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The Lafayette advertiser. (Vermilionville [i.e. Lafayette], La.) 1865-19??, July 22, 1903, Morning, Image 1

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VOLV'Mi Z Vuzz. L..TAYT"Z, ,LA., WEZDN.SDAIY, .r'T .a, D. 2903, NTaa 4. '
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....Is What Our....
Ten's Extra Light Weight Suits lean.
We also have beautiful wash fabrics with full trimmings to match for ladies,
and an elegant line obf shoes.
LEVY BROS.. Dry Goods.
Are You Thinking.
Of building a house or buying a buggy
It will pay you to let
The Vordenbaumen Lumber Co., Ltd,
Figure with you. 'hey handle all kinds of building
material, also buggies, wagons and harness.
ssCLCmfeO canummna
PA"l Medical AasocatIoU.
Last week the physicians of
Lsýayette parish met at the
pi rt boase nd organized a
. rish medical association with
i ole fi.owiig offcers: Dr. J. P.
P:vases, of Carencro, President;
r. "J3. D. Traban, of Lafayette,.
ie P desipdet; Dr. F,, KGirard,
l Iayette, Secretary and
erss er. A ,constitution and
)w on the lines suggested by
iti $talb Society was unani
ajesly? adopted and signed by
oin: Drs. J. D. Trahan,
r= a Wer, A. R. Trahan, F. R.
son, I. RL O(shman, 3J. F.
J. P. France, Thos. B.
Se.; ,trohmuer, H. .
$3 1rad The follow
4pigesoltion was aunanimously
*~ L.ayette Parish
t ooety Lor having
oi thefr next
66'adres the
eltb#1atW £ heart~y
* able· and
o a- fafew.
lsth or Dan Meyer.
The sad news was received in
Lafayette yesterday morning of
the death of Dan Meyer in New
Orleans, at 2 a. m. Tuesday, as
the result of an operation for ap
pendicitis. Mr. Meyer was one
of Lafayette's progressive busi
nessmen, dhad many fine traits
of character. His large circle of
friends, whose high esteem he
possessed in a marked degree,
were shocked and grieved at his
untimely death. His remains
were brought to Lafayette on the
5 p. m. train, where they were
met by a large number of friends,
who. accompanied the funeral
procession to the Jewish ceme
tery, where he was laid to rest.
Mr. Meyer was 29 years of age,
and was a brother of Myrtle
Meyer of this place.
To Repahas of 41ayytte Parish
OGnsidering the fact that the
next election is approaching, and
from g4vices re d from the
tte Central Committee that a
fatl Rpublieaa State and paroch
ial ticket will be submitted to the
votersof Louisiana at the general
lectkm of April, 1904, the Re
wsaetiot' prtieipsbe in-any
masnner in the Democratic pri
Gus A.: iEx,
tebe º to Ceeal Coni.
Ohairmat Parish Exeeutive Colm.
4 . Vo
' IBO4N,+4 tX,
I , r.tai Pari Committee.
ette, ,.., July 20, 190..
as- Ban.l sas .
eta an& Pilette teams Sunday
w ery ,nteeski. A large
S wee- prst aau thor
- -a e The
Last Saturday evening at 6:30
o'clock Mr. T. A. Porter and Miss
Blanche Mouton, daughter of
Mr. Jacque Mouton, were mar
ried at St. John's Catholic
church, Rev. Father Combier
officiating. Mr. A. S. Foot was
groomsman and Miss Irma Voor
hies brideamuid. A reception
was held at the home of the
bride's parents after the cere-'
mony. Mr. and Mrs. Porter left
for Slidell for a short visit, after
which they will go to Victoria,'
Mexico, where they will make
their future home.
Pope Leo Dead.
Pope Leo died at Rome Monday
at 4:04 p. m. His death had been
expected for days, and it was
only his remarkable constitution
and will power that sustained him
so long. Oardinal Oreglia, dean
of the Sacred College, will assume
the head of affairs until Pope
Leo's successor is elected.
Collectible Now.
The special road tax roll for
1908 has been filed in the tax col
lector's office, and by resolution
of the Polibe Jury the taxes have
been ordered collected at once,
and will become delinquent Octo
ber 1.
S Ias leeta: g .ad Barbecue.
There will be a Democratic
maps meeting and barbecue at
Beausejour park on Sunday,
August.: 2, at which the candi
dacies- on the Lacoste-Voorhies
ticiet will be submitted to the
people for ratification.
in Favor of Compress.
