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#CBbacription $2.00 Je'r AfU7
JFANMARD N. VA; ,1 1, - -,i
EI)InOR AND1trnI' ,1II.mF
Entered at tbe i'usoulfift at I.a(A)1 Wt. L1a.s Sec.
end-Clans Matter.
Offir-ia Paper ()f L.fA) rtte P'arr1h and te Ciiy s
A' nnlitikaf mattrrr f a pemsonal natuIwill M
charges for at so tentr per line for ca, h &t'rr"o -
this paper; re'fmttij,,o of rprs t. et,., *ent. Pt
line: annoutncernent o' paid ener ,ianietO. bab.
tC.. 5 rctrs fr p Ine : otjtuare,, ,f t-n iis or Oc
free, of mote than t1 n Tide.. 5 l lrrt pr jam
,LAFAYEI'TI:, !A.%. A f'I:f 1
Broussard, La. April 7th. lt9eI. 1
Editor Advertiser: ami:
T"'le prepar:thons for the f:i I'have Pro
,been concidlld and it Ilro'iiseS te Ihe' Io.
howling success. 1l'freshnlents \%%ill hlr
. onsist of dinnl.r. g. ihoi . e('- rte.. cof.- m i(
fee and cakes, lcmoiinlhc ic(', e. "'. A
featiure of the minIIu t Aill he' reid tilsh lu
from Luke ( rnciouillicer. perch rian trout er
,caughlt fresi and fried on lhe spot. I)in- stn
ner will cost 25 cts. (Othe.r cfresknlllls m110
iin proportion. i.
The commnlittee of arrlitflangement t ol,- Stl
piosed to any extortion under the f.ia of
its being for the clhurch. F
The toturnament will he the greatfe:nt- fai
ure of the day piogramme. The Kights ai
will remain in their tents, their chabaers th:
rea ly saddled and held by their sqtires. t
When the time to commelnce :crrive the p;i
trumpeter will sound tihi reveiller 'i Ire so1
upon each Knight will emerge troe his
tent, take down his s ictl , the Ul ie- tin
.ter will then sound the butgle call tome- jet
nuet and each Knight will vault into the re
saddle, the order of march will thea be: tlh
Trumpeter in advance, followed by the lie
3 heralds, then the erandmarshall ilndl to
his esquire followed by the Knightas by
.2.After marching slowly around the s.h.
the grand marshall preceeded by the
.trumpeter andt heralds will march to 4,n
ter (the band in the interval plnying'he
march.) The Knights separating, hlf
.to right, half to left riding back to Oe
.upper segment of the circle where ti 2 at
divisions will meet, come together ,od m
.gallop in pairs to the lower segment f to
the circle running up in front of he cr
grand marshall and his aids who shall y 5t
in a io:id oice ' Silence sirs. the Knigls th
and spectators are alike inmpatie. rc
.the time advances and highly fit it is tht ie
,the sparks should begin". s
The trumpeter will then blow 3 bl An
and the heralds will advance and s
through their trumpets!"silence the tow- di
ney is now to begin; listen to the grald bi
marchal," whereupon the grand man ri
shall shall say "Knights, pursuant to ti E
ancient laws of chivalry you haw St
Jnet in the lists to battle for honor. the al
spirit of the present age has abolished at
the personal encounter in lieu thereof it
is your privilege to show your skill and o
dexterity in capturing these rings, you it
are each entitled to 3 rounds. He whl ti
,captures thee largert number of rings it
within the time limit of 30 seconds will e
entitled to crown the queen of love a
an't . -Love of ladies, dealh t v
champions, honor to the generous, glory h
$.q the brave, to your tents of Knights a
and come when the heralds call vo.i" a
The Knights will then proceed to their c
tentl, diimoint, stand near their chargers t
whereupon the trumpeter will sound his 4
bugleand the heralds will advance cal- I
jing out the Knights one after the other, a
each Knight will gallop up to the grand
mnarsh ill lowering the point of his lance 1
ashe brings his charger to rest. The grand I
psarshall addressing him will say:
"Sir Blank chevalier de Blripk. enter 1
'the lists, do battle for our grac: ons queen
"wirve is reine de heaute et des amours;',
whereupon the Knight will bow and
wheel his charger around. bow to the
ppectators, take his place in the lists, gal
lop up to the starting post and upon the
grand mar shall signal t'Laissec aller"
start. When all are finished the victo
rious Knight will ride up to the grand
marshall who will say "''Gallant sir.Blank
erevaller .le Blank, ts a guerdon of your
valeur I will fasten these silver spurs on
you, to-night you wilb-,have the proud
privilege of crowning thti queen of love
and beauty. God eschew the right.
