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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 18, 1872, Image 3

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l)c (Enquirer.
0". W. Bbwon,
Let the order go all along the
lino! Every man to his. post!
.Let no Liberal Republican or
Democrat fail to ilo his utmost
for Greeley and Brown, and
Nash, and the entire district and
county ticket!
It is lawful to kill wild ducks
Tub Dolly Vardens tire out of
Get ready' and go to llarrtden
tioxt Friduy.
For Ayer's Medicines, go to G,
W. Sisson's."
By all means subscribe for tho
MoARTiica Enquirer.
"Cold and frosty mornings" have
put in nn appearance. It wns quite
frosty last Monday morning.
Thb higli-Innd pasture is drying
up in many parts of this county.
Rain, "without ceasing," is needed.
Turn out next Friday, "and hear
Grosvenor, Hansom and Nash at
IIamden 1
The Fall Term of the Vinton
County Court of Common Plena
convened yesterday, lion. J. J.
Harper, presiding. No room for
proceedings this week.
A. F, Drake, who had been at
Cleveland during the past three
jnonthe,' returned on Monday week
ago, and on Monday last left for
New York.
Let the friends of the candidates
on our ticket work for the success
of tho whole ticket. We must give
every man on the ticket a greater
majority than -heretofore. Keep
the ball rolling.
Tub County Union Sunday
School Convention and Celebration
svns held at this place on Monday
and Tuesday. The Sabbath Schools
in different parts of the county at
tended the Basket Celebration at
Arnold's Grove. A lurge numbor
wore present.
On Tuesday last a frail and dilap
idated structurein the form of an
express, stood upon Main street,
and on ore side a shingle .was
tacked on, bearing the mystic
words:' "For Sail." Several wore
wondering what was its destination,
and when it would leave its moor
Tho Christian Witness, establish
ed by tho late Ivov. J. F. Given, and
published in this city for years, bui
which has recently and for some
time been in a state of suspended
animation, is about to be removed
to and revived at the. enterprising
town of McArthur, where it will
ho continued under the editorial
auspices of Elder J. V. B. Flack.
Columbus Daily Dispatch.
Why does the Dispatch "turn up
its. nose" "at the enterprising town
of McArthur?"
A mound, upon an olevated part
of tho farm of Joseph McGinniss,
a short distanco north of llam
den, was opened a few days ago.
and tho bones of a maD, appa
rently sixty years of age, and of a
girl about sixtoen years of age,
wore found in a very good state of
preservation. In nearly all of the
mounds in this part of Ohio the
bones of humun beings can be
J. Y. Bow en, of the McArthur
Enquirer, dropped into our office on
Saturday last, "like a sunbeam."
He. reports "thinoy workin'" in
Vinton county. Winchester Times.
We woro ploasod with the little
village of Winchester. It is alive.
The Columbus & Hocking Valley
Railroad, gives it a good excuse for
putting on "city airs." We hope
our friend Gould, who is making a
handsome paper, will bo extensively
patronized by tho people of that
portion of country. '
Logan may well fool proud of tho
Amerioan House,, which, is under
proprietorship of M. II. Am
BROBJt. Under its present manage
mont it ranks us one of. the best
first-class hotels in tho grand nnd
rich Hocking Valley. Mr. Ambrose.
although' a -young man, Is In fact
an old hand at the business. ' His
exporienoo has been such as to pe
culiarly fit him for the duties as
host of the voll-kriJwn American.
Ho is assistod by Homer 0. Saob,
formorly of McArthur. The hotel
appoared, while we were there a
few days ago, to be entering upon
a poY nnd, successful era, and we
wisfi it that success which should
bo accorded to all good stopping
places. If you have occasion to
visit Logan, stop at thd American.
Make Preparations!
Our friends in township
should organize their brces and
work with a will for the success
of our National, State, District,
and County Ticket. Let every
Democrat and Liberal Republi
can go forward at once to per
form the noble work ! Move
without delay 1
Tho Advisory Committee in
the several townships is compos
ed of the following persons:
Eaolk-J. W. Wilkinson, J. J. Slagle, 0. P.
Swan Frederick Frlck, Kenton Johnson.
Bhown William Fuller, John Swift, J. M,
Jaocson L. Sampson, John Bteveni.
Klk Henry Clark, S. B. Hudson, Patrick
O'Keefle, John Haze.
Madibon J. A. Martin, J. T. Black, John
Vinton Coopbr Blore, John Booth.
CysfTPN-I'atrick Murdook, John Frazoo, J.
SI. ThomAS,
nicHLANB-rf!, If, Houston, Samuel Lyle,
William C'assill, (.'harlot Traphagan.
JIAHBJSQNT-Phmij jArgttubrlghl;, . Aaron
Sttfyoqs, . -
Wii,Kjjsvnf,J-Afrj)pft Wells, John Mc
CKnox1g. w. Gku f' ? Martin.
