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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 18, 1872, Image 2

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OFFICE J a Second Story of Itowm'i
. Iluilcliiig. North side of Main Street. K;W o
Court House, i
J. W. ItOWKX. Editor.'
McArthur, December 18, 1872
.:!t:r. little is being "aonon
Congress, excepjtjh? rearrange
ment of .tlje committee in both
branched j " ' . ;
SAAllEL-'Ni i Pake, the 1 builder
and owner of Pike's Opera House,
Cincinnati, died of apoplexy at
New York on Saturday week. !
. , What we; ay 1 first );we.-. gay
i last Jackson Standard. :. ;
:. '7 That's, fkht! Stick, to it!
f NeVer'feivef-n !: ,;
5 " - i
t The coal tonnage of the 'Co
Jumbus and Hocking .Valley
Railroad Company for the week
ending November 7th was 13,!
452 tons 363,204 bushels. ' :j
It appears that t there -were
destroyed by the great Boston
conflagration 11,000,000 pounds
of wool, 5,000,000 suits, .of cloth
ing, 21,000 bags' of coffee and
25,000 chests of tea. ,
Greeley's vote' 'in Licking
county, falls just 41 votes be
hind Wiley's in October) and is
137 greater than Seymour's in
1868. The O'Conor ticket polled,
54 votes. .
: Somebody has been swin
dling Estill, of the Holmes couri
; ty Farmer.' Hear him : 1 "Put
ting 45 gallons of cider in a 40
gallon barrel is devilish hard on
the barrel." rJ-.-uw ''
Fred Douglas says that Grant
would have been beaten without
the negroes, and that the negro
elem?nt must be recognized and
rewarded.' Fred. is right, but he
can't make the Radicals believe
it. " "
Rapier is the name of a! col
ored gentleman who has been
elected to Congress in Alabama,
after' nine years of service to the
State in its State Prison."' His
former career and Iris cognomen
equally suggest ttiat his constit
uents must have been actuated
by small sordid motives. r4r l.
Simon Cameron, , the' Radical
thief has visited Washington
since the election, and it is re
ported that he demands the re
moval of every federal office
holder who is not friendly to the
Cameron Ring in Pennsylvania.
Grant, like the donkey between
two haystacks, don't know
which way to turn..
Can there be any greater
mockery than the assemblage of
ot a lot of negroes, who voted
for Grant, to deplore the death
of the great and good Greeley ?
He devoted his whole , life to
' raent he 6erved them long and
nobly but when ' he came 1 be
fore the people for their suf
frages, these new-born voters,
who owed to him, more than to
any other living man, the right
to vote, cast their ballots against
their benefactor and friend.' Si
lence on the part of these con
' temptible hypocrites is more he
coming than resolutions of con
dolence. , Their base ingratitude
to the great philosopher will
mark forever their subserviency
to the party lash. ' . j
-The't Chesapeake' and Ohio
Railroad is now so far completed
as to permitv the passage over
the main line, and its. various
branches,' of an excursion train
containing Mr. C. P. Hunting
ton, the President of the com
pany A. A. Low, Esq.,; and sey1
cral leading citizens of New
York. The road will soon be
fully, ballasted and equipped,
when it will be formally opened,
and trains' will , run direct from
' Richmond t6' the terminus of the
main line, at Huntington.1 oh the
unio. it is in contemplation
to connect , the Chesapeake and
Ohio Railroad with all the great
net works of railroads in the
North and Southwest, and even
to the Pacific' coast. ' It will con
stitute a new, valuable and mucl)
needed middle line ""of transpor
tation between tho West and the
Atlantic seaboard, and will ex
-ercise a vast influence in devel
oping the varied and inexhaust
ible resources of. the Virginians
Portsmouth Times.
Portsmouth Times. A Monster Corporation.
ivivama Kauroad
cornminyw name:" which iV
iHiuuwjii uiyuDoroi UDonnnace
association making oiijj of ,tlie
most' .pderfblv potjipfajion 'in
the world, if, indeed, it Is nottlie
most powerful one in the world.
It controls, not . only the Penn
sylvania Central road, but the
Tiirious northern branches of it
nia, coal districts, and through
Northwestern-NewWoYk' to Lake
Eric-ja ' lrne; from' Philadelphia
torougV'Baltimore and Washing
ton to Richmend; a lino 'reach
ing from Pittsbiirg to Chicago a
Une 'from Pittsburg to St.; Louis;
an incomplete line reaching from
Illinois' to, 'Tfeias ,!and 'through
Texai foi the' Pacific ; 'arid a line
reaching from St. Louis towards
the Pafic. Spuig. of these lines
it- cb'nitroTlentirely,' 'others it
owns a- large ' interest in, and
partially directs. i: These: lines
are 14.273 miles in length, and
involve an aggregate ' capital of
It was fitting that the fore
most '.i Americans should) be se
lected as pall-bearers to carry' to
the grave the foremost journalist
of . America..' i It was eminently
fitting that the man who, living,
had made Presidents and Cabi
nets, should when - dead be at
tended ' liy the President, even
whom lie once thought likely to
unmake. Wm. Lloyd Garrison,
who commenced to proclaim free
dom when Horace Greeley first
went to New York?r.Wni.! Cullen
Bryant, the poet-editor, and the
opponent of Mr. Greeley in im
portant matters of home polity;
Sumner, Colfax, Salmon P. Chase
and Mr. Boutwell,i."were among
the honored living who bore the
honored dead to his long home
a funeral : escort- which' has
had few equals, - if' any, in our
history..! The founder of th6 pa
per which for years was more
truly the Government than the
machine at i Washington had
fairly earned ; the laurels that
were cast upon his grave yester
day. A more impressive j a more
solemn, or more numerously-attended
funeralUur. country has
not : seen'' since ' our murdered
President was carried to his il
lustrious sleep;; The earliest of
the great Triumvirate of 'Ameri
can j'otirnalismVto take up the
pen, he was 'the last to lay it
down.". : The funeral honors paid
him. yesterday, were .fitly be
Cin. Enquirer, Dec. 5.
