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Lafayette, La., May I1, I12.
A special meeting of the Board of
'ormisioners of the First Drainage
District No. 1 of the Eighth Ward of
the Parish of Lafayette, La., was bold
this day at its offie in the city
Lafayette, Louisiana, and
there were present: Auguste Araald,
president; Desire Broussard, Jack
Breaux aad W. H. Steiner. Abeent,
Pierre Breaux. The rihass,2 t April
27 1912, were read and approved.
The president stated the object of
t eeing to be to oontsde a p.
Mioa flom the property tax-payers of
luid districti as per aagrets& signed
bp members, whh petiior having
read, the following was offered,
in full and adopted:
Be b ordained by the Board of
Commsioners of the Pirst Drainage
District No. 1 of the Eighth Ward of
the Parish of Lfayette, La., (ereated
bti ;odinnse of Police J.u -- June 2,
IMl), that an election of t propert
taPy ere of said Draina District be
called in aecordance with, and in re
spouns to, the following petition this
presented to this Board, to-wit;
the Honorable Board of Com
mlssioners of the First Drainage
District No.1of the EightS Ward of
parish of Lafayette, Louisiana:
The undersigned property tax-pay
ers of the First Drainag District of
te hth Ward of Lafette Parish
ý b ordinance of Police Jury
J), constituting more than
one of the same, do hereby pe
Uical yourHonorable body to call an
election ia said Drainage District of
the property taxpayers therein quali
Aed to vote under the Constitution
and laws of this State, to take the
Mse of said property taxpayers on
the fll]owing propositions .ow offer
Sad by your petitioners, to-wit:
1. On the proposition to levy, as
es ead collect an acreage tax of
tw.epty-ve cents per acre .on every
e- of land in said drainage district,
p9ýr.sit, beginning with the year
1913, and extending to and including
the year 1917, being six years, for the
neof digging needful canal and
. to drain said Distriot.
2. And on the further pdoBposition
to incur debts and issue negotiable
Sbods for .the sum of two thousand
amd'lve hundred dollars, based upon
sa.M tax-and to be paid by the same.
Rild bonds to be in amounts as
1. One bond for four hnndred dol
lae dtue March 2, 1913.
2. One bond for four hundred dol
ars due March 1, 1914.
S3. One bond for four hundred dol
. .s due March 4, 1916.
4. One bond for four hundred dol
urt due March 1, 1916.
S. One bond for four hundred dol
lart,:l s March 1, 1917.
4. me* bond for five hundred dol
de Msareb 1, 1918.
bopds to bear fie per cent per
Interest, and the interest on
so be paid annually, on
1, begnning March 1; 1913,
acecage tax of twenty-five
per soare shall be pledged for
mt of said bond in prinoi
,Interest and it shall be un
to nes the same for any other
* oel.oe to be held in all re
a#eording to Act No 266 of the
ad eedmentes tereto.
oeit l. s s.
b 'r the
-- sot t of "
.lmi 4i61
bsm*hed s" b d i S
. a v twr Wag hrk s
4brssds .sdll ua sad tax
,b rd d donots; sam b
tea 'in w
Xrkl. of seek
iuis t#uiM 4j the
Nut sgsli bn
ofsaidt said
:n~ ir ~r~ l bs
* i=*rn v .1M mQ ~We
f sale s be
dinance shall be publicshed in the
official journal of Lafayette Parish,
and copies thereof posted in said
District, for thirty days, as notice
of said election, required by Sec. 3
of Act No. 256of the acts of the Legis
lature of 1910.
Be It further ordained, that the
ballots to be used at said election
shall conform to the requirements of
Section 8 of Act 256 of the Acts of
the Legislature of 1910.
Be further ordained, that this or
dinaooe take effect at once. Adopted
ye 4. Nays 0.
There being no further business the
Board then adjourned.
I hereby certify the forgoing to be
a true copy of the original.
Lafayette, La., May 7, 1912.
Salesman May Have Improved His Ap
pearance, But Shave Cost Him
Charles A. Cotterill has a grand and
gorgeous set of whiskers which, in
their own gold and tawny way, show
as many varying hues as changeable
silk under the midday sun. There are
mixed up in that growth of beard all
the marvelous tints of the sunrise, the
South African gold mines, and the cir
cus posters. But there is a sad story
connected( with the facial adornment.
