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Br.itish infantry, happy and confident, |bound for the, So.mme fr,,nt to Itake palrt in tahe .l'¢etest bat.tle, the \vor~h:
has seen, aind French hussars who tiro doing suc(h brillia nt work inl I~th sain)li strugle~.
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Here Heiiie is trying to get the rnnge.oe f t battery hit. rth:. :.S mne sfect nd lite oef rrnrti s, vge hich, with wir
•:itanglements, may be seen In the mwho le ground. In the foregroinl tre shree Cgnadian. interested In the shelling.
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This costume of especially designed
blouse, overalls and cap. has been
adopted by the United States govern
ment for use of women workers in
government munitions plants. A com
mittee of women workers at the Frank
ford arsenal designed It. Experience
has shown the advantage of its safety
Pearls to Children's Fund.
The London Daily Express states
that a magnlfeant collar, composed of
ifteen rows of famous Vanderbllt
pearls, connected by large diamonds
and set in plaques worth in all about
5,ig. to t Duchess of, Maribor
o 'ab griftotb hebilAreuas jewel tfund.
d. iaumond tiarras alrgady have
se the duchesS for the fund.
.sp ic able theteaauar. Every
to Econtribute ne pleee
to bp estalish Child woe
hfealty tenater& of wbich
- in the UiHted
This heroic bronze statue of the veteran naturalist, John Burroughs. was
unveiled on Burroughs-Arbor day in Toledo, Ohio, April 12. C. . Pietro is
the sculptor.
r AScil lt to thi OSga it0Bt in tWO*Wheeled
}5 ; -1-·:----;
Many Drafted Men Have Been Ex
cused Under Vocation Provisions
Trade Tests Used to Secure Skilled
Workers for Army.
(From Committee on Public Information.)
Washington.-For the purpose of
augmenting agricultural production it
is the intention of the war depart
ment to grant furloughs to enl!Pted
men to enable them to engage in farm
ing during the present season. Com
manding officers may grant such fur
loughs within prescribed rules when
ever it appears they will contribute
to increased farm production.
Furloughs may be given by com
manding officers of posts, cnmps. can
tonments. dliv;sions, and departments.
They will be for short periods, l:nr;e
ly for seeding and harvesting time.
They will not be granted to enlisted
men of or above the grade of first ser
geant, nor in an organization that
has been orderel to move or is in
transit from points of nlobilization or
training to a port of embarknliton. All
furloughs granted will be recalled and
the men ordered to their organizations
when they have received preparatory
orders for duty overseas.
Furloughs granted for farm work
will he without pay and allowances,
except that enounh pay will be re
talned. in each case to meet rllotments
in force on the day of the order. war
risk insurance. and pleidges on Lib
erty hbonds.
For specially qualified experts in
agriculture furloughs may be granted
by the secretary of war upon applica
tlon by the secretary of agriculture,
providing such furloughs arq volun
tarily accepted by the persons for
whom application is made.
Individual applications for furloughs
submitted by relatives will be on a
form to he furnished by local draft
boards. Two sections are to be made
out and presented to the local board.
which can complete the form.
If the furlough is granted the appli
cation will be filed by the command
ing officer and a certificate furnished
the soldier. If not granted, the appil
cation will be returned with reasons
for disapproval.
If the soldier initiated the applica
tion he will give the name~of the per
son for whom he desires to work, from
w-hom will be ascertained the need
'or farm service.
Furloughs may be granted en bloc
"o men who are w'ilinz to accept them.
upon requests of farmers., when time
•onsnmed in traveling from the post
'o the place of labor will not exceed
''4 hours. In making these applican
tions farmers will use a form of the
provost marshal general's office, also
going to the local hoard.
Under proisions of the selective
service law making specified vocations
a ground for exemption or discharge.
apart from the "necessary industries"
dil-lt with by the district boards. 67.
710 men were excused from military
Of the men exempted. 1.Ai05 were fed
eral or state officers; ministers. 3.9176;
divinity students, .,144: in the military
and naval service, 47.822.
County and nunicipail officials num
hbering 8t were discharged: custom
house clerks, 171;: mail employees,
1.476; arsenarl workmen. 2.358; fed
eral employees designated by the pres
Ident, 1,777; pilots. 1,772; mariners.