Once in a while :we find a
Radical newspaper laying aside
its party prejudices and speak
ing in just and proper terms ol
the action of the party managers.
It will be : remembered that the
recently elected majority of the
members of: the Legislature of
Alabama met at the State House
and , organized i Jbr legislative
purposes. The Radical minority
met at some other placej and af
tef swearing in men who had no
certificates and were not elected,
organized and' elected: Shencer
to the United States Senate.; In
speaking of this act the Cincin
nati Gazette says:
J "We sincerely hope the United
States Senate will not recognize
the . election of - Spencer to that
body from the State of Alabam'a.
Spencer would be a disgrace to
the v body; 'anyhow a fact that
is fully understood at . Washing
ton but aside from this his
claim to an election by the Ala
bama '.Legislature is ridiculous.
Better . the seat should be vacant
than have it filled, by Spencer or
any other . 'man chos'en Jas he
was.. Trrr-rrrn
: ir-When the , Great Angel
coitifes to rjudge the world," and
the: average Phuadelphia editor
appears,! Uiere will be. no. more
phenomenon .in Heaven than if
a small boy bad been brought in
to pplice - court for wiping his
nose on the silk fokirt of one Of
the .Muses, c The angel will look
at this editor with a '.sort of
everyday j cdmmiseration not
wholly Unmixed with disgust
He will.'sdy s ,u I do not know
anyi sentence, small enough for
you,t and yet; the character of
this assize demands the highest
punishment known to the law.
I think),! wilL sentence you to
have,.brainfli , Take brains i and
teturn.to yoftr vocation.1; Follow
it as meanly as you i have done
hitherto) ,. and bo compelled to
estimate, .-yourself. ' Depart or,
' Natchez is said to have the
best sotietylifSn-y Smithed city.
JiDiTQa, Enquirer : Some three
weeks since, I sent you a com
munication, which, bv some mis
fortune, ailed to reach your of-
nce, tut is -reproduced as fol
lows: . in the anticipation of great
events, the public nnnd is spec
ulating f0n the ipipbablo !consei
qucaeea ancLregults,,. .Fex-some,
time past the . Radicals have
been on tip toe to hear Raper's
big gun, and pee "the Judge" to
tally! demolished; ! i.That awful
day has surely come. His ce
lerity, jn .Acknowledging his; in-
bigmucance is more tn an " com
mendable, yea, absolutely sur
prising. His weakness in charg
ing liis JJunderbuss with a com-:
pound of- falsehood and truth,
and his blindness in putting his
match to the putrid concern ren
der him' more an 'object of j pity
than hate,' 'V ; '! ' ;
! Let ; tus say by him as the
Irishman' said of : the bull when
it stood on the track to fight the
ennr--attallrd hi$ courage,
but d ri his judgment.' It ap
pears the prevailing sentiment
thit when this : sugar trooper at
tempts to write a man down, it
has the contrary effect. The hu
miliation one feels in.descending
to the ' level of a falsifier to an
swer a broad-faced 'lie is not
without its good effect,' as, it
gives one a view of the breathing-
hole of perdition, which no man
can look upon without profit to
himself, unless his day of grace
is sinned away. When he says
that. I signed his Grant Club be
fore the Convention,1 he is show
ing a villainy the devil would
scorn to own ; yet is only a con
tinuation of the same nialignant
hatred which has characterized
the Grant party during the en
tire course of the campaign' cf
1872. His report, of that slaugh
ter-house ! meeting is part ' true
and part false. The truth is, "the
Judge" was in very bad company
at that time, and the cause of so
many fleas skipping 'over him
now is that he came but from a
filthy nest ; for whoever reports
me assaying thatlhad or would
tell the Democracy I was for
Horace Greeley- to 'get: their
votes,: is past redemption, beyond
hope, no fit companion for ' man
nor beast ; even hell itself would
gag - av - tii dooo, 11 -Messrs.