If there is a single " vo-TP
fii the county in which the nec-
esary arrangements' for election
day have not been made, the
gvuuwicu nuuvo iiameu tmuuiu
meet at some place in their
township and there council to
gether and agree upon a plan
whereby every Democratic and
Liberal Republican voter will be
induced to be at the polls and
vote early on Tuesday, Oct. 8th!
If the Advisory Committee or
others wish instructions, call
upon the County Democratic
Central Committee. Complete
arrangements must be made for
conveying the sick and lame
voters to the polls. See that
every Democratic and Liberal
Republican vote in your town
ship is polled 1
Put Your Heads Together!
If the earnest, thinkinar Dem
ocrats and Liberal Republicans
of every township in Vinton
county would at pnee put their
heads together and select ten or
a dozen voters whom they will
make it their business to bring
over to the side of the Democ
racy and Liberal Republicans
before the election, they would
find in the outcome the advan
tage of acting with system and
purpose, rleasant words, ac
commodating attention, and the
occasional (if not regular) peru-
em ui a Bieauy-going uemocrauc
newspaper, are a combination oJ
influences that can . accomplish
unitedly on an opponent what
everything else might fail to
effect. Democrats who have
tried this plan will endorse oui
statement.. Let such efforts be
made. Cast your eyes over your
township, select the men who
shall be rescued, and go to work
at once. The time is becomine
II. S. Bundy,
George Holland,
Robert Sage,
ezekiel ratcliff,
W. R. Yaple,
M. R. Potter, .
Do remember how John S
McDowell, candidate for Sherifl
two years ago, was defeated by
almost oUU votes, after he had
paid his money for the privilege
of "taking a hand in the littlt
game?" .
"For ways that are dark and
for tricks that are vain," the
Vinton County Radical leader?
"are peculiar," and those gen
tlemen named above should nof
attempt "to take a hand in the
game that they do not under
stand," unless they leave George
IVALER out 1 - -
Grant Drinks Too Much.
The moral, completely educa
ted, sober and truthful individ
uals composing the little McAr
thur Grant Ring will be pleased
no doubt after carefully reading
the letter from Rev C. W. Deni
son, Secretary of he National
Prohibition Committee, on the
first page of this paper, which is
substantial proof of the .contin
ued drunkenness of that U. S.
Grant,' who is seeking the votes
of sober and respectable people
throughout the land. Our little
Ring ought to post herself before
she speaks so sweetly in any
more school-houses. , Let the
people vote for Horace Greexey !
Let it be Done in Vinton
prevent illegal
voting, the 'Cincinnati Enquirer
suggests the appointment of a
Committee in every townehiD
and ward in Ohio, whose duty
it shall be to stand at the polls
all day and, take down the names
of every man whom they may
not know f a legal voter for
inquiry and prosecution after
ward. '. '.' ' '
How to Go West.
. This i hh p-quirv winch every
one should have truthfully imHwer
ed before he start on hl jonrney,
and a little cure iktn in examina
tion of Rnuten will in ninny ensoo
save muoh trouble, time and money.
The "I. B:.IP. Itoute," running
from Indianapolis through Bloom
ingto to BnrHnjrtotv, tins nihieved a
splendid reputation in the last two
years as the leading Pafwoneer
Itouto to the West. At Burlington
it connects with the groat Burling
ton Route which runa direct thro'
Southern Iowa' to Nebraska and
Eansrs, with close oonnections to
California and the Territories; and
passengers starting from Vinton
County, on their way westward,
can not do better than' to take the
I. B. do W. and Burlington Route.
This line has published a pamph
let entitled "Ilow to go West,"
which contains much "uluablo infor
mation; a largo correct map of tho
Great Wet, jjlph c,rn b, retained
free of charge by addregsi'ng tho
Ooneral Faispntrer Agon B, & If. ft,
Be Happy at Home!
be happy at homo is the ulti
mate result of all ambition ; the end
to which every enterprise and labor
tends, and of which evory desire
prompts the prosecution. One of
the essential to domestic happi
ness consists in the judicial selection
i . ....
of wearing wppiyol, comfort, oase
and durability aro tho leading
points. Now, to all those desiring
Goods of any description, fresh and
beautiful,. wo would, say go to the
House of Will & Co., at Zaloski,
whore the the very choicost assort
ment has boon recoived for the Fall
Trade. They are down to figures
that will nstonmh you.
Finest Yet Offered the
That enterprising Dry Goods
Souse of Dan Will & Brothirsj
of McArthur, are fully prepared
now.to receive visits from the peo
ple from all purts of this, and ad
joining counties who may wish to1
buy goods of any kind, in large or
small quantities, as they have just
received the largest and finest as
sortment yet offered in this market.
All the best and most desirable fab
rics can be had in the groatest pro
fusion, and their stock of Flannels,
Dress Goods, Housekeeping Goods,
Blankets, etc., is extraordinarily
ittractive. They are possessed of
the requisite facilities for procuring
all their goods on such terms as
enable them to sell at lower figures
than any other house in the county.
