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The Lafayette advertiser. (Vermilionville [i.e. Lafayette], La.) 1865-19??, September 13, 1902, Morning, Image 1

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~ý F ,Ni ....... ). . ... ... . A' F 3 , .t . . . .. ý: `: , . ... . /-.. - . .. . . ,
e Best and Most Stylish
Buggies, The Strongest
and Most Durable
Vordenbaumen' Lumber Co., Ltd.
Also Com nite Line of Builderi Hardware and nateriatL
S ~a ff Cominpitest Stock of Ld~bher ,T Soufis~h4
Prices always the Lowest,
New Goods, ..
i:. New Styles.
A hpidmZi Lite: 6f Fall and Winter goody 4i1 re:
iceived~il at .
The Progressive Merchants of Lafayette.
.hu IM rnLoiiana Indu iu
Rei g one, two;three and four Years for completion, as follows:: :
SAcademye Course.
S' fr Admitst 4o. ear.E i r o lder;o sexeatisfactory ex Scination In Gram
i, Dmepti S rt, an omm percaen Branches. Oelers fmenta Courses oaphy
.;re.quirin one, two tht re lo a n d our year for completion.u r l: s Ef qims t
i ttts. Hilealthfulaess eicellent :TUITION .FREE. Necessary
, t' 7 1 .t = .... + ' t- ' J
iV gntoi#for Young Ltaidre, wtb all mnddern equipment and
* ee b ` 1 i stiient, spacious and well furnrihed bed.
-d el 1: by eletricity, uttered water from .ity water
Crai,*"iteror 4rinkio: and ..nkt. "Apply n- advance for
3 -i - tatt, a fyette a .
f. .. .. ..' ., , .. ,
IOU, rr ý?
v;- v +
ý 3 _;i~-~: 5~"~~~
Oil and Gas in Town. 1
From indications Lafayette is i
going to have an oil field right in t
the middle of town. Tuesday Dr.
G. A. Martin and some others i
noticed bubbles escaping from the
ditch in front of Veazey's stable.
Being interested, and desiring to
test the bubbles, Dr. Martin pla
ei a match to them; and they
iutned with a quick flame, show
ing the presence of gas. Later
Capt. Harper, who is employed
by the Heywoods, being told of it,
stated that gas must underlie the
town, and tc prove it,bored a hle
with a stick in front of A. Landry's
and being tested showed the- pre
sence of gas. - That gas and oil
both lie under Lafayette has al
ready been demonstrated by Mr.
1. Falk,and these slight tests con
firm the belief that the oil field
covers' probably the w hole site of
the town. It is to be hoped that
in the near future satisfactory ex
ploration may be made near . this
town, and its full possibilities for
oil discovered.
Second Session
-OF THE, -
Industrial Institute.
Commencing Wed. September 17
The Industrial Institute will be.
gin its second session on SepttI 7.
T'wo more teachers have beea;ead
ded to the f`aculty, and prepara
tions made to increase the useful
ness of "the school. The secon'd
floor of the dormito'ry, which was
left unfinished, has been comple
ted, and additional accomoda
tions ma ler.o tb.. -xpecteU inh
crease of young lady students,
The prospects of the school Ior
the comning.session areivery bright
and the Advertiser hopes that they
will be more than realized.
Life .of an 011Ol-Well.
!3. O riffhths of Beau.mont
Discusses Interesting Subject,
f.ifference in Durability Between
Pumpers and 'Guhers-Some
the olf the Possibilities !.
.+ ythie exs. ,Oil Fields
r, =oooooo to be spezi t
. Securing Vessels.
" In my experience, and in the
".gperience of any oilmanx I know
of, the umpinglife ofan oil v U,
'be }longer than its gushing.
or flow gg life.' This was a state-:
pient niade by W. E.i ,iitbth
Beaunt in the lobby of the St.
-Mrs. i., .It-s +printe;.dent
of the .M. GuffySPetroleum Come
panY o Beaumont. and has had' a
the pokbe result of the .disap
pear of as and gushin
't fodd'1 ilt its the stop
n- s hrs.e ontinuell,
Ibutii tie at ~tha thy .a~e,
Mo surf = legth of
time , `v1 snote who
s·~~j'*· ;
;. ddw- ··I i ~
the gas, and as- said before, the
wonder was that the gushers did
not become pumpers long before
they did.
*'A well becomingit pumper Is
no indication that it is playing out.
I have an intimate knowledge of
all the American oil diStes as
well as many foreign fiet~s, Sand I
only know of one instance where
gushing life of a well was longet
than its t1 rng ,existehce. ,~
was in a small section of the Penn
sylvania oil field. As a matter of
fact, there haaitfeverin the history
of oil, been such a reckless waste
of the product as has been seen in
the Beaumont field, and this waste
has shorteneclthe remarkably long
life of the gushers.
"Of course, the fact of a well
droppingifroin ' gushihg output of
5o.ooo bairr4s' a' tlay, to about
tooo barrels a day, by pumping,
at first looks alarming, but, as a
matter of fact, it should have no
very lasting effect on the market.
In the course of time most of the
wells will be equipped with pumps,
and then, as in all other markets,
quotations willbe merely governed
by supply and demand. As a
matter of fact, the supply
been much iii excess of the
mand in the.¶ushing term
wells.. the lack of handing
still handicaps operato
"I should judge
pumps a two-inch
duce not less than
oil a day, while a t
should produce fro
barrels daily. S 1
ler owners are bo seri
ously affected by t their
gushers becoming pump . These
are the men who have. every
inch of thel. Rpoperty the sink
ihg of tit: well, and whose hold
ings&.re too small for the installa
tion of the pump., This will doubt
less mean the pooling of. some of
the adjoining wells, or some co
operative arrangenment.
