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The Lafayette advertiser. (Vermilionville [i.e. Lafayette], La.) 1865-19??, August 23, 1890, Image 4

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Published Every Saturday.
Eilitor and Proprietor.
Entered at th" Pnst-Ornee at LTifayette, La.
as Second Class Matter.
Temperatures and rainfall, wind and
weather, for the week ending Thursday,
Aug. 21st, :890, furnished by Mr. J. J.
DAVIDSON Observer La. Weather Scr
rice, Lafayette, Lma
Tep tre aid~a11 r vail
Date Temeatre in in
jhigset low'st inches. nd.
15 94 68 .00 S
16 96 72 2.50 S
17 93 68 .00 SW
18 93 71 .00 SE
19 93' 66 2.00 SE
20 94 68 3.00 S
21 96 72 .00 SW
Immediate, harmlcss-Preston's "'Ied
The members of the Parish Democrat
ic Executive Committee are hereby re
quested to meet on Monday the 25th day
of August, 1890, at 10 o-clock A. M., at
the Court House in Lafayctto, to transact
important business.
A case of yellow fever is reported
on board the Spanish bark Castilo,
from Cienfuegos via Pascagoula, now
detained at the Chandeleur Quaran
tine Station, Miss.
Train robbers made a good haul
on the Missouri Pacific R. R. August
17th, near Otterville, Mo. They got
in the Express Company about $90
000, but did not disturb the passen
August 19th, the.Fifth Congression
al District Convention of Louis
iana, at Monroe, nominated the Hion.
C. J. Boatner for re-election to Con
gress. He will be elected.
Many bodily ills result from habitual
constipation, and a fine constitution may
be weakened and mined by simple neg
"` Zct. There i, no medicine, for regulat
lag the bowels and restoring a natural
action te-the digestive organs, equal to
Ayer's Pills.
The meetigheld by the lotteryites
at Franktn, last Saturday, ten
dered as complimentary to Senator
Hampton and Representative Sigur,
was mnet' sectional, and has very
itas sigtnfiance.
Thr cheering crop- reports from all
Mectktne of the Slate, and the season
now drawing ,o a° close, make it cer
that Lofsia will this fall enter upon
an era of prosperity it has not enjoyed
sine. thwar
&ev. Aiaew iunter was stricken
whipyr~alytsi while preaching a ser
eaon Cotloii lant, Ark., last week,
Sli in a critical condition at
b ~ oo4 The dispatch says: "He
rN of sith naet dtitgaished 31eth
x is- ndolIters is thse Southwest, and"
-y bee termed the father of
- ethodism, having been
gainisterial work more than
$ Hewas selected to
' r~ Senate at the close
- r t ,never took his seat
TOy'earset age.
fAa 5on ooesays:
Adams, State Commis
,is now preparing
b1anks for dealers in
in w ' da e s with an
by the lastenienel As
Sprotetiorn .of farmers.
lpt.1t, and
alred under heavy
with its terns:
tbeh niission
t lecesy ,i ormatlon
Bill -h`ich has
U oaf Con~greass
~p~ of eyi pnstu
f ~bill is
The brave and successful fight madd
ni the late session of .he General As
sembly by a. mere hand fell of patri
ots; the strong opp oiion hv the va
rious anti-leagues of the S~tate and the
pending legislation in Cougoess, have
had a teut!ency to cheapea the value
of the Louisiana lottery stock and to
reduce the receipts of that corporation.
The large and enthusiastic gather
ing at Baton Rouge, on the 7th in.t.,
of representative and influential men
from nearly all the parish s of the
State; their united and harmonious
action and their summing up of all
the forces that are bearing down upin
the lottery, have brought down its
stock 100"per cent.-:remn - 1100 per
share to $700.per share-and carteod
a falling oft in receipts of 331 pcr
cent. These figures were given to the
writer whilst at the C(tital.
What further losses are being sOS
tamed may be iinferrjd fro;e the feo
1. The Anti-Convention 1:a: i's' 'd
a powerful address to th. ie", !_.
the United Stater.
