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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 11, 1872, Image 3

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The Road Supervisors.
We huvo printed and for sale at
tnis otnco, manic Keceipts for Road
!Tax puid in labor. Supervisors are
requosteu to call and Bee the blanks
Soda dissolved in hot water wil
removo'pnint. , .
. The loaves of the forest begin to
givo the Autumnal hue.
t Some of the Hocking ceunty far
mers havo commenced cutting and
shocking thoir cord. "
What is more coquettish than a
protty girl inside of a scalloped
JSot on)y . children but " grown
people should keep pins out of their
'If the person who purloined the
little silver call boll from the M: E
S. S., will roturn it as quietly ns they
took it, their name will not be vub
lished; otherwise it 'will, for it is
well known who that porson is.
: -7-The Cincinnati Exposition
opened on Wednesday. It is
pronounced to be by far the finest
show ever seen in America.
Receipts' first "day $138; last
year tyayy.' During its contmu-
ance, round trip tickets will be
sold on the M. & C. R. R. at
half-fare rate's, good for 'four
days. .
We invite , the attention of our
readers to tho Sunday School Con-
vention notice, which will be found
elsewhore.' Prof Ogdkn, of Bollo
fontaino, 0., author of the Singing
Book, "Silver Song," will bo here
to conduct the singing. ' Also,, the
Secrotary of the State .Sabbath
School Union will be here.; Lef
everybody;. come with baskets well
Ailed. ' '
At the last examination of Tench
ers, Certificates were granted as
Twelve Months. C. L. White, Co
lumbuB Carnal, Mary Hastings, Ju
lia Curry, S. P, Gibson, E. II. Chan
dlor and Lou. F. Shurtz.
Six Months. Wm. Brown, Ann
Walker, Luvina Slater, Alice Wil-
. cox, S. W. Lake, J. T. Foreman
and L..W. Hays- :' t .:
L. O. PERDUE. Clerk.
We arc improving the well on
our premises. The well in itsorig
inal shape, was 14 foot elect) and not
a drop of good wator had boen found
in it for eighteen months before th
work of Improving was commencod
Tho old wall was removed and tht
cylindrical hole extended into tht
hurd earth sixtoon feet lower,
whore rock wusound and a supply
of good water, suflloieut for use in
our family and Printing House wac
reached. A basin one foot in depth
was cut in the rock; In the wel'
we have put an "American Sub
merged Pump," being the., most
powerful force-pump in use In the
world as well as non-freeeing and
the most convenient and easilj
workod, and will lasta lifetime with
out getting outof order. jWeshall
have more to Bay about it soon.
Over the well a neat little house has
just been erectod by our carpenter.
Thoma.8 I?oAcn, Come and eeo our
pew pump and get a drink.
Meeting on Monday Night.
A few hours' notice was given
last Monday that on, that even
ing the people would be ad
dressed by 0. T. Gunning, 'Esq..
at the Court House, in this town!
Upon the political issues 0f the
dfty, An attentive audience as
sembled,' many of whdm 'were
Grantites. Mr. Gunning spoke
over an hour. His speech was
a telling one, with not a point in
it but what had effect, and not
an assertion that can be denied.
He plainly showed all
iyw fc JfNES, n his speech, on
Saturday . niffht ' DrevimiH. haH
huswh turn aooeived nis hearers.
The fylsehQods uttered by Jones
in regard to the total amount ol
the public debt, for. each year,
since the beginning of Buchan
an's Administration were cor
rected. He compared the offi
(;ia!Hdtatpnents mode by United
BtatPS Secretary of Treasury
Uoutwell of tho publio debt ; for
the years since the beginning o(
Grant's Administration with offi
cial statements . jbr thef ' same
years made by Routwell's clerks,
f ci ptatpmpnt 'of the , public
licit jiiade out by the clerks, and
even those of. Mr. Boutweli
Jjimsdf made at . (Jjfl'erent: times
showing a difference of hundreds
of millions of dollars. , -He.' 'wiu.
particular to give specific author
ities for his iigiuos,'' ' having. , be
fore him a correct copy of the
ollicial record.
Vinton County Sabbath School
Vinton County Sabbath School CONVENTION AND PIC-NIC
Vinton County Sabbath School CONVENTION AND PIC-NIC AT
SEPTEMBER 10TH & 17TH. 1872.
II. II. 8 WAIST, JPwldtnt.
W. J. HANNEI.LS, ir,irt,al. " ' "
, 0 o'clock. Religious Conference nnd Prnyorfor
the sabbath School Causo. .
9:30. .Appointment af Committed, Afl. : ;
10. Brutuol Exchange of Views on the Tnt
ent state or Sabbath Schools In tho County. ,
11. Discussion t "What Is the Best Mothod of
Imparting Instruction and Securing Attention?'
1 :80. Model Lesson with the Members of the
Convention Arranged In Classes, and Each
laught by a Competent Teacher.
-.80. Reports from Delegates. '
8:00. Discussion: "How Shall We Best Vro
mote the Interests of Sabbath Schools In the Va
nous Townships." '
4 :00. The Use of the Black Board, With a Les
son illustrating its use. .
7:80. Singing and Prayer.
8:00. Dlscpsslon: "How shall we BeiW the
Attendance of Parents and Adult Scholars?"
i B:4S, Question Box opened and answers givpn.
