and Democrats men and
ken hold of political matters in earnest, and the
the political redemption of the State this fall
whui u will mi 111 1 1 limn nn. mil in.ni
Our Candidate for Commissioner.
We were tileased to meet and form an an.
mialntauce with Jomah B. Mabttn, our candl.
nace ror county commissioner, we can assure
the pooplo of tne county that he is the right
innu w ciuui. w uu uini iiupurtani pince. xie is
an -excellent mechanic, of mora than thirty
year experience (carpenter and builder,)
largo tax-payer, and 4 very enterprising and
useful citizen. Ilia practical knowleriira and
experience, togother with his strons; common
sense ana sound judgment, qualify him to make
good Commissioner. Let no voter fall to put
uu uamu uu urn ui Ktu.
ZALKBKI Band We wnr mistaken lust, week
In stating that a V. Dodge was tho toacher of
.lw. 1) .... .1 ... 1. 1 ..1. L..1.. I 1 . 1 1
vi. v unun nuivu una uonu urKnmxeil HB iHieHKl(
-ganizen ac aaiesai.
Jasper uobo, proprietor ol
or of the Photographic
UB1IUIJ1 "in ftkj m xiiik atuiTj, tw vim luauur
of the band. The following aro the" members of
Store, Is the loader
the Brass Band:
Jasper Tloho, Leaden Allen Robinson. Jai,
Sanda, Charles Hutchlns, Solomon Shipley, H,
C. Mankey, Lewis Botts, John Kale.Johh Baker,
vvuijgv Attic, uuuu xinu. '
ino nana w
parties, or for
The Band will furnish muslo for all political
they be appreciated and patronited as they de-
Arties, orior memos, wnen cauea nnon. m&i
Curino our Intkhview, the American Con
sul at Bankok presented the King an elegant
assortment of his medlolne from Dr. J. C. Ayer,
Lowell, Muss.,, for the use of the Court. He
explained to his fyajonty thelif origin (rem the
great chemist auq their uses, . The Cherry Poo
toral for coughs the Sarsaparllli fur. eruptive
diseases and tho Ague Cure for the fevors that
are so fatal In this hot country. The dangerous
condition of a favorite wife in tho palace with
one of the disorders these medicines cure, gave
him special Interest In these products of niedl-
oal skill; Indeed, these medloal marvels inter
ested him more in our country than, all the
other attentions we h,ad shown him. Letters
from a Lady In Slam. ,
Are You Going West?
If so, take our advice, and purchase yourtlck-
etsoveatlie old reliable and popular Mlsourl
FaolfioBsll road' which Is, positively, the only
Line that runs three Dally Kxpross Trains from
Louis to Kansas City, and the Went I and Is
fiositlroly. the only Line wbloh ruqs Pullman'
'alaoe Hltiopiii's and l)v poaches (oiooclally
for inovors) equipped with Miller's Safety 1'lnt
form and the patent Steam Brake, from St. Louis
Kmilns Olt.tr. Vnrt flnnt. Pnnuini T.awrnnna
Leavenworth. Atliiaon, St. Joseph, NMiraaka.
ny uouiiou Di 11 m and vm ana, w l tnnu t oliangel
Or infurmittlfin In rpirntil tj Ttma TiiIiIihi rufjta
Ac,, to any point in MiHunuri, Kansas, Nebraska,
Oolornho', Toxaoor Onllirnriiia.eallon or address
11. Thomson, Agent MUnourl faolflo R.B. Col
umhiis. Ohloi or, K. A. Ford, General Passenger
trouble to antWer question I
For Fare Drugs and Medicines
goto Sisson's.
Iolloway's Olntnient and
for rlioiitnatlHm, nourulgla, scrofula, .cancer.
sore leg, salt rhoum, and all oruptlons, tho olnt
mont Is the only safe and eortaln aiioclflc, and
L'llls, are oiia)ly rollable 'in dyspepsia.
Sohl7d Maiden Laho, X. X. Price M ocnti per
or box'. Ask' for new style; the old Is ooun
terfultoii. ' ' .- " ' . ' ' ' ' 1 " ' ' 1
O. T. GpHNiNa has just removod
tromthe "Old Brick Corner" bis
splendid assortment of DrugH, Med
icines. Oils, Paints, LooAs, Station
ery, Ac, to hi NEW ROOM
in Wili's New Building, one door
west of Oilman, Ward & Oo.'s Store,
on Main Street, where lie will be
pleased to meet nil his old custom
ers, and as many more as choso to
givohim their patronnie.
