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&l)c (Sttquirtr.
Building, North tide of Mala Street, Jiast of
( ouri iiuusc. ,
J. W. JIOWKX, Editor.
Mc Arthur, October 0, 1872.
;'0r Banner Streams in Light".
Pacification and Purification,
No more Nepotism No Presents--":
' No Bribes. , . l: ;
True Civil Service Reforin.
the iivnra presest-eot the bead past.
Charity to All Malice toward None.
t niversal Amnesty-Impartial Suffrage.
National Nominations by the People.
.,' " FOB PRESIDENT, " - 1 " ,
Thomas Xhrbig, Jr.
.August TMeme.
The Election in Vinton
The election on Tuesday was
the most exciting ever' held in
Vinton county. " Our readers have
been informed of the progress of
the canvass from week to week,
and it now only remains to re
cord the general result of the
battle of ballots which was wag
ed on Tuesday. ' , ,
' Our candidates for Sheriff and
ClerkMessrs. G. W. Pilcher
and G. E. Cook are defeated
majorities of about 120 each,
and the majorities for the other
portion of the county ticket are
from 150 to 200, excepting our
candidate for Probate Judge, H.
B. Mayo, who had no opposition.
Our majority on the State ticket
is about the same as last year
220. We have not learned the
majority given Mr.' Nash' in this
county. The official vote not
having been opened by the County
Clerk, we are compelled
postpone its publication .until
next week; wnen .we shall give
( it in full by. townships. .
,i. The lavishness with which the
McArthur Ring scattered money
and made ; promises in every
township can ' scarcely be imagined.
Nothing like it : has ever
been heard of outside of ?Phila!
delphia, and we doubt 1 if there
ever was a campaign fought
' that corrupt ' city ; where there
. was such extravagance of money.
, No price was too great, not.even
one hundred dollars to each man
in some .townships, no promise
too humiliating or base to secure
the influence of any man who
. was for sale. ? Besides, false-
, hoods . and misrepresentations
were resorted to by' certain men
' which should have made their
authors hide themselves for
shame and blistered the tongues
of those who retailed the mali
i cioUB lies - -'''' ;
; -A large number of Demo
crats of Vinton County were not
Jill 1 -. . -
permiitea Dy tne. iiadical , lead
ers, on Tuesday last: to vote ac
cording to the dictates of their
conscience and better judgment
for Cook and PitciLEK for Clerk
and Sheriff. These ' two offices
were bought "by the j Gbant party
lor Holland and Kaleil -
" Who was around - shortly ' be
fore the election! offering to'pay
, $100 to men who ;would buy
certain number of votes for two
candidate tin the Grant tickfet
The Elections.
The Elections. Full Returns not Received!
Radical Majority Reduced 10,000
Greeley Sure of Ohio in
Gain of 2 Congressmen
in Ohio!
Thieves and Repeaters Carry
- -m :-'-v:-;.
Georgia goes
60,000 for
60,000 for Honesty & Reform!
60,000 for Honesty & Reform! Indiana all
60,000 for Honesty & Reform! Indiana all Right!
Hendricks Elected by a
Small majority!
. - ,. i
Elections were held, on Tues
day in Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska,
and Pennsylvania, and in Geor
gia on Tuesday, the" '2d mst; ; j
scattered returns nave oeen
received from these' States.' : !
J: Sufficient returns of the Ohio
. ' ! i .
election have been received at
Columbus t6 render . it certain
that the .Radical majority of 20,
000 last fall has; been , reduced
at least 10,000, and perhaps the
election of Judge J.' L. Green
for Supreme Judge over Welch.
We1 have gained two members of
Congress in this , State elected
seven of the twenty, members.
j The Greeley men can- carry
Ohio on the 5tli of November
all turn out. ; 6ur : defeat on the
State ticket last Tuesday by so
small a majority, , snouiq sumu
late our friends to increased ex
ertionB'in November. ' ;
In Pennsylvania the1 Grantites
have elected their ' Governor by
fraud by1 a few thousand ' majori
ty. Our defeat there is owing
to the enormous frauds perpetra
ted in Philadelphia. This re
sult was foreshadowed from the
moment it was ascertained that
165,000 names, 35,000 or 10,
000 of which are false, were put
upon the registration books by the
Grant-Cameron Ring in that city.
With' such a list of ialse names
they are fully prepared; for rol
ling up any majority that might
be needed to neutralize and over
come the Democratic and Liber
al majorities as, they, should be
received from the rural districts.
