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I)t (Enquirer.
Bulhlfnir. North side of Mala Street kast of
Court House.
J. W. BOWEN, Editor.
Mo Arthur, -. November 6, 1872.
More rain fell yesterday.
Yon can't find a more
plete assortment of goods in Za
leski than at Mellor's store.
On all' the well regulated
farms in .Yinton county, corn
husking ia the order of the day,
Mrs. Julia, A. Bobo removed
to her new home in Kentucky
on Wednesday last ...... ,
At the Madison county stock
sales, 'at Mt Sterling, on the
26th of-October, eight yearling
steers, weight being 500 each,
belonging to William Bray, of
this county, were withdrawn.
A large number of persons at-
tpiulfirl the Donation Party at
til residence of Eldl II. A.
Pallster, last Thursday night.
TIia Amount contributed was
$50. "
Why are the goods' in the
house of Will & Co., at Zaleski,
Hkfl Rio- Raccoon River at this
time ?
Because thev are very low.
Go and and see the goods and
learn prices.
At the Favetto county stock
sale, on the 26th ult, Hon. T,
M. Bay, of this county, sold a
yoke of oxen for $192.95. .Wil
liam Bray purchased two steers,
one vear old. weishine 700
pounds, for $44..
A Curiosity. Thomas W. Da
vis, who resides upon the farm
of Hon. John . Fee, about five
miles northeast of McArthur,
brought to our office yesterday,
a double pumpkin, strongly ce
mented, thoroughly mixed, or
attached by growth. This curi
ous pumpkin can be seen at the
hardware store of Richmond &
IIuhn. Admittance free.
Death of Mrs. Greeley.
Mary V. Cheney, wife of Hor
ace Greeley, died in New York,
at 4 o'clock , on Wednesday
morniner. October 30. She had
been a sufferer for many years
from rheumatic affections, which
had reduced here to a mere skel
eton. and which was the cause
of her death.
The Presidential Election.
The election for President and
Vice President passed off very
quietly yesterday in . all the
townships of Vinton county, so
far as heard from, at the time
our paper goes to press. ,
The - majority for Greeley in
the county is about 100. .
The result of the election
elsewhere is not known at this
time. Full returns given1 next
week. " ,
. Good Offer. Any person
sending us the names of five
subscribers to the McArthur En
quirer, and guaranteeing the
payment of the subscriptions
within three months in cash or
produce, will receive the En-i
quire& one year free. Who will
get up the first club? "Terms
' $1.50 per year. : The Enquirer
will soon be enlarged, and it
will contain the choicest reading
and all the county news.
Columbus & Hocking Valley
Railroad Bonds.
The Athens Messenger) of Oc
tober 31, says: '
"The Columbus and Hocking
Valley Kailroad Company have
placed ' some of their bonds in
the market at a rate that should
render them readily popular.-
Ine unparalleled prosperity of
the road under its present effi
cient management is an all-sufficient
. guarantee of . the peraa
neni worth of its" bonds. . Per
sons wishing to, ' invest safely
and advantageously r can find
nothing better than ' Hocking
v aiiey itaiiroad bonds. "
The bonds of the Columbus &
Hocking Valley Railway are
m,ore valuable than those of any
other road in the United States,
taking, the length of its line into
The Horse Disease. The epi
demic that is at present prevail
ing among horses throughout the
eastern and western cities and
Canada,has seriously interrupted
business. Many cases are re
ported in New York city. We
have heard of but eighteen cased
in southern Ohio, which were at
Washington C. II., Fayette coun
ty, two weeks ago, only two of
which were fatal.
Our farmers should look well
td their horses now if they do
not want to lose them We
learn that care and rest is about
all that is necessary to insure
recovery from an attack of the
disease, but which if not given,
fatal results invariably ensue, in
a short time.
The disease is of the catarrhal
character, its first noticable sym-
toms being a flow of tears from
the eyes, and a watery discharge
from the nose with general lan
guor, followed by a cough. . The
treatment most generally recom
mended is the' following :
A stimulating liniment applied
to the glands of the throat, and
muriate of ammonia, with licor
ice and honey, given internally.
Carbonate of ammonia is given
where a stimulant is required.
The surgeons generally condemn
the anti-phlogistic treatment by
sedatives and especially purga
tives, as exceedingly pernicious.
If the disease is not promptly at
tended to, the horse may die of
inflammation of the lungs.
In every instance where
bleeding is resorted to, the re
sult is fatal.
In 1869 George IL' Pendle
ton, a Democrat, was beaten for
Governor of Ohio by only 7,180.
Now Aquila Wiley, .a Greeley
Republican, and supported by
all Greeleyites against the regu
lar Republican candidate for
Secretary of State is beaten by
more than twice that majority.
Pomeroy's New York Democrat.
Bro. "Brick" of the Democrat
ought to learn to tell the truth
"at all times and upon all occa
sions," because "truth is mighty
and will prevail."