The trumpeter will then blow his bugle
and the heralds will advance and say:
Ye merrie yeomanrie the knights having
nlshaed their sports it is meet and proper
for you tq show your equal skill and
dexterit) ia'lhose field sports to which
your are accustomed: the heralds will
bthen ansonounce the order of sports. the
prizes std the lilies governing them.
All trains day and night will stop for
pasrenPers. A bicycle race wilh he a
new feature. Prize: a bicycle lamp
Visitors are advised to pgcure seats early'
by writing }hePrestdent: Edward Estor
Mr. Editor:
Tbhroulgh the co:umns of your valuable
p,-per I wish in a few lines to call atten
;ion of the lar ppyers. of the Patish to a
proposed amindseont to the Constitution.
Not "The" amendment however but one
which it nqt in a paraumount degree is
ptill of great ipports noce.
I refer tq t the proposed amendment to
It. 136 f the cltitutiop which read
Viba' q atxe crimigal
iii ca:1ss nut capital] or necessarily punish
alile it hard labor. They shall receive
no fee- in crimin:al matters including
lee, + lce ll ':cd ase.s bI.t iln lieu thereof such s
S:l:I\ :Ias m:lv be i. ed\ i a nually hy the
I'4,lice .liry to..iw paIl by the p)ri-h.
If this prs, ose'l Ilcihnliment is iltopted it j
ni:kes tlih .1 sti'esot f the Pence iuldeins. Is
t:lbcls slat ;ec.t olhicers of the Pt
i.h, llnd the very hlowest (estitiate at
which it c"it Ihe expicited tlhat . 1'. and 1l
('4i 11 4 I; h .:llIari ,ll ( i llls up ia totl r Ifor
lie :ll of four tlilouiisaid dollrs. This
iri the VL i'.y l: .,'`t of emIriIlnllle'. T'here'
tei in ,the 1: ,iii twenliV two .Justic s itdr
: Al ta bil e s beige Fio ri liusainl
I ,tltd-n wi hliisintct- ini tllui ltce ilf Pelcs
Ti'rls pi.,p itld tLnutit. ou li lhes all fees
it t'ii tii:l ait :irs. piei ha t it o wcses in
iluodrd. :nli proposed t intead a salary th
the p:i rish.
lw unjust tol the tilaix t ayirs fi govcrn
a li isilitofn. cii've n knows thaltl the
hilrelitt of business in.iefe f siie of Peae
('urll isk iS the s tlln nt of littlns e bra thwl
.\ l kioits an fon ll well that intler tiio
prperty nill neteen tliwentietl s amonnd tr tle
lower class of iin a(5.s who are already i1
iden nt hell sdminiddostrathin of inovern
. mnt.w is it fair the 4 shall lie
nthe ttheir piikh c n tiiful to pay filn ond
create tur il o can i befoy te Justice of
courti Ito ir their petty spites and ani
m.osties knowini fill well that they run
Srisk ofr of iurring any expense to theimslf.
sl it is unjst te s.
AndI knotwino full well fh t l nder this
svste dl the wior'k of thile pustices n cons
tables will b' doubler d alnd trebled is it
fair that they should do this increased
imount of work for the small salaries
that the parish cran affordi to pay in order
tlat r. S Iamo can e njol t hy the xury of
parading himself before the courts iah
nolutely free of any expense to himself.
