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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 11, 1872, Image 1

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, 1 J. W. BOWEN, T
1 ( Psblliber and PropriutorJ '
'iC"i"V' ttw f
t . ' ' '' ' ' ; . j" ' i ' ' '
Vlll ' K " ,1 W)Suwi.fl, i
VJU. 0. -.i.v '. IPubliibw and Propdutox. .. -r .
Railway Time.
JZ :
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road TIME TABLE.
On nd after Nov. 8. 1873, THana will
run follows : . j
2 i::!
' : o : ,. . . .
.. , , C in ' .i
IIS i iiili i.ii-ii-i lilii:
J 52sss?2 ' acsstsaassasisa
3 4
: : : : ; i . i .
C3 :g : .si
r t a ! . s
: ::::::: :"i
. : :
I 4
i.S : : ; j :
Another Trln daily, ex uepl Sunday. .
atpii) btrau flamdnn and .tben.-
a . 2 v : u ;
i: 35 !li2 oSd :P-s
Portsmouth Branch.
,U.iU. AeeommodaUon,
4.00 p.m. :15a.m.
4.88 " 7.tl "
T.OO ' 11.10 '
8.45 A. If 12-20 P.M.
11105 " 4-.00 " i
11 45 P,K.''; B.aO "
Pep. Ifamdari '
Ar'r. Portsmouth
Iup, Portsmouth
Ar'r. Jack-ion .
Trains Connect at Loveland.
far all point oo tkeUlttlo
t tha (udiannpolls JtUueluuali Kullroiul Junc
tion (oral! polnte Wast. - . .
" '' Vnnrof TrantporttiUnn"'
flreit Natioaal Short XLino
East j.ndWest.. ' '
Only Direot Ssate ' to ' 1q National
Capitol and Eastward. !
On and after Mon.l.iy, SoVeraber 18, Trains
will run as follows t
ijtn'nati rut
jCaprsM. Lint.
055 Am 40Pm
85Pm 1 3.1 Am
6 04 " 5 51
830 " 88 "
855 " 845 "
1000 " 1000 "
tSSAra I to Pin
815" 410"
19 80 Pm 880 Am
1954 Am IMS Put
6 45 Pm 600 "
8 00 " 405 im
8 90 " 495"
190flPm 659 "
5 60 Pm 10 89
6 95 "
Pnrkerfthurg .......
Harper' rarry
Washington ... ...
New York .. .....
Depart .......
New York
Arrive .......
Washington Juno'n.
Harper' Kerry.....
44 Am
12 I'm
45 "
05 '
9 :90 Pm
4:00 Am
6:00 Pin
1H)4 "
8:45 Am
11 00 "
Pullman Palace Drawing Room Sleeping Cars.
Which areas comfortable, elegantly furnished,
and almoit equal to a flro-ilde, are on all Train
from Cincinnati to Baltimore and Washington
BeeSoheduleor Marietta and Cinoinnati Rail
way for time of arriving and doparting from
MoArthflr. .. .
The advantage of thi route over all other
I, tMt it Rive all travoler holding; through
ticket the privilege of visiting Baltimore,
Philadelphia, and the National Capitol free.
Timequlnker and rate of fare lower than by
ny other lino. , '
Tb toenery alonrthls Railway Is not equaled
for gruodeur o tula Ontineut. ... j
Tms lino otfors superior InducHinuntsthe
ratea being one-third lower tonnd from lliwtou.
New York, or any other B.tsteru point. Ia or
dering good of any description from the Kiial
give dlt-eotion to ship ta Haiti more A Ohio
R. It.,and InshlpulntiKast glvetninedlreotlun.
VrolghUHhlupeil by thi route will have .)ei
be and sav
J. L. WILSON, Master Transportation Baltimore,
Gen. Baltimore.
L. M. COLE. S. B. JONES. Gen, Ticket Ag't. Baltimore.
Gen. Pass. Ag't., Cincinnati.
v.3srr)A.iii a.
? . . ' v t, . -
3BXPRK33 TRAINS leavnA Indlannpoll
dully, exeejit Sunday, for BT, LOfJXi and
. THBW3'f. , , ,
i . ! w mi ' ' , 1
mUE only Line running PULLMAN'S cel
I brated Drawing-room Bloeptng Osrafrom N.
T., Pltttbitrgh, Cola niliiiH, Louisville, Cin
oinnati, nd IndlinapolU, to 8 6. Loula without
hange. , ; j J t:t , '-.'"l ' ' '.- . .
Pa.aengnr should rimember thnt thi It the
' UroatWeot Bound Route for Ka-nan City,.'