Pendleton was beaten, for
Governor by 7,501 majority, not
Wiley was not "beaten for
Secretary of State by consider
bly more than twice that num
ber;" the majority against him
is 13,755.
In 1869 the 18,000 negro vo
ters of this State did not vote,
but at the election this1 year all
voted against, WiLEr., Without
the, negro vote Wiley would
have been elected Secretary of
State by 5,000. majority.
We desire our excited brother
of the great Democrat to care
fully look' at these figures and
cease making wild statements in
this age of national gift enter
prises and wholesale corruption.
Tile corn crop upon the farm
of Hon. John Fee, five miles
northeast) of McArthur, as we
are informed by Thomas W. Da:
vis, who resides , upon the farm,
will exceed $10,000 bushels.
Mr Davis and David Andrews
have raised 4,000 bushels on 60
acres of bottom land, which had
never been plowed until this
season. ' Several acres of the
ground produced over 70 bushels
to the acre. 1 In huskinc the
com they found a number
of ears 16 inches in length. One
ear of corn contained one thou
sand, three hundred and twenty
grains. The corn is mostly of
the "Dent variety.'!
it any one in Vinton county
has beaten Mr. Davis in raising
corn this year, let him send us a
report for publication.
The large covered bridge,
across Jiig Kaccoon Creek, on
the McArthur and Wilkesvilld
road, four miles north of the lat
ter place, was comnlcted bv
Messrs. Gilman; Ward & Co., the
contractors, on Saturday last.
The bridge is 120 feet long, and
11. . !i. .... 1 1 1 .
to uio iuudii BuuBiuiiMiM . one in
this , county., .The - contractors
deserve praise for performing sii-
: i- ii , . ,
ptmur worn, upon mis DriagOc
xue worn, was unaer tne super
intendence of O. W. Oilman, as
sisted by W.D.Gqld, of that firm.
Lades' shawls, scarfs, cloaks,
and sacques, all of the latest fall
and winter stylos, at low prices,
at the housq of Wlll & Co., Za.
8omo merry, gentle, onotry folks
Together did convene,
To burn tboir nits, and pou their stocks,
And hau their hallowean
Fu' bly the that nlgbi.
Last Thursday evening, Octo
ber 31st, All Halloween, was
not, for some unexplained rea
son, celebrated by the numerous
bad 4)oys of bur, town in . their
usual noisy and insulting man
ner. ine evening was very
quiet on account of the scarcity
of cabbage heads and cabbage
stumps, perhaps. ,.
In many parts of the old
world this is the evening in
which to determine the marital
affairs for, the ensuing year.. 5 On
this night, according to the 'pld
traditions!,' tho 4 goblins f kand
gnosis, water sprites ana wood
land fays will be abroad, and
many and marvelous are the
stories told by the old chroni
clers of their wonderful exploits.
But the boys of our town are
never seen on this evening along
the low lands above and below
the water mills or, near the reser
voir to witness the movements
of these midnight prowlers. In
stead of being there looking for
the ghosts and things to appear,
the boys are running through
the streets banging in doors with
cabbage heads and stumps and
raising Old Ned generally.
- On this evening, in thousands
of the hamlet in England, Ire
land and Scotland, apple seeds,
named for lovers and sweet
hearts, are placed upon the eye
lids, and the ones -that fall first
will be faithless, while the one
that remains longest is the true
lover; and as Burns, the poet,
Many lads and lassos' fataa
Are on that night decided.
In the cities and many parts
of this country the festival is
yearly losing Its , hold, but in
some places many of the old
time customs are still in Vogue.
Inday, the day following, be
ing the festival of .''Ail Saints,"
is celebrated with appropriate
ceremonies in the Catholic and
Episcopal Churches.
A Card.
Editor Enquirer; -Allow us
to express bur hasty acknowl
edgements to the 'ladies- who
kindly planned and so admirably
carried out the arrangements for
the donation last Thursday night
It was gratifying to know the
many friends we have made
during the two-and-a-half years
stay in McArthur, and to all
who honored us, both with their
gifts and their presence, we ten
der our sincere thanks, assuring
them their kindness will not soon
be forgotten.
The donation could not .have
been made at a more acceptable
time, and. therefore was all- the
more highly appreciated by
, . . Yours, very truly, ' .
Parsonason Christian Church, Nov. 4, 1872.
Fairest ever seen by Mortal
Fairest ever seen by Mortal Eye.
"You talk about your pretty girl,
And charms that never die,
i Bnt I've teen the fairest creature
- ' Kver teen by mortal eye;
She'i twice as iweet a honey,
In a school-house hedoe teach,
I pass the door to see the one
That's sweeter than a peach." '
And all the pretty girls, the
good boys, the mothers and the
fathers, go to the , house of Dan.
Will & Bros., for their goods for
the fall and winter season-
where the most beautiful styles
and best qualities are always to
be found, and where the tallest
piles of Shawls, Gloves, Notions.
