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Graduating Exereless Hed Tuesday
Merning. .Cl Dymend Annual
Orator. Makes Fine Address.
Winners of the Various Medals-An
nouncementsof Gifts to School
Names of Graduates.
Tuesday morning the graduating
exercises proper took place in the au
ditorium in the presence of a large
audience. The invocation was made
by Rev. H. N. Harrison, pastor of the
local Methodist church. The first
number of the program was the vale
dictory by Miss Martha Pellerin and
she acquitted herself with great cred
it and won much praise for the ex
cellence of her address. The Girls'
Quartette composed of Misses Doro
thy Gagne, Martha Pgllerin, Gertrude
McConnell and Aurore Labbe, sang
"Water Lillies" most pleasingly and
won enthusiastic applause.
Dr. Stephens then introduced Col.
John Dymond, state senator, as the
annual orator in a very complimen
tary speech. Col. Dymond began by
speaking of the friendships formed
at school and of the pleasant recol
lections of school days saying that
the prosperity of schools depended
largely upon the loyalty of the alum
at "and expressed the hope that the
graduates would do all they could for
their alma mater. He then gave a
brief history of the establishment of
the Southwestern Industrial Institute,
amentioalag the part taken by HOa.
.Robt. Martin, the gifts of Mrs. Gir
lard and Mr. Crow Girard, and the
:generosity of the people of the par
job in taxing themselves for it. He
declared that such a sacrifice had
been made by any peo
state. He spoke of this
'f Wom ragc·eteruetga
hem the poem of Longfellow who
SIt)6 den. He that u1il
laity ye= s w awew
ift atttention to thrrthins about
*et that many schools have been
isd by b5athts to testeto" -
,sl ts. The present is the age
.eay w. S1d at
' fhe r thaet u) -r
AV am,"" beul, ~ ~ r
'rLr~~ahsu ul Wu
~'` . sP dos t aehh g atd e
Ulmesbt aisi th or ses& 'ato
L` r .et to.Ushtoire the7aiu~
.i. Mmsiiisf K Lw that -s the
-Wo'srs the ahiltty to reuaass at
fth He advised .b that the
rbea trn to batot thaght to. the
-o was to read abuh thus visas
.we! vibe oos -ptl, whrlh dshbled
t' -e, s . 'Be thea deered that toe
dWt 1 ra ts wha t theyI
,W Isa~mWewes that ap yesul
*t 0I thim flimeas., as for ibumeys
r> , saw to him, "We. ame haft
hso bawlhiwea Of' emmo e
xa am 1 4'~ mesa that, as iunst
westhr was ito had.
Sbme M so Intest" noaaOWisI
:: se weep aM esga" of su~
- ý - b sad ebman'
-- I a/ is ataab M a pent e r.
to®bveasspew t thewemsaMr
' el the Jsfaiasal who _
~* iby what we bsH weuesed
Sthou ps a tusiue. se ha lte
- r ` piams c Set hetag th messa
of, thehl a:ewraintmsat theIr
1 thw - heat e .a
a'riw:esie - Aa -
V 1,
lo " "
4480-" hsto Se]
piano, then sang charmingly "Annie
Laurie". In response to a delighted
encore she sang "My Old Kentucky
The presentation of medals then
took place, being presented by
Messrs. Richard Colbert, of Gibbs
land, and 8. T. Ward, of Leesville
members of the Board of Trustees of
the Institute.
The First National Bank gold medal
for the most proficient student in the
Commercial Department was won by
Frank Reeves with a grade of 89.5
The next highest was Joseph Motty,
The Julian Mouton gold medal for
the best individual debater was won
by James Bailey in the annual de-!
bate. Miss Hilda Rosenfleld won the
gold medal for best in instrumental
music given by Dr. A. R. Trahan.
The Crow Girard gold medal for the
highest average in the Senior class
was won by Edward Lacour with a
record of 92.2. The next highest was
Miss Martha Pellerin 88.5.