The people can find no better goods
than at this Fiotise. Their prices
on this new stock are very low
especially the varied dress goods,
of which tlfoy are compelled to keep
i greater assortment than any
other Hoyi"o.
ALL people would undoubtedly prefer a Que
head of hair growing upon, their own hoads, to
'wing bald, or woariug falsi) hair, and it litis
teen tho study of many of our luarnod muu to
lad a remedy to restore thj h tlr when It has
fallen out, and ronewlU color nrtcr it h:m be
some gray. Siich a remedy boon found and
is now offered to tho worly tin lor tlio u.une of
tlall'i Vegetable Sicilian ll.iir Kimowvr; und,
to verify this statement, rond th.i fallowing:
This is to certify that I war very luld; in fact,
ny head was psrfecty smooth; und It is com
mon in our family to grow bat 1 eurly In lifu.
(hare now used jour bottles of Hall's Vctfetu
jle Sicilian Hjir Renewur; ami the Imlr hat
rown out aU over my head, and Is now a natu
ral brown.
May 28.1868.
Personally appeared before me Hartley Con
ton, and upon oath, says tho iiboro statement la
M. G. BUTLER Notory. Public.
Excellent for Use.
The suporior quality and entire purity of
Spoor's Port Grape Wine of New Jersey ban In
luced thousands of physicians to wrlto about
ind presoribe it In. their practice. We publish
the following letter from oue of them :
Wilmington, Ill. Oct. 7.
Vlfred Bpeer.
DRAR Sir: Having used' your Port Grape
Wine for the last four years in my practluo, I
unhappy to touify to its superiority over nil
other wlues for medicinal utes, ami It U the on
ly one I recommend In my practice.
Yours respectfully,
The above wine isgood for females, also a
family wine, and for evening parties, etc.
Holloway'8 Ointment!
The penetrative and healing action of this po
tent salve is a marvel throughout tho world.
Nothing elso should bo rcllod on n ji'rqfula,
cancer, salt rheum, erosypeliv' nl external
Injuries. Sold 78 Maiden Lane, X. V. Pi ke 56
Muts per pot. Ask for new tyl; the old is
Call at Gunning's Dbuo Stokr, in Will's
Building, and see those Fine Oil Paintings,
;hromos, Photographs, Plain and Colored Lith
ographs, which are for salo very cheap, They
are so beautiful 1 '
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sis
son's Drue Ptor.
em District of Ohio. In tho matter 6f the
jstate of John S. Hawk, Bankrupt. The credit
ors of John 6. Hawk, bankrupt, Jire herolir
lotlfled that a third general moetiug of the
ireditors of said estate will he held nn the 90th
layof8eptember,lH73.at 10 o'clock A. II., at
the office of U. P. Crane h, Kq., Register,- No.
rta West Third Stroot,('lncinniitl, Ohio, for the
im pose of declaring a second dividend, under
he provisions or tho mil and 88th sections of
the Bankrupt Act.
GRO. K. Stcarns, Att'y. '
September 18. 1871-Sw
1 AtkiDSon Heirs. .
ProbaU Court, Yinto County, Ohio.
NOTICR if hereby given that John Bulb
gaurdlan of the estate of Hubert W. and
Franklin P. Atkinson, heirs of George Atkin
son, deceased, has filed his account herein as
such guardian, fur anal settlement wltii the
said Robert W..' and partial settlement with
the said Franklin P.; and that said account
is set for hearing on tho Uth day of October, A.
P. 187S. at 10 o'clock, a. mi H. B."MAYO,
8eptimitfl!Mt Probata Judge.
Blessings Brighten as They
Take Their Flight.
Tho Chief of bioswiugsis good health, without
which nothing Is worth the having; it fs al
ways appreciated at Ita true value after It Is
lost, but, too often, not before.' Live properly,
and correct ailments before they become sea tel.
Kor dlsoases of the liver, kidney, skin stom
ach, and all arising from 'impure or feeble
blond, Dr. Walrrr'r California Vincuar
Rittrrs are a sure and speedy incdy.. it has
never yet fail In a single instance.
0. T. GtrNNiNO hrts just removed
thu -'OliJ Brick Cornor" hiu
splendid iistjortmonlcf Pruas,.Mca
loities. Oils, Pa.inH, BooAs, Stitlion
ery, 4c, lq ROOM
;u Will's New Building, one door
west of mun, Wtlrd k Co.'s Store,
orj Mii ;.SlitW' wUtt'.VviH bo
jjloitsod to iriHplnll liU old. custom
ers, iiiul sis many more hs vliose to
give him- their patronage '
"TTisNow Iiootn is really .lli'onnost
in Soulhovn .Olijo; beiu. viited
by everybody; and his nupplyo
Drns, Winos, Oils, Toilets, and the
lifo equal tq.nny.otlier establishment
in tho country. " '-- ,
He fills preHciptionSj'and' can -he-commodate
all customers utrenson
ablo rates. If you want to see
tlie 'flnesf Drug Stoye, drop
in and exnmlne this one.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
go to Sisson's. s
For 150 Per Inch ner Month, wo will
Insert nil advertisement in 60 FIRST
CLASS VAI'EKS in Ohio. List sent on appli
cation to GK0. 1. HQWKLL Si Co.. Advertising
Afrents, 41 Park Bow, N. V,
Aoknts Wakhd for Chnmberlln'a Great
rmnalirn Hook Tnn
A Novelty in Political and Popular Literature.
