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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, October 02, 1872, Image 2

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ljc (Enquirer.
mte-i-w in Hnnn1 Rtnrv of Bowen'S
Building, North side of Mim Street, test of
court House.
J. W. KOWEN, Editor.
October 2, 1872
Meetings of the Domoeracy and Liberal Be
publican will be addressed at the following
times and places: -
PLYMOUTH Thursday evening, October Jd.
Speakors Hon. A. J. Bwalm and V. 8. Clay
poole. '
EAKIN'8 SCHOOL HOUSE, Vinton Township,
Friday evening, October 4. Speakers O. T,
Gunnlng.and D. B. Snivel
ALLEN'S VILLE Friday evening, October 4.
Spettkers-Hon. 8. A. Nash and J. JJ. MoGil-
ZALESKI-Saturday evening, Oct. S. Speak-
er Hon. S. A. Nash.
RICHLAND FUBNACE-Satnrday evening,
October B. Speakers Porter DuHadway and
evening, October 7. Speaker C. 8. Clay
' day evening, October 7. Speaker John Mayo 1
DARBY'S SCHOOL HOUSE Monday evening,
October 7. Speakers Harrison Lyle and A.
N. Coiad.
The Advisory Committee ia the several town,
ship will make the necessary arrangements for
holding these meetings.
By order of County Central Committee.
Worst Tax.
Now is the time to vote for
less taxation !
The worst tax you pay is the
insidious tariff on all you buy.
All that the consumer uses for
shelter, c othing, food all that
makes life comfortable and tol
erable, is taxed by Grant legis
lation !
Vote for Samuel A. Nash for
Representative to Congress I
Vote for every man on the
Democratic ticket!
to the polls early
Tuesday morning and vote against
every man on the Grant Party
Ticket, and stay until you see
the polls close with the ballot of
every Democrat and Liberal Re
publican of your township safely
deposited in the ballot box.
Do not scratch a name off c
your ticket!
There is no present hope for
the country except in the elec
tion of Horace Greeley and the
defeat of Grant and the corrupt
faction which supports him.
Vote a clean ticket next Tues
dav! This is the foundation for
the defeat of Grant & Co.
Advise your neighbor hot to
scratch a name off of his ticket
Let us elect every man from that
noble-hearted General, Aquila
Wiley, for Secretary of State, to
George W. Greene, for County
Coroner. Vote a clean ticket
and ' go home happy Tuesday
II. R. Potter, Radical candi
date for Probate Judge in Vin
ton county withdraws from the
ticket, and declares for Greeley.
This vacancy affords a fine open
ing for a gentleman recently ad
mitted to the bar in Vinton
county, and who has since shown
a dispsition to run for office.
Logan Sentinel. : i
That; gentleman "don't want
any in his'n." . It is very diffi
cult for Grantites to climb up to
such, a "fine opening", in this
county. . . ,.'.'. ;;
Rev. Peter Caetwrioht, the
pioneer Methodist preacher, died
at his home near Pleasant
Plains, Sangamon County, 111,
on Wednesday, September . 25,
1872, aged 87 years and 24
.days. , ' :
. , The journey of Horace
Greeley through Ohio on his re
turn home from Cincinnati, was
such an ovation as no other man
ever . received in this State.
. More than twenty thousand peo
pie welcomed him at Cleveland.'
Nelson Richmond is an active
energetic business man a man
of large ' experience ' and good
judgment' Vote for him '.for
'.treasurer..'-- ; .
" Don't vote until you see that
the' name of George Kalee is
not upon the ticket Look : out
for his bogus tickets I " '
George Kaler
George Kaler Never Voted for a
Democrat. Now he is out
Begging the
votes of Democrats
During the session of the Rad
ical Convention of Vinton Coun
ty, which nominated George
Kaler for Sheriff, and defeated
Enos Winters and Levi ltpwHETi
in nomination for the same office,
George thought it .necessary to
electioneer against Mr. Winters.
While the Convention wasr in
session, George argued the case
against Winters, one of his op
ponents, as follows :
"TION" .
Now, he is going about the
county begging . Democrats to
vote for him !
Let no . Democrat vote for
Georqe Kaler !