I J Leavenworth, t.awreiico.Tpiieka. Juno- ,
tloo City, FortHoott and St. Jojeph. '
Tl llf0 tlTf TO K AN8AM, for the pur
CNllUilAFl I & poie of establishing thorn
sielvoa In new homes, will have liberal dlsciinv
in.tlou made In their favor hr this Line. Hal-
Isfaotory onmm utatlOA on regular rates will be
. given V) Colonists and large partlm travollnii
iovetheri and thnlr baiiraaa. etnUrant outfit
. and stock will be ihlppiidon the most favora
ble term, presenting to
' Buon comfort and aooommodntlon a are pre
sented by NOOiliKKItUUlti
IpTHiril'T.fl naa henhtslnad it nil thanrlnolpal
Tloket Oftlee In the Eastern, Middle and
.ooth.m et.te.. fl B FoLtETT
. G.nwal Pasasnger Agsnt, It. IyOuI"
Bonx. EMMicrr,
Kstt.rn Plng'.r Agent, Indlanapolll.
Gen. Pass. Ag't., Cincinnati. Railway Time.
Cleveland Columbus Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
OnanUttitur Myjx UAV, May S8ih, 1H71, Ex
Ire8a Trulnit will kEavs C'ULUMliUH uint
OItlC.Sri.INR 1111(1 1KKIVB ut nli.U .,..,url
liiur ub fill lntAii
Oni'i' ..Ililbam.' 4il6pm 2i35m
Crestline Usuupiu .:!& in . 4:t0nui
Cltiveland .. . 8iJ5um. 9:45 Din ' 1:80m ni
HiiOralo. 10:U0pm y 4:10pm S.iOpm
Nift(nraFallii....7:00ii in 6:46am- 4:40pni
ttocueaUir.. ,....l:80aiu 7:05am 5:06pm
Allljinv U4Kik ' o..lii.in l.tui.. ...
. .- I- -1. w III i ,WIII i.muui
Jti 6;a0pm 11 :10 pm . 11:00a ni
New York City.. Mp m 6:00 pm 8:40am
Crentllno. ........ li'45u m 8 35 pm 135am
llttburB..-. .,,,1.,l8 p m. 1 S5a m 8 45 pm
HttrrlMbtirff l a.i : T h a. in V 11'.Kni SJAum
Baltimore. , . ,..10 40 a m ', 1 40 p m
M i-,hinit.K ,.. . 1 :u put 0 !!,$ in,..,
!i'iiiii iiimhiii:-. 11 i&m in ' - a i:, i m . 7nnin
I !rwurilitn li . .11 Jlfl ii in A f4i. . K KKZZ
Fort ,Wyna 5 80 am ? 'I la ni , 11 S5 am
','hinairp .JlH,.M 10 pn i T30a m 800p tn
' BfcS'. lPnThi-r Colnmhn .t '4:10 p. m.
bn a Tlirn)th Cur eta Delaware for Springfield.
ruachlnuHirln;nelil Wltliontliu)iffeiit7:20pm.
J Tritin Son cm the Golnmbim & llo-klng VhI
in; Riiilroiidconnectwlth No. 4 Traill. Hi rough
Tickets ror gal at Athens.
TRAINS retnrniDR arrive at
Columbus at 12:86 a m. 11 :15 a.m. and M a. m.
Palace Day and Sleeping Cars
On All Trains.
' b it, on
flunilnK. runa through without detention, by
both E:i e and 9ew York Central Railway!,
arriving at Now Vprk on Monday morning at
For nnrtlotilur Information " In regard to
through tickolH, time, oonnectlona, etc., to all
points Eant. West, North and South, apply to
or tiddrea K. FORD.Oohimbua.Ohlo.
E. S. FLINT, Gen, Superintendent.
Gen, Agent, Columbus, O.
-' nbna.Oi
I tjie .Shortest, Quickest
and ou! iluinj rj)iming-its en
tire tvnin through to
Qiir fl,j'iaiigeint'tit3 anil enii
lections with U from St.
Louis and Louisville are per
fect, Reliable anil complete for
ill points
This is th hortest jind .l)et
nnjtju tv JCanxaV 6ity,v lieaven
Worth, v AtobjLsQ'u, gt. Joeph
'ind...to nil "points in Misdouii,
ICunsas and Nehraska. - '
Ti) rough-'joke's and lull
int'oi'mati'on as to fciiua and
'areV"' cai' he5 .'obldii (!! -(flf any
it. 11. O (lice, or at onr ofhce ir
Ciin-iniiati. 1. ,
Bv OAITjDP; "Oen, Eas' Faa.'ARrent
.. ... , ..... ,.-..v CINCINNATI.
tV. II.5 BALE, Oen.. Fas, aud Tlckftt Agt.,
J"-'' - -T-'ST. LOUIS.
