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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 04, 1872, Image 2

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The Enquirer.
OFFICE-Iu Second Mory rf Bow'
.SEE., Lrth side of Mala Street, r.at of
tllUlt HolltlBt
J. W. Bowen, Editor.
J. W. Bowen, Editor. McArthur,---December 4, 1872.
: Judge Corwin, of Urbana,
this State, died on Thursday last,
at twelve o'clock.'
. (i rant will revive his San Do
mingo scheme and attempt to
. get it through the Senate. ,
John A. Bingham wants a fat
office at home instead of the
Russian mission.
Judge Settle, of North Caro
lina. exDects to be assigned to
the .Supreme. Bench in place of
Justice JMelson. ...
" Kentucky elects an entire
Democratic Congressional dele
gation by an aggregate majority
of over 50,000. Greeley's ma
jority Is aboutlOOa
Nine bodies have been re
covered from the Boston fire,
and five of them identified.
Nineteen bodies, supposed to
have been buried in the. ruins,
are still missing.
The official majority for
Grant over Greeley, in Michi
gan, is 58,468; over all, 54,400.
The vote was, Grant 135,244;
Greeley, 76,776; O'Conor 2,852;
Black 1,250. Total vote, 216,
128. .
A young man in Buffalo,
who, whUe taking care of a horse
sick with the prevailing.epidem
ic, received a small portion of
the virus in the eye when the
horse snorted, has lost the use of
that eye in consequence, and
will t also lose the use of the
The majority for Grant in
Indiana over all is 21,094. The
vote stood, Grant, 186,131;
Greelev, 163,622; O'Conor, 1,
414; total vote 351,168. As in
Pennsylvania, the vote fell off
from that of October when it was
377,917; decrease, 26,749;
Grant's vote less than Browne's
2,145; Greeley's less than Hen
dricks', 2,582. .
Are fire and water combin
ing to destroy us all? In this
country fire has destroyed two
of our largest cities in a little
over a year, and in Italy the
most of two provinces have been
inundated, drowning a largo
number of people, and rendering
twenty thousand families home
less. With the long list of dis
asters to our vessels on the high
seas, burning of steamboats on
our rivers, and railway acci
dents, wherein those two ele
ments play the most important
parts, staring us in the face, the
question above asked, is pertinent.
Bv way of Shanghai there
comes intelligence of fearful fam
ine iu Corea. It is represented
that multitudes are dying of
starvation. No particulars are
afforded from which an adequate
idea may be formed of the real
extent of the famine, or of its
causes. But in such countries
dependence is generally placed
upon the production of one or
two food staples, and in case of
those failing, distress is felt from
one end of the land to the other.
Such it will be remembered was
the case in Persia recently. The
Coreans are ordinarily poor, and
therefore would be in no degree
- prepared for ' sucli a calamity as
has befallen them.
"Hard times, money scarce,"
are what are heard on every
corner, in every workshop, and
among farmers. The financial
policy of the Grant Administra
tion , has been to tighten the
money market in order to give
. its rich friends in Wall St., New
York, the chance to make their
wealth the more profitable. Pri
nces are falling, profits are rare,
' earnings are melting away, en
terprise has come to a halt, the
poor have little employment,
farm products are . in little de
mand beyond that of immediate
consumption. Never in the his
. torv of the countrv was there n
" financial policy more ruinous to
the business interests than that
of Grant, Boutwell & Co. Their
.disposition m felt in every de
partment ot trade, commerce
'.and bu8uieBs;,V i;w
At 6:50 P. M. last ' Friday,
Horack Greeley closed his eyes
upon all things earthly, and his
npirit ' winged ' its" way to the
jreat White Throne, to give an
account of its stewardship.
Ever since his wife s death his
health had been failing; the
giant destroyer of, all things
physical was tightening his
chains , stealthily but firmly
around his intended , victim, and
each day the coils grew closer.
Until within a few hours of his
death, however, his relatives and
friends had hopes of his recovery j
but they were doomed to se.e
him breathe his last, which he
did calmly, in the bosom of his
family, at the house of a friend,
only a few miles 1 from Chappa
qua. . .