Dr. Stephens then announced with
appreciative acknowledgement a gift
to the school of the Messages and
Papers of the Presidents by Patrick
Mouton. Also the gift of an annuity
of $100 from Mrs. Josephine Breaux
of Princeton, N. J., to purchase books
for the library to be known as the
Breaux collection.
He stated that Edward Lacour had
been appointed to the Naval Academy
at Annapolis and that Roy Dalferes
had received appointment to the U.
S. Military Academy at West Point.
The Alumni had made a voluntary
contribution of $110 at their meeting
the previous evening for their schol
arship fund and would be able to
help two students at the coming ses
sion. The Woman's Club of Lafay
ette and the State Federation of
Clubs each. had given scholarships to
the school. Samuel Carruthers who
had been given $100 by the Woman's
Club to assist him in the Institute
had finished and then gone to the
State University, after which he had
gone to work, and that morning had
Just seat him a registered letter re
turning to the Woman's Club the
$.ee they had given him.
At this point Mr. Hogan in charge
* the Telegraphy department 4
brouge t In the tlowl* Resusse
which he had just received at the in
stitute wireless station which Dr.
*'tw Orleans, La., May 18, 1912.
E. L. Stphsar,
Proesrlat S--L. L I.,
The Pelsr ta
ut . your l meitlesl n The
tt ,..r ve. ti..ad It n.in
SeIst is diesar esslilu ies
-it eMigS57 to miss
• easo aTh eh et
wire.les. Thsgrsp by
your INlta.stltt e is l T n
portaat adjaaet to Wireless Uerves at
a very oppotee time, sad it it in
fiee wth umnre p eWggah Toe ae
to be feitated upon s quclkly mse
t~s and seing upon this method of
pai yeart Ianstitution in position to
be of . posial susistanoe to con
mresr sad traveL
Yose is the arst school of its
hBrl to rete this emiently practi
-a, useaM sad neestery Department
s. you des-er ve ess- t popoe
tier, to . o.r eaterri e sawe .
Torm very truy,
0.o 0.P0oa r U e ifON,
-. 3. TR3VA NT,
aerebtr ]Mainger.
COL Dymend presented certcates
sad ilpiesmst to the iswlag sta
shmts is a brief but setertallag way:
tUieatss, r
J. Ab.rre, Luis U. Basarry, lessr E
no.- aas D. nader. . Jr., Fra
J. Ree
.samage ger---los01et N. Bolinager,
a - Lofk -aer lire, Patrick Lsee
1aems..l. wara Tbhere Tie&nr.
1rI -less A Wsear.m usriae,
enat amean caera lawae
ileei kwses ul sswes haawueaestoe
aul. L' C~I~~·~ib
a-W 4~lbb~ .S~.·[
Home Economics Teachers' Course
-May Antoinette Brown, Alice Elise
Carriere, Gertrude Sandoz, Vida Eliz
abeth Scehmit, Helen Alice Wilson.
Dr. Stephens also announced that
Julian Kahn and Miss Sarah Buchan
an were also entitled to diplomas
having completed the course in mid
Dr. Stephens called Senator Dy
mond's special attention to the fact
that the people of Lafayette had not
only founded the institution by their
liberality and enterprise, but had
continued assistance in maintaining
the school by giving it moral and fi
nancial support.
Every year the local community
contributed to the support of the sum
mer normal, which was really a part
of the institute, and this year the Po
lice Jury had given $500, the Town
Council $1,000 and the school board
$1,200, while the state contributed
$2,000. It was the duty of the state
and not the community to maintain
the summer normal,, just al is done
in the case of the Natchitoches
school, and Dr. Stephens impressed
the fact as one worthy of considera
tion by the Legislature. He wished
to see every institution treated liber
ally, but also desired to stress the
institute's claim for recognition of
the work being done in this section
of the state. In conclusion, Dr. Ste
phens paid tribute to the graduates,
bidding all good-by, with the injunc
tion to keep ever in memory this
thdtir alma mater.
