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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 18, 1872, Image 3

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WHMrw4 ....i Y-Tninr 1 n't
rOBLisqio bvcbt widnesday by -1
No Business Done on Saturdays.
Important Notice.
paper will soon take place, we
wish those . who are indebted to
, ... . i .if I
US On SUDSCripUOnS, 10D priniinff,
adveitisinsr. &c. to come forward
ii-.i. .
anu seine m uiai we may u
. i i ii "''
aoie 10 pay tne expense oi man-
ing this change in our paper.
About the time the change is
:L u. .:. it-i
Iliaue 1Q me B1SGB VI U11B uauei,
we expect to "commence the pub-
. . .. tk'rm m i' -rwr-i .
iication oi J. ae vnnsnun rr tines,
Let no- person delay the pay-
- . . a .
ment of the amount due us, be it
ever so small. If you have no
, -, "
money, come ana see us any-
how. vVe want you to come and
Dec ua ctni emu viivu.
The renort of the monthly
block neiu 111 iMunruiur, uu
Tuesday, December 11), is
crowded out this week. It will
appear in Our next paper.
, . j , .
We want a correspondent in
. tv i i
every town in v mion county.
. i
Give us a bnet account ot all
be of interest to the
that may
Wanted ! 100 bushelB dried HP'
plefl, 50 bushelH green npplea, 50
boshels potatos, 100 dozen of en,
Ac. Ac, for which the higheBt mflr
kot price vill bo puidat Martin's.
Not a bit of danger of the
epizooty breaking out among
the .dogs. Occasionally , the
up-an'-shooty, a disease that is
sure death, attacks them.
' Special attention is directed
V.n Pfrtonotiia rf Via NftW
iv mo a. wvi. v
VnrL- WooUlv Nnwa in nnnthpr
J. v.. "v
column. It is' a complete Dem-jButhuawk
unauv laiimjr u5i,rr.
if a war ''
lb a vccti. ,
, t i
we learn irom tne jacKson
Standard that lion. II. S. BcNDY
i . u ..tc iu. Ti.l.
nas BOiu oue-uaii mo Dairuue
Furnace property to his son-in
law, J. C. II. Cobb, who for some
time has been manager of the
Furnace." . " -
The old bridge near tne resi
dence of Mrs. ItoBBiNS, one mile
east of town, on the road lead-
ing to Vinton Station, has been
removed, and the foundation lor
' -
a new and substantial bridge
being laid. The contractors lor
the work are Oilman. Ward & Co.
, . , . ,
X 111 Nib It S IHK ITlVcb UUolUCbS
uenguuu iou.,,auu
who apply it to clear, white pa-
per like that used in this office,
4nr I hnvintr IV A mtvi - nmnf
icci juauuv. no aim tv umn,
. -
paper mat 18 hu lor u perub
r nil rirAM ei AOvrilrl lir Itil
vi aw bvu, cBpCwujr vun-
uren, aim, a8 ,w bi.an booh ""-
jJiuvo hid nijjiuttiuuo ut iuo pa
per in every, respect, we ask
our business men and others
give us a liberal patronage.
Debate. There will be a de
bate at Allensville, on the Post-
office corner, on Saturday even-
ing next, the 21st. Question:
Resolved, That a man is justified
by faith only. Tor the affirma-
. .- . ..
iivaKAV II I.VTP" norrntivo
Right Honorable Chari.es IIutt,
Jr. Those wishing to be en-
lightened, will not. fail to be
attendance, as the question will
be ably discussed.
. .- "
t . f . ., ., '
ii -
nnl oait ottYia . jmiialiriACt
coal oil.- Sometimes the lamps
contain the oil mavbew?onff.
-i fi ;i K.,f
or tho ntW mnt br UA, or
many accidents would, not occur.
TT ' i! 1 1 .1 '11
upon retiring o (jea wiin
wife, on Friday pight last. J.
Bell, who resides (up
with his father-in-law, J.
Shockev, in the Catun house,
the south sido of. East Main
Street, in this town,1 left a lamp
full of coal oil burning on
chair near the bed. Late in
night the lamp exploded,
the oil . was thrown into almost
every part of the room, setting
the bod, chair, carpet, clothjng,
p'to,, on fires Mr, IIkix and
wifo, who were asleep,
awakened by the flames in
to save their lives and to
the fire, which they smothered
out with their clothing,
from doing a very largo amount
of ' damage, but the carpet,
chair, and some clothing,
destroyed and injured, by.
