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The Lafayette advertiser. [volume] (Vermilionville [i.e. Lafayette], La.) 1865-19??, March 28, 1896, Morning, Image 4

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! UULSALEf iVt` Y MORN i :.
$ 7/b iip i r n b Per A4nu nztr
JEA'%MARI k CR'sis .:t
RI A. Cauistc'q
Fnter#d at t e P at Lafayette, La , as Sec
and-Class Matter.
Offirial Paper cite Parish and the City 09
A:) nolitieal 91a yjeaa l ntatre will ha
chbargi for at .lU~ine for ea,h fn·ellr i
this paper; re of respect. ^_t..,s ent, pe
line. anypnnrd i paidf en~ter':. ci ut s, balls.i
etc.,! 5 cent ,t obtuar.e. : t n ot r or kt
free, of more thi lione, 5 b ,,, per lire.
LAFAY 1: LA. i
-H SHOT IU vtt
E 300o [)ii1ORATIC lndt(
Royv urns out masse and the ,
4th ard1gives the Campbell
lion Faciton a Rousing
-Welcome, I sul
T reast ward niltlillnsg ver eil JIl
in t parish, !ook place at I,,yvi ll,' t
to- with an audience of over ;!()0 Ii
goo reliahl " white l)emocraIs.- I
.Th eeting thloughout wa', ,,e of I':l
ha nyione that de(instrla e clarly lat
th the peopllelWere'lire'l 'of !ho ,n tir
st harangtti preacheid by the .,L - ithi
tr Broussard "gall/g' aLd that they
d anded achante,-'(hat tlqey aoudId Ba
e a °at :iitn 4'i t ri'ilt lilt
bI supp,,tin, ieg t and,-u .
tes thbe Iktw thatt aqi imparti i
, just itratioi oif L.antr l
airs woui.i e the result. So pi
lar hal becme tlla (andila, s of it'
he Pople, thast the good voters IIof .
his section neied not "''special tri'ols 1'
u( convey the to their plac', of eLi't
ihgs; the ihnest ftirliers are ati-filed
with theirlttle*fackies and two seat Pa
road-carts., a veryv fetw words, one
Sci.ei. rmise l4e political situati in ex
i 5ctly"blitt exist-. The Campbell
.De.aiaon f.action is "still ol tp'", ,
whilst tpe 1'Mouton-Brolu'ard "r(rew" .r
is"slity aid rocky"and alltheSuth- wi
s-rn Pacific specials, Pullanul ears 1I
through vestibule trains a:d all iuclld- da
ed, wil )loo save them froma the blitni 4
defet w stw aring theln in the faice. v
'an the eternal burying of their poli- Il,
iic tl asbirations for ever ald ever.
N meeting was called to der : t th
$.2 i. by Mr. J. It. Donlentge.ux, D
: ith the following well-kniiwn demio- no
cratsas officers: L. S. Birouard, Pres. 1it
P. R. Roy, Secefy., and Messrs. Attaiu I
ne Boudreauix; P. B. R,,y; Bientletitn
'Langlinais; Belonie Trahan; Clement 11
. omero; Dupire- IInline as Vice-i're-- '5
idents. The first speaker intltodtced F
was HoU. Robert Martin, candidatee
for'State Se:tna'or. Mr. Martin, after
thoroughly giving his audience a full al
explanation of the money question, t,
dwelt at length on questions concern
'. ¢eIrests of agricuiturists; lie
discusscd the infamous "suffrage
amendment" throughly; lie poured e
."grape shot" into those mmntllers of
ngress who so uncercmniLusly kill
S he sugar, cotton and rice inius
tri if 8. W.. iouisiana. Mr. Martin t
spee as well received, and although s
he is a tuger in this section ofl his a
district, he y rest asured that ihe ¬
will carry . ette by a handsome ý
majority. J e Debsilon was t
the nett speake andi, let me tell t
you he handled the 'sition the way
they peed it so badl' The Judge
gave his people a satisfa ' reago. l
why he had resigned once e, and ,
nilithstanding the other sid tr"i
mlee blames hin for having 4i,,
.Iaudience to-daliy plainly aid C hI
B eiobu was the tan,, andl not.,
S on, if alenldtnltt famnle. The 'eil
;speaker was that true Democ.. 'that
feartleis ex-thetiff, Ioln. \VTam. 4
$ bell who neier hides behing a cer
Sto say what he means.-Cami
tiade ,one of his ever popularsp ;
hIe dtlied in full the lying a ti
rumaos circlated thalt .he -een
btlldozed at caraero, I the
people present fe fd tlhttt
.-he author of t r r with th
" contl ica a hair
h I 'a i. Hurraih for
'II %w l sl e could hear aif
s"" o - c.,ld ChLilrgots "'the
·-- t, 1.". tlhe fiten(ld of the
'. a)iS whp so faithfully
. ..s,;~., .. '.
