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VOL. 6.
I Fablisher and Proprietor. J
111.60 PER YEAR,)
I In Advance,
NO. 44.
J will Hi IK j
The Council mot, pursuant to a resolution
adopted at it last session, at Wllllamsport,
Pickaway County, Ohio, September 4th, 1871,
t I o'olock P. II., and (Brother Hatfield,
Moderator, having departed 'this life,) was
: called fo order by thd Itecorder. The XVth
lialin.was then read, and t.a appropriate
' hyuin sung; alter which, prayer and suppllca
tlon was made to Christ, the bead of tho
Church, by Brother Flack.
On motion of Brother Wolf, Brother Durant
was chosen Moderator, pro tem.
The certificates of the Ministers- and Dele
gates wero then handed in.
Committee on Credentials.
Brother Klise offered tho following Resolu
lion, which was adopted, to-wlt:
Resolved, That a Committee of throe, on
Credentials, be appointed. And thoreupou the
Moderator-selected, as said Committee, Bros.
J. W. Klise, J. W. Hosklns and Bhuah Mann.
Thereupon it was ordered by the Council that
the certificates of the Ministers and Dele
gates be referred to the Conimitteeon Creden
tials. To enable the Committee on Credentials to
prepare thoir roport, the Council, on motion,
resolved itself into aCommittoeof the Whole,
for the purpose of holding a prayer meeting
for half an hour. The Moderator appointed
Brother Wolf to conduct the meeting, and
after an interesting and solemn time of
prayer, the Council resumed its session.
Report of Committee on Credentials.
The Committee on Credentials then submit
ted the following report, which was adopted,
We, your Committee on Credentials, desire to
report the names of the following persons
as entitled to seats In this, body;
Harriet of Delegates. Kennel of Mtntttert.
M. Ames, Thomus beavers,
A. M. Vantassell, G. W. Huguns,
James Dunlap, W. 0. II. Kclluy,
Henry Green, G. 8. Stevenson,
Jacob Sheets, J. W. Durant,
Shuah Mann, It. Wamslev,
N. Satterfleld, J. W. Ilosk'ins,
Z. Stevens, F. P. Wolf,
William Truman, J. W. Klise,
J. Bradley, Hugh 8. Dunn,
P. f. King, J. B. Clovor,
G. Stoner, II. J. Duckworth,
J. Frieszell, P. C. King,
W. II. Ilishop, E. F. ltyerson,
Major Dunlap, G. Luke,
Henry Leist, J. M. Lamp,
G. Chroninger, W. P. Muxon,
D. Conn, A. T. Cunningham,
J. M. Ferneau, Levi Ely,
Virgil K. Shaw. J. A. Trent,
P. G. Underwood,
It. W. Graham,
Joseph Nichols.
J. W. KLISE. )
J. W. 1I0SKIN8, CeimnitU.
On motion, the Council thou appointed
J. W. Durant, Pastor, and A. D, Rose, Jacob
Sheets and J. Lowe, Eiders of the Williams
port Church, a Committee on Pulpit Services.
On motion, the Rules in the Directory wore
adopted as the Bules to govern this Council.
The Committee on Pulpit Sorvlces made the
following report, to-wit: That Brother II. S.
Dunn will proach this, Wednesday evening,
at 7 o'clock.
There being no other business, after bene
diction, the Council took a recess until to
morrow morning, Thursday, Sept. 5th, at 8),
Thursday, 8PT. 5. 8tf o'clock, A. if.
Tho Council met, and was opened by W. G.
B. Kelly, by reading a portion of Scripture,
and by singing and prayer.
The minutes of yesterday's proceedings
were then read and approved.
On motion, it was resolved by tho Council,
That all ministerial brethren and members of
the Christian Union visiting this Council be
admitted as honorary members; and minis
terial and lay members of other churches,
who visit this Council, are cordially, in the
name of Christ our common Lord and Master,
Invited, as His children, to fellowship among
Bros. Stevenson and Hagans then offered
the following resolution, which was adopted,
Retolred, That Bro. Flack be, and he Is
hereby requested to come forward and ad
dress the Lou noil on the cause of Christian
Union in Missouri.
And thorcupon tho Moderator introduced
Brother Flack, fraternal messenger and mem
ber of the Christian Union of Missouri, to the'
Council, who made a short, appropriate and
encouraging report, of the work and pros
pects of Christian Union In that State and
elsewhere, as far as the same has como uudor
his knowledge and observation.
On motion, the Council then took a recess
until 10 a. x.
At 10 A. u. the Council resumed Its session.
Ou motion, tho Council then proceeded to the
election of Moderator for tho ensuing year:
and on the second ballot Brother George S.
Stevenson was chosen, who was duly con
ducted to his seat, by the Moderator, pro.
tem., and accepted the oOlco, by tendering to
the members his sincere thanks, for their
kindness and brotherly affection.
On motion, the Recorder for the past year
was unanimously chosen Recorder for the
ensuing year,
Brothers Duckworth and noskini offered
the following resolution, which was adopted,
Resolved, That the Council meet at 8 and
take a recess at 11 o'clock a. m., and meet,
again at IX and take a recess att o'clock
Brothers Wamsley and Durant offered the
following resolution which was adopted, to
wlt: Resolved. That the memhors of this Council
who have habituated themselves to the use of
tobacco, be requested to abstuln from the
same, while In the church edifice, during the
sittings of tho Council. .,
Brothers Durant and Wolf offored the fol
lowing resolution which was adopted, to-wit:
Resolved, That a commltte of one (on each)
be Appointed to prepare anil read an obituary
on tfie death of Brothers J. D. Hatfield, I).
Keller, and Nelson Cloud, at this session of
the Council.
And thereupon the Council appointed
Brother J, W. Klise for Brother Hatfield, .