His New .Room is really tho finest
in southern Ohio; is heing visited
by everybody; and his sunnlvo
Dugs, Wines, Oils, Toilets, nnd the
lifte equal to any other cstablmhrnent
in tho country.
He fills presciplions, and can ac
commodate nil cuwtomors atroiison
able rates. If you want to see
tho finest Drug Store, drop
in and examine this one.
All Our Readers Should
Take It.
We have In a former Issue of the Enquirer
spoken of tlio superior merits of tho Amrkioan
Land and LawAdvisou, and of is usefulness
to overy business mini, land ownor, or those
about to build, or pim-lmso any kind of proper
ty. Every Issue that comes to us nppoars to ex
cel Its prodecortsor, and we most rortnluly con
gratulate the publishers on their enterprise In
supplying a want long felt In this country. It
give yon all your Legul Advico free, original
designs for onttnges, dwelling hotisos, suburban
and country rosldencos, an a vast amount of in
formation found in no other Journal in the
world. Wo find the following law questions
answered fully and sntlxfactorily in the last is
sue of the Advisor. This feature is alono worth
to every subscriber ten times tho subscription
Does Deed from I'rojoctors of a Real Kstato
lottery to Lot drawn therein, convey Good
Tiller (A. H., of lliitlor.)
When Is a DaiiKhtor of Agu in Punnsvlvaninf
CunaUirl at IS Mum' against Parents'
WinhisV Docs Mnri'iitire Certiorate llwiuire
Revenue Staniiil (U. (i. Wusti'.ill.)
Under l'eculiar Ctrciimstaiices, How Far loes
Verbal Agreement Opcrtttu in C'ontriiilic.tion
to Written Agrounicui; About Kama Mutters?
(Olivet, Pa.)
What Redress Has Ho Who lindorses for An
other for a Consideration and Hits to Pay,
W hero the Endorsed l'arty Ucts Hid of tlio
Consideration Beforo Note is Duvr (J. U., a
How Shall Money Obtained Fraudulently from
11 Demented Person he Kecovcredr (K. O.)
How Shall Tax-Cnllei'tor Uet Tux on House
that No One Will Own? How ( au Liquor
bo retailed in Beiiver countv. Under Presut
Luwr (It. J. Cioll.)
Wheie Man Carrion On llusinusi) Under Dif
ferent Name, Would ills liooil be Suhloctto
Attachment, Held Umler the Other Numef
(Subscrilier. Butler Co.)
In Missouri. How About Interest on Motes
Conipnimdingr (Muffiilo.)
In addition to the iiIkivm, the puhllshors give
i every vearlv subscriber, a bciiutil'iil ell h
1110, ThrLohT B auk, ftilly worth 0.(X): all for
12.60. We would advie all those of our ruuders
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weeklv nauer. to send stamn fur s.'uunle cniiv.
and tbev will And It the most uiolltalile invest
ment they ever made. Agents wanted by the
iimisners in every city, own ami viiiuge in me
rnitod Status. Address Croft Pllilliiis, Pub
Ushers, Pittsburgh, Pa.
N. B. Copies of the Land and Law Advisor
can be seen at this ofllce. and by our arraniro
ment wltn Its puiillsiiei'S wecuu iiii'iiixii u uud
this uaner for ta.W per year, with the ubove
enroino 10 every luuscriuur.
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sis'
son's Drug Ftori
Parton's I4fe of Qreeley.
