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lje (Enquirer.
rt crfrii t (WinH Hfnrv nf Bowen'l
Building, North tide of Mai Street. Eaat of
conn uouec.
J. W. UOWINi Editor.
McArthur, September 25, 1872
National Nominations by the People.
. . Tfcoma Ewing, Jr.
Angnst Thieme.
Of Vinton County.
National Nominations by the People. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET.
. of Wayne County.
of Franklin County.
of Licking County.
, fob congress,
Of Gallia County.
........ Of Piko County., ,
H. C. Jones' Opinion of
Samuel A. Nash.
"Nash has more brains
any man in this district"
Jones, lefore the Portsmouth Con
vention. "Nash is a strong man; I
would rather any other man
would be the opponent of Bundy.
He is the sharpest man in Gallia
Jones, after the Portsmouth
Just a Word!
Democrats and Liberal Re
publicans of Vinton county! The
day of election draweth nigh
only thirteen days more, and Oc
tober 8th dawneth! Are you
prepared to rally in solid column
to save the country from further
disgrace? Every man to the
polls and vote the whole ticket
without a scratch ! This is the
only safe and sure way!
Trading Votes.
We again remind our Demo
cratic and liberal Republican
friends in Vinton county that
they must not under any circum
stances trade votes. The Grant
ites are importuning Democrats
and Liberals to trade votes they
will just swap any of their can
didates to elect George Kaler,
Don't swap a vote for any
body! We can easily give all
our candidates increased majorities!
George W. Cook.
This gentleman, our candidate
for Clerk of the Courts of Vinton
county, is not only thorougly
qualified for that position, but
could fill many State offices with
honor. His qualifications, if tri
ed by the severest test, will be
found more than ample for' the
office of Clerk.
Vota for George V. Cook for
Clerk !( See that your ticket 'is
not bogus 1
Nelson Richmond.
is hardly necessary for us to
say that 'Nelson Richmond, our
candidate for County Treasurer,
who has served one-half of his
term, has discharged the impor
tant and responsible duties of the
office in a manner highly credit
able and satisfactory to the
people of the county. As a cor
rect and skillful accountant, he
has never had a superior in that
office. When you go to the polls
to vote next Tuesday week, see
that his name is on your ticket.
What should be done du
ring the thirteen days between
this date and October 8th ?
Organize to get out to the
polls every Democratic and Lib
eral Republican vote in the
i mi ' n it i
coumy. mis is an that is re
quired for a grand .victory of
Honesty over the Grant Dynasty
in uccoDer ana iNovember I
It is said that if Grant is de
feated for President this year
thQ noble "Arithmetic Bub" 0:
WUkesvillo, will como out as a
Presidential 'candidate A. D,
1876. He has made a "licht
ning calculation" on his chances!
Salmon P. Chase
nounced for Greeley.
letter in this paper.
nas pro
Read his
Counterfeit Tickets.
It is necessary for every Dem
ocrat and Liberal Republican in
Vinton county to look closely
for counterfeit tickets. The Rad
ical Ring of McArthur, cause
hundreds and hundreds of coun
terfeit tickets to be printed and
distributed in Mill parts of the
county to deceive Democratic
voters. At the election last fall
they had thousands of tickets
printed and headed "Democratic
Ticket," in which was the name
of some Radical for one of the
offices which were voted for.
Look out for counterfeit tick
ets at . the election one week
from ' next Tuesday ! Do not
vote any ticket given you .by a
Grant man, because every mean
trick will be resorted to by them
to deceive you! The townships
of Eagle, Jackson, Madison,
Harrisou, Clinton, Wilkesville,.
Knox, Swan, Brown and Ilich-
and will be flooded with Demo
cratic tickets containing the
name of George Kaler, the fast
racer's son. These tickets will
be circulated to deceive Demo
cratic and Liberal Republican
voters, and to prove that George
Kaler is "honest and capable"
of what? Why, cheating men
out of their votes! Keep your
eyes on all such men ! They are
not suitable' lor filling offices
especially for the responsible of
fice of Sheriff of Vinton county !
Let us have no Grant thievery
and robbery in this county!
"Settin' it Up."
Georoe Kaler, the candidate
on the corrupt Grant Ticket for
Sheriff, is traveling in many
parts of the county "settin' it up
for the boys," in pretty much the
same style that George Fry, who
used to place "Ever Thine" in
front of his great name, tried to
"set 'em up" four years ago. In
some localities, as the story runs,
George finds but mighty little to
cheer his drooping spirits. There
is not any doubt but what this
second fast Geobge will run in
some places-like we should
say like cold tar !
Advice for George :. Go back
to the Zaleski Company's store
and take your place behind the
counter. "Settin' 'em up", is ex
pensive! George Fry said, more
than a thousand dollars were ex
tracted from his pockets.