Brother II. J. Duckworth for Brothor D. Kel
ler, and Brother J. B. Clovor for Brother
Nelson Cloud.
After benediction tho Counoil then took a
roccss to meet at IX o'clock r. K.
lXo'ofoo,J. if.
The Council met and was opened by Broth
er J. W. Hosklns by reading a portion of
Scripture and by singing aud prayer. '
The Committee on Pulpit Sorvlces made the
following report, which was adopted, to-wit:
Wo, your Committee on Pulpit Services,
beg leave to report as follows: There will be
preaching, this evening, in this House atT
6olookr,M. by Brother P. P. Wolf, and at
the School-house, at tho same hour, by
Brother A. Cunningham. .
The Modorator appointed tho following
Standing Committees, to-wit:
1. On Unjlnithed. Biulnes:3. W. Durant.
3. W. Kllso, H. J. Duckworth.
9. On State and Wlthesof the Churches: J.
B. Clovor, G. W. Hagans, J. W. Uoskius, S.
Mann, N. Satterfleld.
S. On Publication of Minutes: Virgil E.
Shaw,J. W. Durant.
4. On Pulpit Service: J. W. Durant, A.
D, fioeo, Jacob Sheets, J. Lowe.
5. On Rules and Regulation! .-P. P. Wolf,
8. Mann, W. P. Maxon.
. On Publishing Interest : Virgil E. Shaw,
J. W. Klise, J. W. Durant, G. W. Hagans, It.
F. Wamsley.
7. On Educational Interest: V. P. Wolf, Z.
Stevens, II. J. Duckworth, Thomas Beavers,
William Freeman.
8. On Bible Cause: Levi Ely, James M.
Lamp, S. Mann, J. Bradley, P. C. King.
0. On Sunday Schools: Q. Luke, G. Stoner,
E. F. Ryerson, J. Frieszoll, J. A. Treat.
10. On Statistic: Vlrai E. Shaw, Levi
Ely, W. II. Bishop, II. Leiat, W. Q. B. Kelley.
I 11. On Fraternal Relation: 3. W. Du
lant, J. W. Klise, It. J. Duckworth. M.
Dunlap, N. Satterfleld.
Report of Committee on Unfinished Business.
Tho Committee on Unfinished Business
made the following Report, which was adopt
ed, to-wlt:
We, your Committee, appointed to report on
Unfinished Business from the last Council,
beg leave to report,
That upon the examination of the Minutes
of the last Council, we find one item, that of
the Committee on Statistics. The said Com
mittee were to sit in the interim and report
to this Council.
Respectfully submitted:
J. W. KLIHK, Committee.
Brothor J. W. Klise read the following Obit
uaron the donth of Brothor Hatfled, to-wlt:
Your Committee, on Obituary, In tho case of
Rev. J. I). Hatfield, would beg leave to Hub
mitthe following preamble and resolutions:
Whkkkasj, It has pleased the All-wisotiod
our heavenly Father, to remove from our
midst our esteemed friend and brother, the
Rov. J. D. Hattlcld, and translated him
from tho labors of the church on earth, to
the enjoyment of tho church in Heaven;
therefore, .
Retained, Thwt in the death of Bro. Hatfield,
tho Church has lost an intelligent and effi
cient workman, the causa of Christian Union
a 11 nn and consistent advocate, and his
brother ministers tho kindly sympathies of a
ehristlau brothor.
Retolred, That wo will cherish tho memory
of the departed, keeping in mind the virtues
which he practiced, and hoping when tho
storms of life are over, to meet again in a
world that Is free from pain.
Retolred, That wo offer our hearty condo
lence to the bereaved wife and children of the
deceased, praying that the God of all graro
may sauctify this affection to their immortal
Retolred, That these resolutions be printed
In Tub Christian Witnf.bs aud Clermont
Thereupon, Brothers Durant and Hagans
offered the following Resolution, which was
adopted, to-wlt:
Retolred, Thnt tho Obituary for Rov. J. D.
Hatfield, prepared and rend by Brother Klise,
be adopted by a rising vote, and the same be
spread upon the Record of the Council.
Brother Duckworth then read tho follow
ing Obituary on the death of Bro. Daniel
Kollor, to-wit:
Your Commlttoe on Obituary, In the case of
Daniel Keller, beg leave to submit the fol
lowing Report, to-wit:
Whkrkas, It has pleased Almighty God to
remove from our midst, our worthy brother
and companion in labor. Rov. Daniel Keller,
and give him a homo with the blessed, where
sorrow is tin known; therefore, while humbly
and submissively bowing to the will of our
Heavenly Father, knowing that lie doctli
nil things well,
Retolred, That in tho death of Bro. Keller,
the Christian Union has lost a faithful and
efficient laborer In tho Master's vineyard.
Resolved, Thnt while we deeply mourn and
lnniont his loss, we will endeavor to imitate
his bright example, and cherish in our mom
ory his many words of encouragement and
Retained, That we deeply sympathize with
his bereaved mother and friends, ' and pray
that God's grace may sustain thorn in this
deep affliction.
Retolred, That this obituary ' be printed In
Thereupon, Bros. Hoskinsand Cunningham
offored the following Resolution, which was
adopted, to-wlt:
Retolred, That the Obituary, prepared and
read by Itro. Duckworth, on the death of Bro.
Daniel Keller, be adopted by a rising vote,
and that the same be spread upon the Record
of the Council.
Report of Committee on Bible Cause.
The Committee on Bible Cause .submitted
the following Report, which was adopted: -We,
your Committee on Bible Cause, submit
the following Report, to-wit:
Whereas, The Bible is the word of God, and
a knowledge thereof essential to life and
salvation, we earnestly recommend it to
all, as the only and sufficient rule of faith
and practice and the bond and basis of un
ion, upon which the various divisions of
Christ's Church can honorably and seriptu
rally unite and become one in Chrlstt. Hop
ing that tho light from its divine pages may
shine Into tho hearts and minds of God's
people everywhere, and that they may,
thereby, be Induced, speedily, to forsake
their divisions, and unite together in ono
fold, under Christ, the Good Shepherd, is
the prayer of your Committee.