This ig one of the most notable books of the
times, and decidedly one of tho boat written and
remarkably Interesting of tlio American blog
raphics. We do not propose to review it from a
political standpoint, far It Is not doslgnod as a
mere campaign book, but a work of standing
value, from the pen of a writer of established
reputation, whose biographies of eminent
Americans, are well known and highly valued
Mr. Parton'i writings are all attractive on
account of the care he exorcises In collecting
Incidents, and the Ingenuity with which he
weaves them Into the story of a Ufa, to relieve
the tedium of dry faots and monotonous narra-
Such work can net be rovlowod In the coin-
pass of an ordinary book notice, and It Is best
therefore to simply Infurra the reader, that It
was commenced year ago, before Mr. Ohsblet
was thought of as a presidential candidate, and
faithfully writton at one volume in the torles of
Parton's Biographies, simply for Its general In
torest and Intimate connection withe tho histo
ry of the country, for near half a century. Com
menclng with hit hjrth, and following him
through all the vlolisltudoVof sally years of
trial and adversity, the school which developed
the wonderful power that marks his riper years
and carried him forward to tho tlmo when the
pooplo honored him with the nomination for the
highest place In the laud. Not written In the
Interest of Party, It Is a full and Impartial His
tory, entirely free from partisan bias, and wor
thy a place lu every library In the laud. At a
book of reforenoe, a guide to young men and au
Incentive to renoved activity for every asiirng
,The volume is a largo duo.doc.lnio, elegantly
bound and appropriately Illustrulcd, aiid Is sold
through the cquvasslpgagontf qf the National
Publishing Co., Cincinnati, at Iwo dolhr. AU
things considered, and all political predlllotlous
aside, it appoart to us one of tho host, most gen
erally desirable, and cheapest hooks of tho year.
ForAyor's Mediolnss. go toG
W. Sisson's.
Llttoirs LlylK w ffCs
Tho weekly Issues of this periodical for the
lTth and 14th ult. contains the following valua
ble ami Interesting articles, viz: A, century of
Groat Pools, from 1750 downwuiilij Ho. VII,
Lord Syron, SUtckwoodU Slatatlm; Prae-Ij.
lamltlo Brigands, by W, Oinrnrd rslgmvo, Mac
millau't MuQaointi Norman Maolour, Ooltmpo.
rary Smitvii A Norwegian Oraina, Spectator!
Americanism, Pall Mall Omtttt; The Kadloal
Question In Ethics, by Alexander Taylor limes,
Cotempotary Jtnlew; Wit and Humor, BrltUK
wirtfrly Review; The Democratic Revival In
Franco, Saeamintri with Installmoull of "Off
the Skelllngs," by Joan 'Irigb'lo';;"Cirlstlrt
North, by B. M. Anchor; the 'coadllislon of "The
Maldof Sker,' etc;, etc, Tho subscription price
$8 a j oar, or for f 10 anyone of tlio M period-
lonls Is sont with TiXtllvinj g. fun a year.
LlTTRLb It 0 AT. lloston, Publishers. '
Another Letter.
Another letter showing how highly Spoor's
Wlnos (of Now JoiKcy) aroostoomeilby tho med
ical faculty ,. )t
Wilmington, Ill. Oct. 6.
Dba Sib, I have used aud prescribed 8pcc'r'i
Port Clrape Wind of No Jurscy for tbo liisV
year. ..Ifae great iilaip iy itiymi
tlie,snflaai(porlqf (oUfctmMi-'-
poioti . '
Wilmington, Ill. Oct. 6. F. W. WILSON, M. D.
Having this day told my Store,
and retired from business, I desire all
lwho are indebted to me to call and
settle immediately. i
Zaleski. O., Aug 7.1872.
Five Hundred Thousand.
J6- 500,000 Bottlos of Grkbnk's
Auoust Flower has been sold in
this Slate in three month. We on
ly ask you to go to tho drug stores
of Gunning or Sisson, McArthur,
0., and get a Bottlo Free, of charge,
or a regular sizo at 70 cts. ifivery
Bottlo warranted to cure Dyspepsia
or Liver Complaint, Sickhendache,
Costiveness, Heartburn, Water
brush, Sour Stomach, Indigestion,
Impure Blood, nnd nil disease caus
ed by Tmpuro Blood, or deranged
Stomach and Liver. Try, it.
G. G-. GEEEN, Prop.,
Columbus, 0.
How to Go West.
Thin Ir an onquiry which every
one should havo truthfully answer
ed before he starts on his journey,
and a little caro taken in examina
tion of Routes will in many cases
save much trouble, time and money.
The "I. B: k W. Route," running
from Indianapolis 'tlvrough Bloom
injrto to Burlington, has achieved a
splendid ropntation in the Inst two
years ns the lending PasHonger
Route to tho West. At Burlington
it connects with tho great Burling
ton Route which runs direct thro'
Southern Iowa to Nebraska nnd
Kansrs, with close connections to
Cnlifornia nnd tlio Territories; and
passengers stnrtine from Vinton
County, on their way westward,
can notdo better than' to tnke the
I. B. rfc W. nnd Burlington Route.
This line has published a pnmph
let entitled "Bow to go West,"
which contains much valuable infor
mation; a largo correct map of the
Great West, which can be obtained
free of chargo by nddressing the
General Passenger Agon B. & M. R.
