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This Month at Town's Store
For four consecutive weeks beginning
Saturday, May 25, we will give away $5
in gold at 3 o'clock each Saturday.
For Particulars call at the Store.
IAfayette, La., May 9, 1912. to
A regular meeting of the City Coun- o0
cil was held this day with Mayor Tra
ban presiding, Messrs. Boudreaux, ad
Caffery, Jeanmard, Krauss, Montgom- ul
ery, and Mouton in attendance, and Fl
Jagou absent. ax
Moved, seconded and carried, that C
the minutes of the previous meetings ly
of the Coupncil be aproved as read.
Mr. Immergluck appeared before
the Council in regard to erroneous as- in
sessment of his residence, in this that m
his residence was not completed until di
May, 1911 ,and that he was assessed w
theerfor for that year; and on mo
tion. duly seconded and caried the col- to
lector was instructed to take the mat- 11
ter up with the city attorney and au- tl
thorised to pay in according with the b
opinion of said attorney. to
In regard to property owned by il
city on Baton Rouge Branch, it was
moved, seconded and carried that
the committee composed of Mouton, 01
Jeanmard and .auss advertise the 0
same for sale at public suction with
in ten days from advertisement, or
within such time. a said committee
may deem advisable, and that said
property be mold to the highest bid
der, provided that no bid for less than
three hundred dollars be accepted;
mid anmmittee being givern full power
Dr. G. Marti appeared before
th Come in reard to leenses may- C
able to the ity by physidans, and on
motion dly seconded and carried the
matter was referre4 to the Finance
Commiltee. C
Mve *eed s e and carried, that
!n eesterbe and b is obme ian
Meels6 waft vneM mn su measeos a
,, o as -ar - * tee tiss e
. .. .t... gtatie tax ollector.
The s tar y eportesd aing is
cat •f the
s" Ut i * ot of Z
'- li d ?dmitf d 1
5emW" r roet hd MAWpelho s or
' 1 ata masse t a atteor i en ni
4hased. a me ton .a teo ty '...
wa f hisn beead with the aerawry
red ;sp thre appeal or asid bends
by OW Piess come stsee of this
aS g sgg.gr e a -
I* so a Osa farot I L. Wpht,.
wassese ms tsuaks setM owh ..o..
--MC ass SpeanS wath#* aeces
*WS Ageeas so ma
SVa w& Wu.
twasr efltPs wf L atlog
ee s- e '·ri 1u to *o Sea th
t aoe set Mbet to tt
tow*, Mal W
~mftt ffmb~ the +t
a gu ,as
1Y 6 Y n'ý 3s
asr }fat r*us w
neous assessment of Mrs. L. Nollive prog
of property which she had sold in comn
1910, was read to the Council and re- Tt
ferred to the city attorney for his the 1
opinion thereon The
Communication from J. E. Mouton won
advising the Council that at the reg- ond
ular annual meeting of the Lafayette by I
Fire Department that Gus Schmulen priZ4
and Jos. A. Lacoste were appointed Mise
Chief and Assistant Chief, respective- lenti
ly, and the communication ordered cept
The report of the collector, show- gold
ing a total collection during the was,
month of April of thirty-eight hun- 1
dred and ninety-seven 76-100 dollars the
was read and ordered filed.
The report of the Superintendent was
for the month of April showing a tve
net loss on running expenses during
the month of April of $654.18, caused Bal
by shut down at the plant, was read
to the conecil and ordered filed: and ban
in regard to the request of the Super- Wm
intendent as stated in said report,
for information, he was instructed to him
order one carload of water mains,
one thousand fuses to be furnished re
to the consumers at cost, and that he this
install ten meters every month. the
The following bills were approved Col.
and ordered paid: Bre
Monitor Oil Co., freight on whc
oil, erroneously deducted ent
nom bill ......... .... g 37
Coubal. & TeL Co.. x Pr
eas.s. for Aprll...... .. 1 65
Comb. T1. & Tel. Co., for ter
Mrc" dls .... .. .. ....
Comb. Tel. & Tel Co., ser
vice for February .... .. 90 the
ua`b. Q Tel Cq., tolls cell
Cumb tel. & Tel. C., ser
vice for eb.. .. ..... 1 65
Comb. Tel. & Tel Co., tolls
or Ar ........ .....,
Test. Ot be..deo, 1 o *
vole N 14ii. , 1462, 14tdF 1
644, 14413, 14441, 1443?.
Ge. a .le . _ .tj ***
New Iberia ". . Ihew s .
