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4 f~fesýý~lm"Shoes
Just received, Spring and Summer Styles for the
Little Folks. Quality that wears well for the price.
We have a full line of Hosery to match any style and
in all shades. You are advised that it is best to call
now as we have a complete stock, and you will have the
satisfaction of choosing from a larger variety than later.
southern Pacific iR. R. Schedule.
No. 8, 2:30 a. m.............2:40 a. m.
No. 2, Terminal..........4:0W a. m.
No. 6, 10:35 a. m.......... 10:55 a. m.
No. 10, 1:30 p. m.....1:35 p. m.
No. 4, 6:10 p. m..............Terminal
No. 7, 2:26 a. m.... . ..2:30 a. m.
No. 5, 10:55 a. m.... ...11:00 a. m.
No. 9, 4:50 p. m............4:55 p. m.
No. 1, 9:25 p mi............Terminal
No. 3, Terminal............e:20 a. m.
No. 706, 10:30 a. m...........Terminal
No. 701. Terminal.........11:20 p. m.
Friday. Feb 21, 1908.
We are now offering all winter
goods at most attractive prices.
gentle horse and a good buggy.
* Apply to E. T. McBride.
FOR RENT-Nicely furnished
room in a private family. Ap
ply at this office.
When you want any kind of
feed stuff, just ring up P. Guidry
& Co.
When you want something
good for dinner, ring up R. H.
McFaddin, phone 64, and let him
tell you about some of the nice
things'ie has to eat.
Try that nice Tuffy made by
the Scott factory-we have a
fresh lot-Bernard & Meaux.
When you want corn. oats.
alfalfa or prairie bay, chicken
feed, bran or any kind of feed
stuff, ring up D. P. Upton,
phone 192.
Buy your fish, oysters and
vegetables from G. Bunt. De
livery to all parts of town.
Only a short while longer to
profit by the Big Removal Sale
of Levy Bros., better call and
take advantage of the immense
bargains they are offering before
t is too late.
The Eclipse shoe is deservedly
popular because it is both stylish
and comfortable. - Schmulen's.
Chemakaieia's Cough Remedy a
"We prefer Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to any other for our chil
dren," says Mr. L. 7. Woodbury, of
Twining, Mich. "It has also done the
work for us in hard colds and croup,
and we take pleasure in recommend
ing it." For sale by all druggists. '
If it's groderies-the place to
buy is from Morgan & Debail
Por Rheaguatic Sufferers.
The qulck relief from pain afforded
by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm
mahes it a favorite with sufferers from
rheumatism, sciatica, lame back, lum
bago, and deep seated and muscular
pains. For sale by all druggi sts.
Take your prescriptions to the
Lafayette Drug Store and you
can feel sure that they will be
filled correctly and with the
purest medicine on the market.
The big money saving sale now
on by Levy Bros. will shortly
close, better take advantage of it
before too late.
The supply of good cows is never
equal to the demand. Don't think
therefore that you can buy to good
advantage. Better raise your own
Neglect in the poultry house seems
easy at the time, but it is expensive.
The poultry business is made up of
little details and they must be at
tended to.
Get a graduated glass an which the
duo94 drams and ounces are marked.
It will prove handy to puttdag up the
..a.le rumedse., formulas for which
yea aten see in print
.,. Not one farm in a hundred Is
tecked up to its tull capacity. Is
. eurarm the one In a hundred or is
In one of the ninety-mlns, which are
Millng short of their privilege and op.
'Iaylsn the chuled seO Is one of
tasks of the tarny spriug. Take
wbwb fl*~m~ nbblag thor'
-aa4 the
04t silk lom a bottle ti
b bedsA rqbber anpple.
o10 Makes YOU a Bookkeeper
or Stenographer. It pays
board, tuition and Station
1r*t .ii9 era. POSITIONS.
W'aldens Business College
Lake Charles, Louisiana.
A Select School of the Highest Character. In
equinment. course. of study and the success of its
pupils it is unexcelled. No better Courses anywhere
at any price. Located in the heart of a great lum
her, rice and oil industry, it is constantly recesving
calls for and placing its pupils. ONLY 21
Scholarshits at REDUCED RATES.
Save money, by securing one before all are sold.
lie quick write to-day, for particulars, and Free
Homes Study Course in Penmanship, Lake Charles
is a Delightful Winter Resort
Large ttendance Assured at
Opennag Jan. 6. 1908.
Sunday, Feb. 23
A superb, sensation
al scientific surprise.