SHUAH MANN, rCom'tet,
After benediction the Council took a recess
until to-morrow morning, (Frldny,Scptember
th,)at 8 o'clock.
FRIDAY, SEPT, 6.—8 o'clock A. M.
The Council met and was opened by
Brothor Ely, by singing a portion of Scrip
ture, and by reading and prayer.
The minutes of yesterday's proceedings
were then read aud approved.
Report of Committee on Sabbath Schools.
The Committee on Sabbath Schools made the
following report was adopted, to-wlt:
We, your Conim ittce on Sabbath School Cause,
beg leave to make the following report: -Whkukas,
We believe the Hubbath School
cause, to ne a nursery or tne inurcn, anu
deem it the imperative duty of all Ministers
and Pastors, as well as the lay-menibors of
the Church, to labor earnestly In this direc
tion, so that the youth of our laud may re
ceive proper instruction In the doctrines of
Christianity, that their hearts, while in
youth, may be enlistod In the cause of reli
gion, that they may grow up useful and
emcienc niomoors of t
the Church of Christ;
Retolred. That to this end wo recommend
that great care be used In tho selection of such
books and papers, of a religious character, as
are best calculated to advance tho Interests of
society, aud build up the cuuso of Christ In
. E.f:h6n, Oommmt.
The Committee on the State and Wishes of
the Churches, made the following report,
which was adopted, to-wlt:
Report of Committee on the State and
Wishes of the Churches.
The Commmlttee on tbe State and Wishes
of the "Churches submit their roport as fol
lows: Wo believe it to be the earnest desire of our
fieoplo, in at mrougn tne instrumentality or
his great Christian Union Reformation, a
deeper work of grace than ever heretofore
known or experienced, maybe vouchsafed
to all our people, and all christian people
everywhere, and that a great Ingathering
into the churchos may speedily como.
Therefore, wo recommend that all onr min
isters be more zoalous and diligent
In the performance of their minis
terial duties, especially In visiting the
members of their rtpotlv eourclwsj, and
and that they may so conduct themselves,
that the world may know of a truth, that
tbev are the followers of Christ indeed. W e
further recommend that our ministers ex
tend the right hand of fellowship to all
christian people everywhere, who accent of
the Bible as the foundation of their faith
and pjactiee.
a it ri if uivvr 1
Report of Committee on Educational
The Committee on Educational Interest
made the following report which was adopted,
to-wit :
Your Committeeon Educational Interest sub
mit the following report:
Believing that Christian education is essen
tial to the cause of Christ and the good of
society, and having no information of the
existence of auy institution of learning con
ducted in the especial interest of Christian
Union among us we therefore recommend the
establishment of a first-class collegers soon
as practicable, In the interest of Christian
Union, and until the establishment of such
an institution, we recommend that our peo
Cle patronize such Institutions as they deem
P. P. WOLF. 1
Brother J. B. Clover then read the following
obituary on the death of Brothor Nelson
Cloud, to-wit:
Whkkxas. God, in bis Providence, has seen
fit to cull from our midst, to His home in
heaven, onr beloved Brother, Elder Nelson
Cloud, of Centerville church, Fairfield coun
ty, Ohio; therefore,
Resolved, That we have lost a valuable and
an esteemed Brother, a fuitlu'ul servant and
co-laborer in the cause of Christ, and tho
community a worthy citizen.
Retolred, That we tender our heartfelt sym
pathy to the bereaved family iu this their
great affliction, praying that God niiiv keep
them by His power, and finally bring lis all to
Join our Brotiier in tho luud of peuce.
On motion of Brothers Kolloy and Ryerson
the paper, read by Brother Clovor, as nn obit
uary on tho death of Brother Cloud, was
adopted by a rising vote, and tho snmo was
ordered to bo spread on tho Record of tho
' The Council, after benediction, then took a
recess until lj; o'clock p. u.
Hi o'clock r. it.
The Council met and was opened in the
usual manner, by Brother Wamsley.
On motion the Council then proceeded to se
lect tho place at which the next State Council
should be held.
The following places were suggested, to
wit: New Salem and Hoglnnd's Crossing.
The Council then proceeded to voto by bal
lot, on the places named; and the voto, on be
ing counted out, resulted in tho choice of Now
Salem, Franklin County, Ohio, as tho next
place of mooting.
On motion of Brothers Uoskins aud Luke,
the first Wednesday of September, A. D. 1873,
at o'clock P. M., was appointed for the
meeting of the Council.
The Committee on Statistics mado their re
port. The same was read, uud, on motion,
referred back to the Committee, with instruc
tions to report nt tho next meeting of the
On motion of Brothers Hosklns and Cun
ningham, tho following resolution was adopt
ed, to-wit:
Retolmed, Thnt a Committee of Three be ap
pointed to report to this Council the post
olllcn address, a firs thainme can ba ob
tained, of every Minister of the Christian
Union of Ohio.
Thereupon, tho Moderator appointed the
following Committeo, to-wit:
G. W. nagans, H. J. Duckworth and 1. P.
Report of Committee on Pulpit Services.
The Committee on Pulpit Sorvlces mnde tho
following roport, which was adopted, to-wit:
There will be preaching this evening, nt7fi
o'clock, by Brother A. T. Cunningham, fol
lowed by Brother 3. It. Clover; on Saturday,
Sopt. 7th, at 8 o'clock P. M., bv Brother
Fluck, and in the evening at ly, o'clock, by
J. Nichols, followed by O. W. Hagans; Hub
bath morning services in tho Grove, ut 9 A.