Slaber, ee. ..........*- 6 31 Crc
Lae s, p 04w. Ce., brass ad
I,-f ,,, ralr ·t 60
Gelwh packLag Co.. H. P.
!beet ...... ....· ·· is"b
Ramsey Ulvmtcr MiD.t, 1 bbl.
a ..i ..... ...... ... 1 10
3. 3. Dutrami. feedlas, etc.
horse or April. ...... .. 16 00
Dosies lec. Mgt Co. test
m as er ........ ....... ".. 2116
Ber 0Srt P0lstery brcic ... 12 0
Hasbtmem. losh & Co., At
t : ........ .. 12380
Goderat Ndiegric Co.. ft.
tibm ... ........ 45 30
Labia 60' & Steel C06, boil
rtbshse ......... 122 27
l. W. Jobes Manilla Co., Gees
Ou#,* Pankits Co.. Stum $i 67
~ue YMet Car Co.. Ltd.
941 fiefs. ste. .... 310
I$gUAsum~heW Hoard
O. ta Wsblthae OecstWY was
1moe54 to tase wameat
tit grr.E of ie collector as
10 -~lt was Imsiebsi
toths ioby l tar lasz I
-~i et this ýtelamm L. «.
AR. ML itrUt_. ft oe hte. 3
iseta ..... .... _
Sa o.M.n.r.--- .l... ,...w. 237
I VwsL N; l~~la I oi
':w. °-nom. - -
~q lsr
Joint Meeting of Avatar and Attaka- a
pas Literary Societlee-Ja. Sal
ley Wins Debate.
Annual Exhibition of Work in All De
partments-Indoor Baseball and
Gymnasium Girls' Drill.
The Institute was filled with a
large and appreciative audience Sat
urday night on the occasion of the
joint meeting of the Avatar and At
takapas literary societies.
Dr. Stephens opened the exercises
by giving a brief account of the year's
progress and then announced the
commencement program.
The presentation of the prizes in
the popularity contest then took place
The first prize, a gold watch, was
won by Miss Martha Pellerin, the sec
ond prize, a gold bracelet, was won
by Miss Lilly Breaux, and the third
prize, a silver purse, was won by
Miss May Brown. Each of the recip
ients made graceful speeches of ac
The debate for the Julian Mouton
gold medal followed. t'he subject
was, Resolved that he Initiative, Ref
erendum and Recall should be adopt
ed by constitutional amendment in
the several States. The affrmative
was upheld by Harry Charles Cur
ley and Samuel Lyons and the nega
tive was ably defended by James
Bailey and Miss Dorothy Gagne. All
of the debaters made fine speeches,
but the judges, Maj. P. L. DcClouet,
and Messrs. John L Kennedy and
Wm. Clegg, decided that James Bai
ley did a little the best and awarded
him the coveted medal.
A charming song, Springtime, was
rendered by the Girls' Quartette and
8 this was followed by presentaion to
the Institute of a portrait of the late
Col. G. A. Breaux on behalf of Mrs.
Breaux, by Atty. John L. Kennedy,
who made the presentation in a most
entertaining and appropriate way.
Sandalphon from Longfellow was
presented by the gymnasium class
and was a beautiful rendition, the in
terpretation winning admiring ap
plause. Miss Alice Elise Carriere
gave the reading in connection with
the pantomime and she did most ex
Cemmencement ermon. o
Sunday evening a large audience o
assembled in the auditorium of the
Industrial Institute to hear the come
meneement sermoa. Rev. Father *
Molo made the invocation and Mrs. t
F. V. Mouton accompaned on the pl
ano by her daughter, Miss Paola,]
sang Ave Maria fr m CavaIiel and I
in-s. Anuaarant Miller ssag "Comem
',hou ;,ouRnt.. 4.fble srsmeu Was
prechEd . by Rey ,Pahoey-P. Leea- 1
;wae:reter st the ethlleo.charch in
Crowley. He made a splndid and j
scholarly sermon, sketching the won
dertul acheievements of the Amer-!d
can people and relating the part theI
schools had had in this development. I
His sermon was greatly appreciated.
Annual Exhibition.