But, in spite of the fact that the
corruptionists in that State are
victorious, and the consciousness
that this election has . been car
ried by a series of the most un
blushing frauds, our conviction
of the manner in which the re
sult has been secured does not
render us less sensible of the
serious effect it will have on the
chances of Mr. Greeley for the
Presidency. The moral of this
Pennsylvania election is a drea
ry one. It snows that any - ad
ministration, with the resource
of the U. S. Treasury at its com
mand, a legion of: office-holders
at its back and call,! the roughs
and repeaters as a supplementa
ry force, and thousands of men
styling themselves "free Ameri
can citizens" standing in the
political market ready to be
bought, can carry any. State at
pleasure and elect any man 'it
pleases by any majority it chooses.
Official returns from 103
counties in Georgia have been
received, which foot up ; 50,671
majority for the Greeley Ticket
in the State. There ; are - 32
counties yet to hear from, which
will swell the majority to 60,000.
Put Georgia down for Greeley,
Honesty , and Reform, at the
Presidential election on the 5th
of November!
A thousand cheers for Georgia !
Hurrah for Greeley 1 '
The returns from Indiana are
very meager, but Hendricks has
undoubtedly carried the State by
a small majority. ' An effort is
being made by the Grantites to
"count him out" a game they
often play in the Iloosier State
within a few hours after the polls
are closed. Downright' fraud
and negro importation have cu
down Hendricks' majority to less
than one thousand. NiblackIb
(,. ... I ....
re-elected to Congress, but Dan.
W. Voorhes' is "probably defeated
by a few votes," '
It is said thai., the . Radicals
have carried the little State
Nebraska ' by 3,000 majority,
It does not require as much mon
ey to carry that State ' as Ohio,
Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Lei
it be remembered the money is
stolen from the people. ;
lit ,
jThe Cincinnati 'Enquirer. says:
"The carrying of, Indiana for
HendrickB for Governor .fassures
the success of Greeley. at, , th
Presidential election. With New
York, Indiana . and the .South,
victory is assured for our ticket.
More than that, it, is an lndica-
tion of niinois, which v is behind
it, and which -has . an , electoral
vote of only one less;' than Ohip.
Illinois, Indiana, and New York
more than do the business, with
out Pennsylvania or Ohio. Press
on the column 1" 1
..,. . I, i r
. ; The Grantites were assisted in
their (yoting last ; Tuesday! by
one of Grant 8 Clerks from Wash
ington City. -' H4 came here to
vote against S. A, Nash," G. W.
Pilcher and G. E, Cook. ' What
Would ,Granij do without ,"wasb?"
Grant sent several hundred thou
sand dollars to this State to pay
voters lor voung me urani tick
et. Did ."wask-lbring th'at'por-
tion of money to this county re
quired by the McAriliur. Ring
buy the offices of. Sheriff and
Victory! TAXES OF 1872.
HN pursuance of the law, I, NELSON RICHMOND, Treasurer of Vinton County, do hereby notify the Tax-payers of said County
that the rate of Taxation for 1872, is correctly stated in the following Table, showing the number of MILLS levied upon each
Dollar valuation of taxable property jn each "of the Townships, Incorporated Villages and School Districts in said County :
Tovynships; 7 llcorporated Towns,
Eagle :
Swan:.....;:.. :...:.:.
Jackson ,. :'!'. . i ; :...'.'..:.;.'. -
McArthur Ind. School District.1.....
' '
Pt Attached to McA. Irid. Scl Dist,
MAUU4MVU ....... ,t , .... , , ... , ,
Zaleski Independent Schobl . Dist..
Riohland .". .
Wilkesville Ihd. School District.
