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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 25, 1872, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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ljc (Enquirer,
ar. "W. Bowen,
BDITOH akd pbohribtob.
Quails are numerous Una year.
Comb Id tlio Big Meeting on
Wedncsdiiy, October 2d.
tin. Bowers. DentM. McArthur,
Ohio, w, " .-.-
Makk ireviinitions to vote for
bottor times on Uio 8th ol ueiooer
and on the 5th of NoVombor.
Mrs. Mary Dolan has removod
from Zaleski ' to " Ptirkei'sburg,
W. Vft.
It is enid Hint the 26 letters of
the Alphabet may be IrunspoBod
620,418,401,733,239,430, 3C0, 000, 000
times. Who miule the discovery?
II. E. Soulb, of Wilkesville, has
returned from Clark Furnace,
Tenn., where he has been engaged
for Bovoral months ns book-keeper.
Bishop Bedell, Assistant Bishop
ot the Episeopal Church, will hold
divjne s'orvico nt the Episcopal Hall
on Friday evening, Octobor 4th.
All are cordially invited to attond.
Can the Grant candidate for
Sheriff, who is extremely "temper
ate," inform the poople whothor
the prices of whisky, wine, ale, and
beer have "riz" or went down lately?
Da. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, an
nounces that he has established
himself in McArthur for the pnr
poso-of practicing his profession.
All needing his services will be
waited upon with pleasure. All
operations carefully performed, and
satisfaction given,
The MoArthur Union Schools
will begin onMohday, September
,10th, under the suporlntondence'of
M. It. Barnes, who will bo assisted
by the tollowing'corpa of teachers:
Mr. L. O. Perdue.
Miss Jennie Tucker.
' Miss Kate Liston.
Miss Sallik Bannells.
MiBS Lannie Hawk,
At the last examination of teach
ers, certificates were granted as
follows :
For twolvo months to'Loronzo
Ray and Joseph Miller. For six
months to Francis Forrest, Edward
$4ward ftoarth, William Wescoat,
William Timborman and Mia Fran ,
Clerk Board of Examiners.
We hivve not a word to say against Snmiiol A.
Ninth, Democratic cnndldnte for Congress in this
district. We know him well. Soino years ago
we met him frequently and always regarded
him as a pleasant gentleman. Jaeknon Stand
ard. Thank you, Bro. Mackley. Mr.
Nasii is just suoh a gentleman as
the people of this district should
elect to represent their interests
in Congress. You had better
vote for him 1 II. C. Jones, the
Grant Elector, says "Nash has
more brains than any other man
in this district."
Wilkesville. The meeting of
the Democracy and Liberal Re
publicans at Wilkesville on Mon
day afternoon last was a success,
as large and enthusiastic as the
many friends of Reform could
wish. The turnout proves that
the people are in earnest. The
meeting was addressed by S. A.
Nasii, candidate for,. Congress,
and Joifi? Mayo. Mr. Nash made
an able and convincing speech,
such as he is capable of making.
It will work glorious results. He
has tlfe hearts of the people. His
remarks will tend to strengthen
hose of his old friends who have
had the- courage . to - come out
against a corrupt and profligate
Mr. Mayo followed in a telling
Agrippa Wells was President
of the meeting. . . .
Grant's little McArthur Ring"
n becoming disheartened and
desperate. Jones appears as
Attorney for the Ring aforesaid.
He fills the position too noth
ing backward about him. The
interests of the President of the
Long Branch Society are fully
represented 1n all the school
houses in the land of the 11th
District by homer c.l He still
acknowledges that "Samuel A.
Nash has more brains than any
other man in "this district, atod
can outrun any other man." Most
of the frightened Ring Beem to
think they are represented by an
attorney who damages Bundy's
brightest's prospects for going
over to Congress to assist in
legalizing the wholesale thieving
qf the corrupt Grant Administra
tion. Word has reached the edi
tor hereof that the legal advisor
aforesaid has filed his printed an
swer against us. The defeat of
Bundy is admitted 1
The Mass Meeting at Hamden.
The muss meeting at Ilamden on
Friday last was a grand succors, iiN
though not so largo 'us desirod, 'it
was better attended than uny meet
ing hold there" for several yours
past. The mooting was held in the
north part of the village. John W,
Wilcox, a Liberal Republican, pre
sided over the" meeting.'' Speeches
wero delivered by Hon. ,V7, M.
Grobvenor, of Missouri, ono of the
leaders and originators of the
groat liberal movement, and Jlon.
D. J. Callen, of Mercer county,
Tho most brilliant effort of the. cam
paign in these parts was the speoch
of Col., Grosvenor. His introduc
tion to the . subject of tho pending
Presidential campaign commanded
tho profoundest nttontion, and from
the commencement to the close of
his remarks, for two hours' time.tne
pooplo listened ; with the cloest at
tention. He possoasea tho enviable
qualification of handling political
subjects in a manner that seems to
please ovorybody not even wound
ing ' tho feelings of the Grantitcs.
