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The Lafayette advertiser. [volume] (Vermilionville [i.e. Lafayette], La.) 1865-19??, December 27, 1905, Image 8

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'th rsdaynight the Herald
Square Co.,played a return
engagein at the Jefferson,
presen e Mascot". As
on its p as appearance here
the com gave a very satis
factory rmance. All mem
bers qf cast played their
$pis ewe bough possibly some
Criticia ay justly be made as
$ Mr. e's interpretation of
the ter of Pippo, and to
strong horseplay of
ao the prince. Miss
the princess, was a
suces She has a fine voice
'nging captured the au
r. Pache also has a
voice. Miss Highlands
as Be , the Mascot, was de
pleasing and scored a
hit. ther the rendition of
the was good and deserved
the li 1 patronage it received.
A Helpful Letter.
Ls. 1 Review.
'torial comment is need
the following expression
of 'sm and good wishes
r State Superintendent.
SIt ~ for itself, earnestly
nently. Its helpfulness
at tion and its high ideal
e1 work before us are deeply
by ourselves and
by our readers:
of louisiana,
ent of Edgcation,
Rouge, Nov. 7,1905.
. E. L. Stephens, Lafayette,
Dear Dr. Stephens-I con.
to you and the public
intgrests of Louisiana
heartily upon your assum
hull control of the Louisiana
Review. There is great
for such a school journal as
can make. I believe that
scbooIk man in the State
*,llY to your support and
you make the journal a real
tof the very best that is
and done and said in
r * for the advancement
betterment of all our etd
interests. "Where
is no vision the people
" The people have a
6 to the privilege of educa
eon,, and it is the duty of the
tatse to guard and maintain
gat right."
I want the&*Baool Revfewe to
preach the gospelof patience and
S aud work. Let as hope for
things and let us striae to
bring them to pass. The people
todm believe in the schools.
They are disposed to 'recoglsue
good work and to rate the teacher 1
at his true value and thqy are
to pay him a:,spect
able salary. 'This - gfi t
,iew r boa be enooeta'H andt
oartllised and madea reality in
alt dspartemests of our work.
uoopsaepilson or poor teach
Is worth ainutely les. thea
- &ts while good aw orrasses
ow trabcl can never be
M li deli s sad
ietwps os c this
iods the recogtson:
Ipray y re
yaor to
asseshm. a
-v piN
"Ier' or e:. .c.as
On do beaks ob de Ama eson far away, for away 1
at a M s. rYane, at lamto w be5 dar gil.
(August Plower is the only medicins
wfrom aleholic stunt antsehat has
successful in keeping entire
thirty-two feet of digestive aa its ai
normal condition, -ad msseing Suture's
proceses of sand ab
sorption-fora ul g and - in
by pretventing AL.L Irrgular crut i
causes which interrupt heelthy per
feet natural processes and result in lates
trelt indigestion, cstarrhal afections
(causing ofMw d ipr mndicipis hetP ueu e ith
col'ic, iiousness jaundice, etc. t
q Augast Flower is nature's intended reg
ulator. Two sites, 250, 751. All druggists.
For sale by Lafayette Drug Co.
Press paraurapbs.
Tho Witte is the man of the hour, it
must seem like a pretty long hour to
him.-The Chicago News.
Perhaps Russia is merely working
herself up to a conditon favorable to
the introduction of fodiball into the
country.-The Atlanta Constitution.
There have been a good many Mace
donian massacres, but it was not until
Macedonian Inances went wrong that
the great Christian Powers got excited.
-The Newark News.
The asphalt trust's assertion that
money would get any kind of justice
desired in Venesuela's courts is refut
ed by the fact that the trust didn't get
what it wanted.-The Detroit News.
George W Perkins denies that he
was in peril while in Russia. They
probably fought shy of him as soon
as they aseeertained he was a life-in
surance magnate.- The Washington
Sixteen hundred'steeragepassengers
sang a song of thanksgiving when
they arrived hrNew-YerI. 'he a piº
nation is that they had never been in
New York before.-The Kansas City
Notwithstanding the suppression of
0. Bernard Shaw's new play there is
little danger that the New York stage
will be elevated sufficiently to hurt
any one who falls of.--The Los Ange
les Express.
One of the saddest things about it is
that many of those who have built up
lthe life-insuraneebusiness are compell
ed to ababdon it before the assets
hasve been seriously impaired.-The
Chbisgo Inter Osean.
G Col S. 8. McCure, who advoeates
Doe It Cost YoU
to read through the daily and
weekly newspapers, the ***g
asines and reviews, and the.apeial
Journals that. 6ostantly claamo r
acmie Can you= ad tim.e to
enough of teemto keep posted even on
the tmportee topics of human inter
eet at es sad abrmed? Does the
time demeaded by so many periodicals
leave you time enough for books?
to buy even a fairly repre
Ssedtative "list of papers
sad magsueses? ' Can you afford to
subscribe . for as many as would be
yen a oomplete so -
y ' ptics, art relig
ionea bit& ada les, lIterature, eas.T
Ris* If Jon had ths time to read
them, would you be able to buy sew
was oes perasoueams, domestis
DOs I moost *IO-.
'toi dui the cofulicting
- n -s t hy a 5
lowqptsS : 3 etatO e tree
present time? Dote
age, whomhoe
? quiff reali
p AN
In 8 hour
Made in Lafayette.
PREA6ER, The Tallor.
calling boodlers and grafters " just
plain thieves," is a hard man. He
seems to have no consideration for the.
feelings of other plain thieves.-The
Kansas City Journal.
A Texas poet has written a song in
which he says that while his body is in
Texas his soul is in Tennessee. He is
not the first poet who has had trouble
in keeping body and soul together.
The Toledo Blade.
After the Baby Show.
At Worcester, Mass., there was a
baby show. The immediate femlgine
Inluence of this inlniteslmal sphere 9
congregated Itself together and formed
for the occasion what the immorfal
Dr. Holmes once dubbed, "A Mutual
Admiration Society." There were
bickerlags, of course; the usual doubt
-undoubtedly the general onel There
was Mrs. Jones who "certainly
thought," etc.. etc. There was no dim
inution of capillary adhesion so far as
we can discover. But the heartbreak
ings! What go& shall appease them?
Not Jupiter Pluvius!-Baston Globe.
The Paradoxical Relationship.
"Why were you talking so cona
dently with old Skintint?"
"rm his nephew."
"What! The nephew of that old
"Yeo know him, eh? Then I might
as well tell you that rm not epactly
his aeph w-he's my nale."
.RU aES l 8.
A beautiful asgortment of
Waichs, h .RMIsL1*ask8s.
Gold and Slver Hed Umbrellas.
The plae to select your
present is...............
Plasure - ar re
quested to remani away from
"yctts Sugar Reiary.
Lafayette Sugar.
2ilatg tCo. Ltd.
Ned Meautoe,
, o

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