A vivid portrayal of
the Far West. Lin
coln J. Carter's
Special Production.
The Flaming
Introducing the
worlds greatest gen
uine Indian Actors.
The extreme limit
of melodramic Mag
The (ouncil Fire and Ghost
Dance. The Attack on
Fort Reno. The Won
derful Horses, Arrows
and Buckskin. The
Brass Band and Street
Parade. .... . . .
Big Special Cast of
Prices: , S0c and 75c.
Court House Square,
Office on Madison St.. Lafayette, La.
Two hundred acres of oil land In
near proximity 'of gusher. Apply to
Gustave A. Breaux.
and have an elegant assortment of
patterns to select from. Prices Right.
Cleaning and Pressing of Ladies'
and Gentlemen's garments.
The Tailor
PHONE 254.
Franklin Boyd, M. D.
Physicdan and Surgeon.
Phone Offce 244. Residence 370.
Blacksmith, Wheelwright and
Bagge Psi ntn and Rtahbei' Tiriug o
Sop- next to Jeferson Tbeatre.
baking powder
So does France
So does Germany
Th sale of alum
food. has bees amde il,.sl in Wa.bamstoa and
Ihe Distric f Columbia. aadalum bakimnpowder,
are uwrywhere nceamedag uainioAm.
To protect yourself against alum,
when ordering baking powder.
and be sare youge Royal.
" Royal is the onl Baking Powder made
amohe R Gape Cream of Tartar. h
adds so the and wholesome.
mess of thefo
Notice is hereby griven to the public
that I will not 1e responsible flit' debts
contracted by my wife after this date.
Latfayett', La., Fell. 1`4. 190 e.
Neglected Colds Threaten Life.
(Fromt' the ('hicgso ,Tribune.)
" 'Don't trifle with a cold.' is ,rood
advice for prudent men and women
It may be vital in Mee case of a child.
Proper food, good ventilation, and
dry, w'arnm clothing, are the proper
safeguards against colds. If they are
maintained thro thechanegable weather
of autumn, winter and spring, the
chances of a surprise from ordinary
colds will be slight. But the ordinary
light cold will become severe if neg
lected, and a well established ripe cold
is to the germs of diphtheria what
honey is to the bee. The greatest
menace to child life at this season of
the year is the neglected cold."
Whether it is a child or adult, the
cold slight or severe, the very best
treatment that can be adopted is to
give Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It is safe and sure. The great popu
larity and immense sale of this pre
paration has been attained by its re
markable cures of this ailment. A
cold never results in pneumonia when
it is given. For sale by all druggists.
When , you want groceries
phone up 245 and tell me your
wants.-F, 0. Broussard.
Organized 1891.
Of Lafayette, La.,
Is prepared to transact all branches of domestic and foreign
banking. Accounts are solicited from firms, corporations
and individuals, who may rely upon courteous consideration
and the very best terms that are consistentwith good business
Capital, $5100,000. Surplus, $78,000.
N. P. Moss, P. . Roy.
President. . N. P. Muss
vice-President. F. DRMANADE,
S. R. PAnasason, C. D. CAFFERY,
Cashier. J. ARnTH Roy,
F.V. MOrTON. I. G. Parkerson.
& AstCashier. M. BILLEAUDJR.
171 Arpents of Land fronting Baton Rouge Rail
road, half mile north of town: also fronts pub
lic road. Price $1,500.
160 Acres of High Wood Land with good~ti in herjon
same; situated five miles eastlof Lafayette.
Price $12.501perfacre.
Real Estate & Insurance Agency.
Exoressina a rnor:v.
Dr. Leopold Jaches of Cornell's ped
Ical school recently returned from
study of the use of the Rontgen rah
abroad. Pausing in an account of his
tour. Dr. Jaches said:
"Abroad. as here at home, the groat
public's knowledge of the rays con
tinues rather vague. Investigators re
ceive all manner of queer letters and
requests. Thus I heard in Berlin of a
man who wrote to a specialist:
"'Dear Sir: I have had a bullet In
my thorax for 11 years. I am too busy
to come to Berlin, but hope you will
come down here with your rays, ag my
case should be worth your while. If
you cannot come, send a packet of
rays, with instructions as to use, etc..
and I will see if I cannot manage to
work them myself.'
"The specialist replied:
''Dear Sir: I am sorry that my
engagements prevent my coming to see
you, and. that I am out of rays just
now. If you cannot come to Berlin
yourself, send me your thorax by ex
press and I will do the best I can
with it.' "
Man at His Best.
