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Wifey's Little-Mis` k- in Prkrr ^"-e
Enriched Visitor, But Host Said
Nothing, at Lcast Not
Just Tnen.
The Joneses, Mr. and Mrs., went
over to spend the vot'ning with iieý
Goitts the oth'r ei-r:..g. . a.
pie get tired of s:l. ing at homi :
time and just listeni:.g to each otlher'a
By and by Mr. Goitt suggested that
they all draw up ar- and Mrs. C .'s
little sewing table and have a re*e
friendly game of poker for an hour
or so.
Everybody wanted to show that he
or she was a sure enough sport, all
rightski-and then one always has an
Idea at the beginning of a poker game
that just as like as not he can make
the evening profitable as well as mere
ly pleasant.
Mrs. Goitt and Mrs. Jones were
about even in their working knowl
edge of the great national game, and
the men folks therefore backed them
up cheerfully, assuming that they
would break about even.
After a half hour or so of play the
visitors took the lead, as the sport
ing editor might say. It was only a
penny ante, five-cent limit game, but
then people have been known to clean
up a first-rate little bunch of pin
money in even such a juvenile game
as that, and Jones already had his
chips stacked up into four cute little
cylinders in front of him. Mrs. Jones
would reach over and borrow ten
chips or so now and again, and a
momentary frown, would flit over her
husband's brow, but he didn't say any
By and by Jones took notice of the
fact that Mrs. Jones was , reaching
over into his sub-treasury vaults and
picking up chips half a stack at a time
and putting them into the pot as fast
as she could meet Mr. Goitt's bets and
raise him back again.
Mr. Jones looked at her when he
saw his hoard of chips dicappearing, in
a way that inquired plainly: "Are you
sure you've got it on him?"
"Got a straight!" whispered Mrs.
Jone- when she f:;mnd opportunity to
whis er withouk b ig observed, and
Jones gave here h-ck that said. "Go
as far as you like," for straights had
been Pretty good that evening, and
the pot, after the way it had been
sweetened, looked worth while.
Finally Mr. Goitt called her. "All
I've got is three ladies." he safd in a
tone of polite inquiry, laying down his
"Well, I have a straight," gurgled
Mrs. Jones. "See-queen, king, ace,
deuce, tray!"
Mr. Jcnes gave her a look that told
her something was amiss before any
r body had time to say a word.
"Why, the ace comes after the king,
doesn't it?" she inquired. "And
doesn't the two-spot come after the
ace, and the three-spot after the two.
spot? I'd just like to know why that
. isn't a straight!"
Mr. Jones watched Mr. Goitt rake in
a the pot and didn't say anything-not
just tien.
Inexorable Chinese Justice.
Hsu Hst-din, a Chinese school-master,
murdered a government official soma
months ago and was beheaded in con
sequence. The North China Daily
News prints this item showing how
Chine:e justice is still pursuing the
wrongdoer's family: "The governor
of Angui, Feng Heu, has been trying
to get hold of the wife of Hsu Hsi-lin,
a the assassin of the late En Min, who
is sto iying in Japan, and has written
to the Chinese minister at Tokyo ask
tog him to extradite her and send her
back to China., As the woman is
ar--' d with a political offense the
Chinese minister has replied that he
. `panot do this and proposes that the
sPkin government approach the Tokyo
,goveinnmcnt on the subject."
Edison's Advice to Boys.
'I should like every boy interested
ýelectficity to hear what Thomas A.
on once said to me when I was a
-' working in his laboratories,"
4tes Joseph H. Adams In the intro
aetion to his "Harper's Electricity
Hook for Boys." "I often recall it
when things do not go just right at
lrst. I asked the great inventor one
day it invention was not made up
liaely of inspiration. He looked at
me quisaically for a moment, and then
Peplied: 'My boy, I have little use for
-4 man who works on inspiration. In
Utloa is two parts Inspiration and
per cent. perspiration.'"
Origin of "D'Oyief" Lns..
Oii know the origin of the word
In the reign of William I.,
d'Oyley, a Norman knight, was
an estate at Hook-Norton,
1'. be held on the condition that on
feast of St. Michael he tendered
the king a linen tablecloth valued
ee shillings.. The ladies of the
household embroidered these
Viehs which were exclusively
$tke royal table, and as they
1tifbeauulfly worked on the
of, Wea they we's ealled
imes,' sad a- howadeys the
A'Otoey Is applied as then for
A Leg.t atins Parmaiag
It is ate )e'et of e1,
It imt sa hie.4 ealcr {m
Tale of Farmer Who Lcst His Head
During Fina "cial Flurry.
