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The Lafayette advertiser. [volume] (Vermilionville [i.e. Lafayette], La.) 1865-19??, May 08, 1869, Image 1

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Ydr,. F 43~~ LPI
li4 %yet Strut, Vinmwuoxrxuz. LA.
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*kthm new and eategmiv mon tmeht of
Mi oo% ein Portof
ýKngfas' of 'Dry Goods,
Ladle .ud Mibe.' Shao,
ge. and Boy' Boots and SAoea,
~Ue osmplee pugest d are
ýei . amd p tla tiol .uplieus:
Basco, -lw', im..
Peek,_ YMohu, Sid,
h s of tr n `,Y~q; e~oclt aei
dud Ghlassware.
'~mepgsblicto ",v hbi.*cpI
a i idx1i' t ur i cb~rbig c3C
I- LI oqh rsSr
Court- gse1, Pk uvrvj
- -rrdr~~ p~S~wsu
,ryu~~~f -. lbe1 elM.~~c·
.lam!' 4 ·~i~b ' (I dVi I, t
pqa go'" boo
flo "!O RATS.
Raw %m12P. YAWKu N oTioII3'
waT sa 'c a r r:I
acwii1 M .rr rrr~rl
Si.~7 sinou S
wj~ls -"-rULPII 4 b3
leessi te toius in the South,
Daily an&. Weekly.
--a- 0
-TErMS OF PCt3 AgtX.
Rate of 8ubreslemta-Ddbt, per annm. hi d
Tum. 616 bdF;earty. 58 queterpl'. 86.
vbe4&1. U.
Prid" of .A6'ner--4.k cople. 5 hin peper
10 ject.; Svenl~g or Ktra, 5 cente
Rater d AdwEnhLug-M trnakent Adverse-'
send budt f Med.., per 'qare. S1 60;
ueb-habmoe mzn r kthn 7.3 wen..
Wevt ur " i a& Ii t.rm to be pied
Adverdtemordered to remain easy aper!
eaur =pqge. t be charged m new suib
All Ads mes not awaked fur an, wpee$e·
numer f_ Inwetlo.. will be pnb1pi *r1
Faia tier~n
ate Admi t nd cere aerd~l*
- er~sn.Vlb, radsiee..
Ejtotlh Dde.a~y rid`~mmt to be tqrge
Itetm 'Iobaco ecac y
. S cld 53, .ea.Ch dCar anGdImCp,
Vb . let''~u~~ i~L ol
DJJ'A ýAlW.7u.UbaU.L a
IIp ummeadatc b ocr m hlreoqbfau
Th immip4 l .. his Meade fin or
-be Mueuaslly on 4IpanJ a:
Swe *aing nd"ctewing tobacco
-uS r4lilwry. Baa mmicnrmt fl
hdia rober and Clay pipe,, is o intllti·i
New 06"r nam fha prsi anIqbsUty.. ubMt.
and aew aisem wilauo mat .sdsfam.
by, ..hl- A41 htub *mosmmq
p .DJ. PM,1
ICtN IftIA Stilt
.1M3 W IflEl1lLe LLa
Jose 27 '66.-fr.
C part er#* p.
TiW unersýined, hr kie iince tfo rd
T Oa.b r 1o.5, (med a i opwarir
fbttp, under t hhe e t~1.r.VM.
itc~lem~ KC WI&1V ~d
3.'. 14, '66.-I .
i b 4 00,
·litJ~biT Ui#]
A. Te~rune. A IR.
A. B. CiAin9fAxi. In Cemuelem..
.f. TertreuP Co.
11 Carondelet and 181 Common Street.
wlecmb, BIdrLwtss . C..,
74 Ceaal ani 95 Cousin. Strewt,
' New Orlea~U,
Feb. [email protected]· -'9.-a*.
Laws QsuTainuu. wcau 5s.
.Asti XUPORTS~ or.
At the Blue Stare.,
Verner Old Leyte seal B,..nviile Street,
$e ft. 1'69.-1y.
I. Grete eaerg,
Betrt (uont md, Bienvill. Streets.
Whelesmi Mannfarsurer of
Arm-NDPI ;O > CANDY, 3175u3i
Pr4ti DROPS,
Seth a. Capis FImue, -Ga Leawes. - Lrnn
Carlý be Cake Sui.b or qi
Carto~m ,or Fancy Ueaxea tbf Christas
sa ewP+w O~aqaspli~ Ac.
Nio. 9 OlLevee ,
&*ein St. Irsr
Verulmoli and Nesiuni. C++kctioweth..
41i4lr Candies,
&t,.grh of Q lue, Spies., (hoelete ed,
Ground Cofee.