Prved Ili.- IPeople fir 12 years, nzd
who' wrill Ial in dlo it atk ter April 21st:
ne.1t. Mr. tI'ai3 n(a(de one oif hi·
"'h~t ttnr~ty' 'i je"hes It was a : trn:,!
bi tittle uhlnck' trick
i that Motto :i 1 11 is gnoted.f "ur Iite
,llt mc cr' at so noted for. 1!I·
'aI I~liinit" il tit tb e n '"Y iite SI
!IV t ci: :14lj't ' thit ithat
t i" ct. itIt (id C argt h el ic. ,I
h," I likely %iiil4) the le iii h iii art
i- ri- d i tli W1ill int e.i nlhIy 4 ti
sc u ,thle with tihe I)-ci- r kept
his Rutli ce a Cllaitil llCel i~lly ! ,tie cl
tii qtd n" t t lilla la n ý,t Drt. &cil;ýlie I
ye totoi:tr fdtr 41 victrtý. D r. al: tti
Iat f'ýliowci-il I)v )Irt . W!l . I;. ()i1cc.
1liel ill an u Lf -i oftilt 11' i 'tl 'r1 iil. a
hislt (l ri e (e hl curt i cvi l tu1' t11I,
1eil-vn nel 1'ay ,r 4 Iva -. i- i. j1a .1
lu-It_. an till ,I i ! ;ii (Ir . it- tt ittu Ii, :
I~~~~~ ~ ~ (t Clr n/i vr 11
(('tllll ltlltl':t I ,
1Political News in and, around
The foliwin !ihl'l)in i is extr:acte l
fron thie "Gazttte' ,t Vch. 1 Ih. 1: ti
"whlenla, that J. 1i. 1)u ,nengleaux u ha
witirawn friom ithe party, :t -
hMetinrg ill b. hlid in Rvvili.,.
M!CI 2. 1 so as to) n,, n:ltc :t l'aolli
dase for .Justice (of the p, 1cc if th
4Wh. W\ar ". And Oh! ýSnin.rs, that
eventful Mass-Meeting \ as h.ll, uonblo
In St t av table cireil staice-, thenly
.,Ibj cti.n tle leal,:s ,l'io ,ht il,, w' -
that the large anldienc.c of 13 B.:tandM.
ctI-,u[lr- \wele not 1ntliia-ulc eiough.
Due t", tiCe meager attetdauce and
inn-ltl- atoage of the "A fiair", it \t
Su1aoitnou-ly agreedl to (isptin-e i ith
all parlinentarian formnalties. The,
chief "t1 dci.ers and Grand Sae, oh(m'n
of the occasion were 1h.s,-. )u.ke.
Ioy Young and O. Theriot,. After
.5 ninltes "k ibraiOts"i h t ,he H1n.
Ferdinand Tiahain, Jr. was no<minatt d
by acClI)nation amidst the flourish and
rgmeat alllatus of 13 B.andll tl lrots.