* 2. An excCutive com21tte C ws nn
poihted li the Cunventico ho1 'i
ty it shall be to ortganic:e in 0 r
of the State, opto ition to Monia'
3. Favorable report- from'cm
tee,;.I. bath HouIIses of C;n:rese, a- d
the passage without divi the
lottery bill in the House of teprcec
4. The united.awn ui:anZinous ct: n
of the State Alliance of FI rmor., in
Convention assembled, eP(r1ucCO1i
the attempt to recharter the lottery.
5. The declaration of the three of
the nominees for Congress, that they
are opposed to the lottery, and th0
outspoken opposition of the distin
guished representative of the 1st Dis
trict to this blot upon our State.
It is impossible for the lottery to
withstand so much honest, determined
t is doomed. DEaIoCIaT.
Is GousumptionFý';:vF=ý In urd j
Road the folloving: M-r. C. I1. Mort
ris, Newark, Ak.. says: "Was down
with Abscess of Lungs, and fripnis
and physicians pronounced me a- Ina
curable Consumptive. Began taking
Dr: King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, am now on my third bottle,
and able to oversee the work on ey
farm. It is the finest medicine over
Jesse Middlewart, Decatur, Ohio,
saye,. "Had it not been for Dr. King's
Now Discovery for Consumption I
would have died of Lung Troubles.
Was given up by the doctors. Am
now in best of health." Try it. Sam'.
ple bottles free at Wim, Clegg's Drug
The remains of Capt. Ericsson, one
of the most noted aid . successful of
Aniericatn inventors, will be reemoved
to Sweeden by the United States Gov
etnment,with all the. honoiw-that can
be conferred. Capt. Ericon was q
Swede by birth,_but was an American
by adoption -for a number of years.
The number and value of his ven
tions have rarely, it ever, been ex
celled ty bNe mam.
RIGEn P. 0., LL., Aug. 15, 1890.
Mr. Editor: Please let nie have a
little space in yotir paper for a few
slacks of the lip. 'he weather is very
warm, but we are having a few show
ers of-cool water which seems to cool
the air and is doing the cotton and
rice a great deal-of good. Smne per
sons have begun to cut their rice in
parts of our country. Early rice is
going to make about half a crop, but
if the young te `ete rain, it will
mnake up the I era, the old rice.
Yours hoping,
'Nnw You, IMay "29th. 18W0.,
A f w dosespf Goteant hma Reni
ediee Siveted fromMr. glsee his agent,
havo relieved me of a distressing coegh
oAf a Bronchial chamctdee. reeit, of "La
Mena geer:i ws Dep't.
Gouanx' s'&sthina xitrenad Powd
have cured me of a: most Adstiessih
cough, whisk obliged me ta suspend da
AliI23, '20. New York City.
have citary :foet tity
years I have tried'evey 3} a for
tliat disease; I con at o efe
r ~b' ~il' to: procure
a~nd~ving .etcsuchidpei erif: and
yet _ to aarmless in its ef r
:oe2 used: R
shot in tbtdI! . ,..,
tr idtheol 3ei^ Pow.
way 1 orsld, : ttd'e~
;COTT sCrtALPiG;(.
t urT. LA., Aug. 17IJ. 189;.
The event oi the week was the
Farmers' Alliance pic-nie. given on
Saturday tho &11b, at a :rz;i; on e('
Vermuillon ).: o 7, ut .:..
Tlson', A
vuye th* meii-i L lir v t '1on
7louds gat o amin
rnin; bnt as It is 1'ways expected at :t
picnic, no one Demed to mind it, and
the balance of the ovenin ea:' spent
listening; to s'.;ecchi ,'ink' Tie.e ie
nickers were called to 'r'er fl Mr
Abel Huiupanir, who then nIdr =ed
them on the L.taery asi. The cro id
thlen celled on Dr. M 'nri
Viliebt ir. LmUiV S'ei, ' .
urin an r. Jr . '. Mc"ee.
Messrs. S&teiy and
French. I h:a'! :xccu r a cop of
these addresses fwom n ahorthan. rIe
porter who was prevent, mnd O ll fur
ward the. to you for puinicknon.