He never voted for any Pom
ocrat, but has the impudence to
ask Democrats to vote lor him I
Let us make a "clear
shucking" no scratches on our
tickets; no swapping votes un
der any circumstances; let this
be the watchword of Democrats
and Liberals next Tuesday.
The Spoon Thief.
Ben. Butler, the Silver Spoon
Thief for this Administration's
in " Ohio, making ' 'speeches for
his master, Gift Enterprise
Grant. Grant does . not care
how many spoons a man steals
providing he votes' for .him.
George Kaler ought to employ
Silver Spoon Thief Butler to
stump Vinton County in his in
terest. Butler is a true repre
sentative of the entire ' office
seeking gang who hang to the
Grant Party. Should you se
cure his services, hire a fellow
to act as Chairman of your
meetings and another to watch
the spoons at the table where
old Ben takes his grub, Come,
George! ...
To do your duty next Tuesday
you must vote an unscratched
ticket. Let no Democrat or
Liberal Republican fail to do his
It seems that George Kaler
wants to monopolize the ( county
offices. In his eye there, is only
one office that needs , filling,
which is Sheriff. , , For this office.
George expects to get all the J
votes that George Holland," Rob
ert Sage; and. Ezexiel Radcliff'
want , to get , The voters of
Vinton County are . opposed to
that - sort oi monopoly. No
Grant monopolist can' be trusts
ed with the Sheriff's office. ' '
Illegal Voting.
We' would adirififinnr fripmla
in the several townships !of this
County to inaugurate ' measures
to prevent illegal voting. A Every
stranger coming to the polls
should be scrutinized and chal
lenged. "Stand at the polls all
day- . ,. . '.. I - av.
George W.' Cook is honest and
competent ! and Svill efficiently
discharge the duties of the office
of Clerk to the satisfaction of the
people of the county. Be sure
that his name is on your ticket
, , !S ( 1 -
Grant's 'Administration has
fallen far short ' of . the just ex
pectations of the people.' Vote
against the Grantites next Tues
day and against Grant on the
oth of November, '
Vote for All.
The candidates, one and all,
on our County, District and
State Ticket, are what candi
dates ought to be capable and
thoroughly honest Every voter,"
no matter what his politics may
be, can vote for all these candi
dates, feeling an abiding faith
that they will serve him in the
respective offices to which' they
have been nominated," faithfully
and honestly.. , ., ,
Vote for . Gen. Aquila Wiley
for Secretary of State.'
Vote for John Lvi Green for
Judge af Supreme Court j .
Vote for Isaac B. ; Riley for
Member of Board of Public
Works.' r'
Vote for Samuel A. Nash for
Representative to Congress.
Vote for John T.-Moore for
Common Pleas J udge. : ! ! . .
Vote for George W. Pilcher
for Sheriff! -: ; !;
Vote for George E. Cook for
Clerk of Courts. :, .".,'.
' Vote for Herman B. Mayo for
Probate J udg.-. 1 ' . ; : ( , .
Vote for Nelson Richmond for
Treasurer. h'-: v:
Vote for Josuh B. Margin for
Commissioner. - ' , ,
Vote for George W;: Greene
for Coroner. i
Vote the whole ticket! ; ..
Vote without a scratch !
Do not trade votes under , any
circumstances 1 v ,
Vota e&fly, an4 have all your
Democratic and Liberal Repub
lican friends do the same 1
George Kaler and others are
still making propositions to trade
votes at tne election next lues
day! : -.. ! . ,! -i-;-
They are particularly anxious
to pet Democrats to give Kaler
a lift for Sheriff, although Kaler
declares that he "never Voted for
any Democrat at 'a State, Coun
ty, Township, or: Corporation
election." : : ; . w ;
Let Democrats in every town
ship watch i the - sneaking and
dirty tricki of Geojwe Kaler !
In this or any other county in
which the Democrats : have
cloar majority, the Radicals have
really nothing to trade or give in
return ; and hence such trading
is sheer trickery and deception!
' Take no part ia tjjeir trading!
Vote a clean Democratic tick-
GEORofe Kaler always votes a
clean Kadlcal ticket I
Trading. Six Days.