M., to be conducted by Brother G. W. Ha
cans; preaching atll A. M. bv Brother J.
W. Klise, to be followed by the Sacrament,
conducted by Brother. I. W. Durant; preach
ingat t P. M. by Brother H. J. Duckworth;
and preaching in the evening, at7J o'clock,
at the Church, by Brother jT B. Clovor, and
at same hour, by Brother J. V. B. Flack, at
School House.
3. W. DURANT, Pastor.
A. D. U08H, )
JACOB 8I1KKT8, Elder.
3. LOWE,
On motion of Brother Hagnns, brothors
Leist and Chroninger had leave of absence.
The Committee on Publishing Interest sub
mitted their report, which was read, and
laid on the table,
The Council, after benediction, then took a
recess until to-morrow morning at 8 o'clock.
SATURDAY, SEPT. 7.—8 o'clock, A. M.
Tho Council convened and was opened by
the Modorator, by reading a portion of Scrip
turc, aud by singing and prayer.
The minutes of tho preceding day were
then read and approved.
Report of Committee on Publishing Interest.
On motion, the report of the Committee on
Publishing Intorest was taken from the ta
ble, and re-committed to said Committee for
further consideration.
Thereupon the Committee on Publishing
Interest submitted the following report, to
wlt: The Commlttoe on Publishing Interest re
spectfully submit the following report:
We recommend the following plan to con
tinue tbe publication of the Witners:
1. Retolred, That wo raise a fund of $1050 by
securing 105 donors at $10 each.
8. Retolred, That - bo ap
pointed Treasurer of said fund of $1050, and of
all. other moneys from all other sources,
which may como into his hands, as snld Trea
surer, he to give ample security for their safo
keenlnit and proper disbursement, and ren
der an accurate account of the same, to the
State Council of Ohio, and also to the General
Council, accompanied with the vouchors for
an monoys paiu out, at their next sessions.
8. We recommend the acceptance of the
written nronosal of J. W. liouen fur the null.
Ikation of the W itness, of which the follow
ing is a copy, to-wit:
" lit. I oronose to take the subscrintlon Hut
"of Tbb Chkihti an Witnksh as it now
" stands on the books and till the unexpired
' subscriptions.
" id. fwill print and mall the paper regu
'Marly each week to all subscribers, sruaran-
" teeing that there shall bo no failure In the
" issue of the paper, and I will f'ullbl'iilly do
" every description of printing ami binding
"that may be required by tho Christian I'n
" ion people, at the lowest living rates; and
" will commence tho performance of the
" aforesaid work at tho earliest uosslblo con.
" venience.
" 3d. I also asrree to enlarge Tni Witnxhs
" to a thirty-two column paper; publish it
" for W per year, or In clubs of SO at 11.79, or
" In clubs of 40 and upwards at 11.60 per
" year: parties who soliuit subscriptions
" for It to receive the namir free for evurv
"list of 10 subscribers procured at the above
" rates.
"4tt. I will agreo to take such printing
11 material belonging to what is known as the
" 'Given Establishment, ' as I can make use
of in my Printing House, if the same can
" be Dror.llmrl nn fltfiif'Ar.tnt'ir ti.rnm! lirnvl-
" dud the Christian Union people raise $700
" as soon as convenient to be paid mo for tho
" purpose of meeting the expense of filling
' the unexpired sulmcrlptlonB now existing
" airBinst Tub Witnksh, If that amount
" should be required, but, if not, I shall re.
" fund the balance within one year.
"6th. I air roe to make satisfactory arraniro.
" monta with the Editor of the, paper for his
t expejuus and, services; said Editor t ba
" elected bv the General Council, or as may
" be desired by tho Christian Un ion people
' 3. W Bowkn.
McArthur, Ohio.)
6pi.6,itra." I j
4. Raid Treasurer shall publish !j monthly
account, of all moneys received and paid out,
in The WiTNKss. fci
5. Retolred, That onr proceed hi gs herein
are In no way designed to wit nirow THB
Witness from the control of tho General
Union. ... ' '
All of which is respectfully submitted:
R. F, WAMBLE i. Com'tee.
3. W. KLISE. h :
On motion, the report of tho Committee
was adopted by a rising vote. '
After the adjournment of the Council, Mr.
Bowon directed the addition of another prop
osition, to-wit:
"Of A. I will publish weekly a? list of all
" subscriptions receivod and tho, amount or
" money accompanying each name. "J
On Motion, the Council proceeded to select
a Treasurer to nil the blank in the above re
port of the Committee on Publishing Interest,
and thereupon, Brother A. D. 1'ose was se
lected as inld Treasurer. ,
..On motion-of tbe KT.V'H'winiC,
resolution' wus adopted, to-wit":
Retolred, That a Committoe of Three be ap
pointed by this Council to contract with
Brother J. W. Bowen for the publication of
Thk Christian Witness, In compliance with
his written propositions to this Couscil, and
to receive from him such obligation and guar
antee for the faithful performance o his said
agreement, as may be necessary ; said Com
mittee to be limited in said contract with him
to a term of not exceeding ten years.)
On motion of the Recorder the Couloll then
proceeded to vote by bullot for said Commit
tee, and on counting out tho ballots, khe fol
lowing brethren were selected as said Com
mittee, to-wlt: VlfirllE. Shaw, P. f. Wolf
and J. B. Clover.
Brothers Maxon aud Ryerson offeied the
following resolution, which was adopted,
Retolred, That the thanks of this
be tendered to the citizens of WillialnHiiort
for tho very cordial welcome extended to
tho members of this Council during its sWwIon,
to tlie members of tho several churruos at
Willinmsport for their brotherly and thris
tinu kindnoss, and to the brethren and
friends, but especially their wives and dtmrb
tors, for their generous hospitality ant lib
eral entertainment; and that it is the praierof
this Council, that we may all be permitted to
renew the acquaintance so pleasantly bgun,
in that glorious and hnppy Innd, the chris
tian pilgrim's future home, where Coubclls
never end.
