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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 01, 1873, Image 2

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I)c (Enquirer.
yC IOC 111 OTJCUllil niui n "'n "
Building;, North side of Vail 8tret, Kant of
J. W. ItOWEN, Editor.
January 1, 1873
Tiianks. Hon. A. 0. Tuuit
man, U. Senator from Ohio,
will accept thanks for a copy of
the "Report of the Commission
er of Agriculture for the year
; The first train over the To
. ledo, Tiffin & Eastern Railroad
made a trip' from Toledo to
Mansfield Wednesday afternoon.
It is expected that regular trains
will be placed on the road by
the 15th of January.
Never did even the "oldest
inhabitant"' witness so many
people slipping about on such
icy roads, fields, streets, side
walks, alleys and other places,
as .during the two weeks last
past. It seemed like nobody
could stand up without falling,
or he still after falling Hat upon
the icy face of old mother earth.
Many persons were injured by
The slave trade is in a more
flourishing condition than it has
been for many years. During
the last year 20,000 slaves have
been exported from the eastern
coast of Africa. It is intimated
in Washington that prominent
persons, who have the favor of
the Administration, are engaged
in the speculation. President
Grant's private boast, when un
der the influence of several im
ported cigars, that the day will
come when he can compare
wealth with Stewart, of New
York, may not have anything
to do with the matter, but peo
ple will surmise, because their
nature is to be a little inquisi
tive. Mr. Morgan, the Auditor of
Licking county, advertises that
after the 20th of December (that
being the close of the tax-paying
season), he will immediately
issue warrants on the County
Treasury for an advance of one
half of the money due each
township at the February set
tlement. In these tight times it
is thought this amount of money
thrown back into circulation will
be of service. In fact, it is at
no time proper that the taxes
should be locked up from legiti
mate use any longer than neces
sity compels. It would be well
if other county Auditors should
imitate the example of Mr. Mor
Only ten miles of the Chesa
peake & Ohio Railroad are yet
to be completed.' This is the
shortest route, by eighty miles,
between the Atlantic coast and
the Mississippi Valley. The
termini of the road are Hamp
ton Roads, Virginia, and Hunt
ington, West Virginia, on the
Ohio River, not far from Galli
polis. What a grand line of
railroad this would be if the
Gallipolis, McArthur & Colum
' bus Railroad was completed be
tween Gallipolis and Logan.
The inhabitants of this "fenced
in" region could visit the sea
coast by a short and cheap route.
This line of road would be one
of the most important on this
Continent; Would it not be a
good plan to take hold and com
plete as soon as "the spring time
comes again r
Barnum's Menagerie Destroyed
by Fire.
The Circus and Menagerie of
1. T. Uarnum, in winter quar
ters in iNew low city, were
burned Tuesday week. The fire
was discovered at 4 o'clock in
the morning. Two elephants
and a camel were the only am
mals saved, and the roars of the
caged beasts, as they roasted to
death, are said to have been
frightful. One elephant, four gi
raffes, seven camels, lions, bears,
tigers, leopards, and a large col
lection of birds, monkeys, ana
condas, and many small animals
were destroyed.
Barnum's loss is estimated at
$200,000 to $300,000, with an
! u . lf A mi
mbunmue oi $yu,VUV. IMS IS
the third time he has met with
heavy losses by fire. ' Two mu
seums, worth over $500,000
each, were burned, and his resi
dence in Connecticut, which cost
him $175,000 was ouee destroyed
by fire. ," . - ;
The Expenses of the Government.
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
The following estimates for
the fiscal year of the expenses
of the Federal Government are
deserving of study and reflec
tion ;
I.CKlslntlvo establishment 8,(178,874
Executive estahllihment 17,12tt,aoi
Judicial establishment , 8,5H7,05U
foreign Intercourse 1,826,754
Military establishment 82,U,8!4
Naval establishment.. 20,164,2!i0
Imliaii Affairs S,700,l74
Pensions 80,500,000
iiur Ky,Utfl,313
Postal service 7,410,t
Miscellaneous 9,6llb,U74
Permanent appropriation 147,301,913
We may as well say here that
these estimates, from party con
siderations, are always made far
too low, and that afterward we
have some "Deficiency Appro
priation Bill" to enable the Gov
ernment to get along on the sec
ond year. $308,000,000 to run
the Government, however, is a
very big sura. What does it do
for us to be entitled to it? It
does not provide oir schools; it
doesnot keep up our roads and
highways ; it does not maintain
our prisons;, it does not pay our
police or any of our courts ; it
does nothing for any of our hu
manitarian establishments, luna
tic or otherwise ; it does not
protect either the life, liberty or
property of any man among us.