No. 121 k 128 oLD LEVRE ST.
set. St. Louis and ToNloss.
seL; 1%Jwa'w
L. H. 'AUdNUi & & 6O.
ImPORThUs AN~ ft *RJ 4LE
NO& fol, 23, AND r COGMMON ST.
At[IiIiV O*L LA.?
ayga tp Lt4 j,', LA.
Ai L
s tdrry disnto feet articile one A ared
dIed tturty-three of the Cntstiitfioa.
sd to proide for recordist ill mert
gpes and prifleges.
,Saction 1. HBa it enacted by the Senate!
and Honse of Representatives of the State
of Losuiiana in Genersl Assembly conveun
ed, That in order to preserve the mort
-hgas or privileges accordad by law in
f4v)r af married women for preservation
of their dotal, paraphernal or other rights
naginst their husbands, it shall be the duty'
of every married woman, or any person for
her, to casme to be recorded in the mort
gage b,ok in the parish or parishes in
which iheir husbands may own mortgage
able property, the evidence of their mort
g:,ge or privilege. If it be in the shape of
a public act, under private signature, act
of IMrtition. jndgment or other written act,
the same munt Ib record-,l in the form
now required in rqcording such aets, and
if itibe not in the shape of a written set,
as bhove indicated, then a written state
ment made by the wife, or the husband,
or any other person having knowledge' of
the fact of the amount due to the wife for
which she may be entitled to a mortgage
or privilege against her husband by e-isd
ing or any subsequent law, -detailing na-1
ouratetv the oaots and eiroimatanoes on
which written itatesnent shall be sworn to
by the person making.it, and duly r\cord
ed as above directed. The wife is hereby
ecialy authorised to perffnrs the above
,ats independent of her husband, and
mortgageus or privileges so reeerded shall
only bAte .E-cf against third pereona from
the date of their being reeuor ed in the
several parishes in which "they may be 4
Saso. lie it further enacted, etc., Tabet
before any appointment ot ttor shall be
made, the bend. required by law to be
given, by such tutoj shall be recorded id
the mortgage book of the parish in which
the turtt relides, and a certiloate to the
setat bail be prliseted to the judge as
thorized to make the appointment, before
be makes the orderjappn.iatneut of tutor,
and any order app.mnting a tutor until this
wna!i'ity is complilbt with shall be nulla
and void; end it asll be the duty of every
Judge whewho appot and coulrmens a na
tural st legal tutor, or any tutr not 1w
quired by law, to give b.d tiette it
bshall grant a order appointing or one
Irming such tutor, to cause a certifUate
rfs. ti. O(ean of the Dhwicr oui of the
aepit eof the aiao.'s pmpl . according
to the ivse.tor on Ad in his ofle, to be
recorded in i i book o.the par
ish in ' eb thr teside ,or has
domieil y appeinutmut or "esimantioi
ofclu-tutor. before such secording shall
have been done shall iibe null an void,
and it shall C'e ie 4 (ly of the tutor and
dader tutor of any minor to cause the
altor's bond afresaid, oi eartdcate of the
Iu*q t s aof' e aui.s properlyj us the
may be ip be recorded is any at*d
gry pariah jwt . StRate, where the tutor
owns mort ble property; the f-es for
which sha ull be advamead by tile
tster, IThe rdns.g of she tutor's he.d
iend sheordinag of the eertioati of the
nnsoun ofly4 4minior's property, shall .of
ra.nfrom the date of the reclrding in each
parish, a na n et o ll' the morugage
le property bisuibequently owied
by the teeut s. ekL parish; any failure or
refusal of the tutor or wer tutor to o.e
ply wrth the previsions of this section shall
subjict them to damager in favor of an
pesen injeaut tksrebtiy in the full rtlounot
ofr suc darsenu, al4( *j for dam
ages shall not be prescri so long as the
mi r lsh iid the tutor.
Sa.:. it further enacted, etc., Thatt
bi4ure any pmk e &all be ati iatoited cura
tor eor .preienthie oft'y perses ister
diated or absentee the bend rseqired to
ives, In order to obtain such appoint
thIrt, stall be recorded in the book of
mtortgagYe in dte perish of the donficil
of tie s to bN. ppointed' erator, and
stI e Sde effect, preseated to the
£e6dP, Ir.Suede the apponintest, doi
o aethi of sauc appointament. It
I do t e L dety isuch curator, and of
h.s ul oi -or irdof the person inter
ide or abseute to kare seek bend us
serded I. . y and every perish id the
,tStj which the ciratr it the owner of
mi.r~ ; and ,in the event
eI rsatr to ive seth
b.ggi~e stave q ira edi dq uo
.is.eih e i emlhit lib eed ias sn of
. r e is4led ddh&as, and. ia
s dimoeoi ot the court;
fbW bI schb bond sall o
ite po dm, of thew , i .
