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The Enquirer.
J. W. Bowen,
No Business Done on Saturdays.
The "Fat Contributor" says
that "Buck & Brighf'.is now the
leading Cincinnati firm.
' Our numerous readers will ob
serve by reference to fie number
on the first page of this paper
that the sixth volume will , soon
close. !t.;!.
If marriageable, ladies mean
business, they had better lm
prove the' time, as only about
four weeks of leap year remain,
in which to assert their rights.
There are 680,000 grains in a
bushel of wheat raised on the
Vinton cnty hills. If any of
those Scioto ttomites don t be
lieve it, let them ?omo oyer and
count them. , ,
Chester French, Esq., of
place, will please accept thanks
for a cepy of the Fort Scott He
publican, published at Fort Scott,
Kansas. His son, Cyrcs 0.
French, is practing: law in that
Vice's Floral Guide for Janu
ary, 1873, is just received. It
contains 150 pages and 500 en
gravings, a superb colored plate
and chromo cover. Published
quarterly for 25 cents a year.
Address James Vick,' Rochester,
New York.
The Ross County. Railroad
Injunction case came up before
Judge Safford, at Chillicothe,
on Friday last, and the argu
ments were concludedon Mon
day afternoon. The Judge took
the case under advisement, and
will give a written opinion at an
early date.
We understand that the sup
per, given by the ladies of the
Episcopal Church,, at Davis'
A. A '
Hall, on Thanksgiving night,
was well enjoyed by those pres
ent - $35 over and above all
expenses were the proceeds,
which will be devoted to the
benefit of the church.
The adjourned session of the
Court of Common Pleas, con
vened on Monday, the 25th of
November. Many cases, which
have been on the docket for
months past, have been disposed
of. The Court adjourned yester
day morning, until two o'clock
Thursday afternoon.
Nearly everybody now-a-days
is talking about the epizootic,
pronouncing the word as if it
had only four syllables. It has
five, divided thusly: Ep-i-zo-ot-ic,
with the accent on the fourth
syllable, the first o being long as
in note, and the second short, as
in not.
Some young men think it very
strange that they do not get on
well in the world: that things
don't prosper with them. They
limit themselves' to three or four
ten -cent cigars, a dime's worth
of tobacco, five or six drinks, a
dish of oysters and a couple of
billiards per day, and yet they
can't save anything out of their
earnings. ,K
' Whenever you hear news of
any kind that would interest the
public, don't sit down, fold your
hands, and say, "Well, the edi
tor will hear of it anyhow; I
shall not take the trouble to in
form him!"' -y-Come or send im
mediately, and let us know all
about jt, for events that are'ocU
curnng in our town and county
are the soul and life-blood of
your home paper. ".
Col. John It. S. Bond, senior
editor and proprietor of the Sci
oto Gazetteiieil at Chillicothe,
about one o'clock last Sunday
afternoon, in the bid year of his
age. Colonel Bond was born in
Venice, Butler county, this State,
on the 29th of March, 1822. He
had been a journalist for many
years. A whole-souled, genial
geiltleman, ho endeared himself
with all whom he came la con
tact in public "or private walks
of life. He leaves a wife and
.four children, the oldest of
whom, W.. W. Bond, has been for
;sevt!rflj years his partner in the
publicatio p( the Gazette.
Y. M. C. A. Entertainment.
The second semi-annual meet-
of the McArthur Young
Men's Christian Association' on
Wednesday evening of last week
was well attended. ' "The 9bci-
ety Address," delivered by Elder
II. A. Pallister, contained many
sound arguments in favor of
mental and physical culture.