The nation mourns the loss of
one of her most beloved sons. The
newspaper fraternity ot tne
Union has lost its brightest or
nament, for as a journalist, he
had no' equal. , It has often
been said that "death loves a
shining mark," and his death is
a verification of its truth. No
more will his . voice be heard
ringing through the land.'.warn
ing the people of the dangers
menacing the national existence ;
no more will his counsels be
present to admonish, to encour
age, to assist us in an onward
and upward career of national
prosperity and glory ; but his
name and fame will live as long
as America has a history. , Mar
ble monuments will crumble to
dust; generation after generation
will pass away, and be forgotten;
but bis memory will grow
brighter as the "cycles of time
shall multiply. He had done
his duty, and done it nobly.
His life and actions have been
so closely interwoven with events
occurring in this country for the
past forty years, that a history
of one would be in a great part
the history of the other.
Therefore,, we have not suffi
cient space to go into details of
his life-journey, but will leave it
to the biographer and historian
to do justice to his memory.
The amount of coal shipped
over the Columbus & Hocking
Valley Railroad to Columbus
and other points via Columbus
(which of course don't include
any shipments south or east from
the coal fields,) during the month
of October, were 51bd-. cars of
twelve tons each, equal to 01,
856 tons, or 1,672,812 bushels;
This is 2200 cars more than the
October shipments from the
block-coal fields." The ship
ments over the Hocking Galley
road for the ten' months, includ
ing October, amounted to 39,461
cars, equal to 473,532 tons, or
12,786,304 bushels. The ca
pacity of the mines on the Hock
ing Valley road is equal to twice
the business above reported.
Hocking Sentinel.
The Portsmouth Branch of the
M. &TC. It. II. has paid in taxes
into the . Treasury of Jackson
county, in the 18 years it has
been in operation, about $60,000.
The additionalvalue.it has given
to the lands along its line is
four-fold this' amount, thus, in
the short space of 18 years, re
turning to the county double the
value it cost the county to se
cure it. That is what the build
ing of Railroads do for a people.
Local aid to such enterprises
always yAyB.Gallipdlis Journal.
Is 1850, just before the build
ing of the Portsmouth branch of
the M. & C. R. R. the duplicate
of Jackson county, footed up
$1,353,000. This year it is
$4,664,000, ' nearly four times
larger. The Railroad 'was' a
good investment for Jackson
county. The people of Gallia
county, if they are alive to their
own interests, will push along
their Railroad enterprises. Gal'
lipolis Journal. '-" ' ' -
f C. J. Billinoiiurst has just re
ceived a lot of Picture Frames
and Mouldings. Go and ' get
your pictures framed.' dec4-2t
' Christmas comes on Wednes
day ihw-ycnr.hr Uu:'.i iiv,
Work on the Gallipolis, MoA.
and U. railroad is going, ahead
finely. Better weather for work
ing could not bo asked. The
main fbrce is working in and
around Niles' Summit. We hear
that accessions are daily made to
the working force. Too much
credit can not be given to our far
mers, who make their own farm
work secondary, to: the Railroad.
Gallipolis Journal.'
.. u..ij
Just as ' we expected: the
politicians are wroth because
Grant drew a sponge across the
"slate" of Cameron & Co. , Cam
eron and ' his friends went to
Washington to have Grant ap
point their man postmaster at
Philadelphia. But 'Grant; feels
more independent , now than he
did before election, an,d ho re
fused compliance. WTo infer
from a Washington dtep'atch to
day that the politicians make a
test case of this case. They
"commented severely on the
course of tho President," and be
moaned the sad effect on a great
many old political hacks of a
strict emorcement oi tne.civu
service rules.' If Grant should
really conclude to play civil ser
vice reform, he would . find his
path beset with very sharp thorns
and plenty of; them. The poli
ticians elected him and they are
not going to submit' quietly to
any such nonsense from him.
WllllUili3. lllj HUV) fllflVI .1 Altl.lJllll9.il.
hnvlug left my bed And board without Just
cause or provocation, notice is hereby given to
all parties concerned, that from and alter this
unto l win liny no debts or her contracting.