A Graphic History of the Republican and Dem
ocratic Parties; a racy sketch of tho so-called
Liberal Republican Party: uninsldo view of the
Cincinnati 'Convention. Tho minor tlckctq ur
8IDK snowa of the cnmvmiffii, Tim (liuist Illus
trnted Ilotik Published. 'I A Ilnok wanted by ev
erv Amorlcan citizen. To secure territory at
once, send 1 foroiitllt. UNION PUBLISHING
CO., W5 Twenty-second St., Chicago, 111.
Oaps. (hpos & Torohos.
Send forlil i nitrated Clrcu-
lar and Price List.
04 Church Street, Phila.
ov, 4, 1872,
Flro WorkS, Flags, Ltui terns, Torches. Bnilges,
Uirlforms, &o. .IOSKIMI B. PITRDV.
32 nnd 84 Maiden Lnne, N. V.
Khtari.isiikp 184:1.
Brilliant Colors and Best
Black in Six Cord Thread.
j. & p. coatT"
From a to too Inclusive,
Hand and Maohlna Sewing.
A SURIiCHRE Tor this distressing complaint
Is now made known in a Treatise (of 48 octavo
pnircs) on Foreign und Native Herbal Prepara
tions, published by Dr. ()'. Phelps Bhown. The
proscription was discovered bv him In such a
providential manner that ho can not conscien
tiously refiuo to inuko it known, as it has cured
evervhotiv Mho has used it for Fits, never hav
ing failed In aslnglocaso. The ingredients mnv
be obtained from any druggist. A copv sent
free to all applicants by mail. Address lr. O
Pillars Bhotn, SI Umnd St., Jersey City, s. J.
NOTIIIXiiLIKK lTlnmedKlne. . A luxury
to the palate, a painless evaemnt, agontle stim
ulant to tho calculation, a penpiralorv prepara
tion, an antl-lilllnus medlelni', a atnhiarhtr.' a
diiirctio and an admirable general alterative
Such aro tho acknowledged nnd dally proven
properties of Tahhant'b ICfi'Jkveschnt 8klt.
For iinvensenl llllml, lllee
ding, 1'ehlng. oruleerutid
Tiles that UK Risos rii
Itf.MRPYrililNtOCIIMI. ft
lirennreil exnVesslv tn nmo
the Pile, and nothing ulsc. fold bv all drtiir
glsta. Price l. . s .'
Winchester's Hyperphosphites
For All Female Com
Whether In young or old, inarrluifor slnKlo. at
tho dawn ol womanhood, or that critical period
tho turn of Hie. This uiisurpsssod Humeily ex
erts such a prompt ami decided influence, or a
ionic and Invigorating nature, that a most
marked improvement is seen nnd felt,, it is a
vu-,jii ,jivi, jjrunipi, mm ppuiiiiu in ac
tion, and never knwn to fall during 16 vear's
experience. It Is perfectly safe and rclial'ilo lor
all classes of females, in cverv condition of
health and station of life, IIOMVILL HKlilV.
Circular. Sold. by all Wn'ggl'W- One Dollar
por Bottle. ' .
Jf. WINOfII59TERACO., ,omlss
88 John HI., Nc York, pnijtrirtorn.
SGIiNTS Wanted. Agents make more in -on
eynt work fur us thiin at anything lse.
isiiiess liglit and perinanonti partleiilai'S
free. G. Stinhon A Co,, Jss Art I'ubllthtn,
Portland, Maine, .
A MMW' Dfini CDCC Contalnlni an
n iiihii uvvn r II 1.1. , Wors im.mr.
I T-
qnestlons.- Address, with stamu to pay
ige, Mkh. U. MKntttEB, Uanoverv I'a.
, . . i" r , . i ., .
Are invited to kill and
Just received at the
.viiion ,( UI,V ;f.
li Stfl
Comprising Handsome Patterns, ir
Japanese Stripes, h:
Lawns, piques, -Percales.
Bleached ami Brown Muslin, Tickings, Cheeks,
BedQuilM, Napkins, TabloDainask, Towels, Crash, 1 ' ' "
I Syiss( Jaconet, c. Ao '
4 ICW LOT OF FANS-ALT. CTYLESI-Novelties in Neck-tles, Bows, Collars, Gloves and Ho
I pl9ryl,ades Rids, all colors and qualities! Luces, Edgings, Trimmings, and
m o aro making
ad have a good Stock constimtly on hand of all
Snirars, Coffee, .