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette
Rail Road,
To all Points West, Northwest
and Southwest.
The Groat Throngh Mall and Express Pas
lenger Line to Ht. Louis, Kunsa City, St
loa.Mih Uoiiver. San KranciHuo. and all uoluu
in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.
Th ahnrtAHt and onlv direct route to Indian
apolit, Lafayette, Terra Haute, Cambridge
City. Springfield, Peoria, Burlington, ChlcttK ',
Mllwauseo, 01. raui, auu an punivs in uir
Northweat. - .
The litilinnapoin.oinoinnBti ann Liarayecie
Rulirmul. with Its oonnoction. now offers pas.
Mongers more faidlltiea In Through Conch anil
Sleeping Oar Hervlae than any other line from
Cincinnati, having the advantage of Through
Daily Oara from Cinoinnati to Ht. Lls. Kan
sas Cltv.Ht. Joseph. Peoria.Burllngton.Chlcsgo.
Omaha, and all intermeuiate pointa, presenting
to rinl. mints and Famllios such comforts anil
accommodations as are afforded, by no other
Through Ticket and Baggage Check to an
X rains leivsoinoinQuu n.fw A.m., o,w
m and 9:00 P, tt. .
Ticket can be obtained at No. 1 Burnet
Houie. corner Third and Vine Publlo Lsnil-
nor. corner Main and Rlvert also, at Depot,
erner Plum and Pearl Btreela. Cinoinnati, O.
Re sure to rjurchose tickets via Indianapolis,
Cincinnati and Lafayette.Railroad.
u kk. LiilULf, . i iOAtvitinuivrj,
hlef Tloket Clerk, Master Tranaportatlpn.
Cincinnati. . Clnnlnnat
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
On and altar Deoember 10th, 1871,Traius will
an as follows!
Depart, ' D'part
Athens 6.80 a. m. . 9:15 r. u.
Atriv. . -Arrivf,
Colnmbu... 9:50 . m.' T , 0 40 r, M.
Pittsburgh 6:H5 P. a. , ; w" 1 K0 . M-
Cleveland... 8:65 " 7:80 "
Xonla 19:10 ' 7:50 '1
Dayton 1-05 ), ,) ' "
Itlchmond... 8:S8 " ' 11.17 "
Indianapolis 6:10 1:90 a.m.
Chicago 19:18 A. M. ; ... -.t WW "
Close connection made at Lancsster for Olr
nlevllle, Zanesvllle, and nil pointann the Cin
cinnati and Muiklfiguni Valley IUilroad. .
Direct connections made at Cnlumlmi for
Dayton, Springfield, Imllnnapolli, Chicago,
incl all point West. Also, for Cleveland,
Buffalo. Plttuhiirgh, and sll polnflKast.
"Take the Hocking Vullev and I'sn Handle
route to Chicago and the North writ, it Is the
shortest by sixty-six miles, giving passenger
the benollt of quicker time and lower rittea
E. A. BUELL Gen'l Ticket Ag't.
E. A. BUELL Gen'l Ticket Ag't. NOTICE
To Stockholders of the G., McA.
& C. R. Co.
A LL person having subscribed to tha Capl-
tai BHiim oi me uaiiipoiis, sioArtnnr k
Coluinhuir Kill In. ad Co., ate lioitdiy required to
make imymnnt to the Heuretary of the Compa
required to
.lie Com pa.
ny, at hiNoflloe in GHlllpolis.Ohio.aad parties
i... . .1 uiniMU,.. m.i',in, v.i.,f, Mn .,,. .ivm
living IrrVinton county. Ohio, may mak pay
ment. If morn convenient, t Daniu H It,'!,,
President nf the Vinton Oounly Hniik,ilnttal
rnentson thelrsuhsoriptlon afollnai!
A 4th Inslalmeut of. 10 porcent.,on or before
Julv 9. 1879. ... -4
A 5th Instalment 6f lOpof cent., on orboforr
August 99. IH79.
A 8th Instalnientof 10pereent.,on Of boforo
i 7th instnlmentof 10percent.,onor before
October tS. IH79. .......
An 8th Instalment of 10 par oeui.onor bofore
November I8.1D7X , . . . - -
A 9th Inetriiinent oflOper cent., o. ot before
uecemoern, wi. .
ordar of Board of Dlreolont
. July im.,.(J.i. j . ;,.r
Bu0tne0s Cartrsl;
(; D...B SHIVEL, :
' Will attend promptly , it. ' .bgnl business
un trusted to luacare In Viiituu und adjoining
counties. Office In the Ituunrilci'iiOOice.