Only 'six days from this date
until i the' State,'' Districi . and
County Election ' is held: Tues
day,' October eth',"1 :" t " ' u
Democrats and Liberal m
publicans ! Devote the time un
til the ' polls ' close" bh Tuesday
night to the 'cause1.' 'of the only
party that -can give you assu
ranee of an honest administra
tinn of ' (lavornmevit' r Pro-
.vide 4 way, io take the ?icfc and
lame; voters' yfZO Ma W.TOte
the Democratic State,',:
and t'ounty: Ticket, to the-polls.
Trading. Six Days. Are You Ready?
uemocrattf-and Liberal Re
publicans,1 1 are vou Ir'eadv and
fully prepared for the great con
test on Tuesday next? ' i '
1 llave you got your townships
so 'organized y as Jto get ! every
Democratic and Liberal .Repub
lican voter to 1 the Dolls and ev
ery vote in the box?.
ii if.
Trading. Six Days. Are You Ready? Look!
Look at your ticket before vo
ting. -? As ; George : Kaler! wants
all the votes 1 for 1 the offices of
Clerk, Coroner, Commissioner,
and Probate Judge, given to him
in heapy he is none too good to
attempt, to deceive I Democrats
and Liberal: ' Republicans ! r with
bogus tickets! : ;u vi u ;i ,
' Vote: for Guoiuze- W; Pilcher
for SherilT. '' y.v') -Jti '"'
i j
George., Kaler & Co. have quit
trading M. It PotteRj ,:The Mc
Arthur . King can. perhaps, hnd
some man Who wouid like j to ' be
traded around pn Tuesday: next,
ana .wna nuorses me sceaung
of millions of dollar by Grant's
i '1 j! j ' '
office-holders ,' Mr, Pmtter
opposed to such wholesale- sta
mi " ' -'-If-..:
, : George yff Pilcher will, make
a good Sheriff.; ' ' See ' that ' his
name ia on your ticket" before
you vote. ' "' '
Spurious Tickets Printed.
Spurious Tickets Printed. Democrats, be Careful!
Monsieur Tonv and his mulish
,t n , v, .
. :. 7 ; uuumy omces, instead of the Dem
ocratic candidates: one lot nf fraudulent u
T - - - "vivcuo uwmir we name
of George Kaler for Sheriff instead of George W. Pilcher; one
lut.uairiiig ut u. 1V. x
avusm -lucHMUHu ; anotner lot having the name ' of George Hol-
UND, ior ,wera, mbieau oi ueorge
of the bogus tickets being headed
0 -----o vvUv, Di,unuui3 uujvew io. every townsnlp
for the purpose of deceiving Democratic and Liberal Republican
yoters. This is a deception it is hoped that Mr. jYafle, (who is
believed ,to be an honest man,) at least, will not consent to. It is
in lact a iraud tnat no hnnon mnn
-- - - - '-"-'"n oumage ui me i)eo-
ple ought to endorse. . Let every Committeeman and every Demo
crat and Liberal look after the bogus tickets which will be -scattered
everywhere.) - ; . ' 41 : ..'j - i
uuo jut iiitviug me names
ArLE ior Treasurer, instead of
VV; Cook; and so on : each lot
"Democratic Ticket? The dirty
Etinir tL om. e xi.- :
One more of Grant's thieves
has beeii 1 exposed. The tele
graph brings the news that James
Johnson, who had charge of the
stamp division of the : Sul-tpeqsa i
ury at New York, after having
lived for some time in luxurious
style, disappeared, ' leaving a lit
tle "deficit" ' of only $180,000,
which cannot be ftccofl'rjtjd fqr,
This is the way the Grantites
transact business. ' They all want
office. George Kaler wants to
be Sheriff. He is a supporter of
Grant, and will endorse the
stealing of ' this $180,000 by
Johnson by casting his vote for
urant anu wilson.
ot;e "against Grant's thieves
and against 'those who endorse
them.,.,..,.. I. ... . .
The . Presidential Election will
be virtually jlppide'd ne.xj; Tfes:
day, by- the States of Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Indiana.
