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The Lafayette advertiser. (Vermilionville [i.e. Lafayette], La.) 1865-19??, September 13, 1902, Morning, Image 2

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Plust, ont *4
to1ts rt juatrevii-oie bleases dana
as seietittet dei fo1r pr- de
errty, Ak, lundi atia. d
-Deumx-boiime met nEu ont arrêté
nadi soir un traià do chbemin de fer
L»uioville et-N*?hrille ptès de Nasb
rille et uat dépouilléle o ffre de l'ex
prie de toutes us vleuri.
Cinq cent inquante soldats de l'ar
*née v*6etiiiuiste qui foermalent l'a
veat-gdliede d forces do gouverne
a:nt omt pe6 su insurgés avec ar
me> bdegages et eememn prison
le i o44 rlntiLo, jqui aId% com
-bol Peld, qui a fait
la IManinique, il y
ea solaid||s&il» eom
easctiit et
*6 Beut,
niateme^ait o
teus ideludeamera i
11.sdm, N. Y. Mile ed avies unr
gstl de police de .droit, dviet les
.oupcouWeJà*pseage*e, a porstfivni
-4a Une lifgôtu arie rsese
^l ulietdlllemgae qu aait416en
4uga hrTab*,,et poor aquielle
iN it ertain attahe
* eek, aheastr grace. ia gentil
aies prendre co' -
Sr(oae, et son Prd -
00aW&r dw one u cour -MW-.
4 le? Linévitable
0wM 1 evak te 4 prd1
dm s Ou U >rdi
'A #e 'e4ui tropous de
We Maur a)r oe e. diderau
Mil seddiitbsla àov, biguie
d$ #.i rir pour «-Ale
tsiIts 1ebeS.
desiade A 465
Madame P. LeDanois
Achete des
sL Laine
Defie toute concurrence.
J'ai été employé dans une pharma
eie pour plhis de vingt a»nées et J'ai
vendu beaucoup de médecines paten
tées. Parmi toutes les medecines je
n'ai rien trouvé de meilleur que le
,Chamberlain's Colic Choiera et Diarr
hoea Remedy pour le dérangement
d'ewtonise, voila ce que dit O. W.
Wakefield, de Cilumbun, Ga. Cette
médecine a guéri dans ma famille
deux cas sérieux de choiera morbusn
et je l'ai bien recommendé et vendu
un grand. nombre de bouteilles A mes
cliente. Celte médecine donne un
soulagement immédiat sans aucun
mauvais gout. A vendre chbez tous
les phbarniacienus. A 2 f '
m residence, Barn, crib, cystern, out
Be'aniflly shadea with trees.
ou 200 by 97 feet. with residence and
improved, on Hunter Canal. 82,500.
tie. $600.
37 an acre in Vermilion parish.
80 acres Bridge, has prospects of oil.
Improved and
One lot, 100 z building 30 x 50 feet, with
2 story frame buildi sary machinery for mil
li25 horse power egin rator.25 sak rice.a day
.$,84 srpent,--- arpentl '. th es, fenced and
improved. Price *1.200.
100 arpents, improved rice land Mills Canal. $20
an arpent.
143 acres. -fine rice land 140 acres ed, 3 to 4 acres
of trees planted on the place. A bar
81 arlpents near the Rosm e~ill sugar cabins, stable,
crib, 8 moles aod farm implement. consistin tivators plows.
corn planter, &ct. All under 'enc and im r 10,000.00
adjoinsig lands can be bought if a larger tract
100 arpents rice lands on Kaplan CanaL $20
135 acres, Part rice land balance high land, ric. led on
-the railway, dwellinghouse. bmrn.'enced -ot, $25
" sts in the Girard, Mudd and Nickerson additions.
A bargain 10 acres on Lincoln Avenue. Can be Ia out in town lots and
big money made out. f same. Price 4$2000.
SOne corner lot on Vermillion t.:5t0170 feet with. i seeorisfront:
part o' bduilding.
L· t No. 146 Houton addition, Price $140.
10 lots on Lincoln Avenue with large residence, barn and out houses
.Price 3200,.