The first year that 'oterill traveled
for a big drug firm of New York city,
he waved the whiskers up and down a
w'de territory, selling much merchan
dise and making many friends. At the
end of the season he got a shave and
on his next trip the tragedy began to
unfold. Nobody knew him. Every
time he went up to a man to whom he
had made a sale previously, the fel
low would say:
"You are not Cotterill. How well I
remember Cotterill! He was a merry,
good-natured, entertaining fellow, and
he told such good stories. Besides, he
had whiskers, and you have none. You
can't be Cotterill."
After a week of this, Cotterill, ut
terly dejected by the fact that he
could make no headway in his busi
ness, telegraphed his firm as follows:
"Must have leave of absence long
enough to grow a beard."
Be has not shaved since.-Popular
Hler Proposal.
:: .,rvule.re. apropos of
• .-.:. , :a jI at the Colony
• ; a r'I. 'looked calmly
S : .int and remarked:
leap year
"Thee cal.: tl:-ncd rather pale
'As ft "; !rap vear. she continued.
ad you nave been calling regularly
iw four ,richts a week for a long.
g time, i;. ,ge i propose
'nr not In a position to marry on
sa ary,' George broke in, hua'
I know that well. Geero ' the
rl pursued, 'and so. as it is leap
-ar. I thought I'd propose that you
.v oft and give some of the mee
'ible hae a chames.'"
uIrWer e Ham aesd .ae Pal
UM7 g$ met for the tras
are mpr serous tn
se b itto the matter of a sanltary
d hr the reoelviag ead of the tele
hoa.e. The ordinary bard-rubber ear.
niee of the monophone type of lastro
neat, which is much used is Psance.
i removed and its place taken by a
ousd pad formed of 250 leave of
tedlised paper. Every time the sele
,hone is used one of the leaves sto
ova ot The purpose of thpea ,l of
_'urse, to protect the ear from bohg
oiled.-Popular MIhalales.
We ae sthorised to annoance that
HOWARD I. BRUNSR is a candi
date to sueened himpi as district
attorney r the 18th Judicial Di
triet, comprising Latayette and Aca
dia parishes, subject to the action of
the Democratic primary to be held
In September, 191.
I hereby annoeuoe myself as a can
Idie for District Attorney, for the
lh Judicial District, composed at
the Parishes of Acadia and Lata
Iyep smbjeet to the action of the
Deelaemtis Partr.
In announcing my candidacy, I
wris to tate that I am deeply senm.
bh a.e the Importance and reesposl
Si e4 that cO osee, ond am seeking
leocratai nomeination, ostirely
epeo my own merits. I desire to
thet on all political questions.
gysitsb hase been kneon, and
'have deleed with some, I
wigsv bees wiing to accord
o ea tri ht and prime
i t'we was etitled to.
aMb tebaewm. o e ..
_WA ui wa evyereI. .j
Massive Pillar Near Delhi Has Rea
sisted Corrosion During a Period
of 2,900 Years.
On the plains of Delhi in India there
stands a nasaslve Iron pillar, nearly
sixty feet in length and weighing
about nineteen tons. This ancient
column is literally a monument to the
"antlquated" processes sad metallru
gists that produced it. for it has re
slated the attack of the elements dure
ing a period of about 2,900 years In
which tully a million times its bulk of
iron or steel has crumbled into useless
dust No one would suggest that clIv
lised man return to the primitive and
laborious methods by which the iron
of this column was made so long age.
and besides there are not men enough
living today to supply our present do
mandas, even If all of them should en
gage in this type of manufacture. But,
granting that the world would pay for
a limited amount of Iron as "passive" 1
as this old Kutub pillarfi It is very
doubtful whether modern iron-workers
know how to make it. Probably this
specimen of unusual iron was the re
sult of accident rather than design.
as far as its resisting qualities are
concerned, and it stands today the sur
vival of the fittest, not so much be
cause it was intended to be, as be
cause it proved to be, the most last
ing. For it is not likely that a proo
ess known to give Iron of this kind
would ever have been used so seldom,
since the importance of a rust-resist
ing iron and steel was as much appre
clated in those days as now. No
doubt all the older processes made
iron and steel which rusted less-yes,
and some of it very much less-than
what is usually produced today, but
there Is a great difference between
this mere excellence and a resist
ance to corrosion during thirty cen
tauries such as this column shows.
everybody's Magazine.