The suit of D. B. Hudson vs.
the LafayetteCompress and Stor
aie Co. was tried before Judge
Debaillon and a verdict rendered
last weekin favor of defendants.
S er Paclfis t. R. Schedule.
No 6 anrti iltJlO am Lyeae ti O 1am
No 8. riv.. S 8 0am LevIes 8 s am.
ta oO rdiyes 1 5 pm Leaves 13 pm
Leaves 53 0 as
SOarriles ` 0S pm n Leaves la pm
No .8 1,aw .. . - pa
LNotLeave3Wi e
Aest lItye 1 A1 pa
setr ti. leavei T7 am
- o look at our
'e€boei you uwill ly. 'Moss
is p
An Intending Negro Ravisher
Left to the Law.
A lynching at Franklin was
narrowly averted Sunday night
a week ago through the firm
stand taken by Sheriff Sanders
and the appeals of Senator Fos
ter, Judge Allen and others. A
negro named Esau Lovely stopped
Mrs. Rene Hebert on the way to
church, and robbed her. His ac
tions, however, showed that his
intentions were criminal assault,
but he seemed to have weakened
and contented himself with rob
bery. He was soon caught and
placed 'in jail. That night several
hundred people surrounded the
jail with the purpose of lynching
him, but were finally deterred,
and the law left to take its course.
A special term of court was held
the next day at which the negro
plead guilty to robbery. He was
sentenced to the penitentiary and
was started at once for Baton
Rouge, hardly 48 hours after his
Special fleeting Parish Medical
The Parish Medical Association
held a special meeting Saturday
to consider ways and means of
entertaining the State Medical
Associafion, which will meet in
Lafayette in May, 1904, with Dr.
J. P. Frances in the chair, Dr. F.
E. Girard secretary, and a good
attendance present. After a full
discussion of the question, it was
decided to appoint two commit
tees for preliminary work, the
two committees to report at a
meeting called for the first Satur
day in September. Drs. F. R.
Tolson, F. E. Girard, and J. F.
Mouton were put on a committee
to interview the citizens in regard
to receiving the visitors in their
homes. Drs. F. J. Mayer, F. .E.
Girard and J. F. Mouton were
placed upon the second commit
tee to see the City Council, Police
Jury and Business Men's ~sso
ciation for the purpose of secur
ing their co-operation.
It is hoped that the citizens
generally, and the above' bodies
will give these committees every
assistance and encouragement,
for there is nothing calculated to
be of more benefit to a town, or to
give it wider and more-substan
tial advertising than conventions
of different kinds. New Orleans
recognizes this, and because of
its efforts to secure them and its
success in so doing, has become
known far and wide as the con
vention city. This convention has
come to Lafayette almost without
solicitation or0. our part, and we
feel confident that Lafayette will
live up to its high reputation and.
show these visiting gentlemen
the extra fine brand of hospitality
that Lafayette always has on
"Try Ramsey and .Upton for
corn, ts, bran, hay, fresh chops,
meal and grits. Free delivery
within corporation. Phone 192.
t Ceaer School.
Saturday morning the closing
exercises of the Cormier School
took place. A large nuimber of
pr~· nt and friendswere present.
The iildren all acquitted them
selves well, and their progress
-eea great credit up Prof. 0.
& JolndI who has rge of the
. At_ oon , n dinnrer
At An e La Butte
and Plenty of It.
Heywood Wells Nos. 1
and 2 Producing a
Good Quality of
Oil In Paying
A visit to the Anse La Butte
oil field last Sunday disclosed the
fact that as an oil field Anse La
Butte gives every promise of
being strictly in line with Jen
nings and Welsh. Two wells be
longing to the Heywoods have al
ready "come in," and are produc
ing a first class quality of oil.
Heywood Well No. 1 on Friday be
fore the valve was closed gushed
a strong stream fully 30 feet
high, and No. 2 Sunday with the
valve on constantly forced the oil
through the valve. Saturday the
powerful air compressors or
dered by the .Heywoods were
placed in position, and on Sunday
morning, when tested, soon filled
42 barrels of oil. These two wells
settle beyond a doubt the status
of Anse La Butte as an oil field.