' i . . ) i - : : -,U
"1 T fJ i I I' ITT TT? t I t I "T
SI . . W I t ., H H. n .fi S S-
I I g .. r-' ? I ! 11' i I
., l '?. . ' T, 1 ; if .1' ig
5 p 8 : ' : : h ' : ! . S I . . : '" : S
jiiliji. JLi i j JLL JL
. M. ,. M. . ' . M. ' :.. M. M. M. ji. M. , M. M. M. TH. C if
.8 .1.1 1; .2.9; ,4.1, 1.5 3.8 9.4 1.40 3.75. 17.45
.8 U ,1 2.9 4.1 1.5 3.8 9.4 .90 2.50 15.70
S v:i;l:;:l;-;2.!)' i,l ,1.5 3.8 ,.9.4. .90 3.75 16.95
.8 1.1 1J 2.9 4.14 '.1.5 ;3.8 ! 9.4 ,1.00 1.00 3.75 1805
.8- 1.1 ,'1T, 29 4.1 ;i,5 ,3.8 9.4 , ; .65 3.30 1.90 18.15
.8 .1.1 , l; 2.9 4.1 1.5 3.8 -9.4 .65 ' 7.00 1.90 3.00 24.85'
i .8i- 11 ; . 1 2,9 41 1.5 3.8 9.4 ' ..65 7.00 1.90 21.85
.8 ; 11' 1. ; 2.9 4.1 1.5' 3.8 9.4 1.40 '2.00 1570
'.8; 1.1 l'i 2.9 4.1 1.5 3.8 9.4 1.50 .90 3.00 1.00 18.70
.8 1.1 l1 .2.9 4.1 1.5' 3.8 9.4 1.50 .90 9.45-1.00 25.15
.8 1.1 1 2.9 4.1 1.5 3.8 9.4 .53 3.76 5.80 22.38
8 1.1- 1 2.9 ; 4.1 1.5 3.8 9.4 .75 3.75 ' 16.80
Ak ,1.1, 1; '2.9( 4.1 1.5 3.8 9.4' ! .70 3.75 16.75
IS 1.1 1 '.,1',., . 2.9 4.1 1.5 3.8 9.4 .90 1.50 1.00 15.70
-.8. v 1.1; l2.9' -4.1 1.5 3.8 9.4 i.90 3.75 1.00 17.95
,8 1.1 '1 2.9 4.1 1.5 3.8 9.4 1.50 1.00 3.75- ! 18.55
The undersisrned will attend at
, u - I
Taxes, after ihich all Taxes remaining unpaid, will be subject to a
A person charged with Taxes may, at his option, pay the full amount of, such Taxes on or before
but is required by law to pay one-half of the Tax on or before the 20th day of- December next, and
before the 20 ;h day of June, 1873. 'A failure to pay one-half the charges on Chattel Property on or
next, renderi the whole due, and subject to collection as -in case of Delinquent Tax, : . .1
The Road Supervisors of the
ink, the amojunt to be stated in
his office in McArthur: from "the
several Tpwnships will, take notice
figures and also spelled out, and the
list dav of Octoher until tho 20th
Z i .
penalty of 5 per cent. j
that Receipts for Road Tax cannot be taken unless written with
name of the township must be
iav nf TtoMmiia
-"-J v. "vvviuuvi uvAV)tul(lUIC
the 20th day of December next;
the remaining half thereof on or
before the 20th day of December
written on the receipt.
McArthur, O., October 1, 1872. Treasurer Vinton County, Ohio.
Hamilton County Election.
The Democracy and Liberals
carried Hamilton county last
Tuesday by about 3,800 majori
ty. They elected their three
Congressional candidates, Dodds,
Saylor, Democrats, and Banning,
Liberal, over Hayes, Eggleston,
and Job Stevenson. The; defeat
of Eqgleston is glorious.
Two years ago the ;' Radicals
carried that county "by 2,700
majoruyyand, last fall, Noves
had a majority of 1,500. . Speak
ing of: the election, the .Daily
Enquirer of to-day says :
" "Here was the seat of Admin
istration power and patronage.
Here they had their hundreds oi
Internal Revenue, Post-office,
and Custom-house officers. Here
they spent their hundreds of
thousands of dollars among their
employes and contractors. This
was not all. They had the en
tire City Government, Mayor,
Police and all city departments.
This amounted in an aggregate
to hundreds of men and influ
ence to thousands: w Despite all
this and despite, the fact that the
enemy, imported hundreds 'and
thousands , of . votes, we have
achieved a victory that will ever
be memorable in the history' of
Hamilton county. , , it marKS an
era that will , not ' be ' forgotten!
The power of the Grantites oyer
her is broken forever. . , ,We, in
connection, with the Liberal Re
publicans, enter upon an ascen-
dency that will be permanent.
Whatever may ' have been done
elsewhere, our, .victory here is 'of
tne most imponani cuarauwjr.-'-We
have done our full iduty. , In
connection Ywith . the Greeley
movement, .we have, given' more
than could have been reasonably
expected . . If we have, failed to
carry the State it is noi our iauit;
the blame and responsibility will
rest elsewhere upon -the coun
try ; counties." i i, ;,..' '.