'Until the general establish
'ment of pumps there may be some
changes in~the- market for oil,,.ht:
they .can only last until the pump
,ing equipiiet isin place,
'.In the' matter of handlingS, the
product;, ttre is-an ample supply`
.of the foreig. vessels, and'- one of
the -heaviest iiporting: countries
froi Beamontin England. There
is still dearth of AAerican vessels
for home-trade, and as it takes a
year tt"butild suih a, vessel, -it is
necessarily, a tedious proposition
waiting for the steamers, The .J,
M sGuffy Compariy noin has con
tra ts .et ,xtent o, $4.ooo,ooo
for AmeriETan' steamers. Tanks
are ~being constructed at several
ports alongite Al antic coast;, and
wi i the completion of the stea
mersfldr th~ie trade the home mar
ken of the Beaumont product
wi be greatly facillitated,"
x Somie people run into debt, oth.
ers get in without running, -
While dcbing up the ladder of
sujcess ido't forget the laws of
nOe half of the world does not
kn a how i the other. half lives,. but
See the= better halves guenng
ntiosa gh tohole
The mosquito sings while he
bores, but there are many people
who bore while they sing.
You generally realize how dear
you have paid for your whistle
when you try to sell it,
The wife is generally president
of the household; the -husband is
secretary of the treasury and the
duties of his office are very simple.
All he has to do is to honor re
"I am afraid you will be late to
church to-day'" said a Lafayette
mother to her daughter who was
busy arranging her toilet. "'Oh,
mother," responded the ....girl,
"didn't you know it was fashio
able now for nobody to g
church until everybody el
An elegant new '
frames of differe
Carter, the
If the r
prings, Ark.,
sked what was the
water being so hot;
s through hell," replied
ative. We disagree with him
re, from. the fact if it did, it
ould be boiling out a delinquent
subscriber occasionally,
The grand invitation ball al
Scott. on the night of the 7th inst.
was a great success. The. nighi
was ideal, a new crescent mo.ni
mingled its soft radiance with the
chinese- lanterns: that swung in gen.
tle cadence with each passing
Sbreeze and ;fanned, the. lovely
cheeks of some of the fairest daugh
ters of`: Lafayette, who graced the
occasion with their presence.
Among whom were the following.:
IIMmes; J. C: Nickerson,' F. Tubbs,
Alex Duhon, Felix FOreman,Mau
rice: Sonnier, etc.
Aniaon le ryounger ladies all
elegantly. gowned. for the event,
and especially noticed were: Misse:
Cayret,' Louise Guhtroz,' Emilian;
Castille ,Miss Brousard f.,p.j Mae
riceville i Hilda 'and Alihe 'Delhom.
nme, Miss' Prce, Miss Clark of 'La
Ferdinand Gum bel & Ood
ot toa nF'actors and corne iissio4 MA* ua4 ,
812 P rdido St. NEW OSLA4, L4. '
We ake liberal advaflces'on e gaWp*B ;
Correspondence solicited,- Represented by W I.rPeller "
I as Y amme am a
For The OilIEieli
I am prepared to convey strangers and
eral ubli toý the Anse LaBotte Oil ld*
pri igs 'and tegams iin Sr$ as
or`? t sere -Aa x.-
.,-- 6· liq
~: i~t~e~ l~k~~lib~c~ad-~Lhbs~ur~.ooi~?,6"-5~~"t~r~~~f,~ ;,izz
fayette, Miss Keneau of Crowley,
Miss Antonia Baquet of Carencro.
The decorations of Morvant's
Hall were unique, the waxed flour
srhoned like a mirror and reflected'
the passing feet as they chased the
midnight hour. The color scheme
wa% turkey red and dark gre
giving with the chinese lan
decided Japanese effect.
sic was furnished by
of Youngsville.
ments, ice cfea
cake.were ser
gallery run
the hall.
A. C. Guilbeau.
dry, S. J, .Montgonfery.
Absent Dr. Young. .
This being a called meeting. the read.
ilg of the minutes were dispseesd
The question as to whether! the
meeting held July I7.- was a- reulhu
meeting -was discussed, The. board
concluded that practically it was.
technically it was not. The only quesa
tion involved was whether the per
diem should be issued or not. The
presid ent slated that the he could not.
oinscientiously sign the warrants arid
the subject was dismissed.
The question of. merging the Go.'"
meaux and Youngsville Schools was
postponed to the next meeting.
On motion of M.Spell seconded by.!
Guilbeaux the rural schools were or
dered to open on November 8, I90$.
Surveyor Frauze' bid t :~supey tbe
school land in 'the, fourth ward .was.
received. On motion of Dr. Mosa duly`
seconded by Mootgimery the, board
decided t, adcertise for bide:.
M :Miss Tor's claim for two weekspyt
mwasnot gran ted. *
Mr. Thea'll moved to adju rn, the
motion was: seeondedi by pell .. at .
L. J. AlnleS.an, A t . ..fer
Secretary. Preadeat.
WAN" . ;-:
A lady clerk to w~,rk re a ge e.
r&1 merchandise sto:re1. Apply t
SDon't miss the. acrs "tiltCatren=
cro to-morrogi,' -:: . .

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