Horace Greeley visited
Cincinnati last Friday at the in
vitation of the managers of the
Industrial Exposition. A num
ber of the citizens of this county,
among whom was 0. T. Gunning,
Esq., the Presidential Elector of
the 11th District, went to Cin
cinnati on that day to see the
next President of the Ilnited
States. Long Branch Grant was
also invited by the managers to
the Exposition, but he declined
to visit that city. IU prefers
staying at Long Brajich at the
rates of $25,000 per year to wit
ness horse racing; etc. Had the
Cincinnati Exposition been a
horse race, he would have
promptly accepted the invitation
of the managers to attend. Not
a particle of interest does he
take in Western . .enterprise, or
the acts or sciences that are fos
tered by such exhibitions.
Cast your 'votes for Greeley!
Hon D. J. Callen.
The mnny friends in Vinton Coiiuty of Hon.
Dan. J. Cali.en, the eloquent Irlih orator of
Mercer County, Ohio, ana who in the Presiden
tial Eloctor of the Jlorcor and Auglaizo Din.
Met, were highly plowed to have him pay
Littlo Vinton another visit remaining from
Friday afternoon until Tuesday morning, when
he hsft Ilamden on the rut Line for home. He
wa announced to apeak at Uamden, McArthur,
Zaleskl and Wilkesville. The appolntmenti at
tho three place flnt nnmcd he tilled, but on ao.
couut or having Important business at home
that required hie personal attention It was'lin-
possible for him to addreai hit frlendi at Wilkes
vlllo. The grentor portion of the time he re.
malned In the County vol ipent In Zaloskl. On
Sunday morning, accompanlod by ' Patrick
Q'Kxbffr, he went toZalcgkl, where he attend,
ed tho Catholic Church, At that place he re.
nmlnod until after tho line meeting on Monday
evening. The dignified and able mauner In
which he discusses the political question of the
dny lint won for him the admiration and esteem
of the mnny hundred of people Americana ai
well aa thoae of the Emorald Isle who listened
to him at the mooting he addressed. May he
come again and Itgalul
In the St Louis Republican
of Sept. 18, we find 'further par
ticulars relating to the death of
our old friend James Nelson, of
wmcn we booko last week- A
correspondent writes to that pa
per as lollows irom Jerseyville,
Til CJ-i. -li Iftnn '
. Xi , tl ' "i ' low 0Irn ""fortunate person,
at difficulty whlrh oocured hereon the llth Inst,
between Jamea Nelson nml (:iiriaiu.ii xr..i
11 f i .1. . - - .
on usen aome maiming remark in mriatlnn tn
w who, wuon u'Noll knocked Nel-
on down and aftarwanl klo 1,1...
w tkf IJ nnlhle anil afkewar.lt convey
ed Or. U. Dulladway'a residence, where he dial
late the next night, 'judge Calking., Plamm
hold, an lniiiestover the deceased SatnnUv.
the jury jwtnraed the verdict that he came to
Md,'i,Bt"i.rro,n blowi row,'v torn Chariot
O'Noll. who wa bound over in the .nm nm
tlOO to anawer. No one regret the roault of the
iin hiiu vutTiiuiiwr mure titan v well. i
Only thirteen days until the
election! Do nqt be idle.
Hon D. J. Callen. M. R. POTTER.
He Declines to be the Candidate
for Probate Judge
on the Grant Ticket.
Every day we hear of Honest
Republicans declaring that they
can no longer support or vote
with the Administration or Grant
party. , As time progresses one
and another fall into- the .ranks
of Greeley, Reform, and Recon
ciliation. The truth is, the Re-J
form movement is gaining ground
all over the country ; it is gain
ing in Vinton county every hour.
Mr. M. R, Potter of Jackson
Township, who was placed on
the Grant party ticket in this
county, a few weeks ago, . has
come out for Honest Horace
Greeley and Reform, and has
sent a letter to the County Grant
Central Committee' withdrawing
his name from their ticket and
declining to assist that destruc
tive in the canvass.
No person can understand why
Long Branch Presidential Elec
tor Jones goes about this district
"I know what's the , matter
with Nash ; I' beat him a few
votes for Presidential."
Reader, we rise to explain this
matter. Mr. Nash was not a
candidate for Elector. At
the Radical State Convention,, at
Columbus in June last, a few of
fice seekers and office holders
held a caucus in a hotel room.
It was then and there resolved
that, the people should not
chose an Elector at the Con
gressional Convention, which is
the most satisfactory to the peo
ple. The place- hunters and
holders selected Jones, and the
people of the district WTP Bur
prised when they learned of the
caucus proceedings at that State
Convention. If any member of
that caucus announced the name
of S. A. Nash, for Electpr, that
member of the caucus positively
made the announcement without
Mr. Nash's authority and with
out his knowledge. That's
"what's the matter with Nash !"