December 9, 1872., . . '
-HI iH. J.
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roa 1873.
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i , . . . i i i i.i j j .. it .i .
Statto Ohio, YiHton County. '
Cornelius Kurnes, riaintlff,' ,
Tim VlntAn Viicn.i X, l'rt.l .... .....
In i Vinton Coun ty Court of Common Plena. Or
ui i ui na D uu A LLMi'.iiiiimir..
TDUTtSnANT n Urn .l .... . ,
., r . nnmucui- isttuuu iroin the
Km lit m X ...... I. ... .... . I i ...
wunu .vuiuuwuruiMm viuton Lonnty. and
..... .... uic uuut ui uibi ouri iiouae. In
111! Town Of AIoAlthlir. VlliSnn fil'.l.!
ou ' , ""
Friday, tho 3d Day of JANUARY,
; , i I A. JO. 187a, ; ;
'At thA lump nf 1 .iVlrwlr' r r..u ...... -
tolloH'inir ilosci ilii-d premises, tn-wit:
- j prnn uir nmim-wrsi corner or tno North
eatiiiiirtarof Scctiou nnmlier Twoiitv-Hveol
Township nmnbei Kleveu (11,) K.uige "number
Heventccn (11.) aud especially dumn ibod as the
... .. a.' la... I 41.1. R.l. ..-ft 1 i ... .
i.rni.i t.i .am. mi iw iurn jn wiiirn running
diagonally from a point Twenu-llve (S5) feet
.-oriii oi mo nun lurvuyeu oy a. w. tstono for a
l?nilrriu.l li'fim Vlnlnii Uti.,1.... ... tri... in
nncc, wjiere said line inlersects the west line ol
said quarter Section -t thonco running South
e.nt parallel to said survey but Twenty-live
,m) ikvii imriii ui kuiu Biirvey vt'iiiun sum Hue
running as aforesaid Is to liu the center of the
strip or tract of land Imrclu conve-od. Also,
three (3) nores ami llvo (C) rods being a strip ol
ntil..fvOw.. iir.v I-.... ...l.l.. r .i .a
ir.iKi iuii.j'.iiu W" irtv hid 1 rum IIIU UVUILT
of tlio Itailrond track of tho Vintou Furnace and
. I .... ..iil.lni- n-.n....! d .
vt'ni iv vi viiiv m iianniiiu uii earn tlllie OI BHIU
railroad track from tho center located in tho
V..ll.-t....u ....n...H L..nll.... I ril
'i in n v .. v .un i i.i ui H1.V.1IUU II1IIIIUVI 1 IVUIIliV-
llve(ii5) Township number Eleven (11) Hanire
n...i.MU.IUi.nil..wi9iinvi... .... ..i.f:.
II 1 1 ill ui l ii ii ii .v iii i ,,y iu . 1 11(1111 UUII lit V , VI II IV.
Also the Huilroad Iron nud Tics located on the
iiliiii'U illiae.l-ilipil fniil niifiiti Biiiii.iidinl ... Ini turn.
thirds of a mile Ci length.
Taxon ns vne ifnperty or tho Vinton Furnace
(ttonlt'o. of Ohio to satisfy nn order of sale
on uttucliinont Msued from llm aforesaid Court
111 favor of Cornf llus Karnes.
A iiprnlsed at I'hroo Tliuusnnd unci Kour Hun
dred Didlain (j'WOO,) and inuntbring two-thirds
of tUutsum. f
Terms ol'Sabl t'nsh in band.
j, j iaxii:l isooTii,
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rangement. A, I
Is there want of notion In your Liver
or Spleen 9 Unless relieved tho blood becomes
impure ny deleterious secretions, urounclng
scrofulous or skiu diseases, Blotches, Felons,
niHMiicis, uaiiKcr, rinipios, ate.
Have von a dysnentic stomach? Unless
digestion Is promptly aided the system Is de-
uiiiiutuit witn poverty oi tne jiioou, tiropsicai
tendency, genoral Wcnkness and inertl.
Have yon weakness of the Intestines?