0 o'clock ; All the Sabbath Schools of McAr
thur assemble at the If. E. Church and practice
singing. '. ,
0:4B. March In Procession to the Grove where
tno day will be spont In the most pleasant and
prou table manner.
Buffalo Land.
We are In receipt of this new and most aarroe.
iblo volume of over 500 pages from the press of
E. Hannaford & Co., (Publishers of FIRST
CLASS Subscription Books, Cincinnati and
Chicago.) The author Is Hon. W. E. Webb, ol
fopeka, Kansas, long and widely known from
his connection with the interests of emigration.
and a strikingly original and popular humorist.
It descrlbos the wealth and wonders, the myi-
teriot and marvels of tho boundless West thai
wild region so much talked about, yet so little
understood, whose growth and development
seera like a tale of Eastern magic It Is superb'
ly lllnctrated, containing no less than llfty-thro
original and striking engravings, from actual
photographs and designs by Prof. Henry Wor
rail, nnd executed (tho enterprising publisher!
issure us) at a cost of over 2,O0O.
In a short review like this, it is, of course.
Impossible to convoy a perfect Idea of thin ad
mlrablo work. To any one who has the least
touch of the "Western Fever," It must prow
really Invaluable; and for all classes of readers,
without exception, it is tho liveliest and most
laugh-provoking book we havo seen for many
lay. .. It abounds with valuable Information.
the reality of which Is vouched for by Govcrnoi
Uarvey, of Kansas, and others. It fairly brlmi
over with wit and humor, and many of its chap'
'en rival Mark Twnln's happiest stvle.
"Buffalo Land" embraces a wide and varlot'
ange of topics, among them tho following:
Details of great Interest and importance con.
lernlng tho natural features, vast resources.
apld development, and almost lncredlblo pro
Tress of the far Western States and Territories,
with glimpses of their mighty future.
Curious and Interesting facts connected with
the climatic and other changes consequent up-
in the settlement and denser population of tht
lewly-rerlnlmcd Western Lands.
Fresh and authentic Information, from
fllclal sources, respecting the supply of fue'
ind lumber available: for use on tho Great
Plains; the cost of a farm, what the einlgran'
would bring with him, stock-raising In tht
West, ftc
A full luminary of tho ITomestcnd nnd Pre
emption laws and regulations, prepared by
rormer Roglstor of the IT. S. Land office.
Full and accurate descriptions of the habits
haractoristics, etc., of the savage red man
niffalo, wolf, elk, antelope, etc., as found lr
.helrnatlve wilds and on the outskirts of clvlll
Graphic and thrilling narratives of huntint
viventurcs, stalking tho bison, encounters wltl
Indians, etc.
Vivid pictures of life on the frontiers;, tht
ost and present of the Great Plains; .tile vast
nland sea, and the marvelous animals with
hlch It once teemed. ,. . ..
Hi (till V intorestini accounts of the ircoWlrfl'
wuuuun ui me nest, auiKiuariau ana sciential
The publishers desire a cents for it evnrv.
where, allowing exclusive territory and thi
nost llboral commissions. The firm Is a prom
uul reliable one. We give tbolr address in full
B. Hannaford A Co., 177 West Fourth Street
;inclnnatl. Many of our readers will want the
wok, and agents will make money rapidly lr
ts sale.
Hamden, September 20th.
Let it be remembered that
?rand Mass Meeting will be held
at llamden, Friday, September
ivth which, will be addressed bv
Ool. W. M. Grosvenob of Missou
ri, lTon M. W. Ransom, U. S.
Senator from North Carolina, and
Uon.-D. J. Callen, the Irish or
ator from Mercer county.
friends of lleform, of a cheap
and honest Government, turn
out and hear these eloquent gen
tlemen. Bring your wives and
children with you, and let us
make this the grandest demon
stration of the opponents of cor-
3uption ever held in South-east
ern' Ohio. Speaking will com-
about 1 o'clock.
Holloway's Pills.
Operating through the' bile and
tho blood, these great senrohers ( of
the system disoharging from eve
ry organ ithe poison of diseuse.
the facility with which they oure
lyapepsta nnd diarrhoea is wonder-
il. Sold Maiden Lane, N. Y.
rice 2S con ts per box. .Ask for
new style; the old is counterfeited.
Blessings Brighten as They
Take Their Flight.
good health, without
whloh nothing Is worth (ho having; It It al
ways appreciated at Its truo value aftor it, is
ost, but; too often, not before. Lli's) properly,
and eorroct ailments hefo re I'lcy become itcatod.
ioruisasesr Hie llvor, kidney, skin atom
tel:, and. all arising from Impure) or feobU
blood, l. VnntR'a California Vinkuah
BlTlKln are a snrs and meedy remedy. It has
aevor )tet Hill fu a single Instance. . ' . I
HiLL'R Vegetablo Sicilian Hair Renower now
Hands among the first, and at the head of all
irtlolos for similar purpose. The testimony if
our physicians Is conclusive as to Its valuo;
and wo are personally acquainted with scores ol
eases where It hns been used With the best of
esulll. ' It will rnuture ai.nv hair ti IL nrlnlnal
color, and leave It glossy, and In a healthy con.