Mr. Nash was uofc at the State
Convention! took no part in the
selection of delegates to repre
sent Gallia county, because "he
is the sharpest man in Gallia
county," and had Tesolved to
have nothing to do TVith the par
ty of "Addition, Division, and
Silence" the party which adds
up, divides and keeps silence on
the stealings of.the people.
The Grand Jury at the session
of the Court of Common Pleas
last week was composed of the
following gentlemen :
The Juiijnpjss, of the Grand
Jury was complete on Wednes
day last, when Judge John J.
Harper adjourned Court untill
Monday, November 25th.
The office of Board of Public
Works should be filled by an En
gineer, as the duties of the office
cannot be properly discharged by
any other serson. Isaac B. Ri
ley is well qualified for the posi
tion, being an eminont Civil En
Vote for Isaac B. Riley for
Member of Board of Public
Send us all the bogus tickets
you find on the day of the Octo
ber election I . , . ; , -
Our candidate for Supreme
Judge, John L Green has that
pre-eminent Qualification that
comes of profound legal learning.
He will confer honor to the Su
preme Bench by being elected
thereto. ' M i ,
Vote for John L Green for Su
preme Judge! .
Bogus tickets will be put in
circulation by the Grautites.
Look out!
Don't Scratch.
We wfah every Democrat and
Liberal Republican to vote with
out a scratch. , bupport tlia en
tire, ticket, and see that your
neighbor does likewise. Clean
tickets look rich when the Judges
of Election are counting them
Of course you desire an ex
cellent Sheriff. Geo. W.Pilcher
is well qualified for the responsi
ble position. -Vote for him!
Look , i out for counterfeit
tickets! : . .
1 Vote for George
for Coroner !
W. Greene
[For the McArthur Enquirer
That Slice off the Infirmary
5lr.. Editor: In the Record' or
two 'weeks ago some of your
readers, no doubt, noticed an ef
fusion from the diminutive brain
of an individual styling himself
"One of the People," in which
he attempts to show corruption
and favoritism, on the part of the
County ' Commissioners 1 in their
transactions in relerence to the
Infirmary Farm. It seems that
at their late session they dispos
ed of one-half acre of the Infirm
ary Farm to Harvy Zimmerman
for what' "One of tho People"
(who is nobody but the carpet-bag-er
from Chilhcothe) styles about
one-fourth its value, and that the
"slice is off the" best part of the
farm," Now,, the half acre re
ferred to is a narrow : strip lying
between the old Scioto & Hock
ing Valley Railroad bed and
the public road -leading from
McArthur to Logan, and in case
the G,y McA.&C. K R. is built
on that becLjvhich is very prob
able, it would . 'be of no value
whatever to the Infirmary Farm,
and, as to its being "off the . best!
part of the farm, there is not an
individual in the State, acquaint
ed with its situation, but knows
the assertion to be a WILFUL
LIE. But I will show, you' the
inconsistency of these , would-be
guardians of the peoples' money.
In that paper of Mav 0tli
a terrible howl is raised against
the same Commissioners for at
tempting to' purchase such a
"large farm," and at such an
"enormous prjpp," : Says the au
thor of an article in the paper re
ferred to : .
"The idea that the paupers
would cultivate any such farm or
eyen ppe-sixth of the amount is
simply absurd,"
But now, since.' the Commis
sioners have disposed of an in
significant half acre, these
grumbling would-be "guardians
have' discovered that the farm is
too small by iust that one-half
acre. Suppose they are getting
uneasy,, lest they are deprived of
their birthright there. Well, I will
proceed to , show that they' will
be more likely to require a place
in a different institution- Let us"
now consider .the price put upon
it by these ponderous hnanciers,
The price jjaid for the one-half
acre ($30) is "only one-fourth"
the yams of the land. Then; ac
cording, to that ij; is vorh $20
per acre, and the entire farm,
320 acres, is worth $38,640, in
stead of $11,924, the amount
paid, and. Isaac Ullom, a Demo
crat, of whom the farm was pgr
chased, was swindled out of just
$26,760! This looks like "bar
gain and sale to assist a fellow
Democrat " don't it ? It really
looks more like benefiting the
county than "favorite Democratic
friends." , . If these would-be fi
nancjera are. not candidates for
the Lunate Isyhjm, tyey $iU.
certainly have to be classed wUb
the idiots, to which class no one
can fail to see that they belong..
An attack is also made upon
the bridges lu he county by'this
same email cahbereft iftdyjdual.