Teas, ; Rice,
Bacon, Fish,-
Lard, Buckets,
Tubs, Bitnoiim,-'
We are determined t.. sell REGARDLESS of PRICES, anil
Sink tlic Cork to the Bottom,
No, Trouble to Shoie (foods. You are invited fo eall and tee Us when
, You come ta TownH
We aro receiving NEW GOODS EYKBY WEEK and you will always find the Latest Noveltits
Bottom Prices
"The OLD CORNKU STOIIE," Main St., McArthur, O.
examine tlie large stock of
tntiful (Jooda to bo found there we may
iiifiiuuii a ,
uingfiani8, Jbtistres.
Black Silfe, Cretonnes,
Print 8, Dolly Vardens, &c.
Cottonades, Jeans. Casslmeras. Rh,vi Whiu
a specialty of
Styles ami Qualities; alto a flno llna of Booti
N. O.Molas8eB
. Logwood,
Five Hundred Thousand.
Bffl 500.000 Bottlei of Grbenb's
Aiigdst Flower tins be(tr sold in
this Statu in three montntt, Wo on
ly hhU j'ou to go to llo rn Bloros
ofGunnino- or Sisson. McArthur.
0., nnd got a Bottlo Free of charge,
or ii regular snso at 75 ets. Every
Bottlo wurrnntod to enrol Dyspepsia
or Liver Complaint, Sitjldiondnche,
CostivenosH, Ilenrtburn, Wnter
brimh, Sour Stomncli, Indigestion,
Inpure Blood, rtnd nil diseimo cuim
od by Impnro Blood, of dornned
Stomncli nnd Liver. Try it.
G. G. GRER3T, Prop.,
' ColnmbuR, O.
Aro Yqu GoiiiK rVest ?
If so, lake our advice, and purchase yonrtick
ot over the old reliable and popular Mlaouri
Paelllc Bsllroad' whirh Is, positively. Ilio only
Line that runs three Dully Kxpress Trains from
St. Louis to Kansas City, and the West I nnd is
fiosltlvely. tho only Mno width funs Pullman'R
'alsr.o Hleiors and Dnv Onaehes (CHpeccinlly
for movoralequtppnl with Miller's Safety Plat
form and the patent Steam Drake, from 8t. Louis
toKsnsasClty, Fort Scott. Parsons, Lnwrenoe,
Loavenworth. Atidiison, Ht. Joseph, Xrliruakn.
Olty C'nunnil ldutnniid Omalio, without channel
For Infomiiulon lnroinl toTinteTuhlea.rHtos
Ac, to any point In M asouri, Kansas, Nehrask n,
Ooloraho, Texasor Onllifcrnla, eall on nrsddrtrss
8. II Thomson, Agent Missouri Pacific It. R. Col.
umhus. Ohio; or, K. A. Ford, Uenerul Passenger
ARnct.Bt. IiOiils, Mo
No trouble to answer questions!
chat riiMT5
Kew Tork Oflloa. 27 BEEF ViJT ET.
Beware of Counterfeits 1
JOB MOSES' 81 Vffiteffi"'8
ar tsfntivtty oonirnsriiTSD. Dltlwniit Druf
gitf mdravor to nil I'M MunUrffUt tonaktrrtattr
pntlrt. Ti$ rtnutnt havt tht nomt of Job Mtses
on soeA pnekagt. 4 II orAsr art mrthlft m( l((on.
Th oshuihi pills ara nnflllnrln ths our of aU
those pxlnful and dsnKtrous dlsowts to which the
Annals oomtltutlon Is subject. Tfioy nodtrmu ail
xomsm and tsmovs all obstractloas, from what,
vsroavt. . .L
to marihed r.ADraa. t
thsrars nartleularlr suited. That will In a short
time bring on the monthy psrlod wlthrwrulsrltyi
and althouih very pnwrnil,oontaln nothing- hart-
Bptnal Affections, Pulns In the ok and Limbs,
Fiitliras on alia)t exertion, PslplUtlonor ths Heart,
'llysterlos and Whites, they will slreot a eur wha
all other moans luvo fauna. Ths nlrnalars around
aiu-h paoknn (Ive lull dlrmtluni and advlos, or
will bs aoiit fra to all writing for them, ssaUA
from observation. J
N. B. In all mmis where the Ol ansa esnnot be
olitalnod, Ono JMlnr tnolnaaa to tie Hols PropHe
tir, JOB JIOSKS. 18 Oortlandt St, New York, will
1'i'uia a bottle of the ftnutn; lonulntna- Ilrty
Pills, by return mall, f curtly mailt from any
1UI w IQS COnRUlUiinil. All ii umu vi n.r,ui
knowledge or Hi oomania.