Clothing, Boots and Shoes, ;&c,
&c, ever seen in Vinton county,
are now being sold at wonder
ously low prices! ' -
Fine Sheep, P. : 8. Metzler,
of Lima, Ohio, has 500 Canada
Cotswold and Leicester sheep
for sale. A portion of, the lot of
sheep can be seen "by the far
mers, and others of Vinton coun
ty, at McArthur, on Thursday
next, Nov, 7th, and at farm of
William Bray, 4 i miles north of
mc Artnur, on, Friday , and
Saturday, November 8th and
9th., Now is the best time , for
the people of this county to pur
chase the finest and best slieep.
Egbert Bowen leased the Ho
tel belonging to the Zaleski Co.,
in Zaleski, occupied by W. H. Bt
bands, and took charge of it on
Friday, Nov.rlst vThose desir
ing a good stopping place when
visiting that place should go to
this Hotel. , :"
! The McArthcr Enquirer is
the only readable paper printed
in Vinton county y ;. has the larg
est' circulation; und, iErthe; best
advertising medium.
Stevens the lunatic, confined
in our county -jail, occasionally
makes a desperate effort to es
cape.. Last baturday he tried to
take possession of. all the upper
territory of tharsohtary institu
tion, including the roof of the
building. - He partly demolished
a chimney, and ?went for" every
thing that -whs1 Bolid, for' the pur
pose of showing'the many people
who stood around outside that
he could handle and remove iron,
brick or stone,- on short notice,
without orders. .
Sheriff Boom succeeded, to
wards night,' in putting a stop to
hi wild movements.
Tub ladies, and, of course, ovory;
body, would bo highly pleased if
thoy should pay Iho Ilouse o J. A.
Fblton, in thifltown,n visit And nee
.his extensive assortmontof the most
fashionable Good8,compriaing every
feature portalniog to, the season
The stock, 8 We have already
intirnatod, Is ,
while the prices form an additional
attraction 1 ' . , .
The people generally should make
a note of the Fall Opening of Goods
at Felton's, and govern themselves
accordingly I ' ' ' ; ' '
Every lady who visits flaloskl
should looK through tho assortment
of Millinery " Goods nt Mellor's
Store, and see what a nico bonnet,
hat, ribbon, lace, cuff, collar' or
handkerchief Mrs. Mellor can sell
for a small amount of money.
. Da. N. J. - Bowers, Dentist, Mc
Arthur, Ohio, . i - ;
A correspondent, writing from Athens, cu
riously contrasts tho mixtures to bo found
there of ancient and modem civilizations.
Railroads spin their trains amid the temples of
three thousand yoars; steamers dash tlioir
swells upon the PIrcns, and the scroam of tboir
whistles fqsounds from Athos, Pentelicus and
Cythoron to Olympus and tho heavens beyond
their gods. 'Dr. Iyer's world-renowned medi
cines, thoso consummations of modern science,
are posted on the Acropolis, tho Parthenon, the
Areopagus and the Theslon, while the modest
cards of Cherry Hectoral, Ay"'' Sarsnpnrllln,
Ague Cure and Fills look from the windows of
the shops In the streets of Atlic m, where they
are sold. -
It is admitted by thoso who have
taken observations that T, . Mel
lor, at Zaleski, has shown excoed-
ingly good tuste in the selection of
his stock of .Gooda.
Settlement Notice.
ALL tboso knowing themselves
indebto4 to the firm of jEichmond
& IIuhn are requested to call imme
diately i and settle aceoivnts. We
can not- carry accounts from one
year to another ahd pay our own
bills.. - Richmond & IIuhn.
October 2, 1872. tf
':. If you want a nice coat, pair of
pants, vest, or anything in tho
clothing line, go to Mellob'b Store
first. Cheap and durable.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
goto Sisaon.
From Dr. Pulta, of Cincinnati.
nati. . ; r::
Having used the Port Grape Wine of Now
Jorscy, I have no hesitation to recommend it as
a superior wine for medicinal purposes. The
wine Is pure, Unadulterated, of a fine flavor
and tonlo quality. It is unsurpassed for its
HoUoway's Pills.
When tho flesh wastes, the strength declines,
the liver becomes torpid, and the bowels Irreg
ular, Indigestion is the primary cause, in alt
such easel UolloVay's Pills are an immediate,
never-fniling cure. Sold 18 Maiden Lane, New
York. Price 25 cents per pot or box. Ask for
new style; the old Is counterfeited.
The Stock of Boots and Shoes,
Ladies, Misses and Children's wear,
at Mellob's Store, Zaleski, is espe
cially large',' and' superior, und lall
sizes are sure to find a perfect fit.
Da. N. J.-Bowers, Dentist, McArthur,
Ohio. V ' .':'. $ . ...; .