You are In danuer of Chronic Diarrhoea or In
flammation of the Dowels.
Have You weakness of the Uterine or
Urinary Organs ? You are exposed to suffer
ing iu Its most agravateu lorm. 1
An you urjouiuu. uiun.j, null, siiiKgiHii,
or depressed in spirits, with lienduche, back-
ache, coated tongue aud bad tasting moutliV
For a certain, lemedy for nil of tlu-sc diseases,
weaknesses anil troubles; for (ic.msing and
purifying the vitiated blond and imparting
viitor'to all the itul fnrceri to;' building up
und restoring the weakened onstiicllon, U8K
which Is pronounce! by tho lending medical
aiithnrilies of London i i'u.K "the most
powiiiful tonic, and altoritivo known to the
medical wo. Id." This is no new and untried
discovery, but has lor Invu used by tho lead
ing physicians of otlu. countiles ivitli wonder
ful remedial result. -
Don't weHkeii anil linnair tlu d irestive
organs by ca'hartli'B am) physics, thev give
onlv temporary i f Uif-ltitll'stlon, fl.itiileucy,
and dyspepsia with piles nud kindred diseases
are sure loiounw ineiruse.
Keep the.blooil pare and health Is sssnreil.
JOIIN O. KIOLLOiiO. ID I'lutt t..'. jw York.
Solo agent for the United Ft.-.te. 4w
rnce ti :er Dottle. isen.l fovCiieular.
Daily, $10 j Semi-Weekly, $3;
Weekly, $2,
Dally ,-Tv-ltS-Sunaay EfHtloa," $12.
A Political, Miscellaneous and
Literary Newspaper.
A Paper for the Farmer, '
A Paper for the Mechanic,
A Paper fcr the People.
Terms for the Weekly Times for 1873:
One Copy, One Year, l I I I I I
Five Copies... $1 50
Ten-Copies ... 1 Sft
Twenty Copies 1 10
Thirty Copies 1 00
And one Extra Copy to each Club. For everr
club of llfty, one copy of the Nkmi-Wkeiuy
Tim ks to tho getter-up of the club.
fteif When the names of subscribers are re
quired to he written upon each paper of the
club ut one I'ost-oluco address, ten cents for
each copy additional to the above rates.
In accordance with our last nroanectus. the
specially reduced rates for 1MS1, vis :
Semi-Weekly, peryoar ..
11. 1.1.. ..nM ..Ana
...1 09
1 60
will be niiiintuined for nil new subscribers, and
all old subscribers renewing prior to the 16th
day of January, 1HT3, when tne above club rates
win tune uneci.
Will coutuln selected editoriala from tho daily
Times; general news, Ihmiostio and Foreign;
the vroceudinirsor uonress una tne state Leg.
islnturcs: full nnd Interostinp correspondence;
book reviews; the choicest literary selections;
wiuie its most prominent loature win ue a
With original articles from practical farmers;
full reMi'Uof tho A inerlean Institute Fanners'
Club; complete weekly Market ltoports; Finan
cial, Domestic Produce, Live Stock, Dry tioodi
and Goneral.
The Tivks will have no suiierior: it will be free
from all appeals to vulvar and Impure tastes,'
and may be safely Admitted ta every domestic
circle., . -AS
The TiM EH will be devoted, as In the past, to an
Intelligent and flrm supiwrtor the Republican
Party, its course in reference to the Tammany
Kinir, at a time when all the other daily papers
In New York obstructed and discouraged its ef
forts, attests Itssincerlty In the cause of Reform.