S'lhe" distingoshel nominee being
I absent, a. (omittee of 13 was lnamlle
to, inform the gentleman oif the hinur
s, lavishly bestowed upon him.-The
Mlasss-eeting then came to a stand
still, al l.there Ieing no further hu-i
ness toi Ast, adlj.urnetl until furth
er noti fj4 Ahe "Bosse.".
f By the pia . red around
that rnv friel A'nll i in is a can
(lidate for In-jmpector itihts .id
mneasures,. I hardly give credit to
" the tumor, as Andres distingui-lhed
I services "is first Lieutenant of the, B.
is and 'M. brigade places him lst. olt the
e gift list, and he shou.ld-receive by all
means some fat ofice.'i peaking. a
e bout ofhices "Dame RutAr" has it iA
s that should the 'Saits 1e elea~ .
11 that the assessorship is ( t0i'4
les.. than 4 different. p us fro.t 4
Ssitferent sections, the we: say .t.t
e Royvile, Scott, Car eq d Brous
'n1 sardvilld are interested i-i the "Job".
d ,-Of course being but a "GooGoo,"
e "tntlw,t no, inifttination concerning tilh
matter, but nevertheless the rumor
4,11 circulates.
he New Oraesns '"Item" says that
ria. t ptt be to tl ang. iHa
ihe '"Gn sool a"', ed not resort
S ' q extrem es, 'by the honest
eif voters of af tte parish we
e; will down that ly ges"d of of
fice seektr#'xnd h d pIoliticians.
Our boys trn it in full number
n last Butdtay,)t dt a st that enthu
ie sia-tic audiete tf 'White Demo
i.t cretic voters qnly a t ahalf a dozen
he of those .B.a 1 M. pone eplsl be
c seen.And Ohbthrit dick they feel,
- h,,lh the eapo s iand 'ints" and
air sicker still th 'll he, their death
for knelle Ai 2lst. ni reiulnd far
If- and wide thro =hout valley and
'he dale ft this lo ly pari taframttte,
the old lAfayette.
h Fr P 1ieds, til re
the .G- -.f
l l Goo- Ville. 'V
r /
g _- II .4
~~4V>-ý rN ~ -2 #TS
Titea. U NAN!L
No Opposition To The Five
tihl Tax.
Water Works and Electric Lights
S For Lafayette, Assured.
'it n Ii 2:~rI V1tih w~ill hvirnN t,( -ill rII
t i 1 0t" t' i~tx Iv fir sh' iu rni~t 1 '
ii rji( t tt i~ifi otf 1,\vi rr1;fl filr SIti \':tý t
! 1+~ f ll tier, rnrtt (if lirit rii c i ii ' ] iu (' tar
inip t'ttir ' [in to lii niji ,tir l[riti I t Iii fln
i iic"Q ~ ill"n = rn t fI ' ri i i" tt t t
iiI i t1 i- I iiin *iiil i. ii v l it IIi 1w. ;: Itr
ii Ai 'In ri ' Ilt i rii:~u nri ,h i'. II
t 1(' .: iii ittt nl ii Il!
I I,' f 'il~ n~irin" rI:ii r'r t v 1Il
irk ir.,,in. it.i irr I thi ti:i't tinti i
rir r+ ' 1 ;1' i r : r h r ~'i tt'! !'"i"
11 it i i', " l I 1 i Ii 1h t ~irini ir (1, ; \
IIl Il~ t i i /.I in' . t ~iii Ir 11 ' C II i ii
jiallrvirn:i iI\ noinnvi r f irrtrii 1 ,rt~ ii'
ii r fi t t I its' iii iin firtr1 fill i~iiti i
r tii !n f t1 rim ii i V ii Iii Iir riS ii :t i irIiiI:
ltI t ii t In ri ir 1 it" ' i nnrjiil ~i' ni ril ii'
in , i ns P In :.iiiri r ni" (it 1, ijr-iIi" ititv'i
Ii ii't ii i in; I''l 1 iii- ' I r i -n c iirr. l r i-n it i'
Ih iv f~iiu if n nu- rinn-tihit ii 0ii lIii n~i-n
Proclam ition. .