). Roll of Honob. Below will
be found a list of scholars of the
McArthur. Union Schools, 193 in
number, and the largest that has
been .'published in this paper,
It was furnished us for publica
tion by JFrol. M. K. Uarnes, Su
perintendent of the Schools, and
shows who maintained a perfect
grade in ' deportment, and who
were neither, absent nor tardy,
Jujng the month of November,
ao i witnout a proper excuse
11 Jl I ... M ,
weu as mo most sansiaccory
wm, Ambrose
Lettie Ansel
r inioy Asoury 1
Frank: Ambrose
Alice Liiines
Hannah Brown
kub Baird
Mary Halrd
Kiiza Brown
Maggie Brut ton
Wmllaird ' .
Emma Barnett
Ruth uiatum
Ida Bratton
kikk a Barnett
j "nUie Baywe 1
I luir Itninl 1 i-
Henry Hothwell '
juiia notiiweii ii
Flunk lii'ltnnt
wn Beirord
Jifli !Suiothwu;:
i mary iawy
I jjuu vim &
Ma Craig - "
1 Minnie Clark
I .l.nnlaf'lDDnnnla
Mattie Cluypoole
uoion kjiow
Charles Clark
Mary Colwell ,
alary laruwuu
Martha Coi-nwell
Alice Craig
1 Francis Cornwell
Daniel crimmim
Jolin Canty
Maiinda craig
1 M nircr in Dm lira
Luia Doilgo
nemy uowu
Lewis A. Dunkle
Lily Duvls
Miiuula Dowd
Kmiio lowd
liohft Dowd
Lulu Dowd
Charles Uunlap
iiactie iiowa
liessie Dodge
JKmulua Dickson
Hi ram Dennie
Lvdla Dillon
Lilly Dillon
Tinman Dixon
Anna Karlieart
Katie Kuihourt
Alice Fenton
Fanny Florence
Maria Felton
t;ialv8 Gold
William Gains .
Laura Uriines
Henry Gilman
Pauline uman
Finlov Hawk
MuUfiew Holland
John Holland
Allle Hamilton
liattie Holland
Maggie iiuney
Lucy Hollund
Hulbort Horton
Ella Holland
Anna Jonei
Charles Jones
Clifford Jones
Ncgloy Jones
Thomas Kelloy .
Ada Lanti .
KUa Lnvelle '
Mary Lantz
Walter Lyle-
Maggle Lautc
Klla Lanti
John Lautz
'Iaac Lantz
John Lynch , -
William Ixwder
Liazio Lantz
Krama Lantz
Elizabeth Ieaoh ,
a Bally Lucas
Mary Lucas ,
.Anna Lowdcr . -
Anna Lavelle
Clarimla Leach
Barnett Leach
Charles Lowrv .
.Thomas lvoIlo ' ." :
Jerry Manning
William Mi)lur
Jennie Malone
; George Ogan I '.
Bally 1'llAer
Alice M. Purdue .
Julia Poarce ,
Mattie Perdue
Trimble Payne
Otto Pitcher
Benjamin I'earce
Harry Payne
Benjamin Quick
James Kosg
Flora Kots
Eliza 11. Itannells
Mary Iledcl
Hiram Raynor
Bally ltimkin
Lena Uannells
Alive Reynolds
Lily Keynolds
Thomas Revnolds
Kmmitt Robbina
Dillie Robbins
Charles Reynolds
Archibald Rannells
Anna Itannells
Mary 8m ague
lliliis Shriner
William Hhockoy
Mary Ujuague
jnary Bisbon
Berepta Bidman
Eli Shockey
Dennis Bteol
Johanna Stoel
Charles Strong
Tilghman Snyder
Ella Snyder
Eva BiBSoit '
' William Smith
Anna Hinlth
Amanda Shriner
Charles Hwalin
Frauk Bidman
, Elmer Hprague
Veda Taylor
. Ida Trimmer
Bmnuel Ullom
Eliza Ullom
Aiulrew Wisenborger
Tilgbman Weekly
Charlos Will
Ma Winenbergor -
Edmonla Wlltbauk
Edgar Will
A A Winder
. Fanny Wooloy
Miiiiila Wooloy
Hattie Weekly
Miry Ward
Lvdla Wolf
Hattie Will
llirain Wilcox
Minnie Wolf
Joseph Will.