King: and Ambrose have author
ized a denial of words used by
them in conversation with me
on the 8th' of August, as referred
to in my former communication,
they may be honestly mistaken
by one misfortune and no other.
in conversation with Mr. King
on the 8th of August, (Mr., Am
brose not being present,) I called
his attention to a discrepancy in
Mr. Ambrose s remarks on the
5th of August, when Mr. King
replied that Ambrose was drunk
on that day. Now, if Mr. King
will acknowledge that he was in
the same situation, and they had
both had a four . day's bender,
then I will draw the , mantle of
Charity over their denial,' and
attribute their mistake to a slight
vertigo of the brain. ' But when
they arrive at the gate of heaven
they will find the art of dodging
behind each other played out.
It is true that neither one. rela
ted to me all I asserted in my
former communication, but that
Mr. Ambrose remarked concern
ing what took place there, as
not heing known, neither should
be, and that Mr. Kino told the
balance, js also , true, and they
know it, unless their memories
were blank about that time. : . It
appears they, remember the Seig
uer conversation, and refer that
to the 8th, of August, which did
not take place for four weeks or
more afterwards. !' . !, ' ; i
But should it suit tho Radi
cals to 'say that I have been
overtaken in a falsehood, "the
Judge" will glory in tho compli
ment, as the brand of .a liar , is,
tho highest honor within the
gift of that peculiar party, , for
when its present career is impar
tially written, mankind will dis
cover that he who receives office
at its hands is an accomplice in
its crimes, and he who receives
its curses, the nation's best
friend. '
Messrs. Couitrap and Holland
have put their feet Into this Yin
ton stink pot to aid Its boss in
treading out his pitiful case
again st f 'the Judge." ; , Is not
this the same Mr. Coultrap who
once caused " tho Judge " ; to
break the Sabbath hy Tunning
hint down with a frorse .fc'.'jgfTe
him "a three 'dollar bilr to vote
for John Iwnklk ? . ,. . Verily, I
think-he iesembles 'the man
and no w ' vhen be and Mi.'. Hol-
und partake ..of "the Judge's"
hospitality, poor though ; it; be,
and a lew: was are;spoken in
jest duringl :an " hour of social
conversation, they hid them
gel ves oil ai d make an earnest
report (af3ll that.was said. This
may f look M i theni" an- average
fiepTee-Di -nonncs, Duv-weKre-
told that dissimilation in youth
is the forei inner of perfidy in
old age. lf . ;
Our man , ''ndajj contends "the
Judge" is i 6t"a successful de
ceiver. Is i ; possible the ghost
has been so lear Heaven that he
learned one simple truth ? Does
henot knov the lack of that
qualificatior renders a nian 'un-'
fit for the Radical camp ? that
to be a suciessful deceiver and
easily deceived are the most',es
sential qua itles constituting a
modern le ublican ? the all-important
pilhrs supporting the
dominant party? If not, then,
trulVj tbq marhas a hard row f
gtumps,'h pagtWei Wank,; his
fUttire i uncertain A s h 1 H 1
lToted "yes onthe Inlirmary
proposition with a view to his
comfort, loi J. have helped sup
port him since he made his
grand entrj into our midst, but
for the credit of the county I
have kept his paper hid from
strangers.' as much as possible.
His dishwater view of the change
that came over the spirit of "the
Judge" is probably as rich a diet
as his readers will be able to
bear, for babes are fed with that
which is weak before taking the
sincere milk , of truth. There
was a time,1 when the weak
things of the world were chosen
to confound the wise, but that
day being passed precludes Fri
day's chaice of claiming divine
appointment. I should have
withdrawn from the ticket at
that time if there had been no
opposing candidate in the field.
To say nothing of the tyranny
and brutal nature of the cam
paign no'v closed, "tne Judge
learned from Radical speeches
that one could not be a good
Republican without teaching his
fellow-men tel hate his brother,
that the' contest must.be. waged
in the spirit of hatred m short,
in tne spirit oi war. Alter.
i 1 1 n 1 n
some weeks reflection he re
solved not to give his conscience
an opportunity to smite him for
engaging in such an unchris
tian, ungodly political crusade.
He concluded if the Republican
party could hot live without such
damnable stimulants as a mar
tial spirit, hatred, animosity' and
revenge? lie would break from
its folds and take the "conse-i
quences. Juqging from the- char
acter of the cimpaign just passed,
expect this sugar trooper of
the Record flan prove whatever
he likes, but et 'come what will
from that surce, "the ' Judge"
will glory ii any stigma they
may have in reserve, if it is. not
a supporter of the putrid concern
itself. And now, Mr. Editor,
when you are disposed, to pay
him the five dollars left to your
option in myj other communica
tion, I expecti he will take a dish
of oysters with that family of
kittens Mr. Somebody's cat pro
duced in his paper about six
months . ago.:; t If he? had sany
ineuus mey wouiu oury mm, out
ho belongs ta a school of politics
not apt to bujy anything fit only
for a foul purcbse, I expect the
creature villi bo true to the in
stincts of his i race, and keep on
scenting the air for amusement,
whether he is. punched with a
stick or not. When "tho Judge"
was meat for the master's use,
he was a first-rate fellow, but
when he leaped from his grasp
he was a poor,' ineon"' cuss. '.3n
Btead of one . being lost of cast
away when lie leaves the ' Radi
cal ranks, ho is simply 'saved as
a brand from the burning.