Dnro Oouous, floi.ns, Astiim, Bsosuhitis, floaa
. TmtolT, IloiRsssB, PirriouLT ltHHTmao, I-cn-issi
CossuMPTioa and Loyo pissiau. Thew
hire no tste of modiolus, and anV child will taka
them. TUonwmds hava bi-en etod to health tbt
had before dnsptlrad.' T"Hinony jnven In hnndrnda
el .1, AtklKlAN'8jyUlbNtOWAKRS.
lor. lHCoi t'i'UdtStTOot, Now Tor.
I'll: j.l.K-en per doi, vuiiaiuajko, reoprie-
Vrrpsroil by J. UAItANUlKIlB
No. 114 Kno Lombcird, Paris,
Thene pill" are hlrhly roooramandod by th entire
Medical raouly of Fmnos as the i.ry bMt remedy
la ail en"i of Rpnrmatorrhom, ol H.ratiMl Wmk
nss; Nlrrhtly. Di'l Ivor PrwiotrKuilelonet Bx
ml Weiknoes or f mswrenty ; Weaiieeesrlilnafrmn
SooHitHnliltsand Hesnal Kxei.lafcnotth
tionltal Orxuns I Wuak Spina ; DipoaiU tn the Urlua,
and all the jrliaatly train of DleanMe srlilna; from
Orru or FIxcmos. Thevews wbenslloUtinriwm-
- ii.. Xan.,lili.tnf Advlnn In mmrh box. or will
teesntVoMtoany adilreu. JPrltfl lr Hoz.
Reut by mill, sjcurelvo!jd i't oMrwmiUm, on
BTm hS xuaa, Bole Irtasrai Afeutn AmMioa.
We answer, (to to the Sonthwast Missouri,
because the Atlantlo Paelrto Railroad Co.
offer I.IVIO.OOO Acres of Land to actual settlers,
at low price nn longcredlt, besides furnishing
free transportation over tbolrroad to purchai
ers i this road extends from St. Louis, through
Missouri to Vlnltia, Indian Territory, Is being
pushed rapidly to Its destination, the Psclflc
Co.-ist; will be one of the trunk lines of the
country, nover blockaded by mow the lands
along the road are in a rich fertile country, as
productive asnnv in theStnte:thecllmataeom
bines all thesdvantasresof northsrn and aonih.
ern latltiuien; geod climau, soil, health, water,
limber, (frazlntt. fruits and flowers, invite yon
tottoto tills rt'irlou. For further Information
address A TUCK. Land Com'r. KM Walnut
atreei, oi, ixiuia, ho, . la-iy
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry Repair
ed Promptly.
All the) Perlrwlll. tt t. e.l.b.i
. wj luiuiiuni vii
short notice.
Chromos at $1 each. Come nnd see.
.For all General Diseases) of Stock and
. . Poultry.
anyaors. v. a. Assistant Asiessor, Mount
.Etna. !'.. C. ' Knnm". l.lrnrv anil Rinhanr
Slnlile. Siinhnrv. Pa.
HORSKls Cliltl'.D Or rOTTKllF.U Wnlf.a
Wilholm's pnnvllla Pa., A. Elllt'sj Morchant,
n a.iiinmuuviiio, r- 4. nice oionaaeri,
T.MH Ull.M D.
allro's. Iwlslmra. Pa.
H0RRF8 CUBED 0 F COLIC Thom a Cling.
11008 CURED OK CHOLERA. H. Barfs.
H. & ..Calwnller's. Milton. Pa.
COWS tUUKD.-Dr. MeCleery's, J. H.Wc
Oormh-lt's, Jlllton. Pa.
fUIKS.-Dr I). T. KrelH, Watsontown.
fa.. Dr. U. g. Davis'. 0. W.Bticker'a, John and
James Finney's. Milton, Pa. Hundreds more
could ho oltod whose-stock was saved by using
.no umi uuin ruwuer.
rRsriatn it
Drngglat, Chemist, Horseman,
St his whosale and retail dmi and rhemlos)
emporium, No. 86 Ilrnadwar, Milton. Penn.
HAVING been enpnireil in the study and
practice of Dentistry for fifteen yeara and
alooal praotloner In lackson for.lx years, and
having availed niyseltqfall the
Hodorn Improremonts in Dontal
; . . , Soienco,
I would respeotfully av to the eltlxens of
Mb Arthur and vU'lmt y that I am full v preiar
eil to manipulate all the various branches of the
sclonce. rrloes aa low as the lowest. Work as
mv as thr leat, Pamons coming from
a distance wlin.na; to remain until their work
la done will be entertained at mjr private reel.
leuve free.
Used In extractinsteelb, rendering their sx
traction ooinpurallvely palnlaan, A female st
tendent always on lundto.walt upon ladlse.