s a pessem, whor without. having
p tutor r e.at of miners,
Ti i ftpI!51, inseterfuse in
A h. > semd tO
tat aoe d rtgottt agme ** parw t
such per-ons' d4thicil, the inventory and
Spprai"ement of tlhe tiropenty hloti.gng to
such minors, int.rliacted or abiesitnrio.
if there be ode; or other writite eviJitoe
of the Aintiount ant value o€ the minors'
;nt rd'licted or ash.nt pieron's prpperty;
and if there ie no wFtten evidendo ther.e
of. a stateienn of the property and it .ealu,
mndl of the name of the intermeddler. ra
der oath, male by any person. which.
when so recorded, shall operate a mort
gg.' on a!l the property tllhn or subse
quently owned. bey suwh persn, illterfiri.g
iin the administration as aforessid ; and it
shall be the special duty of the perish
Julge or Recorder to csoae said record to
be mw e upon pain of any damages that'
may result to any such minor, interdicted
or a sent person, if any such interfe etioe
came to their knowledge or may be re
ported to them by any credible person;
all expenses so incurred shall be paid by
such minor, interdicted or absent person,
or out of their effects.
8ac: 5. lie it furthat nnactei, eta; that
the tutor's bond or the clerk'se orti icte
as the case may be, recorded as provided
in - ection of this act, shall operate a
mortgage on property, present a t dture,
of the husband in fard of the lilildren.o
a previous marriatg ds his wite; whn the
marriage takes piee *iitboi.t tPwife's be.
ing continued in the tdtoershi tl a family
meeting, if such husband is domiciled in
the palrsh, in which such .tecoid 4ra
made and if he is not domieiled is sach
persh, then it shall be the duty of the
Under-tutor. to nutib minud to astia eqdhb
bond, or clerk's ertidcat, to ie ireorded
in :he parish in whiih such husband re
sides dr lns-mortgage ble p ; and
sany failure of dthe ndertuor tol each
redording ddoe shall auljeot him to ray
damages the said children o a previous
mtarriage1 or sny one of them, mi) lHive
sustained. Such inortgag6 shall olrate
from the date dof t' n'Itri.gle till ts
of tutorship from thatdate, itlIte husband
in doeiciled in lpe piebi, s p the same
was originll recorded if ant from the
date of recording in the parish of his d
sad. e. Be it fitr eeas.eted., o., Tha
*ben mgaegelstppeelw y.I t s besi ad
jsditte4 to either parent of the uiinr,
the act of adjudication shelf be reoioded
in the book of mortgages ili the 'p rili in
*,hicb the property su sit.ted, -.d t shal
9permne mslrgape nd vndo'es privlege;
the nsmoan of thevetn. of the properyt as
stijitidced in the act shall operate . mort
gage against such property is fitvor of
minor; and n.o set h audostio ishanll
had aqi l.gtl.lor binding e until stch
reerd hi .ladet -
boe. 1. Be alfurtheir matsd, et., That
whae the aeMrvi.gsebaed or wife or helir
have, been ivested by the iovestory with
Sthe re of the property of the codlunity|
or esibobeidkii A certifoite teodt altdei
of the itedtsC Goert of the aumoest of the
Iu at~ ty of tDhei or's p 4ro iy, shall be
terdided ib the martga book of the ptr
ish in whickLch p rY, invsmed with the
erg . atbe prearty .s domieiled, apd the
mime dshall dparte imorsplg on alt the
presest sad fire.io np - ormib perh
vedln la palish ifoe-lldit 5tm,
the# Eoe relieved frea dheS a of the p
psret, qr partition is tiade. ji S-dat5
of.the person man~g the inmvetory and
aprprai~plent td have it reeo#a a sBerbi
provided: and a farture to di Sihell rsb
j.at therm to any dadage thut mn.atith
from faildid to prform i the dity h.bwai a
quisd of them ; any pron may legally
cause soeb record to be made .
Sac. 8. Be it furthet endifted, e., That
any and all persdi s viiial to a i sort*geP
or ptiviflre od the pApeity of aier
parn', shafll ase seo m ortpge or pri.