While it is unjust to thie Tax Payers.
uninst to the officers.it :s still further coi
jectionable for the reason that it will in
crease dist'rbaniees of the peace among
:that class. they will be miore frenquently
b* hefore those courts and will tend to a
I loss and disorganization of Ilaor.
Respectfully yours.
M.\' sm. ir l .
The Carencro Ovation.
'cott, La. April 8th 181)6.
IBy actual count, or..r 410) persons in
attendance, and many ladies gracing the
meeting with their presence. Mr Edi
tor, the grand and eonserratire Demo
cratic rally of Carencro last Sunday the
5th. inst, held under the auspices of
the popular and wrinning People's ticket,
resembled in no wise the noisy, demaog- .
iral gathering of the regulars-Saints of
special train and bloody-shirt memory of
Mch. 22nd. 1896.
P!ain. unvarnished truths were the or
der of the day; men listened with bated
breath to the able. conscientious and pat
riotik addresses delivered by Messrs.
Elliot, Melancon, Campbell, Chargois,
Scranton, and Broussard, tremendous I
applause greeting the different speakers
at every step of the proceedings.
About 2½ miles, at H. Simoneaux's
on the same day, while men assembled
in the spacious Church in course of erec
tion In the town of Carencro, were giv
ing ear to these able and impartial speak
era, another, attenuated and crest fallen
set had assembled around the feast board,
with free beer and gumbo after the time
hono,.ed (?) fashion of tous fraiefaits, of
a few years back, listened to the clatter
or rattling of plates and dishes and the
r convivial clicking of glasses, the while,
ithe man with the paternalairs, Judge
0. C. Mouton belching forth strains of
- oratory reer the heads of 80 or 40 of as
sembled guests.
i The object of this little side-show
e meeting had been to take away men from
. the great Carencro oration.
The "Saints" showed the ,white feather
r lbthis unworthy narrow trck, and only
oa mved, as every one says of them to-day,
tat they are unwilling their adherents
e llt hear both sides the question discuse
1. asL
e Osrencro, we had heard it said, was to
b the Gibraltar of the anointed ones-,
d m aote it be, for then 'twill be a Water
k 11iu lre enough all along the line this
ir eeing 21st. day of April. To-day be
Sftb.. to-morrow mine. So coes it in
, t*e world. B. T. P.
l Police Jury Proceedings.
ig Lafayette, La. April 4th. 1896.
-r Police Juty met this day in reeu
' gar Ssston with the following members
It mP nt: R. C. Landry. A D. Landry,
.1 R B 3rown. A. A. Delhomme. IT. M.
e f. J G.. tJnllen, and Alfred He
b. . Absent: Jos. W. Broussard.
rir %1sminutes of the previous meetings
a WVtead and approved.
P 4.otion d:ly made. the Road-over
Iv ae Iof the respective wards are hereby
'r- e d to file reports every quarter ex
hI*bt the numbers days labor actually
Pelmaed by each person s.abject to
r.duty: 2d a complete list bf said per
aIeImCgether with the number af days
le stlle. 8rd an inventary of all imple
SIn posesseioin. ResolesW further
S`id reports shall date from Jan. Jst
a Rd the secretary is bere'oV i -
t withhold payment of sal- t
t isions of this ordinan O M
ne p1 ath.
is followine ('nmmisid-si w.ere
S nted for the severas Dinaag
to t to wit:
d C rict. P. A. Delhomme.P. A,
:and Jean liegnaud. .
Ct, Ludovic 'ille~nd. Capt.
a1 an, and DUPT. B. Hopkins.
Sdo let. Olivier Rlanebet, Then
Srd, and F. O. Brouasard.
* 4pb GSOUAerd;
6thi. DisTrict. 0, tI. 'ercaux. _. C.