Brother Flack offered tho following pream
ble and resolution, which was adopted! to
wit: Whereas, There can be no permanent Tn
ion so long as controversy is tolerated In
the church, either in the pulpitor public re
ligious Journals; therefore, be It
Resolved, Thnt the Council urge it as an
absolute necessity, that The Christian Wit
NKsh, when published, contain no personal
insinuations, nor any matter calculated ifts
its nature to reflect upon any of our brethren
unfavorably. , j
Brothers Klise and Duckworth offered this
following resolution, which was laid on thp
table, to-wlt: f
Resolved, That it is recommended by this
body, that the District Councils be discontinl
ued, and that chnrgo Councils bo organized
On motion, the following resolution wa
adopted, to-wlt:
Retolred, That said committee of three, to
wit: Virgil E. Shaw, P. P. Wolf and J, B.
Clover are directed to enter into said contract
with said J. W. Bowen, as soon as said sum
of seven hundred dollars is collected and
placed fu the hands of Brother A.D.Rose,
On motion, it was
Retolred, That all our ministers be, tnd they
are hereby appointed, a committeo to raise
suld sum of 1050 dollars within tho next 80
days, or as soon thereafter as possible, and
they ure hereby Instructed to forward the
monoy to Brother A. I). Rose, Treasurer, at
Williamsport, Pickaway county, Ohio, as fast
as collected. -
The Council took a recess after benediction,
until lj; o'clock r. u.
IX o'clock, P.M.
The Council convened, and was opened by
Brotiier Ryerson, by readlug a portion of
8crlpture, and by singing and prayer.
Brothors Wolf and Durant then offered the
following resolution, to-wlt: 1
Retolred, Thnt It is the desire of this Council,
that politics and political articlssbe hereafter
excluded from the columns of the Witness.
Which was adopted. 1
Tho Committoe ou Publish hi g Minutes
made tho following Roport, whlck was adopt
ed: Wo recommend that tho Minutes of this
Council bo printed in pamphlet form; also,
thnt the same bo printed in The Witness.
Respectfully submitted: ,
3. W. DURANT, 1
VIRGIL E. SIlXw.l 7m
Thereupon, the following Brethren mado
the following contributions for tho publica
tion of tho Minutes In pamphlet form, each
contributor to receive Pamphleta in propor
tion to tho amount, by him, contributed, to
wit: Virgil E. 8haw $1 00
A.M. VanTassel , 60
James Dunlap g
Sliuuli Mann so
Z. Stevens J5
William Froeinan , jw
P.C. King ; j.
G. Stoner 60
M. Dunlap. . . 1 00
J. M. Ferneau 1 00
I). Conn gg
Thomas Beavers to
G. W. Hagans 1 00
G. S. 8tevenson 60
J. W. Hosklns 60
P. P. Wolf 78
H. S, Dunn Ss
J. B. Clovor 60
II, J. Duckworth ss
J. M. Lamp no
W. P. Maxon so
Levi Ely X5
A. T. Cunningham gs
Ellen Dunlap I , 1 00
R.F. Wamsley , so
Joseph Nichols 60
William Garrett. 25
G. W. Rlcardg Sits
Jacob Sheets 50
J. Lowe AO
J, P. Frieszell 60
1 nomas jr. nose 60
Report of Committee on Fraternal Relations.
The Committee on Fraternal Relations sub
mitted tho following report, which was
adopted, to-wlt:
Whereas, There Is anovldentand Increasing
' dusiroon the part of ProtestantChrlsteudoui,
as seen from the indications of the loading
Ministers and religious Journals, for a gospel
union of the members of the "Church of
Christ." and
Whereas, The primo object and distinctive
feature 01 mo (.nrisiiun union movement
consists in tho bringing Into one "all the
members of the body of Christ," and the
creation of fruturual relations between all
who believe ou the Lord Jesus to the saving
of the soul, therefore,
1. Resolved. That wo extend the hand nf
fellowship to ono and all who show "by their
fruits" that they "have passed from death
unto life."
a. hetolttd. That we extend our warmest
and most sincere congratulations to the
Churchos of Christ associated In the Christian
Union throughout the States, uravlnc (1.1 ta
shield and protect, one and all, from the
"evils of tho world," and make them efficient
moans for the salvation of sinnors.
8. Retolned. That wo thank tbs Chrlatlun
Union of Missouri for their kind and special
. .. . . I -i. i r AnMUauJ i. Vi a
iiimjito. iu vu. miimij ma oiiv..wi vj Alder
J. V. B. Flaok, their fraternal messenger, and
hall the good Brother with earnest esteem
aud proper appreciation of his faithful labors
in behalf of the General Union, also Instruct
ing Brother Flock to convey our fraternal ra.
gards to tho Christian Union of Missouri,
4. Retolred, 'I'll at we invite the Christian '
Union of the different States to send frnturnl
messengers for each State Council established
In tho interest of this movement to our next
State Council. . .
Christians, who tvveof Christ prompu then
to steps toward a general nulon of the people
of God, to freely ox press to us thoir wislies on
this great subjoct, assuring them that the
same shall receive respectful consideration.
6. Besotted, That wo stand ready to evince
perfect unity with all who take "Christ for
their Head'' "The Bible for their only
Creed," ami "good fruits the only condition
of fellowship."
All of which Is respectfully submitted.
M. DUNLAP. ' )Conmtttee.
3. W. KLISE, J
Report of Committee on Post-office Addresses.