I1B viirts of the I .Wels iin )1' vIestild
orksw aI d Eii :i(in ietordaince'with ri ýstl
lion of the ('ii"t ('j)lllit t of" tho' tol'II of
1:alvta tl ., of date March 251th. I,:G, I do
herebvy llroc(' 0l1 tlhat the oW tl to' l S :east
at th,' s;i 'ci; election hl it thei ('out
,oug e ill the town of I ,afii e itte li d i"
teiltt the I tlii o o ie t'u it v a l ;' i:
tax. of tive m til.s on all p'rtl'ope su!il'j( t
ito traxation e itll. i il s'id it i o !I for a te1ri'l
oif tllli e: ors. heit inniht .itn . tirst, A I 1).
eihi'.tl l hundrti ed aI n ninet'y- l ix, o ptr o
cI(re. consflt'et aIli operate a \ ater
\ilorks and th h e .ic li,4i hts sl'em in said
town. under Article two hundired and
ninefi tll hei('c tli ~e of tie rif h1tl at ofi
Louisiaina.t alld Act llt lleiiti (o1nle hiundred
and twenty-six (, o 4r' i. h .(en h n i ded a)trdI
eihlt\-tw sof th'i ,w i tn l Asi.t. dy ,
sai tatil. t)num be vof (i optn y the p'L'r
ty t;Ix p y;' s (of sLid lltn lniCfpll,li ntit -
tled to vote titder the lctt ionl laws (of
said Sttt,'. I)n .ll)(!:,. M arch twenty
third. A. 1). ci-hteen bundrc,lnd ninety
so ix. s3 per prct:ntifaton of the s ayor of
said town awl due' notice th..roof by tlh
lupetrvisors of cleetion it, :Ind for Lafl
Softte 1 441fish by pihlication acordiltr tr to
oaw 1,nd afls'r twtvtyti a ofliciau publi
cation of the io ( n t.if L ordafi c' or
dwering the elti( i,n in tih m1 nter provnt
Iid by laew for jlw ivi f atidve ti~'. sn is.
resaltd.,a ctrt incate to the returns o(f lthe
c o f rs said ele1tion, lid
the suprrviners of election cin and for La
Ssi-itrI arish 8 ad that f lit latrk. of
.he Distlrit ('oSurtin atnd for saui pari.
ex-othti(o returning thicer of said town,
as follows, tI wit :
Total numler of property tax payers
of the town of Llfayette, Ia., entitled
to vote undert the election laws of the
State. ItWs per ertificate. of Asseissor of
Itof Lafe saitt Parish and Registratuor of
.t voter. for dated cil. 21st. Iti t 192.te
Total ass'It sed valuation of propertyll
taxpayers of t.he tow of Laofay tte, lt
now constityled, entitled to votote under
1 rlhe election laws cif tlhe State., as per
6 saind ertitt late of Avo at sse d elenion,
0ove $Total number of votes cast for s:wil
cial tax. to0.
Sie herev arocaseim to r prrope'lrtt ttx pat
tSlt Tspecual fanrulr Soif term attit fur stilt1
er ntitled t vote tnder the g( neral ti'ect
ion laws lof the tate, as per said einitif
' cate said Astetesor and Registrar, who
L Voted for said special tax. one hundred
and fifty thoitst'td two hundked and ten
501 100 dollars. $1ti 0,21,lt50
Against: None. 0.00
The vote cast at said election in favor
of satid spect.ial tax of live milis.f itr a term
of ten years, beginning Jan. 1st. l.Ob,
being a mnjority of the property tax'pay
ere entittle to vote thereat under the gen
erl election laws of tie State. in num
aber and In value, votMg at said election,
, and of said totn. I
A. J. Moss, muavor q." said town,
h e hereby proclaim andlroteulfg:tte. that
isaid special fax.lor said term andi for said
rpurposes, has been voted for according
i to law.'
t testimony where of. witness my of
ficºtl agnature, it l..''r.)et)t p)ari4 of
Lafayette, La.. this twntyiv fifth day of
March, Anno Domini Ei4hte'n hundred
.:. ty-. Me' or of Lafayette.