"Mric. ,ý1 --. c s " u ire ' t t
7L small `i t `"r }!^ *r"t 'hole et
'it Vyoui n r
.1t .1 p ucut 1::
__1t1, n < . wt wx 't :. rf ta
reme"I s 1o; i hr, +'; y n . +`1' t
Luiiet s - at ev "'"'1
*~ "rcdie (Md I'3
projo,'ý 5ea.e. You halve ci;.)e' th;"e 7
faigtoteLa .in . )h oe
ad ;"A veer ago, 1-y t'r f'i' ``1:;(`. of
'df anti tOO ((rkt Of tOe c'urt, T
became a cit'ien of the United stat' ,
after hein' 11 the coun trc five year.
Tihe firs:t v (te I ,shall cest Zwi j1}e di.
rmeted against idis 'rfat n(t'r that
sacks oUt n :, and is rui at
Lurer and al'',r{) td-t
LJ'tt(:fry Compan."_'t. , .. ý"li: o~a3
to r h e re : d re w a t m uti e .:. of rX
neil '-.1 te chews at to' 1t-. ott>
vy L egue n their r ht ' t'Ilet.:.
ec to"
Thompson C., 2 mik of r~i'e,
" "'ig h in "},u , I1 . i 's 'ith e
rice .l. rail el. ('.Ih place of_ Vincent
D omrin,ýue, 7t worthy and indunstrious
;naczer lvring about three miles from
Nearly all the farmers report the
cotton opening fast, and they are busy
getting ready their sacks to gather in
fare ;eery staple. For once all the
farmers look satisfied, for the crops of
cotton, corn, rice and sugar are mrg
The strength of the anti-lottery
move in this parish was made apparent
at the Alliance picnic. While one of
the speakers was spreading himself on
fertilizers, crops and agricultural
schools, a shout woeit up from the
audience of "Go for the lottery!"
and every denunciatory allusion to
the lottery infamy by the different
speakers was received with yells of
Last Saturday night, the atmos
phere having been considerably cooled
by the heavy rains, the young people
assembled in full force at Guidry's
IHal and poured out copious libations
to Terpsichore. Besides the regular
orchestra, some excellent music was
given by Mr. LeBlanc and party
from Loreanville. Their orchestra
consisted of two clarionets, a violin
and base. Why can't Lafayette sport
a few musical bodies like this? In the
village of Loreauville they have three
different bands of musicians.
Mrs. S. Alford and children, and
Mr. 4rthur Dellomme and wife, are
on a visit to their father. Miss Adele
Delhomme, to the satisfaction of her
many. admirers, has returned from
Houston. The "old war steed of the
Lfayette Democracy" feels propor
tionatcly happy, as' this is the first
time in years that all of 'his children
Dave been with him at one time. He
says he feels 'forty per cent. younger,
and is spoiling for the great campaign
to open which is to establish .'white
supremacy" in our Parish and State.
Messrs. Trahan and Kidder, of Pont
Breaux, were at the ball last Satur
day. s
The long bridge on the public road
in the, 8th Ward, bn the other side of
Arthur G-uilbeaurs,s'iin very. bad con
dition. "A stitch in timesaves. nine,"
and a little work now would save the
parish considerable, expense. The
roads, owing to the recent rains, are
not in good condition, and for that
matter never will be until road over
seers insist on grading roads so that
the highest point will be in the center,
'ith a gradual slope. toward the ditch
on either side.
Yours, hoping,
Gen:,Adolph Meyer was nominated
for election to Congress, to succeed
lion. T. S. Wilkinson, by the Demo
itic Convention of the 1st Congres
u istrict, which was ja session
.Trew Orleans August 17th. Gen.
Meyer confident 9f his election.,
, o ` ` Newton C, Blanchard was
e r e-electiok to his si :
r in'ý o , by the De gocratic
lfr n it, ., .1. 1g. 1 , 1v ).