The Commlttoo on Post Offlce Addresses of
the Ministers of the Christian Union of Ohio,
made the following Report, which was adopt
ed, to-wit: .
We, your Committeo on Post Offlce Address
es of the M inisters of the Ohio Union, sub
mit the following Roport, to-wlt:
W. P. Maxon, Commercial Point, Pickaway
County, Ohio.
P.-rVJr.olf' Marshall. Hlghlnnd County, Ohio.
U. W. Hagans, Liberty Center, Henry County,
II. J. Duckworth, Hilllard, Franklin County,
Ohio. . . . . , .
J. W. Hosklns, Richwood, Union County, O.
John lams, Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio. -S.
Frankmther, Nnpoleon, Henrr County, O.
IMI. Hoblcn, Fludlnv, Jlnncoek' Cmiuty,.fi..
J. A. Trout, Idaho, Pike County, Ohio.
R. Gates, Bellpolnl, Delaware County, Ohio.
R.F.WainBley, Marshall, Highland County,
Ohio. ,
Uriah Mllburn, North Union Town, Hlghlond
J. M. Lamp, Jackson Town, Licking County,
R. W. Grahnin, Portorvlllo, Perry, County, O.
A- T. Cunningham, Hilisboro, Highland
County, Ohio.
H. 8. Dunn, Alton, Franklin County, Ohio.
R. A. M. Johnson, Mt. Olive, Clermont County
Ohio. '
J. Vandcrmnn, Five-Mile, Brown County, O.
J. Dunsford. " u ' u
J. Butler, West Woodvillo, Clcrmout County,
Ohio. "
E. Barker, Green Bush, Brown CoAnty, Ohio.
A. Brooks, " u u
W.H. Robinson, Brownsville, Brown Coun
ty, Ohio.
Q. Luke, West Ilaydcn, Franklin County, O.
Levi Ely, Gorhani, Fulton County, Ohio.
G. 8. Stevenson, Centerville, Delaware Coun
tv, Ohio.
J. W. Kllso, Groveport, Franklin County, O.
B-Cl.ovurt,L,,ntor, Fairfield County, O.
'.(;,k,J?) Hillmrd, Franklin Countv, Ohio.
W. li. B. Kellcv, Groveport, " "
J. W. Duraut, Woatervllle, " " "
Thos. Beavers, Harrisburg, " "
E. F. Rverson, South Blooiufleld, Pickaway
Countv, Ohio. '
J. B. LHiigstuff, Locust Ridge, Brown Coun
ty, Ohio.
P. a Underwood, Llnvlllo, Licking County,
Joseph Nichols, Frankfort, Ross Countv, O.
J esse Wnmsley, Wamsley P. O., Adams Coun
ty, Ohio. '
C. A. Bruce, Jaspor, Pike County, Ohio.
Vi!00."!' P'kotou, Pike County, Ohio.
. , ' Jt".1!1' 'ftckson, Jackson Countv, Ohio.
7,111 l'1,'1! MoArthur, Vinton County, Ohio.
G. W. I'llchur, " it
D. Y. Benjamin, Vinton Station, Vinton
County, Ohio.
A. Rcdfern, Allensville, Vinton County, Ohio.
E. Redte, S. Bloomingvllle, Hocking Co.,0.
W. W. Lacy, Kirby, Wyandott Countv, Ohio.
T. N zer, Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio.
U. W. Boaty, West Jefferson, Franklin Co., O.
- Warner, Columbus, " "
E. W. Bcoflold, u ' u u u
D. Handlev, '
Israel Dillon, Now Gilford, Coshocton,
Amba Welsh, Black Lick, Licking County, O.
Martin Welsh, Ovid P.O., - "
TJ1,?!!" K'inp! J'innnrds Mills, Monroe Co.,0.
William addle, u u ' u
Joseph Anthony, Athens, Athens County, O.
Emanuel Leach, Allensvlllo, Vinton Co., 0.
. M,lrl)hv' Boyd 's Mills, Coshocton, Co., O.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
P. P. WOLF, t Committee.
Brothers Clover and Ryerson offered, tho
foliowlug resolution which was adopted, to
wlt: Retolred, That the thanks of tho Council
are hereby tendered to the Moderator and Re
corder for the efllclont, Impartial, and satis
factory manner in which thoy have, as offi
cers of the Council, discharged their respec
tive duties, and for their kind, courteous, and
slon l'oportl"0"t ""ring the entire se-
On motion, tho following Fraternal Mes
sengers wero appointed to the respective
State Unions of tho Christian Union, to-wit:
Rev. H. J. Duckworth to
Rev. G. W. to
Rev. P. P. to
Rev. J. W. Durant, to Missouri;
Rev. J. W. Hoskins, to Arkansas.
Esoh of tho above Messengers, in case of
Inability to attend, aro empoworcd to ap
point an alternate, If he deem it necessary.
Oa motion of Brothers Durant and Warai
loy, tho following resolution was adopted by
a rising vote, to-wlt:
Retolred, Tha ttho thanks of this body be and
they re hereby tondorcd to the Christiau
Brethren for the use of their, church edifice
for tho sittings of this Council; and may God,
our Heavenly Father, bless and prosper them
as a church, and as individual members, and
may they, ono and all, be mado partakers of
tho richer blessings of the life to come.
There being no further business, and the
time for bringing tho seission to a close hav
ing arrived, (the concluding hymn was sung,
the brethren greeting oach other, incanwhilo,
with the parting hand, with tearful eyes, and
hearty peace he with you), the Council, after
benediction, adjourned to meet at New Sa
lem, Franklin county, Ohio, on tho first
Wednesday of September, A. D. 1878, at S
o'clock, p. it.
VIRGIL E. SHAW, Recorder.