The horse disease is prevailing
all, over . Vintp'n, covin ty. , There
is not a town or township in the
county that the horses are not
afflicted. In consequence, there
of, business is generally dull
We could fill this paper each
wceic witn norse disease,
I . .......
is epizootic, but do not think the
readers are in want ot any
further instructions. Almost
everybody 'now understands the
I j, i .. nf f. JJaonBO nnJ
proper mode of treatment. About
JuAoaf ;a hnraaa a fW
,,, . f uuH:n Oinno
ai I J a
a ira..n fl,m A, J
, iin i tiivjn uy auu naiiu. Kvc
i them 80nie;rec1 feel. BUch
I " '
appeg cabbage, carrots, etc
U0 not overwork them, and avoid
exposing them in bad weather,
We are not ashamed of any
thing we have said about Horace
Greeley, whether said before
since, his death. Jackson Stand-
. Well: you ought to be ashamed
to Bay tuat he died in a private
... '... ,
JUUiltlU UBV1U1I1, WU1UI1 in UUllUC
" 13 111110 you were beginning
'earn to speak lightly oi
in dead.
, Glode Furnace went
I 1 i 1 f 1
wast last weeK, anu nas been
e makinsr iron for several days
Mr.aioop informs us that
Furnace sted off better
ue cxpectea. OeneralJy, a
fin Furnace, when starting is apt
develop some mistakes and
rors; but so far, everything
worked srtjootjijy at the Globe.-
Jackson Standard.
' a
-l1 11 ... J
Merry's Museum 'has
united to the YoutlCs Companion
of Boston a union of the
oldest of. our -youth's publica
tions. Nathaniel Willis, father
of N. P. Willis, first published
tho Companion nearly filly
ago and to-day is one of
sprightliest and moHt enterpris
ing sheets Jp & fiountry.
iajJJ.LU-l....LL.. ll!
t-Wheq our white paper came
this week it was the wrong size
and too late to exchange. Hence
Logan Republican.
Keep sober and you will have
no trouble about white paper,
To buy 30 yards tfood houso'-mado
curpot. Ioquiro t Maitin'b
ODET'd LadV'b Book for Jnnnarv
contains the following limidsonio il-
ustrntions: "GoiriL' to School in
Winter,". a superior ste.-l enirniv-
ng ; a. steel-plate title-pnge,' con'
tnining Bcverul picturos; un elubor
ate colored fiishion jilute ; a colored
plate of fancj' work; "Happy. New
Year," one of Godey'a original de
sins on colored paper, and nn
abundance of novelties for the toilet.
The workdeportment is intersperS'
ed with ft variety of nopfil designs
Drawing Lessons are til ho iH?on
'Our Darling," a first-class Cbromo,
a given to every subscriber to Go
dey's Lady's Book for 1873, whether
a single subscriber for three dollars,
or in a club of six for fourtoen dol
lars. Address In A. Godey, N. E
Corner Sixth and Chestnut Streets,
Philadelphia." '
-There is one fortunate thine
aDour tne norse disease raging
bo violently at this time its
tractable character. We hear
of comparatively few deaths, and
the disease readily yields to
good,.care and ' proper r medical
treatment If it were otherwise,
arid the disease proved fatal to
any. great extent, the country
would have a horse famine : and
tne terrible inconvenience ex
penenced in some of the large
cities an inconvenience which
grows with the spread of the
malady would be permanent
at least till fresh horses could be
imported from the four quarters
of the earth. :
There is a prospect of
collision Between tne estate ana
Federal authorities in Louisiana
The point at issue between Gov
Warmoth and the Administration
party involves the question
whether States have any rights
hat the General Government is
bound to respect. The new
ast week was that' Custom
House Legislature has impeache
Warmoth, and suspended him
rom office. . In the meantime
be negro Pinchbeck bas been
installed as Governor.
Beautiful Goods for the
The Drug and Book Store of
. uunnino is now tilled to over
vinr with the nicest nKSortmon
f Goods for tho Holidays, of the
enmption iiMinlly kept in a Drug
nd Book Store. Tho htock of
Books, Toy Books, Fine Enjrruvings,
lintings, ' Colored Photographs,
nd thousands of nico thinps for
Holiduy presents. Go iind see It is
ne lot of Holiduy Goods !
The Best Place.
The choicest lot of Groceries,
Queennware, Glassware. IJotions,
&c, can be hl at Davis Duncan'h
Store, in Zulcwki, nt till times.
Com, oats, potatoes mid produce
of every description taken in ex
chunife for goods, at his store.
In connection with 1) is store he
as a Saddle and Harness shop, and
will repuir anything in that lino on
short notice and at low figures.