The essay, "Stability of charac
ter," by Joseph S. Huhn, was
well rendered. The oration,
"The advancement of the age,"
By Le Des Martin, was handled
in happy style. The debate,' on
the question, "That the doctrine
of election and predestination is
iully taught by the Bible," in
which Richard Craig took the
affirmative, and Robert Saoe the
negative, was very entertaining
and applauded frequently. "Se
lect reading," by 0. T. Gunning,
consisted of an argument' of a
western ' lawyer in a murder
trial, and reflected much credit
upon his imitative powers. The
Paper "Our Offering," read by
John G, Pcqh, . contained ' many
pungent points against individ
uals in this community. The
oration, A pjea for humanity,"
was ably delivered by John T.
We had almost omitted to
mention that the music was most
exceiJeQt- The. organiste, Miss
Nannie ione, - acquitted hep.
self in a most creditable manner.
In the Ballad, "The Bridge,"
Misses Malone and French gave
evidence of .unusual vocal pow
ers. The 'performance of the
choir was good". .'
We learn from the Gallipolis
Journal that the Eagle Furnace
property in Vinton county has
been leased to L C. Daraarin of
The lease was sign
ed on the 25th of last month
and. the lessee has immediate
possession. The lease is for one
year with the privilege of two
more, it the comDanv in the
mean-time do not soil, and the
rental is four thousand dollars,
or 100 tons of pig metal at $40
per ton, at the option of the lessors,-
for the first year; $6,000 or
200 tons of metal, at$30perton,
for each of the two succeeding
years. The lessee has the use
only of the furnace and the ore,
and is to cut no timber. Mr.
Damarin puts the works in re
pair at his own costs. We un
derstand the Furnace will go
into blast as soon as the neces
sary ; preliminary arrangements
can be perfected.
The weather prophets are at
it again.. One says the winter
is to be an open one, because
the muskrats have not broken
ground for their winter resi
dences. Another says the win
ter will be a very long and cold
one, because the beavers are
constructing their dams, and the
caterpillars are winding up their
cocoons preparatory to severe
freezing. Where is the man
who always can tell by the
thickness of the husks on ears
of corn, how severe the winter
is to be? . And then, where is
the oldest inhabitant, in whose
judgment so much confidence is
placed ?
On Sunday, the 17th of No
vember, St. Mary's Catholic
Church, about four miles north
west of Wilkesville, this county,
was ournea to the ground. Borne
gentleman, whom, we could not
learn, went early and made fires
in the stoves. Leaving the
Church, he went to a house
near by, and was sitting talking
with the family. Hearing a
sound, as the crackling of burn
ing wood, he looked out, only to
see the church wrapped in flames.
Nothing was saved, except a few
pieces of furniture. The loss is
estimated at from $2,500 to
$3,000. No insurance.
List- of lottors remaining in
the Post-office, McArthur, Ohio,
December. 1st, 1872 :
v Mrs. Sarah Ann Axtell ; Mrs.
Willey Clark; E.G. Dixon, 2;
Miss .Emma Galbreath; Miss
Alice Graham ; Miss Bettie Hale ;
A. Hunt;. Wm, H, Hawley; C.
B. Reynolds ; James White ; Mr.
Louis Ballauf.
Geo. W. Johnson, of Jackson,
will open a writing' school at the
school house sometime during
the" coming. week; provided he
can obtain twenty-five pupils,
Those desiring to attend can give
their names to Henry Payne, C
W..II6LUND or Horace, Redd.
Terms, $2.'
The Horse Epidemic.
The horse epidemic has spread
itself all over the country. By
reason of ; disabled and bick
horses, oxen for moving freight
are being extensively used in
the cities, two thousand yokes
being worked on the streets of
Cincinnati. During the last 30
days about two thousand horses
have died in the city of New
York, and a corresponding num
ber in Brooklyn and Jersey City.
From every quarter comes the
news of its ravages. Street car
lines are being stopped, stage
lines coming to a stand-still, ox
press companies using oxen for
the transportation of their freight
to and from the railroads, &c.
It seems to be a corse that will
visit the whole nation. Veterin
ary surgeons are passing learned
opinions in regard'to it, but al
most all agree that it is epidemic
in its character, the contagion
being carried in the atmosphere,
agaipt which there can be no
protection. It wfl- spread, no
matter how secluded the animals
are kept.