I. The Oneness of tho Church of Christ.
II. Christ our only Head.
HI. The Bible our only rule of faith and
IV. "Good fruits" the only condition of
V. Christian Union without controversy.
VI. Each local Church independent In
violably, VII. Political preaching not allowed.
VII f. The Gospel of Christ only to be
1U lim uruvmuiivv Ul vjimt, ,m iiidvivi ruv-
ruary, lfftt, a Convention of Christian people,
of various denomiuations. was held In tho
Y. .... , - F A! -.1 An ll,.l A Vk
City of Columbus, Ohio. The object of this
Convention was to inquire what steps should
bo taken In order to provide for tue religious
wants of large portien of the people, to
whom the accluslastical organizations of the
day hod rendered themselves unprofitable.
This consultation resulted In tho eonvir.tion
that It had become proper and nocessary for
thosu who desired a mire snanel and a free
Christian life, to unite toftcthor for tho pur
pose of a common worship."
1 no men who compose! inisuonvenuon, i-
. 1. i. i . J -- ,
mark able nnauimity (that seemed to them
providential,) were lod to regard the various
sectarian organizations of the day as directly
In the way of the unity of Christ's church
and poonle of tho successful anread of the
Gnpid. and of the conversion of the world.
Th division nf Christ's church and people
Into contnndlnir sects, controverting with
each other in the spirit of worldly bitterness,
about non-essentials, engendering hatred aul
strife, do not exemplify the doctrine oH "See
how christians love one anuthor (" but show
to the unliolievluB! and deriding world how
Christians can kai each otlion
That the church Is one. there ean be no con
troversy, and Unit Christ's people should be
on, and Hot divided, is equally beyond dls- '
put. .The doctrine of Christian unity is nn.
aosnrerably apparent from the following
scriptures, (and many others that might be
quoted,) to-wit:
" I am the vine, ye are the branches; "
" There shall bo one fold and one Shepherd ;"
"Noithor pray I for these ulono.but for
them also who shall believe in me through
their word; that they all may lie oue : as thou,
Father, art in me, and I in Thee, that thoy
also may be one in us; that tbe world may
believe that Thou hast sent me;"
" And tha glory which Thou gavest me, I
have given them, that thoy may be one, even
as we are one; I in them and thou in me, thnt
they may be mado perfect In one; and that
the world may know that Thou bast sent me,
aud hast loved tliein as Thou bast loved me.''
From these and similar passages of Scrip
ture it seemed very clear to them that Christ's
church is one, and that the Savior designed
that hit people should be one.
And it appeared to them equally cloar that
the principal reason why Christ's Church and
f eople are not on, not united, is to be found in
he various sectarian churches lording it over
God's heritage, and which have created dM
ttont. and hatred, and strife among Christ's
people, thereby destroying the oneness of His
church and people, whoreCy the world Aas not
belined that lie was sent of the Father.
Therefore, believing that the most effectual
way to bring about the unity of Christ's
church and people is to discurd all human
creeds and secturiun divisions, and unite on
the Bible as the only Bond of Union, they
adopted and subscribed the following
"naving a desire for more perfoct fellow
ship in Christ, and a more satisfactory enjoy
ment of the means of religious edification and
comfort, we do solemn) form ourselves Into a
religious society, under tho style of Thi
Christian Uhion, in which wo avow our
true and hearty faith in the received Scrip
tures of the Old and New Testaments as the
Word of God, and the only and sufficient rule
of faith and practice, and pledge ourselves,
'through Christ, who strengtheuoth us,' to
'keep and observo nil things whatsoever He
hath commanded us.' "
Churches then began to be formed in differ
ent parts of the State on the same "Basis of
Union :' and now, by the blessings of Divine
Providence, this great reformation of preach
ings pure Gospel, and of uniting God's people
In ono fold, under one shephard, has enlarged
and spread, until "The Christian Union," has
become a power for good in the State, aud now
numbers its people by thousands.
This movement has not been confmcd to
Ohio alono, but tbe States of Indiana, Illinois,
Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas have organized
State Unions of tho Christian Union also, ami
the movement is progressing into other States,
and is doubtless destined, ere loug, to em
brace the whole laud for If God be lor it, who
can be aguiust itf
The time has now come that divisions must
cease, for Christ is not divided, and ull that is
necessary to gatpel union is that the various
sects abandon their creeds, and adopt the Bi
ble us the rule and guide of faith and practice,
and the work is accomplished.
Creeds and sects aro anti-Christ.
The right of private Judgement cannot bo
lnwlully taken away by human creeds, and it
is tho duty of every man to search the Scrip
tures and judge for himself, according to the
measure of the Spirit given unto him.
It is, therefore, tho imperative duty of all
Christians not to stand in the way of, but to
work diligently aud earnestly for, the unity
of Christ's hurch and people, on the Bible,
the only and all-sufficient rule And nuiH nf
faith am practice, and the only creed upon
niiK.u an in nab nun taut unite, uecuuse it 18
tho Word of God.
To Our Ministerial Brethren.-
You are each appointed by the Council spe
cial agonts to get up the fund of $1050, recom
mended In the report of the Committee on
Publishing Interest. Whon thnt fuud is raieed
The Witness will be forthcoming. It is,
therefore, now with you, and our brethren, as
to how long TnE Witness shall be delayed In
its publication. Brother Bowen, who has a
power press and a largo printing house, and
is a practical printer, is ready to give ample
guarantees for the fulfillment of his proposi
tions set forth as above in the Minutes. Now,
brethren, one and all, the wholo matter of tho
resumption of The Witness rests with you,
and you only. If there bo any delay in its
publication, it will be your fault. Como, then,
aud show your faith by your works! and your
homes will be cheered once more by the wel
come visits of The Christian Witness I
That all communications for Tub Chris
tian Witness are hereby directed to be sent
to the undersigned, at Huinosvillo, Clinton
County, Missouri.