Mr. E~R'iot': 0 Bvu ,llocw m;e e
smal m~u in .\ Aninis
cl+;t'::: :: i: fe ::(:1 ter ing`
444'''" nd ''' 'ft 4''' 'x1' *4'
n . : 4pr 1i -, 4 n o "'iii S 1 4
I I t i` ,:
tthe r: h " a i; t0 .. (, f:"i.e; 1101 1 trieO t
'ri uh al. &.:rn .u lne t'y R1S an
aiuciator. V I tV, u '
" and I'.1;1 o tnr .r
'1t', a4± to :i. 1,r 45:' 1'v. - ndit
:ti'r'y n ''it r tIe '1"C
thu. , ±1 , rpe :Ld :4 t e li4'e'
1 q.11''1 i'_ theilt r _ `0i ::( ;u, whi::t Foe
pect relief: a ,t1 w -t res t 7 1,ve ;11
i t:: ill cel'; ta "el for the
"s '"0 : ai f th. '.a.s9
""' 'I4)41' C L
... .." 14)1 ' re.L44'V'
led to the place oft exse eon
A e: no!n beold tIe l ark, 0
1111rr : 1i ot .. ofIp 4 ft ±, and hear
t ''' 3,1 *..r ;1:d ',-' (.0 t 'I'4)441
tl . a -:f (11 C rf . a d t e P il
1 1 li: _~ 1 1a I.' 'ih i th 1 (:Cha 11f
led126 awa toith ! ae 1,ron e-en-io A
1 Aw1 : :ke ow a nd beho the Tak
m lo or tndi"h
tahor mutint, ali triner mostfe( trtsa
w h n hym ake and appealy fur terrif
rights ith ohe c}:>,,e:u oSthey are oot
hed at; but thei nerve are hrstron
mae on byh he}d many hardn stroke
tihce h life aa n though then de
bore the burtdcern and eto the rti
dathe suns, whas inotetdestoe falml
Ln*:aethe wokn owr o tebrain. And a
waier o lot somes.yto a tho so'e ho are
savor; bit, alo, ake! awake! oh,
clothe toe mu ti1p100 thoLsap'h Vi'
when tne' maead pelfo na
rights with other cP se they are h of
ed at; but thei± nerves are strong
made so by the n lny hard stryoke
through life; and thoud i th bear
borne the burden cnod uep of the
day, the sun has not yet dcstroyed nil
the working power of the brain. And
here let me say to all those who are
standing aloof, awake! awake! oh,
farmers and citizens of the Parish of
Lafayette! and look after you pown
interests; and don't wait until th4 hear
is killed, and then come up an 4say,
"See what we have done!" hut come
at once and join in with tus, and help
on to victory. "United we stand, di
vided lie fall.T'
And let me say. to the citizens of
the Parish of Lafayette, stand firm
on your platform of anti-lottervism!
The strugglc may be hard, but victory
will c!me; for Hle that sits upon the
throne swaying His mighty scepter
over worlds is always on the side of
right; and God knows that it is not
right for our beloved State to come
under the rule and domnaic of a gam
bling institution.
it is surprising that people will use e
oommon, ordinary pill whno they win se
oure a veluable Englith one for the amne
money. Dr. Acker's ETarlish piul. are a
rpos~iie cure for sick-head.cthe and all Pver
troubles. They are Frhail, sweet, edgily
taken, and do not gripe. For 5sai at MIoss
MAr. Editor: How strange it must
appear to the average thinking petson
that the Times-Democrat, the cham
pion, in fact part and parcel of the in
famous lottery, should have assumed
such a great role in showing and dem
onstrating to the world the dangerous
influence this lottery controls in the
politics of the State, and in what a
damnable way that influence can and
will beaded in the future if said lot
tery company is allowed a new char
ter by the people of the State.
The "Times-Democrat Publishing
Company," no doubt, was laboring
under a deceiving illusion while at
tempting to use "the charges against
ajd earricatures representing Gov.
Nicholls and Senator White in false
positions" as a weapon against the
Antis. It was a grave, an enormous
mistake; on their part, and the results
could not have been made more effec
tive and crushing against their cause.
Mlas! for the T-D. and thb doomed
lottery company. Ere this they have,
no doubt, found out the gxtent of
their blunder, and fully. realized the
effects thereof. The weapon they at
tempted to use seems to have cut both
4viys, with everlastingly poisonous re
sults on their side; for we know of a
great many influential gentlemen who
had strong inclinations in favor of the
lottery up to the tinie of the T.-D.'s
rev latio.nand charges "attempting to
prove how two of Louisiana's most re
$pected and honored citizens had been
corrupte by the influence of surplus
oa,sI of the d gerous lottery compa
n y who art t- the most ar
wot t Qytter mod
V, I !