. it tlie burning words of Henry
Ward Beeciier, at tho. funeral of
Horace uheeley fail to prick the
Radical conscience, then that
court is not susceptible of human
sensibilities while ' sporting over
ptww ttuununaipns. xue naif
civilized joers of tho brutal na
tures of men, and the barbarous
vapuuuga oi a vitiaiea press, are
in sweeter accord with the four
teenth than the nineteenth cen
tury, and and give incontestable
eyidence that barbarjans are not
so easily broke Into men,
Consistency and love of coun
try are jewels of unsullied beauty,
but tho love of party, right or
wrong, .is the bane of all free
government -vvnen men are
only machines,-19; be acted upon
by themost unscrupulous means,
and credulity becomes a political
virtue,1 then the time pt testing
whether man is capable of self
govern mentis not far 'distant.'
As it is now, if Morton and
the Cincinnati Gazette should
say there is no hell, the shouts
from the Radical; camp; would
shake the earth; Jiw ' '
J Railroad Notice. ,"
To the Stockholders of the O., KcA.
& C. R. R; Co.
NOTICE Is hereby frlven that the annual elec
tion of noveu (1) l)ircctort for 11M Kllroad
company will bo held at the principal ollice of
taid company in GuUlpolis, Ohio, on
Wednesday, the 15th Day of January,
:. u 1873, .
Coramenoiug; at nine (9) o'clock in the forenoon,
Ami closing at four (4) o'clock in the afternoon
of aid fifteenth day of January, ltmk
' fv a rj VVf -i OAODOT, t
: Secretary of the 6 MoA. A CR. ft. Co. i
' December 18, lKS-M.' . , -" "
to trsx''
8. M. Agon tii,
It don't pay
you to fight
tho beat Ma-
our claims.- 4l'
cy and sell it.
."DOMESTIC" S. X. C0., .g aaElen' St., H.T'
40-3m or
JIadp Expressly for My Trade by the '
- :. -j ; AD OF , ...
An experience of many years in the manu
facture of Hoots and Shoes, enables
mo to suit tho want of every.
: ' ' body, tall at my '
... ,JlcASnVS,OUIO,'
and I will prove it to yon. I wish yon to exam
ine specimens of niy work aud learn the
and I am sure you will be pleased. .
' ; ' h " 'Hi
. .v.-.;
Those in want of anything in my line should
come and toe mo before going elsewhere. :
o. w. tucker:
leoeinber 18,1873.- - . . .'
Statt of Ohio, Vinton County.
Daniel Booth, Plalntiflf, -airninnt
Tuoav II. Bliaffer and Mukan T, ShaOer, Defts;
In Vinton Court of Common Pleas, order of sale.
PURSUANT to tho command of an order of
sale isniu'd from the Court of Common Pleas
ofVintoucountv. and to me directed as Coroner
of said county, in this cause, I will offer forsalo
nc mo uoor or t ne court iiouse, in tne town or
McArthur, Vinton county, Ohio, ou
Monday, the 13th Day of January,
A. Ui 1873, '
at the hour of one o'clock p. m. of said day, the
following described premises, to-wit. :
Bituato In the township of Harrison, and
county of Vinton, and State of Ohio, and known
as the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quar
ter of Section number elcht (8.) and the North
east quarter of the Southeast quarter of section
Dumuureigiu (b,j excepting tun acre on tne
North aide of said Northeast quarter; and, also,
the Northwest quarter of the Southwest quar
torof section numbornine (0.) All of the afore
said lots are in township numbornine (9,) of
range numbci1 nineteen (19,) and estimated to
contain Ono Hundred and Ten (110) acres, be
the same mora or less, but Hubject to all legal
Appraised at Four hundred dollars (S400.) and
must bring two-thirds of that sum.
, Ordered to be gold by the Coroner of Vinton
county, Ohio, s the Property of Thomas II.
Shaffer and Susan K. Shamir, to satisfy an order
of sale Issued from tho Court of Common Pleas
in favor of Dun lei Ilooth. -
Turks or 8alb Cah in hand. ' -
t.'oroncr of Vinton Countv.
D, B. Snivicr,, AttVy for I'l'tlff.
uecemuer a. ltnu. ow.
1 A 0iiTiCaaMUMtti
llwrUd or tkM boa i ta
I mitj o Ihapbjitolafleai
111 j iivi-Im ud ra VllAliOUMl
Itbe Hiul Tlttn. with U
UUtt 4lMvrlM la pr4Aln( aud pravwUng thprtig,
bow f prtMrv lh MmpUiion, 4c.
Tbtali fta tnumilDi work afiw kon4r4aadililf
aafea.wltb aiuri i)crftvtigt, aa4 oailMTalaabla
iBforautloD Ur Um who mn mftrrfad.arwaWDpIataaiar
ritn. buiiliiia book ibftC0o(bMB ktpiua4rlMli
and kr, u4 m iald arotkMl aboat lao aao.
It aoauloo U aipoiitaot aa adTlea o f a ahytlafoa
. wboaa ropitatloa la world-aldt, aa4ahldaatataarl
vau 4rmwtr of vry laalo and resaala laraaaaaut iat oaUra
' (lob. It caiaraooa art ry iblai a tht aaajati af lb ta
rUr Titaataat t worta aaawUi.aad mk Uai la
v ftotpublUbadlaaayaiberwark.
ant u toy ifr mt phUI for Fifty OaaU .