Later election news reaches ais
from. Hamilton County as we go
to press, -,. , . , , ,
n, Milton ,'Sayler has about 4,000
majority pver Eggleston for Coil
gress.. .':'! . i
, The"Tnaiorit"for t tion, Wiley
f9r Secretary , of State' is,' j,646.
Judiro ' Gbeen, ' '. for, Supremo
Judge, has a majority of 8,875.
, The majority for their Probate
Judge is 5,150.' , j. -;;;;
1; Th Enquirer, says that county
will give Greeley 10,000 major
ity on tha 4th- November a
majority! greater jhan she ave
Judgo Green lasiTuosday, y:.,;
LATER. Look Here!
Every Vote in Vinton
, Musi be. cast for Greeley!
Let no Democrat or Liberal
Republican of Vinton county re
main at home on the day of the
Presidential election !
:t Altgo, to the -polls ; and vote
for GrEELEyI ' r.'.
, Let no Democrat or( Liberal
intermit his exertions on account
of our failure to elect the entire
State ticket last Tuesday ! " " 1 ,
Greeley can carry Qhio if ev
ery voter;wjU go i& the. polls 1
Let Little Vinton give1 him
4 00 majority!- v" i :-'
Extract from a Speech of
Hon. John McSweeney.
v On Monday night Jttefor.e the
election, the eloquent McSweeney
delivered an ', able ; . speech ' at
Cleveland, from which --we take
the following t:' .!,,r ; i
"If the Democrats f and Liber
als do their full duty,, we ; are
marching on to a grand Victory!
The Liberal movement inaugural
ted at Cincinnati arid cohBUmat
ted at Baltimore, is not a tempo
rary affair: but 'will grow as each
year passes. , Itis yet destined
to open a New E.ra in American
history an JEra of. Good Willi
As the shepards watched on the
hill of Judea for the "dawning of
the bright morn,- solet every lovt
er oi reace;waicn ana wan ior a
victory which t which . will giv
Peace to a distrted country
and mark the dawn of a Golden
Epoch when Refociliatiojn and
Fraternity shall bless our nation."-
'" - v"..;,ai;.i-.- !
fv,rrT-T 7
The vote of West Virginia,
August 22, , has been officially
declared, without -returns... from
McDowell and Richie counties,
as follows: ft; ;i' Jrti
For new Constitution. 49,tM
Agnlnat new Contltnllont. 17,748
' The total vote is 79,U02i-ah
increase pf 22,Q4 over he very
full vote last year on jalling a
Constitutional . PpnyentipnJ and
an increase of 30,471 .over ( the
vote for President in 1868. Al
though .none .but-. Democrats vo
ted, to -ratify the, ConBuOQ
very' 'many.'' Democrats1 -voted
agajnsf; ,it.- Tho straight Grant
vote, put of. the total of ".80,000
does not fixpped 30,000 '- Oj
, An explosion occurred, in a
coal mine at Morlpy, in England,
on Mondavi last, .while the ' mi
ners were at w6rk. . . Forty" were
i..:ny -' '-'.? ' a'' '-'
iii r ( i
Those Grantites of' Vinton
county who are in possession of
so much morality and decency
made one of their usually des
perate efforts to get up a mon
ster meeting in McArthur last
Saturday. Whew 1 what a mon
ster failure 1 ! Nobody could say
the thing looked grand, because
scarcely twenty-five, persons ap
peared 1 Those who were ex
pected didn't come, and it was
necessary that they should be
seen. ' This astonished the Grant
Ring; and it was resolved to go
throughout all the townships and
the land thereof and see the peo
ple to give the several amounts
of money which was required to
buy the votes for their candidates
for Sheriff and Clerk. They
went forth : some started on Sat
urday night; some on Sunday
morning ;. some . at noon; some
at flight; some on Monday ; some
at one time and others at anoth
er time! Some of them were ac
companied by whisky, and some
by money. Some were accom
panied by both. AH the town
ships were visited ; the money
paid to procure votes for theif
candidates for Sheriff and Clerk,
and the whisky drank. ;
This is what they call "Settin'
em up;
Defalcations under Grant.
The defalcations under the
Grant ' Administration ; foot ; up
over $2,000,000. , . ' . ;
Can honest Republicans sup
port, such a party of wholesale,
plunderers? ' ; ,';;::'',:' ' l
, The whole civil service is rot
ten, and thieving isi the order of
the day throughout, from Grant
'down.';.'.1-' " ' " ; ' " :
Can any honest Republican in
Vinton county support for rer
election such an'Administrationt
Only a change of 6,000 votes
is "required to carry Ohio for
Greeley. Thre are 2,000 elec
tion 'districts, and a change r of
three in each of them will do the
business, t ; '-'.' -'J !