Lots numbering 186, 187.202, 203,204, in Mouton addition at.200 per lot.:
43 arpitnts high rolling iand, wi~th 'good improvements one ,mile East of
100,0(0 Aeres five B miles ast of Breasx Bridge at $:00 per acre.
prei Sweamp between Breaux Bridge and Little Byou Vermillion, eon
anring2i50 a rpea T sea areall srge 2 mile from railroad and is a good
:iO~isgeto g)-into the shingle iness.. .
;.bA beautiful Oak Grove, sand would make one of the prettiest building spots
til.he towan, 4 acres of laudgoes with it.. Situated ~ o i terling Avenue and
One I it 10.0a20 feet with two story rice mill 30s50 'feet with all ees
Smachineryfor mniling 25 smeeks o rice for market per day, l' home power
:8 i :er 25 hors power .nsine. u ller, polisher and seperotor.
50 apt mile E of Lafayette, with good Improvements thereon
* ears 6 furming lard with good prospects of oilr and good improvements.
one r fle"rom; Bresx ..dge.
Y4 lotes o Ochnan ...dt.. with resiaene nd improvemienta.
For qalen, ltJ5UZ 151, M1St anda 288, Mosnton Addition.
or taele, for lots on Buchan st with good residence and other impro
,eeentm at $18 0000.
orae go bsines eorner -i the town of Carencro, with store and
notbepr oine ts at $1500n0n
with resdeee nd other impr ovements near Scott,
or sale or rent, a large store, with residence adjoining, situated na the
r tto a :esoth si of ailroad track. one block froth the depot,
'fli wita hl a complete brick aking outfit, witih a espuity of
a*st w Lafayette on the 8. P. R1 $t:rit
o1r wi C aper lat antpr veients on Vermillion and Madison at. with
finueetablie Bakery useies, with an up to date oven and everthing
'ger-ar sl, pii the most e rtabe residence in the town, corner of
meblnand a resatreet- twotarge lots with three cabins and ither
#proposa-alo~o *ih it.
vO 44 Xee oto feet with all improvements thereon dqrper
r~-- r· ·: ·;· ' L
The editor of the Vindicator has had
occasion to test the efficacy of Chasn
berlalno. Pain aim twice with the moat
remarkable results in each ease. First,
with -rheumatism in the shoulder from
which he suffered excruciating pain for
ten days, which was relieved with two
.'ienti)4 at t bingthe
arts afflicted and realizing instant ben
efit and entire relief in a very short time
Second, in rheumatism in thigh joint,
almost prostrating him with severe pain
which was relieved dy two applications,
rubbing with the liniment on retiring at
night and getting up free from pain.
Fur sale by all iDruggist
Lafayette, Louisiana.
Surveying, Leveling, Plantation,
Drainage, Maps etc.
Correspondence Solicited.
Office on Buchanan Btreet.
Lafayette. Louisiana
will pratiNce i thibs ad aj olalag paris
MPECIALTIEB Chronic Bronchitis Catarrb
Liver and KiJney Diseases. New
tfretment for consumptives external and
I- uternal also for Deafness" Consultation
y from9 tot2 AM .and.from S P. to S5
During la4t May an infant child of
0 nor neighbor was Puffering from
cholera infantum. The doctor had
~s aven u p all hnlope of- recovery.I had
I bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Ch.
era and Diarrhoea Remedy to the
g,- hourn., telling them I left sure it
0 would do good if used asecording to
directions. In two days time the
child had fully recovered. The child
n is now vigorose and healthy. 'I have
recommended this remedy frequentl
and have never knorwn it to fail.
d. --Ms. Curtis Baker. Bookwalter,
For sale by all druggist.
Half Rates
S...- Via
A To
-_- (Colored] .
SEPTEMISER 17-24, 1902.
" Tickets on sale September 14,. II
r sad 16. Simited i r return 8Ftenr'bh
, 27, 1902.. For time tables; snaps and
-furtberidfonrmation, address
s.o P. W. Morrow, T A, 'T.H.Kingaley
: Honton,'Tez. T. P, A
Drdas, Tez,
,.; J. X. Ridgey, D. PA',.
New Orleans, Is.
Lt, One- ' ew delivey wagon cheap.
pply to W Neveu at store.