He" entered minutely into tho offi
cial nets of the Admistration, lie
spoke of Creswell's allowance of
fraudulent claims; of the moneyed
and financial rings by officerB of the
government and Senators in the in
terest of continuing Grant in offlco;
how the Southern States lias suffer
ed and beon imposed upon, cheated,
and overburdened with taxes and
debts; , the ' land subsidy railroad
speculations, and how the rich are
made richer and the poor poorer;
tho manipulations of government
bonds, and how Jav Cooke & Co.
and the money rings are making a
good thing out of the people and
how desirous it is to theso gentle
men to want to remain in offte an-
othor four years, and how desperate
the efforts are to do so, at all haz
ards, to the shame and disgrace of
the country; that all the corrup
tions and all the shameful efforts to
perpetuate themselves in office are
countenanced by. Grant, and that
all lean upon him while he gives
countenance to the whole of these
corruptions. The boldness and force
of Ins eloquenco left no pretext for
any doubt of the positions he as
sumed. With gifts of nature and
rare scholastic attainments, CoJ.
Grosvenor mny bo classed among
tho foremost speakers of the day.
It was rogrottod that Hon. M, W.
Ransom was unable to be nt tho
meeting, but his place was well fill
ed by IIon.D. J- Callen, who held
tho assembly for more than ono
hour by his unanswerable argu
ments nnd happy hits against Long
Branch Grant and his corrupt of
ficials. Most eloquently did hq ac
quit himself.
It is rcgrotted that time would
not permit Hon. Samuel A. Nash,
our candidate for Congress, who was
present, to address tho people.
The Zaleski brass Hand furnish
ed the sweetest music for tho occa
Meeting at Zaleski.
The meeting held at Zaleski
last Monday night was no doubt
the largest and most enthusiastic
one ever held there, The hundreds
present were delighted with the
able and dignified manner ' in
which Hon. D. J. Callen discuss
ed the political issues of the day.
His pleasing anecdotes and sound
arguments called forth lrequent
and prolonged applause, and his
reference to the financial affairs
of the connty was clear and con
vincing. Such a chain of. argu
ment, we predict, was never be
fore listened to by the people of
that place. The audience was
delighted beyond measure. ' : :
At the close of the speech ot
Mr. Callen, O. T. Gunning, our
Presidential Elector, was called
the stand. He made a few
appropriate but pointed remarks
which were lieteped to with
marked attention. He" closed by
earnestly entreating every one to
lauor politically ior ine success
of the State and district ticket
at the October election. .
Orvill Gunning, of the Car
shops, was President . of the
meeting. The occasion was e'n-
lvened by music by hp. Zaleski
Brass Band.
At the close , of the speaking
three cheers were given for Hon
est Horace Greelev ! for D. J.
Callen 1 for the whole County
Ticket ! arid for. the Zaleski Brass
Band! IK1 u . . '
We are glad to say that the
Democracy and Liberal Republi
cans of old Madison are fully
aroused to the duties of the
hour. v": ' ' : r .
lioiloway's Pills and Olnt-',
.7 . .- . ment ,
Enable tlie victim of disease to dlsponse
11 othor modlcluos.. The former relieve the
stomaoh, liver, Rod boweU of all obstruction ;
the latter heals every external" (ore, eruption,
or wound. Sold 78 Maiden Lane, N. T. Price,
85 conU per box or pot. Ask for new ityle, the
old. li counterfeited. '
EverylJo4y ' Knows Tom Mellor!
; ..- .,-vBUT- . r-
' ' ' r ' '!'''
Not Everybody know that
he has Bought th Dry
Goods Store of Mrx.
V Mifry Dolim, at
Z A L 33 SKI.
In Vinton County.
Where , to jo to Save
On Monday evening hint wo look
ed throur''th- estnbliffinuMtt of
Thomas A. Mbllor, on Second
Street, ZmIohU, it nd wore PurprisoJ
to 8oo such n frrent variety ol
Goods. It really looks lil somo
of tho Genornl Variety Stores of
the cities. Tho room is nontlr nnd
closoly packed with u iniignificervt
810CK Ot
Of every description of the Latest
stylo, the stock
Is attractive; and. the CLOTHING
for metr and boys is complete.
In addition to all that we ob
served a largo and fine assortment
of, ; w ; '.;.'
Boots and Shoes, ' t
Hata and Caps, ,
Glassware, ,
' Qaeensware,
' ' 1 Confeotions,
' Perfumery,
And everything else that is kept in
a village storo all buinr in. tho
best order, a department tor every
description of Goods. The assort
ment of Goods in each department
is large and varied nil having been
carefully selected and being first
class in every respect, nnd quito
superior to any kept elsewhere in
that placo, .besides the fine assort
ment of Goods iust mentioned, Mrs.
T. A. Mellor has a most beautiful
assortment ot
The only varioty kept fu tho town,
being possossed of the requisite fa
cilities for procuring this chw of
Goods' as to enablo ler to soli at ex
tremely low prices.