R, Burlington, Iowa.
For 150 Per Inch tier Month. w will
llianrf mi ail.tnptl.nmnnl In Ul VIP4T.
CLASS PAPERS in Ohio. List sunt on annll.
cation to GEO. P. ROWKI.L & Cn.. Advertising
4t juiiui n rBm now. iN, l .
A (IE NTS Wantkd for . Chniuborlln's Great
CaintiRlirn Hook. Thf
A Novelty In Political and Popular Literature.
A Graphic nistorvof the Renubllcan and Dem.
ocratio 1'artlcs; a racy skotch of the so-called
Lilwral Republican Party: an Inside view of the
Cincinnati Convention. The minor tickets or
biiib suowg of tlio campaign. The flnest Illus
trated ilook Puhllxhcd. A Look wanted bv ev
ery American citizen. To sncin-e territory at
once, send l foroutllt. UNION PUHMSHtNU
w., im Twenty-second St., Chicago, 111.
Caps. Ospsa Torales.
Bpnd for Illustrated Circu
lar ftiiu rrice List.y
S04 Church Street, Phlla.
Nov. 4,. 1872.
Fire Works, Flags, Lanterns, Torches, Badges,
Uniforms, Ao. JOHKPH It. PUBDY,
Si aud 84 Maiden Laue, N. V.
Established ltMiJ.
Brilliant Colors and Beat
Black In Six Corq Thread.
J. & P. COATS'
From to 100 Inclusive.
ron .
Hand and Machine Sewing.
A SURE CUBE for this distressing oomplalnt
is now made known in a Treatise (of 4S dotavo
pages) on foreign and Native Herbal Prepara
tions, published by Dr. O. Phelps Bhown" The
prescription was discovered by him In such a
................ ,.., uiui no cau not conscien.
liouslv refuse to make it known, as it has cured
evervbodv who has used It for Fits, never" hiv
ng failed In a single caso,; hs Ingmllfents baj
bephtillneflft'ik any druggist. A cony Vert
a imuu uric ix in medicine, a hmirv
to the ualate. a duIuIms ....,. . .,m,t!'ry
t.u.;ii are me acKnowleilgei and dnllv nrn.nn
till Il 1 '": v K DinMjq
Piles that Ui Bimm Pn.
ij i i io oure. it la
IJ-vJHr.u rn 1 1 . - - .
.i d7, 7 prepared expreaaly to our
gls8t PrlceV.0 ' 8' B0'a b"Sr
SUPKKIdlt to
Winchester's Hyperphosphites
x or All Female Comnkinta
Whether in young orold, married or single, at
... .,..., ..I ninii, mi, u, tui.b uruieai period
the turn of life. Thi. unsiirminnl li.2.rV .-
erts such a -prompt and decided influence.' of a
Tonic ami lrtvigoratlng nature, that a' most
Sir.l,'Lnl",I,,w,,tl,'oonfn'' U Is a
tlon, and never knwn Ui fail (hiViuS iWVear's
,v , ; v p..,u..y7 -,.u nuM rviiaoie lor
H f lat or females. In v.vy eondltl.m of
eh t.h anil (iH,.., nf l If,, nisi vim
KN i n iniiTi n a iVr.M c a W."JL ?r, ?' :
Circular. Sold bv all UruiralHta. . (in. ik.ii..
perilbUlo.- i . " ' ,
J. WInOIIKSTEB CO., Chemists
jonnai., wew xora. proprulnri.
SfiT.HXM tVaxtert.-AKonbi miilie more min
'ov ill worlr Hir m that! at huytlilng sine,
islnphi light and -pennanentj lianlcillari
frw. u. driNMdN dk Co., 'Jrim Art I'ubluherl
rMand, Ulno.' v " WtlT
Hit BOOK FREE iwto'S'miwr'
taut quostlnna. Address, with stamp to pay
postage, Mas. II. MKilWEU, Hanover, Pa.