The alien property custodian has
been given power to sell, at private
sale without advertisement, enemy
owned live stock, feed or food stuffs.
hides and other animal products, agri
cultural products, fertilizers, chem
Icals,- drugs. essentJal oils. lumber.
eottpn. tobacco, furniture, books, glass
and china ware. wearing apparel. Jew
elry. precious stones, pictures, orna
ments, bric-a-brac, objects of art.
raw or finished textile materials.
trunks, boxes, partially or completely
manufactured metals, fabrics, rubber
and rubber products, and all kindg of
merchandise, in lots having a market
value of not more than $10.000.
Such sales may be held at places
and under conditions prescribed by the
alien property custodian.
Federal reserve banks are to redis
count notes secured by farm tract
ors. according to the department of
agriculture. Instructions have been
issued to all federal reserve banks au
thorizing them to rediscount tractor
paper presented by any member bank,
provided It has maturity not exceeding
six months and the tractors are pur
chased for agricultural purposes.
In Oklahoma, county councils of de
fense are securing pledges from auto
mobile owners to furnish transporta
tion to speakers for community.coun
cils. The pledge provides that the
chairman of the rounty council may
hire a car at the expense of any signer
who fails to furnish transportation at
the time promised.
Investigations bythe department of
agriculture in 15 states show that of a
total of 6.836,492 sheep, 34,683 were
killed by dogs in one year and were
paid for by the, counties
To increase the accuracy of select.
inr skilled workers among the enlist
ed men a system of trade tests h:a
been dev-loled. Exact and com!:re
heensive definitions of the more th'in
;cna) lifferent trades represented in the
military organiza tion have been
brought together in a 300-page book,
"Trade S'pecitfttions." Tables have
been prepared showing the detailed
needs of e:,ch unit for skilled and
semiskilled wirkers. Work has been
done In refining methods of selecting
and training men for special duties In
the navy, special service regarding se
lection of aviators, assistance to pro
vost marshal general on the question
naire, and assistance rendered the sur
geon general for general intelligence
tests for enlisted men and officers.
The war-service exchange of the
committee on classification of per
sonnel answers inquiries of persons de
siring to serve the army. It In
forms the department of labor of
the needs which the %tar department
has for men.
The committee on public information
has made public editorial comment in
the German press on the revelations
in the Iteichstag main committee In
connection with investigations of thr
Dalmler Motor Works. It was shown
that the Daimler company was earning
173 per cent, profit per annum, the
company's sworn statement placing
the profits at 11 per cent, and while
the company was earning 4,).,00.000
marks monthly in excess of its peace
tilne profits it had threatened to re
duce output unless higher prices were
paid. The Berliner Tageblatt (Lib
eral), said:
"Energ.:ic action of the authorities
and the Reichstag is demanded. Such
"nterprises as the Daimler firm are
not compelled to submit books for In
tpection. while every little trailer sell
ing vegetables munt show his profits.
We demaond government confiscation
of fllegal profits and. if necessary,
state control."
Vorwaerts (Government Socialist).
"The Raim!er revelations will hardly
occ:sion the same surprise in financial
circles as among the masses. The
Daimler comnany's purpose was not to
deceive the financial world, but the
au thorities, so that its real profits
might he kept from the public's knowl
edge. The company reckoned upon
the commercial ignorance of the gov
ernment and this experience shows
that such reliance is usually justified."
Attention of fertilizer manufactur
ers and dealers has again been called
to the necessity of taking out federal
All fertil!zer manufacturers, includ
Ing mixers, even though their out
put may be small. are required to take
out licenses. Agents and. dealers do
Ing exclusively a retail business.
whose gross sales do not amount to
more than $100,000 a year, are not re
quired to take out licenses or to make
applications for blanks. However, any
retail dealer or agent whose gross
sales amount to more than $100,000
and wvho does not apply for a license,
is liable under the provisions of the
act of congress provitlrin for the gov
ernmental control of the Industry.
Application for license should be
made to the law department, license
division. United States food adminis
tration, Washington, D. C.
American soldiers and sailors in Ger
man prison camps prior to April 12.
1918. will not he deprived of their
rights to war-risk insurance because
of inability to make personal applica
tion. provided such application is made
in their behalf.
According to a statement by the sec
retary of the treasury, applications for
insurance may be made in behalf of
such prisoners by persons within the
permitted class of beneficiaries un
der the military and naval insurance
law. This class includes wife, child.
parent, brother, or sister. Application
should be made to the bureau of war
risk insurance, at Washington, D. C.
The health of troops in the United
States continues very goo4, according
to a recent report to the surgeon gen
eral of the army by the division of
field sanitation. Admission, nonef
fective and death rates are somewhat
higher than last report, due chiefly to
prevalence of Influenza and bronchitis
with complicating pneumonia, in many
of our northern camps.