It was ' hopo this county
would escape the epidemic, but
within the hist few days, it has
mada ts appearance in many
stables in town and the country
surrounding. Prom inability to
obtain reliable data, we refrain
from publishing any of the particulars.
A Trial of Fifty Years.
Tbe Now York Observer has
passed through the ordeal, and
tarts out anew on the second fifty
years with a Iflrger list of renders
and more numerous friends than
ever. Such a steady course of pros
perity ia unexampled, and inspires
confidence. Wo heartily rejoice in
the great suc-cens of a paper which
had ulwnys advocated thosu sound
principle that undHIp fcho foijndiW
tions of society and good govern
ment. Orthodox in the truest
neime,-both in Church mid Slato, its
influence in always good. We see
iu p"bjishers propose lo ve to
every Hur8(-iihti' for J73 l) appro
priatcly embellished Juhil.iu Year
Book. Those who subscribe will
have no cause to regret tho step. S3
a year, Sidney E. Morse & Co.,
37 Park Eow. New York.
No Till in tho world ever had anything like
(1(0 circulation of Ayor's l'llle. Throughout
these Htdtes, Mexico, snd the Central American
republic, down .tttg tluis tf Hio Anes, !nrt
cross the pampas of South America, lu negro
vlllugo;t, mid the fervid wild of Africa, thro'
out the Jungles of India, and the steppes of in
terior Asia, over the conflnont of Australia,
and tho islands of the PiicUlo, tlieao Pills are
everywhere known and used as family j-emc-dlos
for diseases. With distant nations, their
wonderful cures attract mora attention than
they do at homo; for the sentiment of wonder
takes afar deeper hold on their minds than the
resultsof a higher scientific skill with ns. The
amount consumed requires suvcuty-flve thou
sand doses a day to Hiipply it. An Inspection of
the manufactory sliowe I uh how tliU enormous
demand is made aud (!Hl(ine;l. Added to the
coimimimito skill of their co:uoaUloit, Is ou
qxtreine care In their iimniifutturP, which at
oncrsecurvs the most perfect material and their
movt accurate combination. The consequence is
imvur And certainty in controlling disease
which other remedies iiuyur jttilnnl, Balti
more Courier.
The Best Place.
The choicest lot of Groceries,
Qneonswnre, Glassware, Notions,
&c, can be had at Davis Duncan's
Store, in Zalcski', at all times.
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce
of every description taken, in' ex
change for goods, at his store,
In connection with his store he
has a Saddle and Harness shop, and
will repair anything in that lino on
short notice and at low figures.
Go and see. hrrn. tf
The preservation of the teeth in
u.mattorof the primest importance.
Especially ought young porsons ap
preciate the force of this fact.
Have your teeth examined, and if
need be, hnve them properly cared
for before loothncho drives you to
regret your neglect. Apply now to
DR. N. J. BOWERS. McArthur.
DR. N. J. BOWERS. McArthur. Dec. 4-4t.
Holloway's Pills.
They revive the appotlte, promote digestion,
sustain the vital powers, rollove nil pain and
uneasiness Jn the stomach and bowels, and
strengthen the constitution as well as expel
disease. Sold 78 Maiden Lane, N. Y. Price Mo
per box. Ask for new style; the old Is counterfeited.
New Jersey Wine in Wis.
HiltacxVii, Wis., Jan. SIJ.-I Iwve satisfied
niysolf that the wines now produced und offered
for sale by Alfred Speer, of Now Jersey, is a
wine that can be safely used for medicinal pur
poses, being pure and free from medication.