' TniNew York Manufacturing Company, SI
Courtlandt Street, New York, have established
an "Emporium of Novelties" and utilities for
every-day use. i Agents, male and fomale,
wanted everywhere, see their advertisement In
another column. .... ... ,,
XI OTICE Is hereby trlvcn that Borgamin Han
y oock ho this deposited with the Treasurer
or saia uounty tne ninoiini requirea to redeem
the following described land, to-wlt!
The North-east quarter of tho South-west
quarter; the North hair or tne Koutn-oastquar-
i . ...... 41. U V. it .1... a',,1.
east quarter, of Section 18. Township 10, Range
19, in Kagle Township, being 1B7 acres.
Raid lands havintr bt.en sold for taxes on ths
Third Tueiwlay of January, 1871, in the namo of
ilergarain iiancona to nyron ixnawar.
November 6, 1ST3-8W Auditor Vinton Co,
Be deceived, but for cough, colds, sore throat,
hoarseness and bronchial dimcnlties, use only
Worthless Imitations are on the market
but the only scientific preparation of Carbolic
Amu ror iuur iiiseases is wnun cnemK-aily com
bined with other well known remedies, as in
these Tablets, and all parties are cautioned
against using any other. '
tn mil eaaes of Irritation (f the mucous
membrane these Tablet should be freely used,
tumr cloauiujig j.uu uvuu& fivporiev are as
Innlttlllnff. i
Be warned, nover neglect a cold, It is easily
cured in Its. inclpluut state, when it becomes
chronlcT the corn i exceedingly difficult, use
Wells' Carbolic Tablets as a specific
JOHN Q. KELLOGO, 18 Piatt St., New York,
ouio jEiiK wi vmKHiHwm cvuu.urcircu.ar,
lQa apia. xucua. winter! 1072
53 and 55
Hi.. !.. 1
to the cltv -both lln,;fftm Anf.6"1' iios's""'"dnd Cheapen Stock, of Good ever brought
Shou .S'ni . W!? 1,10 Il"f""-y tor Chs,i 8inoe the .leclino In Heavy Boots and
&I10M, ami wi 1 be 1(1 t the very LOWKS NKW YORK and BOSTON PIUCKS. l'liSlpbli
7"i 11 1 ; ' 'wm anmiusTOJS ruiCK
City Maie bopda at factory prices, tbu saving freight expense.
dori from ttomitrv
Wood Street.
Eo"tera Bills Duplicated. All Or-
Send Stamp for Illustrated Cata-
ImriiA mi ll.ill.lt..,.. k v.
WliLl. A Co., 27 Warren Htreut, Sew York.
ikiuiun, bvii hi Bignt, uata
loguos and 'one suinplo free
New York M'i'K Co., !il Court
landt Street, Kw Y ork.
Young Men, Teacher., La.ilos or Mlnln-
1 Af,!,n wtwl in every County, l
"iho People's StunUurd Bible.'' 660 illiiitr,
A iMoCurdy, 131) Kaue Sti-eit, Cincinnati, Olilo.
IlliriM. HAtKU II . M. ... .
1 nialu. (iO a week guaranteed. Iteapectaule
lllllDlllVMW.llt ul l.n..... .In.. r.. ..7 "ul."
tul i'i.niiii.iw. . ft.n ....i wl
ackage of goods to start with sent frpo by
VinU" Address, with B cent return stump.
M. YOTiU & CO., iq (SourtUu'su. Kew York.
u,,!, u v is .iuwjr, jio cents;
hiitum Ho Uj Worker, BOceuts; Needle Thread'
IngTlilinblo, 25 cents; Morocco Needle SookVM
Cents. 6 iHrirn nl K .,,.,.... ..... v, L'.T
per day sure : sample free to any one a above
&rewV&y H BroXay;
Prof. Fowler's Great Work
On Manhood, Womanhood, and their Mn
tual Intflr.mlBtinn.i i.nn. i . .
er. See. 6end tor specimen pages and circulars.
cago, 111., C nplnnnU, Ohio, qrBt. Loufs, ijlo? "
-,-J.-U.ui..j. j.. ,
iThea-Ncctar. A Pure
UJiinese Tea.
The Beit Xea Imported.
Warranttd tot nit all Uutei.
Put up In our trado mark
half-Pound and Pound pack
ages only, 80 and 80 Pound
Boxes. .- -
. Forsaleatwholsaleonlybv
Its Qrsat Atlanta 4 Faalflo Tea Ocmpany,
P.' O. Box 5508. New York City.
A trontH wnntnd in tatithha fur fliA irraAt ritmi
EEKLY, the best and cheapest pHiier pub.
hed. DIO LEWIS and a corns or most
popular AiTiioKg wrilu exclusively for it.
We give a copy of the uuparallolod chromo, -
. : just so high,
To every subscriber. Agents take from twenty
five to thirty names a day. No business pays
like this, (-cud lor tonus; aud secure territory
for this great enterprise at once. MACLEAN,
6TODDAUT ft CO.. Publishers, 177 West 4th
Street, Ciucinuntl, Ohio.