inioni wlilio for heads troubled wii .l.n.in.r
r any. disease of the scalp, It acts like a charm
In cleaning them. Try It and you will not be
.'Tor Pure Drugs and Medicines
The Speeches Last Thursday
On Thursday forenoon post
ers' were issued from this office
announcing that the Democracy
and Liberal Republicans would
bo addressed at the Court House,
in McArthur, on that evening,
by Judge J. R. Gbooan of Logan,
and J. W; Stinchicomb, Esq., of
Franklin County, both -'Liberal
Republicans. Having business
elsewhere, we could not attend
the meeting,1 but we learn since
returning home that the meeting
was a very large and enthusias
tic one. The speeches made by
those gentlemen were the most
argumentative "and convincing,
and were frequently and loudly
applauded. , :: They indicted the
Radicals in general, and Grant
in partiqular,' as trying to perpet
uate themselves in power at- the
expense of the liberties' of -the
people. Many of Grant's ;,iup
porters were at the meeting.
among whom was the distin
guished and learned Ex-Senator
Jone who knows that "Genera!
Lee; is for Greeley," and the pon
derous of blows Judge Grogan
and the unanswerable arguments
of Maj. Stinchicomb made them
look downcast, as they are now
evidently ' convinced that the
"Great Gift Taker" will be over
whelmingly defeated in Novem
County Commissioners'
The Hoard of Commissioners of Vinton Coun
ty mot In regular session on Jtonday, Septqmbor
w, lira, at tno County Andttor's Ofllco.
Present: H. II. Swaim, Washington Kecton,
I'atrlck Kelly, t'oninilsslnners, and W. W. Bel
ford, Auditor. ' ; . .
The netltlnn at .Tnlin xrn.iin n.wi nti.. .
uuiuiiy noaii in nnnx Township, was presented.
jiiu view ana survey granted. Iavld Martin
ni nun ninon ana jienrv Tedrow woro ap
oointed viewers, and John T. Foreman, aiir.
lAllAIH..lnA Ik-lniL .1 3 r . . .
The report of viewers of the Count v Road
petitioned for by Dnviil Mnrtfn and othorH in
Knox TownHhip was presented, which rcnort
was found to lie favorable to the establishment
if the road. No olilectlons being miulcy nor
lamages claimed, the Auditor was directed to
" onierior mo opening or the road.
The petition of Martin Duffy and others for
inn estaiiiisnment ot a Uiunty Koad in Wilkes
ville Towoship wan presentod. The petition
was dismissed notirn of tlm
ui Having neen given ny prlncliml petitioner
i .V-""1 lami-owner, tnrougli Vi nose
""'i ."o .iuw!rn nun in nnii linages.
The Road notltioned for hv Uonran Snninann
ind others In .Tack Hon Tnnrimlil 1 Wil .1 1 vmtiA
to be opened by tho Auditor, in piirsiuinre of
' aw. 11 linn till v iiiont nf A u ... n... . i i... .1. -
... i "--.hv g.-nnnnpi.i.ui HIC
The Petition Of IT. Hr. (iiwn nnd nlhora r.
IncrfrtvlliA .lt.Mllnn a . T. 1 1. . I
lantern nnrt of Elk Townshln iin0nii
ti. 1 -1 t 1 . , "
...o il. iinviiiK uetrn rnilllllieil Wltll, THO Hoard
wpolnted Henry Herrold, David Andrews,
Thomas Johnson, viewers, and John T. Kore.
tiboi -surveyor; survey to lie msdoou the'Sth of
i-uiuvr, IOIIE.
The proceodlnirs In tho County Road pett
ioned for by W. R. Ilerron and others wore
The report of the viewers of the County Road
wiiiinnea ior nv I'niiin wnmAv .mi ii.am in
,1 1 11 urn xownsnip neing ravoralile to tho estab
'ishment of the road, was ncimtMl hi liv h li
ird Timms, through whose lands the proposed
wi nun noun surveyed. Appeatoit . to tne fro
'I., i: V.'lll I.
TIlO Hentemher snttlnment lintwaon H10 A mi
'tor and Treasurer was exnmlned and found
Sundry bills were allowed.
Board adjourned Saturday, Sept. 7.
ForAyer's Medicines; eo toG,
7U. QiotJA-n'o
How to Go West.
i i . ....
m. ... ' . . . .'
inis is an enqairv which every
one should have trumfullu answer
ed before he starts on his journey,
ana a little care taken in examina
tion ot icon tea will in many case?
ave much trouble, time and money.
I'hd "l. Ji: & W. Koute." runnine
Torn Indianapolis through bloom
ingto to Burlington, has achieved a
plendid reputation in the last two
years as the leadmcr Fasdoncrer
Koute to the West. At Burlington
t conneots with the ereat Bur-line-
ton Boute which runs direct thro'
Southern Iowa to Nebraska and
Hanaro, with close connections to
California and the Territories; ' and
passengers starting from. Vinton
County, on their way westward,
can not do better than to take the
I. B. & W. and : Burlington Route.
This line has published a namnh
let entitled "How to go West,"
which contains much valuable Infor
mation; a largo correct map of the
Great West, which can bo obtained
free of charge by 1 addressing the
General Passenger Agen B. & M. Ji.