There is oil there and plenty of it,
and all that is needed now is fa
cilities to handle the output, and
they will be furnished as soon as
The Southern Pacific well,
which is down somewhere near
1,400 feet, has as yet realized only
salt water, but is' expected to
touch the oil strata when the'salt
bed is passed. The two wells of
the Moresi Bros. are still unpro
ductive, but tifey are very hope
ful of good results from their
well N-o. 2, located in Armoyen
Breaux's field, about 1,500 yards
from the Heywood wc l.:.
Crowley Cospamy to Develops 1.l
logs There.
Special tdcThe Tiines-Demccra.:
It is stated on good authority
to-day that there is a, big deal i'
foot in this city, .by which local
capitalists are to make abme
heavy investments in the Anee -l
Butte Oil field, twenty-two milee
east of this place. It is aid fht
a sum of money nearing ithe i
figure mark has been raised, and
that if nothing unforeee inter
feres with present arrangements
it will be invested in the develop
ment of this oil field,,about whi.c
so little is known to the outside
world. Several of the local cpi
talists who are largely interest d
in oil have been makring frequent
trips to the Anse la Butte feld
during the past few weeks, which
only adds color to the report of
the big deal which is now thought
to be pending. Crowley. and
New Iberia oilmen own several
large tracts in the proven field of
the Anse lI Butte territory, and
it is said that if the deal pending
now is really consummated the
money raisedlwill not be devoted
so much to the purchasing of ad
ditional holdings as it willB be to
thedevelopment of what are al
ready eld. Tday aiotherlarge
party left Orowley oi the morn
lng train for the oil feld, and it
wek something deanite regard
their intentions will be made
S hnc the recen&visit o
n 4 _
Bayou LaRomps
J. B. Finney, Esq., returned
Monday from a visit to Bayou La
Rompe, bringing with him a bot
tile of black oil, which he says he
saw taken from a well behlonging
to Jones and Fletcher and situ
ated along the said bayou, which
is thirty-four miles from New
Iberia, via the Dauterive Landing.
The well in question is three
hundred feet deep, and is a
pumper, only showing but little
gas. Up to Monday night ten
or twelve barrels have been taken
out of the well and very likely as
much more since that time. The
drillers feel confident of being
successful in bringing in a -gen
nine gusher,'and they are ener
getically pushing their work on
the well.
Wll gore for o01
The New Iberia Oil and Min.
eral Co. has contracted for. the
boring of a well on their property
at Anse La Butte, and work will
begin at once -
If you believe in getting qual.
ity, style and comfort for your
money, buy your shoes at the
Lafayette Clothing House.
Last Friday Miss Gladua' music
class gave a delightful rpusicale
at her home, at which a few
friends of the pupilswere present
by invitation. All of her pupils
showed good progress and exet
cuted their selections with taste
and skill. The foUlowing inter
esting program. w renderedT:
Festival Day March. duet, tSreabbpg,
".... .......Mibat and A. Mouthrs
Valse, op. .4" No. 8, Choptl:......
. .. ..............Mia~dle Mouton
The Georgian New Port Rickards.,
[ . ...., .....W..Miss V. Martiuu
ittie Fairy Watzt. Streabiho.g ;.....
.........*...Miss Yolak Mouuvtu
Flrualtion Maurka. Ecke't...... ; ,
......... .....uila NataIwthorut
II Truvature, l9prn.. Mias Edith Mosueon
Cry aliby Waltz, Char.e .- aker|,Vkr,: +..
........ ......-.Mic Anos Moetom
Fan Tan, Two Ste'p Anthony.....
... .....l..MI i rit Lonti Mouton. .
uGerap's trand Marceh. Martin.. .
t ti loe othe progrt de
served, 4Md take OveUIfl cls
hich gy' tyam' to
pu..ls ald frinds. rTh t ;ri ,i"
pre nt wer u 2 eisseS
Geier, tGeweveve and o be
Moutont aie Ca orpbe', Stark
&qw Thelm. Laindry ,Au ited
an there i evryreason to be
eve essome nfor . n coq
dition ariRs¶. th. t° tbp gge
corn crop ftr rentltbeir¶
vested. Can ii noit sw*ell ad
vanced as the oter two st p s,
but without ay setback it tilt
yield havily a~ad be wot saath*
factory. With good t i*es for
cdtton; 'fhidlr* is alsnoet a cec
tainty, this pari lt `pasunt`
enamprte presperitty iiat yer.
'Lafayette Clothing S 're
with _ 1
.S& A

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