Addrtas Ur. Baua lUpaaaar7.Ka. 1 3 J . Sighta Hml
ti.LaaU,U. ,. , .
JTotlcd to Vh Afflict 1 and Tn&rtun&tt.
Vtrata applylag ta laa aatoriaea aaatka vaa adrartlaa la
Ittbiia aapora.av aatag aaj qaaai rtaMawi avraao vr
ana' work a miliar whatyaar dJaaya ti, ar tow daplar
ablt vaor aadliUa.
Dr. Batu ataoaloa a dlal fcatM af Iwaatvrf
. MoMii aladarood ay atait a f ih BMMaoUaraud aMdi ,
MtlproriHrtf ibttooaairy and Karopa,aadaaa bta
falttdl aomaiUy ar by autlToa ibtdlnasao moaUaaadlai
kit wrk. Otto aad parlort.No. IS X. Ktbia umw
attwaaa Markit aa Ob Maul, Ii. Lamia, Ma
Deware cf Counterfeits l
JOB HOSES' "mflilff
ri tittrulflv 0rTlraiTiD. jwmwi urr
gUf nieniirWtU Ih (mml4rtUttnmmktrrltr
tmehvaiikaft. AUoUunrmriiuuttmiutun,
Th ooii PI1U ar nnftlllnrin th rar U
thoM polnful n4 dMi(ron( dlscuM t which thf
haul oonttltutlan iub.lot. Thr Bio4.rW all
uomm and ntnera all obsUnetloat. frB Wk
motiH. .
TV niAItftlBU 1AU1IO
bi.ln.l ifr.rtlom. Ialna In th Bwk ad LliabA
f'ntlin on siliM Mrtlon, JlnitMnr ta MMrt,
IjsUrloa sndWhltt th.r will Bct a eura wha
all otkw VMM h fUl. Th olnrnian anMui4
nrh twckM It fall dlrwtWwu i and 4t1, ar
will b Mut fra to all willing for iknu, mU4
from obMiratlon. .
N. B. Ia alfeuMt whora th etas Mnaot
ol)taln(l, On IolliirnelMf o ths Bolf, Proprl.
tw, JOB HOHkiS, 1 Oorllandt HUM tork, iriU
fnnr a hottl of th fnulnt, eontalntnf WWif
Pills, by ratura null. 'Murily noiU from aar
k'lrldrof U contaiita- ' -
Inr. nnnaii. (ki.DaAsTHM4. Banaoait im loai
si.. 1 W''
lull. HlllMINIl. UIVriODLT J1TI,
ii-isat Cmnii ail.iia inT.wI
vno t'U af niMlloln, nit any child will Uki
;m. Thovminila hml n jmarn to
h.fnr.aiilrl. TtlM)nTlriTnlalimidrxls
FrlriaAewi JOl088,'ropria.
tor, IS Cortlandt 're, new iora.
1 ' Ka iii tin fjamrMtr!. Paria.
' n .1 n j. ... 1. 1. ir ii
VA. 114 Una Wmlxrd, PrVf.
iiu ur hlrlili iMonintiiiM ortna tnnv
WeUlcal Inoulty of PrnM thTry hrt rjmwtf
iM! Mlahtlf. rf-ilr or ,"'''f t'i""'l
n.l wtnor JmjMMftyi,' wkn.aiMilnitri;ta
Bort llWUnd HkhI tfisMMt; .laa(li lot"
0nltnlOntn"l woannrmsi vvmiM in in irm
and ail tuatluutly trula of IImm arlilnt fraoi
4irruMprnMWM. TbnTMvswlMnaUeUMrnnt-
.4)TruMprnMMWM. TbdTDwrswlMnaUeUMrnnt
dlM full. r'ouhl'f 4alo1nwJi i.or will
)iawiac,ai (IsaffVJ Aaltof AaMrlofc
"... ,5v
3. tes&lk !
ai;kt wanI'Ko Vok
Boston and its Destruction!
A full, detailed and grufllc acouut of the origin
progress, suUtiring, Umvn ami iucidentsof the
KrviktcoiilliiKratlon. Arum uhauca for agents,
as every periou wants to know the full particu
lars of this great disaster. Bent bv mail for SO
cli'tl l-lm , Philadelphia, l'a., or Cincinnati, O.
Great Offers to, Agents
are made by the Saturday Kvenino Post and
the Lady's Fkiunr a beautiful Chromoof the
worth $5.00, In given with the papor (subscrip
tion price 3.00,) or with the Magalne (price
la.60.) Do not tail to examine into tUisoDorjit
Address for particulars, samples, As., Deacon
A Peterson, 819 Walnut St., Pa. dccll-lm.
L A I M- AGE NO Y.-s
-'- '- ' 116 Smlthileld St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Collect Pensions. Bounties, Prize money.