Go und Bee him. . tf
Thr preservation. of tho teotli
a mutter of tho printout importance
Especially ought young persons np-
prociate the force of thin fact.
Have vour teeth examined, and
need be, have thorn properly cared
for before toothache drives you
regret your neglect. Apply now
Dr. N. J. Bowers, MoArtljur.
. Deo.4s4t.
Dried Apples, Dried Peaches,
Beans, Butter, Eggs, Lard, Chick
ens, reamers, Hags, tireen Apples,
Potatoes, and other articles of coun
try produce, at Martin & Sonb
Oil Corner Store." We buy
kinds .of country produce at the
market price.
Holiday Goods.
Goods ut wholesale or retail, should
go to the llouso of S. 0. Swift,
Chillicothe. See his advertisement
in this paper. ,
To Whom it May Concern!
Parties knowing .themselves in
debtod to us either by note or book
account, are'i requested to call and
settle up, as we -wish to bogin tho
New Year "on the square."
v Rj the ()fvflrli8oment of G. W
ipoKEa, who hag opened a new
Boot and Shoo shop in'DoDOit's
Building. lie foos superior work
at lower rates than nt other places
Try him. , . : ,
New Book.
It now ready for sale. It tells hqr to porform
over 160 different feat tliatare being performed
every day by professionals, also how gamblers
make money by cheating and how to doteot
thorn, rrlce B0 cents. Alio large splendid
engraving, 60 cts. or both for 75 ett. Addi-ess,
C O. Illl rtmm OfScw, Genoaotwwn, O.
1'JtTEHfON'n Ma(,.U'nk Mr Jaiiiiiny,iffi8,I
riady on our tablo. Xevor was theft a hand-
fiomor or better number1. IuanltoofcounJkition
'etwraon" mort than holds his own. It l hard
toll which of its two steel engraving uxe the
be ''Cherry Riiie," or "1'he Initials on the
Tree," thoy are both so boautlful. Tliere is a
large-sUed colored JJoilin nattern for a ofa
cushion, or foot-stool, In more than adoton col
ors, which, at retail, would cost a dollar. The
mammoth colored steel fashion plats It exqui
site. ' 'I'etorsoB" Is now tho only magazine
that gives these colored steel plates.' The sto
ries, as always, in this lady' book, are the very
best. Two powerful novelets are begun in this
number. By all means subscribe to "I'cterson'z
llagasine," that Is, after you have subscribed to
your local paper. The price is but Two Dollar
year, with liberal deductions to clubs, and a
five dollar eugravlng to tlioso getting up clubs.
Specimens are sent gratis. Address Cn a litis J,
Petkrhon, 806 C'licntnlitSt., Philadelphia.
..Unk hi
All persons wlio aspire to beauty or pomonal
appoaranco should not neglect that natural ao
cessory, tho hair, By many it bas been neg
lec ted until the hair bas bocome thin, gray, or
fallen off. Messrs. Hall A Co., Nashua, N. H.,
have produced an effectual remedy, called Slci
lian Ilalr Kenewer, which cures all disease of
the scalp. This wonderful preparation acts up
on tho glands, which support and nourish the
hair, restores gray hair to its. natural color,
mukss tho scalp whiso and clean, removes and
prevents the formation of dandruff and all cuta
neous.eruptions; and, by its tonlo and nutritive
properties, restores the sculp to healthy state,
and creates a now growth. As a dressing, it if
unsurpassed, giving the hair that brilliancy so
much admired by all.
New Publication.
for the year 1873. The "Srlcx-.Box," the
spiciest paper ever published, containing hu
morous stories, sketches, and poetry, written
by talented writers Is a large eight page paper.
It Is Just suited tor the young, tho middle-aged,
and tho aged. It gives a larger amount of
reading matter than any other paper for the
same price. We offer it free with any 11.50 pa
per or magazine in tho United States. The sub
scription price Is only 40 cents a year. Agents
wanted. Send stamp for terms. Address CQ.
EBKL, Fub. 8ice-Box, Germnntown, O. -
Cntrncii's Musical Visitor, for December,
has arrived. It is a good number of anexcol-
lent paper. - The contents embrace intelligent,
well-written editorials, Interesting articles per
taining to music and musical dolugi, foreign
and local, a continuation of the serial story
"Side ly Side," written expressly for it, and
five pieces of new music
Every one who takes any interest In musical
matters should read tho Visitor. . It Is the
liveliest, most readable, and reliablo publica
tion of Its kind. 1.50 per annum. John
Chuboh & Co., Publishers, Cincinnati, O. .