1 J J. J-Li
C$75 to $250 permonth. X
Pmnle and female, to introduee the GENUINE
CSEWLNO MACHINE. This machino will
stitch, hem, lull, tuck, quilt, cord, bind,
lurnm ana emnromcr in a most superior
'manner. Price only Fully licensed
and warranted for five years, we will pay
1,000 for any machine that will sow a
stronger, more beautiful, or more elastic
seam than ours. It makes tlio"Eastlo Lock
jyQStitch.", Every second stitch can be cut,
r .ana uun mo ciotu cannot oo puilOd apart
rwunoin tearing if. n o pay agentsiroin sii
,to f'UO per inon td nud expenses, or acorn.
remission from' which twice that amount can
Obe made. Address HECOMB ft CO., Boston,
Mass., Pittsburgh, Pu., Chicago, 111., or St.
Louis, Mo.
On the line of tile UNION PACIFIC RAIL.
ROAD. . 12,000,000 acres of tho host Farming"
and Mineral Lauds in Amorica. - ,
8,000,000 Acres in Nebraska, in the Platte V al
loy, now for sale.
Miia Climate, Fertile Soil.
For Grain (J rowing and Stock Unising unsur
passed by any in tho United States.
(Jukjlpbk in Prick, more favorable terms
given, and more convenient to market than can
e found ebtewbere. . , .
Free Homesteads for Actual Settlers. , -
The bost location lor ('nlnnlim Snlillir n'nft.
tied to a Homestead of 1(10 Acres,
Send for the new Doscrlutivo Paninhleb. with
new Maps, published In Knglitdi. Uorman, Swe
dish nnd Dunish, mailed free everywhere.
Aduress, O. jy. DAVIS,
Land Com'r U. P. R. R. Co., Omaha, Nob.
IDuLty 0C Toaa
Have business connections with all thn nrlnct.
5al ports of China and Saltan, mid import tboir
'oas direct from place of growth, thus saving
1.I1D i;uii0iiiiur iruill D to O prOIlSH, Jt IS HOW
alMiut IK years since the Company was or gnu -I
zed and It has been a sjilendid success from
tho very first. This was (ne to tho fact that we
imported and Bold only
The Best and Purest Goods," "
And distributed them to our cnstmnnni in nil
parts of the United States, for one email profit
uniy, uviwcuu me iea-grower anaine rea-eon-
Biimur. ve oriKinateii tnesvMtemor supplying
consumers In diHtnntpnrts of the country with
Teas, at. Mow York Cargo Prices, on tho Club
jMiui. Ann since wo nnopteq tins plan we nave
saved the people of this country millions or
iiqi.lahs annually, In the cost of this article of
everyday necessity.
Scud for Club Circular, which contains full
directions, premiums, ftc.
The Great American Tea Company,
.. . at b oa vesey nrreer,
P,O.Box5tH3., " New York City.
It is not a Dhvsln which mnv irivAtAmnornrv
reflef to the HuftVror for the lllr.it few doses, but
which, irum conunurii use nringa rie ana
kindred diseases to aid in weakeiiinff the Inv.
lid, nor Is it adoctored liquor, which, under the
pmiuinr name oi "Hitters' 1 so extensively
panned off on thsmiblieas sovcrnlirn remedlM.
TIVE, pronounced so by the leading medical an
tborities of London and Paris, and has been
long usod by the regular physicians of other
oou nwiet witu wonuerrui remeiiini results.
Br. Wells' Extract oi: Jn
retains nil tliemedlcnl .virtue pec.illir to the
f laut and must be taken as a wonderful oura.
Ive. asreat.' !-., , ....., .; j
Is there want of action in jror liver and
pieem unless rciisveii at oiife. ine uiooa be'
comes impure by delnterlodi Rcerotloas. Drodu.
oing scrolulous or sltln diseases, Klotehes, Fel
ons. Pustules, Oanker, Pimples, o,, Ac.
, Trtke Jurubeba to clenime, purify and re
store thevitiiited blood to healthy iictlon. ....
Have you a Dyspeptic StouiachT Unleaa
digestion la promptly sodod thesvstam tadel.il.
itatodwllh loss of vital toivi nnvertv nf tha
Blood, DroiiHical Tendency, (Jenerul weakness
or lOSHituiie.
Take It to assist dlgestlen with reaction, It
will impart youthful vigor to the wenry suflorer.
Have you a weakness of the Intestines?