Guilbeaux aund S. . J. ret'aux.
7th. I)istrict. Eini Bonin, J. O. Brous- L
sard. and A. L. I'roussard. e
llh. District. Aitoine lroussard. L 1
:G. lreaux, and A. D) landry.
The Pr1sident was autorelllir ld in con
junction with 1)r. A. .l Tr'bi an. thi . t
Hleithlt. olicetr, to plilc'e v:lcine points Il
and ari raIn' for flee Vacciinatlion llouhtio( -
otl thle parish
ly iotion of Mtr. lBrown the followilg '
rllty of fr,.sholdhirs was appoited ll to i I
litriie anid Iy ;i ll a publi c rodi. l rdii
to hiw from the lf Mr.uss.d I:hlllici ro:tl ito
the ()pelot ins public ro:Id .ror s III\ou
(':, ,iire r : . i os. Iolier. . A. lir us.u rdi . Pi
i)urlli. :ulnl \Ad'lph I t sail ni l satix. fi
uilll a bridgte at.o dei lhi eyou ('renlitro ut
flito t I Ilie id ro. l.aird piantatioins. i
Mr A. 1) Landry was authorized toi p
re lovL ll e'nd reihilt tIhe lbrlge olRsI I
oiloce Islet dlie nnes Ioar Diolze )ut os ii ti l
Ilv lmotion of Mir I)lrke the iendered ii n
don ltiiion hlv I . irmais li tussard. of ia
Piblilc lii tIhirough his plaie conn'ct'n$ ti
lhi Ahhsvil le ra:ld on thle oftciat banik till t
the Vliioilint riier, with Itht on the
ci.ast Lank. Was *i'epte d said road shall o
l , :e6 :#'feet wide on the west bank and 40 1
f'et on the (o:xet bank 'ald anll in coin- a
Ince with petiiiri d on i tilet. The hPresi-I
thdent was utihorized to hiccept said dona- I
I non
By mlotion of Mr. Diurke te question c
of constdoru'cting it brige at 1)elrn ias
Broussard's. :Is per otTer of that gtentle
Smii, was taken ulp. Mr. Ilurke i(then tli
Solived the acceptance lt r b. ro iiiussard'
ldrotasitin tri builao ter tlrige for ri
podamount not to exceed $500 and await one
yetar for payment etc.
S Mr. Brown o l'reds a ao substitute thaitt
lthe presnident ble authiloirizedl to consiult
lie attorlney relative toi Mr. Broussard's
proposition and report at next mleeting
The oriminal motion of Mr. Durkel was
l then adopted us flhlows: Rtesolved Ithatl
the proposition of Mr. D. w Broussard toI
build it bridgle linross Vermilini river
r near his place at it cost not tho exced
IiU$500 pabile in one yearl without inter
- est hie and is lit r.by acpied. lHesolved I
further that it is hereby tagreed anid pro
vided tpat the said armnas lirous:srd
shall maintain said bridge for ope year
- at his own cost. and further that he shallo r
- plaie oand aetintaininin good traveling
condition the public road by him donaited
this day.
Mr. Pi. A Chiasson wf a asuthorized to I
remove and rebuild :' bridge in the first
ward at l coset not to exceer d $. said8
bridire being the personal property of I
Mr Chirsson.
The tre. surer siubmitted his monthly
report as fllows:
L.afaette., .a. Aprl 4, 1,ics .
To thance Presdent and. \mbes of the 14 05. ry
paris. of Lafayette.
GenThe fing a lwing is a statement . f re
ceipts and dlsbursementiso palish tunds since last
n report.
lMarch 7. 18986 1)r.
- .o .h lancd on hand ...... .............. 5 2751 82
i- Mch, 16. o ain't fhavl tax , ,lie t.,r,taxes
collected in co rua. y ... .. 028 20
H. i Licenses " " 7 50
. $ 37H. d. crd d.... 5 02
IA (hefert ntuer. Cr.