Jenny Geddes.
Of the memoires that gather around
St. Giles' cathedral, Edinburgh, none
is more cherished by the Scotsman
than the story of Jenny Geddes.
Charles I., determined to force epla
copacy, commanded that on July 23,
1637, the English church service
should be read in every parish church
in Scotland. On that Sunday a great
crowd gathered in St. Giles, and when
Dean Hannay, In a surplice, began to
read the prayers such a commotion
ensued that his voice was drowned
One voice, however, rose above the
din-Jenny Geddes. "Out! Out!" she
cried. "Does the false loon mean to
say his black mass at my lug?" And
seizing her stool she threw it at the
head of the astonished dean. There
followed such an uproar that the ser
vie had to be abandoned.
In modern and more peaceful times
this event, momentous in its outcome,
has been commemorated by two me
morial tablets in the cathedral One
is to Dean Hannay, the other, erected
by Lord President Iaglis, is to the
memory of "a brave Scotswoman.
Janet Geddes, who on July 23, 161.,
struck the frst blow in the great
struggle for freedom of conscience.
which after a conflict of half a ee*
tury, ended in the establishment of
evi and religious liberty."
H4s Reeupera.tng Now.
IwaS Friday afternoon, aad the ed.
.tortal stad wer hard 4t work, whom
smOdenly the peo of the Cabet sb
editor egsed Ste I pe ampser.
t my," he sled. "I -it m ore mer
rest to refersto a ma who gm up
t a halmes as a aeroautt or a bat
Ball~set," growled the opeld
eemomsti er. who bad t - de lt
"afllooatlo," sggested the steory
etto oeleor, wtit a sasp o glranc
t-wes the ghtag editor.
*Aeroaut's the right word." said
the man who writes the paragraphs.
deIsivdely, "and I da prove it."
"Noasumee!" growled the staR to
borus. "You can't!"
"f eourse I can! You see. it'm
this way. When a man goes up In a
balloon he goes up I the air. But as
a matter of aot he doesn't know
whether hell remain in the aior-not.
When the curtain foll the Sghtlng
editor was furtively .talking that poor
paragrapb editor, and in his hand he
held his new club.
Advanrtage in Short Sight.
A asn who owns a pair of near
sighted eyes read the other day of
thoe llustrator who could do better
at his craft because he was color
"I bonestly believe." he said. "that
I get more fun out of lfe because I
am nearsighted. The fun more than
eompensates for the nuisance of wear
tgs glasses.
Whenm I look oet over a landscape
from a mountaln top I often take my
lases of. I m nothing but color.
The oetlines are very vague a the
odeste are lsld on thick. Thea sky t
bluer and the bhlls are more purple
md the valleys are greener. I am not
toubled with lines or details. When
I have got all the color I can bold
thm I. pt y glasses back e. agSt
Mad I eo what persom s m who have
"'the eslIt is that I get two char.s
Sýe whbrea nya psorposs Ot.
cAs s wale e."
,,,rs mo an t Iweoo." -
of the
United States of America,
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Lafayette,
City of Lafayette.
BE IT KNOWN That on this, the
2nd day of the month of May, in the
year of our Lord one thousand nine
hundred and twelve, and of the Inde
pendence of the United States of
America the one hundred and thirty
sixth, before me J. F. Jeanmard, a
Notary Public, duly commissioned
and qualified within and for the Par
ish of Lafayette, State of Louisiana,
therein residing, and in the presence!
of the witnesses hereinafter named
and undersigned, personally came
and appeared F. E. Girard and J. P.
Colomb, residents of the said Parish
of Lafayette and State aforesaid,
both of full age, herein appearing and
acting in their respective capacities
of Chairman and Secretary, respect
ively, of the meeting of the stock
holders of the Latin-American Life
and Casualty Insurance Company , a
corporation organized under the laws
of the State of Louisiana, by Act of
Incorporation passed before O. P.