All that is done by the State
Government. What else more
do we want? What can we
have ? $308,000,000 is a great
figure. It is about eight dollars
tax to very man, woman and
child in" the country. As fami
lies generally consist of at least
six persons, it is a tax of forty
eight dollars upon the head of it.
We used before the war, to get
along with a tax of 70,000,000
Now we have to pay 147,000,000,
and twice that sum for the in
terest on the public debt alone.
In fifteen years, we shall pay as
much interest as the whole prin
cipal of the debt amounts to.
Half of this interest is unneces
sary. Half of the principal up
on which it is paid could be in
legal-tenders as well as in bonds,
and legal-tenders bear no inter
est. The people are "not anxious
for their redemption. For. our
military and naval establishment
we pay $53,000,000. In the
olden time, before the war,
$22,000,000 sufficed. We need
no standing army, except five or
six regiments of mounted dra
goons in the Western Territories
watch the Indians. We want
no navy, except a few revenue
cutters to look after smugglers.
Five or six, million dollars would
suffice for both of these depart
ments, instead of the fifty-three
millions that it costs us. The
Postal service of $9,500,000 we
could save by turning it over to
private enterprise, wliere it le-
'Li 1-1 1171 i Jl
giuiuateiy ueiongs. vynat mere
in the Executive establishment
cost $17,000,000, we not
only don't know, but can form
no idea of. A bill of particulars
would, we are confident, show
that it could be reduced one
half without any of the efficiency
the service being lost. For
public works nearly $30,000,000
required, where formerly $3,
000,000 or $1,000,000 used to
suffice. There is a very curious
estimate called " miscellane
ous, " which embraces $9,500,
000. What can that be for?
Most likely a large swindle that
would not do to put it into
other appropriations. There can
be no legitimate object of Gov
ernment that is not embraced
under some of the headings for
which definite appropriations are
That Sell.
Editor Enquirer :
Sales in politics are often
charged and as often denied;
but Raper's sell to "the Judge"
io ueyimu controversy, as nis re
peated duns are in black and
white. In my communication to
the Enquirer of November 13th,
there was left to your option the
payment ot live dollars to any
thing in the shape of an editor
ol as little significance as the
echo of a sound that never ex
isted, whenever you saw said
communication appear in his
columns. The instinct of the
Record man being true to a hair,
I a m -
told the chap how nicely ho filled
the bill, when, behold, he put the
article in typo and demanded
immediate payment without see
ing the sell. His eagerness to
show his ability in controlling
emergencies, brought him out
like a pin-feathered rooster just
taking the struts. It was easy
to see how this political . knock-
umnUfcr anticipated the immedi
ate surrender of "the Judge."
We are told that it is a bad wiud
that blows no good, and this sell,
the proceeds of which is m
earnestly demanded, is -a wind
I . i .XI I 1 -
vi mat order, as Fiudav lost
nothing, ior ho had nothing to
lose; "the Judsro" srot nothing
. u o- - 07
as there was nothing to get, but
an auuie-iieaaect bundle of self
conceit and political turpitude,
with two legs in the down end of
the thing.
A Place where Weary Travelers
can feel at Home.
Those who travel always feel
nappy wnen tney stop at a place
that reminds them of home. .In
the great city of Cincinnati
there is one Hotel, and only
one, where a person, after trav
eling for many long and weary
miles, can stop and feel being at
home. That place is the Craw
ford House, on the corner of
Sixth and Walnut Streets, the
most pleasant( place, and kept
oy, Messrs. uakes ana Wisher,
who are assisted by the only
clever clerks John B. Connelly
and John McIntyre ever seen
in the Queen City. Last Mon
day night week we entered the
House, almost frozen, and found
everything cheerful and delight
fuj, even after our long and cold
ride of 140 miles. But Mr.