4c, Ac. Special attention paid to suspended
and reloctod claims. Applicattonsby mail at
tended to as ifmado In person. novH1-8m
A Great Offer TXS$r.
and Oil OA S3, of tixjlrat-clau maktrt, includ
ing WaUrf, at very low prices for cash or
part ettnh, and balance in amall monthly inital
mntt. Stv1-octatJtrat-elaPIASOS,mod-rn
improimmt,vr 0875 eah. Sow ready
bfautiul $tyle and ptreet tone ertr mad. II
Itutratfd Catalopuii mailed. Shut tnutie and
ilutia Mtrehandit. nov!-8ni
, G.B. Barrett & Co.,
novae-lm No. 6 Fifth At., Pi ttsburgh.
True Time for $1.
Compass and Indicator. A perfect GEM for the
pocket of every traveler, trador, boy, farmer,
and for EVERYBODY desiring a reliable time
keeper, and also a superior compass. Usual
watch size, steel works, glass crystal, all In a
neat OROIDE case. WA1IR ANTED to denote
correct time and to keep In order if fairly used
for two years. Nothing like it) This perfect
triumph of mochaniBin will be aent in neat
case, prepaid to any address, for only $1:8 for 12.
Circulars sent free. Try one. Order from the
Brattlcboro, Vt deoll-lm
Established ift 1888. . .
The newsstand most approved styles of Fine
and Medium Furniture, in larger variety than
niij. uviiur nuunu, uc very reaHonaoie prices.
Persons furnishing housca would do well to
write for our new circular, or when in Pitts
burgh wo respectfully solicit a visit to our
warerooms. Don't forget the place,
46, 48 & 50 Seventh Avenue,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
. 'AVe Challenge the World in pricei for
tBH IHlnfl niutliv nf ni . ti.i -1 n. k. . .
ship of our good's. nov27-8m .
TyrOTTT?. V Ks"7 made with Our Stencil i,
JiVLyXN JJ X Key Check outfit. Circulars free.
oiamiru m i -g up., w rniton St.. N. Y.
WANTED AGENTS 1,300 Per month
imirioin Family Knitting lfuh'ne. The sniiplett
ami beHt in the world? Address Amiric an
Ka-iTTiNO Maohink CO., Washington St.,
Boston, Mass. . 4w
tMi'r miiU Coitaanaera Had lor
vr.wrvm w mi naaaiMtarsrs.
Agents I A Rare Chancel
We will pay all agents 940 per week in eatk,
who will engage with us at once. Everything
uiuiaiiDU nut. vAuc.c, finiu. Address
A. COULTER & CO., Charlotte, Mich.
psyehomaney, or Saul Charming." How
cither sex may fasciuate and train thn lovn
and affections of auy person they choose In
stautly. This simple mental acquirement all
can possess, free, by mail, for S5c., together with
is, rree, oy mall, for X6c., together with
go guide, Egyptian Oracle, Dreams,
ladies, Wedding-night shirt, Ac. A
ok. Address T. WILLIAM A CO.,
, I'hilwielphla. iw
a iiiarnitgu guide, ft
HlnU to la
queer book
fi JER WEKK. to Agents, maleor female.
tPHIToall who will write for an agency we
will sond a copy of that "Wonder of Wonders,"
the illustrated noRN OF fi.knty. It contains
over fifty beautiful illusiationi, and will be
sent Irco to all who miiy write. Address I.
UARSIDE, l'aterson, N. J. 4W
THE Beat selling Book in the Market
I is the struggles of
It In Illustrated by THOMAS N AST, the
greatcat of American urtists, and contains
an Introduction by Hon. (hailes Sumner.
Agents wanted for this ami other popular
books. Address I. N. Richardson A Co.. lliiKtmi.
Maas., and St. Louis, Mo. 4w
I Thea-Nectar. A Pure
Uhme e Tea,
Ths Beit X Impor'ed. ;
WumiujHi t Wit all tatttt.
r nf-L JT r,lt "V ,n 1r irime man
fr. i half.Pouna and Pound pack
I IfF' J o)' W 't W Pound
H' mmi'& , Kiira:tli.atwhdlnMleonlvbv
. Hie Oreat A'lantlo & V oili Tea Company, '
I. O. Box 550(1. , New York City..
The most comprehensive niulf altiable religious
work ever published! alv for our new illustra
ted family Bible, containing nearly 5O0 fine
Scripture illustrations, ninl Dr. Smith's com
plete Dictionary of the Bible. Send for pros
pectus and olruulurs. and we wiU.'show you
what agents say of this, the btit anil cheap!
Family Bible, and "how fast they are selling it.
cago 111.; Cincinnati, O., or St. Louis, Mo, 4w
Double Kas
Braqulnd. BemJI
lor circular t
mow beast.
Da deceived, but for coughs, colds, lore throat,
boarseuoss and bronchial dilliciilties, use only
Worthless imitations are on tho market,
but the only sclitntillo preparation of Carbolic
Acid for Lung diseases is when chemically com
bined with other well known remedies, as In
theae Tablets, and all parties aie cautioned
against using any other.
Id all cases of Irritation tf the mucoui
membrane those Tablets should be freely used,
their cleansing and heallug properties are as
toiiishlng. He warned, never neglect a cold, it is easily
cured in ita lpolpieut state, when it becomes
chronio tho cure Is exceedingly (iilllcult, use
Wells' Carbolic Tablets as a specific.