We would advise every niun, wo
man and child to go und see I lie
Store sinco it has beon re arranged
and filled with a beautiful' lot .of
Goods.- Go and learn the low
prices of all Goods in tho Store.
You will find no more courteous or
honorable man with whom to trade
than Mr. Mellor.
Vove for Herman B. Mayo for
Probate Judge.
Look out for counterfeit,
tickets I .' 9
How to Go West.
This is an enquiry winch every
ono should have truth fully answer
ed before he starts on his journey,
nnd n little care taken in examina
tion of Routes will in ninny esses
save mnch trouble, time and money.
The "I. H: fe IP. Route," running
from Indianapolis through Bloom
ingto to Burlington, has achieved a
ple.ndid reputation in the last two
vears as the lending Passenger
Route to the West. , At Burlington
it connects with the great Burling
ton Tionte which runs direct thro'
Southern Iowa to Nebraska and
Kflnsrs, with close connections to
California and tho Territories; and
passengers starting from Vinton
Connty, on their way westward,
fan not do better than to take the
I. B. A W. and Burlington Hpute.
This line has published a paraph
let entitled "How-to go West."
which contains much valuable infor
mation; a largo correct map of tho
Great West, which can be obtnined
free of chargo by addressing the
General Passonger Agon B. & M. R.
ft , Burlington, Iowa, , .
ForAyer'8. Medioines, gj toGt
W.SiBBon'g. . .
Weftnuwer. go to the Southwest MUsourl,
because the Atlantic PelO Iitlroi4 Co,
offer 1,X1,000 AovMoftnd to, Aun settlen,
at low price on longoredlt, br&lile nirnlihlng
free trnmporUtlon over their rotl to purohai
en i thli roed extendi from St. Lout, tliroagh
Mlisourl to Vlnltls, Indian Territory. I being
pnnhed rapidly to Itt 'deatlnutloif, UlO Bwilno
Cotit;Wtllbe one of .U line of the
country .-nutir ttloolu'l'd by iw the lmidt
lonithe rond r(Jlii a rich fertile country, an
prodnutlve aeRhy intheSUte;thellmateoom
(linen ell theedynnUrei of northern end eouih.
ern latitude; good climate, noil, health, water,'
liinlier, RrnzinK, frnltn and Bowera, invite yon
to an to tills region. For fm-thur lnro.'mntion
addrend A TUCK. Land C'.mi'F- Walnut
Street, St. Lonle. itfl, - ' 1-ly
Are You Golnsr West ?
If in, take ouradvioe, andpuroliaxeyonrtlck
etn over the old reliable and popular Mlaourl
Puolflo Bdlroad' which li, ponltlvoly, the only
Line thut mm tliree Dully Kxprer Train from
SUlxiuls to Knnias City, and the Wentl and 1
Positively, the only Line whlih rnni PnUmnnVi
alano Hleeper and 1V P"ch JuMpcorlally
for movent) equlpwd with Htller'aBnfoty Plat
form and the pattflt Steam Drake, from St. Louie
to KantiM City, Kort Scott, Pariwn, Lnwrenoa,
Leavenworth, Atrhlaon, St. Jueuli, UMirunka.
(Jlty Counoil bliitiaand Omaha, without change!
For Information In regard to Time Table, raUse
ka to nny point In M wionri, Khiixm, Nabraaka,
Oolnrnbo, Texaa or Cnlll.ernia, rail on nrnddreei
8. 11 Thomson, Ageat MlMOiirt I'aoIHe H. . Oul.
uniliu. Ohioi or, K. A. ford., Ueeru Pameager
Agnet.St. Louie, Mq
No trouble to amwer queetiomt
LOO K II E It E . r 13 V E R Y -BODY!
Ckiu at Qummino'i Daro Stohi, in Wlll'i
Rnllillnir. and ana thaia Fine Oil Palntinn.
Chron-ioi, Photographs, Plain and Colored Lith
ograph, which are fbr !e very cheap. Ttl'f
are io beautiful I
, , , , Ti;.jDJi.J-i ..
FarFiqa Perfumery, ' go to Bis
son'a Drugstore
I'aki' Their l iignt.
Thii ( hit f i, blrailnga la good health, without
whlih not .in,) wonh the having; it i al
aiiaiv Inw.tatlH true vnlue anr it I
loat, bi.t, t"u uiU-n, not bcforti. Llvd properly,
andi-oriO'Hiiluii'nta before they become eeated,
Kordiuu ol' the liver, kidney, akin storo.
ai-.li, nnd all arising from Impure or feeble
Bittrms lira nure and incdy lemedy. it has
novi'i yet full h) a i!i-gle Inn'anoe.
