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The Enquirer.
OFFICE-In Second Story ' . Bw"'5.
Building, North side of Mala Strwt. Aast of
Court Hume. -
J. W. BOWEN, Editor.
J. W. BOWEN, Editor. McArthur,---November 27, 1872.
Horace Greeley.
" Since Mr. Greeley's .nomina
tion as our candidate for Presi
dent, he has borne our standard
most ably, firmly and nobly
against the battallions of hatred
and tyranny, intrenched behind
the fortresses of official power
and corruption, and massed sol
idly together by the cohesive
ness of public plunder and a
party discipline as rigid and in
flexible as iron. No leader, ever
bore himself better under 'such
difficult and adverse circum
stances. Whatever may have
been thought of him or his nom
ination as an expedient his sup
porters will give him the meed
of unqualified praise as a candi
date. He has proved his capacity
for statesmanship to be oi tne
very first order of intellect and
judgment, which intensifies our
regret that his country has not
availed itself of his eminent fit
ness for its Chief Magistrate.
But history and posterity will do
justice to the name and policy
of Horace Greeley in the late
canvass, while that of Ulysses
Grant will link into condemna
tion and oblivion.
Hon. Horatio Seymour made
a speech a few days before the
recent election, in which he said:
"Fellow-Citizens : In this
election the sharp discussions
about candidates have turned
away the public mind from the
more important questions in
volved in its results. Compared
with these the candidates are
mere incidents of the contest
It involves the formation of
great party, which is hereafter to
direct the affairs of the country
The first great work to be done
is to lay its foundation. In this
more progress has been made
than we had a right to expect."
There will be in London, in
1873 the year of Expositions
and World's Exhibitions-! a
grand Crystal Palace Exposition,
and the United States is asked
by her Majesty's Commissioners
not to forget the fact. They
have sent to this Government
the rules and regulations that
will control it, and which are
substantially those of 1851. The
especial feature of the Exposi
tion of 1873 will be in the full
ness of the Department of the
Arts and Sciences and Araeri-
cans can
if they will, make a
creditable exhibition of the pro
gress of the country in these
The Supreme Court of Ohio
has recently decided, that the
provision in section 7 of the
school law, passed March 14,
1864, that no person shall be
"employed" as a teacher unless
he has first obtained the certifi
cate required by law, does not
render invalid a contract of em
ployment made with the teacher
before he obtains the requisite
certificate, provided he obtains
it before entering upon the du
ties of his employment
The following was the vote in
Seneca County, Ohio, (official,)
at the two elections : ;
General Wiley (October)
Horace Greeley (November)
Captain Wikoff (October)
Grant (November)
Thus, it appears, we lost 300
that number voting in Octo
ber and not turning out in Nov
ember. So it was throughout
the btate. There was no in
crease, but a small diminution,
in the Grant vote.
Bora branches of the Missouri
Legislature are overwhelming
democratic. This Legislature
will punly the State.
The House stands :
Democratic majority ..,
The Senate stands :
Democrat .
Orantite.. ,
. Democratic majority...
The Democratic
joint ballot is 69.
majority on
A veneeable old eentleman in
Farmingham, Mass., has voted
at 15 Presidential elections.
Ihats nothing. There are hun
dreds in Philadelphia who voted
oltener than that at the . las
election. . .
Meeting of State Central Committees
Speeches of Senator Thurman and
Hon. Fred. Hassaurek.
Senator Thurman Seizes the Democratic
Standard and Orders the
Drums to Beat a. Charge.
Hon. Fred. Hassaurek Asserts that the
Liberal Republicans Would Heartily
Co-operate with all people Oppbsed
Co-operate with all people Oppbsed to the Present Administration.
The Democratic and Liberal
Caucus, held at Columbus, on
Friday, November 15th, was the
most satisfactory meeting of the
kind ever held in the State, and
the attendance was large and
composed of the representative
men of the respective organiza
tions. A general expression of
opinion was indulged in, and all
seemed to be pleased with the
result A number of speeches
were made which were received
with the greatest applause. The
speeches of Senator Thurman,
Democrat, and Hon. Fred. Has
saurek, Liberal Republican, were
the speeches of the occasion,
and listened to with marked at
tention, from the fact that they
were considered as the views of
the respective organizations. Af
ter the reading of the address of
the committees, Senator Thur
man said that he had listened
with pleasure to the remarks of
the Chairmen of the two com
mittees. He commended the
cood spirit, calm reason and
sound sense therein manifested.