Connelly makes all feel at home
in that House whether they are
so inclined or not. The House
has ample accommodations, and
is contiguous to the railway de
pots and business portions of the
city, making it the most conve
nient stopping place for all the
people of this portion of the
country who have occasion to
visit Cincinnati. The terms are
the lowest. Just go in and
make yourself known to Mr.
Connelly or Mr. McIntyre, and
you will be taken care of.
Another large stock of letter
and .note paper, envelopes, book
paper, mourning paper and enve
lopes, wedding paper and enve
lopes, etc., just received at this
printing office. Come and see
our assortment and learn the
low prices of our goods. Print
ing of any description neatly
and cheaply done.
I'lLCHEIt On Sunday mornlnir. December 20,
ai me resilience 01 Mrs. want, in jhc Ar
thur, Hannah 1'ilcheh, wife of the lute
James I'ilchkr, aged 87 years.
Estate of George Bull, De
VTOTICE Is hereby frlven that the undersigned
ll has been appointed and qimlilled as Exocu
Frlxof the will of Gcorire Bull, late of Vinton
county, Ohio, deceased.
;a.ki11jnjs u ill. executrix.
Januory 1,1878. 8 1.
Divorce Notice.
NANCY P. I'ETTIT, whose place of resi
dence Is unknown, is notified that Jona
than I'cttit did. on tlieAlat riAv nf rtni-pmhpr.
IHW.Ille his petition in the office of the Clerk of
the Court of Common Pleas, in nnd for Vinton
county, Ohio, charging the snid Nancv 1.
l'ottit with having been willfully nbsont
from him for more than three years last pant,
nnd asking that he may be divorced from said
Nancy 1. Pettit; which petition wHl stand for
Hearing at tno next term or snid court.
JH.NAiHAPI 1 JVI i l l ,
Ilv J. M. MoGillivbav, his att'y.
January LlffiS-Ow.
(Formerly Sands House,)
EGBERT BOWEN, Pkopmetor.
This House, which is convenient to tho It. It.
depot, aince changing proprietors, has been
inorougiuy renovated ana reiurninuuit, nun
the present proprietor offers to travelers and
boarders the best accommodations.
Good Stabloon the premises.
-How to Obtain It!
Particulars A samule sent on receipt of stamp.
N WtAffljST SWtt way, K. Y.
Catarrh, Consumption & Rheumatism.
Immodlate relief and ft permanent cure guar
anteed in every case. Particulars sent free.
147 East 16th St, N. Y.
Errors of Youth.
Rules and Prescriptions that will cure any
case of Seminal Weakness, Emissions, Ac., and
restore lost manhood to lierfeot health. Sent
Free to Ail, by one who has suffered and is
now cured. Address, with stamp, Edoab Thk
m aine, Station D., New York.
' Love and matrimony.
The affections may be gained by following
simple rules, and all may marry hnpplly with
out regard to wealth, age or beauty. Address,
with stamp, Mapam Lucille Dkmahre,
Dec. 4-ly Wide House Station, N. Y.
8tat4 of Ohio, Vinton County,
Martha Poarce, 1'laintJff,
Edmund B. Clark and Jamos Gaines, Defend
ants. In Vinton County Court of Common Picas. Or
der of Sale. .
punsiTANT to the command of an Ordor of
ji sale issued rrom trie court or com
mon Pleas of Vinton County, Ohio, and
to mo directed as Sheriff of said County, I will
offer for sale at the door of the Court IIouso, In
tho Town of MoArtuur, Viuum County, Ohio,
Monday, tha 3d Day of February.
A. D. 1873,
At the hour of 1 o'olock P. M. of said day, the
following described lauds and tenements, to-
Eighteen feet In width off the West sldeof In
Lot Number One Hundred and Elirhtv (IK)) In
the Town of McArthur, as recorded in the plat
oi saiu (own.
Anoralsed at One Hundred and Slxtv-flve
Dollars (1106.00,) and must bring two-thirds of
tun i sum.