Olve me a eall. ..
a T.BOUQE58, Dentist. .1
MsylB.ieiWy iaoasoo.O.
or ZMaaaMs of th Throat and Xunna.
uoh M Oougha, Colds, WhoopUi
Cough, Bronohltia, Astiuua,
. and Oouumptlon.
Ami(f th great
discovoriea of mru'm
fJ science, few are of
J mora rnl vnlita ,
mankind than this ef
fectual remedy for all
diseases of the Throat
and Lungs. A vast
trial of Ks virtues,
tlironchont this and
other countries, has
shown' that it does
control them.
aiuw avDbtauviijr f UUr D68C CIH '
fonj, of all classes, establishes the fact, that
Chehrt Prctoiul will and does relieve and
are the afflicting disorders of the Throat and
lillnm hfHTSinfl at fx r AS..- M.Jf.l. ni
j i vuinr U1OUIUU10. 1116 DlOsil
vh-TS, 0W "'P VrtnoMW Orfrana
iT. " v luijiumion, are puono
y amwn, so, remarkable as hardly to Tie be
llevea, were thev not nrnvan hr,n ,!;...
A a remedy It Is adequate, on which the publlo
mav re v fnr fii II ..iu t , .
the forerunners of more serious dUeaso, It saves
m.,,u,iiuoiTO uvea, ana au amount of sullerine
not to be computed. It challenges trial, and con" -
Vinces thn mat uunll r I, i u
- "."vfMwi. utvijt lauiu v iuomui
Keop it on band at a protection against the early
and unperceived attack of Pulmonary Affections,
which aro easily mat at flrst but which become
lncurahla. and tnn nfnn fl.r.T ir m.MiAA,. t
der lungs ned this defence) and it is unwise to
q utijouui. d, ssi saieguara to children, amid
ho distressing diaAaeAa wlilol, I.Mf 'ri..
and Chest of childhood. Ciiebrt rKCTORAt.
U luvaluabloi for, by its timely use, multi
tudes ara rescued from premature graves, and
saved to the love and affection centred on them.
it acts speeuuy ana surely against ordinary colds,
securing aound and health-restoring sleep. No
one wiu sutler troublesome Innaenas and vain.
, . 1 T 1 . 1 i . '
aMuiivuius, wuen toey Know now easily
they can be cured. .
fJrffflnnllv tha nMnnnf nf Innm lnKAvI.. 1
1"M." w ,uugp IUIMIUIU, IUJU
successful ohomjoal Investigation, no cost or toil
il Snared In maklna- amrvhnfllai In ilia nmn.4
possible perfection. It may be confidently re.
nea upon as possessing au the virtue it bas ever
exhibited, and capable of producing cures aa
memorable as the greatest It hat ever effected.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO.; Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
Vlaegar Bitters are not a vile Fancy Drink,
mada of Poor Rum, Whiskey, Proof Spirit, and Refuse
Liquors, doctored, spiced, and sweetened to please the
tails, called "Tonics," " Appetiiers," "ReMorers,"
sc., that lead the tippler on to drunken new and ruin,
but Are a true Medicine, made from the native roots
snd herb, of California, free from all Alcoholic Stimulants.
They are the Great Blood Purifier snd a Liie-girinf
Principle, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the
System, carrying oil all poisonous matter snd restoring
the blood to a healthy condition, enriching il, refreshing
ana invigorating com inina ana ooay. mey are ea.y
of administration, prompt in llieir action, certain in their
result., nfe snd reliable in all forma of disease.
No Person cau take llicso Hitters accord
ing to directions, and remain long unwell, provided
their boaes are not destroyed by mineral poiion or other
means, and the vital organs wasted beyond tits point
of repair.
Dyspepalaor Indigestion. Headache, Pain
la tits Shoulder., Coughs, Tightness of the Chest, Dix
sine.., Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouih, Ui limit Attack., Palpitation of the
Heart, Inflammation of the Lunirs, Pain in the regions of
the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptoms,
ara the offspring, of Dy.pep.ia. In llieu complainta
it ha. no equal, and one bottle will prove a better guar
antes of ita merit, than a lengdiy advertiement.
For Female Complainta, in young or old,
married nr single, at the dawn of womanhood, or the
turn of life, theas Tonic Bitters display so decided an
influence that a markefl improvement is soon percep
For Iiiflaniniatory and Clironlo Illien-
nxa'lsm and Gout, Dy.pepsia or Indigejlion, Bilious,
Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of the
Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have
been most succenful. Such Di.ease. ara caused by
Vitiated Blond, which is generally produced by derange
ment of the Digeitive Organ..
TUer are a Gentle Purgative as well as
a Toulc, posMiting alto the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent in relieving Conge.tion or Inflam
mation of ths Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Bilious
for Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Teller, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils; Car
buncles, King-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Ery
sipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration, of the Skiu, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,
sre literally dug up snd carried out of the ayatem in a
short time by the use of these Bitters. One bottle in
such cases will convince the most iucredulous of their
curative effects.