The election next year in Ohio
would turn upon local rather
than National issues. People
after great public excitement al
ways returned to their private
business. Next year they would
leave National issues in abey
ance and look into their home
affairs. The forthcoming Con
stitutional Convention was now
the absorbing topic. An elec
tion for delegates would prob
ably be held in April, and the
Convention would doubtless as
semble in May. A great number
of questions were about to arise.
The liquor question would enter
into the contest. The ultra
temperance people would de
mand prohibition, while the other
extreme would demand the' ut
most liberty in the liquor traffic.
A return to the old license sys
tem would probably be the best
solution of this, question. The
God-in-the -Constitution people
would be as hard, and the relig
ious question would have to be
fought out. The subject of com
mon schools would arise. The
negro would demand, now that
he holds the balance of power
in Ohio, a thorough social recog
nition. Separate schools for
whites and blacks would be op
posed by them, and a mixing of
the schools would be demanded.
This question would be discussed
by the people by every man oi
true instincts and with true pride
of race. 0,ne of the great issues
would be the proposed amend
ment to the Constitution grant
ing municipal corporations the
right to subscribe and tax them
selves in aid of railroads and
public works. Judge Thurman
opDosed this Bhameful abuse ot
power with great force. 11 suc-
cesslul it would bankrupt the
State and place its people in the
power of. the monopolists. In
addition to this question, that of
minority representation a most
just principle would arise. An
other great point would be that
of providing for the purity of
elections. The Judge proposed,
in this connection, the dividing
of the State into election pre
cincts of only two hundred voters,
so that the votes could be counted
early, and that the Judges would
have personal knowledge of ey
cry elector. . He also proposed
an increase oi residence to forty
or sixty days, as a means of pre
venting pipe-laying.
Judge Thurman argued these
points at great length, notwitb
standing his belief in short ser
mons. He concluded by sol
emnly assuring bis hearers that
General Grant was certain to be
the candidate of the consolidated
capitalists for a third term. They
wanted no other Administration
than the one which he gave
them. They would willingly
elect him for life. No man in
the Republican party could beat
Grant. "Old Appomattox" was
good enough for them. Blaine
and Morton would be powerless
to defeat him in 1870.
lhe following is the address
issued by the Democratic and
Liberal Committees : .
"r"1'6 Demoorate and Liberal Xepubllcaue of
'Hho Presidential oloction is over, and Grant
I re-elected. It is uot our purpose, at thin
time, to speak of the causes of this result. It Is
tlio future that demands your attention; anil a
recurrence to the past ia useful only to ascer
tain the facta and the lossons they teach.
-a vast majority or the Democratio party,
perhaps ninety-live per cent, voted for Greeley.
ji inrga ouuyoi citizens nerotoloroot the nepub
lican organization also voted for him. The ag.
gregate of these votes, as nearlv a. vn r.nn nsti.
mate it, exceeds three millions andaqunrtor.
The nominal popular majority for Grant is
something over half a million. On a voto of
nearly or quite seven millions, a majority of
auuut bbvuu pur cent, ring is tne result as
nearly as we are able, in the absence of oillolal
returns, to state it But this vote does not rep
nwunt with exactness the Bcntiment of tlio
country, it is evident that a large body of elec'
tors stavea away from the polls. Nearly every
one of these men in an opponent of the Adminis
tration, and had they aecn fit to cast their votes
Grunt's popular majority would bo very small,
it, indeed, ft would exist at all.