Holloway's Pills and Oint
ment. nabltual constipation, the pareutof apoplexy,
general debility, and premuture decay, is per
manently cured by a courso of the Pills, find no
external disease, eun long csist the Ointment.
Sold ,73 Maiden Lano,X Y. Price, 25 cents per
box or pot. Ask for new style; the old 'ls coun
BODY! Cxu-at Gunnino's Duuo Stork, In Will's
Building, and sue tlioso Kino Oil Paintings,
Uhromo9, Photographs, Plain and Colored Llth
ographs, which aie for sale vory cheap. They
are so boautlful!
Chappki) IIahps, faco, rough skin, pimples,
ringworm, salt-rheum, and other cutaneons
alloctions cured, and the skin made soft and
smooth, by Using the Juniper Tar Soap, niado
oy LOHwell, Hnznnl A Co- Now 1 ork. Be cer
tain to get the Juniper Tar Soap, as there are
many worthing imitations made with common
tar. ; Dcc4-13w
: J
is Hazard St, Caswell's, uiado on tho sen shore,
from fresh, selected livers, by Cxswill, IIxz-
abd & Co., New York. It is absolutely pure
and sweet. TutienU who have once taken
prefer it to all others. Phyniulans have decided
it superior to any of tho othoroils ia the mar
ket. Dcc4-12w
Christinas is Cuming.
'IT. i t . . .
iow is tne time to cet your
picture made to present to your
triends during the holidays. Go
to Billing hurst.
Probate onrt, Vinton Co..', 0.
VTOTICK is hrrelir given that Josso Brown
1' Uuaruianor .mines in. Morrln. minor, has
tiled Is is aovoimt with said' Ward, for partial
settlement; and that the same Is set fur hearing
on tno um nar or uaaunry, a. i. ihtj, at
o'clock, J. ii. U. 11. MAYO,
iJucemiieria,lin.4t 1'roliate Judge.
-How to Obtain It
l'ai ticulars It samulesonton reeeintof stainD.
no t-npitfti Wfiqessury. yimress
air iuitin it co;, 7iM Broiuiway, M.
Catarrh, ConGumption & Rhsumatism,
linmciiiato roller and a permanent euro guar.
nnU'Ci! iu evury rune. Particulars sent free,
HI cast ininntM.
Errors of Youth.
Rules and Prescriptions that will euro an
case ol Seminal Weakness, Emissions, &c, an
restore lost manhood to perfect hoalth. Hunt
Kkkk to All. bv one who has sufluied ami
now curoil. Adili-ess, with stamp, EDOAK Tag'
HAiKK.Buition u., new lorn.
Love and illatrinioiiy.
Tho affections mav bn trained liv fnllowln
simple rules, and all mav iiuirrv hiiimily with
out regard to wonlth, ago or lieiiuty, Address,
Willi atllllip, IMAI'AN Lfl'vll.LK l'KlAHKIC,
Lec-y liouso Btatiou, . I,
Iiomou, ' v
c&3 Vtrolse
Tho old and well known 11 nil of T.emnn
Woise, of I'lTl'SlUJKOU, i Manufacturart
Cabinet Furnituro and Chairs
, Opposlto their Old Stand,
Where they contlnuo tho butinoas In all
resnsntfullv sar to 'the citizens
i vicinity mat i am niiiy pmnar
"TAVIN( heen engaged In the study
XL practice ol DenlUtry for Alteon years
alonal prantloner In Jnclnon for six years,
navmg availed mysen or an tne
Modom Improvomcntv In ' Dontal
I would
M n Arthur anil
el to manipulates!! the various tirnnoht'
science, rrlnot as low as the lowest, Woi k
good as thr, best, - Pursons coming
a distance wlshiiis to remain until thrirwork
is done wilt be entertained at siy private
depopfvoe, ' '
Used In extracting tooth, renilerlnitho'lr
painliMK. Aremale
always on hand to wait upon ladle.
Give me a call,
B-T.BOaOESB. Dentist.
Myl,wri-iy . iaokson,0.
JffldDEtllllDoMW &W !
OS .
:Wm, -'lit--'
In order to Reduce our Stock
have Concluded to Offer as
for our Annual Inventory, We
nous for hie Holidays
ALL OUR GOODS ; . ; ' . ' '
JXX Greatly B.eauoed Prices !
'or your Friends, VERY CHEAP I It ia Useless to Enumerate
as our Stock, is VERY LARGE, ' and we shall This Week be in
receipt of another Large Lot of . .