tt , Turlington, lowo. "
Deopsioal and Bheumatio per
sons find the use of Speer's Port
Grape Wine of N. J., and the Wine
Bitters of Incalculable benefit. Its
purity and valuable properties have
given them a wldo reputation
among physicians throughout this
country and Europe' Mr. Speer
has devoted years of toll nnd spent
thousands of .dollars In ( bringing
the fermentation of the crape ; to
perfection without the addition of
Alcohol. . His Wines are for aalo
by Druggists . ' . " ' ' -
ForFina PerfuraQrji kq to Sis-
son's DrugPtor. V
. ! ., JI-'lL, .J .1JLUJB
Gfi'ft'nt'still defies public sen
timent in loitering for. mouths
together At a tavonte BHn-sioQ
noddy resort, where he speuds
bia time with fast horsea, play
ing billiards aninepinH, anfl
drinking whisky'! irftfi'-'vobsi
and vicious companions.
' Jenkins says that
wno woiketh Uko an ''Z'r es
timatea . that not less- than
,000,025,009,072 flie8- will
lose their lives by falling into
molasses, and things this fqm
Having this day sold my Stoni,
andlretired from basiness, I desire all
who are indebted to me to call and
settle immediately.
' - MAEY DOLAN'. .
Zaleski, 0., Aug. 7, 1872.
O. T. Gunnino has just removed
from tho "Old Brick Corner" his
splendid assortmont of Drugs, Med
ici lies, Oils, Paints, BooAs, Station
ery, &c, to his NEW ROOM
m Will's New Building, one door
west of Gilman, Ward & Co.g Store,
on Main Street, whoro lie will be
pleased to meet all his old oustom
ers, nnd as many more as chose to
givo him their patronage ,
His New Jtoom is really tlje finest
in. bouthern Ohio; is being visited
by ovorybody; and his sjipplyb
Drugs," Wines, Oila,'Toilets.inn(Uhc
Wke equal to any Other establishment
in tho country. j
IIo fills prescfptlonSj'nnd can nc
oojnmodate all customers atreason
ablo . rates. If you want to see
the finest Drug Store, drop
in and examine this one. '
For SGO Tor Tiir.h nor Mnnrhi va will
InaAW-. All ailvArriiuniAhr In UI VIDUT.
CLASS PAPEKS In Ohio. List if.nl nn .null.
cation to OKO. 1'. KOWEtL A Co. Advortislnjr
Agonts, 41 1'srk How, N. Y. ,
Agents Wanted
for Chainbnriln's Great
Camnalrn Dnnlc
. Wan
STKI (imTC '79.
A Novelty in Political and Popular Mtcrstulo.
A GRApnionistorrortheltonulilicnnnnil Tnni.
ocratio Parties; a racy sketch of the so-cAllod
.literal Keimlilicnn Party; an Inside view of the
Cincinnati Convention. The minor HcW nr
8IDK bhows of the campaign. The finest Illus.
tratcd Book Published. A liook wanteil by ev
ery American citizen. To soenre territory at
once, send SI forontnt. UNION PPBUSHlNU
CO., 1116 Twenty-second St, Chicago, 111,
Cspi. Cspeifc ToToiss. '' .
Send for Tllustrnted Circu
lar and Prlte List.
S04 Church Street, Phlla.
Nov. 4, 1872.
FlreWorks. Flnsrs. Lanterns. Torehos. Ttsdires.
u uiiiinns, o. j us r;r il Ji. ru u I I ,
S3 and 84 Maiden Lane, M. Y,
Established 1843.
Brilliant Colors . and Best
Black in Six Cord Thread.
J. & P. COATS'
xrom b to iuu inoiaslT.
Hand and MaoMne Sewiw?.
A SURE CURE for tliln rlltr.ano
ts now made known in a Trnkriao r,.
pagos) on Korclirn ajM NatiVe'tnirlukS Prop
lions, published by Tbt, O. I'nu.pg Brown.
in octavo
prescription was aiscofored by him In such
providential manner that he nan not wh
lloiiBly refine to make It known, as It has pnrnrt
everylxidy who lias used It for Kits, never hav-
iug iniitni ui nmngiucAHe.
ocase. ThelngredienUmay
ny dnigelst. A. copv sent
s by mall. Addrens br. O.
on ooiaineu irom an
free to all applicants'
f hklfs B80WN, ill Urand St., Jersey City, If. J,
- .vlbv r--usti7ffv ,-m
AUTlllli I.IKR IT In MbllAlHA . 1
IS.te1,W',,.,,ll, evscuant, a'trentle stlnv.
.., .... ..oiiuu, a porspiraiory prepara
Hon, an ant -bilious medicine, a stomachics i
unirouo ami an acimiraDle (reneral alterative.
n.p o uuKuuwioiigeii ana aauy proven
Dronort as nr Tbb iiVn..Kn.rc.:.
For ah'
A case of pijnd, Blee
ding, TtohinK, orXJlcornted
Piles that D BJKes Pilk
RtMipy falls to cure, jtis
the Pllea, and nothing else, bold by all drug
gists. Prloe 1. . .
nranBiw1 Hvni'Aiisiiv rn
For All Femala ComrJaliita
Whether In ypung ocld,mhrricd0'1 U"Ke, at
the dawn ol wopiariliooil, tliat critlnal period
the turn of llfo. Th(n unsurpassed Hoiaedy ex
orts such a linmmt ,..! .l....l.V.l ifl,,a ' .