:111 t 'iel;
'ii yt~ l~ i ~
c it. :, t(I ' ,,.- .Il" ~ d* 'l i'.
* liI ( 7 p' j
I.' t,: iO ' -.tO".
T7 '1(1 i.1, '. ;l l i .rT " . n', 3ýr
P2llil (ilk"ii 3-c r 1t7'.lp "1^ i(4
I ~
(l< -s .:: ' i''I ;: ~frun
v2 r'i t tf ter y " c~
?.(,t t .i+Y" :: ' ý Il~'_'a
r.L i afnv l, .. .. . ... . .. '. '?t
Th nti-lotteryi:
tives last Sataria. ani ..
We published extracts or nvcehns
from the HBons. T. 1. i ilii and
An drew Price, c? thi .. ýte, on the
question thn' bfr the iHous:
Hon. T. S. Wilkinson e` Loni._iana
made the speech of the. d.,-' and ueakt
some very effective blows. le Id
mitted the pollution which the Louis
inna Lottery has brought upon his
State, but attributed the birth of that
pollution to the days of reconstruction.
The people of Louisiana looked with
gladness to the time when lotteries
would be prohibited in that State, but
the revenues of the State had been too
great to be resisted without a straggle
When the Louisiana Legislature
met, the very elements themselves had
conspired to give the Lon siana Lot
tery Company a eharter. Thn foods
had. brn. /down frI o1 NI.'i ava .r
The lottery company co Itbt afford to
pay for a oharter far th'r tt an the
State of Louisiana coa. r-1jc- Th'
price had not been 'ccejttd, and he
thankeu God for . s e =f han
or and shame in his .t ... not dead.
He had been ashc'd !w the lottery
comnany had ocre l "" :'' thinds of
the Legislature in favor A. suboittin
the question to an election to be held
two years hence. Every olitary Re
publican member hail 'er, in favor
of the proposition. Thcre a" d been
other members who ;xd tho rughtr it
their duty to submit the m.tter to the
public. That somo members of the
Legislature had been C: osght and sold
he had not the sidtocw or a doubt, but
he believed that he could count these
mermbers on the fingers of" one, hand.
He was as confident as he was that
he stood here that the l1 tery scheme
would be overwhminingly defeated and
that this blot upon the State of Lou
isiana would be wiped off the statute
Mr. Price of Louiei na, in reponse
to remarks dro;ped by Mr. Evans of
Tennessee, said:
"I do not propose to discuss the
merits of the bill. I am in favor of
it, but my object in asking for this
one minute is simply to repel a state
ment made by the gentleman from
Tennessee, that the morals of the State
of Louisiana are absolutely under the
domination of the Louisiana Lottery
Company. Hle said that financially,
morally and politically the Louisiana
Lottery Company has control of the
State in which I am proud to say I
was born, and which I am proud to
have the honor to represent in part on
this floor.
It is true that the state of Louisiana
was saddled with a lottery by the car
pet-bag government, it is also true
that many of the truest and best men
there, now believe that it would be
wise to recharter it in order to derive
arevenue I wish to tell the gentleman
that 93 per cent of the revenue of the
lotery company bonmes from without
tit Stata of Louisiana."
Not if yyo go throngh the world a dyspep
Dr. Aeker's Dyapepeia T.bletP are a
_tpoy cure fqr the worst forms of Dys
2 ost, Flatuldncy and G(onti
t Littd. and sold a the it ss
* li ~
or PBrap
t ~ ~ ( Ptt ,ýrIJSlei
' . { `' Oscar
ilcri Cor
+'i.) Mastbr
crii rcters:
1, vip hearer,
! up0 Bernard;
ltObin Red
r " t '' . 'ire, :hj'iemond
in t, a ouvllon; Cu
" .. - )rT : n i, cxander Ber
:y.!7 !L ecour; Newa
" I ill:Trrance, Jo
! . m'- M"7 '. Cormier;
A' ti dc.n lri i Terri Daisy, Miss
ii flomjfl 0 Be;. auI Snow ) ftop, Lellia
. : f" 'fln'" ':n Dotigas; Lil
SA n t j an Vanity o N tlh s i
' :j :: . ,; t(.e: Hi'delo. Muisic.