Ojxv Grocery 3Deroirtm.oxit
s ."CHUCK FULL ", and: we are Daily in Receipt of All Kinds
of Produce. - . . ,. '
- ; At MARTIN'S "The Old Corner Store." ' '
tratlnnoomaratlvoly at
Tar Coruial
It Is arratifylni to us to Inform the puhllo
that Ir. L. O. C. Wlehart's l'lno Tree Tar
Cordial, for Tkbat and Lung Diteaacs, has
rainou an.enviaiue reputation irom iuu ai
antic to the l'acillo const, and from thenco to
some of the first families of Europe, not thro'
the press alone, but by persons throughout tho
States actually benefitted and cured at his
ofllce. While he publishes less, so say ourre-
porters, he is unable to supply the demand. It
gains aud holds its reputation
First. Not by stopping cough, but by loos
ening and asHisting nature to thiow off the
uuneaitny matter coiiectea suoue me in runt
and bronchial tubes, which eautt irritation.
Second. It removes the cause of irritation
(which produce rough) of the mucous mem
brane and bronchial tubes, assists the lungs
to act and throw off the unhealthy secretions,
and purifies the blood.
Tli In I. It Is free from squills, lobelia, Iperao
and opium, of which most throat aud lung
remedies are composed, which allay rough
only, and dlsorganiio the stomach. I than a
sootning enecc on mo sioniacii, acia un um
liver and kidnoys, and lymphntio aud nervous
regions, thus reaedtug to every part of tho
igoraimg anu puruyiuir
uUtion which it
system, am in its lnvlgoratl.n
effects it has sained a reltu
must hold above all others In the market,
Being under my Immediate direction, they
shall uot lose their curative qualities by the
use of cheap aud Impure articles. .
t)r. r.. 0.
open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
irom v A m. so o I. M., lor consuitniinn ny
Vt in. f. Magee. With him are associated
C. Wtshart's Office Tarlors are-
, for consultation hy Ur.
I him are associated two
consulting pliyslclana of ecknowlsdgod khll-
inm opuortynity is not onurru uy any
othor lustitullun iu ths city.
All letters must be. addressed to
No. 339 North Second St.
If oTotajier 10, tVTV,4ini
The Hamden ' Foundry Company
ii ,-.. i... i .,.1. ii . v- .i
1 1 n T , 1, jjuii'uniwu fclllB noii-Kiiuwn ruuuui
at lliiiuden, Vinton County, Ohio, and supplied
it wiui an tno
Latest Stylos of Patterns and Ma
At grcatexpensc, aronowmanufacturlngevery
uescription ot
Hollow Ware, Plain Heavy Castings
ror x-arnaoes, Hnstfting, Stores,
Grates, Fronts. Oune Mills),
Wagon Boxes. Plows,
The attention of the oublio Is called to thr
Ureal vunciy ok
Which thoy are enabled to sell cheaper than
elsewhere. The great advantage of pun basins
M. .Ill- 1,'.. . . . I .... J .. t. . .. ....
... nun l-uilllillj IB, jruuuuil V III.VO W m
oxoi bltnnt prices for odd plates for repairs a
yuu uu wueu you purcnase eisewnere. A goou
assortment oi
Kept od hand. .This Foundry being a
And the propfhitors practical workmen, who
uininii sirictiy 10 Business, we can
Manufacture Our Own Goods,
And sell them direct to the noonle at the whole
sale pi Ices at which tho same gsods are offered
by Vinton County dealors. If you want a good
article nt a low price, give ua a call.
Highest price paid old Brass, Copper, and
Scrap Iron.
rersons desiring castings tor i'atcnt Bights
will please send us their orders.
REPAIRING) of all kinds neatly done.
September 13, 1871. Reed's Mills V. O.
i r- ssniitr IMJ
AJ and
thean wonderful inmllisluus. is thenower
tney possess in puriiying tne mrgiu dkkxi,
C'lling t-iiriiiiit iiumors irom lie aystein.
HOLLOWAY'S flLlls consist of a can-nil
and peculiar admixture of the Illicit Vegetable
Kitraota, Herbs, and Medicinal Gums.
Possessing not a gl aiu of mineral In their rom
binatlon, thoy never exiiose those who uso them
to any danger, at any time or season. , No moth
er need hesltato to proscribe them to their child.
ron, and the most delicate constitutions
usetlioin with as groat a bencllt as the
vigorous and powornu irame.