Guilbeau, Notary Public, on the 15th
day of September, 1910, and recorded
in the office of the Clerk of Court of
thd said Parish, in Book of Miscella
neous Acts T-3, at pages 313 et Seq.,
their authority in the premises being
evidenced by resolutions of the stock
holders of the said corporation pass
ed at a general meeting thereof, who
declare that said resolutions were
passed at said meeting, and that said
meeting was held at the Domicile of
the said corporation, in the city of
Lafayette, State of Louisiana, on the
thirtieth day of April, 1912. after
written notice had been mailed to
each stockholder at his last known
address, calling said meeting and
stating the purposes for which it
was called ,at least forty (40) days
prior to the date held, and which no
tice was published in the Lafayette
Advertiser for at least thirty (30)
days prior to date held, a certified
copy of the minutes of the said meet
ing being annexed hereto and made
a part hereof, the said meeting hav
ing been called for the purpose of
amending Article II of the charter of
the said corporation so as to re
move the domicile thereof to New
Orleans and for the purpose of
amending Articles IV, V, VI, VII and
VIII of the said Charter so as to qual
ify as a mutual company; and the
said appearers further declare that
at said meeting of stockholders so
held on the thirtieth day of April,
1912, it was resolved, by ;t unaui
mous vote of stockholders present
and represented at said meeting,
there being present and represented
by proxy, stockholders owning more
than three-fourths of the stock of
the said corporation, the total num
ber of votes cast being thirty-three
hundred thirty-three (3333), that Ar
ticles II, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII of the
said Charter be amended sq as to
rcad as follows:
The Domicile of this Corporation
shall be in the City of New Orleans,
State of Louisiana, and all citations
and other legal process shall be
served upon the President of the
said corporation or, in his absence,
or inability to act for other cause,
upon the Secretary.
This corporation shall have no cap
ital stock, but shall be a mutual
company, and shall borrow the initial
fund of Five Thousand ($5000) Dol
lars a mutual company is required
to have in its t>ueury prior tj begln
aing business, as stated and deflned
it. Section 3, of Act No. 24- of the
Legislature of the State of Lou'siana
of 1908, together with suh other
reasonable amount or amounts for
expenses and outlay in procuring, es
The Police Jury will meet Monday,
June 3, 1912, as a Board'of Reviewers.
" District Manager
Security Mutual Life Isurance Co.
Reasonable Rates and
High Class Insurance.
Office in the Home Building & Loan
The On:y -irw un=b dged die.
tionary in many ycurs.
Contains the pith and ewsenee
of an authoritative library.
CovcrY every Icl: of knowl
ed;e. An Encyclopedia in a
slaile book.
The Only Eictionary with the
N.m Divded page.
4 Words. 700 PSaes
illustrations. Cost nearly
half a milnlion dollars.
Lot us toll yoe about this most
remarkable sin le votume.
Wrts, fele i
a ms thN
we will
tablishing and developing the busi
ness of the corporation, as is herein
after provided for, or as shall be de
termined by the Board of Directors
hereinafter provided for, the said
amount or amounts to be borrowed
only upon the terms and conditions,
and in accordance with the provis
ions of the said Section of the said
Act; and this corporation hereby ac
cepts the proposition of the owners
of the stock issued under the charter
to which this is an amendment to retire
their stock and lend to this corpora
tion, on said terms and conditions
above referred to, the funds repre
sented by the said stock with eight
per cent interest, this acceptance to
take effct simultaneously with the
completion of legal requirements in
connection with this Act of Amend
ment and the filing thereof, whereup
on all deposits made with the State
of Louisiana in the name of this
company for the protection of its
policy holders shall so remain there
after for the protection of all policy
holders of the company, and all in
surance previously issued by this
corporation and in force on said date
shall remain and continue in force
thereafter on like terms and condi
tions, and this corporation shall
thereafter continue in business on
the basis herein provided.