Mch iea. epaiin com'stax machi'r on taxes. 46 41
S .B. licensese. 3 00
WApril 3 " ain't pard on ap'd ordertc ....... 26. 35
f 27,c 97
To balance on hand e.......... 4 05.
31 Respectfully Submitted,
. Th. CLEGG, Parish Treasurer.
The following accounts were rejected.
r- A. Gladu. viriving body of Ella White....... $ 5 00o
. Geo. ileBlan coalerk ................ .. . o 40
The following account were approved :
.d . M. Lyons feeding prissioners.... ........ 00
H. Bitleud. " )pu 75
8. H. Billeaud. 4 cords wood ............... 8 oo
1A. Cheffer, um er........................ 260 8o
L. Billeaud. repairing road machine ........ 5 o
S Bernard au d Sc . Julien, spades ............. 9 oo
Wm. Clegg, Record Books etc .............. 24 35
kS . H. Hohorst coae hod etcb................ . z 15
H. Theall, spades etc ... .................. 11 15
R.ma n France. act of donation ............ t 50
J. E- Kee. building bridges ................. 5o oo
enW. . BPoie, jury commissioner............ 5
V. E. Dupuis 5 oN
. Ec. Pelterin, " " 5 e o
. J. C. Buchanan. " " 5 o
. Doucet .. . 5 00
k R. C. Greig, express on books .............. 2 15
R. C. Greig, stationary for Police Jury...... 7 50
Secretary. President.
/e __
City Councl ProceedinkA.
Lafayette, La., April 4, 1896.
The Council met this evening following members
present. Mayor A. J. loss. Messrs T. M. Biossat.
O. C. Mouton, B. Falk. Dr. J. D). Trahan. Jos Du
cote, J. O. Leblanc and Leo Doucet. Absent none.
Minuteso' March 2nd and special meetings of Mch.
3rd. 7th, and 25th. read and approved as read.
The finance committee was granted further time
in which to In ok into the matters concerning Mrs.
Sprole's license.
Following account approved,
Baxter Clegg. rl'elegrams Works).......... $ a
G(" Siadous. hauling bricks.................. t 75
C. Trahan. poundl pen 4 heads....... o......
W. P. OI.0 Co. Feb. 8th to Mch 2o. included.. 36 36
Ishom Riggs. cleaning ditch.................. 2 oo
I. L. Lyons 250 vaccin points................ tq ta
Ambroise Mouton, 15 nays lighting lamps.... i2 45
Aswald Ret. ." ".. " " .. 12 50
Victor Breaux. work streets per contract..... 27 oo
Abr. Mayer. accounts lamp chimneys........ 3 75
Ursin Blanehard work on street .............. nr oo
Emile Bar-as, (t9 days work on plank walk].. Ig oo
Sidney Veazey, March services deputy... 5o oo
A. L. Bourg. " constable.... 50 no
Wm. Clegg,account lamp glasses cub& Sund. to 30
Account laid over.
Ed. Martin. commissioner election Mch. 23rd. 5 oo
To thb* Hon. Mayor and City Couucl of Lafayette
since the last meeting of the Council I have collect.
e' the following sum to-wit :
For Licenses .............. ............... $ 236 50o
For Taxes ................................ t4 50
For Stock...................................... 4 oo
Total. $ 255 oo
Redeemed by T. M. BIossat, 2 heads.
C. Caffery. i
H. Ferringer. 2
A. L. BOURG. Const.
Lafayette. La.. April 6. i896.
To the Hon. Mayor and Members of the City
Council of Latayette.