Then thanking the audience
for their presence he declared that
the eleventh session of the Industrial
Institute was ended.
Model School Pupils.
The following is a list of the pupils
enrolled in the Model School to run
in connection with the Southwestern
Louisiana Industrial Summer Normal
Sixth Grade-Paul Miely, Jeannet
Louise Bertrand, Hilda Kahn, Anna
Labbe, Lee Bonnett, Hyacinth Bar
ringer, Elizabeth Denbo, Paul Blan
chet, Phillip Trahan, Oscalie Gentil,
Clovis Landry, Simmonette Breaux,
Martin Breaux, Numa Breaux Law
rence Breaux, Aymar Guidroz, Ra
chel Martin, Olive Reeves, Zula Du
puis, Katie Scanlan, Joseph Daniels,
Lorena Guidry.
Seventh Grade-Chas. Parkerson,
Sidney Daigle, Josie Kahn, Marie
Trahan, Paul Cayard, Maurice Sal
san, Lillian Bertrand, Edna Trlay,
Whitfeld Post, Edgar Mouton, Anna
Villere, Lionel Jeanmard, Nicholas
Broussard, Thos. Buchanan, Ines Mor
gan, Mabel Lester, Gee Moss, Lac
Blourgeois, Louals Stafford, Loana
Church, Ed. e Moat, Laure.ee Du
pais, Elie Primenux, Isabel Guldroz,
Hasel Olvier, Warrean Gravenbr.
Sixth Grade-Paul Mealy, Jesanet -
to Schwartz, Alma, Landry, Henry
Mouton, Anna May Balios, Ruth
Reeves, Aphla, Brouusard, Irma Grev
enburg, Zeus Brouuard, Thos. Scan
Ian, Doty Loneon, Chester Veazey,
Forest Mouton, Irving Cunningham.
Tolson Darby, Lydia Lester, Ray
Cornay, Willie Cornay, Selma Lan
dry,, Laurence Butcher, Geo. Stafford,
Gusale Adams, Amile Patin, Esme
Darby, Frank Dupuls, Marguerite
Kelly, Alfred Menville, Willie Brous
sard, Raoul Brousard, Gifferd Boud
reauz, Mabry Landry.
Pith Grade--Stanley Martin, Thos.
Voorhies Sydney Yandle, Arthur
Yandle, Clarence LeBlanc, Jas. Moss,
Lucy Webb, ranels Broussard, Mau
rice Beg. aud, Marie Mouton, Ken
n.th Barringer, Dalton Barringer, An
tae Preje.a, Ora Mervant, Jas. Par
kerson, Myrtle Morgan, Lavenia Les
ter Johnny 8preafco, Eugene Bour
gois, Chas. Adams, Annie Hebert.
Adele Cor.ay, Carme Mouton, Au
gust Gueheresa, Lsssie Olivier, Be
lab Daboe, Elvis Domingue, Jao. Ram
soy, euans Raggsl, Mary Blake Ly
dia Poatuer, Joe Wolfaon, Ivy Olivier,
Sal Mouatn, Walter Martin.
Fourth Grade-Harrel Town, Geo.
Norab, Adede Cox, Milton Dupuis,
Rose Patina, ime Trahan, Agnes Pa-i
tin, Aline Pateur, Dewey Raggle.
Third Grads--Tom Parketson, Lu
oils Wiaboy, FIram Levy, Fernand
Deosat, ChLarley Dnpals, Oren. D
h.a, Robert Yandle, Frank Coumes,
Digar CIumes, Marguerite Jung,
Laui Jstea Marguerite Voorhies, Del
norti Theriot
Second Grads -August Bourgeois,
tLemee Trab,. O1tS Traban, Rob
ert Kennaedy, Leoa Sldous, Julif
Lwv., .r.trds Y..andle.
IAP - re -ar~. r. .. +t..+rt.ch,:
Win Masds,
TW grdisnt-gth grade, 22,
*afisa, as 4 w ando , 6th sgadl
S 1p o ,5 s ees 12,
Elect Officers and Subscribe to Schol
arship Fund. .Will Assist Two
Students Next Session.