JOHN Q. KKMXiO, 18 Piatt St., Now York,
Sole Agent for United States. Send for circular.
Price StOcouts a box.
. Agents wanted At Once for the Only Com
plete aud Itellahle Lire, Wuadrvue Uiaeov
erlas and Thrilling Adventures of ;
(none volume, with thelSTOBI and EE8D1T8
8il0 pages. Only 12. MJ. JUST the book ths
MARscswant. One lady sold 10 first day. Act
Oui!ii.r. There Is a RfTBH for it. Address J.
W OOODBPEKD, Publisher. Chicago, Clncln.
nU, or Bt, Louis. 4w
( IPPW'PO wiintabsolut
ii tel. v the heat
IV7 l O selling ImokHr i-ciuilor
ciruuiars i HUT'S I'NAHKMHIKn I1.LUS.
KAMILY B;BH. Over 1,100 uujrui 10 try IS
SW pages iiihle Ald.i, Ac, Aral)i'Miio
XJ 0.86 gilt edge, 1 clnrp, a3, full gilt, 3
clasps, $11.00. 'Bcllon: the White Chief," for
winter evenings. 8flth 1000 ready "The American
Farmer's Horse Hook." The Stamturd, 40th 1000
reaily, Kpisootio Treatments, Ac. C. . Vent,
N. i . and Cincinnati, Vent A Good rich, Chi
cago, Illiuois. . 4w
q$75 to $250 per month. X7
rJmale and female, to Introduce tho GENU IN!
?siiWIN( MACIIINK. This mmhiuo will
rfstitoh, hem, foil, tuck, quilt, eord, bind,
jbraid and embroider in a most superior
-manner. Pries ouiy 18. i Fully licensed
pjand warranted for five years, wo will pay
1 11,000 for any machine that will sew a
stronger, more beautiful, or more elnstio
seam than ours. It makes the ".Elastic Lock
CStitch." Every secoad stitch can lie cut,
tand still the cloth cannot bo pulled apart
without tearing it. Wo pay agents from $75
nto $250 per month and expenses, or a com
mission from which twice that amount can
rKbe made. Address 8KCOM B A CO., Boston,
JjMass., Pittsburgh, Pa,, Chicago, 111., or St,
i cost of 1
st or publishing illustrated vol
timo. "UI
AND FORTUNE." Thn hiivni- m.t. It
for $8.75. Eight charming biographies of In
ventors give the only history of invention and
development of Steam vessels, Locomotives,
Kailroads and Telegraph. Only life of Prof.
Morse, and Co-inventor. Nine other lives show
success from poverty and obscurity, as Farm
era. Mechanics. Bankers, etc Only life of Pea
body. Agents wanted evervwhore. First re
port showed agent's nroflt $40 for 5 days. Send
for terms. WM, II. MOOKhl A CO., Publishers,
Cincinnati. ' w
nevs, Llveraud Bowels do not act health'
U fully, the wastes from the action of the
system remain In the blood, and produce
Irritation and disnas. Thesn organs tre
the outlets of the system and under thafiifiueni'e
is iu Mu.ui riiiuiiiir gruvr. 1W
W.O. HAMILTON A CO.. Cincinnati.
On the line of the UNION PACIFIC KAIL
ROAD, la nnnnnft . r
and Mineral Lands In America.
a.uuu,uuo Acres In Nebraska,ln the riatte Val
loy, now for sale.
Mild Clim&t. TI:4I Snll
For Grain Growing and Stock Raising unsnr-
tU DDoH Kit ana Ih t-liA IT t A J fiiA
CHEAPKn IM PHIPV mr.rn t',.AH.111a 4
vi iiituihuid 1CIU1B
frlVAtl. Atwl mnrn innvonlani- n,..,i,n.ti,.
be,found else where.
Free Homestead for Actual Settlers. .
Ihe best locution lor Colonic. Soldiers enti
tled to a Homestead of 1G0 Acres.
Send for th new DAncT'liirivA iamHhifl ...isu
new Mapi. published In Kiiglinh. Uermaii, Swe
dih and Uauiuli, mailed free everywhere.
Aflrli'aaa r th t a urn
Land Com'rU. P. K. R. Co., Omaha, Neb.
JDxi-ty otX Teas
THRRREAT IMHRiriv Tf a rauDivv
. - ... .. wim nix i
Have business connections with all tho princi
pal ports of China and Sapan, and import their
Teas direct from place of growth, thus saving
tho consumer from 5 to 8 profiss. It is now
about 12 years since the Company was oriran-
lA I. .1 it 1. .. 1. . . 1 1 1 !f
wmm ii. uw inzwu ucuioudlll BUCCeSS lOm
the very first. This was due to tho fact that we
imported and sold only
. A The Best and Purest Goods, '
And distributed them to our customers In all
uarfcs nf thA TTnltnH nttaa r..- ,, .
only, between the Tea-grower and the Tea-consumer.
We originated the
consumers in distant parts of the country with
Teas, at New York Cargo Prices, on the Club
Ulan. Anil sinrA wn flflntitnri th(B .
saved the people of this country millions of
hilt I IDd.nn.nll.. I . 1. . ) . 1 - . . .
v-n. miuuaiij., iu IUE WBIOI UlIS B1X1CI6 01
everyday necessity.