:I fi: :ýUn :':",,; r Ci:,rim.
r1 1u ruinai t ie ;-,en to
l ,n fr Ithe ti: lnee: in which
ad dri led
and to the
1n'posed the
S: ". . i n: - lis 'd the I ntl.
7z: sr t irucce-es
o: i7 . .+ . :, A. cBruussard,
( 'j i" Ar war (jGuibau, Roland
Tul Miss Agnes
C *u i ion, )inux'',r-a: dressed in re
"a: robins '.f iu V' white cia:ght here
,16 ri c t ;. r aid flowers and
trorn t r thro, w'it' h eves as bright and
soft as s'iam:'r urs, o'ikjd down upon
.;r wiv.4 I- 'inecUts. Master Romain
Cormier, til erowiier, commanded the ad
miration of ill' :udit inc' by his courtly
wrace and l.l'ie costume. The Boot
iiack, Mauster i lisses Lec6ur, made a hit
by his "0t-up adi t imant x/nine. Among
.-o: f ,'o1 udd a charm we must men
ton the xairy Venus, Miss Estelle Hidel
n) VOlin.; tet mnany little ladies who'
'eed tih' wiC h te1"ir presence we
notiiad sih .u.:. , sof New-Iberia, Miss'
Lc1:rc Eo1t, 'a New Orleans. The
in-' house w'sr' crow;d'ed to its fullest,
'd Tr' wl'o C' 'e I'te could not gain:
A pA'ugcher it was a grand
. Au: 20th, 1b ).
1.1t FrfldR suffering
two !Pi .. Cnsu:mp'ion. Coughs, etc.
' I y t-' Dr. A" 'er ' English Rem
*h '" o W pri3arstion known for
b. Mid on a positive
; :r;f.:a' '.5k. ani 50c. at Move Phar
CxArn;cno, Li.., Aug. 19th, 1890.
f". Editor: All but a part of our sec
tion near Carenero were blessed with sev
era, showers, which was very beneficial
to the cotton, cane, potatoes, &c. Cotton
is being picked on several places. We
hear with with pleasure that the new re
finery going up at Franklin proposes to'
buy cane by the ton at $4.75 per ton de
livered. If we can get that price, it will
pay us well to raise cane to sell by the
ton, our lands will yield from 12 to 25'
tone per arpent.
The fthl ward wiBl seen - iaye. best
roads in the parish, if such is not the case
already. Our road overseer Mfr Tdk H.
Breaux. is looking after the interest of,
his ward all the time. He has lately
rit n bridge c2 feet long near Bayou'
V, yniiioo, and many other small bridges,
iegregatin in all 184 feet long, with sev
er ! had holes, low places being thrown
up ant .ade good roads. Shortly he in
tends to open a good road through Mr. J.
½. fonns iheld, which will give that set
tl mert from M7. Tones' to Dr. Brous
sad's an outlet vwhich is much needed.
Sunsnicu n.
I XL Chill Cure is guaranteed to cure
'"ir'-case of fever of any kind, Malarial
Forer, ""'-u Fever, Bilious Fever.
c ud F'ever, Agee and Jaundice,
I-X-L Ghil Cure is better than Quinine
f.r the re aso that it dtoes not produce
nuzzing in the ears, and because it acts
on the Liver and bowels and at the same
lime is a perfect antidote for Malarial
Poison. it does not contain arsenic
strychnine or mercury, but does containh
Iron and -s the best tonic. It gives
strength, restores the appetite and pre-,
vents the return of the Fever. Take it
rccording to directions on bottle (in Eng
1i½h, Gerinan, French and Spanish), and
rf it does nut benefit you the price $1.00
will be refunded. Sold and guaranteed
by the Moss Pharmacy.
SCOTT, P. 0., le 18 Aout, 1890.
ksiear lgaetier:-Asteur cd maniere
ain tern de rpos pour' ld zabitan, ceusela
quavon du ri spreparon pour leouper et
censela qu'avon du coton sprtl aroa pour
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Boston} Gazette: "Why did yoV
call that group of m3idd -ed ladies
on the piazza an Mists?" -Becat sj
they are always tingp people"
Washington P
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