4r - i'sFV
dliiretle and au admirable general al"e?ailvJ 1
11 J.
Are invited to call and exaniine tbe large stock of
.' Just received at tlio "
Araonj; tho inuny beautiful Goods to be found there we may
; mention a
OF ' ' i "
. Comprising Handsome Patterns in
Japanese Cloths,
Japanese Stripes,
Lawns, IHques, . '
Percales, Grenadines,
Ginghams, Lustres, ;
Black Silk, Cretonnes
Iileacheil and Brown Muslin, Tickings. Chocks, Cottonades, Jeans, Casslmores, Shawls, White
' Bed Quills, Napkins, Tablo Damask, Towels, Crash,
'....) Swiss, Jaconot, to., Ac .. r , ' . '. .'
.. iui-j i i.ivun;a ivius, uu coiurs aim quauuesi j.aces, juigings, rrunmlngs, and
. Wc are making a specialty of -'':
LADIES' 0--LIT,J3n.J3 !
and have a gool Stock constantly on hand of all Styles and Qualities; also a line line of Boots
. , Shoes aud Hats I ...
Buckets, .
We are determined t. sell REGARDLESS of PRICES, nnd
Sink the Cork m to the Bottom,
No Tnubte to Show Goods., You
You come
Wo are receiving NEW GOODS EVEBY WEEK
T. A. JS&A.1EVTT2X & SOlsTS,
"The OLD CORNER STORE," Main St., McArthur, O.
. l'rints, Dolly Vardens, c.
tlos in Neck-ties. Bows, Collars, Gloves and Ho-
'- N. 0. Molasses
' Logwood,
are invited to call and see Us when
to Town!!
and you will always find the Latest Novelties
Prioea I
Ir Ton Wi to oar ALL Yorra
ScBaoBiBi von th REAL ESTATE
REGISTER, riTTSBtreflH,P4. (Weeaiy
tjPCqlnmnaitl.OO a year), Bumple oapy free,
TTAVINA been engaged In 'the study and
practice o( Dentistry for fifteen vesri and
aluoal practtoner in T.aokson forslx years, and
having availed myseli of all tbe ..
Modern . Improvements ' In Dental
I would reapeetfull
letfully say to the oltltenj of
vicinity that I am ftilly1 MK?
to all the various uluqclie qf the
uoArtnurana viri
ed to nunlnulfttoal
science. Pi'lces aA lovv a? the lowest, work; as
Joipd ps th" bet. Persons) eomlnjf fi'om
idiNtanco wiin.na to remain until thlrwork
iidono will be entertained at my private resi
dence free.
Used In extracting teeth, rendering their ex
traction comparatively painless, A female at
tendent always on hand to wait upQn latliua.
Ulve me a call
11, -V ' "'
fi.T. EOqOESS, Dentisf.
19 the BK8T and CniATEST Independent
Famllr Newspaper published. IS ootatalns
PoaTT-iiaHr columns ef readmu wstur, ti
printed, la th neatest styla, en line, white pa
ter,' and published al the 16 w price of if a
year.aad ;
BecelvM a Bemtlfnl Chrsmos worth the
nvetMfk Shut reoetving a riBtr-OLAM
fSISend Om BelUr for a year's Sub
orlptlon, and Tmm Cent for postage on tbe
C&romo to the Star Pvalletalaff Canu
!m.,J.IU., mm
For all General Diseases of Stock and
. Poultry.
' ' ' ' ' RKFEBENCESi ' .
nvdcr'S. IT. B. Analntant AaAaar M.,.,.,.
A;tna, I'a., C. niieou'a, Llvory and Exchange
etnlilo, Rniihnrv, Pa.
Wllheima Iian-vlift A. Kllla's! Merchant,
WaillinutiinvU A. I'a' J. Ni,. hi.m.k.,.'
Jeroy Sliore, Pa. ' " '
V.'.r t8 i,.u,llED. F hvSQ FKVEIt-Hess
Hro's, I.oWlKliurir, Pa,
j , , i: 1 1 ! 8 cy ltiti) OP COLIOThom ai OUng.
i', (flilrtnmiinty, Pa 1 . .
llrtos OUKKD 'of 'briOLTtRA.-H. Barr-s.