Monday from 10 a. m. till noon was
the annual exhibition of work in the
various departmemts of the school (
and this was attended by large num
bers of townspeople and quite a num
ber of out-of-town visitors. All the 1
*ork shown was of high grade and 1
showed in concrete form the emcien
ey of the school. In the manual train
lng departments the work was very
striking. A lot of well finished and
artistic furniture made by the pupils
was on display and elicited many
dsome compltments. The wireless
was also exhibited and many had a
chance to hear the instruments re
eelving messages. A special feature
was the manipulation of the dippings
vat made by the pupils at 10 o'clock
for partleular inspection by farmers
and cattle raisers. In the domestic
science department were some lovely
creations that attracted the high
praise of the ladies. Also illustra
tions oe proper food for children at
diferent ages. The book-keeping
and stenography rooms had some
Iamost excellent work and, altogether,
every department has reason to feel
proud of their exhlbiton.
The girls of the gymnasium gave'
a very pretty and interesting exhibi
tion for the beneft of ladies only and
we alh commeat. e s.
In the ateroos at odetock there
h.sa meeatig of the Board of Trus
,s, and t4 t*e Sealse 8tudents
.passeter played a hLt same of
j' , ,ae mgasa gCh to the
pleasure of the spectators.
At 5:30 the girls of the gymnasium
class gave a drill on the front lawn
and it was the pleasure of the gen
tlemen to be included this time. The
drill was very pretty and much en
Today at nine o'clock the gradua
tion exercises will take place.
For Sale.
One barred Plymouth Rock cock
and three cockerels, also one dark,
English penciled Indian Runner
drake and seven ducks, and settings.
5-21-6t MRS. D. PELLETIER.
A strip of land said to contain
7 acres situated along the Baton
Rouge line of the Southern Pacific,
the property of the City of Lafayette,
by order of the City Council, will be
sold at pubilc auction on the steps of
the court house to the highest bid
der, on Saturday, June 8th, 1912, at
eleven o'clock, a. m.
This strip of land will not be sold
for less than $300.00.
Previous notices are hereby an
Committee of the City Council.
t Lafayete, La., May 23, 1912.
Peas! Peas!
Besides all kinds of feedstuffs you
e will find Clay, Whippoorwill, New
Era and Clay Mixed peas, all of fine
- quality, at Upton's phone 192.
1 Templer Saxe to Return.
s, Templer Saxe, the fine baritone
, singer who delighted audiences at the
d Jefferson with his splendid voice last
i- season, has been reengaged by the
d Jefferson for one week beginning
Sunday, June 9. He will sing both
a English and French songs each night
MtL Carmel Closing Exercises.
e Mt. Carmel Convent will hold clo
5. ing exercises at the Jefferson Theatre
Y on Monday, June 17. A very enter
It taining progranf is being prepared for
the occasion and everyone who at
as tends may expect to enjoy the even
is ing. Admission 25 cents.
A Remarkable Historical Photo-Play.
There are many so-called "historl
eal" photo-plays that are historical
In title only. The subjects are but
Fantasies founded upon fact bet with
out regard to accuracy of the events
of episodes depicted. They may be
pictorial novels, but they are hardly
of any educational value. It has re
-maied for the Selig Polysoope Co
to make a film that would at onee be
photographie.ly perfect and historic
ally aesurate. Such a film is the re
marhabl produdeat of "The Comig
of ,(olumbsi".: This is a br+-rel
fisl, the mlkting of: whech
years of researeh sad labor, eoapio
ed a mt at s0 peoplesndost $SO,
Such records of his voyage and the
discovery of the Western Hemis
phere as Columbus left were followed
as closely as possible in the making
of this wonderful photo-play. Every
facility of the greatest motion pic
ture plant in the world was utilized.
The duplicates of the three caravels,
Santa Maria, Pinto and Nina, which
the Spanish nation had built and pre
sented to the American nation, were
fitted with sails and made seaworthy
by Mr. William Selig and employed
in the production. Even the original
log-book used by Columbus is shown.
The early vicissitudes of Columbus
are depicted. His pleadings before the
Spanish Court, his final commission
to go forth on his exploration of the
unknown seas, the Incidents If the
voyage, the landing on American
soll, the return to Spain and the
great reception are all faithfully por- -
trayed by competent actors and re-,
corded by the camera. There is not'
one defect in the entire production,I
which is the grandest masterpiece in
the history of the motion picture in
dustry. It is not known definitely as
yet, whether this remarkable three
reel masterpiece can be secured for
exhibition purposes in this city, but
the Jefferson Theatre is making ev
ery effort, and offering large sums of
money to secure this feature for its
patrons gad expects to be' able to
make a favorable announcement
within a few days.
No hunting or trespassing allowed
in my ppat.twe. Also it is positively I
for.idden to tie cattle around my
eee Je&UcS acaflR?.