CmmtD Hands, face, rough skin, pimples,
ringworm, salt-rheum, and other cutaneous
affections cured, and the akin made soft and
smooth, by using the Juniper Tar Soap, made
by Caswell, Haxurd. 4 Co., Now York, lie cer
tain to got tho Juniper Tar Boap, as there are
many worthless imitation! made with common
Ur.' ' -"f
TnaPrRRiT andIwietest Cod I-ivkb Oil
Is Hazard ft CqswoU's, made on tho sea shore,
from fresh, selected llvors, by CASYf i.r Ha
akd & Cp., New Yprk. If Is absolutely pure
and sweet Patients who llRTfl nnrn fnlrnn Ifc
prefer It to all othors. Physlolana have decided
it superior v any or tne othor Oils in the mar
ket. I)cr4-ll)w
New York wants $XO,G50,
000 for municipal expenses for
O. T. Gcnnino has just removed
from the "Old Brick Corner" his
splendid assortment of Drugs, Med
icines." Oils, Paints, Boots, Station
ery.'&c, to. his NEW ROOM
in Will's New Building one door
west of Gilman, Ward $ Co.'s Store.
on Main Street, where he will be
pleased to meet all his old custom
ers, and as many more as chose to
givohim their patronage. ,
His New Boom is really the finest
in Southern Ohio; is being Tisitea
by everybody; and his aupplyo
Drugs, Wines, Oils, Toilets, ana tne
lice equal to any other establishment
in tho country. ? ,, '
He fills presciptions, and oau ac
commodate all customers atreason
ablo rates. If !you want' to see
the finest Drug Store, drop
in and examine this one. '
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
go to Sisson's.
How to Go West.
Thin i? p pnquiry ''whiph every
one should have truthfully answer
ed before he starts' on' his journey,
and a little care taken in examina
tion of Routes will ip WRY pases
save much troublptmean'i money.
Tho "I. B:& W. Route,." running
from Indianapolis through Bloom
ingto to BurlingtOHi l)n aphleyed a
splendid reputation ia the last two
years as the leading Passenger
Route to the West. At Burlington
it connects with the great Burling
ton Route which rum direct thro'
Southern Jpwiv tP Nebraska and
Kausrs, with close connections to
California and the Territories; and
passengers starting from Vinton
County, on their way westward,
can not do better than to take the
I. B. & W. and Burlington Route.
This line has published a pamph
let en ti tled "How ti go West,"
which contains much valuable infor
mation; n largo correct map of1 the
Great West, which cai bo obtained
free of cliargo by addressing tho
General Passonger Agon B. & M. R.
R , Burlington, Iowa.:
DR. N. J. BOWERS, Dentist, McArthur,
Five Hundred Thousand.
- m- 500,000 Bottles of Gbkkne'b
August Flower husi been sold in
this Statu in three mnth, We on
ly ask you to go to tio drug stores
of Gunning or Sisson, McArthur,
O., and get a Bottlo Free of charge,
or a regular size at 75 cts. Every
Bottlo warranted to ture Dyspepsia
or Liver Complaint, Sickhoadache,
Costitaness, Heartburn, Water
brash, Sour Stomach, Indigestion,
Impure Blood, and aU disease caus
ed by Impure Blood, or deranged
Stomach and Livor. Try it.
G. GREEN, Prop.,
Columbus, O.
Columbus, O. For Ayer's Medicines, go to G.
W. Sisson's.
Are You Going West ?
If so, take our advice, nd purchase yourtlck
ots over the old rulinble nnU popular Mlsoufl
PucllloRMlrosd' which is, positively, the onry
Line lh:tt ruimthree Dully Kxpress Trains from
St, LouIh to Khiimih City, nsd the West I and is
positively, tlm mil v I.iiu wj(ol) run Pullman
l.'uliu-c Kli'oHM und IIhv Coaches (enpecultiy
for movi'K)cqiili-d with Mlllei'sSHlety I'lnt
forin and Ihe patent Htc'iun Ilinko. from St. Louis
lo Kansas City, Kort Soott. Parsons, Lawrence.