O. T. 3 (in nino has just removed
from tho "Old Brick Corner" his
splendid assortment of Drugs, Med
icines, Oils, Paints, Boofa, Station
ery, Ac, ioJhh NEWSROOM
in Will's New Bnildirig.t ono door
west of Giiirian, Wurd & Cd.'s Store,
on Main Street, where he will bo
pleased to meet nil his oh! custom
ers, mikI. its nuuij' more'iis hoso'to
Ifiro liira thoir putronngo. . . -
His New jtooWis rpAlly, the flnost
in Southern Ohio; is hoing visited
by everybody; nnd his supply o
DrugB, Wmes, Oils, Toilel;'ard tho
liAo equal to tiiiy other establishment
in tho oouniry. " '').'-';'.
lie Alls preHciptions, nnd can ac
commodate nil customers at reason
able rates. If vou want to see
the Hiicst Drug Store, drop
in nnd examino this one. , .
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
goto Sisson's. .
For SMI Pur Tnnh nor UlnntH wr will
Itiaarf U ll nilfilrHii.ninnt t. cJ VIDUD
, . ....... ... hum minviiivin in gv f llOI
CLASH PA PIOltH In llhla T Lt toJ A
cation to UKO. P. KOW KtL A Ci. Advertiiinr
AGLNT8 Wantkd :or ChamWllu's Grt
Hmiiaifn isnoK, '1HR
STTaTTflfiT.F. OF '79.
A Novelty In Political mikI Poimlar TJtAratur.
A fill i DDrfl Uletnnr nf tltn TAH..I.II... en.
(K'.rHtic Piirtii's: a racy skotoh of tho io-caIM
I Hmvul1n..VlL... 1 1 . ... 1 !.. . ...
j. wmi ..uiniuiinii iniij UUIIIIHUU view oi me
- ,.v..-.. .in m.iiur iiuaeiv or
siiik shows of tho uunpnlirn. Tho flnost Illui
tratod Hook PiihllKltcd, A Book wanted by ev
ery Amerii-nn citi7.cn. To secure territory at
once, aend 1 foroutdl. UNION PUBLISHING
CO., lfla Twenty-second St., Chicago, 111. '
Caps, Oapeii Torohss.
Send for Illustrated (,'lrcu-
. iui and 1'iice List.
804 Church. Street, Phlla.
Nov; 4, 1872.
Fire Works. Flus, Lanterns, Torches. Hedges.
Uniform, &o. JOHKI'II II. l'UROV.
ana flinmcn Lano, N. Y.
liHTABi.ianF.n lsia. -
Brilliant Colors and Best
Black in Six CoM Thread.
rom a w IUU inoIQftlTA.
vet a '
Hand and Machine Sewing.
i- " i " . ' nwin complaint
Is now madd known in n Treatise (of 4S ocUvo
pKe) on .IfnrelKii and Native Herial Prepara-
mm, uuoiianen OV ur. U. I'HKI.rg IlROWN. The
preserlptipii was dlscorered by him in such a
provldentliil manner that he can not conscien
tiously refuse to niako it known, as It has cured
evorvhodT who has used It for Kits, never har
Ing fmled In asiuglecase. Tholngredientainay
he ohialned fi-om any druggist, 'a copv sent
free to all applicants by mail. : Address lr. O.
1 HELPS BltOWN. 81 fjrun.l U. 14.. V- i
I II r
VnTRINIl T IL-e IT I. . 1
... uiciiiiiu, j luxury
to tho pulnte, a piUnless evaonant, a gentle itlm-
nlant fu flu. lu-i.. . naM..iMUn
tlon, hii antl.blllons medicine, a stoinar.hio, a
i,uui.ii).aiiii 1111 uuiiiiruitiu grnurni alterative.
Such are the acknowledged and daily proven
111-nilArf.loa rifTmu Au-,ru FBinvtwt.ua u.
For nny case or Blind, Wee
ding, Iicliing. orUlneratrd
Piles that IH BiNvaj Pit,
ItKUEnyrallatoouni. It la
lll-Alll.ri.tfl tiviiraKMilw a ..
tho l'lle. nnd nothing eUe. Hold byalldruc
gista. Pricu II, ,
Winchester's Hyperphosphites
For All Female Complaints
Whether In young orold, niarrleif or single, at
i.iiaiii-ii ui n'uiuuiiiioou, ur inn. ui uieai perioi
tiiv viii ii ui iiir, xiiii unnui iianumi nilieoy OX-
ert such H prompt and decided Inlliieuise, of a
Tonic mid Invigorating niitiira. that a most
...i. ni... . ii.ii. yi:iii,uv itui. .tib. jv 19 n
C'KIITAIN UUUK, prompt and spoeillo In ita ao-
itui, nun iivTer anwn w inn Muring in year
experlenoe. It la perfectly safe and reliable for
all classes of females, in every condition of
health and station of lire, lit) WILL MR (JIV
KM KORAN INllURAllLKt'ASB. Hend for onr
Virenlnr. Hold by alt Drugglatm One Dollar
per Mottle. ' 1
J. WINCHESTER ., ('herniate
80 John Bt Nev York, proprinort.
AGENTS. Wan ted. A genU make more in -on
ev nt) vvorU for ua tliun at anything all.