Tonio and Invlgdratlm naliire, thaia most
imJrimec.,.'l!,lr!y(,'e''1 ' n ana ft-lt. It Is a
1-k.ltrAIN tl'RK, prompt and speciCo In IU ac
tion, and never knwn to fail during 18 vear's
experience, It is perfeotly safe and reliable for
all classes of females, in everv condition of
health and station of life, tioo WILL KB GIV.
NN VOH AN INCITRABt lrf :BE. Hnrf ...
Circular. Bold by all Dnurirlsts. One Dollar
per Dottle,
J J. WINCHESTER A CO., (Jbemlsts
; ! Jo.!mV..&etrti;rpWor
" dl-NTS Wanted. Ageuts tnakernorci m-oa
l ey at work for us tliun at ailyiiuiis; lte,
Hnsfiinsa llirht and nermauenti Pari
hi H1runf
free. . Btinbom 4 pp.,' kitM 4TrWtl
Portlancl, Mains,' ." "V i
.III 1.1JIIIS IHI11L ii .. ' I
tisatii m '
mnj quewiong. AfldroBn, with itoflip to pay
. . ..... inoaj v nuiiure
Acenta Wantfifl. !
MALE ANIJFKMALE.-luilnesiploasant,
, . n?,Py bettor than any enterprise in the
ilgentS maka fnnn 1A m IU nA.n.v
itanll' mple and particulars. Address J.
i,aiuam CO., sua Washington ,, Boston,
0.1 gr
Y 0U!
Are invited to otll .and examiue the large stock of
' 1 .' J ust received t the ' ' ' ' ' '
AlhOiii- l( main
f:l nt.vful (JoihIs to b-
! Ill'MlllOII il
Japanese Cloths.
el stflisi
.Ciinnisiiig UhihI
Japanese Stripes?
; Lawns Piques t ;V
1 Pereales, Grenadines,! , !
Ginghams, Lustres ; ,
, Black Silk, Cretonnes,
, , i , Prints, Dolly Vardens; Jbc.
Bleached and Brown Muslin. Tickings. Checks, (ittonades, Jeans, Casilmeres. Shawls.: WWU
. - liixl Oiillln. Ninikin TiOrin llnmuulr nw.l. ....
, , Hwlss, Jaconet, Ac, 4c.
i slei-j l Ladles Kids, all colors nnd qualities! Laces, Edgium. Trliuinlua-s. and
1 ,' ( i ,' 1 We are making
I 1 1 n, . y . .. . '
uu imve gomi orocK ronsuintiy pn iiiiiin or all
Rice, .
, Buckets,
We ur (leteiiiiiiieil REGARD LESS of PRICES, nnd
Sink (lie Cork to the Bottom, ' ;;
No Trouble to Show OooJi. '.You ate invited to call and see Us- when
You come to Town! I ( ' '
Wo are receiving NEW GOODS E VKBY AVEEK
AT ..
Bottom Prices I ,
T. Jl. M A.ITI3Sr te SOFT'S,
"The OLD CORNER STORE." Main St.. McArthur. O.
& 1 SOIST!
luund thpie v' may
OF ' . ' ;
some Patterns in
a snecialty of .
styles and Qualities; also a fln Une of. Boats
aim iiuisi
N. O. Moljisaes
Si nips,
and you will always And the Latest Novelties
Vive lIundrirrHouiaiitl,
t&- 500,000 Bottlos of Greene's
AUGUST Flower has beon sold in
this State in throo months. We on
ly ask you to go to the drug' stores
otuuniiinK or Sisson, McArthur,
O., and get a Bottlo 2'Vce of charge.
or ft regular bizo at 75 cts. Every
Bottle wnrrnnted to cure Dyspepsia
or AJivur uorapiuini, oicKneaanciie,
Costivoness, Heartburn, Water-
brash, Sour Stomach, Indigestion
Impure Blood, and (ill diaoiiso cuub
ed by Impure Blood, or deranged
otomaoh and idvcr, Try It...
. .
G. G. GREEN, Prop.,
Columbus, O.
Are You Going West ? ;
If so, take oar advice, and puroliase your tick
ets over the old reliable) and popular Miwurl
Pacllle BtUroad' which is, positively, (ha only
Line that runs three Daily Express Trains from
St Louis to JCansna pity, arid the West! and Is
positively, tne miy w
Palace Sleenors nnd I
ne whloh rum FuUman's
Bay C'naclius (eapeoclally
vlth Miller's Safiity Plftt-
uir movers; euiiipurii aimer s eatiil
. ' '7.
form and the rialeut Stoam Brake, from ill, l.im
to Kansas flltv. Fort Scott, ttaiiiinn 1 .iivmhm
jnvvnwiirui. nwiuami.sf. josenn, woorasKa,
CltV Council lllllfftaaml ninah.. n'llhnnf xhanil
For information In regard to Time Tallies, rates
c., to any pointin Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska,
Colombo. Texisor Onllifernla. riill nn nr.drln.
S. H. Thomson. Aiceut Mlmourl Paclflo R.R. Ool.
umhlis, Ohio; orE. A.Ford, General Passenger
.uviDV. lJUUll,iUU' ,
No trouble to answer Questions I '
f siiiujic
..I A ' f ,S .