Now it is only necessary to refer
to the traveling public to, prove
that they are among the best in
the Stateras regards construc
tion, And these grumbling in
dividuals vmi rest assured that
their ponderous intellects will
never sway a single timber of
these bridges ! . : . t
This smalj individual seems to
have a patf filar, spite towards
II. H. Swaw. one: of the Cpm
missioners. The reason of this
is, perhaps, because Mr. Swaim
opposes the allowing of a certain
illegal claim against the county
held by individual, he 'de
siring to get possession of cijng
of the peoples' money, to which
ho knows he has no legal right.
This unstrung his. weak mind, as,
is nrpyp4 above. " Mr. Swaim has
always exerted himself against
allowing : anv claims against
the county which were not
sanctioned by law, and
long as he,; together with the
other gentjemen composing the
Uoard, have control of 10 mat
ter. the neonle need have ,. no
. . A IT
fears as regards the disposition
of the money paid by them
defray the expenses of the coun
ty, All can rest assured tha
tflege grumbler ; are a class of
small individuals who have no
influence whatever in the com
munities in which they, live and
are totally incapable of transact
ing any kind' of business; '.as
their 'arguments 4,o,w . u$ :.if
they fed the control of flie
ces of the county, what the . re
sult wOuld'biJ,' I leave tho intel
ligent reader.to judge: i
Our correspondent negtocted
10 say mat tne products of the
lnhrmary'arm lor the present
year amounted to $1,100.
Nothing-, however, was raised
on that half acre!
WATCHMAN. A Grant Paper after the
The Jachon Standard, the
only No. 1 Long Branch journal
printed in Southern Ohio, gets
after the Radical State Central
Committee of Ohio, as herein set
forth j ,
Central Committee abont CoIuiiiIiuhV Our Com-
"Una nnv hodv hoard of hiipIi a thlnir rk a Htntn
inlltco navo boon writiuir to audi tin Institution
for the past two weeks, mid run jrot no nnawur.
tScrloiiHly, Mr.' Walctitt should at onoo radgu.
lie Id a Milncriible fiiiluro."
"Seriously," we should ' think
the whole list of Long Branch
officials would "resign'', and per
mit the country to rest in peace
for a few months. Smokine and
drinking Grant, tlieir leader, "is
miserable1 failure." 'u Let the
Standard stir them up too !
The meeting' at the Court
House last Saturday was a suc
cess in every particular. The
old, tho young, male and female,
not only of the village put for
many miles around the "village,
turned out to hear the eloquent
and truthful speech of Hon." D.
JJ3allen. . The many Grant fol
lowers present were surprised to
hear him give . such a complete
and truthful account of the cor
ruption of their leader who has
appointed all of his own relations
and those of his wife to office to
steal for themselves, while the
great leader and gift-taker de
votes his time at Long Branch.
Hflp, A. J. WAf was, President
of the meeting.
Samuel A. Nash.
. Vote for Samuel A. Nash for
Congress,. who comes under the
designation of Liberal Republi
can. He ;will make a good and
true representative for the. 11th
District There is no one in the
District who could more ably
represent the farming, industrial,
meplianipaj, anp the interests of
all classes, tree thp his name
is 011 your ticket! '
The Grand Lodge of the
Independent Order of Good Tem
plars of Ohio, will meet Wednes
day, Oct 2d, at 10 o'clock, A. M.,
in Wilfiehn's Opora House, Ports
mouth. Representatives are ex
pected to be on hand promptly
at that time. ,
Gen, Aqiila Wjley, pur "one-
egged soldier" candidate for
Secretary of State, is making
hundreds of friends in this cam-
paign. - v
Vote for Aquila Wiley for Sec
retary of State !
For Common Pleas Judge be
sure to YQTij ir Hon, John T.
Moore, lie is both capable and
honest. . -
Hundreds of bogus' tickets
will be circulated! Look' out!
Jojsiah E Martin is on our
ticket for Commissioner, He has
abundant capacity for the posi
tion. Vote for Josiah B. Martin
for Commissioner! ,
Grape Vine.
Wjno in (liln wintry iS H)B-hfog!f oi
grenter dPitreo of itm-wi-iion by aj.kkkd spKKii,
of I'aatftlo, N. dVthiut .l) any ''other pci aon,' In
met, no woa the pioneer in mtiiniiicinv ana ad
vertising, Nutlyo AVincH, hu.v Ui (if iiurclmwod
hundreda of ton of Kl'l,'l,i heaiilc liU own
Vintage.- Jfi'. SpKeb'b a'ucccaa haa arlton from
the strict purity ami vuluulihr propertie of hi
Vino ftr jn;nl'U and fcehle pcraon, and hie
rBiitntiim eVP'ufa tfto vh-14;
0 do your' duty, you must
vote the unscratched Democratic
ticket. Unscratched Democrat
ic look beautiful when they are
being counted out.