You are In dangor of Chronic Diarrhoea or the
dreadful Inflammation of the Uoweli. "i
Take it to allay Irritation and ward off ten
denoy to Inllammatlons. '
Have yon aweattness of the Uterine or
VHuary OrgansV You must procure instant
relief or you are liable to suffering worse than
death. , i
Take it to strcngcheri organ lo weakness or
life becomes a burlier), ' '.
rinallr it should be frequently taken to keep
the system In perfect health or yon are other
wise In great malarial, miasmatlooroontaiiotM
diseases, , - . '
JOHN q. KELLOGG, 18 Piatt St., NW YOrk
Solo Agent for the United Htatee. t . . .
Prioe II per Bottle. 'Bend for Circular.
a i
urns, for Distribution mining tho $2.00
Subscribers of thu
' ' xiv Aran,, a.87a.
Tho number o Premiums are always In
creased when tho number of names exceed the
number calculated upon.
i We now offer tho following;
1 Cash Premium, of.
90 Cash PrnmlnntB nt Slhn ni.K '
.. 1,000
tW Stem-winding Watches, ISO each 4,800
100 Cash Premiums of fSKl each....
- v oi siu each
100 . .f " j. of h each. .....
100 i of EeacU .
wo " of to each.:::;:;.::::
1278 Miscellaneous Prcm's. lit to 110 each
. 800
Matins; a Total of TWO THOUSAND Proml
limit. Ar..h TUTVNTV irilATTci i vn .a..
LARS, .UUUOA.ll lHll
Every subscriber who remits IJ.0O for a year's
subscription will have his name registered, and
will be furnishod by return mail a receipt giv-
InflP th Httta nA nntnlu.. ,.i whl.h hi. nnnn I -
registered, said number being represented by a
duplicate In the distribution.
Agents sending 10 names and 120.00 at one
time receive a free paper one year and have
their names registered as participants far pre
miums. Spocimon Cfiplos., Pastors, Trendum Pamphlot
anil finliMi'rlii
iitiou lllnnks sent free to persons
aesinng them.
- Cincinnati, Ohio.
Vinegar Bitter m a ylle Fancy Drink,
made of Poor Ritm, Whiskojr. Proof Spirits and Kefuta
J.lquors, doctored, spiced, and nveeleoed to pleasffthe
ute, called " Tonics," " Appetiiers," "Reitorers,"
ftc, that lead the tippler nn to drunkenness and ruin,
but are a true Medicine, made from the native roots
and herbs of California, free fromall Alcoholic Stimulants.
They are the Great lilood Purifier and a Life-giving
Principle, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the
System, carrying off a poisonous matter and restoring
the blood, to a healthy condition, enriching it, refreshing
snd invigorating both mind and body. They are easy
of administration, prompt in their action, certain in their
results, safe and reliable in all forms of disease.
t No Person can take these Bitters accord
ing to directions, and remain long unwell, provided
their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison orolher
means, and the vital organs wasted, beyond the point
of repair.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Headache, Pain
In tho Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the Chest, Du
nnes, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad. Taste
in the Month, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of tlis
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the regions of
the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptom.,
are the offspring of Dyspepsia. In these-complainU
it has no equal, and one bottle will prove a better guar
antee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For Female Complaints, in young or old,
married or single, at tlis dawn of womanhood, or the
turn of life, theso Tonlo Bitters display so decided an
influence that a marked improvement is soon percep
tible. for Inflammatory and Clironlo Rhen
tatlsm and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Bilious,
Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of the
Blood, Liver, Kidneys snd Bladder, these Bitters have
been most successful. Such Diseases are caused by
Vitiated Blond, which is generally produced by derange
ment of the Digestive Organs.
Thev are a Gentle Purgative aa well a
ft Tonlo, possessing also the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Inflam
nation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Bilious
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Teller, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pastilles, Uoils, Cr
httncles. King-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Sry
sipelet. Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration, of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,
are literally due up and carried out of the system in a
short time by the use of these Bitters. Ons bottle in
such uses will convince the most incredulous of their
curative effects.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever you
find its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples,
Eruptions, or Sores; cleanse it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins I deans it wlieu it is
foul ; your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood
pure, and the health of the system will follow.
Grateful thousands proclaim Vinioar Bit
Tiat the most wonderful Invigorant that ever sustained
the sinking system.
Plnt Tape, and other Worms, lurking in
the system of so many thousands, are effectually de
stroyed and removed. Says a distinguished phyiiol.
ogiet : There is scarcely an individual upon the face of the
earth whose body ia exempt from the presence of worma
It is not upon the healthy elements of the body that
worms uist, but upon tlie diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of disease.
Ho system of Medicine, nesverinifuget, no snlhelmin
itics, will free the system from worms like these Bit
ters. Mechanical Diseases. Persons engaged in
Paints sad Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type-setters.
Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they advance m life, will
be subject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard against
this take a,dose of Walk ass Vinsgak Bittsrs once
or twice a week, as a Preventive.