"The prominent facta of the election may be
unuiiy Biuieu. iMiieiy-nve per cent, or Demo
crats voted for Greelev. Of the remaining lire
pnr cent, acomparatively small number voted
for Grant the greater part of them did not
vote at all. Of the L beral Koniiblicnns who
Joined the party of reform a large majority
sumhi last, wiuie others, despairing or success,
went back to their old associations or stayed at
"Now. leaving1 out of view the venal men who
from corrupt motives deserted the cause and vo
ted for Grant, and who can not be relied unon bv
any party Hint uses none but honorable menus
to further its suocess, it may be safely afUrmed
that the great body of electors who stayed away
from the polls are now, as they liavo been in
times past, opposed to the dominant Radical
party. It is true that they did not by their votes
mnnifoHt their opposition at the late election;
and this fact is groatly to bo regretted; but let
us not rashly cast harsh censures upon them. If
they could overcome their old reclines and nro-
judlces so fur as to vote for a life-long oppo
nent, we may deplore the fact; .but we should
not be so unjust as to place them in the ranks of
our enemies. We have an abiding faith tlut
with time and reflection they will be found, ns
heretofore, actively on our side. The Rudieul
camp is no cum p for tliom; nor is it the part of
wisdom to drawa party tomahawk uwn Demo
crats or Libcr.Hl ltopublicans who, from consci
entious but miBtnkcn motives, saw lit to vote
for Grunt. The circumstances were novel and
peculiar, such as had never before been seen;
and men of the best intentions were liable to
err. Condemn as strongly as you will the base
men who sold their votes, but bo charitable to
your old friends, who, under circumstances of
dilliculty and embarrassment, differed from you
in opluion. Instead of repelling, strive to win
them hack. Free, independent thought is
the very essence of Democracy and true Itopub
liuanism. It created the Democratio party in
the beginning; it has maintained it ever since.
It gave rise to the Liberal Republican clement
of to-day, and to it we must look for accessions
in the future. What is needed, then, is not crim
ination ami recrimination, hut just the oppo
site. "Three and a quarter million of doctors have
protested by their votes against the Radical
misrule under which the country has suffered,
and which threatens to overthrow the very
foundation of free government. The reasons
for their protest are as poteut to-day as when
they cast their votes. By every consideration
of consistency and Just principle these men are
bound to continue to act together. The neces
sity for reform is likely to increase Instead of to
diminish. The advocates of centralization are
likely to become more audacious than ever in
their attack) upon local self-government- The
exactions of combined wealth and the corrupt
use of money in elections are likely to become
established usages, if not speedily rebuked. It
is not time, therefore, for any loverof free insti
tutions, of purity in elections and Government,
and of Just and equal laws, to relax bis efforts.
Nor is it intelligent, or wise, or manly, to de
spair of success. Ho reform party ever gained
its first battle. Consolidated abuses can only
bo overthrown by repeated assaults, Monopoly
and corruption ever die hard, but lu ttie end
they die when a free and virtuous people will
their destruction.
"H'e say then, to every friend of reform, be of
?ood cheer, Ohio is, we believe, the only Ntate
n which the Badical majority of 1868 has been
reduced. A few more struggles, and it will
to exist.
"Chairman Dem. State Central Com.
"Chairman Lib. Rep. State Central Com."
The question arising upon the
adoption of the Address, the
same was adopted unanimously.
Mr. Van lleet moved that the
State Executive Committees of!
the two organizations be in
structed to issue a call for the
two Conventions to meet on the
8th of January next to nominate
a State ticket, and erect a plat
. Mr. McKinney suggested the
22d of February, By that time
the Legislature would have de
termined for the Constitutional
Mr. Daugherty suggested the
27th of January, while Judge
Thurman preferred leaving the
matter to the Executive Com
mittees to decide.
At this juncture Judge Sloane,
of Ottawa, was brought forward
to read the resolutions adopted
by the Liberal Republican cay
cus of that morning, and to be
presented by them to the State
Convention when assembled.
They were enthusiastically received.
WnKKiii. At a consultation of the Liberal Re
uvi;cnns nniu at iOiumuus mis ibui aay oi
ovembsr, ltrrg. U waa considered advisable
that a conso.
iat consolidate
ion of aJJ the elements should
be effected that are in favoi
r of
the load nar
principles I
iriucipies enunciated in me ciucmuatl plat'
form, with such additions as may Ira deemed
necessary hereafter: therefore, be it
ti i .1 mi. . r . t. . . .1 i.n. u
consolidation shall lie effected, we recommend
the existing organisation of the Liberal Kepub
licans of Ohio to be continued, and so extend at
to reach every county, township, and school
distrlut in the state.
Kttoiwa. That we nereoy suggest to the con
slderation of the next Liberal IteoiiblicanHtut
Convention the propriety of adopting, in place
of our present uon-coiumltal uoiithjn on the
question of tariff, a bold declaration in faVor ut
a tarin lor revenue oniy.