1896. Dr.
March 2 To Bal. cash on hand, as per last
ruport this day]....... ...........$ r32 66
April. 2 To cash Rec'd, fr A.L.Bourg taxes 14 50
. licences. 225 50
" 4 .." Mayor J. Moss
fine on halls. 17 o50
S6 . .. .. A. L. Bourg
Stock fines 4 no
. .. - . Licenses.. ii oo
Total, $ I4o5 16
1d96 Cr
Mch. 2 By cash to T. M. Iliossat for war. $ io i5
S.... 8 9
.. . . Wm C.G aser." " I 5o
. ... T. M. Biossat " " 5o
. ." Oswald Reaux " " 25 o
. .. . "Victor Breaux, " " 5 50
.. .. " Eu. Record, " " 9 60
.. . . " D.V.Garde: led" 6 91
S " Advertiser. " iS 75
*" .. .. Moss Bros& Co." " 6 30
, ... , * " ;Gaette. " " 8 75
, ... * . " A. J. Moss, " 37 50
S.. .. . A. L. Bourg. 50 00
-- .. . . "C. Trahan, " " 4 25
.... .. lisse Himed," " t 65
a ... . - Sid. Veazey." " 50o o
. " . r " .....Emile Barras, " " 16 5o
* .. .... . . Sid. Veazey, " " r So
S .. .... A. J. Johnson. " " 4o
Total. $ 388 66
To Balance on hand this dav.............. rot6 So
Re.pe -tfnllyv Suhmitted.
). V. (;ARDEPEI)., rr·as.
An ordinance aulhorizing the Mayor
of the town of Lafayette to contract with
MeTsr. Raymond Stearnes & Gray. low
Set aind succeslful bidders, o"oy the erec
tiln of a waer works :ut t .ttiit !...lts
P'ant or system for and in the to\n of
Lafayette, iWccordine to lanis and spl.iti
catiOns of lotert It. Z..II. (C. E., and hid
of said Ilayvutond Stearns & ;r ty there'
for. provi'ling for the p:uttnen1t of the
contract price' tlhereo'f with six per ct.t.
per annlItuln interest, and lullthltlli illi 8stl
Mal.or to issue' ftor Land in the II.Iint of
said n lu iciplal corporl' ion. celrti.hic t,'s of
inll(et)eness or lprontiss to lea, in de
inomliniitilns of five hundred dotll:1s, with
interest c Iou IIs alta'htd to rt.; h, at six
pe'r C'ent. p erannull. pubI a|llet ( t irly, said
notels to be pail in mintt, two,. 1nctte., tourl
tiv . six, steem' , ti_ ht. nill(' 'la t' .11s':tars
and on March first of lath vea.r. lo,{to' -
Sing what portion of the taptal shall be
iaid yearly.
Be it ortlainld by the City Council of
the townI of Lafi ie, ilate of Lo risia
Snt. in Ieal t session asstitn tl ,d,
SThat Hlln. A.. 1Vl.tss, Mayor of tlit
town of L fayett'e, he and is lieith'ly u
lhorizt'd to contr:act for antd ill the( nnon
of said municiltality with Messrs. Ilay
llond Stet:trnes &' (ray,. for the erection
of the water works and ele, ttic lights
plant or svystem for and in tlihe town of
Lafayette. according to plans and spciti
a c ltions bv ol hert ]t. Zell. ('. E. and t'.e
s hid of said :laymoin St.earues & (;r:ay
therefor. for the price and sum of thirty
s four thousand live hundred dollars, with
n six per (cent. pir annumiin interest payable
e as follows.-March 1st. 1N97. tifteen hu111n
1t dred dollars: March 1st. 19Ids, two tlhons
it and dollurs: March 1st. 1599. two thlf-is
5and iive hundred ttdollar'; March 1st. 1900.
three thousand (doll'-rs; Mar(th 1st. 1901..
s three thousanid five hllndredI dIolars: i
it Marhi 1st. 191(,2. four tholusnd doltlairs;
0 March 1st. 1913:1. four thousand live hun
r dred doll'ars: March 1st. 19014. four thous
r. and five hniiifdred dollars: March 1st.
d1 19o5, flur thousand five hundred dol:tlrs:
)- March 1st. 19016. four thousand live lon
d dred dollars of the capital of sati (con
I tract price.
l Be it further ordained etc . Itht saild
if yearly payment of capital shall Ie repre
sented by notes or certiticates of five
io hundred dollars, signtd hby said Mavr
st for and ill theil llnlme ofsai'I town. to each
id of which shall be attached interest cof
Af pois at the rate of six per c(lnt per n
num. which interest shall he pit tinle on
ly the first day of N March of each year; said
ot'es and interest cofllpills to il e t allte
payable at First Natitniil lati; of Laf;L al
r vette La , or it. The C'hase NationltI
Bank of New York.