Monday night the annual meeting
of the Alumni was held in Music Hall
and nearly one hundred were present.
Miss Paola Mouton was elected presi.
dent, Geo. Crouchet was re-elected
secretary and treasurer and Miss
Stella Roy was made editor. A pro
posal to raise funds for leqding to
worthy students was by voluntary
subscriptions met with immediate
and generous response and $110
were subscribed. With the amount
to be repaid by a student who has
already been assisted the Alumni
now has sufficient funds to help two
students the coming session.
At the conclusion of the meeting
all repaired to the Gordon Hotel
where Manager Frank Moss had pre
pared for them an elegant supper of
which all partook with much enjoy
Dr. Stephens presided and the fol
lowing program added to the pleas
ure of the evening: Surrender of the
Flag, 1912 A, William Roy Dalferes;
Surrender of the Flag, 1912 B, Miss
Dorothy Gagne; Senior Oration, Har
ry Curley; Alumni Oration, Louis
LaCroix. Toasts were then given by
classes as follows: 1903, Harry
Smedes; 1906, Miss Quintilla Morgan;
1907, Miss Julia McClellan; 1908,
Miss Mildred Smith; 1909, Horace
Robinson; 1910 Miss Paola Mouton;
1911, Malcolm Upton; 1912, Home
Economics Department, Miss May
Brown; 1912 Business Department,
Miss Patty Thompson. Mr. Richard
Colbert of Gibbsland, member of the
Board of Trustees, and Col. John
Dymond, member of the State Senate,
were called on and responded very
entertainingly. The evening was
closed by all singing a song compos
ed by Miss Sarah Landau, '07.
Appeal For Aid For Flood Sufferers.
We have received the following ap
peal for the flood sufferers in Pointe
Coupee parish. The letter speaks for
itself. The Advertiser will gladly ac
cept and forward any contributions:
New Roads, La., May 27, 1912.
Editor Advertiser:
I want to ask you to use your col
umns in an effort to raise funds for
the flood sufferers of the parish of
Pointe Coupee.
I could exhaust language in tryin[g
to picture conditions here, and yet
the story would be half told. Huw
dreds of appeals are made to us
every day, and we have been eloth
tg- feedag, giving medical attention
and medicine right and left, and for
all this we have been dependent upon
the N. O. Flood Relief Committee,
but they cannot be expected to do at
all for the reason that the demands
kpon them are great sad they are try.
Ing to do for ad many as possible.
Hence we find ourselves sadly handi
capped. See what you can do for our
poor sufferers.
I have been through the thickest
of it, and for days and nights did not
close my eyes, taking people out of
trees, off of roots, etc., and bringing
them to places of safety. Many of
them had not had any food for four
and five days, and we feed them by t
the hundreds. i know that your peo
ple are of the same blood as ours,
and their hearts are big. and though
their contributions be small, they
come from brave and big hearts.
Thanking you for what you may do
for us,
Yours truly,
Chairman Point Coupee Flood Relieof
Mrs. B. Riteetein, of Lake Charles, c
is visiting Mrs. U. S. Degas.
Miss Augustine Degas left today e
for her home after visiting her broth
er, U. S. Dugas.
grade 7, 1st grade 2, total 145.
The Model School will open in the
I High School Building on Monday,
-June third, at 7:30 a. in., and will
i continue in session for 12 weeks-
six days to the week. Children who
do satisfactory work In this Model
School will receive one half year's
i promotion.
Some of the grades are not yet filled
k we will be glad to register children
in the grades where the required
forty is not already enrolled at any
Itime up to Saturday, June First, at
! .3:I p.,
Summer Normal.