Knmtetd. That we recommend to our State
Central Committee so to frame its call for the
unit Htato convention as to Invite all who are
b us In principle, without regard to political
antecedents, and without reirard to which can
didate they voted Uit at the last Presidential
jtMolvfrf. That we also auggvsi uiat rrom and
after our next HtuteConveution our oriranlza.
tion be known as the Liberal Party Instead of
the Liberal Kepiiblloans as at present, and that
we alsoluvite all organizations who have thus
far co-onerated with us to take similar action,
with a r law to a more effective and perfect union
under tha pains pf Liberal. i
KttoUttt, That we are opposed to every
III BITO'lltl lliginmuyu y. Hi vivipf y i j ivi:b,
lieviiig aa we do that tl
ne viiuni riguis p nil
slioiililb the guiding iirliiiilp&ln ail therainldt
cations of Governmental action; and, therefore,
we recommend that In electing iirtioiburs of the
coming Constitutional Convention siiucivl cure
should be takitn to select men who will continue
and strengthen the provision contained In our
present Lousuimion.
Mr. Ashley now took ' the
ifot. He said that ho was op
posed to All the raoQns before
the house relative to th juattev
of State Conventions. A minor
ity party should always be cau
tious. We had better wait uhti
the dominant party had held its
Convention. - Ior his own part
he was never so badly at sea, in
the fog, without a programme.
He had not come here to attend
a funeral,' but a resurrection. It
would be better to wait until
Congress and the State Legisla
ture have adjourned and take
advantage of their blunders. "
Mr. Baber preferred the 22d
of February. Mr. Thurman
thought Hamilton county ought
to have something to say, as she
would decide the destinies of
the Constitutional Convention.
Hon. Fred. Hassaurek being
called oji,f said that the State
Executive" Committees should be
intrusted with the calling of the
State Convention, with instruc
tions to confer with Hamilton
county. They should not call
them in January, and certainly
not before the Legislature had
fixed the time for electing dele
gates to the Constitutional Con
vention. 1 As to the questions of
the future, he, for one, was will
ing to let the Liberal Republican
party dip; whenever the time
came for it to die. When par
ties had filled, their missions,
they should pass away. They
were not prepared to join the
Democratic party. The Demo
cratic' party were not prepared
to join them. 1 They would main
tain their Liberal Republican or
ganization so long as necessary
and co-operate with all other
parties, and with all elements of
opposition to the Administration.
He hoped that some middle
ground would soon be found up
on which all . could unite and
ght the common enemy. It
was only a matter ot etiquette
which compelled them to keep
up two organizations, each hav
ing the same object in view.
Hon. Hugh J. Jewett and
General DurbinWard both spoke
in opposition to haste in the
matter of calling the State Con-
Mr. Jewett moved that all
motions upon the subject be re
ferred to the two Committees,
which was amended by adding
hat' they ' be requested to call
the Convention at as early a day
as possible. Carried unanimously.
After appointing Messrs. Al-
en, of Jefferson, Van Fleet, of
Marion, and Kelly, of Cuyahoga,
a Committee to examine the ac
counts of, the State Central Com
mittee, the meeting adjourned. "
A T4y, Kew York, Radical
paper says that the mission oi
the parjty is to wipe out every
religion but the Protestant.
110 Smithllrld St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Hiugle copy, six mouths... ,. .... 100
TO C'LCBR. . - .
f I nlii of (I ve,aeji. ,,,... ......... $1 75
Oluhinf ten, each 1 60
Clubs of twenty or moro, each ..... 1 its
Dully, by mall.....:. ..... $10 00
Tri-weokly, by mail. 14 B0
Clubs often ,,. 4 00
An extra copy la allowed tho Club Agent
foneyory club of ten or more, atfl 00 each.
Yur elulis dfBwntyor more, al M lift, tho Tri
weekly VIhIii lienler 'ffi'H WOllt toUie get
ter up of tlio club; and for clubs or fifty or
more, at II 26, tlio Daily will be sunt to the.
Club Agent.