Scott Graded School Closing.
The closing exercises of the Scott
Graded School were held Friday e
night with about five hundred pres- A
ent. All of the children did their
parts well and reflected muhe credit I
upon themselves and their teachers. 1
Prof. Irving P. Foote is principal and t
was assisted by Misses Carie Less- t
ley, Lillian Guilbeau, Gladys Heard i
and Lizzie Taylor. 1
The program was as follows: 1
Welcome Song.......... The School I
Piano Duet ...Meta and Ethel Dugas I
Spring Romance, recitation ...
....... Second and Third Grade
Sunflower Drill ...First Grade Girls
Song, "What's the Use of Dream
ing" ........ ......Estay Dugas
Shadow Pantomime ............
......Sixth and Seventh Grades
Song, "Oh, You Beautiful Doll,"
Arthur Doucet and Ethel Dugas
Song, "A Tea Party," ..........
... ... Second and Third Grades
Song, "On the Old See Saw,"
...... Second and Third Grades
Song and Drill, "Can't You See
I Love You ........First Grade
Flag Drill, ................
... Girls Fourth and Fifth Grade
Song, "Pony Boy"..Boys First Grade
Song, "I Love All the Girls from
A to Z,"..Perez Doucet and Large
Meeting of the Ghosts .........
......Sixth and Seventh Grades
Song, "I'll Do Anything in the World
for You..Fourth and Fifth Grade
May Pole Dance .......Large Girls
Song, Alexander's Ragtime Band,"
........................ Boys
During the program the little son
and daughter of Mr. Gaston Siadous
sang a charming little song. Also
t refreshments were sold by the School
League to raise money to purchase a
piano for the school They cleared
I about thirty dollars.
Broussard, La., April 25, 1912.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Broussard Cotton Oil
Co., Ltd., will be held at the office of
the company between one and three
r p. m., on Monday, June 3, 1912, for
the purpose of electing a board of
directors for the ensuing year.
The Bank That Treats You Rilht
Capital & Surplus Total Resources Over
A strong bank can accord liberal tr.ats! -
its patrons. Our past policy iad aphe reeas w
are our guarantee for the future.
We invite new accounts upon our merits for
strength and superior facilities.
N. P. Moss, Preidoat.
I J. G. Parkemro, Vlo.PrldeAt.
8. R. Parkerson, Cashiw.
F. V. Mouton, Assistant Coaidr.
I Joe E. Mouton, Assistdat CUsbler.
. Demsasae OD. .LCata e
J. A. Roy, N. Blasm., JL
N. P. Mou J. . Pasrtn
P. B. Roy, J. Whimgasti,
' We repair any and all makes of Autos
bile Engines, Stationary* Gas and Steam
a Engines. Steam Pumps, Etc. *
Lafayettc Motor Car Co., Ltd.
Charben in Lafayette Parish.
Charbon in virulent form is report
ed to have broken out on the farm of
. E. Wagner in the second ward.
Mr. Wagner has already lost eight
head of stock and It is feared that
his entire heard is afected. Mr. Over
ton Cade has also reported an out
break of the disease on his farm
near Youngsville and several mules
have died. Mr. Cade has vaeeluated
his other stock and hopes to save
them. Dr. J. A. Goodwin, of New
Iberia, veterinarian, has burned the
carcasses and taken steps to eradi
cate the disease.
The excessive rains of the past
winter and the floods along the riv
ers in the eastern portion of the
State have caused conditions condu
cive to charbon, according to veteri
narians, who say that great care is
necessary this year to prevent the
greatest epidemic of the disease
that has ever visited the state. They
recommend the stock be vaccirated
Lafayette Sanitarium News
In an unobstrusive but very practi
cal way the Lafayette Sanitarium is
proving its serviceableness to the
community. Within the short time
this institution has been open the
number of operations performed ther's
has already reached half a hundred,
and includes flfteen laparotomies
(cutting open of the abd3oen for the
removal of diseased orgens), as also
several other surgical operations of
an unusual and interesting nature.
The splendid equipment of the san
itarium is being utilized not only by
home doctors but also by the physi
cians of neighboring towns and ad
joining parishes, who are gladly giv
ing their patients the benefit of the
advantages and conveniences offered
by this insttution.
The Fire Department will hold a.
called meeting on Sunday, May 30, at
8 o'clock at the court house. All
members are requested to attend.
Important business.
JOS. A. LACOSTE, Aas't Chief.
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