MoAUTHUlt, OHIO. . f
WILL attend promptly lo any business
given to hi care and muntigement in
anyOourt of Vluton annudjoliiltig count lw.
OfViok In the Court House. Uu btnlra. 1H-U
L"A WY E H-,
JProMontlng Attorney of Vinton Oonaty,)
WILL practice In Ros, Vinton and djolning
counties. All legal business entruated to
hi care promptly attended to. oo-u
OF FIOK 1st noon Went of Dan. Will Bros.
Kspeclal attention given to lliecollection
ofolalm. . W-ly
Attorney at Law ai Notary Pe.
WILL attend all legnlbuslneH entrusted to
hiscare. Supply of Blank Deeda and
Mortgages nlwaya on hand. Ofkick No. 12
Woat Wing Balnbrldge I'lock. tf
J. W;--Propretor
HMIIS llotid la In the rnoKt cuiivonteot par
1 of the eltv on Front Htroet. between Iar
ketandJeflorson. '
i . ' '-' 1 ' . . -.
Oontor High and Slstn Streets. 1
(Nearly Opposite Blnlo liousc
E. . J. BL0UT - ; Pvopriefr.
TIII9HOTKL is furnialied tln'oughout with
atlthe niO'lorn liiiiroyenciits. tlm-sta run
rely on the best treatment and very low bills.
Street car pass this llotid to and from all
Kuilrua.il Depots.
TniH Hotel, ft fow foel. from the Railroad
Depot and whore all travelers upon all
. . . V . I I. l,n. Inat fulfill rri-anflV
trains cnii um ' .... .. H... ......
.lalnrgedand thoroughly repaired, painted,
c., and wnow in nomniHi iiniiT ir mu
neptlonofg.iests. wwfralns slop ten min.
nt for meals. mrTnttMH moiikkat.
1 J . -. - L I IJ'S .'....i,- ..
Dr. I.T.MONAHAN. . Proprietor
THI9 House, formerly the Ishain Hotine,lisa
been thoroughly renovated and beauti
fully furnished. Having auperlor rnollltles,
flverylhlng will he done lo tnnke gnesta com-
roriante. innie aiwuyn .unun-u wim "ini
mnrknt nffordiT. Nicely ftirnlsheil Rooms and
1Ann.a Ra,1a tlnnA Rlnl.ln. Rvnrv AtTorl
made for theoomfort ofpnl.mns. A II charge
WS0LI8AI.lt DastiKR IN I'
Front Street. . . .Portsmouth, O.
. J.F.TOWELL Is aEPntfrtr several Mills, and
nl heme Is headquarters for tinny desirable
niHKCiOt eastern uonos. ah goixis mil no
sold at the lowest possible price.
Close Csih Hnvors, Klrat Clans Time, Trade,
Wholesale redillers ana ruriiacouieti are iisr-,
l.lculiirly Invited to n examination oflilsstock
Manufacturer of ''
CNOOO assortment of Marble constantly on
J hand. All kind of
Cemetery Work
'PIT 18 Is to Inform all Uonlor In I'roprlntitry
I Medicines and ot hern, Unit we have given
the exclusive sale of lr. RAUCLIKFK'S groat
remedy, . , . - ,
Seven Seals or Golden Wonder
To 8AMUKL KKKVKfl, Hi Znleskl, Ohio, Solo
Agent for Vinton County, Slate of Ohio. We
have been receiving aiiplicat tens to till orders
n.r tho SKVKN SKa1.H Oil UOLDK.V WON.
liKH Irom parties in the above and ailjoiiiliig
coiinllu. Ilurnaaor all orders from the above
cuunty must bo addressed to tho above Agent
in order to rucaive attention. ,
Keep a large tupply on hand, and Is ready to
till older and establish lub-nucnti iu laid
- Proprietor, I'lttsbiire, l'a. .
Ontnlier 0, 187.-Sm ,
ON MARRlAOK.-IInppy Relief for YOxng
Mon from tbeoffecta or Errors and Abuses
in esrly JIM. Manhood restored. Noi voni
debility cured. Impediments tn Man-Inge re
moved. New method of treatment. New and
remiirkalilu remedies. Hooka and Circular!
nut free. In lealnd envelopes. i-
I0UUU) ninth St., t-hlrsxUWilatra. . 1-lf .
To the Ministers and Brethren of
the Christian Union :
"The Cdristmn AtITNEPs": as
you all knowwas jstaited by
niir tiolnvorl lii-nrtioT ,T!ov .T Tt1
Given, (now fieceaseu,) I in the
interest of, tli? Christian Union.