A A : Cartwaller'n.'MII WiiVT;1" ' "
COW8 CUlSED.-pr. McCleory'i, J. H.Uo
11m IT
. 4llU
.-umlreds more
.jvk was saved by using
,' !.ollowder. , ;. ;,(
. ' ., prkpaRkD Y " ' 1
T fll sT DI M S a Chemlat. Horseman,
At his whosalo and retail drnir and chomloal
SuiJorlum. No. 80 Broadway, M&ton. Penn.
, br, Il7u. Davla'I oTw. BlKkaM'lfi
Jiunes rJnnnv'a. llllttin Pi.1 :fz-
In Chemloal and If sdical Bsienc.
Dr. 27. F, OAItVINS,
FIIIBT AND ON r.Y 0T,TTTT0N svr mads
Jn one roixim t if xLt. 'tne twelve
Valuable aoiivi iirinvip Jj u( thi J1 known
TJNKQUAI.RD In Cough., Colds, CaWirii,-'
Asthma, llruusitis, aud consqniaUaa. v"n"'
afULATINtt sffect, upon Ih. pswal syaUni, .
1 remarkably f(Utieu h all ' .. '
t imtoAttH or the blood.
Ineludmir bcnituU and Eruptions of thiakln.
byspep.r, DUeast. of the .r and Kidasl
Heart Ihasast, and OsMnJliehiliiy. ,
Volatile Solution ' of Tar
?or INHALATION, without acpltoation of
HEAT. A rwaark.bly VALAJa alioovtry;
m tbewbols ppftv? can UMrri4 in ih vmI
aad))usitirelymri(vsuala .
All Vleease a) the nose, TUBOAT
Tar and Mandrake Pill.
for use In connettlon with tha ELIXIR TAB,
TWO mast valuakl
ALTpAltVaTklodloinsa knott i th. Pro- ,
tUon, and randars this Pill without xoantioa
tha verv best aver offsred.
Th BOLVfloN and COlfPOUJTJ) ILECflt ot '
Jem mUsiJU saVXi
la wlihjut doubt tb Sut remsdy kaowa In
It toy Bpscifio for sueh diseases, and should b i I
kept In th, ItoOMbotd of wy fioulr, wpsoiallr
during tbowwoatheiavakh ' '
!tlr?, '"III?;," '" nU s;nantty taken
dusates! In)T,u eoataotio km tentbk ,
Solution and Cqnjpsuiid Elixir, $1.00 par Bottle
Volatile Solution for Inhibition, 3.00 pa Box
Tar and Maadraka Pill, Mote par box. i
iL ,Dor!oI,OMT,VR
L. F. H-ffUB te CO., '
ify 4b 2tl JSt., Xtw Tor. f i
We answer, go tq the Southwest Missouri,
because the Atlantlo PM Railroad O..
.W,9pPAvreorLan,4 autnal settlor,
yaw prbe on JongOlH, besides furnishing
free.tranauorta,tlm their road to nvl.M.
eri tWmdx.Wdrria8 ui, throh
rapidly ta ite aesnniiu,
CoistiWlllbe one of the trunlt Hue ot the
oountry,-novor blockaded by enow-the lands
alonstheroadarela a rma lertne oouiiMj.ai
productive aa any in tneeiaiejwtoiimsw win
bines all theadvantairet of northara an'i south
em latitudes) goodolluiate.iol aealth, water,
limber, gmsiiig.iru"'- and flowers, invite yon
togo to O'lrroglon. For further Information
addrosa A TUCK. Laud Com'r, 688 Walnut
Btreot, Bt. Louis, Mo. ' a-lf
Railroad Notice.
'I'THK. tockhol.(trsof the Farmers' and Ml
1 nurs' Kailrnad Company are rraneated tn
meet In Clrcleville, Pb-kawav county.o., on ti e
1st day of HKPI'KMBKit, IKlit, to ele. t Dlree.
tons for said Company, and take such other
stops a they may doein best for the Interest of
U.e t. and M. Koad.
Prea. Inconwators F. and M. B. B.
P. C. Smith, 8m.
August 14, 187V.
& h 1 1 .hi .i arii
New York Offloa. 27 BEEFMUI ST.
Ayers Cathartic Pills,
For the relief anil
cure of all derango
nients In the stoin-'
acb, liver, and bow
els. They are a mild
aperient, and an
excellent purgative.