Cleauae) the "Vitiated Blood whenever yon
find its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples,
Eruptions, or Sores ; cleanse it when you find it ob
structed snd .luggi.li in ths veins ; cleanse it when It is
foul : your feeliui. will tell vou when. Keen the blood
. pure, and the health of the system will follow.
wraxesu. inoiisamia proclaim Vinsoa Bit
Trnas ths most wonderful Invigorant that ever soslsined
the .'"king system.
Plnt Tape, and other Worms, lurking in
the system of so many thousauds, ara effectually de
stroyed snd removed. Says a di.lingui.hed phy.iol.
ogisti There i. scarcely an individual upon tlve face of the
earth whose body is exempt from the presence of worms.
It is not upon the healthy element, of the body that
Worms exist, but upon ths diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of disease.
No syatetn of Medicine, no vermifuge., no anthelmin
tics, will free ths system from worm, liks these Bit
ters. (
Heehanleal Dlsenses. Persons engaged in
Paints snd Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type-setters,
Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they adraucs in life, will
be subject to psralyais of the Bowels. To guard against
this take a dose of WaLKaa's Vinsoas ifirraaa once
or twice s week, ss a Preventive.
Billons, Ileinittent, and Intermittent
Fevers, which are so prevalent in the valleys of our
Seat rivers throughout the United Slates, especial ly
oss of the Misitsipi, Ohio, Miswiari, Illinois, Ten
...... r I 1 t a.L t.j i vi -i ti.
Rio Grande, Pearl, Alabama. Mobile. Savannah, Roan
oka, Jeawa. and many other, willi llieir vaat Iributa
naa, throughout our entire country during the Summer
and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of
unusual heat and dryness, are invariably accompanied
by extensive derangemeut. of the stomncli and liver and
other abdominal viscera. There are always more or leaa
obstruction, of ths liver, s weakness snd irritable state
of llis stomsch, snd great torKr of the bowel., being
clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treat-1
ment, a purgative, exerting a powerful influence upon
thsM various organs, ia essentially necessary. There is
no cathartic for the purpose equal to Da. J. Walscsk's
ViMaaaa Hittibs, as they will .wedlly remove ths
dark-colored viscid mattsr with which the bowels ara
loaded, at the same lima slimtilaiiug the secretions of
the liver, and generally restoring the healthy -fiuiciious
of tlie digeelive organs.
erofnla, or King's IS vll, Whits Swellings,
Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Nock, Goiter, Scrofulous
Inflammations, Indolent Inflammatlona, Mercurial Af
fections, Old Sores, Eruption, of the Skin, Son Eyee,
ate., etc. In these, a. in all other constitutional Dis
eases, Wai.ksr's Vinkoa Bittcrs hava shown their
great curative powers in the most obstinate and Intract
able canes.
Dr. Walker's California VlnegeirDlf ters
act on sll these esses in s similar manner, lly purifying
ths Blood thCy remove the cause, snd by resolving sway
ths sfecte of the inflammation (the tubercular depo.il.)
the affected parts recsixa health, and s permanent cure
is effected.
The properties of D. Wai.krr's Vinboar
RtTTRRS are Aperient, Diaphoretic snd Carminative,
Nutritioua, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-irritant.
Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious.
The) Aperient and mild Laxative properties of
Da. Walkss's Vimsoar Birraait are lite best safe
guard in all caw. of eruptions and malignant fevars,
their balsamic, healing, and wiothing properties protect
ths humors of ths fauces. Their Sedative properties
allay paia in ths nsrvous system, stomach, snd bowsls,
either from inflammation, wind, colic, cramps, etc.
Their Counter-irritant influence extends throughout
the system. Their Diuretic properties act on ths Kid
neys, correcting snd regulating the flow of urine. Their
Aali-Bilious properties stlmulata ths liver, in the secre
tion of bile, and its discharges through the biliary ducts,
snd sre superior In sll remedial egeuts, for the curs of
Bilious Fever, Fever stid Ague, etc. '
... .11a as I... ,nvt.
lying sll its fluids with Vimsoar Bittrrs. No epi
demic csn lake hold of a ayatem thus forearmed. The
liver, the stomach, thr- bowels, the kitlneye, and the
serves sre rendered diaa-proof by this great invig
orant. 1
Dlreetssns. Take of the Hitters on going to bed
it night from a half to one snd ons-half wine-giaanftill
Eat good nourishing food, such as beef steak, mutton
chop, venison, roast beef,, and vegetables, and take
out-door exercise. They are oompoaed of purely veget
able ingredients, sad contain no spirit,
t. WALKER, Prop'r. IV H. MelrON ALDdt CtS.,
UruggitIS and Gen. Agta,, San Prancisoo, Cel..
4 snncor. of Washtnfoii and Charlton Kta., New Vftrk.
. Km n bv all nunr.nitiTa and mtAT.FB v

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