The following teachers have re
served rooms for the Summer Normal
School at the Southwestern Louisia
na Industrial Institute:
Miss Mande Abrego, Lake Charles;
Miss Lucille M. Anderson, Welsh;
Miss Lena Arceneaux, Welsh; Miss
Mabel Bockoven and sister, Turkey
Creek; Miss Noida Brasseux, Caren
cro; Miss Rita Breaux, Napoleon
ville; Miss Annie Mae Burt, Henry;
Miss Josephine Burt, Henry; Miss
Katie Bush, Erath; Miss Jessie Car
ter, Greensburg; Miss Edith Cline
and friend, Lake Charles; Miss Lulu
Deshotels, Duson; Miss Zine Desho
tels, Duson; Miss Laurence Devolid;
Erath; Mrs. Occhie Draughon, Wood
land; Miss Pearl Dubose, Indian
Bayou; Miss Bessye Evans, Gueydan;
Miss Jessye Evans, Gueydan; Miss
Pauline Fontenot, Ville Platte; Miss
Hattie B. Foreman, Ridge; Miss Lucy
Frierson, Lake Charles; Miss Hester
Gardner, Charenton; Miss Molly
Gault and friend, Crowley; Miss Al
vine C. Gilbert, Chamberlin; Miss
Harvelia Gill, Gueydan; Miss Nora
Greig, St. Martinville; Miss Beatrice
Guidroz, Cut off; Miss Leonie Guil
beau, Carencro; Mrs. Harrington, Ab
beville; Miss Esther Henderson and
friend, Ellis; Miss Cora Horring,
Beaumont; Mists Leona Hoffpauir, In
dian Bayou; Miss Gertrude Holmes
and two friends, Perry; Miss Marie
Horkan, Beaumont; Miss Clare How
ard, Riceville; Miss Ellon Jones, Jen
nings; Miss Katie Jones, Jennings;
Miss Mary T. Kite, Kaplan; Miss
Mary Lou Kittrell, Cookeville, Tenn;
Miss Wessie Lansing, Covington;
Miss Laurence, Rice; Miss Rose Law
rence, Rice; Miss Maude LeBlanc,
Erath; Miss Leona Lillard, Beau
mont; Miss M. L. Lockett, Napoleon
ville; Miss Lombas, Cut Off; Miss
Pearl Martin, Roanoke; Miss Phoebe
Martin, Bourg; Miss Minnie May,
Crowley; Miss Cora Morritt, Cover
dale; Miss Belle Michoit, Carencro;
Miss Norma Mills, Perry; Miss Rosa
Mills, Perry; Miss Mattie Rawlins,
and friend, Louisa; Miss Joahanna
Regan, Egan; Miss Lillian Roger,
Jeanerette; Miss Lizzie Rose, Abbe
ville; Miss Ruby T. Scott, Berwick;
Miss Gertrude Smith, Abbeville; Miss
Regina Smith and friend, Baton
Rouge; Miss Nita May Spell, Ridge;
Miss Williams, Reynolds; Mrs. Dru
cie Tureau and daughter, Luling;
Miss Della Williams, Reynolds; Miss
Lena Williams, Tommile; Miss Es
ther Voigt and friend, Plaquemine;
MI6s Dora Iles and two friends, Dry
Creek; Miss Bula Nalley, Ball; Miss
Prances Morgan, Indian Bayou; Miss
Davis Carter, Ruby; Miss LIa Rob
tasom, Maie; Miss Marie Steekler,
NEw Iberia; Miss Myrtle Humphreys
a14 mother, Nether; Miss Lucille
Msteon, Rayne; Miss Addisoe,
Rayne; Miss Vivian Morales, Rayne;
Miss Bessie Wells, Lake Charles;
Miss Gertrude Hayes, New Iberia;
Miss Reins Mayer, Franklln; Miss
Lena Bouvier, Jeanerette; Miss Ber
tha Hall, Carencro; Miss Anita Marie,
New Iberla; Miss Ada M. Terrier
and two sisters, Perry; Miss Elea
nor Tarlton and two sisters, Grand
Coteau; Miss Julia Grout and sister,
Westlake; Miss Matilde Duplantis,
Houma; Miss Vivay Lyall and friend.