Una(ucn light nnd jierinanenti partlenlara
free, U. Btinhon dk Co., tin Art iiitrs,
Portland, Malno. - .
tant questions. Addrese, with stamp to par
postage, Mag. II, MtuXKUKK, Hanover, Pa,
':"."" ";' ' K JL J'1 V KJt .'i't v.. '-.uhi. ,,i Tn-.i
' y--K r. ',r-y.y.i . j. !,.,. (' ..Mr
Are lnvitei to call fend. examine, tlie large stock-of ' -ii r..
NE W. AN D S E AS0.N AB L E GO 0 1) S ; :
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AT .
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AT '
Bottom JPjrlopo
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In Neck-ties. Bows, Collars, Gloves and Ho.
Laces, Edgings. Trimmings, and
Baskets, N. O. Molasses
Sirups,'' Tobaccos,
- Cigars, i: ' ' .Candies, :'
Raisiiis,; " l; ' Indigo,
Madder. Logw6od,'
-. Atkinson Heirs.
ProbaU Court, Vinton Count Ohio.
NOTICE is herehy given that John Boll,
gaurdinn of the estate of Iiohcrt W, and
Franklin I'rAtkinson, heirstif Ueorge Atkin
son, doconxed, has tiled hie account herein aa
such guardian, for Ilnal tottlement with the
aid Robert W.. and partial aettlcment with
tlie said Franklin T.; and that said account
la set for hearing on tliu 11th dar of Octolier, A,
D. IKK, nt 10 o'clock, a. in. it. 11. MAYO,
Bept 18, 18Ta-4t ' . , Probate Judge.
ern District of Ohio. In the matter of the
estate of John ft. Hawk, Bankrupt. Tho credit,
ora of John 8. Hawk, bankrupt, are hereby
not I fled that a third general meeting of the
creditors of said entate will be held on the 56th
day or September, 1HTS, at 10 o'clock A. M., at
the oflloe of E. 1. ( ranch, Esq., Register, No.
7J4 West Third Street. Cincinnati, Ohio, for tho
f'Urposoof declaring a wcond dividend, under
he provisions of the S7th and SBth sections of
the Bankrupt Act.
Gko. K. Htxarnr, Att'y,. '.
September 18, lHTS-Sw '..'
For the 1 1 vest and mos,t agreeable and Instruc
tive book of tho year,. ., ,
By Hon. W. 1C Webb, of Topeka, Kansas. Tho
wealth nnd wlldness, mysteries und marvels, of
tho bouudlcsa West, fullv and truth Hilly do
scribed, Ovorllowing with wit nnd hiiiniir. A
complete Guide for 8porUmen and KmigranU.
ProhiMly and Splendidly lllutratd, Imuknbk
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bend for lllimtratcd Circular, terms, etc. AT
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Sept. 11 IL.r. : ii - -A li. i ,i
lew York Offloe. 27 BEEIIA7JJ ST.
Deware of Countorfelta I
are sartMrlMiy oenanaraiTan. uuhmtti Drwr
. fi nUttwta t4U !Htouutrf4UttomMktrrtlf
artHfr. rttfnsMwllKMMyjstHMM
f h tacit pgekott. All arasr mrt irthl tmluiitnt.
The easoma PlUs ara nnfalllngln the enra ot all
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female eonatltntion l.iubjwt. Tli.r mod.raU all
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ereroaew WAnnnat r,ADrKS '
therara partiouliu-ly saltwl.. fhjr w U la a short
ttme bring on the aaonthy aariod with nrularltf
and although vary nowsrtul. contain nothing hurt
ful to tho oonntlttttioa. In all aasos of N.ryons an
tpliial Aoactlons, Pains In tha M.ok and Limb
faturae on allrlit aiartlon. Palpitation of tha Hurt,
Bystarlos and Whiles, thy will afToot a oura wk.a
ail olhar maana htva failed., Ttaa olnnlars around
anh paokaga alva fult.dlintlons and i adyloa, of
will ha aont froa to ail writing for thaia. eala4
4Vrtm siliisisiissMiin
N, B. In alfeama whare the Oigingf eannot
obtalnod.On.nnlUranolMod to tha Sola Propria
tir, JOB MOBBS, 1 Oortlandt 1U NW York, will
Inmu-e a bottle of the gtnutn, eontalnlng fifty
Pills, by Mturn mall, otenntw aaalaal from aug
age ot iia wnwpw.
BUTAipjfj prrMoinfitVAritii
flora Oovous, Ooids, AaraHA, Baoaoaina, flqai
Toroat, HoAaaaaaaa, DirnooiT BsaaTiiaa, I
oiriRKT OossoBrrioa laol.tno Disbasbs. Thay
hava no ta.M of mllolpa, and ony child will take
I bam. ThOnwtnda hava ba.n rastorod to haalta that
efc Af. Ask for BKlAN'SPtJIMONffj WAPCR.
Frlreeen JOB UUHIS, Pnrpria
for, l OortlMl'lt Blraat Kaw Jfoflrkj, .