4 ,°
,144 \.1 'I's; 111 1 (1 it 4)4 = 1 f1 / I(II 11 1 4444
:11"." 1111'i ,! w il. f li ,' ,r !1I )~.r~'l
o f,, · 11 j l llt:1i 'i " i 1.. X% 11 ,'i ý i'( h ,, 1t. ! 11 (,1(1t
1 44111!1 ' 1)l l4'14 '
ýý i! 1,1" r':l i~lk III.Iý '! I' ,rw trC until 1 !111;
I( 44414 1t1 l'!, 144 : 4444 tI1 1 14I. I it
ii tit i. (1f I ll l Ii \r:I\.t it Iii ini,111, nil :11i(
44 vi 14 411( 11.t fli44 .1I I 'I n. ii, of 1 [! I
i II 444 i 1 ili 4)44 ii 1 .4 4 X j' ' an''
i t ! i' " '44l',41 11 1) I44
!,.;,"Ii 'It44', I,ý 11,:4 v.
(',ý. .1'' II I\' I :t 1 ,"44.4! (i111 44' IN4
41; 444 , 4'4(', I', 44 .! , 4441 ' ir l 1:'; I" , 71, ,1"11
1'I i I 14 lll I ~'irict (Wi444 t it I
1. , : I t l !1' 14444 111!" '11 1. 11 i '' V (i4
I %v 4 L1,4' 4'1r4il
11,1j 444'.4, 444444 4444144 1 44 ii44it4 Will
''ia'' the4 N'V 444 44,1144,1 val44!i'i44 444l"14 -
i,' 1)t It iý I444 44'4 lit.' 111 tl i vI, r' x1114
44 V i,44 '4' 1 4' h ' I ;I,t tii. 444 "t 1 44 11 44 4444444
44i 4 ?"!(14111 , f t!' 4'1,'t k :111, 444 1 1')
j? (1 S= 4' 444 the4 44' ) '~1 4444nt4'.s4, :1I 1
444 44 444 44,4444 ie 1)44 44 1444i1''v uk f,.rw,,:rir'
441 :l I-o '44i. 1444 o4) 1144' '4 Iii-i44'r:il 4t 4 tl4 h
4, 1444 i' '44'4`,4t4 44444 '4 ,4 4 :444444, 4li11144'4!
1)01444 t!, it 4444444441 r4'tI'44iZ'4"a
44'I ,'. \,'4 < 441414 hi.
Autuost r )tzr.z hnihanit & te.
7 "}t{-i , i: . . , ' , , :. ,. . r t:', a -t
.t.in ,, .:· · n · a1 ,ý , .. : r ., _. s h :[. n h, r fIl
p Ic , [r:u. " t i: "1' t t', , " . .u .i |w; l r an 'd cr intI h :,
aff.txb' a ' , - . . r,.:t. :I , -he
nav . ". r trer" f, : :t-iterencc of ter
., :- " ,: , ,r. H t " e f,- .nt pay a!l
1.,,., rut..t. t L6.
,11 6Il triat
S.' , the i al file, and
l rc- Ii ",; t , ', '..t, k ,,f " ti th Judilu al
S t ,: , I.., ~~ns f,r 1 .:,'aIa 'rtte Par.
A\ttet II. t' W .d:.
lI)upa ty 't of Cu rt.
S Notice
. This wii inform my friinls and patrons
and th,' puhlit' in t'wr'al that I have
sever'ed all tonnectins with lHymnan
illlhr & t'i. :nd that I have ente.rl d
the wel l known one of Fertinandl Gtimbel
&('o. No. '12 1'ernlito Street where I
will ,e pl ,.:!t ,I to serve nill my friends
ant: piatrons to whom I pledge lily best
attentions to tLhir inuterest.
Respert fully
Wum, PIellerin
1 desire to inform the public that
I will continue the )busnltles of pur
chasiing hidei , formerly carried on by
r Mr. P. LeDanois.
Office at A. Decrez Lumber Yard.
Mrs. P. Le Dantois.