Publlsbsrt of the Clovoland Plain Dbalir,
107 Soucca St., Clevaland, Oiilo.
c&j Weiso
' The old and well known firm of Levnon ft
Weiso, of PITTSBURGH, PA., Manufacturers
Cabinet Furniture and Chairs,
Opposite their Old Stand,
Where they continue the business in all Its
branches. nov97-8m
IS the BEST and CUE A PERT Independent
Family Newspaper published. It contains
FOTT-KienT columns of reading matter, la
printed Id the neatest style, on line, white pa.
por, and published at the low price of 11 a
year, and
Receives a Beantltnl Chromo, worth the
money invested, thus receiving a riBBr-CLAll
Weekly Newnpapex
g7Send On Dollar for a year's Sub
scription, and Ten Cent for postage on tha
Ctaromo to tha Star Publiebinr Com
stay, ClndntMUlt O,
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For the relief and
cure of all derange
ments in the stom
ach, liver, and bow
els. Tbeyareamlld
aperient, and an
excellent purgative.
Beina- Durelv vege-
J table, (hey contain
nu uiBruui y vi mine
ral whatever. Much
serious sickness and
suffering Is prevent
ed hv Qielr tlmelr
use; and every family should have them on hand
for tholr protection and relief, when required.
Long experience has proved them to be the saf
est, surest, and best of all the Mlt with- which
the market abounds. By their occasional use,
the blood is purifled, the corruptions of the svs
tern expelled, obstructions removed, and Uie
whole machinery of life restored to Its healthy
activity. Internal organs which become clogged
and sluggish are cleansed by Ayer't Pill; and
stimulated into action. Tims incipient disease
is changed into health, the value of which change,
when reckoned on the vast multitudes who enloy
it, can hardly be computed. Their sugar coating
makes them pleasant to take, and preserves their
virtues unimpaired for any length of time, so
that hey are ever fresh, and perfectly reliable.
Although searching, they are mild, and operate
without disturbance to tho constitution, pr diet, pr
Full directions are given on the wrapper to
each box, how to use them as a Family Physic,
and for the following complaints, which these
2r rapidly cure:
For Vyapepelis or Indlratloa, listless
Mesa, Languor and Lmi of Appetite, they
should be taken moderately to stimulate ths stom
ach, and restore its healthy tone and action.
For Jblvr Coanpliaint and its various symp
toms, BUIooa Meadiacfce, Hick Head,
ache, Janadlc or Ore Mlckaosa, Mil"
loo Colic and Billons i'e vera, they should
V.A Inrlintmialv tnltAn for Aftch CSBB. to OOITeCt tllO
diseased action or remove the obstructions which
cause it. . .
For Dysentery or Diarrhoea, but ons
mIM Anmm im CMnArAl)v ntnuimrl.
For nheuiaatlam, Clout, Gravel, Pal
nltatloa of she Heart, a-aia ia no
Lm.. Hack and fjiiu. thev should be contin
uously taken, as required, to change the diseased
acUoh 6? tho system; WjMt Hch PlWJW f1089
complaints disappear.
For llropay and nropalcal Swelling,
thev should bo taken in lni'Ke and fronuent doses
to produce the effect of a drastic purge. '
For suppression, a large dose should be
taken, as u proauces we uesireu euecs uy syw
As a Dinner Pill, take one or two Pill to
promote digestion and relieve the stomach.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels, restores the appetite, nnd invigorates the
system. Hence it is often advantageous where
nn serious ileraneoment exists. One who feels
tolerably well, often finds that a dose of these
Pill makes him foel decidedly better, from their
cleansing and renovating effoct on tha digestty
Vr. J. C. J.TEB A CO., Practical ChemUU,
'HUE following Preamble and Resolution was
X adopted, and placed on the records of the
tiullipolis, McArtliur and Columbus Railroad
Compapy, on Saturday, October 5th, 1B18, and
will be carried out by tne secretary oi tne com
nsnv from tills dHte. to-wit!