"M OTICR Is hereby given that there will be a
X Meeting ot the Hoard or Hi'hool Kxamlnura
0 ...1.... ci.. I I ..tf r..l....l.l
ii I.HU iiiiiu)ieiiiiriiv ni:iiu'i I'labrmb ui r.nirnKi,
VintijK Cfciipl v. Ohio, for tho examination of
tunehCrs, 'lit tm fti'liinil-linuso qf said District,
on Til irllSDA Y, OCTOUKIt i)d, itlH.
Applicants should Ixi prevent as early at 9
O'I'lOCK a. m. . - -' .. : - fi ' ' '
By Order of the Board. ' '
A. W. JAMES, Clerk.
Heptemlior85,1872. ' '
Road Notice.
o Npn-lteaidont Free-Hodnr.
DOUGLAS PUTNAM will take notice that
nursiinnt tn an order of the ( oiniulaslouem
nf Vinton County. Ohio, upon a petition for the
cstniuiHiimcut oi a county Komi in Hnox iowii-
snip, viewers wore appointed to meet at u. u,
Dell's, in said Township, on the) lull day of Or
tuber. A. D. 1872. at the hour nf 10 o'clock A. M
of said day, to lay out and establish, a County
Moan along uiu luuuvt iug iiesr.nneii route, to
wit: ' ' '
Beirlnnlug at a Countv Itoad Icadlntr' from
Mnonvlllo, Vinton C'ouiity, to AlliaiiT, Athena
Comity, at 0. It, 111; le irate: tlicuce In a north
westerly direction 'th rough fim owned by Hald
u. H. lieu, niciiey-a jicirs, Israel cuessor, win
8. McWIiortur, Jolin Martin and James lie
Whortcr, to a sugar tree la front of the School
J louse In Hnli-Dlstrict No. 8, In Knox Town
through lunda owned by J. B. Martin, DouhIii
ship; thence in a ilmre westerly nMrection
SftlStflff.iSK AU,'
rucnain, nnu iue m. n u.' n; it, wimp
i Athene to Coe
ipsny, to the
Mill, and
Principal Petitioner,
' G-nmnirjSiiTif
With a Picture of Groelcy A Brown.
Good -lye, Ulyascs. Rong and Chorus. toV-
ham .4. ..86c
Uo ftlwny Wcara an Old White Hat. Song
aud Chorus. Wncarty 88c.
The farmer iroca Clioiij)lng on His Way.
Song anil Chorii. liiKK'n 8Sc'
Greeley ami ltrowu's Clulyp to th.o White
. lluiiao. Dressier .... .. . ,..40c.
Greeley' Grand Miuvh. Smith . 4c.
Groolcy' favorite I'o.lka. Strnto AOo,
Any of tho above mailed, on receipt of mark
ed priee. Address, J. L. I'ETEKS, 60 Broad
way, How York.
Send 80 cents for the latest number of HC
T Kits' MUHICAL MONTHLY, and you will
get eight or nine choice plocca of HewSIuslo.
September 28, 187a. 5 w '
L - i
frU-D. 1812.
Vinton County, Ohio, Sopteinbor 28, 1812.
To the Quallftd Votcrt of Vinton County t
In niimunnco of law. I. DANIEL BOOTH.
Slier I ir of tho County of Vinton, do hereby
proclaim and mnko known that the
" rJrX, Ai Jj, 1872,
Is. in mirsuanceto tho Constitution and Laws
of the United States, and of the Stuto of Ohio,
appointea unit mauo a uny on wmcn tne qunu
ilcd electors of said County shall meet at tlio
usual places of holding elections, in the several
towusfilna of Vinton Countv. between the hour
of Oo'clnuk n tho fureiiaou unil H o'clock in the
atternonn or nam nay, ana men ana tnera pro
ceed to elect by ballot
For Frasldent and Vice Prealdsut of the United
.... btatoi,
The returns of tho election are, by tho pro-
vIhIohs of Iniv, tq lip made to mo, and must be
made by tho eVonlng or THUItSDAY NEXT
Given under bit hand, at mv olllce. in McAr
thur, this 23d day of September, A. 1). 1872.
i Sheriff of Vinton County, Ohio.
September, 1872.
The Hamden Foundry Company
Ilnvlng purchased this woll-known Foundry,
at lliimilen, Vinton Countv, Ohio, and supplied
It with nil the
Latest Stylos of Patterns and lIa-
At great expense, lu'onuwniiimiructuring every
i ' description of
Hollow Ware, Plain Heavy Casting!