How to Go West.
This is an enquiry which every
one should have truthfully answer-
od tcfore he starts on his journey,
ana a nttio care taken in examina
uon oi itoutes will in mnny casos
save much trouble, timoand money.
The "I. B: & W. Route," running
trora Indianapolis through bloom
incto to Burlington, has achieved a
splendid reputation in tho last two
years a the leading Passenger
Route to the West. At Burlington
it connects with the great Burling
ton Route which runs direct thro'
Southern Iowa to Nebraska and
Kaimrs, with close connections to
California and the Territories; and
passengers starting from Vinton
County, on their way westward,
can not do better than to take the
I. B. & W. and Burlington Route.
This line has published a pamph
let entitled "now to go West,"
which contains much valuable infor
mation; a largo correct map of tho
Great West, which can be obtained
free of chargo by addressing the
General Passonger Agon B. & M..R
R , Burlington, Iowa.
Are You Going West?
If so, take our advice, and purchase your tick
ets over the old reliable and popular lllsourl
PaciOo Railroad' which Is, positively, the only
Line that runs three Dally Express Trains from
8 1. Louis to Kansas City, and the West 1 and is
positively, the only Line which runs Pullman's
ralsco Hlnennrs miH Dav nnnrlina rramAnliillw
for movers) equipped with Miller's Safety Plat
form and the patent Steam Brake, from St. Louis
to Kansas Cltv. Fort Soott. Pmn Ijtwrsnna
Leavenworth. Atchison, St. Joseph, N'lmwkn,
City Council hluflsand Omaha, without change!
For information In regard to Thn Tahlna ru
so., 10 any poinnnm Hsouri. Kansas. Nebraska.
Colombo, TexasorOalllfornia, call on orsddress
s. H. Thomson. A irent Missouri Pacific R.R. Ool.
unibus. Ohio i or, E. A. Ford, General Passenger
H,,ci,o,. ijuuia, mo
no trouble to answer questions I
The Tide of Emigration
Turned !
Seekers for new homes are nourlmr Into South.
west Missouri, attracted bv 1
est Missouri, attracted bv the nluom umli nf
the ATL
u,o A i iiANiitarautit; UAiivKOADCoM-
This Com nan v offers l.tno.nm Arh nf h
finest lands In the world, at from t'i to IIS uer
twh .hub, nnu wiin iree trans
portation to all purchasers.
This Road, nkvkh nin-irnirn mv
SNOW, la destined to become the national high-
y uwra now iora ami oau rrancisco;
d to the Industrious farmers of older Btntua
we earnestly recommend this land of cheap
homes, sure that nowhere can the poor man
llnd a more grateful climate, better soil, or
greater productiveness.
Kor full information, with Maps and Pam
phlets, address A MUM Till K. Land .Commit.
slouor, So South iourtu Street, St. Louis, Mo. I
A Deep Well.
At about twenty miles from
Berlin is situated the village of
bperenberg, noted for. the deep
est well that has ever been sunk.
Owing to the presence of gypsum
the locality, which is at a
moderate distance from the cap
ital, it occurred to the govern
ment authorities in charce of
the mines to obtain a supply of
rock salt, with this end m
view the sinking of a shaft or
well 16 feet in diameter was
commenced some five years ago,
and at a depth of 280 feet the
salt was reached. 'The boring
was contiuued to a further depth
ot VW leet, the diameter of this
bore being reduced to about 13
inches. The operations were sub
sequently prosecuted by the aid
ot steam until a depth of 4,194
feet was attained. At this point
the boring was discontinued, the
borer or bit being still in the salt
deposit, which thus; exhibits the
enormous thickness ;of 3,907
feet. The borins would have
been continued in order to dis
cover what description of deposit
lay under the salt, but for the
mechanical difficulties connected
with the further prosecution of
the operations.' During the pro
gress of this interesting work re
peated and careful observations
were made of the temperature at
various depths. The results con
firm very closely those which
have been already arrived at un
der similar circumstances.
Ten Commandments of the
1. Secure, if possible, a vigor
ous constitution.
2. Eat a good supply of the
best food.
3. Take a proper amount of
physical exercise daily.
4. Use pure water to drink.
5. Secure abundance of pure
air for the lungs.
6. Take eight hours of good
sleep out of every twenty-four.
7. Observe cleanliness.
8. Observe regularity in all
your habits.
9. Take wise but not -excessive
10. Work at some useful and
congenial employment
There are two things we
have respect for in this world,
integrity and brains. The brains
and integrity of the late Repub
lican party have gone over to
the Liberal nartv. Here are
some of the men with heads,
consciences and hearts, who are
with us to-day. Sumner, Gree
ley, Trumbull, Chase, Schurz,
Davis, Clay, Gratz Brown, Gros
venor, Blair, Theodore Tilton,
Whitelaw Reid and Horace
The total yield of the new
hop crop in the United States is
now estimated at 14,000,000
pounds, or about 70,000 bales.
The yield in Wisconsin is twice
what it was last season. The
total supply in this country,
however, is less than it was last
The people of the United
States last year smoked 1,352,
216,000 cigars, at a cost of
$135,224,000. Including snuff,
cnewing tobacco, etc., the ex
penditure was $250,000,000. Du
ring that time we paid $200,
000,000 for flour. . '
An East Saginaw pastor
declined an addition of $200 to
his salary on the ground that it
is more than he wants to do to
collect the salary that he already
At a recent funeral in
Georgetown, California, a man
fainted and tumbled headlong
into the open grave, dying in a
few minutes after getting out. ;
Bad cooking on the part of
the wife is held by, a .Texas
judge to be 1 good ground for
divorce..' , "
The New Jersey cranberry
crop this fall, it is believed, will
not be more than half as large
as was expected. -'
God is everywhere.

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