After bis death, ) his 'daughter,
Miss Mattie Given, undertook,
but not being able' to pontinue
the publication ofthel paper, his
widow proposert yto. ec II, to the
State. jDoupcil .J.: Ohioj'at its ses
sion at Marshall, Highland
county, Ohio, the entire printing
establishment, - including " The
Christian . Witness," aud eYery
thing pertaining tq Her
proposition to sell w'u accepted
by the Council, and ihereupon
the Council proceeded to raise
a fund to purchase 'said paper
and said printing establishment,
and continue the publication of
ii. - .I. .
uie paper, i comautee was
appointed to make the! purchase,
and continue the publication of
the Witness. An invoice of the
establishment was' taken,, and
the entire establishment, includ
ing the "Christian Witness," and
...& v. y "". """
everything T)ertainiIl? tO it. WaS
J ."o I' J,. 7 mO " .yrri
purchased of Sister Given and
paid for, and the publication, of.
said paper continued by a pub
lishing committee , appointed b;
tne Council, until the iunds wj
came exhausted, when the fu
ther publication was suspended,
a short time, before the meeting
of the State ' Council of Ohio,t
its annual session,1 at Salem
Church, Franklin county, Oiio,
October g), A. D, J8( , ,
At this session of the Coancil
it was determined to organize a
Joint Stock Company, fiif the
purpose of" publishing the hris
tian Witness, Sabbath 4 School
Books, a Sunday SchooPaper,
a Hymn Book and ot?er publi
cations in the interft of the
Christian Union ar a pure
Christianity; and. a committee
was, therefore, appoirjtecl to re
port a plan for the organization
of such a company The com
mittee made a report on -: the
subject which was aiopted. A
committee of five werj appointed
by the Council, to oiganize such
company under the lu.w of Ohio,
on tho basis of said report Said
committee were instiicted in the
organization of sail company,
and in the adoption'of its rules
and regulations, to amply secure
and protect the Christian Union
publishing interest The State
Council was to appoint the ed
itor, and he was to nave the sole
charge, .of , the .church paper, and
all other of our 'publications, and
over . the : matter;1, (if ' the - paper,
and said other pubneatfons ; and
said company : was', to have no
control over said editor,7 who
was to bo amenable tp," and re
movable by the State (Council of
Ubro until ' such'; time - as the
State . Council of Oh io Wight see
fit and , proper- tqtffvsfiiv said
publisliing lnterest over to' "The
General Council, of the' Christian
Union." Said 'company ' was to
pay the editor such' 'compensation
as. he" and the company'might
agree upon.;; -Such company was
to publish ; and-furnp i for the
Christian Union' all" Its papers,
books and other ' printing, at the
usual rates forWk piblications.
The' company was tot have the
financial management of its af
fairs, and receive and 'control all
moneys accruing frohj' the publi
cation of said papersj books, &c,
and be liable for. all ,debts con
tracted and divide the profits
pro rata among the stockholders.
lhe company was to appoint all
its officers, manage its business,
and issue said .'publications', and
do said printing at suchplace as
said compaiiy might deem for its
host interest. v ' .
The establishment, aforesaid,
purchased of Sister Given, the
committee aforesaid" were di
rected and . instructed to turn
over i into the , hands of said
company at its invoiced value, to
be ascertained by two competent
persons,; to be owned and held
by tho ObrifUttit Uuivu as ett
much stock in said company,
and in its transfer the committee,
were instructed to arrange with
said company for those subscri
bers who had paid for the paper
while in the hands of 'the Pub
lishing Committee. i ; t.
On this ' basis said company
was to bej organized. A com
pany was therefore organized,
called "The Christian ; Onion
Printing and Publishing Associ
ation." This company commenced
the publication of the Christian
Witness, and continued its pub
lication until the 24th of July
last, wheir4t suspended the pub
lication of the paper.
The paper having been sus
pended by said 'company, the
btate Uouncu ot Ohio, at its ses
sion at Williamsport, Pickaway
county, Ohio, September 4, A.
D. 1872, appointed a committee
on publishing interest
Said committee on Publishing
Interest, after due and careful
deliberation, . submitted the fol
lowing report, to-witU
Tho Committee on Publishing Interest re
spectfully aubmit the following report:
We recommend the following plan to con
tinue the publication of the Witness:
1. Jletolued, That we raiso a f und of 1 1060 by
securing 105donors at S10 each. . i
a. itttnivta, mat he n
pointed Treasurer of said fund of 11050, and of
all other moneys from all other sources,
which mn'oome into his hands, as said. Trea..
surer, be (o eive ample seouviiy' tor the(r if
iWtyR nn PPor dlBhnrseinent,.aud ren.
deranacdiirAle account of the ame, to the
oii)i Bunnell ur iiiio, ana also to tne ueucrai
Council, aocompaniod with the vouchers for
all money paid out, at thoir next aessions. .