L.euvnnvortii, AU'.nison, sc. josepn, nnirHHK
Cltv Council IiIiiIIh and Omaha, without change!
For information lnroanl to Time Tallica, rates)
Ao., to any pointln M asourl, Kansas, Nebraska,
Oolnrnlio, Texas or Cnllifarnia, onll on or address
S. H. Thomson. Aicnt Missouri Pacific R.R. Col-
nullum. Ohio; or, E. A. Ford, General Passenger
NO trouble to answer anestloas I
DR. N. J. BOWERS, Dentist, McArthur,
The Tide of Emigration
Turned !
Bookers for new homes are nonrinir Into South
west Missouri, attracted by the cheap Lands of
This Company offers 1,100,000 Acres of the
finest lauds In tho world, at from H to 1J per
acre, on seven years' time, and with free trans
portation to all purchaser,
rri.ia t i V L' ; i.- o tit Pir a nvn liv
SNOW, is dustined to become the national high
way between New York and San Fraurisco;
and to tho industrious fanners of older States
we earnestly recommend this land of cheap
homes, sure that nowhere' can the poor man
llnd a more grateful climate, a better soli, or
greater productiveness.
For full Information, with Maps and Pam
phlets, address AM08 TUCK, Land Commis
sioner, xo aoutu rourtn ireot, c. jxuis, 410,
DR. N. J. BOWERS, Dentist, McArthur,
The advertiser, having been permanently
cured of thatdread dlsease,Oonsumptlon, by a
simple-remedy, la anxious to moke known to
his fellow an fferent the means of cure.- To all
who dealro It, he will send a copy of the pre
scription nsed, (free of charge), with the, direc
tions for pi epnrlng- and using the same which
they will find a sure Corn roe Consumttiom
Asthma, Bronoritir o. Psrtlea wishing the
prescription will ploase address
196 Penn St Williamsburgh.
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sisson's
Drug Store.
Settlement Notice.
ALL thoso knowing themselves
indebted to tho firm of Richmond
& 11 van tiro requested to call imme.
diutoly and settle accounts. We
cun uot curry Recounts from one
your to another, nbd p:iy our own
October 2, 1872.—tf
CiLi, at GvNNiNO'a Dbvo Btori, In Will's
Building, and see those Flno Oil Paintings,
Chromos, Photographs, Plain and Colored Litlw
ogrnphs, which are for salo vory cheap. They
are so beaut I fid I
..11.. J U!
Dr. N. J. Bowvas, Dentist; Mc
Arthur, Ohio.
- jt:, s-:j
I keep constantly on band every description of
I manufacture to order and repalrVurniture of all kinds, at the most reasonable prices.
I am prepared to furnish
i and acoomptny them with a Hearse.
" The pallio ara lnrlted to call a ad examine mj Stock.
fll'fifi' E have just issued Strauss' Waltzes in
K7QA Clo Two Volumes, price Four Dollars each in
boards, Five Dollars each in cloth. The two volumes contain
over FoRtr Beautiful.Waltzes, worth at least TnmTy-FivE Dollars
in sheet, form In TG1A-r.a2- ordering from other
dealers, be particular ttT.UII ll to ask for PETERS'
EDITION OF STRAUSS' WALTZES, as it is the only correct
and complete edition. Address, J. L. PETERS, '
Music Publisher,' 599 Broadway, lcllllZCS
& iK '? S ,
T W M 'E !
HiVrNft been engaged In the study and
practice of Dentistry for fifteen years and
alocal prootloner In lackson for six years, and
having availed mysell of all tbe . ...
Modern . Improvements Jn Cental
'. , , Scienco, '
I would reapeotfully say to the oltlions ot
McArthur and vicinity that I am fully prepar
ed to msnlnnlHteall the various branches of the
science. Price as low as the lowest. Work as
good as the best, Persona coining from
a distance wtsn.nc to lemaln until thoir work
Is done will be entertained at my private resi
dence froe.