The Times stood alonoln demanding Reform
from ltniu to the close Of ltfll, and there is no
sincere und honest proposal for Reform, in any
branch of the Government, which will not he
heartily supported by the Turn,. But It will
not conspire in ussistlng ambitious politicians
or demagogues to reach power under false pre
tone-en. it will not encourage defection from
the ltepubllcan Party, which Is still the party of
prozress, security and nntionnl prosperity.
it will sustain, with all the force and Influ
ence at Its command, the principles and polioy
which have rendered tliut party so Justly famous
in our history. It will advocate those measures
by which the honor, the peace, and the pros
iierlt y of the nation can be best secured and nro-
moicii, anu win constantly study tne wants of
tne people miner man tne wishes or the poli
The ITew York Somi7eekly Times
la published every Tuesday and Friday, and
columns nn mo iiKTie.iuiurui nnn nierary mat
ter of tlio Weekly edition, and a full and careful
compilation of editorlul and news features of
liieuiuiy. '
Terms of the Skmi-WeeklY Timkb ! One
copy, one year, 8; two copies, one year, B; ten
conies, ono year, f jo and one extra copy free.
Subscriptions to eithor of our editions received
for a loss length of time than one year at the
yearly rate. , .
These prices are Invariable. Remit In dmfta
on New York or Post-ollluo Money Orders,
possinie, nun waore uiiiir or mine can lie pro
cured, semi the moiiev iu a roirlstorod letter.
AH Post-uinnlors are obliged to register letters
w lien requested to no so, ami tne system Is an
nnsoiiiie proieviion agninsi iosses ny mall. Ail
.l-..- 'In u V .. V ..... 'I ......
uivw . uia.H a una. aiaar.o, '
' - ' " Xew York City.
Iiomon ": "'.
' . c& Weioo
The old and well known linn of Lemon A
Weise. of PITTHilUltliH. PA.. Manufacturers
of .
Cabinet Furniture and Chairs,
Opjioslte their Old Stand, "
Where they continue tho business In all its
ornncuon. novan.oiu
IS ths BEST and CHEAPEST Independent
Family Newspsper published. It contains
VOitt-biobt columns of reading matter, it
printed in the neatest style, on flue, white pa
per, and nnbllshed at the low Dries of ti a
jmt, and
Receives" Beautiful Chrome, worth the
money Invested, thus receiving riairCliAM
Weekly Newspaper
Jt3rSena On Dollar for a year's Sub
scription, and Tea Cent for postage on the
Chromo to the Star Pabllsbin- Com
r Cincinnati, O.
"CaiLonriaacHirj," "good iiosmno,"
a w ajlx " ana asuuuy'
LwilhUwIClltCTIC WmtlLV iS WKRKf.V CHBia.i
I1AS As WOKK (UQMOllll.Ud), fcr H"
aTw of IhMsOhnoos n Ai Sh tl - Wlosi
Ante us fmt lilMpi'
BcbHrOxni hralilml AT ON CI'
IIS UII Ukrttux.
4n nuke batUr Uriaj .
. vith tu ihu wtth tmy A
bur fniiUHtn.
ln I BTlttriM uii miUU
WMMWS unMiMli;.Ma,likika
IttMt SltMvwtM Ii prttadiis u iTiiaf sSkprUf,
tirtl ptmUJt th Mftiplnloa, 4o.
Ttlil u UuniUsf wuk r iw aulni sal slily
M,vUh aonrs iisnTlnct. tod onutu vslvtiSls
laftrautiMi fr Ucm wke wr mvrM.M-MSWBpUiMHsr.
rtaM. SUllllIss Soon lh.l60lilub taplutarlwk
sad Ut, ul aIUIS wralwilj sbtnt Iks kow,
II Maulu Us upwlnM uS xlTlos r pkrsUUa
Vim. npiuUm Ii world'irldt, ud skeaM tela tkt prl.
st inww r artry Msl MS fmsl larawhasl Ui.M lira
Ul. 11 r.rjlhuit Ut bjMtrU
railrttriWB Uwl ta vans kaavtafi ftat BMktkM Is
aal paMiikad la say alkar mk .
la u) (fret af naMaft) SirriRT Cli.
ASliw Dr. Satu' DUptanij,!!, xa a altklkstrwt
0L Levis, Mt V .
ITotle to tli Afflicted uS ftjbrtaa&t.
Itlvra ptrll I O" natorlau quasi vka sSTtrUaa la
Satlla aapari.ar ailBS aaj qaiak raaiadlaa paraaa Dr.
aua' wark taauar wkalaw siswatia, ar kaw Saslac
altjaar aoadlUaa.