8end for Club Circular, which contains lull
directions, premiums, Ac.
The Great Arierican Tea Comranv,
31 ft B3 Vesey Street. " '
P.O. Box 5643. New York City.
i UUtnut.ld by B.J. Ld.wm vttino.lv, It Will
eradicate, extirpate and thoroughly destroy all
poisonous substances in the Blood aud will ef
fectually dispel all predispositionto billious de
rangement. Ia there want of action in your Liver
or Spleen T Unloss relieved the blood becomes
impure bv deleterious secretions, uroducinir
scrofulous or skin diseases, Blotches, Felons,
PiiHtulcs, Canker, Pimples, Ac.
nave you a dyspeptic stoinnciiT unloss
digestion is promptly aided the system is de
bilitated with poverty of the Wood, Dropsical
tendency, general Weakness and iucrtl.
Uave you weakness of the Intestines?
You are in danger of Chronic Dian hu'a or In
flammation of the Itowels.
Have You weakneas of the Uterine or
Urinary Organs? You are exposed to suffer
ing in its most agravated form.
. Are you dejected, drowsy, dull, sluggish,
or depressed in spirits, with headache, back
ache, coated tongue and bad tasting mouth?
For a certain remedy for all of these diseases,
weaknesses and troubles; for cleansing and
purifying the vitiated blood and imparting
vigor to all the vital forces; for building up
aud restoring the weakened constitution, USE
which ii pronounced by the leading medical
authorities of London and Paria, "the most
powerful tonic and alterative known to the
medical world." This is no new and untried
discovery, but has long been used by the lcad-
'"p piiyaiciauB oi otiiur countries wun wonder
ful remedial results.
Don't weaken and Imonlr tho dlirestlve
organs by cathartic and physical they give
only temporary relief Indigestion, flatulency.
sou uyspepaia wun pues uuu muiircu aiseases
are Bure to follow their use.
Keep the blood pure and health Is assured.
JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Piatt St., Now York,
Sole agent for the United States. 4r
Price tl perbottlo. Send for Circular.
Ayers Cathartic Fills,
For the relief anil
cure of all derange
ments in the stom
ach, liver, and bow
els. They are a mild
aperient, and an
excellunt pnrgativo.
Being purely vege
table, they contain
no mercury or mine
ral whatever. Much
serious sickueBs anil
suflering is prevent
ed bv tlieir tlmelv
use ; and every family should have them on hand
for their protection and relief, when reiiuliod.
Long experience has proved them to be the suf.
est, surest, and best of all tho fill with which
ths market abounds. By their occasional une,
the blood Is purified, the corruptions of the sys.
--.i-lln.l nlul.nnllnn. ...... I
w... fU. ...... V.J... 1. 1'.lUll 1 V . . ' T C . ,
whole inachinarr of Ufa restored to Its health
activity. Internal organs which become clogged
and sluggish are cleansed by Ayer'i fill, and
stimulated Into action. Tiius Incipient disease
IS changed Into health, the value of which change,
when reckoned on the vast multitudes who enjoy
tt, can hardly be computed. Their sugar coating
makes them ploasant to take, and preserves their
virtues unimpaired for auy lvngtn of time, so
Uiat they are ever flesh, and perfectly reliable.
Although searching, the are mild, aud operate
without disturbance to the constitution, or diet, or
Full direction are given on the wrapper to
each box, how to use thorn, as a Family Physio,
and for the following complaints, which Usa
For lyspr or Indigestion, 1.1st least
aa, aUsnruor and Loh off Appetite, they
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach, and restore Its healthy tone and action.
For J.I rr CosaiilsUat and its various symp
toms, Billows llestdacla, Sick aaari
stcke, Jaaurilce or Ur fslckamM, Illl
Iwa. t.'ollc and Blliens kvera,Uiey should
be Judiciously taken for each enso, to correct th
diseased action or remove the obstructions which
cause It.
- For Iysitery or ItlarrBora, but on
mild dose is generally required.
For Mhttasaatlam, (leal, ravel, Vn.
Citation of tho Hoars, lala la In
itle, Hack and Iolaa, Uiey should be contin
uously taken, as required, to change the diseased
action of the system. With such change thoss
Complaints disappear.
- For lroiy 'and Iqpeal welllnr.
they should (a taken in large and frequent ilusej
(o tirodiioe th street of a drastio nurgo.
For (snppreMloD. a large done should b
taken, as it produces the desired effect by sym
pathy. As a JHnnrr Till, take one or two Pill to
promote digestion and rollev th stomach.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels, restore ths appetite, and invigorates th
system. Hence It I ohon advantageous wher
no serious doraitjonient exists Ons who frels
tolerably well, often flads that a dose of thes
Jiffs makes him fsol dscidmlly better, from their
cleansing and renovating effect on th digesliv
apparatus, ...... '
Jtr. iT. C. ATEB CO., FractUnt ChtmUU,
vi,jjM00iy v. m. J.
Km tuu t au xmswm rwtnux

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