"vVhp.kf.A3. Mauv Subscribers to the Canltnl
Stock of the Gallipolis, McAVthur and Coltim-
inia iiniirond company, are in arears iu me
pavnlent of the instalments duo on their sub
scriptions, and
Wif RKKAfl, The Interests of the company are
sufforing very much on account of said subscri
bers withholding the payment of snld instal
ments, tnus compelling tne company to pay
interest on indebtedness to men working for the
company ou money tlftis withold; therefore, be
Iteeontd. That Wm. Shoher. the Secretary o
the company, be. and he is hereby instructed to
demand, nud collect interest from all subscri-
uers, on an unpaid insutimenis irom me time
they mature, or nave matured, until paid,
unless the same shall be paid within ten (10)
days from this date. Ou motion, unanimously
mln.iteiK' J Nnv. IS. 1H74.
Beware of Counterfeits I
are etteneteely oonsTSsrsiTSD. DUhonut Brut
fltli ndoor (a tall t As counter.tlt lemaMtrreeltf
profile. The genuine have tSenme of imh Mete
an each package. All ether ere morihlue imitation.
Tha osaoisa Pills are nnrailingin tha enra of all
those pntnful and dsnrsrons dissasas to whtoh tha
female eonititutlon Is sublsct. Thev moderats all
axoessea and ramovs all obstructions, from what
ever oavsa.
t nr ATiitntn liAnrsa
therars particularly snlted. Thay will In a short
Ulna imnj on ids raoiitiiy pvnwi wiva nraianij i
andalthauffh vorr nowerfnl. oontAln nothlnv hnrt-
iii to ine oonsiiiuuon. inaii ai oi nerrona ana
nal AITeottons. Fatna In tha Bank ana Limb.
utirAo on lltarht bitsrtlna, 1mUtloH-(hlI.rti
ratarloa and Whttas. thav will atfaot a con whak
all other means hava follod. tha elroolara around
each paokara live full directions and advloa, or
will ba sent Its to all writing for thsm, saalaa
from observation. .
N. B. In all eases where tha eimrms cannot be
obtained, One Dollar eneloed to tha Sola Propria-
ln-ura a bottle of tha genuine, eontalnlng fifty
Pills, by return mall, Murty als tVota aay
are ok im ooniania.
Oovohs, Colds, stm, Ba6soiii. I(
fluraOoeoHS, Colds, AataifA, Ba6soiii. f oa
Tnmi.. lin. nana. Divviiinv. IlBaAVBiaajiiM.
have no taeto of mediolna, and any child will taka
them. Tonnaanda hava bean restored (o healthuiak
hodbeforadoapiilred, "Teslimdny srlveii IrlKhtidredt
of cases. Aikfor BH AH'a fULHONir) waikus.
Price 35 cea a per hex. JOB 110SXS, Propria-
tor, 18 Uortlitnilt Mtraet, new ior.
Prpmirnd Lt J. OA
Na. SIS Rn. Tmhtrd.
bard, Paria.
These f ills era hlchly noommaiidad by the antire
Mad leal Vacuity nf Iranca as tha vary bast remedy
in all omiis of Rnermatorrhosa, or Seminal Weak
nnsa : Nlrhtly, Daily or Premature Bmlaaions; Bex.
i.l WnnkneeaorlmHXdcv; Weakneaa arlsinsfrom
Bc(it Ilu!tli(kH,inulBweiiseeiJtlaalin ofths
tmnul WesKSiHuai DettoMtaMiWia Urltiav
the Knaatly train of Blsaasas hrftiair (roin
Overuse or Xxoasees. TheyeurawbenaJlotaarrami
Overuse or jk roe sees, xaey owe w nan ajioiaar rami
v. . . T. v.i.,. ili..i ui ,il
eaiea tun. riuMuic.u. ihw ivi.uc
be sent Fcee touy address. Price tl aer Box.
Bent by mall, eeourilveealedfrom all eeeervalum, on
recomtof nrao. O80ARO. MOSBS, ISOostlasb
St., Niw xoaa, Bole Uanstal Asentlor Amaruw.
Marriage) 'rits.'::
3lilfl.Q- , I BDjrBMriMftBd rt)UcKJioi
ihCHIUlJltM, WltktM
ItlMt UMOTrii U pr4oflliiK sd4 prtrttiiiBf ftphog,
k v to prww9 tha Mmplnlon, o.