! ' No. tit Rue Lombard, Parle. ,
Thas pills ara blrbly raoooinxodod by the anttre
Kadioal Paoulwof Piano aa tuavarr hast rtviadp
i all caas of Sparoistorrhoaa. ac Itamlnal Wa.k
m: Nightly. DnllrorlTwaia-fwrailliuiUtlnnaj
a) WaknHorImavi(wg,' W.akn.aaarl.liirrraDa
' eoTatIl3bltaaTulHaiwlKioeaMa;ilUlmoftu
UanlUl Organs I Waak Hpta : l.pioi iu Ui Vtlna.
and all the jrhaatly train of Illnau arl.lng from
OroruH or ioaia. Tb.Turwh.naltoth.rrm
odla bill. Paniihlatof idvlca 111 aaeh box. or will
' ba aont P am Wany addna. FrlrtJl pr Ba(.
Bant by mall. awratyMlro all oa..raam.oa
Moarpiof vne. OB0Att. M08B8, laOoaTLAavff
vMiwleaswIele ftanatal Agwnt fb, A marina.
By J. D. MILLS, a New York Merchant. A
now book. 450 pages. Numerous Illustrations.
Prlre 2.60. Liberal commission. A ant's outfit
7Scentc Solves tha question, "What shall I
dor" Complete the subject by showing how
best to do If. Is thorough, comprehensive, mor
al and lively.. Tells of a thousand money-making
enterprises, both hvnest and diahonest;
oouimenda the former. exxcs the latter. . Be.
lates etrango Imps and mishap to, and anec
dotes of all sorta of moner makers. Brtttr than
all, It shows
Hnw Money Can be Made Now.
Ba Quick, for Choice of Territory. .,
03 and 05 libkbty Stbikt. k. y. . , ,
85-8W. . .
.'' .PUBMISBBB .. . , ,!.
Watches', Clocks and Jewelry Repair
. - ed Promptly,
All tho Periodicals of tha dav flirn lahjwl An
tliort notice.
Chromos at 81 each. Come and see.
1 ': O. W. SA.YLOR.
. For nil General Dlaeaaas of Stock and
, ..'i .. Poultry,'' . , i
Snyder's, U. 8. Aaslstant Assessor, Mount
JKtnu, Pa.; C. Bncon'a, Lirery and Exohange
Sluble, Hiwibnrv, Pa, .
mmK8 uuitKD or rouNiiErt wolf a
Wllhelra' Danvllla Pa., A. Ellis'; Merchant,
Washington vllle, Pa- J. Nloe Slonaker',
A Bro', TiCwisbnrw, Pa.
IIOK8M CUUKD 09 COLia-Thomaa Cling-
HOG8 CURED br bHOLKRA. , Barr',
II. 4 A. Cadwnllar'a. Milton P.
uwe yuii.i. ur. McClearjr'i, J. H. MO
Cormlek', Milton, Pa.
tnu;Kr;wa uullKO OF CHOLERA AND
UArw-ur, i), T. KrebK1, Watsontown,
Pa Ir. IT. 1) li.ul.i n ur aink... iu I
Jamc Finney's, Milton, Pa. Ilundrwli mora
could be cited whose itook was saved by using
the Red Horse Powder. , r , ,
. -.( i, 'ntiraaiD r ' ' ' ;
. , Dragglat, Chemlat, Roriemsn, ' '
At hi whoaale and retail drug and chtmleal
amiwrlum, Mo, 88 Broadway. Milton. Pen.
HAVINO been engaged In tha itudy and
praotlce ol Dentistry for nftoen year and
a local practloner in Tackson foraix Tear, and
harlng availed uys4l of ail the ; ;K -. ,
Modern Improvements in . Dental
I would raapaetfullr lay to tha clt liens of
aioAriTiur ann vicinity uiai I am rullv prepar
ed to manipulate all the various ursnane of the
iclnnca. 1'rloes aa low a the lowest. ' Work aa
good aa thr beat, . Peraon coming from
a dlatanoe wtshiog ttf remain until their work:
iidone will be enlertalnnd at ay private reai
denoefree. : - . ' i
Used In extraotlng teeth, ramiarlag their si
traction ooinparatively palnlena.- Afaniale at
lendent alwaya on hand to wait upon ladle.
Glyaiaaaeall."' .! i !' ' ' !':; 1
MaylS.WMy Jaokton.O.