Buckalew will be elected- Gov
ernor of Pennsylvania; , Hen:
drjck, 'fiovfrnor of Indiana;
and the Dempcratip State Ticket
in Ohio, headed by Gen. Aquila
Wiley, the one-legged soldier,
will be elected. The Democratic
and Liberal Republican victories
in these ' States on the 8th of
this month will pftdrpple thp
majorities '., in -.November, and
mako - a ,, difference of . twenty
thousand iu each of the afore
said States and in Illinois. , The
pivot of the campaign, however,
is Pennsylvania, and the '"pros
pect fa ftiti State . is. more than
encouraging it is brilliant.
Every Democrat and Liberal
Republican in Vinton County
should , do their- share : of the
work that is required to be per
formed before the polls close
next Tuesday night . . All that is
necessary is to , get out our full
vote in every township.'! r . , ,.;
The McArthur Meeting.
"THI Domwcy lioiib);caiia
Vinton oopnty had a fine P)0tlr)g ii) tljo Cpurt
Uoune Tuesday afUmoon. It vas Jeci(odly the
best meetibg of the campaign, In tiili county.
Mr. Whit and Mr. TnoXAl both failed to put
In an appearance, but the aodlonoe vu well
entertained' by the rich, racy and telling speech
poech . of Hon.. John. P. -Biinif. Mr.
Biihu bas heretofore acted with the Itepublt
cini; nd VM,l.al&J, oneof tho Kloctort for
the State at trge;'bllt'9n Kcount cf the cor
ruptfoni of tii Grant AdwI'iilBlrrftioHi i an
lnt Hppor)r pf Ifl)f est HpKACp (iijiKVt it,
cratle and Liberal ticket ''' ! .
Hon. A, A gVAW MfM Chairman of the .n",clV
iag; and the Zalenkl BruiBand furnUhed mu-
le lor the occasion, and we may lay for It (bat
it can without fear challenge , competition with
any Band of. the State of It age. . :
-Gmxt .uses . the Presidential
office, as if it were- private prop
erty., and not , a public - trust
Whaj would the McArthur Ring
use,a portion. , of ; the ,:,Vint6n
County offices for, if they, could
get possession of i .them at the
election next : iuesaay i j ; it is
weu Knowp to every person m tne
country that Grant, the jowner
of this McArthur Ring, keeps
in high -office - the most corrupt,
thieving and shame-faced knaves
...1 .!J jl . !L i" !' j.r .
vuiBiae ao peuimuuanes oi me
1 J " . .1 .....!
, ....
Old Ben. Wade has come; up
1 1
on the' eartH again ' and is ma
king Rnoplu's for Grant. .L&Rt
Thursday he. raved ' at' Xenia,
Ohio. ''.His 'speeches lost this
State .:to r tlua Radicals in 1867.
If he'-could come Vinton
county and epoak to the people,
there is not the least doubt but
that the ( three hundred ' Demo
cratic ' tnaioritv ; of' the co'untv
would bts increased to an eyen
500.' ''' :' i ':
The McArthur Meeting. One Kind!
' Only one kind,' of tickets will
RiirA vhn fftt finft fif Y)emn
cratie tickets from ' this office, as
all others will be counterfeit -
The McArthur Meeting. One Kind! A Card from Mr. M. R.
Editor Enquirer As mv po
litical standing appears a subject
oi contradiction, l will stateto
the voters of - our county? the
reasqn . of my withdrawal Ifrom
the .Republican ticket as the
candidate for 'Probate Judge. I
am as firm .afriend of General
Grant to-dav as I wjis at the
Pflqp o ee's surrender m April,
1865: and whatever he . mav
have done amiss I attribute to
that Irailty oi nature common to
all men; But mv earlv educa
tion never taught rne the neces
sity oi hating one to like an
other. I have the same oninkm
'Ilovaoe Greeley ! now that I
have ever had during all my ac
quaintance with him, and when
Lsee such brutal ithrusts; made
at so noble a man as a recom
pense for a life spent! for '. the
CR&d pf mankind, up" county
honor shall .eal ... my :'. lips ;'; no
party i"; lines -J shall color nnv
thoughts ; ' ho political tyranny
prevent an open, candid state
men pf fac ac j! understand
them to be. I believe " I should
haye received a majority of : the
votes of the county for the office
for-which l "was named, had I
felt disposed to yield conformity
to that species of tvrannv which
permeates, al) glasses of Repub-
Kn.n r ' 11.'. It ' 1 1
man iiuiu uiu xresuieni
down 1 to the humblest ' citizen.