At what age is a man at his best
and most likely to achieve eis life
work? The Rev. F. B. Meyer once
put the age at 46. That seemed late
to a critic, but Dr. Leonard Guthrie
at the Royal College of Physicians
supported this statement. He quoted
Jastro's table dealing with specially
precocious people, which showed that
the average age at which great ar
tists did their first work was 13.8;
their first great work, 28; their great
est work, 46.7; and that the average
age at death was 60.1. For poets the
figures in the same order were 15.;.
27.8, 43.9 and 61.6; for philosophers.
17.6, 32.1, 47.7 and 66.3. Here is
comfort for those who think of mid
dle life as flat prose.
Her Revenge.
On a crowded street car recently
there were several stout men taking
up more room than they should. A
slip of a girl got on and the conductor
called out "move up, please." They re
luctantly moved about six inches and
the girl squeezed In. A few minutes
later a tremendously stout woman
laden with parcels entered and the
girl immediately offered her her seat,
which she accepted. The selish men
were lost to view ender 250 pounds
of stoutness and the girl chuckled to
Illiteracy In New York.
Dr. Andrew S. Draper, pmieuaslon.
er of education In Ne w jork, says
that Illiteracy is much more general
In that state than in Germaay, France,
Great Britain, Switzerland, Isandi
navia or Japan.
"You've been to good to me." she saM4
"You've simpiy been perfc'tion,
And when you ask 3m' now to wed,
How can I make objection?
That you are all a man should be
Can scarcely be disputed,
And you are just the man for me,
We're so exactly suited!
"Your tastes are just the same as mini.
I'm sure we'd never quarrel;
You're destined in the world to shine
You're learned, rich and moral:
I'd be so proud to he the wife
Of one so great and noted,
And you, I know. would all your life
Be loving and devoted.
"Now, there's that wicked Charley Daub
He's also come to woo me:
He's gay and careless, wild and rash
And half-indifferent to me;
He swears he'll love me all my days
Then gives me cause to doubt him,
And thinks with all his wicked ways.
I cannot live without him!
"I'm sure he'd fill my life with wee.
And prove a poor deft ndl r.
While you would e'er be good, I know,
And generous, true and tender;
So when you tell your love to me.
Why, there's no cause to parley,
Except that-how absurd!-you see,
I-that is-I love Charley!"
Uncle-I've brought a nice book for
you, Bobby. It's about a beautiful girl
who slept and slept, and no one could
wake her.
Bobby-Was she a servant, uncle?
Heavy Tips.
"Yes," said the talkative barber, "ia
recent years we barbers expect tips."
"I'll give you three," sputtered the
man in the chair, as he blew the lather
out of his mouth.
"You are very kind, sir."
"Yes, I'll give you a tip that this
shaving soap tastes like axle grease,
the razor feel# like a saw and if you
don't stop clipping the skin off my ear
I'll get up and thrash you within an
inch of your , life."-Chicago Daily
"Honesty the Best Policy."
They were interviewing the crafty
manager of the "get rich quick" syn
"But don't you believe that honesty
pays'" asked the interviewer.
"I certainly do," chuckled the man
ager. "It pays us. For instance, as
long as the young men and women
who answer our advertisements keep
up their agreement to send us $10
weekly we are that much better off."
Chicago Daily News.
Took Advantage.
There is nothing in, this business of
being patient," remarked the humble
"What is the trouble now?" queried
the sheep.
"Why, I thought I'd be patient and
stand under the shade tree all day
without moving and I'm a sinner If n
lot of village loafers didn't come
around 'and try to play quoits oe my
horns."--Chicago Daily News.
Of Two Evils.
Milliner-And madame will not take
zis beautiful and so cheap hat! But
Customer-My husband doesn't like
it, so I suppose I must change it.
Milliner-But, madame! Why not
change ze husband?-Cleveland Lead
The Wrong Kind.
"What's dat, boss?"
"That's a safety razor, Sam. Didn't
you ever use one?"
"No, sah! Why, boss, what use
would dat be at a colored party, do
you s'pose?"-Yonkers Statesman.
Hercules was poisoned by the shirt
of Nessus.
"I should have been suspicious," he
mutt*ed. "The top button was on."
Herewith he sought the pyre.-New
York Sun.
Madge-How do you know you can
keep a secret?