. for Furnace,' Shafting, Stove,
Gratea, Frontai Cane Mills,
Wagon Boxes, Flows,
The attention of the public is culled to the
great variety
Which they are enabled to soil cheaper tlian
elsewhoru. The great advantugo of purchasing
Stoves at this Foundry is, you don't have to pay
exorbitant prices, for odd plates for repairs as
you do when you purchase elsewhere. A good
assortment of
Tin Ware, Sheet Iron & Copper Ware
Kept on hand, This Foundry being a
xxorafca llrsxxTtcTion,
And the proprietors practical workmen, who
'aftend. strictly to business, wo can
. Manufacture Our Own Goods,
And sell thorn dlreut to the pooplo at tho whole
sale prices at which tho same goods nro oll'ered
by Vinton County dealors. Iiyon want a good
article at a low price, give us a call.
Highest price vatil old Brass, Copper, and
Scrap lion.
Persons desiring Castings fur l'atont Rights
will please send us their orders.
UEpAIItlNG of all kinds neatly done.
. September 28, 1872. ' Heed's Mills 1'. O.
Ten Years of B jpnbHc
tost luis proved Dr.crook's
il'liieorrnr U have more
fherlt thai) any similar
nrepnratUio everoffered to
tho public. It is rich in
the medicinal qualit ies of
Tar, aud unenualod for
disease of the Throat Sc
I. a ngi, performing tho
WV J "; eiroctually cures all Coughs
r, "t"y coses of Asthma
IJkJV ' . Sae ana Bronchitis, Uiatit
UJt ui baa boen pronounced a
plaints. ForPalnslnthe
lircast, HIUa or Back,
uravea or atniue.
f one, dlaeaaes of the
Auiiuviliupvriur iuuiv,
Kcstorp the Appetite,
Strengthen) the Nystem,
Betorea the Weak and Oebllltated,
Caaasea the I'ood to Uiirest,
Removes DyspepsJIa nd Indieeation,
Prevent) nalarioua levers.
Gives ton to your System.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
. For the relief and
cure of all derange
ment In the stom
ach, liver, and bow
els. They are a mild
aperient, and an
excellent purgative.
Belnir tmrolv vecre.
table, they contain
no morcury or mine-
V in) yvlmtovor. Much
i sorlouk aicknesa and
suffering la prevent
Ail hv uielr tlmAlv
use ; and every family should have them on hand
for their protection and relief, when required.
Long experience haa proved them to be the saf
est, surest, and best of all the IHll with which
ine mavnot anounus. iiy weir occasional use,
the blood la purified, the corruption of the ay
tern expelled, obstructions removed, and the
! whole niunhlnery of life reatored to ft healthy
iiitl'vftyV -internal 'organ which become clogged
ind alugglsh are (sleanod'byviyr';jfif,and
stimulated Into action. Tlma incipient disease
la changed into health, the value of whloh change,
when reckoned en the vast multitudes who eniov
it, can hardly be computed. Their sugar coating
make them pleasant to take, and preserves their
virtues unimpaired for any lengtn of time, 10
that tboy are ever fresh, and perfectly reliable.
Although searching, they are mild, and operate
Without disturbance to the constitution, or diet, or
Occupation,-1 "i . .
Full directions are given on the wrapper to
each box. how to use them a a Family l'livslc.
and for the following complaints, whloh those
JMIf rapidly cure:
For l7teMi or Wndlroatlon, I.Utlra.
nouiu ne taaun mouoraiiy to siimuiaio mo iioni'
ach, and restore ita healthy tone and action.
ma, Laaruar anu lum oi a ppeiiae, uiey
tolns, Wllloiis leMlache, Nick llriail.
Isvlie, 9 anaalln or Ureea a)lcknM, HI I.
Iota Colic and lllllou I'ever, tlioy should
be Judiciously taken for each case, to correct Uie
diseased action or remove the obstructions which
cause it. ' . -
For Ityaentery or IMurrhorn, but ons
mild dose is generally required.
For Itheiimutlana, Wont, Ortavel, PI.
Citation: of the, Heart, luln la the
lil, 1 ark and Eiolu, Uiey should be contiu-
iionsly tnkeu, as required, to chango the diseased
.otlpn of tlio nysUmi, Willi audi change tliose
lohiplalnts disappear.
For UroMT and Dropsical Awetllngs.
they should be taken in large and frequent duses
to prodiloe tho eiroct of a drastio purge.
For )Mpprealon. a large (lose should be
taken, a It produce tlio desired effect by sym
pathy. '
As t Dinner Vlll, take one or two J'iHf to
promote digestion and relieve the stomach.
An occasional dose stimulntuS'tlio stomach and
bowels, restores the appetllo,and Invigorates the
System.- Ilonce It Is ollen advanhigoou where
10 aurlqus dorangoinent oxista. One who frols
Olernbly well, oiton Hilda tliat a do of these
l'illt makes him fuel docidedly better, fromtlicir
cleansliig and renovating effect ou the digoatlvt
apparatus. ...