Ordered to be sold as the property of James
Gaines and wife to satisfy an order of sale Issued
from the Court of Common Pleas in favor of
Martha Pearoe.
TEHMS OV SALE:-Caih Inhand at the time
of Sale.
Sheriff Vinton Co,
II. C. Jonkh, Att'y for PPff.
; J anuary 1, 1878, ew. i ....
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rrico vo tears a oox.
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water they drink and then feed. Tills Powder
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Chemist and Horseman of twniitv-flve veara
experience, at his Drug and Chemical Empo
rium. Aimon, ra. it your nearest druggist or
merchant has not the powders, send to tno Pro-
f rietor for them. Ho will send you, also, cer
lllcates of cures on all kinds of stock and poul
Would yu avoid bcinir "bit" hv ltomie. Hwin.
dlcrs uml HumlnigsV Read the "Star 8pan
olku II annkk." A large, Illustrated 40-eoliimn
8 lingo paper, ledytr size. Miileudiil Stories,
SkeU hes, Tares, 1'oeins, Wit, lltunor. Puzzles,
ueeipes. sc. urn year, xi n year, Willi elegant
Pranir Cliromo. "Autunin Leaves." free tonll.
ONEY fi. Trv It once. Satisl'actlon guaran
teed. Agents Wanted. Outtlt EIEKE. Speci
mens, &c, forsix cents. Address "11ANNEK,"
uinsuato, n.
Tlie only Preparation Unit will efluctuall.
Ourl, Crimp and Frizz the Eai
it niTitri-a a t.i.
Bend a stamp forCircular. Address
A- H. ASHLAND & 00,, Garret tivMa, 0.
. " jtnjuub" ana " Aafcuur,"
kwtlk lb. FCT.rmC IfRKKLT nil WRK1XT CHUg.i
TIAH AT W01tH(Con)Ud.Ud),for LOd.
klVs of Ihm Clromx it lha ilu of "WlaUi
AWSW Ud Ifut AllMpi" UxoUMts
OBMW11M ftouiur.
Cibterlbm hralihol AT OMCI
wiu uui lOromot.
mo mtk batUr termi ,
i with uitbftn wttbuy A
i BtTMt,
i n.x ,
A nrlrtta CohdhIop to th
Mftrried or tboa abstit to
mirrr on tha DhriUloctotl
miterlci and rtUUotio
the ioiubI iTiUm. with tba
ItMit dimoTerfei Id prodactnicand prTUnf oQiprlif,
how o iroirv tho compUiioa, Ao.
Thlil an iotereiilDf work of two hoadrod utility
ftftKci.wttl) numeroui oDgroTiDfi, and eootoiaoTaliabl
nrormattoQfor thois who aro uarrIed,oreoatoaiplaunar
rlaae. BUIIUiia book lhatoub( lo b kpan4ork
andkty, aod sot laid oareleiilj abootlhokouat.
It ooDtaloa tho axporleBoo and adfloa oft phrilolaa
vboaorepuuttoala world-wldt. and hoold sola tbtprl
Tata drawer of trorjaiala aadfemalotbroaihaiittbofntlra
globo. Ilombraoea OTorytbloi oa ihoaublootof tb tU"
orailvocratom that li worlb knowln,ud Bttohibal t
Hot published Id any olbor work.
Print to any odo (fr of posugo) forFlftr 0nti
AddreiiDr. ButU' DUpflOJafj.No, XSl l(.ilbUiliraa4
fit. Loula, Wo. ( ,
Mice to tlie Afflicted and TTnibrtnii&U.
HefOrt appIylBf to the notorloai qouki who admilio la
f ubllo pairtritor uiiug any quaok romodloa porato Dr.
tutta' work no mittar wha your dlaoaia U, tr bow dtplor
able jour eonditlou.
Dr. Butu oooopiei ft doable kerne of iwts.tyMTa
rooiui;! Indorsed by lomeo flht &toitoUbrmud aiodl
cal profeitoro of tbli country and Kurope, andoaa bo eon
tultod perionally or by mall, on ibodlicaioi atonUoaod ta
hit works. Offlot and parlora.Naj 11 N. Klgbllt etrooi
botwetn Alarkotand Cbetnuti it. touli, Ue.
la widely known
as one of the most
efl'ectual reinediui
ever discovered for
clean uinz the sys
tem and pwifj-mg
(lie blood. It has
'fif'f stood the test of
Y'i vears. with a run.