But freedom of opinion is worth
more to me than political favors.
There is a higher dutv devolving
Oti evei'V citizen' than simnl v f n
live on . such ' favors! It is my
duty to study my country s good,
and If I see, as I have recently
become satisfied that the present
political . machinery that is
brought into reauisition to re
elect General Grant is incom
patible ( with jropublican govern
ment, it is mv dutv to v Idv aside
all other political considerations,
and use my influence, however
small it may be, for the perpetu
ation, of free institutions as our
fa'thV'-Jeft ik'm 'to- us.." 1 1 am
candid in' savins that I abomi
nate the . tone of, the', present
cans: ati home, or abroad should
blush with shame as . the press
each day 'brings to the charge
frfiRh Vtfifri'Aa (.C nnartnf lioa
8Kd vUp imputations, ' hurling
them "with tmw , Slee at ; the
fair " wine ftud enwftoter of the
candidates 'hUsfiSui fc?
ored above, all thers by the
American people.'! am triad
the jejiglpus press isr ' coming, to
me ironi io ueat, vncii. tuis rnau
denefl -impulse, - which,- if 'not
checked,' AvllP be a- lasting disgrace-
to" tile r American name,
rendering1 politics a . pool : too
loathsome , for , a , man , pf '. any
standing to enter; and when an
other'"Presidentiarcandidate; is
wahtedrahdVprbpbsltion made
to competent men who jiavft ta
ken a look at tjie present "polit
ical cock-pit," ' they would, with
honored propriety, say: "Thank
you, Bir; not any just now 1"
irujy Yours,.':",.,'; '
Potter. M. R. POTTER.
September 30, 1872.
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hsin, Mr. Kl.UiH C. ItoosnoLI), of Jliilnbi lilge,
lUi.s Ckdiiily, ud Miss (. IHN A Jil. JflNjis, of Wo.
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICK Is lien-bf glveh'lhnt Daniel Rhurtx,
Guanilnil of Klnley 'J'hniiinii, minor, bus
flleil bis accounts liori-l n for psrtinl tfittlninniit,
and that the ssnto Is st for hearing on 'J41U day
of Oi tiibor, A.D. lmallO'riiM-f A. M.
, ' U. n.MAYO, Probate Judge."
F. J. Oakj.i. , J. T. FlBBIH.
' , Corner Sixth and Walnut Streets, '
.roBM SrdlNTTBB, (
' This Iiuuse hue been entirely ' ;
Eefittod, ' Refurnished. Remodeled!
And ia in aU respects a
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Publiahor of .
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A large, beautifully illustrated monthly, devo.
- ...... , w viiu D.o Jl X UkUUli ILlgllW,
Terms, Slnjrle Couv. 10 co.ntn. ii War Annum
Address, with stamp,
P.O. Box 4544. NowYok.
Seventh Judicial District of Ohio,
yo. crxxxi -xjajnax 1878. '
SUKSUANT to authority of law, the under
lgel, Judfes of the Courts of Comnoa
H. tt ih Oai.nk T...I1..I-1 tvl...... - .
order that the Times for Holding the Courts of
Common Picas and District Courts, in the sev
eral Counties of said District, be fixed as fol
lows, for the year 1878;
District Courts:
r-..t.i i . .. . .
n itsiiiUKCon coujliv. April lUtnj
Melrs county, April 14th ;
iuiua uuuui.y, April j'( 111,
I.awreuce county, April 21st:
Scioto county, April 84th: '
Pike COIIIltv. Aliril 811th!
. Perry county, Auirust SDth;
rairneid county, August 28th;
Hocking county, Siiptoiuborlsti i
Atheus county, September 4th ;
Vinton county, September 8th ;
Jackson county, September 10th.
Common Pleas Courts.
"lwr'&tn' Jluluary St1'' ?Ia.y W poptcm
Falrflelil county, Murc-h 4th, June M, October
UockhiR oouuty, February 10th, May 10th, Oc
;. .toberiath.