' j FKKPASBI) 8T , , ' ,
Jr.J.f.ATX:nJtCO.,l'raticat ChemltU,
...';. OWMtti MASS., V. S. U.
For Jil vr Cioniiiliaint and It various svmn-
For Cough, Cold nd Horaenes.
These TubUU present tho Acid In Combina
tion wllh other elllclent remedies, In a popular
form, for the Cure of all TilKOAT and LUNU
HoARHUNKSSrtlld Ul.CfcllATION Of thuTllMOAl
are iuimedlatelyrelluvud, and stuleinciits are
ponstantly being sent to the proprietor of relief
in casus ol Throat dlllleultles of years standing.
'I'llll uoire DO ilfwelvi.il hv wnrlli.
l.tDiJ l.ll.,ln..u .....
oho uiriiuuu inimiis. j-riceioeen.ts per Box.
JOHN tt. KELLOUU. 181'lntt Ht.. N. y!
Send for
1 -4w
ilar. Holo Agent for the U. 8.
S250 i
D:es. Secure Circulars and Sninples. irco.
M. KI'ENCUlt, Brattleboro, Vt.
1th Htoiu il and Kev-Cheik
C- ft a day to Agents, selling Cainpnlgn Badg-
d I tl CB. for 'Lai Ilea A liimlu na l.r..,iMt u,.m.i'
uiun, Km piiiHiu wiin piioiogrnpiis or rresl-
30 cents.
McKay A Co., Cedar Ht., N. Y.
dates. Hniiinleu.tiuilleil rron I'm.
An clegnnt Engraving. pcrlectlllkeiiCHScs.MxSS
silk Grant Badge & l nlntod 2Ce. riiunple latest
oijiu neiiiiing cams, notes. Ac SRc.
" "ssT i'.ngravor, m iiroudwny N. Y,
AOKNTS. itti tvlll ...... .in i.
1.. ' ... ' i T'" per wuea in
cash II yoii w III .engage with us AT ONCE. Ev-
njuiiiiBiiirni8iioiiaiuie.iH!iisu8 palil. Address
F. A. KLLB & c'o., Charlotto, Mich.
TmlI'i,inVOKKi.IN( ""ASS, innlo or fc'- .
1 male. fflOaweek guaranteed, nosiioctnblo
employment at homo, day or evening; no caul,
tul required; full instructions ami valunlilo
pnekago of goods to start with ent free by
ViHLV AclliH8f with 0 cent return stamp,
M. YQTNU & c'o., 1U Coui tlau 8t., New Vork.
AN KLKOANTT.Y Tinirvn i'avviootw.
BOOK lor tho best and cheapest Family Hiblo
ever published, will be sent free of charge to
any hook Agent. It contains pearly .(So? Ann
Scriptural illustrations, and agents are meeting
with unnreri'ileiitf.il Btu.,..Uu a.i.i........
experience, Ao A wewllisiiowyau what our
i8f."l'fiB.le ,'01',l,,(f',?,Ari0NAI' I'UBLIHIUNU
v.... i,,., viiicMiiiHH, unio, orst. Louis,
8cuttor truths among tho people. RICHARD
wuu .uoui.u tno nuin man a It t in papers
in tho wnrhl. Trvm. ,v....t i, il. ;..rr "
selling it. as It is wanted, aud vo trlve over-
wnonninff commln8ionB,
Atlfll'i'MH A M rl'.P If1 A V TlTTDT fDlTTVl t'il
Ohio ' r ' liUiii ah ToU'd".
AOBITT8 WANTED for th Utm of
Grant Greeley
nan of all parties. Ovor 40 Steel Portraits.
ivorth twice the cost of the book. AVantcd eve.
ry where. Agents have wonderful Success. Send
for Circular. Address ZIGULKlt & McCURDV,
189, Knee Street, Cincinnati, ). '
tAkrh ftndl'IWlJl'. llnvliig'strhggled tweu-
t.V VPfir. Imfiv.iitii lir.i'.i...l .I'...;.!. ...!T. A..11......'
-J-"'" "vv.,vi,u mivuuiiiiuhui Willi JISIII1H14
or Phthisic, I experimented on myself by com.
Iinnnillni. ....... ...! 1,....,... , vi..,.nr. ..
r .. , s wv iiiiu nuiiin, 111111 lllllllllllg 1110
medicine thus obtained. 1 fortunately discov
ered a moBt wonderful remedy uml sure cure
ior Astniua us Kiniirca tlinenscs. Warranted
tn cure tho most stubborn case of Asthma or
Phthisic in five minutes, so tlio patient run
breathecasy, or lie iyn to vest or 'sleep coin,
fortably. Aiiy persim not fully satisfied iifice
using y, tho contents of a package can returu
tho remaining S to the proprietor, and the nion-
nv i.ni l. ralV.i..l..,l 1... ........... .....II u..... i ..
mall to any address within tho United States,
on receipt of 1.2S. Address D. LAXHKLL,
Appio Creek, A nyno Co., Olilo, Inventor anil
Sole Proprietor. Sold by Druggists. Patented.