'lll fllnnttv rrmvvintr ran.
' utntion, baBcu on lis
intrinsic virtue;, mid sustained by its re-
nuu kabiu cures, bo nltl as to bo salo and
buncfiuial to cliildrcn, and y ot 10 scartliing
as to eli'ccttially purgo out the great cor
ruptions ot tne utooti, nucli as the scroluloui
and sypllllti(j contamination. Impurities,
or diseases Unit liavo lurked in tho system
for years, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Ilcnco its wonderful
cures, many or which are publicly known,
of Scrofula, and all scrofulous diseases,
Ulcers, Eruptions, and eruptive dis
orders of tlie skin, Tumors, Blotches,
Boils, Pimples, Pustules, Sores, St,
Anthony's Fire, ltoso or Erysipe
las, Tetter, Salt Itltcum, Scald
liuad, Kinrworm, and internal Ul
cerations of tho Uterus, Stomach,
and Liver. It also cures other com
plaints, to which it would not seem especi
ally adapted, such as Dropsy, Dyspep
sia, i' 11s, iuraiffia,iicartilscase,
Female Weakness, Debility, and
Lcucorrhoea, when they are manifesta
tions of the scrofulous poisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health nnd
strength in tho Spring. By renewing tho
appetite and viyw of tlie ditrestivo orcani.
it (liwipatug tho depression and listless Inn
duor of tho season. Even whero no disorder
appears, people feci better, and live longer,
for clonnsinr the blood. The system moves
on with renewed vigor nnd a new lease 0
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
rraotltat ami AnalytUal ChmUt:
ISO Smlthlleld Street,
rinsmju;ii, puivrv.,
Til, Copper anfl Sheet Iron Ware
Stoves, Clothes Wringers. Cutlery, Ililtsnla and
Block Tin Ware, Enuiiielled Hollow
Ware, Refrigerators, Ice Chests,
Vi ater Coolers, lee Cream
Freezers, Uird Ca
ges, and
Proprietors of the
Patent Adjastable Stove Shelves!
j no mini useiui invention or the are. Sole
AgonU for SPEAR'S World RknowSbd and
Anthracite Coal Heating: Stoves.
rwiw rfHm iur nits
Tills lltrln Klnirn I. ,1, V...l ... n... r,....
tllOlllllv llrf ,! Hi. LI..I .1....
. I: ini umn win irive vwu
entire satisfaction. nfiO.lm
- i -. - -..i...'
M. B. COCHRAN & 00.,
piarTSBTj-KO-ia:, pa.
Miinufctuiijrii uml Dealers in0
And Manufacturers Supplies
Have lu Store Full Stock of
, MACHINERY, 4c., Ac.
Repairing of All Kinds Promiitly Attended to.
Boston and its Destruction!
A full, detailed and graffie aronnt of the origin
, , iMoors nuu luujurnts ox tne
irreiitcnnflntTfiitiAii. a .nnA r,
" viinuco iur nifUIHS.
us every porsou wants to kuow the full pnrticu-
IA tF flild rrrual .Han.....-' o...
..... 0,vnv Mipanwi, Will II V III 1IL IOT CXJ
decll-lni Phltadelphia, Pa., or Cincinnati, O.
Great Offers to AaeMm
areniado hy tlie Satcrdat Evening Post and
a nmnu, ji ucnuiiiiii inromooi tlltt
worth $5.00, , If i given with the paper (subscrlp-
ti ui'r i? 'r.!,i'T Wlln 1118 magazine (price
Ii f'kiJlSPSf If" 1 x"'l'e Into thisofl'er:lt
Is A GREAT COlffHlVATinv '
Address for particulars, samples, Ao., Deacon
A Peterson, 81V Walnut St., Pa. ' Uecll-lm.