This corporation shall transact the
business stipulated and defined in
Article III of this charter on the "Old
Line', or legal reserve, basis, and
shall not insure and agree to pay
benefits in event of the death of the
insured or the maturity of the policy,
for more than $500 on one life, nor
for more than $20 per week to one
person on account of disability re
sulting from sickness or accident,
and the premiums, which shall be
stipulated, or fixed, premiums, shall
be collectable in periods of less than
one month apart. In determining
the reserve required on account of
and in accordance with the policies
of Industrial Life Insurance in force
in this company at any time, the
New York Standard Industrial Ex
perience Tables of Mortality, with
3½ per cent interest, shall be em
ployed, except as shall be modified
by any other standard which may be
adopted by the State of Louisiana.
All of the powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested in and exercised
by a Board of Directors, composed of
not fewer than Seven (7) nor more
than Eleven (11) citizens of the State
of Louisiana, to be elected annually
on the 15th day of September. or if
same shall be a holiday, on the next
business day preceding, four of whom
shall constitute a quorum for the
transaction of business, and a major
ity of those present shall control.
All elections shall be made by bal
lot and shall be held and conducted
at the office of the corporation, under
such rules and regulations as may be
established by the Board of Direct
ors. Notice thereof shall be given
by the Secretary of the corporation
by publication on Saturday of each
week for six weeks prior thereto in
a newspaper published in the English
language in the City of New Orleans,
State of Louisiana.
At all elections and all corporate
meetings every policy holder, or
member, of the corporation, whose
policy is not lapsed on the date
thereof' shall be entitled to one vote,
to be cast in person, or by proxy
written or printed and signed by the
-tmiuer. A majority of th: %oteb
cast shall elect. Any vacancy occur
ring among the Directors of this cor
poration by death, resignation or
otherwise, shall be filled by election.
for the unexpired term, by the re
maning Directors. Failure to elect
maing directors. Failure to elect di
rectors oa date above specified shall
not dissore this corporation nor im
pair its existence or management, but
the Directors then in oeBe shall re
main in ofce until their sueeaesors
have been duly elected ad qualified.
The Board of Directors may. from
time to time, name and appoint such
ofcers, agents and employees as It
may deem necessary for the purpose
of conduceting the business of this
corporation. It shall have authority
to fix and define the power, duties
and salaries thereof, and each ofm
cer, agent and employee, shall hold
oace or employment at the pleasure
of said Board. It shall elect from
amongst its own members, or from
the policyholders of the corporation
not members of the Board, a Presi
dent, not exceeding three (3) Vice
Presidents, a Secretary and Treas
The Board of Directors may make
or establish, as well as alter and
amend, all by-laws, rules and regula
tions deemed proper for the conduct
and management of the business and
affairs of this corporation; it shall
have the power to borrow and lend
money; to acquire real estate for the
purposes of its business; to buy and
sell all species of real and per
sonal property. on which the corpora
tion may have a mortgage or lien, or
which may owe it money, and, in the
case of real estate, to hold same for
such time as may be necessary to
properly and advantageously dispose
thereof, and generally to do any and
all things reasonable, convenient and
necessary for the proper carrying out
of the business and affairs of this
The present Board of Directors and
ofcers shall hold oce until the 15th
day of September 1912, or until their
successors shall have been duly elec
ted and qualifed.
Whenever this corporation may be
dissolved, whether by limitation or
otherwise, Its affairs shall be liqui
dated by two commissioners, to be
appointed from among the members
of the corporation, at a general meet
ing of the members convened for
such purpse, noticee of which shall
have been given ia the time and man
ner therein provided for members'
meetaings, and a majority of the votes
ast shall be requisite to elect. Said
cemmIssloers 0Pall remain in omfep
antil the liair ato tha sai- corpora
t sha be li eatud. In eese of
or I aIsaitve o . Sth
q b. flill byotýI .l ies de
a new commissioner, in the same
manner herein provided for the elec
tion of the original liquidation com
This act of incorporation may be
modified, amended, changed or alter
ed, or this corporation may be dis
solved with the assent of three quar
ters of the members, convened for
such purpose and after notice thereof
shall have been given in the time and
manner herein provided for elections
and members' meetings, provided that
a copy of such notice shall be mail
ed to the last known Post Office ad
dress of each member, at least for
ty days prior to such meeting.