( . Are, Kaler and i IIolund
capable1, of filling purchased
oinces x ,;i -v , -, , , .
Guardian's Notice.
Probat CowtYinttm County, OUv, ' '
NOTICK Is hereby given that Peter Reaaoner,
Cluardlanof SilenaCJuum, a minor, has
filed herein his account with said ward for par
tlaisettlemeuti and that the same will stand for
hearing oa tbuSlst day of October, lBI'i, at U
o'clockA,. ,, : , , . . ;
U. Jl. ItfAYO.
Atkinson Heirs,
Probat Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE Is hereby given that John Bell,
gaurriiau of the estate of Robert AV. and
Franklin P. Atkinson, heirs of George Atkin
son, deceased, ban Died his aocount herein as
such guardian, for final settlement with the
said Robert W., and partial settlement with
the said Franklin P.; and that said account
is set for hearing on the 1 1 th day of October, A.
D. 1872, at 10 o'clock, a. m. H. B. MAYO,
Bept 18, 1872-4t Probate Judge
F. J. OlKES. J. T. FI8HKB.
Corner Sixth and Walnut Streets,
John McIntybk, i
John B. Connelly,
This House has been entirely
Befitted, . Refurnished, Remodeled !
And is in all respects a
Table surpassed by none in the Went. Ample
and pleasant accommodations for travelers.
Give us a call.
OAKES A CO., Proprietors.
This Company Is owner of and manufactures
under Wm. Greon's several patents, and is the
only Company in the world that makes Paint
from pure, hard Lake Huperior Iron Ore, such
as la used In furnaces for making Pig Iron.
The Moat Economical, Moat Fire Proof.
Most Water Proof, Most lurabie and
Moat Useful Paint Made.
Hall's Patent Husking
The very bost thing ever invented for husking
Corn. They
ve universal satisfaction. -A
man can husk one-third to one-half faster with
them. They absolutely prevent sore or cold
of the hnnln which usually become aore. Prloo
hands. The HALF-GLOVES cover the pi
GLOVES cover the Darts
15. The FULL GLOVES aro made orbeat
tanned calf and buck-skin. Price SSI CO. Both
styles have claws attached, and are made in
three sizes, large, medium and small, for both
ou receln of Drice.
rigiit ana ion nauaea persons.
Sent, nrenaid.
erally. Address HALL HUSKING
For salo by dealers goner-
CO., 140 South Clinton St., Chicago III,
These Heels are designed to entirely counteract
tne expensive ana annoying naDiE oi rimum
the heels down. They can be attached to any
boot or shoes, new or old. whether worn by
men, women or children. By their use the heels
re kept atralgnt, tne antic airenginciieu, ro
ll! m saved, neatness secured, and durability of
ei i
will never do without them. Manufactured
a lis
solely by the KKVEHHIBLK BOOT-11 KKL CO.,
of Providence, B. I., and for sale by shoe uew-
ers generally,
Oapi, Oipei t Torohes,
Send for Illustrated Circu
lar aud Price List.
904 Church Streot, Phlla.
.. i
will cure drunkenuess and all loyo 6r desire lb
IntpxICHtlng 'Ihiuors. Can bo administered, li
necessary, without the knowledge oi in per
son, in ale, wine, tea or any other beverage.
Sent by mall or express, to any part of tho Unl.
Mil htatf'S, Upon rcll m lirii;Bpor i u,,i
l'rlnolnal Depot, 8 Front Ht,
V . V -I. .....
for sale iy an aruggiaM.
nht. rsKiy. , in mi,,
mi. arxiJUA.asm'aa
Water Cure Establishment,
For the treatment of Chronio and Fomalo PI,
eases, is at MansOeld, Ohio. Bend for Circular.
KAfiA"fKNT8 WsNTED, amnU sent free by
OUVJU mall, with terms to clonr from IS to f 10
Jinrday, Two entirely new articles, salable as
lour. Address N, II, WIIITK, Newark, NjJ,
GENTS Wantd.-A genu make more ui-Od
el ey at work for tn than at anything
nsfnesa light and peiwnnt t Irtli
free. G. Btinsojk & Co., A
a n
Portland, Mala.
h- m, '
s. Jsr
";,V'li'vV . ;A

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