Iking purely vege
table, they contain
no mercury or mine
ral whatever. Much
t aerioua sickness and
a aiitTerinr la nrevent-
ed bv their tiinelv
use ; and every family should have thein on hand
for their protection anil relief, when required.
Long experience has proved tliem to be the saf
est, surest, and best or all the fllte with which
tiie market abounds. By their occasional use,
the blood ia purided, the corruptions of the ays
tcin expelled, obstructions removed, and the
wholeinachinery of life restored to its healthy
activity. Internal organs which become clogged
and sluggish are cleansed by Ayer'e I'M, und
stimulated Into action. Thus incipient disease
la changed luto health, tbe value of which change,
whon reckoned on the vaat multitudes who enjoy
It, can hardly be computed. Their sugar coating
makes them pleasant to tako, and preserves Uieir
virtues unimpaired for any length of time, so
that they are evor fresh, and perfectly reliable.
Allliougn searching, they are mild, and operaUt
without disturbance to the constitution, or diet, or
Full directlom are given on the wrapper to
each box, how to nse them as a Family Physic,
and for the following complaints, widen these
fills rapidly cure:
For lyanMla or Tnillgeatlon, Listless
mm, IBBgaor and Lou of A ppeilt, Uioy
should be takcennoderatcly to stimulate the stom
ach, and restore Its healthy tone and action.
For fitwr Coaipilalat and Us various symp
toms, lIHiosM lleiulitchr, Mick Hid
ache, Jwnnillcfi or Ursra Slckneaa, If ll
Ions Colic and Hilton 1 vers, they should
be Judiciously taken for each case, to correct the
diseased action or remove the obstructions which
cauBO it.
For Iyasitry or Dlarrlsoea,' but ono
mild dose is generally required.
For HsMissanatlam, fVoot, ravel, Pal
SitutloB 4f She Heart, Palis ia the
me, Hack and Loina, they should be contin
uously taken, as required, to change the diseased
action of the system. With such change those
complaints disappear.
For Atropay and Dropsical Swelling,
they should be taken In largo and frequent doses
to produoe the effect of a drastic purge.
For BoppreMlon. a largo dose should be
taken, as it produces the desired effect by sym
pathy. As a Dinner Fill, take one or two Ville to
promote digestion and relieve tho stomach.
An occasional doso stimulates the stomach and
bowels, restores the appetite, and invigorates the
system. Hence it is often advantageous where
no serious derangement exists. One who feels
tolerably well, often finds thut a dose of these
Villi makes him feel decidedly better, from their
cleansing and renovating effect ou the digestive
Dr. J. C. AJEB ti CO., Practical ChemitU,
Beware of Counterfeits I
ere ealeneively 0OTRTSnriiTD. DUhtmttt Drue
gut, endeavor to Mil th ctmnttrfeite tomake eyeattr
profit,. The genuine have ftanamsqJob Moaea
on etch package. AU other, are uorthlae imitation,.
Th oasoiai Pills an unfailing in tha curs of all
those painful and danrnrous diseases to which tbo
female oonititntlon Is subject. Thar moderate ail
sinenses and remuta all obstructions, from wbst-
thsyars particularly sultad. TUoy will tn a short
tlms bring on the month? period with mguiarity;
ana aunontn very powerrai, contain nomini Hurt
ful to tbe constitution. In all cases of Nervous and
Spinal Affections, Pulns in the Buck and Limbs,
atlrue on slight siortinn, Palpitation of the HoarU
Hritarlas and whites, thor will offect a curs when
all other moans hava fitlleit. Tbe oiroulara around
each paokars civ full directions and advioa, or
win uo hu inio y, an wnung; tor uieiu, seaioct
from observation.
N. B. In all eiuos whore tha cinriks cannot bo
obtained. Ono Dollar enclosed to tho Sole Proprie
tor, JOB MOSES, IS Oortlandt 8U New rorkwlll
manrs a bottle of tha genuine, containing Fifty
Pills, by return mall, eeeurely eealed bom any
knowledge of its contents.
Iinvt TCH PTTT.lWnVTrT TVewam
Onrs ConoHS, Colds, Asthma. Baosoniris, 8o
TnsoiT. HoAasiNsss. Difficult BniATntMo. In-
Oinsar Oossoarrion ahdLoo Dibbisis. They
hat no taste) of medlolne, and any child will tako
them. Thousands have beon restored to health that
had before dosnaind. Tnstlmony riven In hundred
of csjws- Ask for BRYAN'S PULMONIC WAfERS.