TMilffta InurMtiuf work flw kandrM ud tUtj
afttM.viU niriit niravlnfa), ud MottlDa vtltihbl)
ifmtion ftv h who r Mavrritd.trooBUHpUMBitr
rUft. BUUUU bk IhftlMgbttoUkirpiawUrtofk
Mktrt mA iUld MrtUMly tnltBtlou.
t I MBUsaft ,tb MPrUnt bH4 ftdvfat o t ft ph?tletB
vkMrpat4UoaU werltj-wll, nd hoDl4 bf lo iMprU
Tkto 4nfrrr nfrjmil d (mmi throuv hwiu cnttv
f lbt. Il 9mrti f Ttryihlit c tb ahit f th iy
. KM.rtfTitoM Utt ta worik kawlAC,M KM IMI i
sua aaaihlUk la aaeasr aklhatsi tMBlr
Ma frWairsiMatAur ftyrVlftT Ontt.
AddrttaDr. BtU DUptMx(H. laMiWfkAltml
ITotlc to til Affllotel and Ua&rtumlt.
shea aselrtes u tie Mterieai nirtirtu aSnrtlie I
utile p.p.r..r u.lni anr ammci nouSles yrm: Dr.
tu; .r no metur wkaljrear alMaeeit, ar aew atpler
asit few eoDdiuoa
I Vr. satu mobsIm a ssewe .e ar ihit Mra
tMralil HBIsrHl vj eom. e I at w inmiH rimii
Ml prefMMraer tall Menu aad VsrsV, osa bAaoit
mlud ptraeeellr er ij .n, ikedliiue, niilHid la
kli omee end paiUrs.M. ISM. KIkUl euwl,
Seiwan Maisel aad Causal, bt. Leuli, ale.
Jr.-:.-; '
ums, lori'isiriinmon among tho ix.uu
Subscribers of the
' XW APmii, 1878.
The number of Pram l nmn urn niur.v. in
creased when the number of names exceed tho
number calculated upon.
We now offer the following:
1 Cash Premium of ,
SO Cash Premiums of SIOO each . . .
00 Stem-winding Watches. IM each'
100 Cash Premiums of each
800 " ' . of 110 each.......
100 ' - . of s each
100 " " of 18 each
100 ' " of til each
1879 Miscellaneous Prem's, sl to 10 oach. . 7.S0O
Making a Tatal or TWO THOUSAND Preml-
Everv subscriber who remits 12.00 for a vnnr'i
subscription will have his name registered, and
win on iiirnisneu oy return man a receipt giv
ing the date and number to which his nma ia
registered, said number being represented by a
duplicate in the distribution.
Agents sending 10 names and $20.00 at one
time receive a tree paper one year and have
their names rearlstered as uartlciunnts for nm.
Specimen Conies, Posters, Premium Pamphlet
and Subscription Blanks sent free to persons
desiring them. Address
42-tf Cincinnati,' Ohio.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Miles RatclUT and George T. Smith, Plaintiff's,
Kcsiah Childers, Defendant.
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleat. Ex
ecution on Transcript.
PURSUANT to tho command of an execution
in the above case Issued from tlio Court of
Common Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and tome
directed as Sheriff of said countv, I will offer at
public sale, at the door of tho Court House, in
the town of McArtliur, In said Vinton coun
ty, on .
Saturday, the 21st Bay of December
At the hour of 11 o'clock A. M. of said dav. tha
following described lnnds and tenements, situ
ate in the County of Vinton, and Stato of Ohio,
in the Chillicothe District, and bounded and de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a stone on the Suction Line at
the South-west corner of the South-east Quarter
of Section Eight (8,) Township number Ten (10,)
of Run go Nineteen (19;) thence East Twonty-
fiin. .ml Vlf... 11.. J..l.l.. ffll tn .,.,. ,,-1... .
lull, nutl.-ll.jr jiutiui WMfcllO l UVlW I UIOS, VU
a stake on the Section Line; thence North Thir
teen (18) Poles to a stake near the old bed of
Kant creek; thence West Twenty-four nnd
riltv Hundredths (24 50-1001 Polos to the half
Section Line running North from the first men
tioned corner; thence South to- the place of bo
ginning, so as to contain two acres.
xo no soia as ine property or Kesian Childers,
to satisfy an execution issued from the Court of
Common Pleas in favor of Miles Katcliff and
George T. Smith.
Appraised at Seventy dollars (70,) and must
bring two thirds of that sum.
Terms of Hale Cash in band.