Every person who shall be or be
come a policyholder of this company
shall be a member thereof during the
time such policy is duly in force and
no longer. Every person who shall
become a member of this corporation
'by effecting insurance therein shall,
the first time such insurance is af
fected, and before receiving the poli
cy therefor pay the rates required
by the company thereon. No mem
ber shall be liable for the contracts,
faults, losses or expenses of this cor
poration beyond the amount of pre
mium which he may agree to pay the
said corporation.
The Board of Directors shall, on
the first business day of January
1914, or within sixty days thereof,
and annually thereafter, cause a
and annually thereafter, cause a
statement to be made of the affairs
of the company; and if, after paying
all losses and expenses of the said
company, and providing for outstand
ing risks for the year preceding
same, and providing for all reserves
and other liabilities, there remains a
surplus, each member shall be entit
led to such a proportion of the said
surplus as the cash premiums paid
by such members may bear to the
aggregate surplus so declared; the
statement so made shall be binding
upon all persons entitled to receive
certificates as hereinafter mentioned,
for the proportionate share of each
member so ascertained, a certificate
shall be issued declaring him or
them to be entitled to such a portion
of the accumulated capital of the
company, such certificate or certifi
cates to be construed and governed
as hereinafter mentioned; but no cer
tificate shall be redeemed or paid off
until the surplus over and above all
other liabilities, contingent or other
wise, shall amount to two hundred
thousand dollars. Whenever said
surplus shall exceed two hundred
thousand dollars the excess shall be
applied from year to year toward thb
redemption of each year's certifi
cates in whole or in part, but the cer
tificates of any subsequent year are
not to be redeemed until those of a
preceding year are provided for; the
Board of Directors may at their dis
cretion declare and pay interest as
such certificates at a rate not ea
ceeding eight per cent per annum.
No more informality in the orggam.
zation of this corporation shall have
the effect of annulling this charter.
And that at said meeting of stock
holders, it was further resolved, that
the said F. E. Girarl and J. P. Co
lomb should incorporate amendments
to the Charter of the said Latin
American Life and Casuality Insur
ance Company, in Notarial Act, for
the purpose of carrying out the reso
lutions adopted at the said meeting
of stockholders, and annex to the
said Notarial Act a copy of the min
utes of the said stockholders'.
meeting containing the resolutious
adopted by said stockholders at said
meeting; and the said appearers hav
ing requested me, notary, to put said
amendments in authentic form, I de
by theoe presents receive said amem.
meats is the form of this publie met.
to the end that mid amendments
may be recorded and published sad
thus be read into the aforesaid orig
nal Charter psed before O. P. GduS
beau, Notary Public, on the 15th daW
of Sebtember, 1910.
Thus done and signed in my oSee
at the City of .tafaette, State of
Louieana, on the day sad date her
in first above written, in the pres
ence of L. GankendorfR and B. MouL
Sset, competent witnesses, oft lawt
t age, who hereunto sign their names
,with said appearers and me, notary,
lafter due leading of the wkole.
S(Ortiginal Signed)
(Original Signed)
(Original Signed)
Notary Publie.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Acadia.
I hereby certify that having exam
ined the above and foregoing Act
passed before J. F. Jeanmard, No
tary Public, this the second day of
May, 1912, amending the Charter of
incorporation of the Latin American
Life and Casualty Insurance Com
pany, of Lafayette, Louisiana, which
was passed before O. P. Guilbean,
Notary Public, on the 15th day of
September 1910, and recorded in of
fice of the Clerk of Court of the Par
ish of Lafayette, State of Louisiana,
in Book of Miscellaneous Acts T-3 at
pages 313, et seq., and finding none
of the provisions thereof in conflct
with the laws of the State of Louis
iana I hereby approve the same.
(Original Signed)
Dist. Atty. 18th Jud. Dist. of La.
Filed this 2nd day of May, 1918
and recorded same date In book of
Miscellaneous Act F 4 at page 10
et seq.
(Original Signed)
Clerk of Court
I hereby certify the above to be a
true and correct copy of smeadmats-.
to Charter of the Latin AmulWsa
Life and CsspJty Ipuranep o1appeanL
reorded in my oeet ade acet Na
42,s29 thereof, In beeo of lllseeIlan
eons Acts F-4, at pags Io et eq.
J. GIL RT ST. J4U j.
In a , La., Maf , Is.a1

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