Jackson county, Wiirch 8d, M(iy20th, Ootober
Pike county, April 1st, June S4th, November
- 18th.- 1 . - '
Vinton county, February 11th, May 6th. Sep
' tcmber Kith. ' '
'W, Vy Oth, Sep
8cioto county, March 8d, June Sd, October 21th.
MolKSMiint, February 8d, April 28th, Septom-
Gallia county, February nth, May 12th, Octo
ber Kith.
Athonscounty, March 6th, Mayjgtd, vember
WasbinRton county, March 8d, May SOth, Ooto
. ' ber 80th. ' -' ' .
Vn-NFRR our hands, this lOtli dav of i(epflmbor,
SILAS II. WKIGHT Judges of the
EKASTUS A. GUTURIE, tth Judicial Dis
JOHN J. HARI'EH, trlotof Ohio.
I, OHAHIES W. 11 0 I.LAIS Clerk of the
Court of Common Pleas, in and for the County
and State aforesaid, do hereby certify the
foregoing to be a true copy of the order fixing
the Times for holding Courts in the SoYenth
Judicial District of Ohio, for the Year 1873.
("VwrTNKSa my signature and seal of
IJp wldConr-t, this 1st day of October,
October S, 1872-4W Clerb.
State of Ohio, Yiuton County.
Dan. Will, rialntUT,
Patrick McAllister et. al., Dofond ants.
In Vinton County Court of Common Ploas. Or
der of Sale;
Pursuant to tle commnnd of an order of sale
in the above cnxe lusiiuil lrom the Court of Com
mon Picas of Vinton County, and tomeilirect-
ym iu Biiurm or sum county, i win oi
rm the door of the Court Ilonso. in- tl
McArthur, Vinton county, Ohio, on
i town of
Monday, the 4th Day of Novem
ber, AD. 1872,
At the hour of 1 o'clock P. M. of said day, the
following described lands and tcnomonts. sit
uate In the county of Vinton, and State or Ohio,
to-wit: '
The northwest quarter of Section Number
Twenty-five, Tovush p Number Elovon, Range
Number HtfeiHin, fc.cotiu JUQMiool lious
and Graveyard LbK anlors Hiirlli'tlar descrip
tion of the same butnir found in thu Dunl from
jonu iirown anil wife
date of I)ecember 20.
ife to said Daniel Will at
ence' is hereby made sflld premises being
known as the bhry Farm, And containing one
, 1HU3, to which Deed refer.
iiuiiiirt-ti nun mxty acres, mora or less.
- ?'o be sold as the vroporty of Patrick MoAl
llstor ami iirldget McAllister, to satisfy an or
der of shWi issued from the 'Court of Common
Pleas In fnvor of Daniel Will.
Apinalsed at Five Thousand, Two Hundred
and Klghty (15,280) Dollars, and must bring
two-thl nit nf that sum.
Tekms 09 Salb Cash In hand.
t..i . ..ii. . ..DANIEL HOOTH, .
. ; f,b;eriil Vinton Co.
II. C. JOis;a. AtVr for Pl'ff. :
Octobers, I87.-Bw' . , -iv'
1 1 :
Stat of Ohio, Tlnton Count),
' . Bridget Onlllgher, Plaintiff,
, , , Owen Onlllglior, Defendant.
In Vinton County Court of Common Ploas,
'' ,qr)f Saeiti n ..
rurtimnt tq the command Of an order of sale
In the above t-ne bailed finm tbo Court of Com
mon Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and to me
directed as Sheriff of said countv, f will offer at
pnbllti sale, at the door of the Court House, In
the town of McArthur, In said Vinton coun
ty, on . .'''
Monday, the 4th Say of November,
., 'v, ;,;",.' A. D. 1872, .;. -il.v,;". "
At the' hour of S d'clork Pi M. of laid day,' the
following described lands and tenqmonts, to-
Wlt! . r . . I
; The tindlvldod ono-nlntll part of the Fast half
of the Miiithwct ciiHrUir of.hooUon Hix, and
the West hiilf or the Southeast quarter of Sec
tion Six, Township Kigbt, Range Sixteen, ol
lands sulijunt to side at Clillllrathe, Olilo, except
sixty acres off ol the West end of the same sold
to l'atrli k Uliu kuu by Peter Uiilligber; said
Ismls being situstod. )n tb County of Vinton
and Stuta of Ohio. . '
to satisfy a lodgment of the aforesaid Court in
To be sold as the property of Owen Galligher,
llivnr oi llrldiri'l: unlllinitr.
mii.t bring two.tlilnls df tiiii( mm,
Apirali,ud I
U.l ilt NIlJfllV-lllnottMI.OAl
I Dollun, and
Tkhmi ok HALi-i-Ciub in hiiud.