IIolloway & Co. Sole Propri'tors,
7 Maiden Lane, Mew York.
Ilollowsv's nllls and ointment are told at
(Qs'n, and 1 per box or pot. A groat saving
made by buy die the large sixes. Deo.
F. J.'Oalxa. J.T.rmaca.
Corner Sixth and Walnut Streets,
JOUM B. COgNXLtr,) ltt"'
This House has been entirely '
HcfLUcd. nefmainhod, Hcmodolodl
And Is In all respects a
Table surpassed by none In the West. Ample
and pleasant aooomraudaltoua for travelers.
Give uaa call.
OAKM A CO., Proprietors,
iNV 1 IVVi-Je been duly anmlnted
aualined as Ksw.utor of the last will and testa
lueutof 8usan Ilai'tbolomnw, late of VlutouGun
UUio,(isxieasu 4ALIA M-uil44XA4l
PTIOHATK COURT, Vinton county, O. Vo.
tlo is huieliv liven that II akkihon WlMIN-
sos, aduiliii.ti Htor of the cstnle or John Wilk
inson, doceusnd, lias tiled his uetouut with said
estate for partial settlement, and that the hear
ing tnereor is set lor tnintn nay or January, A.
D.lKii. tl.U. HA)U I lOUBvv UUtlge.
"OASionmscinr "coosmossiso,"
k gruna ruiwicn-i," "Bcmmicr rLOWxea," j
" AWAiUl " Mm AllAJie,"
kwita Um tiTurie wkkkiv 4 f xiv raiis-i
un r nosi vnmusudi.Kr skj-
kTwt M awCVnom w Ik rtu W "WiitA
ink M M Ali pi" UMSTMn
. . seaHM4 dnfiU?.
tafcultm fmllil AT OMCE
ttrwt, ,
SlaU Ohio, Vinton County.
Cornelius Karnes, Plaintiff,
Tbo Vinton Furnace & Coal Company xf Ohio,
In Vinton County Court of Commas Pleas. Or
der of Sale on Attachment.
PURSUANT to the command of an Order of
8a I o on AttHulmient issued- from the
court of Common Picas of Vinton County, and
to no direuted aw Sheriff of said Count v, 1 will
offer for sale at the door of the Court llouie, In
tho Town of McArthur, Vluton County Ohio,
Friday, the 3d Day "of JANUARY,
. A. D. 1873,
At the hour of 1 o'clock P. M. br said day, the
following described premises, to-wit:
A nar t of tho South-west corner of the North
east quarter of Section number Twenty-five of
xownsuiii numuer JLioven ill,) itange numuer
Seventeen (17.) and especially de&ilbod as the
tractor laud any (BU).iuvt, in ,wiitn running
diagonally from a point Twenty-five (2S) feel
oi t)ol tno lino surveyed By p. vy. stone mr a
Railroad from Vinton Station to. Vintou Fur
nace, whore said line lu'erseota tho west line of
said quarter Hection; thonco running South
east parallel to Raid survey but Twenty-live
(25) feet north of said survey which suid line
itinniuir as aforesaid is to be the center of tho -
strip or tract of land herein conveyed. Also,
three (8) acres and nvo (5) rods being's strip of
land Thirty-five (35) feet wida from the centr
of the Railroad track of tho Vinton Furnace and
Coal Co. of Ohio's Kuilroad on each side of said
railroad tracs from tho cffnlor located in the
Nerth-west quarter of Section number Tcnty
five (25 Township number- Eleven (11) Uange .
nmnber Seventeen (17,) in Vinton county, Ohio.
Abo the Rail road 1 1 ron and Tics located on the
above described real estate supposed to be two-
tnnxisoi a nine in leirgtn. - v
'lUkiien as tne urooomv or uio viuton rtirnace
f Cbal CO. of Ohio' to satisfy an order of sale
on attachment issued from tho aforesaid Court
iu fayptof CorneliuaJCarues.
AimrAlsed at Three Thousand and Four Hnn
dred IloUars (.4O0.) aud must brine two-thirds
of that sum. ' r
Terms of Bale Cash lit Hand.
...... y... DANIEL BOOTH,
Sherf IT Vinton County.
Jno. Mayo $ K. A. BitATToi-, Att'ysfor 1'1'tlff.
He Person earn take thess Bitters accord
ing to directions, and remain inng unwell, provided
their bon am not destroyed by mineral poison or other
MAvna ssnd tlia wilsl nrsins sivaketssrl Kaiffw thai WiimS
of repsir.