Miirkii n Peo .le
Vi d-Aw ee'Aw
DIscrlmI lg.
of rausapers and #1,
Only, the t
! A' naIcehwa and
*~e.4rcla A.
I· a i: wa : abe·: ,;Y.
o a~er thos e~ Qi a.
A 4 tr l;___
4- ýk
We are not in the Meat Tiust
A Word to the Win a fict
I wish to announce that i have opened a first ' a f o.
tographic studic. equipped with everything 4ertaining to
photography, mnd 1 am prepared to turn out strictly high
grade wrwk.
A cordial invitation is extended to all, to visit my sttid io
and examine the beautiful photogralhson display.
OUR MOTTO : We make anything
Where there is beauty from a photo button ..
We take it ; to a life sise
Where there is none portrait.
We make it.
Studio opposite Gardebled's Drug Store.
s Albert S. Clark, Prop.
Double Daily Train Service
Via the
N ashville . R. R.
Cincinnati, Louisville,
Chicago and St. Louis
Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta,
Birmingham Mobile,' New Orleans
Florida and Gulf Coast Points
Through Sleeping Cars and Chair Calra
An Unexelled Dining Car Service
"! Y Rates Excursions
First and Third Tuesday each month.
]or rates maps, folders And time tables,
C. L. .-STONE, Gen. -Pass. Agent.
Louisville, Kentucky.
Maiiny thousands have been restored
to health and happiness by the use of
Chamberl ain's Cough 'Remedy. If
afflicted ,with any throat or lu.g trou
ble,'give it a trial for it is cerlain to
prove beneficial. Coughs that .hav,
resisted all other treatment for years
have yelled to this remedy and per
feet healIh been restored. Caases that
seemed hopeleess, that the climate of
famous-health resorts failed to hbeefit
have been permanently cured 'by , its
use., Bear in rtind that every. hot
tie is warantedend if it does not prove
beneficial the,mnoney will lie resfunded
to you. For sale by all Druggist;
it is not so much wbat the newspa
pers sy as what nieghhor says to neigh
bor, or friend to friend. thathbas brought
Chamberlaiol's Coli, - Cholera, adid. D-E
te Remedy into sich 'general use
-t ii) s natural for people to expres
J rh gratitude after' rinq this reimedy
·it Is for water to flow down bhillt,..
the one rlmWy mat can always !depend
upn whether a baby be sick wilstibo
tenriiaatum or a~man with choler.mor
a It -a. rl isant, afe s and reliable.
iave you 'a bottle aif ia siyor Bhoae.
P'orsale byall IJro:iagit.
Oue tiaro, st ,ets whi
Sold' on a
0o Pymsait
At Cash Prices.
Any instrumett selected will be deli
vered ipon payment of 'ONE-TENTE
of the lowest cash price, and the balauee
may be paid in NINE weekly payments.
This most liberal proposition to hold
good for 15 DAYS from date of this ad
rertisement. Avai: yourself-of this ofir.
Present this advertisement.
The Halrtford 0 Typewriter, Stand
ard or Shift Key, on 10 payments or fr
Mandolions, Goitrs, Banjos and Vio
lins, i2 to SG0. or 10 payments, or for
e -Out-of-town orders solicited.
i Louisiana and Mississippi agents wan
ted for The Hartford Typewriter. Write
for proposition and terms. .---"
The RAY - Co
1 i 'Camp St., Morris Building.i
Cut this out and take It to Lafayette,
Drug Store and geta tiox of Cbhamber
lain's Stomach & Liver Tablets. The
best physic. They also gorre;t disodersp
of -h - omach.., Pse 2 cents.
Of ag irrand, ":.:
Edwin D. AlderminLL ). PD.I t
Full Courses in Languages, Scl
J Engtneerlng, Law, Medicine, Phjui
Ary1 ;Seven Separate Departmea
Sixteen Buildings. extentive .Li
Slaboratories, . and Worksb
,did Department for me n
comb College.
T"lane makes aleed r in all vocatfowt
"'1ts facilit ne. fwstrauctltn are Imusq'.
I.e la the tSt Infdt. k
tS4$ seatsdenal
=a ; tbieri.

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