Pries) SSeen'arerbax. JOB MOSES. Propris
tor, 18 Oortlandt Street. M ew York.
Prepared by J. OARANOIKHfl
No. lit Rno Lombard, Parts.
Thee pills are hlehly reoommondod by tha entire
uedtoal Faculty ot V ranee aa tha very best remedy
In all oases ofSpernmtnrrhma, or Somlual Weak
nms ; Ninhtly, Dally or Premature Emissions ; Sex
ual Weaknew or Impotence ; Weakness arialngfrom
Secret II nbl ta and Hexuiil ISioease ; Relaxation of tha
Genital Ormuia : WnakKnlnA. nMnn.llltkt.httTTrln
and all the ghastly train of Diseases arising from
Overuse ptlscestea They cur. whenaJlotherrem-
diss tMI. fumnhlot or Advicn In each box, or will
bassnt FaMtoanr address. PrloitAl emr Box.
sent or mail, twriv.aiso;jromaiislMriiarton,on
miWoftmo, OSOAHa.lIOBGS, lSOoaTLiXD
8r, NswYoas,8oi unral Agent for Anurias.
Ayer's Ague Oure,
For Feyer and Aue, Intermittent Few,
i OhiU ffevar, Remittent Fever, Dumb
Agua, Periodical or Bilious Fever, dto.,
aad indeed all tho affeottona wbloh ansa
from malarious, rn .rh1 0r mlaanoatio
poltoni. i
No one remedy Is loader
called for by the necessities of
the American people than a
sure and safe cure for Fevsr
and Ague. Such we are now
enabled to offer, with a perfect
certainty that it. will eradicate
the disease, and with assur.
ance, founded on proof, that no harm can arise
from Its use In any quantity..
That which protects from or prevents this dis
order must be of Immense service in the com
munities where It prevails. Prevention is better
than cure, for the patient escapes the risk which
be must run in violent attacks of this baleful dis
temper.: This "CUM" expels the miasmatio
poison of Fbvrr amd AotiB from the system,
and prevents the development of the disease, if
taken on the first approach of its premonitory
symptoms. It Is not only tbe beat remedy ever
yet dlsoovared for this ofass of complaints, but
also the cheapest. The large quantity we sup
ply for a dollar brings It within the reach of
everybody; and m bilious districts, where
Feveb and Aoub prevails, everybody should
have It, and use it freely, both for euro and pro
tection. It Is hoped this price will place It within
the reach of all the poor as well as the rich.
A great superiority or this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittents Is, that it contains no Qui
nine or mineral; consequently It produces no
Sulnlsm or other injurious effects whatevor upon
is constitution. Those cured bv it are left aa
healthy aa If they had never had the disease.
Fever and Arue la not alone tlia oonaonurnipa
of the mlaamatio poison. A great variety of dis
orders arise from its irritation, among which
are Neuralgia, Khaumntlsm, Gout, llnadaohe.
Blindness, Toothache, Faracho, Catarrh. Asth
ma, Palpitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen,
nyaienos, rain mine noweis, vonn, raraiysis,
and derangement of the Stomach, all of which,
When originating in this cause, put on the in
termittent type, or become periodical. This
"(Juitic expels tbe poison from the blood, and
consequently cures them all aliko. It is an in
valuaulo protection to Immigrants and persona
travelling or temporarily residing in the mala
rious districts. If taken occaslonAlly or dally
while 'exposed to the Infection, that will be ex
creted from the system, and cannot aooumulato
In sufficient quantity ta ripen Into disease.
Hence It is even mora valuable for protection
than cure; and fow will ever suffer from Inter,
mitumta If Uuiv avail themselves of tha nrnteo-
tion thi remoify afl'nrds.
Bur if tier femnlntnt, arising from torpid
ity of the Liver, It 1 an excellent remedy, stun
ufatliig the Liver tnlo healthy activity, and pro
ducing many truly remarkable oiucs, whore,
otUor meUiuiuea uu.
r . . . mitrAsra t ' ) -
Dr. J. Ca AYERoVCO., Lowell, Mmss,
rarer $49 rxn mqxxljs,
1 a AV-

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