Dyspepsia er Indigestion. Headache, Psia .
la the Shoulder. Conths, TiKhtness of the Chest. Dii
siness. Sour Eructations of the Slotnach, Bad Tasts
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of tbs
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs Pain in 'lie regions
of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. Iu these complaints
it has no equal, and one bonis will prove a teller guar.
Sntee of its merits thin s lengthy advertisement.
For Female Complaints, in young or old.
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood, or the
turn of life, dies Tonic Bitters display so decided aa
influence that a marked improvement is soon perceptible.-
For Inflammatory end Chronlo Rhsaa
aatlem and Gout, Biliuus, Remittent and Inter,
miltent Fevers, Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys
snd Bladder, these Unlets have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blond, which is generally
produced by derangement of the DiseMive Organs.
They sera a Gentle Purgative as well aa
a Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerfulageut in relieving Congestion o Inflam
mation of the Liver aud Visceral Organs, and in Bilious
For SVtln Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Snots, Pimples, PuMules, Boils, Car
buncles, Ring-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Ery
sipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration! of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,
are literally dug up and carried nut of the system in a
shim time by the use of these Biliers
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vinsoas Bit
Ttxs the most wonderful lnngoirant that ever sustained
the sinking system.
IWALKKK, Proirr. rl. Is. nieimnibDevv.,
Druggists and Gen. Agis., San Kranciico, Cel..
and cor. of Wsihitigton and Charlton Sis., New York.
Ayer's Ague Cure,
For Fever and Ague, Intermittent Fevor,
Chill Fevor, Remittent rarer, Dumb
Ague, . Periodical Of Bilious Fever, &o.,
and Indeed all tbo affections which ansa
from malarious, marsh, or miasmatlo,
No one remedy Is londor
called for by the necessities of
the American people than a
sure and eufo cure for Fever
and Ague. Such we are now
enabled to offer, with a perfect
certainty that it will eradicate
the disease, and with assur
ance, founded on proof, that no barm can arise
from Its use In any quantity.
1 hat whiii pmier.ia irnin or prtTm win n in
order must be of Immense service in the com
munities where It prevails, frovrntion Is better
than euro, for the imtient escapes the risk which,
he must run in violent attacks ol this baleful dis
temper. This "CtiKt" expels the miasmatlo
poison of Krvrr nd Aouk from the system,
and prevenla the development of the ditoaae, if
taken on the first approach of Its premonitory
symptoms. It Is not only the best remedy evor
yet discovered for this class of complaints, but
also the chfinoeft. Tho large quantity we sup
ply for a dollar brings It within the reach of
evorybody; and In bilious districts, where
Fkvkr and' Antra prevails, overybody should
have It, and use It freely, both for euro and pro.
tectiort. It la hotted this price will plnce it within
the reach of all the poor as well aa the rich.
A great superiority of this remedy over any
otlier ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intonmlttiints Is, that it contains no Qui
nlno or mineral; consequently it produce no
ilsm or othor injurious enects wnateverttpon
constitution. Those cured hy It are left as
Ithv as If ther had never had the dlaeaas.
Fever and Ague It not alone the r.onaeqnense
of the miasmatlo polaon. A great variety of dis
orders arise from Its Irritation, among which
re Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Headache,
Blindness, Toothache, Karacho, Catarrh, Aath
ma, Palpitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen,
Hysterics, Pain in the Rowels, Collo. Paralysis,
and derangement or the Stomrfch, all of which,
when originating In tills cause, put on the In.
lermlttent type, or bocome periodical. This
"ClinK" expels the poison from the blood, and
wiseonently cures them all alike. It Is sn In
valuable protection to Immigrants snd penons
travelling or temporarily residing In the mala
rious districts. If taken orcasionslly pr dally
a Idle exposed to the Infection, that will be ex
itreted from the syatem, and cannot nocnmulale
In auiUrlent quantity to ripen Into dlwase.
Ilcnos It Is even more valuable for protection
than nurei nnd few will ever suffer from Inter-mltU-nts
If tli'V svsll themselves of the proieo
tlon this remedy affitnls.
For lAvrr semp(a4nfs, arising from torpid.
tv of the Llvor, It Is sn excellent remedy, sflni
ilntlng llio Liver Into healthy nctlvily, and pro
ilurltiK many tmlv remarkable cuius, where
uther moiUclues fall.
' rntrAitiD ar
Dr. J. C. AVER CO., Lowell. Mass.,
Irfie asset JXmi CKmUf,

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