Br. aatia aaaapltt a Soakls kaaas at tvaatT-aaTta
1 laama;l aladaraM r aaaii a f Ika awat aalakralaa aaail.
aalprafMaaraef UitiMOQirr and Kurepa, aaSaaaaaaoa
; SaltaS aaraaaaUr ar bf mall, oa IkaSlaaaaM tnaaUaaad ta
til warki. OBloa and parlor., Ka. II N. Blfktk smst,
nwaaa Markat aal Okasaut, it. Lauia, Ua.
Cherry Pectoral,
For Diaoaees of tho Throat and Lungs,
uob. as OouKhs, Colds; Whooping
Cough, Bronohitia, Asthma,
and Consumption.
Amoiij? tne great
discoveries of modern
science, few nre of
mora real value to
mankind than this ef
fectual remedy for all
diseases of the Throat
and Lungs. A vast
trial of Its virtues,
throughout this nnd
other countries, has
shown that it does
surely nnd eflectusAly
control them.. The tostlinony of our best ciH
tens, of nil classes, establishes the fact, that
CHEmtr Pectoral will nnd does relieve and
sure the tfllictinir disordors of the Throat and
Lungs beyond nny other medicine. The most
daneerous affections of the Pulmonary Oritaiis
yield to its power; aud coses of Conjump
Uoria cured by this preparation, nre public
ly Known, so remnreauie as naruiy io De oo
lleved, were they not proven beyond dispute.
As a remedy it la adequate, on which the pub la
may rely for full protection. By curing Coughs,
the forerunners of more serious disease, it saves
unnumbered lives, and an amount of suffering
not to be computed. It challenges trial, nnd con
vinces the most sceptical. Every family should
keep it on hand as a protection against Uie early
and unperceived attack of Pulmonary Affections,
whloh are easily met at first, but which become
incurable, nnd too often fatal, if neglected. 'Un
der lungs need this dofonce; and it Is unwise to
he without It. As a laloguard to children, nmia
the distressing diseases which beset the Throat
and Chest or childhood, Cherry Pkctorai.
is invalusblo;' for, by iu timely use, multi
tudes are rescued from prematura graves, and
saved to the love and alTootlon centred on them.
It acts speedily and surely against ordinary colds,
securing sound and health-restorine sleep. No
on will suffer troublesome Influenza nnd pain
ful Bronchitis, when they know now susiiy
they can be cured. ;
Orlirinallv the Droduot of long, laborious, and
successful chemical investigation, no cost or toll
is spared in making every bottle In the utmost
possible perfection. It may be confidently re
lied upon as possessing all the virtues It has ever
exhibited, and capable of produolng cures as
memorable as tu greatest it uas ever eueoiea.
Dr. j. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chemist.
; Deware of Counterfeits!
mrt tMaruiMiy OOUKTSrilTD. DUhont Dmf
fUti tUtmw ra Mil Uu taunltrftUt umthtrrt
fnflf. TIU ttnui lis MmaiiJch Alaa
nweA)iadkaa't. .lllalAara ra warlWwt lMllaiw.
Tha assmsa Fills are unfailing-In the erara af all
thea aalnfal and danfarons dliaaMS to which the
tenuis eonitltutlon Is aublaot. Thar avMarata all
xaaaaas aad ramors all sbsuraotlooa, res) whs
yvsr oaves. T.rTT
thavar fMrtieulallr suiUdT Thar will in a ihert
time bring on tit raonttiy peiiod with rajraUrltyi
and althoiif u vary powarfal. oonUIn nothlnf hurt
ful to th oonitltatlan. In ill om of Marvons and
iplnaj Affaetlrms, Pains in th Baek aad Mmba,
tatla-a on alhft. aiartioa, Palpitation f th Uaart,
IIrtrloa and WhltM.thar will ffat a ours whaa
all Atkar aiaani hiT rallad. Th oiroulars around
each Mokai rlva full dlraotloai and advlea. or
will m sanl ft to all writing for them, mM
from ebaarvatton.