Used In extracting teeth, rendering their ex
traction comparatively painless, a female at
tendant always on haud to wait upon ladles,
tiive me a call.
8.T. BOGQES8. Dentist.
May lC,1971-ly Jaok;son,Q,
T, J.04KSV .
J. T. rigmo.
vomer nntn ami wainui Htreets, . c
OinOUfWATI, - oxxxo.
John MoriTTBi(, !i- ''Jji. K -
' JOUM B, C'OMKtLLr.t y .
This House has been entirely .
EoSttod, ; Ecfarnlfihcd, Xlomodolod 1
, .' And Is In all respect ' . i
Table surpasisd by none la the West. Ample
sad pleasant accommodations lor traveler,
tiive us a call.
OASES A CO., Frbprlotors.
The Hamden Foundry Company
IT . .. I 1.. I . 1. !.. 11 1 . 1? 1
at Hamden, Vinton Countv, Ohio, and supplied
itwim an tne
Latest Styles of Patterns and . Ma
At great expense, arenow manufacturing every
description of
Hollow- War, Plata Hoary Castings
for Fnrmaoos, Shafting, Stores, . .
. Orates, Fronts. Can Mills,
Wagon Boxes, Plows, .
The attention of tho publlo 1 callod to the
groat variety of
Which they are enabled to sell cheaoor than
elaowhere. The great advantage of niirchaslng
Stoves at this Foundry is. you don't nave to pay
exorbitant prices for odd plates for repairs as
you do when you pnrchaso elsewhere. A good
i. assortment 01 ,. B
Tin Ware, SleetIron& Copper Ware
. Kept on hand. This Foundry boing '
And the proprietors practical workmon, who
attend strictly to business, we can , i
Maniifacturo Our Own Goods,
And sell them direct to the people at the whole
sale prices at which the same Roods are olio rod
by Vinton County doalers. II you want a good
article at a low price, givo us a call.
Highest price paid old iirass, Capper, aud
scrap Iron. -
Persons desiring Oaitliiir ftr Patout Itlght
Will please sond us their orders, .
' KBPAIRIHO of all kinds neatly done.
ttepremWrniSol. HowJ't Ml V. O.
B. F. BROWN & CO., ,
118 Smithflold St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Collect Pensions, Bounties. Prite money,
Ac, . Hperiul attention paid to snspcndwi
and rejected t-laiins. Applications by mail at
tended to as ifmade in person. novX7-8ni
A Great Offer I H-
""f ?f?0MyS WPtAVOHi MSLODK0N8
and ORG A It Si of ix fret-da s makura. includ
ing U s WAS.U 1.. I 1 .
part oahj and hiiUino in tmall monthly instal
ment. Amu "t-fiptii iiiirfnu ir a 1
.... . . , lt, t iiii" tO.TWl-
tm imrirormtntii,for 75 win. Now ready
bfautiful tyl and psrect tone wr mad. U
luttraUd Cataloouet mailed. Xhrrt mil in find.
Music MerchandiM. nov27-3m
G. B. Barrett & Co.,
novS6-lra No. 66 Fifth Av., Plttsburifh.
'pIIE following Preamble and Resolution was
X adopted, and placed on tho records of the
(iallipolis, McArthur and Columbus Kailroad
Company, on Haturdar, October 6th, 1872. and
will be carried out by the Secretary of the Com
pany from this date, to-wit:
"Whkreas, Many Subscribers to the Capital
Stock of the Gallipolis, MoArthnr und Colum
bus Kuilroad Company, are in a rears in the
payment of the instalments duo on their sub
scriptions, and . i
WUERKA8, Tho Interests of the company are
suffering very much ou account of said subscri
bers witliholdinor the Davruent of said instal
ments, thus compelling the company to pay
interest on indebtedness to men working- for the
company on money thus withold; therefore, be
It ' ... ". . t
Rttolted, That AVm. Shoher, tho Secretary o
tho compunypbo. and he is hereby instructed to
demand, and collect interest from all subscri
bers, on all unpaid instalments from the time
they mature, or hnve matured, until paid,
unless tho sumu shall be paid within ten (10)
days from this dute. On motion, unanimously
uuii.uu.- ov. ia, ion.