Illustrative of 'he wrinkles and
kinks developed d&. ' the financial
flurry a ste: , is 'cid by a contral
Iowa barker who rs carrying a time
deposit of $4,0011 1 r a !s'iner who
took alarm and de :inded the money,
atthouga his degs". e- rtificate dill
not require paym' ut until January 1
next. Persuasion and argument prov
ing futile, the ban'.-rr decided to ap
* ease his irate cup. nmIr by paying
his subject. of cou',. to forfeiture
of the interest. asr':unti:ig to $83. As
a salve to his injured feelings he
handed out the money in metal. an
ticipating that when the depositor
saw its bulk he weild relent. But
the depositor was determined, and
shouldering the bag of coin strode
across the street to the post office
and made a peremptory call for $4,000
in money orders. "I'll trust Uncle
Sam, and nobody else," he declared.
He received his orders in due time, a
pocketful of them, paying $40 for
privilege of makirg the post offlte
his custodian of funds. His total cost
to protect himself, as he imagined,
was $120.
"Well, I can go home now and
breathe easy," he remarked, compla
cently, as he tucked the orders
"Yes, you've got a good debtor,"
assented the postmaster, "but will
you do me a favor?"
"Well, I'vre got rheumatism In my
hack and I've got to -et that bag of
money over to the batik to deposit it.
Just tote it over and I'll be yours
The reassured capitalist complied.
but his suhbsequent conversation was
so sulphurous in an earnest effort to
express his chagrin to see that the
money went back to the bank froe:,
which he had drawn it that' the town
marshal experienced the necessity of
taking him in hand.-Los Angeles
Women Defied Church Rule.
Six splendidly clad young women,
not the least of their grandeur being
represented by the latest examples of
millinery art, swept into the First
Presbyterian chu:ch one night and
seated themselves in the most advan
tageous seats of this the most select
house of worship in the city, says the
Seattle Times. The six did not re
semble conspirators bent on revolu
tionary and rebellious tactics, but they
were and they won their point.
"Ladies will please remove their
hats," commanded Rev. Dr. Matthews,
when his calm glance over his congr"
gation revealed the fact that one of
the standing rules of the church was
being violated right under the minis
terial nose.
There was no rernonsive acr!ro on
the part of the six. The request w r
repeated in a still f;rmer tone, but the
rebels sat f~rm, anw after a pauac of a
minute's duration this divine bag;n h'
scrm-on while the sil s'7t str:tight wi:h
tleir plumes flaun:ing a pean of vic
Emerson Shows Ready Wit.
I had passed a score of snmrm-rs
when I first met Ralph Waldo Emer
son, says Julia Ward Howe In the
Delineator. We were f':liow-pa-sen
gers on board the Sou.n ''at, bound
for New Yoare, and detaiosi overtime
by a snowstorm. A mutual friend had
made us acquainted just before start
ing on our way. I had hot desired the
introducticn, Mr.' iuei son's reputa
tion being -that of "a pu: tar forth of
strange doctrines," much in opposI
tion to the old theoalogy which had pre
sided over my religious training.
Chance had brought us together, and
I, with the zeal of youth, expressed'
my disapproval of the new doctriaep,.
"Do you not see, sir," I made bold
to say, "that in these theories no ae
count is made of the devil, who goes
abqut. seeking to destroy human
"Surely," said Mr. Emerson, "the
angel must be stonger than the de
His Preference.
The famous coup d'etat by which
Napoleon III. gained control of France
is vividly described in the "Memoirs
of Monsieur Claude," published by
Houghton, Muffin & Co. Among the
many anecdotes of the eventful even
ing of December 1, 1851, M. Claude
gives the following: Comte De Mor
ny, the chief spirit of the nocturnal
drama about to be performed, was
at the Opera Comique in order to
a:!ay suspicions. A lady said to him:
"Monsieur De Movny, ,is it true that
they are going to sweep out the cham
ber?" "Madame, I don't know any
thing about it," he replied; "but if
there is-any sweeping to be done I
shall try to be on the side of the
Mrs. Artless-The Bloughboys have
a grandfather's clock that's been in
the family for more than 450 years.
Mr. Artless-Humph! They didn't
have it a year ago.
Mrs. Artless-Oh, no; but you see
it was stoles nearly 50 years ago and
Mrs. Bloughlooy tells me it was by
the merest chance they discovered it
last week in a second-band store.
7'hat forward Miss Flip opel ad
Vbastes kislai, games. Hasn't she
*W, eposuragung seuhatiom is a
"Wiks whik oea require chek."
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