' ' ' ' Sheriff yiuton county,
II. C. Johis, Att'y for Plaintiff. i
October ti, 1872,-Bw 1 I
" -r--vr Atkinson Heirs. I .
'ProhaU Cort( Vinton Countv, Ohio, I ; "
NOTK.T! Is hereby given that John Bell,
gHutdlnn of the estate of Robert W.aud
Kraukllrt l Atkinson, heirs of George Atkin
son, dnceassd, liss fllod his account herein as
sueJi guttrillun, Wr (iia) setUcment with the
said Robert W.,nnt partial njilement with
tli said Franklin P. and thiit suld account
Is set for hearing on the 11th day of Octolwr, A.
D. 187$. at 10 o'clock, a. in. H. B. M A VO,
8cptl8,ltfl-4t Probate Judge.
For the llvest and most agreeable and Instruc
tive hook of the year, i,. i .
lly Hon. W. K. Webb, of Topeka, Kansati.' The
nxnltli and wllilnnss, niystrlcs and initrvels, of
the IhhiuiIIcss Went, fullv and triitln'ully de-
complete Guide for Sportsmen and Emigrants,
J'rofiit'ly and Spltntiittly J liuthiUd. iilMKNHX.
I.T Porui.ta and selling lwyond preeiMlunt,-
rriniMi. trTornuwing wiiii wii nnu niiinor A
8inrt for lllusii'sleil Circular, terms, etc., AT
OHOittotbe Publishers, K. HANNAFOHD A
CTI West Fourth Street, CluoiunaU, Ohio,
' .,-.,. Jr?
' " . A miHtfiaa
Mf a ....
umler Wm'Wi'.TDer Jf 8n"1 manufactures
only Compsny l the worl dTlmt makes Paint
from pure, hard Lake Supo rio" Iron Ore. such
as is used in furnaces for 1 making Vig Iron.
Eon";e8l. Most Fire Proof,
Hall's Patent Husking Gloves
fJT?."1 over invented for husking
them TT.6,"?1 10 "ne-balf faster with
tiiein. Ihoy alisolutely jircvcilt sore or cold
J?Jhdi-, TI'eHAyMlLOVE8 cover the parts
of the hrnds whlidi usually become sore. Price.
,XhSF,V" M "qe of best
.yree.;rS!.,,w, "f "dand a'rS made n
rit&rL0: both
mi Mmii.7i- " foinuiiH. aunt, prepaid,
'P.0' P"c. orsule by dealers trnr-
Patent Eeversible Boot-Heels.
These Heels are designed to entirely counteract
the expensive and annoying habit of running
the heels down. They ennbo attached to any
boots or shoes, new or old, whether worn by
men, womon or children. By their use the heels
are kept straight, the ankles strengthened, re-
alrs saved, neatness secured, and durability of
Dots ffrfntlv tiinnniiMil Tn. - nl. A 1....
... " J . .j u I ' ii 1 1 , uiiu run
i i "k'6! iio wi,t,lo"t them. Mannfaetured
Of PrnvlflAnM. U T .nil rn...i. i i .. .1
ers generally. '
Caps, Gapes ft Torohei,
Bond for Illustratod ( Iron,
livr and Price Mat,
. 204 Chureh Street, Phlln.
bit. TTftVnv TTT r a vina lu.m 1Aw.n..Hn
Will T.tirA flnintioiin0ua an.l all 1 .. ,1 ! .. r
lntoxlcntlng liquors. Cnq be administered, if
ueocnary, witnout tne knowledge of the per
son, in ale, wine, tea or any other bevprnge,
Sent by mail or express, to anv nart of the IJ11L
tod States, upon receipt of nrhWuer Mox. i,
Princ pal Denqt. Ui Frpt St 'iJeXvork, !wJJ
iur omu iy a pruggisiu. u y M t CO,
Water Cure Establishment.