Bilious, lletniUeiit, and Intermittent
Fevers, which are so prevalent in the valleys of our
great rivers throughout the United States, especially
loose of the Mississippi. Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Ten
nessee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado, Braioa,
Kio Grande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roan
oke, Jamas, and many others, with their vast tributa
ries, throughout out entire country during the Summer
and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of
unusunl heat aud dryness, are invariably accompanied
by extensive derangements of the stomach and liver, and
other abdominal visoira. There are always more ol let
obstructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable elate
of the stomach, and great torpor of llie bowels, being
clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treat
ment, t purgative, exerting a powerful Influence Uwn
these various organs, is essentially necessary. There is
no cathartic for the purpose equal to Da. J, Walkks's
, Vinbgar IIittrks, ss they will speedily remove the
dark-colored viscid matter with which the bowels ar
loaded, at the same time stimulating the secretions of
the liver, and generally restoring the healthy functions
of th digestive organs. ' 1
i Scrofula, or King's Rvll, Whin .Swellings,
Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck, Goiter, Scrofulous
Inflammations. Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial Af
fections, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes,
etc., etc. In these, as in all other constitutional Dis
eases, WALKta's VtNROAK ItlTTSRS have shown their
great curative powers in the most obslinste snd intract
able cases. . ' '
Dr. Walker's California Vinegar Bitter
act on all these cases in a similar manner. Ily purifying
the Blood they remove the cause, and by resolving away
the sHects of the inflammation (tlie tuuerc.il.ir deposits!
the effected parts receive health, and a permanent cure
is effected. ' -' " i -
The properties of Dr. Wai.ksr's Vinboar
Bittsrs are Aperient, Diaphoretic and Carminative,
Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-irritant,
Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious.
The Aperle.it and mild Laxative properties nf
Do. Walkir'i Vinroar IIittrrs are the best safe
guard in all cases of eruptions and malignant fevers,
their balsamic, healing, and soothing properties protect
the humors of the fauces. Their Sedative properties
allay pain in the nervous system, stomach, snd bowels,
either from inflammation, wind, colic, cramps, etc
Their Counter-irritant influence extend throughout
the system. Their Diuretic properties set on the Kid
neys, correcting and resisting the flow of urine. Their
Anti-Bilious properties stimulate the liver, In tlie secre
tion of bile, and us discharges through the biliary ducts,
and ar superior to all remedial agents, for tin cure nf
, ti:i: i?. v i . .l
i uiinni. ru-vi, lire, n,u ..((..ia, v.i.
V Fortify the body against disease hv turl-
lying an its nuius wun vinroar iiittrks. no eni
sienna can take hold of a system thus forearmed. Tne
liver, the stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and tlie
nerves sr rendered disease-proof by this great Invig-
I'Orant. , . .
'.Directions. Take of Ihs Hitters on gome m nrn
si night from a half to one and ms-half-wine-glassfull
Eat good nourishing food, such as beefsteak, muitnn
chop, venison, roast beef, and vegetables, and take
out-door exercise. They ar compoeed of purely veget
able ingredients, and contain no spirit.
1. WALKER, Prop'r. R,H. MclKS ALDafcOO.,
Druggists snd Gen. Agls., San Francisco,. CaJ. . ,
end oof. of Washington tod Charlton Sts., New Vork.'
t kv Kinu or
M-iisoiimKniii this It 15 A L. KSTATTS
ItKGISTKU. l'iTTsinjnoB,PA.(WeeaIy
to Columnar l.ti a vear). S. mpleoopy free.
19 the BEST and CHEAPEST Independent
Family Newspaper published. It contains
fOBTT-iiQHT columns of reading matter, It
printed In the neatest stylo, on fine, white pa
per, and published at the low price of II
year, and
BeeelvM a Bean t If a 1 Chromo. worth tho
money invested, thug receiving a riBBr-CLiag
Weekly Kewspapor
JgTSena One Dollar for a year's Sub
tcriptlon, and Test Cent for pottage on the
Objramo to the Star PablUltlng' Coma
KsBTf Clnduoatl) o.
' Agents Wanted for Cobbin'a
On The Bible, for The Home Circle.
1.200 Paeos. too Rnaravinas. Tho best enter
prise of the year for agents. Every family will
nave lb itotiiing line it now puiiiisnvu. ror
circulars address II. fct. GuuDSi'tKU & Co., ST
rara how, jnow iora. .
GREAT 0DEI0SITT. A 3 Magazine of tho
highest order for $1. Agent wanted in every
town, on a ptrnttval Income. Send lOe. for
a specimen to i'ilmlth'i Dollar Magiutlne," Dt
Liberty Street, New York.
This Company is owner of nnd manufactures
under Wm. Green's several patents, and is the
only Company iu tho world that makes Paint
from pure, bard Lake Superior Iron Ore, such
us is used iu furnaces for making Pig Iron.