110 Smlthlleld St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Collect Pensions, bounties, Priw monev.
and relectod claims. Applications by mail at
tended to us if mado In person. novt7-8iu
A Great Offpr T H"o wtere.
& WlCdt WIIt,r 1 m Broadway, N,T
trill ilitpont oXK WPIAXO. MELODHOl'S '
(tt(iA V'S' lx.fi''t-clun mnkm, inclml.
.v rruirf-n , b fcrjf iifir I'JRH Ir CS1SH Or
part cath, and baUmer in tmall vmnlhlt hutnl-
trn ImjiroreinntU.fur fM 75 ranh. Xuv rradu
rt COJtCKBTO 1-Altl.Olt OtGA.X, Ml ,'"
onmnj hi im((i ami ptrjen ititif rrer wad. Jl.
Imtrattd CaUdoautt mailed . Shert wtnln and
ilmio Mrcluinditt.
True Time for $1.
Comiiass and Inillcntor. A purfect UK W hr tho
poc-ket of every traveler, trailer, hoy, fnincr.
and for KVKHYBODY (tesiring a rcliahle tnio- -keeper,
and also n superior compass. Usmf
wiitili slse, steel works, lflnss crvslnl, nil m a
neatOHOIDEiRso. WAltllANTkl) t,.
correct time and to keep in order if fairly ihed
-for two years.- Nothiuir like itl ThlspcrlVt
triuiniih of ineihanimn will ho sent in n mt
vnsu, prepaid t any address, lor only $1; 8 for $V
Circulars sent free. Try one. Onier from tin
iiiitntirs, KMUiunl WOVlSLiTY WOKKS,
llrattleboro, Vt. deell-lm
OP OlTIl OWN lr,NiriTArTiii?v ...m i.
t"r" 'i'Ai1.', A J4 MOT JI rOBNilUdli Kslifl-
iiaiiHMTot ,
The newivtiind iinwt iiiiimivu.1 ttvU-n nf Vl,
and Medium r'liriiilnre.ln larger v.irloty than
any other house, nt very reusniial.ln prices,
I'oiKons finiilfliiiiK hottiies would do well to
write for our new circular, or when In l'itts-lmrKh-w
ri'siiect fully solicit it visit to our
warerooms. Don't forget the pl.u e,
46, 48 & 50 Seventh Avenue,
rniBuurgu, ra.
Wtt r'l,al1i,M ,T IV.. -1.1 1., f
the same quality of material and workman,
ship of our goods. .nov!7-3iu
ha in
Kvery yeat iiicretise- tlie j o'ii!iiii
ty of tliis vnltiable Hair IVepitmlion ;
which is iluo to merit nlone. Wo
can assure our oM patroim llutt it is
Kept fully ti) to its lii,'h Htandaid ;
and it is the only if l'uible and perfect
ed preparation for lestoiing Ghav
or Faded Hair to its youthful color, .
making it soft, lustrous, and silken.
Tho scalp, by its use, becomes white
and clenn. It removes nil eruptions
and dandruff, nnd, by its tonic prop-.
erties, prevents tho hair from fiilliii";
out, as it stimulates nnd nourishes
tho hair-gland. By its use, tlie liuir
crows thicker and etroner In
baldness, it restores tlie capillmy
glands to their normal vigor, and
will create a new growth, except in
extreme old age. It id the most eco
nomical Haiii Duebsino ever used,
as it requires fewer npiilientions,
and gives tho hair a splendid, glossy
appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.IX,
Stat'o Aisayerof Massachusetts, says,
"Tho constituents nre pure, nnd caro.
fully selected for excellent quality;
and I consider it the Bkht Puepa '
ration for its intended purpose." ,
Soil by all DruggUU, and DenUri in Medicine!, i ,
Prioe One Dollar.
Buckingham's Dyo.
As our Honewcr in mnny citsos
requh'es too long a time, and too
much care, to restore gray or faded
Whiskers, wo havo prepared this;
dye, in one preparation; which will,
quickly and oll'oetunlly accomplish-'
this result. It is easily applied,
and produces color whicn will
neither rub nor wash off. Sold by
all Druggists. Prico Fifty Cents.
Mnufeturd by R. P. HALL, V CO

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