,l S- .fftnnff i r ,ivo
ITew Xork 0ffloa,'B7 StllikViAi? ST?
i : , ' ' ' :
Oewaro of Counterfeits i
ers MffflrtMly ooontsavsiTSD. ouhonttt Druf
fUli tndtavor to nil tht amtUtrftUt Itmitl rnaur
trultt. Tilt ftuinthavlhtnamtof Job Maaea
en tach packagt. Ml otluri art wermt imitation:
tht assDiaa Pills an nnfollln in tna our of sll
tliote painful and danivrous dlaewas to which ths
ibmals tonitltutlon IssubjMt. Thar modsrats all
sxosssm and rsmov all obatroetlaiu, trom what.
Ttr ou.
Trt MinnTtn T.tnnrca
t nr an Mrtiouiuriv luiteo. 11
They '
111 hi a ihert
tlm bring on th month r rxrlod wlthrogiiiirHj!
sndaltuouf n Trr power)
owerraw ooiinin nntniri nort'
raw ooiinin nennn
n all casts of N.r
in tha BaoK and
ful to tha cmnstltutkn la all casi of N.rveui anl
8uh)al ut-Hectloni Vulns in tha BaoK and Limbs,
all ath m.An 1
ail otbi
r means hT hillfd. Tb olreulara aronnl
;. tnov w: ii .lTAflt a our wh.n
acn paeKMr (iy mil airsetlons ana advlo, or
fill Is nt fr te sll writing for thm, titi
P'cioi ODHrvation. .
N. U. In all oassa hr tb oiatnus oannot a
obtainM, On Dollar enolosnd to th Sol Proprlt
tir, JOB K0SE3. 18 Oortlandt 8U Nir Yorkwill
lnnr a botll of ths ptnutnt, oontnlnlns fifty
Pills, br nuim mall, tteunly ttalii from aar
knowltan of its oontcait. .
.ViaNsss, ftirriOtrLt ltsi
unr uouoiis
TnacAn, Hoa'
ivno ui or m.aicin. ana
iurai. Thoniiscd'avililwsrir
i:ul lufurodwiuiiirtd. Totllnln,
natf iiu vi y- uiuiviit "T vui( Will nWM
ImaiI mlorMtti htotlth thus.
No. Sll Roe Iiomberd. Paris.
Thsss ellls are hisrlily reooinmnnaoa or we enure
Medlnl Faculty of Vranooas the very
ty of ir ration m uie very D",l,"S"'"r
or SpermatoiTfima, or b.ihiu.i
nnsa: niruiiy, vmir or 7 " ' liZZ.
laiilUl Organs 1 Week fiue ;ipoelts in tlieCrlne,
and all we jrii.My mt.u w v" T. .V
OvnruM or EioeTUfcS. Thywwhallothrrem
mSSiYSl" e?mphl.tof Advice Inwh box. or wlU
be sent Fe toany address. .Price SI ser Boi.
Wo answer, go to the Southwest Missouri
becauso the Atlantic Paciao llallroad Co.
offer 1,800,000 Acres of Land to actual aettlers.
at low pries on longoredlt, besides furnishing
free trunsportation over tuelrroad to purcbat
ersi( this road extends from 8L Louis, throufh
Missouri to Vlnltlo, Indian Territory, is belnf
pushed rapidly to its destination, tha Paclflo
Coast; will be one of the trunlc lines or the
coun try ,never blockaded hy snow the lands
along the road are n a rich fertile country, as
productive aa any in the State: the olimate com.
bines all the advantages of northern and south
ern intiiiiucw; geoa climate, soli, health, water,
iimbur, graalnil. fruits and flower, Invite you
to go to this rciglou. For further information
aililruM A TUCK, Land Com'r, 88 Walnut
oiruev, at. uuis, juo. l-ly
' .' . ' . i
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry Repair
; ed Promptly.
All the Pcruvlbial. nr h. a,.:.v..j
short notice. , T T """ -
':. .....1 .
i . . . i . , .
Chrqmos at II enoh. Come and see.
. ... '.''; p. W. BAYLOR.
For avll General Diseases of Stock and
i ."';.,!. Poultry. .-i
HORSES OITHKit nr iii.ivrit'i-i..
Snyder's. U. 8. Assistant Assessor. Mount
Atna, i'a c. Bacon's, Wyary and Exchange
Stable, Banbury, P-o,
HOR8E OiUfeEVoi" TOtTNliEB-Wolfe A
Wlllielm's Danville Pa., A. Ellli'sj Merch.nt,
WasUlngtonyme, l'a- J. Nice Bloaaker'?
Jersy Shore. Pa.
ft llro's, Lewlsburg.Pa.
. olr COLia-Thomaa Cling.
n's. Union county, Pa
COWS CURKD.lSr j xt lr
PMal.l. msTIW ia T W" ' V
OAPK8.-Dr. D. T. Krehsi. Wataentwn
Pa.. Dr. 17. u. ni.' n w iiiiJu!Ti.:.j
Jame. i Flnnev..- M, ,
Zb?' VWveiiy ,!,
nnnnT(. - , .'I.
A Druggist, Chainlet, Horsenaa. - -
At his whosale and Mtall
emporium. Mo. 86 Broad wan Milton. Penn.