Ay er'a Ague Cure,
Tor Fever and Ague, Intermittent Vever,
. Obill Xever, Bomittent JTever, Diunb
: Ague, Portgdioal orBllioua Waver, iui.i lA t
and Indeed all the affeotlon whlob anso
from malariouty marsh, or miaamatlo
No one remedy la loader
'called for b" the necessities of
tlie American people than a
sure and al'e cure for Kuver . ,
aiwl Ague. Knelt we are now 1
enabled to Offer, with a perfect , . .
certainty that it will eradicate ' '
tha .dlaeaiui. and with AMflur. . .
nee, founded on proof, that no harm can arise
from Its one in any quantity, . . . . .;
That which protect from or m-eventa this dl-' ,
order must bo of Immense service In the com- ,
munitiiia where it prevaila. Prtvmtion Is better '
than euro, for tlie patient escapes the rink which , .
he must run In violent attacks of this baleful dis-'
temper. This "CuHfc" expels the nitnsniaUo i
poison of Fevrb ahi Aoua from tho system,
and prevent the development of the disease, If ' , . l
taken on tho tlrat approach of Us premonitory
symptoms. It la not only the best remedy ever , .
yet dlsoovered for tills class of complaint, but
also tlie cheapest. The huge quantity we sup- ,
ply for a dollar brings It within the reach of
everybody ; and in bllloua district, , whero
VkVKn and Adds prevails, everybody should
have it, and use It freely, both for cure and pro
tection. It 1 hoped thii price will place it wllhlo.
the reach of all the poor aa well aa the rich. .,
A great superiority of tills remedy over any J
other ever discovered foe the apeedy and certain
cure of Intermittent ia, that It contain no Qui
nine or mineral ; consequently It produces no
quinism or other Injurious effect whatever npon '
the constitution. Those cured by it axe left aa
bealthy a if they had never had the disease. ' -.
Fever and Ague Is not alone the consequence
of tlie miasmatic poison. A great variety of dls- ' "
orders arise from Its irritation, among whleJU, ,
are Nenralgln, Rheumatism, (tout, Headache;
Blindness, Toothnohe. Earache, Catarrh, Asth-. ; . .,
ma, Palpitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen,
Hysterics, Pain in the Bowela,-Colic, Paralysis, r
and derangement of tlie Stomach, all of which, '
when originating in-till cause, pufe on the In
lAmtitirmt tvnA. or sbcoois ncrioalcal. Till . ' '
" Cuuk" expel the poison from th..lood, and 1
consequently cures them all alike. It ta an In
valuable protection to hnuilgrniila aim peraon , '
travelling or temporarily residing in the mala
riotis districta. If taken eocasU'aally or dally .
while exposed to the infection, that will be ex
creted from tho system, and eannnt,aCuniiUnte
In sufficient quantity to ripen into disease. ,
Hence it Is even more valuable fbiyirotectloa ,,
than cure: and few will ever suffer from Inter
mittenta if tliev avail themselves of the protec
tion this remedy affords.
For Liver Complaint, arising from torpid
Ity of the Liver, it 1 an excellent remedy, stim
ulating the Liver into healthy actlyjty, and pro
ducing many truly remarkable cures, where -other
medicines fail. , . f --f , . t
Dr. J. C. ATER St, CO., Lowell, Mass.. -
. ' JrYeurtieot und Amtlyticai CtutmUU,
' Vinegar Bitter are not a vile Fancy Drink,
made of Poor Rum, Wh'nker, Proof Spirit, ind Refuse .
Liquors, doctored, spiced, and sweetened to please the
taste, called "Tonics," " Appetizers, " Reilorers," . ,
etc., that lend the tippler on to drunkenness and ruin,
but are a true Medicine, made from tha niuive roots
And herbs of California, free from sll Alcoholic Stimulants.
They are the Great Blood Purifier and a Life-giving
Principle, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the
System, carrying off all poisonous matter and restoring
the blood to a healthy condition, enriching it, refreshing
and invigorating bold mind and body. Tliey are easy
of administration, prompt in their action, certain in their
results, safe and reliable in all forms' of disease. '
Ko Peraon eaa take those Hitters accord
ing to directions, and remain long unwell, provided :
thair bones ara not destroyed by mineral poison or oilier
means, and the vital organs wasted- beyond the point
of repair.
Dyspepsia or Inrllirestlou. Hendacbe, Paia
in the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the Chest, Dli
tiness, Sour Eructations- of the Stomach, Had Taste ;
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of tha
Heart, Inflammation of the Lunps, Pain in tlie regions of
the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. In these complainu
it has no equal, and one boule will prove a belter guar
antee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement. '
For Fetnnle Complaints, in young or old,
snarried or aingla, at the dawn, of womanhood, or thf
tnm of life, these Tonic Bitters display so decided sa
influence that a marked improvement ia soon percep
tible. For Inflammatory nud Chroisle Rheu
naarlsm and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Bilious,
Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, XJisenses of. tha .
Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have
bees most successful. -Such Diseases are caused by -Vitiated
Blood, which is generally produced by derange
ment of the Digestive Organs. , ' . .
They are as Gentle' Purgative as well a
at Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit of acting
aa a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Inflam
mation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Bilious-
For Sltlis Blaeases, Eruptions, Tetter,-Salt- '
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Car
buncles, Kinr-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Ery- ,
aipelat. Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humors
and Diaesaes of Ilia Skin, of whatever name or nature,
ara literally dug up and carried out of the system in a
short time by the use of these Bitters. One bottle in
audi cases will convince the most incredulous of their
curative effects. - ;. ' , ' '
Gleanae Use Vitiated Blood whenever you
find its impurities bursting through .lie akin in Pimples,
Eruptions, or Sores; cleanse- it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins r cleanse it when it ia -teal
; your feelings will tell you when. Keep th blood
pare, and the health of the system will follow.