For the treatment of Ch
eascB, is at Al ansllold, Ohio. Send fwr Circular.
KfinnAuE1lJ9.WtW.-8ainples sent freebv
UUUU iuall,Uli terms to clear from 15 to 10
nor dy Two ontirely new artiejos, salable as
AGENTS uted. Agents make more m-on
eya work ferns than M wythlna slsss
Bnslcess light and nermancnti particulars
free. O. 8T1N8QM Co.. A-s Art Publliher:
Portland, Maine.
5, A.D. 1
Vinton County, Ohio, September S3, 1872.
To the Qualified Vottrt of Vinton Count) :
In pursuance of law, I, DANIEL BOOTH,
Sheriff of the County of Vinton, do hproby
proclaim and mjtkp known tlmt tho -
BER, A. D. 1872,
Is, in pursuance to the Constitution and Laws
of the United States, aud of the State of Ohio,
appointed and made a day on which the qunll
ilea electors of said County shall moot at the
usual place of holding elections, in tho several
townships of Vinton County, between tho hours
of 8 o'clock in the forenoon aud I) o'clock in tho
afternoon of said day, and then and there pro
ceed to elect by ballot .
For Frsiident 4qi Vlos President of jSeUniieij
The returns of the election are, by the pre.
visions of law, to bo made to mo, and must he
made by tho evening of THURSDAY NEXT
Given under my hand, at my office, in McAr
thur, tbis 83d day of September, A. D. 1S71.
Sheriff of Vinton County, Ohio.
Septomber 46, ltna.
t-.IJll LJJU-
Cherry Pectoral,
. .... ... , '. , -.
Tor S issues of the Throat and Lungi,
uoh aa Oougha, Oold, Whooping
Cough, Bronohltl, Asthma,
, and Consumption.
' Among 1 the great
dlseoveriel df motlsra
science, few are of
mors rpaj value fp
mankind tlisn this sf.
feotual remedy for all
diseases of the Throat
and Lungs. A vast
trial of it virtues,
, throughout this and
, other countries, baa
.shown that it does
sural v and eflocturifv
control them;. The testimony of pur best ci'tf
tans, of nil elnsss's, eitablishss ilui fact, (Jist
OiiBBHr Pkctoral will ' and does rnlisva and
sure tlw ndliotlng dtsordors of the Throat and
Lungs Beyond any other medicine. The most
dangerous aflbotions of the Pulmonary Organ!
yield to its power) and eases of Consnmp
tion, cured by tills preparation, are publio
ly known, so remarkable at hardly to be be
lieved, were they not proven beyond dispute,
is a remedy It is adequate, on which the publlo
may rely fqf full prqteptiqrj. Jty pitting CoVlghBi
the fororunners of mora serious dlseasp, (t snvj
unnumbered lives, and an amount of suflorliig
not to be computed.1 it challenges trial, and con- ,
yinces the most sceptical. Every family should
keep It on band u a protection against the early
and unpercelvsd attack of Pulmonary Affections,
wbloh are easily root at first, but which become
Incurable, and too often fate, If neglected. - Ten
der lungs need this defence) and it Is unwise to
bs without It. As a safeguard to children, amid
the distressing diseases which beset the Throat
and Chest of childhood, Ciibrry Piotorai.
is hxT4usble fqt, by )t timely use, ifinlttt
tudos are rescued frqin prpnaturt graves, 'aiVd
saved to tli love and ofleotlnn contred oii tlicm,
It aoU speedily and enrelr against ordinary oolJs,
seouiing sound and health-restoring sleep. No
one will suffer troublesome Influenza and pain
ful Uronchltla, when thoy know how easily
thsT can be cured. .
. Orlgfnally the produot of long, laborious, and
uoceuful ohomloal Investigation, no cost or toil
is spared in making every bottle in the utmost
possible perfeotlon. It may be confidently ra
iled upon as possessing all the virtues it has ever
exhibited, and capable of producing cures an
memorabh) at tho greatest It hot aver eOeoted. .
Dr. J, CAYER i CO.,' Lowell, Mass.,
- Praetleal and Ansvlytleal Chemists.
May, Novemto
.., . . i. . .

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