Berwick; Miss Ada E. Jinlay and sis
ter, Hayes; Miss Rena and Rea Rich
ard, Church Point; Miss Maggie La
vigne, Ponchatoula; Miss Anna Lou
Cpastain, Lake Charles; Miss L. ay
Craig, Rayne; Miss Kate Curley, Lake
Refreshing Rain Monday.
A delightfully refreshing rain fell
here Monday interrupting the hot
spell and laying the dust which had
begun to be very annoying. The
crops were all ready and needing the
rain and it has helped all growing
plants very much.
- m. rimm r-,
We repair any and all makes of Aut,
bile Engines, Stationary. Gas and Steam
Engines,. Steam ms Etc.
Lafayette Koilr Car Co., Ltd.
Columbus a Historical PhetePlay
The most elaborate historical photo.
play yet attempted is a threereel
subject, "The Coming of Columbus,"
made by the Selig Polysoope Co. It
presents the life of Columbus and In.
cidents leading up to and following
his great achievement of the disoo.
ery of America. This great moving
picture masterpiece was three years
in the making, and cost 6$0,000.
There are 350 people in the cast, and
the three caravels, which had been
built in exact reproduction of the
vessels used by Columbus and prow
sented to the United States Govern.
ment by the Spanish nation, were so
cured for this great production by
Mr. William N. Selig, who refitted
the ships and made them seaworthy.
In order that the production might be
as perfect a duplicate as possible of
the original achievement, Mr. 8elig
had even secured the very log-book
used by Columbus. This great fea
ture, which is the sensation of the en
tire motion picture loving world, has
been secured at great expense, for a
very limited engagement, by the Jef
ferson Theatre, and will'be exhibited
for the first time in this house on
Saturday June 8.
Templer Saxe to Be Here.
Templer Saxe the fine baritone
singer, who delighted the patrons of
the Jefferson last year, has been re.
engaged for the week beginning June
9 and will sing in both English and
French. Don't forget the date.
Hunters' Licenses.
Sheriff Lacoste has sold to date
$1036 worth of hunters' licenses, as
against over $1700 last year. He 1i
now busy getting his annual report
ready to make settlement with the
state auditor.
Stock Sale.
I will sell at public auction on Tues.
day, July 2, 1912, on the plantation of
Alphdnse Peck in the third ward,
three black spotted hogs, taken up un
der the stock law.
Cinderella at the Jefferson To-night.
To-night Cinderella, the wonderftl
fairy story that has delighted yeeui
and old for many generations, will be
presented at the Jeferson in an eleb.
orate and beautiful production. Don't
fail to take the children to see this
charming story portrayed sad let
them enjoy it. You yourself will e.
Joy the delight of the children as
the beautiful picture.
Per Sale.
One barred Plymeeth eek aS
sad three ookerls, alsa se ft
DaSlih pe-altal lather srm
drake and seven dehks, and setting.
-314t. RS. D. PallSU1.
Misses nsI MeBride and Theaes
LeBlle, of Rayne,. spent a few das
as the guest of Miss Laure LeMaa.,
Stafford W. Lusted who was em
ployed as stenographer in the Me,
Pac. Iron Mountain ofce in St. Looel
has been promoted as Secretary to
Mr. J. N. Githens, Gen. Freight Agent
of that road. This is Staford's see
ond promotion in less than two years
and his friends are glad to he.- -
his rapid advancement. fine May
1, 1512, he has been traveling with
Mr. Githens over the Mo. Pac. Iron
Mountatn lines in Missouri and No.
braska and expects to be Inlaoui
lan in August. He graduated free
S. L. I. L
Mt. Carmel Closing Exeeles.
MLt. Carmel Convent wl held eloe
ingt exercises at the Jeero Theatre
on Monday, Juane 17. A very enter.
taintag program is being prepared far
the occasion sad everye who at
tends may expect to nJor the evenm
lg. Adamission 26 cents.L

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