Marjorie-I know something about
Dolly, and I'm keeping it from her
until some time I get angry with her.
How He Wiped His Lips.
Bacon-He's a plain man, I suppose.
Believes that fingers were made be
fore koses?
Egbert-Oh, yes; he also believes
that cost sleeves were made before
singer bowls.-Yonkers Statesman.
What Callers Are For.
"Now, anssah, Just look at these
chairs! There must be an iech of
dust on them."
"W4ll, ma'am, you know yourselfI
IOU haven't had a caller for nearly a
Valmpeachable Evidenee.
"I am a brokes man," said the
sr "a g gs ae alisos."
Mr. Doolin-Pat.
O'Houlihan-Yis, Mike.
Mr. D.-I'm dying.
O'H.-Yiz aire, Mike?
Mr. D.-Without revenge on Terry
Googin for what he said about me.
when Bridget chucked him to be my
O'H.-Thrue for you, Mike.
Mr. D.-Pat!
O'H.-Yis. Mike.
Mr. D.-Aire yiz still me frind?
O'H.-I air. Mile.
Mr. D.-W'iin I'm gone will yer see
that me Bridget marries Terry?
O'H.-I will, Mike.
Mr. D.-Eua d fer th' priest, Pat.
Who Was the Man?
While walking upon an unfrequent
ed path I met an aged man who was
carrying two lighted lanterns. Recog
nizing him, I cried:
"Ah, Diogenes, isn't it about time
you gave up your search for an hon
est man?"
"Friend," answered he, "I am often
tempted to desist; but you mistake
the object of my quest; I found an
honest man several centuries ago. I
am hunting now for an absolutely
truthful woman."
And he passed on, weeping; for he
had far to go.-Life.
The Reason.
The speaker was plainly excited.
"Why in thunder!" he shouted, "did
you misrepresent the points of that
dog you sold me? You claimed that
he was a coon-deo-a coon-dog! Why,
he couldn't trail a polecat across a
tennis court."
"Well, wall, well!" muttered the
person addressed. "that's strange
very strange. While it is true that I
have never hunted coons myself with
that dog. I was certain that he was a
coon-dog because he wasn't worth a
cuss at anything cLbo."-.ludge.
Saved the Pie.
Our Landlady-It's the strangest
thing in the world! Do you know,
our d.'ar old pet cat disapp~ared very
suddenly yesterday. Excuse me, Mr.
Rudolph; will you have another piece
of rabbit pie?
Mr. Rudolph (promptly)-No, thank
Our Landlady (an hour later)
That'r three more pies saved. This
season will be a profitable- one in
Not the Same at All.
Harry--Clara, dearest, you are the
only woman I ever really and truly
Clara Dearest-You said that very
'ame thing only last week to May
Blossom. The told me so herself.
Harry-True, but that was only a
dress rehearsal; this is the first per
Asket-Is your wife entertaining
this season?
Tellit-Not very.-Chicago Daily
His Foolish Fear.
"The only thing I am afraid aC._
darling," he said, "is that we shall not.
be able to live on my salary."
"Pooh!" replied the brave girl.
"don't let that worry you. Remember
that I shall not be a mere, useless lux
ury, as many a man's wife Is. Didn't
I earn $7.40 writing for the children's
department of a ladies' magazine last
year?"-Chicago Record-Herald.
It Might Pay.
Great Editor (meditatively)-I won
der it it wouldn't pay for us to start
a religious department in our Sunday
Managing Editor-It might. I'.ve got
a scrapbook at home full of first-rate
jokes about bishops.-New Ycjk
Business with Pleasure.
Richman-And you intend yours to
be a cemetery of moundless graves?
Cemetery Promoter-Precisely so,
sir. The graveyard has long been
the pleasure resort of countless peo
ple and our idea is to create a com
bined cemetery and golf links.
More Than Surprised.
Bacon-We were tramping through
the woods, last summer, ant~suddea-.
We cams to a lake four miles wide!.
Egbert-And you were surprised!
"Surprised? Why. we couldn't
aver it."-Yonkers Statesmsa,
The Proper Relation,
"I say," said the disgusted old
"where's this prohibition
going to end? Is legislation bea
reeted by the grandmotheray'
"No," said the cackling idiot,
lbs anths."-Baltimore American.
The Material Convenient.
"?hems seems to be such ueom
spldns hostlity an this Coago
Lsa't the disputano stretch a yo
"The ouht to; it is aU ever
he,.**-gsbwg Alstaomea.

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