N. B. In all esaas whr th saoraa cannot
ebtaln.d.Ona Dollar nolod to th Sola Propria
tw, JOB MOH1CH, 1 Oortlandt BU Kaw York, will
inatue a bottla of the fnuln; eonulnlnaj llfty
Pills, by ratura mail, ttturtiy i4 fresn an?
anowiaura or its oonunu.
nn v tins pm.tttoivTr wahtst?
flnreOoooas, doi.ns, Aith, BsooaiTis,lQa
TBSOiT. lioasaaiaaa, uirriui i.t maiTaiaa.
girisst CoaiunrTios a Loo Dissasaa. Thay
av uo taat of madlflliia, and any child will ta-k
tliain. Tlionaandi hav baan raatorad to Bsalth that
had barer daiimlrml. Teatimonr iivan in unnr,ui
crciu.. Ak for BllTAN'8 PUf.MONtO WAY .
VrlreSiTeen saarbsi. JoaluaH8.1rroprla-
tor. II Oortlnnilt Bi rent, tw torn.
No. tu Una Lamhard. Patrla. ' '
That fills ar hlgiilr raooinm'Rded by th antlr
Madtoa.1 Fioulty of Tfrapaa u ths vry bait ramadr
In all oaana ofllpamtrrho, or Banilnal Waak
nsxit M'shUY. Ballver Prmajr Binlaalon Ba(.
tin! WoatoiasisorfmiNiiancv Waaknaaa rlalngfrora
Baorat llaliltaand Hairnil Kirtaaaai ; Jt.la.alan uttli
OaulUlOrifanS Waak Nplan: DapoalUtnth Urln.
... all tha abut train Of Dlaaaaaa alrlalnar fV
6vraa or UTaoaiiao. lMiaT-irU.nUoUrfaiiw
adlat niil. Pamiihletof Ailvlc" In arK W,or wilt
D. an aoraj w.nj auiiirara. aj a B.0T .
Hunt bt iml b wilfA I u wilta A oio ill aVaaraallan. on
rvoalpt of nrW. OHO A H .1(()H litt, II 0Tl.alB
It is arratlfvlnar to us to Inform the nnbl in
that Ir. L. Q. U. Wlshartfs Pine Tree Tar .
Cordial, for Throat and Lung Diseases, ha
f;ained an enviable reputation from the At- '
antic to the Pacino coast, and from thence to
some of the first families of Kg rope, not thro'
the press alone, but by persons throughout the
States actually Don ell I ted and cured at hi
olice. While he publishes loss, so say our re- '
porters, he Is unable to supply tho demand. It
gains aud holds its reputation
First. Mot by stopping cough, but by loos
ening and assisting nature to throw off the
unhealthy matter collected about the throat
and bronuhinl tubes, which eauta Irritation.
Second. It removes the cause of Irritation
(which produces cough) bf the mucous mem
brane anil bronchial tubes, assists the lungs
lo act and throw off the uuhonlthy secretions,
and purities the blood.
Third. It Is free from Sdiillls. lobelia. Inecao '
and opium, of which most throat nud lunar
remedies are computed, which allay cough
only, and disorganize the stomach. It has a
soothing effect on the stomach, acts on tho
liver and kidneys, and lymphatic and nervous
regions, thus rencdlug to every part of tho
system, and In its Invigorating and purlfvlnir
effects It has gained a reputation which it
must hold above all others in the markot.
-r"" :" AND ;
Reins- under inv Immediate direction, thev
shall not lose thoir curative qualities by the
use of cheap and impure articles.
T)r. T.. O. Wlalini.!'. Aril-. n.l
... ' - .....vu . (IIIVFIB 111 O
open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
,:. "' " " r- ,ur consuiiatlon by Dr.
IV 111 'P. Vlliri'A. Willi him ..! l
7." n , ' ' iu iiDniiviaiL-i b II U
consulting physicians o.f ccknowledged abil-
.i. uMiuiiiuiiy la nui. ouereu oy any
titer Institution in the city.
All letters must be addressed to
L. Q. 0. WISHART, M. D.,
INo. 33 Worth Second St.