Hkyim brVt,ene;agd In tha study and
Virtotlfle of Dentistrv for flfteen veara ami
alornl practtoner In Jackson fornix years, and
having availed myself of all the '
Modern Improvements' In Loatal
I would reepectflilly say to the eUisens of
McArthur and vicinity that I am Hilly prepar
ed to manipulate an tne various brandies of the
science. Prloos as low as the lowest. Work as
good..M. the .bcmV Foroona eontlns; from
a distance vvlsn.iiK to remain until their work
ia done wil) lie outortalnod at my private real,
donee free.
Used In extracting teeth, rendering their ex
traction comparatively painleaa, A female at
tendent always on head to wait upon ladles.
Give me a call.
.. . S.T.B0aOKS8, Dentist.
MeyU,MTl-ly Jackson, O.
' "A.yer'3 "
Cherry Pectoral,
Tat DlsaMas of tha Throat anr Jjongt,
, tttoh as Coushs, Colds, Whooping
" Ootigb, BronofilUa, Asthma,
r suid Oonauinption.
' Amonjf tli great
discoveries of modern
science, few are. of
more real value to
munlrtnil lli.ti lila
fectunl remedy for all
aiseases ot uie lliroat
and Lungs. A vast
trial of its virtues,
throughout this and
other countries, has
shown tlint il dues
. , sureiv and elloctubtlv
control them. The testimony of our best citi
xens, of all classes, establishes tha fact, that
Chkrrt Pkctoiui, will and does relieve.and
tire the afflicting disorders of the Throat and
Lungs beyond any other medicine. The most
dangerous affections of the Pulmonary Organs
yield to its power; and eases of Column p
lion, eured by tliis preparation, are public
ly known, so remarkable as hardly to be be
lieved, were they not proven beyond dispute.
As a remedy It Is adequate, on which the publio
may rely for full protection. By curing Coughs,
the forerunners of more serious disease, it saves
unnumbered lives, . and an amount of suffering
not to be computet. It challenges trial, and con
vinces the most sceptical. Every family should
keep it on band as a protection against the early
and unperceived attack of Pulmonary Affections,
which ara easily mot at first, but which become
Incurable, and too often fatal, if neglected. Ten.
der lungs need this defence) and it is unwise to
be without It. Ait safeguard to children, amid
tha distressing diseases which beset the Throat
and Chest ol childhood, Chkbrt Pectoral
la Invaluable) for, by its timely use, multi
tudes are rescued from premature graves, and
It acta speedily and surely against ordinary colds, '
securing sound 'and health-restoring slocp. No
one will suffer troublesome Influenza1 and pain- '
ful Bronchitis, when they know how easily
tboy can be cured.
Originally the product of long, laborious, and
successful chemical Investigation, no cost or toil '
is spared in making every Iiottle In the utmost
possiblo perfection. It may be confidently re
lied upon as possessing all the virtues it has ever
exhibited, and eamihlM nf nrw1iiflin iia.
memorable as the greatest it has ever effected. .
, mpAUD nr , f
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists.
IV 71 ;v
Vinegar Bitters ire not a vile Fancy Drink,
nuule of Poor Rum, Whiiiley, Proof Spirits and Refute
Liquors, doctored, spiced, and sweetened to please the
. d -Tonics," " Appetisers," "Restorers,"
c., that lead the tippler en to drunkenness and ruin,
bat are a true Medicine, made from the native roots
and herbs of California, free from all Alcoholic Stimulants.
They are the Great Wood Purifier and a Life-giving
Principle, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the
System, carrying oft" all poisonous mailer snd restoring
the blood to a healthy condition, enriching it, refraining
and invitoratinr both mind and hndv Tl, ... ...
of administration, prompt in their action, certain in their
results, safe and reliable in all forms of disease.
e reraon can take these Blttere accord
ing to directions, and remain lonor unw.ll. nnvUnl
their bones ara not destroyed by mineral poison or other
.uu , ,, ,Kdn. wuica ueyona uie point
Dyspepsia or Indlirestiou. Headache, Pain
in Uie Shoulders, Coechs, Tightness of the Cheit, Dii
siness, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taate
in tha Mouth, bilious Attacks, Palpitation of the
Heart, InAammalion of tha Lungs, Pain in ths regions of
Kidneys, aad a hundred other painful symptoms,
the oflapring of Dytneptia. In these complaints
.. .mm uu .1,11.1, .uu mie uoine win prove a oener
anlee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement.
for Female Comnlalnta. m nr
snamed or single, at the dawn of womanhood, or the
turn of life, these Tonic Bittere display so decided an
influence that a narked improvement is soon percep
tible. ,
. Vnr lS.m.l... J r., a. .,
--- j - u l i, ..... u mivn
asatlsm snd Gout, Dyspepsia or Indicestion, Bilious, "
Kerailtent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of tha
Blood, Liver, Kidoeys and Bladder, these Bitters have
bees most eucceuful. Such Diieasee are caused by
Vitiated Blood, which is generally produced by derange
ment of the Digestive Orpin..
"T " arnrgaviwei as wen aa
Tonle, possessing al the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Inflam
mation of the Liver and Visceral Onrana. and in Rllinua
D ilea tea.