8. We recommend the acceptance of the
written proposal of J. W. Bowen for the pub-:
licntion of the AVitnkss, of which the follow
ing is a copy, to-wit:
" Ut. I propose to take the subscription list
"of Tim CnnisTUN Witnesh as H now
J' stands on tile boaka- and: fill Oie unexpired
m giihscriptlon. . . , . i , . .
'"M. I will print and mall the paper regn- .
"larlyeach week to all subscribers, guarsn
" teoing that there shall be no failure in the
" issne of the paper, and I will faithfully do
" every description of printing and binding
"that may be required by the Christian Un.
" ion people, at the lowest living rates; and
'will enmmonrn. tho performance of the .
11 aforesaid wo'rk'a,t tha earliest possible con
't Vcn ience. ;
41 M. I also nroc to enlarge The Witness
" to a thirty-two column paper; publish it
" for $9 per year, or in clubs of 20 at $1.75, or
"in clubs, of 40 and upwards at 11.60 per
"vear; 'par"ie W50 solicit subscription
" for it to receive tho paper frtt for every
" list of 10 subscribers procured at the above
"rates. . -
"4A. I will agree to take such Denting
material belonging to what is khdwti arf the
"iGWen'Estahlishment, as I can make use .
" of in my Printing House, if tho same can
" lie procured on satisfactory terms; provl
" ded tho Christian Union people raise 9700
" as soon as convenient to be paid mo for the
" purposo of meeting tho expense of fllllug
" the unexpired subscriptions now existing
"against Tna Witness, If that . amount
" should be required, but, if not, I shall re
" fund the balance within one year.
" 6A. I agree to make satisfactory arrange
" ment with the Editor of the paper for hi
"expeuse and service; said Editor to be
" elected by the General Council, or as may
" be dosired by the Christian Union people.
"McArthur, Ohio.
"McArthur, Ohio. Sept. 6, 1872."
4. Said Treasurer shall publish a monthly
acrnnnt. of nil moneys received and paid out,
In THE WiTNEflR. '
5. Biuolrtd, That onr proceeding herein
are in no wav designed to withdraw The ,
Witness from the control of tho General
Union. .'.
All of which Is respectfully submitted;
On motion, tho report of the Committee
was adopted by a rising vote.
After the adlonrnment of the Council, Mr.
Bowon directed tho addition of anothor prop-
osltion, to-wit: ,i .
6(A. I will publish weekly it list of all
" subscriptions received and the amount of
money accompanying each name. "
On Motion, the Council proceeded to select
a Treasurer to till the blank in the above re
port of the Committee on Publishing Intereit,
and thereupon, Brother A, O. Rose was se
lected as said Treasurer,
On motion of the Recorder, the following
resolution wa adopted, to-wit:
Kttotmd, That a Committee of Three be ap
pointed bv this Counoll to contract with
Brother J.'W. Bowen for the publication of
Tub CnniaTl AM Witkess, In compliance with
his written propositions to this Council, and
to receive from him such obligation and guar
antee for the faithful performance of his said
agreement, as mav be necessary; eaid Com-,
mittee to be limited In said contract with him
to a term of not exoeeding ten years. .
On motion of the Recorder the Conncil then
proceeded to vote by ballot for said Commit
tee, anil on counting out the ballots, the fol
lowing brethren were selected a said Com
mittee, to-wit: Virgil E. Shaw, P. P. Wolf
and J. B. Clover.
On motion, the following resolution was
adopted, to-wit:
Jinolrnt, That said commltteo of three, to
wit: Virgil K. 8haw, P. P. Wolf and J. B.
Clover are directed to enter into (aid contract
with ald J. W. Bowen, as soon as taid sum
of Bcven- hundred dollars Is collected and
? laced in the hand of Brother A. D. Boie,
reasuror. , .
On motion. It was
Kftohtd, That all ourmlnlstere be, and hey
are herebv appointed, a committee to raise
said sum of 1050 dollar within the next SO
day, or a soon thereafter as possible, and
they are hereby instructed to forward the
money to Brother. A. D. Rose. Treasurer, at
Williamsport, Pickaway oounly, Ohio, as fast
a collected.
The above report of the pub
lishing committee, you will see,
was adopted by a rising vote of
the Council, as a mark of its es
pecial approbation and joy at
the prospect of securing the per
manent publication of the paper
in the future.
Brother Bowen is a practical
printer is engaged in that busi
ness has a power press, and is
readv. as , soon as said sum of
$700 is made up, to khter into a
contract to , publish the "Chris
tian .Witness", according to his
said propositions, for a term , of
i 1 i 1 I
ten years, ana give ample secu
rity for the publication of the
paper. ' , ', , . .