r to 'be re..d.d in the mertgag bool
oft peis in which the pas,,
property ia situatel ; if i tthe or
privilege be a notarial or publio snt, th
same shall be recorde ; if it bea sot maun
Sdr private signatdre, nome; tt oither obli
getion or writing, it srnat be pr6ted up
Srecorded as pi sign gatusn , rs t
If the smme be not in )rItlg, the
prson disiming the mortgage or privilge,
his agritt, or some person hathv 1 kiow"
ledge it the feet, must mak a4davit of
all the f.eet on wkicb ft if blid, staink
diam aioent and all the a ae6 N
which aadJavit shall be reda i the
olo as other' acts o ularage
Seq. . Be it further edtea. eted,,
altll and rivils shail b r e
*ime bsii or serim of .ebi
pulh ; thls act ir Wateded to
46w wiitfh upsrate stdrtgnaj bouks in
8... i BR e it ha Mriaatedd a, 'th
the of any iastrumert, aueor
iagtp as rpes.wiuisw stils me, shall ti.e
Svi.eg as td; ese sy be, evi tb. propesry
isf psserwag or euhset to tism
!Ze ;iitsheHl. ihs o a l. er . be vi
das of ti*hdzoi y ore .bt or l.ais ,
.ter ýitie ** wd to seas ofr
I tie kind uieerde
si l. i. Be itf irthereusetod. e., That
it shall be duty of the Clerks of the Dis
triat Court of th seveIal parishesia thi
St;ate to make oit a i.tract of the it,
elitbh of the p irtf l infoors who,
tdi ora. ,on d .-r thir tile tulp socl
elstruet to doesri tho rel proessy. an.I
give the full amount of ppferesoet ,f
all the property, both rest ,ad' .
and rights and led ta, d to sp r.',
sbtipcta *ith th eiordee oft esoerst
parishes, *hose duty it: shll be to maco *
the iaets as sooL as receivod it the amr
gage book of tbli parie:; such aestract=
to be made out sad dePosited with the
lecorders by the sta of diloesber:
eighteen hundred sad sity-dis, sad re
corded by the leet January, .ihtbm hP
died and sevoty. Thi section to appl)
only to. tutorsli p ted before the plssl
age of this it, aiidiy fltu~of tho Clerm
or ftcorders to pefar the sries ru
quird by this section shall subjaC t thea
to any dalage that sihsh ailmr. *asy
ediie ant person, aad, t1il furth.r subject
tiaem to ia tn of not osle tha oun hun
dred nor inore thanoneM fhoussed dollar :
for the bruilt of thwkb: ·i sbosi fend
Distriot Attorney pro ep, b eg aun
couesof of ol.iet rijuariedist s aic
stracisl re oraed i any parish i
Which the gcyr owe" menotgsgobto pre
perty; shatl me.titute as ortgage o the
sa id t tt o r
mtaking out ad ttnspo absti'u
shall be the meas ai tie t irs rbifse to
the Clerks and iserosdsr lireL sr eIbbl '
riale at-the 4 bt s, a- d
if co respissoeitble-r Chet{
say .6iii i rl see :,
.d obdi boal to to tiMeaMs d Visa<
sam, tbeii , mos ese
i have reoiiomesi i. ti eyshtd t
piapirty "i r foe s iions oi usi
Ras . Ij. it s erimdMae, That
bie father . sia e wo b la
have adaim$iratios iliicolt t;,
their mbortdear s e,e b
tab. pos.4bis ci Thide s sere an j due
pole ad emswns sprwe to b nor
property. ao sedep e1p t sobs re
el on the ot ldEaU ie e r pare
ishee where h ey o er iethe athe .ao4
*have etgesfsI C atgyis icer
detlefd , shat epa.9 sli : a
s b ir . d s SL'y
VCR!etshein so.. H eea
the . .ss&. .
3,a r , ta...
iC ar "'hiii '
Sh satr o l thi seh laIssinaise
T1b. ,udet ks . tw dd ribM tb
CP.mhTý pairsir ih i.u, tit 4i
Ito rouvrr Parib Wa sý4 quWi ai
004. I'
ho t, tha bm Ctihr is aghItg.'i
to ptIblr. s Warrant l ou& ofd~
.i~l;º., tibat trili t jir~ii : d L gt
Smils h aind they an bet yasd ppt.Isd tW
ez~mip. thu .tcb.
rtrebr . r bir PQbd t
ooa;iri it.N t"' o sport a the
ewes~ ~ mapal mae.
rd that ase tisý b .e lfu:
maembers or t Pothe y f. S= tent
wo ,r ib' " Third, IlistL aid erg=
,.nth Wardsr, on IfYird ; O $d s$ o
Mtap~mst; in the WUard, at
Court eme.-¶4ouag gqga, hibaet Ja
dice tai m adtdd , it lBode .
bedl u . *aud, i-M t-me :H uo,
ý4i sDed ,
pvd that te~a Imihewnmtits
on dest d dllad t Oot't $ c
emu he utehat . . .
W ior 9DýR$14 * W'
K. Bai.e,6 t .A. J. Me.Oak
O e im du he ls u uii y
Atrw b e"8; h.L º. Me
At. J. N ow CtDdl~) 1 t~'

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