ITor Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pu.tulsa, Boils, Car
buncles, Kinr-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Ery
sipelas, Itch, Scurfs Discolorationsofthe Skin, Humors
and Diaeases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,
are literally dug up and carried out of the system in a
short time by the nee of these Bitters. One bottle in
such cases will convince the most incredulous of their
curative effects.
Cleans th Vitiated Blood whenever yon
find its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples, '
Eruptions, or Sores cleanse it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish In the veins ; cleanse it when it ie
foul ; your heliugs will tell you wlien. Keep the blood
pure, snd the health of th. ini.m ll fiu-. - -
dratafnl tbausanAs proclaim Vinsoas Bit-
TBSS the most WOndarful lnvi.nr.nl ....t.lnJ
tbe sinking system.
Pin. Tan, and athar Wom... I...I.:.. i
the system of so tnaay thousands, are effectually de-
""."7 remoreu. aays oistinguisned physioU
egiit 1 There is scarcely an individual upon ths bee of th
earth whose body iseiempt from the presence of worms.
Il is net upon the healthy element, of the body that
Worms exist, but unon tha dii.n.a
deposits that breed Uiess living monsters of dlseasei.
Ho system of Medicine, no vermifuges, no snihelmin
ilics, will free the system from worms like these Bit-
Kenhanleal Dlaeeaea. ' P.ru. t
Paints snd Minerals, such as Plumber.
Cold beatere, and Miners, as they advance in life, wilt
be sub set to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard against '
this nke a dose of Walxis's Vinsqa Bittxss one
or twice a wsex, as a Preventive. .
BUlona, Remittent, and Intermittent
Fevers, which are so prevalent in the valleys of our '
nnvera throughout the United States, especially
of the MiaaiaeippL Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Ten
aeesee, CumberUnd, Arkansss, Red, Colorado, Brains, '
Rio Grande, PearL Alabama. Mobile. Savannah. Koan-
oke, Jm
nae. Inn
mm, ana many oiners, wun their vast tribute- '
irouehout Our entire country dnrinv ill. fiminM.
and Aatumo, and remarkably so during seasons of '
imaaoal heat and dryness, are Invariably accompanied
by extensive derangamaats of the stomach and liver, and
etner atMominal viscera. There are always more or less ,
obstructions of the liver, a miknn. and inli.hl. .,.
of tha stomach, and great torpor of ths bowels being
dogged up with vitiated accumulations. In thsir treat
ment, a purgative, exerting a powerful Influence upon
these various ergaas, ia aaeanlially necessary. There '
jo cathartic tor the purpose equal to Da. J. Walkxh'b
ViHBOAa Bittxss, aa they will epeedlly remove the
dark-colored viscid matter with which the bowels are .
loaded, at the same time stimulating the secretions of
the liver, and generally reatoriug the. healthy functione
ofthe digestive organs. - ,
ttoreuU, r Klun's Kvll, Wliits Swellings, .
Ulcere, Eryeipelaa, Swelled Neck, Goiter, Scrofulous
Inflammation., Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial Af- '
fcetiems, Old Sores, Krapiions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, '
etc., etc. In these, as in sil other constitutional Dis
esses, VALKia's Vixaona Birntss hsve shown their
great curative powers in dig most obstinsie and Intrncl. ,
able cases, i
Dr. Walker'e Calirornla Vinegar Bit tera
SCI en all these cases in a similar manner. Hv purifying
the Blood thev remove the cauee. and bv reeolvine .m.
the effects of the inflammation (the tubercular deposita)
the aflecled mrta recaiva health, .nd a narm.n.nk im .
IserTected. . .
Th propertlee of Da. Walkxr's ViHaoaa
Brmas ara Aperient. Diaphoretic and Carminative,
Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-irritant,
Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious. ' '
Th Aperient and mild Laxative properties of ;
Da. Walkbb'b ViHxoAa Birraas are the beat safe
guard In all caaee of eruptions and malignant fevers,'
their balsamic, healing, and soothing properties protect
the humors of tbe fauces. Their Sedative properties a '
allay pain ia the nervous system, stomach, and bowels,
either from inflamraauon, wind, colic, cramps, etc .
Their Counter-irritant influence extends throughout '
system. Their Diuretic properties act on the Kid- .
aeys, correcting and regulating the flow of urine. Their
Anti-Bilious properties stimulate the liver, in the xero
tic of bile, and in discharges through the biliary ducts,
and ara superior to all remedial agents, for Uie cure of .
Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, etc,
Varttfy tli body against disease by puri-
ring all its fluids with Vinruas IIittsus. No eni.
smic csn take hold of a system thue forearmed. The
liver, the stomach, the bonels, the kidneys, snd the .
nerves are rendered disease-proof by this gnat iuvig
orant. I " ' . ' ' ,. '
Directions. Take of the Bittere nn going to lied i
eight from a half to one and one-half wme-glaaafull. .
Eat fjood nourishing food, audi aa beef steak, mm ton .
Chen, veniaon, roa.t beef, and vetretablee, snd take .
out-dour eiercise. They are composed of purely veget-
iiiiwiiiihi aim wiii.ui nw win,, - , . , ...
WALKER, Prop'r. B.IL McIKJ.t A LD 4. COH ,
Druggista and Oen. Agla., San Kranciaco, Cal.. -
and cor. of Wasliiugton and Charlton -Sts., Nsw York.

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