Now, in view of this action of
the State Council of Ohio, it is a
matter of the, most . unbounded
surprise, that on the. 20th day of
November, A. .U lo7z, a paper
etyljod 'Tjeo3 CiiRi8TUN,Wmw
is issued at Columbus, Ohio, with
a notice, that "all letters on bu
siness i or otherwise, should be
addressed, and all subscriptions
or other money, sent by Post
office order or draft, to Christian
WrrNESS, Columbus, Ohio," and
a request "that all ministers in
the Christian Union send tts"
(who is us ?) "their Post-office
address that we" ; (who is we ? )
"may send them a copy of the
paper. . We will be glad t6' have
a short letter from each one for
the ' paper, giving briefly - such
facts in connection with their
work as wll be jof general inter
est to our" (who is our ?) "r'ead-
ersr.:. '". ::x
But the thing of most surprise
is the following communication,
in this aforesaid pretended 'Wit
ness, to-wit: : . . 7 . :
"Friends of the Witness.
''DZAB BllETHBKM About tha lit dr nf
"June, lmo, the Christian Union Printing and
"Publishing Association oommenced the publi
"cationofthe Witnmu, tlllinf out the unexpired
"subscription, costing about 3(K), and paying
"about $360 of debt: the Association continneu
"to issue thenaiier for two year without mlss
"ing number, although the eubscription list
"decreased. The paper would have been con-
tlnued by the Association on whatever sub
scription came In, had not an article beeu
"Inserted In a May number urging friends to
"collect and hold subscriptions until after Gen-
- emivouncii. wnen new arrangements wouUI
be made. The officer then felt that they could
"not do their duty to the Association and Issue
the paper longer, and have patiently waited
"the action
of tha General Council and the
"State Council.
otaie council. Nearly tlx months have pa
"Since themootinir of the General (ViunrlL
"over two months since the State ijouneiL and.
"still we are not advised" (who is this m that
lacks knowlediref) "that anvthlnsr ha been
"done bv either to issue the paper; but we art
"now advised that a few old-time friends of the
"ICKtMssand the cause of Christian Union have
"oomo forward and amuged for its permanent
"issue, and that they have arranged with Mrs.
"Mattie Given Pilcher, thedevouE Intellectual
"and cnltivated daughter of the fonndar of tin
"paper, the dear Rev. James P. Given, to take
"Oi every ineurl or tlioLhrntlaa Union." (Whi
Is this U)0 who' has received thi important in
formation, and who so Innocently ha had
nothing to do with the "new arran tremens" lint
to receive Information of it, and whose heart
I o much reloloed over itf) "We are furthei
"iuformetl that it i the purpose to send the
"paper regularly to all persons whose name
"appear on the old lists until the first day ol
"January, 1073, and have all uhseription to
"commence with the flrt Weduedy in Janu
ary, and the llrat Wednotdav of July in each
year, As those bfothren who now come for
"ward and bear the burden of issuing the paper,
,iuici; mr vue gooa oi tne cause" tvery
generous!) "which must have an organ or be
'lost-and are making sacrifices- for this pur-
ise, we hope no brother or sister will hesit ate
lorwara, by the nrst of January, two dol
lars to continue their ubcriotion."
A a
o so.
matter of course, no brother or slater will
tmtillflh ihm nam... ,.;.; 1
after siting iut capital of twenty thousand
dollars", more or less, failed to publish it, there
is llttto a8suranna that the a. Id nhl.time friend.
will continue their generosity very long, es
pecially when It eomes to filling out the unex
lilred subscriptions!) "We have with pleasure
'turned over the hooks and n.tiers tn the new
"arrangement. All our oflloliu connection with
Ii . I. II'..... . i- . . i ' i i - -.
.iiv 'i nitrmm t. ii in uau, ye we lu.e no l
"est In 1UC (that is verv consolinir to the C
tian Union for the sad plight to which you
brought the WUmm.) "and will each subscribe
"and pay lbr two or three copies" (that is very
generous!) "for ourselves ami friend. , May
4lw1 nm.nA.lhA n.tw. anrlri.11 Ita rftnrlnr..