The Most economical, Most Fire Proof,
Most Water Proof, Most Uurablo and
Most Useful Taint Made.
r v "ARK ft
The National Dress Trimmings
Hearing the above "trude-mark," and nitiiiii
fucturvd exclusively by us, are endorsed and
recommended by the lending Fashion Maga
sinos throuirlione tho country, nnd tho most
eminent Dress-makers in New York City, as
l.nl.. l.n . . 1 . I .'..I 1 1 ...1
mlng for lllnck Alpaca und Jloliuir 8iiit.
8JejJ'liia Trimming can huoblaint'd through
the principul Dry Goods ami I.reas Trlinuiiiig
8tores throiighnut the L'nitmi K tiiU'H.
. 427 and 4211 ltroatlway, New York.
Seeking homes should scud for our Descriptive
Circular of "Improved Kiu-ins for Sulu," in tho
best counties iu North Missouri. Address J. H.
BLiWdKittAND A Co., Laclede, Linn Co., Mo..
St. Louis, Michigan, Magnetlo Smiutrs.
The DiDtMagnetio Wator discovered In Amor-
l.,n 1Ultll II... 1 ! .1 . l . .
iwo, AAue uuuii vie.icu uy over iu,uuti
Neuralgia, Paralysis, Rheumatism, (lout, Ills-
hid uim.iiur nnu ivuiuoys, Dyspepsia,
Impotcncy, nnd all Diseases of tho Nervous
System, Contracted Joints, General Debility.
FIN ItlT.IH. RVii. lM,nl, !... M,.l.lnl--,
cription, analysis of water, aud all other Inforl
iiintiiiii, iiuurusB niAtjrviliJ STKIMti COM-
raai,M, jouiH, urattot uounty, Michigan.
Sore Lips. DrvnesS of the Skin. &a.. Sib.'.
Cured at oncohy IIKGEMAN'8 CAMPHOR ICE
WITH ULYCKRINE. It keeps tho hands soft
In all woathor. Bee that voti get HKGKAI AN'8.
Sold by all Druggists. Price 25 cents; aent by
mail fur 80 cents. Manufactured only by Hkok-
4228, Now York.
i ol the 1'TULiu Libhakv ok KKMTUcitr, an
nounced for Septcmher 28, has been postponed
to December 7, 18799, liucatiso the aci'iimnlu-'
tlon of orders tho few days before tho drawing
mado It physically impossible to 1111 them
without a few days11 delay, and as a short poat
ponement was Inevitable, it wns determined tQ
defer it to a time that would make a full draw
Imr sure by the sale of nil tho tickets.
The money neooseary to pay in full all the
offered gifts Is now upon dopnslt in tho Farm
ors' and Drovers' Hank, as will bo seen by the
following certilloate of the Cashier!
Louisville, Ky.,Hept. 26, 1H72, (
This Is to certify that there i . uow on deposit
in this hank over half a million of dollars to
the credltof thotiift Concert Fund, mi,wa at
which Is held by this bank us ,Treusurer of tho
Public Library of Kuntticky to pay off all gift
to be awarded at the drawing.
It. S. VKACII, Cashier.
1,000 Prises, amounting to
9000,000 XIV Olla-tBXX, ,
Will be awarded, the highest prizes being
100,000, SO.OOO, a5, 000, ami downlu
regular gradation to loo. which Is tho lowest.
The drawing will positively and unequivo
cally take pluco Doceml.or I. Agents are per
emptorily required to close sales and make re
turns November SS, in onler to give ample time
for the II n ill arrangements, (trilors fur tickets
or application for oircnlurl should be address
ed to
Agent Public Library tf Kentucky, I.oulsvillo,
The subscribers aru Miinufnivturer's Agents
for U. W. Read's eel ubvn led A H'I'H M A IlELIKF,
tho best remedy for Asthma yet discovered. In
stant relief guaranteed or pnrclineo money re.
funded. The medicine Is put up in three aires,
which retail for 2nc, olio, and 1. Person re.
mlttiiig price will havo the medicine sunt free
by maiTor express. Also samples sent free to
any who desire. KTURIDUKTULLfclt CO.,
Home, N. Y. ' -
To aD Deaf aiifl Earfl of Heaiiiifi!
Desiring to licncflt my unfortunate fellow-
I'lnamius, s ton iiirwi.iu to nn suitururs,ree oj
eharQ, a recipe or method of cure, respectively,
which has cured myself and many others of
I,. It..- -a...-.:...... .. r. t t. i.. ...
uuK-n.t,,,,,.iN iiuniuiTnu, Dll.nr linvilltf II. TK.n
eiuiiloyml thu best physicians In this country
aud Kurop. Address, with stamp, II, TlilK.
MANNS, Klloardsvllle, Missouri, . ' .
8 GENTS Wanted. A genu make more m-on
1 e at work for lit tluiu at anything site,
osluest light and -porinanonti pnrtlnnlart
free. it. Btinkoh 4 Co., Jrint Art iitbUihwt,
Portland, Maine,
i" ' ! - j r. f ' -
m 1 1 ,!;-.. mm

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