Orsstefsil thousands proclaim Vinbgar Bit
Taas the most wonderful Invigorant that ever sustained -the
siaking system.
Pisa. Tape, and other Worms, lurking in
the system of so many thousands, are effectually de
stroyed and reinoved.i; Says a distinguished phyaiol.
Ogistl There is scarcely an individual upon the face of ill
earth whoa body is exempt from tlie presence of worms.
It is not upon ihs healthy elements of th body that
Worms axial, but upon tlie diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed disss living anonsters of disease.
No system of Medicine, eo vermifuges, no sntlielmin- '
hies, will free ths system flora worms like these Hit
ters. i ' i .
Mechanical Disease. Persona engaged ia
Paints and Minerals, such aa-Plumbers, Type-setter.. :
Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they advance in lire, will
be subject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard against . .
this take a doe of Walks' Vinbgab Bittsbu.c
or twice a week, as a Preventive.
Bilious, neinlttent, and Intermittent
Fevers, which are so prevalent in tlie valleys of our
8 rest rivers throughout the United Slates, especially
ios of 111 Misaissippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tea- .
neasee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado, Braios,
Uio Grande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Koan- ;
oke, James, and many others, with their, vast tributa
hm, iWwglMMi wrvti.rM ootrotrf eWtwg tha-Sammer 1 . '
and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of
unusual heat and dryness, ara invariably nscompsnied -by
extensive derangements of the stomach and liver, and
other abdominal viscera. 'There ara always mere or lee . .
obstructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable slat ,
of the stomach, and great torpor of the bowels, being .
clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treat
ment, a purgative, sxsrting a poweiful induence upon :
these various organs, ia essentially necessary. Titers IS
no cathartic for the purpose equal to Da J. Wai.kbm' j
Vinsoab BiTTKSs, as diey will speedily remove th
dark-colored viscid mailer, wills which tlie bowela are-,
loaded, at the same time atlmOlatiug Hi secretins of '
ths liver, ssd generally restoring the healthy fundi oa -.
of the dire. live organs. ' '
aero(iilar or at-iug's icvn,- wmis swellings, .
Ulcers, Erysipelas, SwelleJ Neck, Goiter, Scrofulous
Inflammations, Indolent Inflammations, Alercurial Af.:?.
factions. Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eves,
Steele. In theea, ar in all other conslilulionai Dis-. ,
eases, WAi.Kea's Vmaaaa Bittbss have shown their
great curative powers in ilie wotl absiiuai and iolract.
able cases. ...
. Dr. Walker'lCalirarnla Vinegar nittere
act on all these cases in a similar manner. By purifying
ths Blood they remove the causa, and by molving away
tha effects of the inflammation (III tubercular deposits) '
th affected parte receive health, aad a permanent cure
i effected. " ' '
. Tha properties of Da. wai.ksr's Viksoas
Birrsas sr. Aperient, Diaphoretic and Carminative,
Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counler-Irrv- ;
tanr, Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilioua.
v Tha Aperlesst and mild Lasative- properties of.
Da. Walks' ViNaoAa UiTtKRa are the best safe-
Siard in' all cases of amptronsand snalignanl severe,
eir balsamic, healing, and soothing properties protect '
tha humors of ths faucet. Their Sedative properties ,'
allay pain in Ihs nervous system, stomach, Slid bowels,
either from inflaiKmaiios, nd,r cuiici. cramps,-eie.
Their Coupler-Irritant influence eiteudi -throughout '
the system. Tlrei. Diuretic properties sot on tlie Kid- , ,
nays, corrsctlng and regulallng the flow of urine. Their
Anti-Bilious properties uunuUte Jive liv.r, in the s.cre
tion of bile, snd iu discharges through ihe biliary ducla,
snd are superior to ail prnnlial ageule, lor th ur of
Bllioss Fever, Fever snd Ajfus, etc. - '
Korttry the Voily against dieeasa by puri- ,,
lUng all iis fluids with Vimkoak Hittbks, No epu "
demie CO taks hold of a . asvtae thus foroarmtd. Tlfcs . .
livar, ths stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and th
nrva.r renderei disease-prnof by llus great hivig- , .
want. ,' , , ; , , "
Dlraction. Take of tha Bitters on point; in bed
iX night from a half to oil and one-half wiue-giaaahill.
Est good nourishing food, such as beef sieak, million
chop, venisos, roast beef, and :veeiableji, and take
out-door sxarcia. They ar comxed of purely vegut- '
able inrrexhent. and comain no spirit... ' '
I.WALKKR, Prop'r. IV U. MolKiAI.ndr. Ct.,
JPruggisI and G.o. AgU., San Francisco, t el.. .
' iidcor.ofWaehtnglonaadt.'harlionSts., New Yur).

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