'luies for Sale.
A lot of voting mules, :l to 5 years old
f gentle to work. Will sell on tirne,as
good sec'uritv is given. Also, a fine if
sortlmint of improved farm implements
i ".h is harrows. plows, wagons, dis
uI h rr. asulky plows etc; also a quantity
OfI Co In a, ' :"
App'1v to i S. Torian or Chas. Cafk
.; fery.
House for rent oil LIncoln Avernue
formerly occupied by E. ,edet.
Apply to P Gerac.
Money toy Loan.
Monie to loan in an ountsi from 4100.00
to $to.100. f
fery Apply to W. Torian or Chas. Caf
50 e..as 3 a.( 4 year old at $60,
upo I 4o :1 naial .
tApply to J. . LeBesque, Lafa
ettue, La.
Has been proclaimed KI NG
of Sewing Myachiner by a
of Users, an C the 7te nts
finds it fitly wearing the
crown by reason of the sim
plicity and perfection of its
mechanism, beauty and fin
ish of its wood work, and
variety ot its useful attach
ments. They are sold on
easy monthly payments or
by notes, 3-4-5 & 6 months.
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
-'From New York
1t 94 hig
ant' Ghib rcus' - - - --
Db GYS and
,vi ,T ,j Buyer b,,th at Ntew Yn', :id I rl& iIl w\e cali
1;e dlepeid,) t ',, 'n r Itp ' J rsai-. ii tlhe I'i r1 . \t'. e 1 tifr IC
L.\ AI )LR> t(_ tiltrali thi , l81a li" I t -,lt l :ill li q-, 1s at a very
Iw prie'C..
 j_ _ _:
DRY. GooDS.m
717 - 719 (old No. 129) CANAL. STREET. NEW ORLEANS,LA.
T'elihclone 1031. P. O. Box 497. Tor()o BILr.mNOi.
1 ute. S. Dreyfu-, Represented !,y R. A. t bhaptel.tl. ~ alnpes sent on application, Country
i' :'t & Magr, tor,l,'i .o hlieit, I.
W T .- for the spee.ai:il tax aunl,t!ly for your wite, sister
V . i. or sweetheart at the 'POPl LAR store of
a BELT IUC(KLE, WVAIS SET, RING, or anything else in
the JEWELRY line, we are aret't f.or the most reliable Man
lftact urers of the coun:r\-.
YOU have never seen such
Our Ladies Tom bo IIHATS are bheauties. Spring Dress
Goods we have in the latest talries- Laces will be worn and
we have them in .endless variety. Crochet Cotton all colors
S. ets per spool. Reneilber our stock oft Groceries is always
the freshest and prices the l.wvest it towIr.Remet, ber we have
secured the agency for the f:lllous Standard Dress Patterns
mail orders promptly filled.
SCHMULEN'S Racket Store
General Merchandise.
Dry Goods, Dress, Goods,Clothing, Fancy Goods,
Notion., Millinery, Gents' Fuinishing Goods,
fIats, Caps, Boots, Shoed, Groceries, Crockery,
;lassware, Tinware, Stqtioiary, Toys, etc.
Corner Jefferson & Congres Streets.
The Celebrated Bazar
rt.. i Glove Fitting Patterns
S., 5 .hich ai, r rcruinetrlled by the lealingt daily and
.~"p .w kl a I s is thi best, the latest and the leading
S lashiouf o the wgoll .
All at ai Cents Each.
Irlr'sl}t c I'vce f m~n kel d Irices. Call and examino
6523-6524--LADIES' TOILETTE C(oulter (' ata.,llge.
G AIL\ ANTE ED):- A perfect fit f-r t per, et figure, Try one and see.
R IEMEMBER! These Pattir s : "i Ite liits t 1l. i;tist anld are being used Iy
hunidreds of thousand of labth s t *. -', r1 --alwacs I iviiig the greatest satisfac
Orders by mail, enclosing , '" :' . I'ri:ce, awill have prompt a tteution.
Monthly Fashioi (iuides Free.

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