'C. V. P, ft P, AmorJUTlON:
"By A. P, Bqb, T re as. and Pre, pro tm,"
: The above communication has
been copied in full, that the im
pudence . and audacity of the
thing might he the more appar
ent, It is in utter contempt ol
the State Council of Ohio, and
the action of the Council at its
last session, set forth aJJove. , It
is very manifest from whence all
this proceeds, and that it is an
effort to stop the publication oi
the paper by Brother Bowen
but it will' not succeed. 1ns
movement is toithout authority and
without responsibility, and . de
serves the severest censure and
condemnation, and doubtless will
receive it The above communi
cation is in utter contempt, also,
of the action of the State Coun
cil of Ohio, at its session, at Sa
lem Church, Franklin county,
Ohio, October 20, 1869, above
referred to. The Christian Wit
ness, with all its books and pa
pers, is the property of the Chris
tian Union, and not of said As
sociation. Said Association .was
authorized under the action oi
said State Council to publish,
for the Christian Union, all its
books, papers, &c, charging no
more than the customary price
for such publications. The State
Council of Ohio was to appoint
the editor, and he was to have the
sole charge of , the Church paper,
and all other of our. publications,
and over the matter of the paper,
and said other publications-; and
said company was' to have no
control over said editor, who was
to be amenable to, and remova
ble by, , the State Council of
Ohio, until such time as . the
State Council of Ohio might see
fit and proper to transfer said
publishing , interest , over to the
General Council, which has since
been done. ",. , : . i
. Yet, in the face of all. this,
this association (which has failed
to publish the Witness) has 'had
the audacity . to hand over the
Witness and . all its books und
papers (and without authority,)
to a new ; arrangement , Who
orach? this low airuuffjuoat, octl
who are the parties to it, and
what is this new arrangement,
and " its responsibility, and who
is to handle the money ?
. An'd,agaih,we"'are'. told that
'a few old-time friends of the
"Witness and the cause of Chris
tian ; Union '.. have 'come forward
and arranged for its permanent
issue, and that they have ar
ranged witli Mrs, Mattie Given
Pilcher, the devout, intellectual
and i cultivated daughter , of the
founder of the
the. dear
Rev., James F. Given (a married
woman, in poor health, with the
cares-of a household upon her, a
resident of the State of Kansas
how shallow all this) to edit
the paper.' ; : V
By what authority is Jt that
these old-time .friends, as. they
call themselves, have taken; upon
themselves; thua . to appoint an
editor for a paper that don't be
long to themj and over which
they have no control t" The Pub
lishing Committee of the General
Council and the Publishing Com
mittee of the 1 State Council of
Ohio, acting in' concert with the
Committee of the General Coun
cil, have the papeY ici their care
and keeping,' ana are not able to
appreciate such Meddling, and
do ereby 'Utterly repudiate it.
The paper already has an' editor,
and the ., services of Mrs, Mattie
Gjven Pilcher are not needed.
.,: As soon as the arrangements
can be, made, the Committee ap
pointed to contract with Brother
Bowen for the publication of the
Witness, will enter into a writ
ten contract to publish the same
as aforesaid ; and he is ready to
give ample security for the publi
cation of the v paper in accord
ance with his written" proposi
tions above, as soon as said sum
of $700 is raised, to fill the un
expired subscriptions now exist
ing against the Witness, for sub
scription money received by said
Association and for which i the
Association has failed to issue
the paper. ' ' ; '.
If, therelore,. our ministerial
brethren and friends will go to
work, and get up the said sum
of money (which can be easily
done by contributions without
bearing hard on" any 'one) at
ice, and .forward the same to
the undersigned at Lancaster,
Fairfield ' county, 1 Ohio, (as
Brother, Rose, from the position
he has taken in his above com
munication would, no doubt, feel
that he could ' not consistently
receive the money,) the Witness
wUl Jbe published at once, in su
perior style, and enlarged to a
32 column paper. The under
signed will be responsible for all
moneys forwarded him, and will
send receipts- immediately on
getting the money.
Secretary Pub. Com. of General Council
and Ch'm Pub. Com. State Council of Ohio.
Rat Proof Corn Crib.
, A correspondent of cinnati
Gazette says he arranged
a crib as follows to make it rat
Let the four corner posts be
eight inches square ; frame the
sills which are to support the
floor of the ,corn.crib into the
post at a distanctfbf two feet from
the lower end. Before putting
the frame together, taper the
lower ends of the posts for the
distance of two feet, so that at
the very base the posts shall be
only four , inches square. Now
when the frames are set up let
these posts also stand on ta
pered rocks ' If the crib needs
more than, the four posts to bear
up the corn that will be put into
it, make legs like the! lower por
tions of these posts, and set these
legs under the sills. Now lay
the joista ot' sleeper a on the sills,
and put on the floor, making the
latter tight, - and which will bo
about three feet from tho ground.
Have the door made tight, and
keep it shut, and no rats will get
into your crib.
, The trade of the Ohio river
for the , year 1872 is estimated
to amount to : $860,000,000, and
the amount of coal transported
down the Ohio ; at ; 90,000,000

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