Established in If3. : .
G." 6. --HAMMER & SON,
The newest and most approved styles of Fine
and Medium Furnicnre,jln larger variety tlinu
any other house, at very reasonable prices.
Persons nirnlshing houses would do well to
write for our new circular, or when in Pitts
burgh we respectfully solicit a visit to our
ware rooms, uon't rorgot the place,
46r48 & 50 Seventh Avenuei
' , , Pittsburgh, Pa.
We Challemge the World in prices for
the aamo quality of material and workman
ship of our goods. , novJtl-Sni
No Person enn take tbese Bitters accord
ing to direction,, and remain long unwell, provided
their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or oilier
meant, and tlies vital organs wasted beyond the point
of repair.
Pyspepsta or Indigestion. Headache, Pain
In the Shoulder,. Coupln, Tightness of the Client. Di.
lines.,. Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Dad Ta,ta
in the Mouth, Uilious. Attacks, Palpitation of the
Heart, Inflammation of the Luncs, Pain in die refiinns
of the KidnCvs, and a hundred other painful symptoms,
ars the ofl'springt of Dyspepsia. In these complaints
il has no equal, aud one bottle will prove a Letter guar
antee of its merits than a lemuliy advertisement.
Vor Female Couiiililllila, in young or old.
married or tingle, at the dawn of womanhood, or the
turn of life, thess Tonic Ulttert display to decided an
influence that a marked improvement it soon percep
tible. For Inflammatory mid Chroule Rheu
Mintisiit and ('.out, Bilious, Remittent and Inter,
mittent .Fevers, Diseases of the Uiood, Liver, Kidneys
and Bladder, these Hitters have no equal. Such Un
ease, .ire cau-ed bv Vitiated Blond, which is generally
produced by derangement of the Digestive Organs.
'J' hey nre n tientle Purgative as well as
a Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Inflam
mation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Uilious
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Sail .
Rheum, Blotches, Ssots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Car,
bunclei. Ring-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Ery
sipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration of the Skin, Humors
and placates of the Skin, of whatever name or iiaturs,
are literally due up and carried out of the system in a
thort time by the use ef these Bitters
Ctratef-.il Thousands proclaim Vinbgasj Hit
tbss the most wonderful Invigorant that ever sustained
lh sinking tvstrin.
WALKER, Prop'r. It. II. McnON ALD A CO.,
Druggist! and Cien. Agtt., San Francisco, al..
and ciir. ol Washingtmi and Charlton Stt., New York.
For restoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing
which is. at
once agreeable,
healthy, and
effectual f o r
preserving tho
hair. It soon
restores faded
or gray hair
to its original
color, toith tha
rSZr U Tm iV f orm
Hair vig
gloss and freshness of youth. Thin
hair is thickened, falling hair checked,
and baldnoss often, though not always,
cured by its use. Nothing can restore
the hair where the - follicles are do
stroyed, or the glands atrophied and
decayed; bub such as remain can bo
saved by this application,'and stimu
lated into activity, so that a new
growth of hair is produced. , Instead
of fouling the hair with, a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness.- Tho
restoration of vitality it gives to the
scarp arroats and prevents tha forma
tion of dandruff, which is often so un
cleanly nad offensive. Free from thoso
doUterious, substances ; which make
some preparations dangerous and inju
rious to the hair, tho Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it. If Wanted
merely for ' a' II AIR DEESSINO,
nothing else can be found so defciroble.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil whita. cambric, aud yet lasts
long on tho hair, giving it a rich, glossy
lustre, and d grateful perfume.
' Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
fraotlual suit! Analytical Chstultits,

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