Sheriff Vinton County.
B. D. 8mvt, Attorney for Plaintiff.
November SO, 1OT2-6W .
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Cornelius Karnes, Plaintiff,
The Vinton Furnace & Coal Company of Ohio,
In Vinton County Court of Common Picas. Ex
PURSUANT to tho command ot an execu
tion in the Above cause, issued from tho
Court of Common Pleas of Vinton County, and
to me directed as Sheriff of said County, I will
offer for sale at the door of the Court House, in
the Town of McArtliur, Vinton County. Ohio,
Saturday, the 2ht Day of December,
. A. . 1572,
At the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, the
following described premises, to-wit:
A oart of the South-west corner of the North
east quarter of Section number Twenty-live of
Township number Eluven (11,) Range number
seventeen (i f.) nnu especially aesci iiieoi ns the
tractor land nity (ou) icet in width ruuiilug
(tingonniiy iroin a point xwentv-nve (iio) icet
North of tlio line surveyed by S. W. Stone for a
Railroad from Vinton Station to Vinton Fur
nace, whero said line intersects the west line pf
said quarter Hectjpu; (hence running Hautri c
east parallel to said survey but Tveiity-iUo
(qj teei nortn oi saiu survoy wnicn said line
running as nforesaid is to be the center of tho
strip or tract of land herein conveyed. Also,
three (8) acres and live (5) rods heinir a strip or
land Thlrty-flvo (85) feet wide from the center
of tho Railroad track of the Vinton Furnace and
Coal Co. of Ohio's Rnilrood on each side of snid
railroad track from the center located in the
North-west quarter of Section number Twenty
five (25) Township number Eleven (11) Range
number Seventeen (17,) in Vinton county, Ohio.
Also the Railroad Iron and Ties located on tho
above described real estate supposed to be two
thirds of a mile lu length.
Taken as the property of the Vinton Furnace
ft Coal Cp. elf Ohio to satisfy ii execution isenefl
from the aforesaid Coiilf in l'uyqr pf Cqrhciu4
Appraised at Three Thousand and Four Hun.
dred Dollars (lil.400.) and must lirln if two. thirds
of that sum.
Terms of Sole Cosh in hnnd.
Sheriff Vinton Countv.
Jno. Mayo A li!. A. Braxton, Att'ysfor Pl'tlff.
nuveiuuer zu, lore ow
It is gratifying to us to inform thepubllo
that Dr. L. O. C. Wishart'a Pine Treo Tar
Cordial, for Throat and Lung Diseases, has
?;ained an enviable reputation from the At
antic to the Paciflo coast, apd from thence to
some of the first families of Europe1, dot tliruf
the press alone, but by persons throughout the
States actually benefitted nnd cured at his
office. While he publishes less, so say our re
porters, he is unable to supply tho demand. It
gains and holds its reputation
. - . . - i . : u ..... 1. 1
r lrst AUl uy stopping cuiigu, uu uy twm-
enlng and assisting nature to throw off the
unhealthy matter collected about the throat
and bronchial tubes, which eaueee irritation.
Socond. It removes the cause of irritation
(which produces cough) of tho mucous mem
brane and bronchi al tulies, assists the lungs
to act and throw off the unhealthy secretions,
and purifies the Wood;' ' ' ' t-r.t. ...
Third. It is free from squills, lobelia, ipecac
and opium, of which most throat and lun'g
remedies are composed, which allay cough
only, and disorganize the stomach. It has a
soothing effect ou the stomach, acts on the
liver and kidneys, and lymphatic and nervous
regions, thus reselling to every part of the
system, and in its invigorating and purifying
effects it has gained a reputation which it
must hold Above all others In the markat.
greatTamerican ' ""
AND , ; ' . .
Bolng under my Immediate direction, .they
shall not lose tholr curative qualities by the
nse of cheap and impure article!,
i Dr. L. Q. C. Wishart's Office Parlors am' -oien
on Mondsys( Tuesdays and Wednesdays -from
0 A. at. to o P. At., for consultation by 1A
Wm. T. Mugoe. With him are associated two
consulting physicians of ecknowledgud ablt
ity. This opportunity is not offered by any
other institution iu the oity.
1 All letters must be sddrossod to
No. if 33 North ScQondS.

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