Be- e it further ordatined etc.. that in ad
t diton to the five mills tax voted for hy
the property taxpa1yelrs of said town on)II
82 Marcl 23rd. 189!6. aiccording to law, for
20 a term of ten years. beginning in the
year 1896. for the purpose of pa.ving the
- construction and erection of said system
i of water works and electric light for and
41 in said town. the net revenues derived by
5" said town fronm said system, he and are
_ hereby set aside and dedicated to the piuy
97 meint of said .o0tract for the erection J
and constructionl of sald water works
and electric light system.
Be it further ordained etc. that to
no cover any possible deficiency in the rev
40 einue from said special tax of five mills
o and the operation of said system. as
s5 above provided. there shall be, and is
s hereby appropriated and set aside out of
; the general revenues of said town, the
oo sum of one thousand dollars, annually:
35 said umount being the same as now ex
1 pended annually to operate the prasent
5° system of lilghits in saifd town.
00 He it further ordained etc. that thisor
Of dinance shall take effect from antd after
its passage. 2
S- Approved. March 6th. 1896.
A. ,. Moss.
Mayor of Lafayette, La.
Votes. Yeas. T. M. Iiossat, O. C.
Mouton. Jos. Ducote. B. Falk. Leo I)ou
cet .. O. LeBlanc, D)r J. D. Trahan.
Nays. None.
An ordinance authorizing the Mayor
to purchase for and in the name of the
corporation of Lafayette. the site for the
erection of the water works and electric
light plant for the town from Dr. Thos.
B. Hopkins and others; said lot being
described and located within the motes
and bounds, with streets adjoining on
the East and North, as appear by plat of
survey made by A. D. Martin.
Be it ordained by the city council of
the town of Lafayette. La.. in legal ses
sion assembled.that the Hon. A. J,. Moss
Mayor of said town, be and is hereby au
thorized to purchase, for and in the name
of said town. the 13t of ground, adjoining
streets dedicated to public use as shown
by plat made by A. D). Martin, surveyor;
said lot havying the form and dimensions
designated on said plat: said lot being
purchased for the purpose of erecting
thereon, the water works and electric
light plant for said town.
Be it further ordained, etc., that said
Mayor is hereby authorized to pay such
sum as may be agreed upon with the
vendors; provided however, that it does
not exceed the sum of two hundred dol
Be it further ordained. etc., that if pos
sible. he is authorized to secure time
within which to pay for same.and in that
event he is authorized to issue notes for
the purchase price remaining unpaid, for
and in the name of the corporation.
Be it further ordained, etc., that this
s ordinance take effect from and after its
passage. A. J. MOSS,
Mayor of Lafayette. La.
Totes Yean. T. M. Biossat. 0. C. Mou
ton. Jos Ducote. B. Falk, Leo Doucet, J.
O. LeBlanc. Dr. Trahan. Nays none.
5 Moved and seconded that A. D. Mar
tin be tendered a vote of thanks for the
platns and survey of location for water
works and electrict light plant. Also for
nice chart of same to be preserved in ar
chives of council.
Moved by 0. C. Mouton, seconded by
Ducote that secretary i, o! a warrant in
favor of Mayor when cawrd for the pur
pose of paying for the lot bought from
Dr. Hopkins ror location of plant.
Council adjourned.
A. J. Moss, B. CiLEoG.
Mayor. Secretary.
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