National Guard camps, as a group,
continue with remarkably low rites.
Very few new cases of measles and
meningitis have occurred.
National army camps continue to
have high sick rates as compared with
camps of other groups, though the
rates are lower than last report. Scat
tering cases of measles are reported
from all camps.
Field and garden seed are uncondi
tibnally exempted from all embargoes,
according to the department or agri
culture. Instructions are issued to all
railroads tp do everything possible to
expedite the movement of seed.
Over 200.000 applications for insur
ance by officers and enlisted men of
the naval service had been filed by
March 31. The average amount of in
surance on each policy was about $7,
300. making a total of more than $1.
500,000,000. Payments on war-risk
allotments are now about $1,000.000 a
Wednesday, April 3. was a peak day
in sales of war savings stamps. when
$4,120,032 was recorded at the treas
ury for the day's receipts from stamp
Back aches? S-3mach ser
sitive? A little cougk? No
strength? Tire easily-? A!l
after effects of this d:ead mal
ady. Yes, they are catarrhal.
Grip is a catarrhal disease.
You can never be well as long
as catarrh remains in your sys
tem, weakening your whole
body with stagnant blood and
unhealthy secretions.
You Need
It's the one tonic for the after
effects of grip, because it is a
catarrhal treatment of proved
excellence. Take it to clear
away all the effects of grip, to
tone the digestion, clear up the
inflammed membranes, regulate the
bowels, and set you on the highway
to complete recovery.
Perhaps one or more of your
friends have found it valuable.
ThouSands of people in every state
have, and have told us of it. Many
thousands more have been helped
at critical times by this reliable
family medicine.
Prstpre alm ia tabld fm for reer ca~eaace.
The PerunaCompany. Columbus, Ohio
virtue titut our uti hienr> uX
Strands of Gray Hair May Be
Strands of gray hair are unattractive
and very unnecessary and accelerate
the appearance of approaching age.
Why not remove all traces of gray in
the hair and posQc.ss an even shade
of beautiful dark hair in bounteous
quantities by the use of "La Creole'
Hair Dressing? Used by thousands of
people every day-everywhere--with
perfect satisfaction. No one need be
annoyed with gray hair-hair streaked
with gray, diseased scalp or dandruff
when offered such a preparation as
"La Creole" Hair Dressing. Apply it
freely to scalp and hair, rubbing it In
well, and after a few applications you
will be delightfully surprised with the
for gray or faded hair and retain the
appearance of youth. Used by gentle
men in every walk of life to restore an
even dark color to their gray hair,
beard or mustache. Sold and guaran
teed by all good drug stores every-
where, or sent direct for $1.20 by Van
Vleet-Mansfield Drug Co., Memphis,
It is often but a single step nrom
the divorce court to the stage.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Baby in his high chair is the real
autocrat of the breakfast table.
Acid Stomach. Heartburn. and Nausea
quickly disappear with the use of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills. Send for trial box
to 372 Pearl St., New York. Adv.
Speaking of real estate in cities, a
front foot is often worth more than a
back yard.
In the spring we may be attacked at
any moment. Toxic poisons pile up
within us after a hard winter, and we
feel "run-down," tired out, blue and
discouraged. This is the time to put
our house in order-cleanse the system
and put fresh blood into our arteries.
You can obtain an alterative extract
from Blood root, Golden Seal, Stone
and Queen's root, Cherry bark, rolled
into a sugar-coated tablet and sold by
most druggists, in sixty cent vials, as
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
This blood tonic, in tablet or liquid
form, is just what you need for "Spring
Fever," for that lack of ambition. It
will fill you full of vim, vigor and vi
Chilliness, when other people feel warm
enough, is a sign of biliousness, or of
malarial poisons-so is a
furred or coated tongue,
lose of appetite, head
$ aches or giddiness, and a
dull. drowsy, debilitated
feeling. It's your liver
tHat's at fault. You
want to stimulate it and -
invigorate it with Dr.
SPierce's Pleasant Pellets.
With every trouble of the
kind, these tiny little
things act like a miracle.
SYou can break up sudden
attacks of Colds, Fevers,
and Inflammations, with
them. The'l give you permanent bene
fit for Indigestion, Constipation, Sour
Stomach, Sick Headache, and Dizziness.
They mae smll and poleasant to take, and
the most thoroughly aar.rzr remedy.
Twenty-five cents at most drug store.

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