G love - F itt.luff Corset.
SSSpSS,., No Corset has ever en-
mG&WJiWyn lcl n wtirid-wli o
t The demand for them Is
constantly iticreitalnir.bo-
Universal Satisfaction
Are Hnndsomu, Durable,
Kconoinlciil, and
Ask fnr'TIirJMSiiX'M npvnrvv liT.wvv.
VITTIVi: m.f..v '..va..l- l.ul.. ,a ...i.'t:
...... ..u...v iiii piiiiii ,i:., ii in,
tho iinmo THOMSON, mid tlio trade-mark a
' Sold bv All aFlrsttClas Dealers,
U Is not it physic wlui-li mav give temporary
rcfief to the auft'eror for the lllrsi few doses, but
wliicli, from coniinui'il uso bringa Piles and
kindred diseases to aid in weakening tho Inva
lid, nor is it adoclnreil liquor, which, under the
popular niuna of "Hitters' is ao extensively
f mimed oil on the public ns sovereign rcmotllea,
nt It la a most puwbkpi'i. Tonic Kn altkba
tivk, iironoiuiccd so by the lending medical au
thoritiuHof London and Paris, and has been
long utcd by tho regular phyHiclans of other
eountrlet with wonderful remedial results,
Jr. W -Extract ol Jsritia
retains nil the medical .virtues peculiar to tho
plant and must bo taken aa a Woudurful cura
tive agent.
la there want of action in yor liver and
spleenf Unlesa rulliived at once, tho blood be
comes Impure by deleterious secretions, produ
cing sorolulous or altin discuses, BloU'lies, Fel
ons, Pustules, Canker, Pimples, i)., Ao.
Take Jnrubebu to cleanse, pit illy ami re
storo tlMi vitiated blood to healthy action.
Have you a Dyspeptfo Mtoinnv)' ' Utjletj
digestion Is promptly oilcd ilie'aystein lsdubi
Hated with loss nf vital force, poverty of the
Bluud, Dropsical Tendency, General V eaknesa
or Lassitude
Take it to assist 'digestion with reaction, It
will impart youthful vigor to the wenry sufferer.
Have you a weakness of the Intestine?
You are In danger of Chronic Idarrhiea or tlia
dreadful Inflanimation of the Bowels,
Take it tn allay Irritation and wurd ohT ten
dency to inflammations.
Have yqu a weulinoaa of the Vtei'lije p
Urinary Organs? You must' procure instant
relief or you are liable to suffering worte than
death, i
Take It to stvengchen organic weakness or
II fo becomes a bunion.
Finally It should bo frequently taken to keep
the system In perfect lioalth or you a lit other
wise in great malarial, niiasniuliooroontftgious
diseases. r
JOHN Q. KELLDGO, 18 Plutt St., New York
Solo Agent for tlioUnltod btates, f ' n
I'rlne SI per Hntlle. Hend lor Circular,
And tho health of tho sjrotom
will follow. There In a prepara
tion of Iron and loke Hoot
moieeflentutd than all others,
which will romove frorn your
Hysterii the impure arid vitiated
blood which ciium'lHllHenmerid
at tlio sanm time build up your
health and strength Itnvr
rail to on r. If yon have
(icrofmit,Mnroialoa Uiseaa.
or tlio ;ye or Kara, or
Msvofnli iu any form, Xet
Whilo flwellinir. Oldl
Port. Ulcers, or ftarofalona
InUnmiuatlons, you can rely
on being ourod with this prepn,
ration known as Ir. 4!rooka
4'oiiiiiKiinil .Nyrup iof VdU.4
Itoot. Itheninatlsm, lnlnI
In IlmbaorIlon,ontltiaa
jtions brokendown by Mercu
rlal or other k1soiih, are all
cured hvlt. For Mvi.lillia. n
Nyphllitlo taint, timre In not h
lug equal to iU A trial will
Beautify your Complexion.
po nht use paint or powdor, hut not a more
Permanent beauty by purifying your blood.
Tills preparation 1r Iron and l'oko Hoot
makes a rough and scaly akin aoftuiidBinootii!
changes that sallow complexion to one of
frcHlirifssnnil lual(h, and lemovo any I0rit.
tivoIManaseaoriliANkin, Flmnleit, Vuaw
talM.ltlotcHes AKrnptlona. Jfyim wlxll
Crook's Compound Syrup of 1'oke UooU

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