The Weekly Vi.als I i:as.i:k. of the best
known .in i wet . i; f i. i .ma In the
country, i- .iiin.i . i . -iu,'.l:. : . .enrol' Its
publii utliiii. niul .i-i- n -oiii urn. iiii'o -of. tho
suppo. I fn i vuno v t:i" n i. ii,. ilie people of
no ll-1.
will be inailu to make the Weekly PLA1X
Ukalkk a welcoiiie visitor to the
Its Now Department will bo varied and In
teresting. A condensed nnd roliuble sum
mary of the proceedings of Congress and our
State Legislature will bo given each week.
Particular attention will, as usunl, bo given
to the reports of the Grain, Live Stock, butter.
Cheese, Groceries and other markets. Our
Ohio News will still be continued as a spec
ialty. In addition to foreign and home news
byUdcgranh, we shall give letters fioni our
correspondents, and btories. Poetry, Idle
Sketches and such general miscellany as will
Interest all classes ol readers.
Wo earnestly request tho influence of our
old friends nnd patrons in extending our fir-,
dilution. We nppend below our terms:
Single ropy, one. venr fi tx
.Single copy, six months 1(H)
C lubs of live, each $1 15
t lulis of ten, each... I Ul
tlubs of twenty or more, each 1 '.5
Dally, by until c .VH) (XI
Trl-weekly, by mall MM
Clubs of ten 4 Wl
An extra ronv Is allowed tho Club Agent
for every club of teu or more, ntl BO each,
'or clulis of twenty or more, ut 1 SB, the Tri
weekly Plain Dealer will be sent to the gut
ter upof tho club; nnd for clubs of llfty or
more, at 1 25, tho Daily Will be sent to the
Club Agent.
Publishers of the Cleveland Plain Dialkk.
107 Ueneca Ht., Cleveland., Ohio.
$P fn flJOfi pordayl Agouti wanted 1 All
) lu p4h cIsbsos of working people, of
olMier sex, young or old, make more money at
work for us in their spare, moments, or all the
time, than at anything clso. Particulars free.
Address i. M innua a uu., rorvianu, luuiuo.
OrtOO AGENTS WANTED l-We gvarar.Ut
JJJ employment for all, cither sex. ut 15
er nay, or 'j.uouor more a year, Kf,, works
y Mrs. II. 11. Htowe and others. Sutifrb n:t-
miutiit ffivtn away. Money made easily and,,
rapidly. Particular froe. QUJb,EN CITY PUB.
CO., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Insura in tho TRAVELERS of Hartford, Conn.
Agent Wanted for Cobbln's
On The Bible, for The Home Circle. .
l.SOO Pares, t60 Engravings. The bost enter-
firlse of the year for agents- Kvurv family will
lavelt. Nothing Ilk it now published. For1
circulars address Ii. H. (loODSi'KKl) A CO., 81
Park How, New York.
1823. JUBILEE! 18T3.
or rue " .
Th Best Bsllglons and Beoolar Family Ksw spa pwa,
3 a Yaar With the JUBILEE IE AE BOOK.
37 Park Row, New York. '
St. Louis. Hiehigan, Muirnetlc Spring.
The first Magnetic Water discovered in Amer
ica. (1W19.) lias been vlaitud by over 10,000
persons, - '
Ouro '
Neuralifla, Paralvals, Hheuin.i flmlt
eases of the Bladder ami lf.,Ulu(y, ' Dynjc,,,!,
linpotency, and all D'0,,, r 'theVervous
System, Contracted joint, Gcnornl I blllty.
ma Baths. Vjt pBmnhlots contalnilfg de
erlntlou, anal.i, f waler. and nil other infor.
Sati"J' ,.dress MAONETIC H Pit I NO COM
i ' Lo"1"' O'atlot County, Michigan.
Apuukss 1
ThlB Compniiy Is owner or and manufactures
under Win. Uroen's several patents, and I (he
only Company In the world that makes Paint
Irom pure, hard Lake Superior Iron Oio, sucli
as Is used iu furnaces for making Pig Ivou.
The Moat Koono.nol, Moat Fir Proof,"
durable at.4

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