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See notice of Tax Collector in anoth
- er columna. in reference to isouing i.
"P CC 1)0e, etc.
. Mr. Saunders will lsume the ex
-. - ," se.. of his School in Rayville on
P . .Monday morning next.
Publs Mr. D. W. HIndson, agent for the
. atent sub-soil attachment Plow, and
t' :also.raveling agent for the Delhi
1'ir,,:,/,.ile, visited our town this week
We regret to learn that Dr. J. P.
Smith, of Delhi, and Mr. Wmiu. C. Pur
vis, of the same place, both good citi
c. itizens, died in that town the first of
this week.
('r'roN.-We observe a small de
r!ine in the markets within the last
wee.k, though very- slight. Closing
(q.,otations in New Orleans vesterday
were about 191c. for middling, and
20t c. fur good middling.
IhulE AFFLICTION -Our senior
partner, Mr. MANOJIAr. , has been
confined to his bed. for the past week.
with a severe attack of pneumonia.
Without any apparent symptoms of
improvement, he still lingers in the
agonies of this painful disease.
Our kind friend, Rev. D. A. Camp
hell, has our thanks for a late num
her of the Chrislian OIberrer, pub
lished at Louisville and Richmond,
which contains many valuable, inter
esting and instructive articles from
the pens of most eminent writers.
Mrs. Laura Myers. an estimable la
clay, died at her residence, near Alto,
a few days ago. To the bereaved
family and friends, we tender the'
sympathies of a heart that can ap- L
preciate the melancholy deprivation tl
caused by the relentless hand of death. i,
ELLrators.-The first quarterly a
meeting of the M. E. Church convenes ~,
in our town to-dyav. Rev. Jo:EL T. al
I)AVES, Presiding Elder, will preach d,
this morning at 11 o'clock, and also ti
to-morrow morning at the same hour. i c
Rev. D. A. CAMPBELL, I'reshyth-'
rian Minister, will preach to-night. ti
A Texas Emigrant, while en route tl
front Mobile on the Mobile and Texas b
Railroad, was swindled out of $1600 ti'
in greenbacks by a confidence man pi
who imposed that amount of "so call- A
ejd" gold, which afterwards, on exam
ination, proved to be the bugus mate- lee
rial known as "spiel marks" in com- wi
mon parlance. tb
Messrs. FAIRCHIILD & Co. are the do
.proprietors of the large Steam I'la.n- ra"
ing Mill in Vicksburg, where you con un
get doors, sash, blinds, mouldings clI
and all kinds of building material, put ate
up to order on short notiej. They e5
are prompt and reliable business men, ini
and as suchb we commend the liberal i w
patronage of our readers. You will wa
find their card in another columa of
Frt-NITrRE.-The name of J. D.
SrTILs, the great furniture dealer of Sta
Vicksburg, is a familiar house-hold we
word among the people of this section, w,
who are reminded of him whrre'er they o
turn, by some beautiful and durable so
specimen of furniture shipped from ind
his large establishment. His Cheap ,I
Furniture Store is becoming too pop- Ioa
ular to need a recommendation from
us Those who want good furniture
will be very apt to sed him their or- a
deora. Read his advertisement in an- fa
other colamn. bra
A Nsw Pea.-Weh bare receiv
ed the Prospectus of a new paper
to be started in Birmingham, Ala.,
aboat the first of Marech next, called
the BIirminguam Iron Aye, by Frak
A. Daval k Co., 'ublishers, ad
Mike L. Woods. Editor. We reeog~
mie in this enterprise our good friends
of other days, whom we know to beo
men of considerable experience sad ro
ability is the pebliabingl busineas, and
whiheb gives us the asuronce that the
Ire A e A will prove a splendid sue-e
ease, to which end it has r bestr
Tus PausowootcAL JoUUnAL for
February emes oet sa fresh and vig- tl
orous as a crisp, seasonable, and in
all respects m a eslutry atock ofread- eat
og matter can make a msgazine.- th
Opening its leaves we lad a good not
sketch and portrint of the regretted "d
Norman McLeod, D. D.: also .*pecu. tha
lative on-Phbilosophy; What do We the
Live Fer? The Man ofThree Drems il
espeeidly notable now that his nerphew wh
the E'z-.lperor is dead; and numer- *
ous other valuable, interesting sod in. fo
strctive articles. Pri'e as usual 30 st
cents or $3 year. We notioe tbat litl
the publiasher ofers a premium of a 56
new ,brosuo to new solrrnbers who I
Saeod 30 centa extra for peotage sad We
. mounting. 8. R. We!ls, Publisher.
r. TRHATRICAL.-The Rayville The
w atrical and Minstrel Troupe will give
another of their splendid Entertain
- meats in the basement of the new
i- Masonic Hall, on Wednesday night
next, the 12th inst. Judging from
what we have seen at the rehearsals
of this amateur Troupe, we can safely
vouch for their ability to give an au
dience the full worth of their money
in an evening's entertainment with
d fun qpd frolic. Let them have a large
ai audience on next Wendesday night.
One of the most popular and relia
ble business houses in Vicksburg is
r- the large wholesale and retail estab
i. li.hment of Messrs. Lamkio & Eggle
f s.on, corner of Crawford and Leveet
streets. Their business continues to
inctease. and the clever gent'emen
who compose the firm continue to
i grow in popularity, as their acquain- I
Staince becomes more and more extend
ed by a liberal use of printer's ink.- I
Read their advertisement in the BEA
co.v, and remember them when you
wish to purchase a supply of groceries
S-- -----***** --
An advertisement of that great and
iudispensable book, Webster's Una
bridged Dictionary, will be found in
another column. The President of I
St John's College writes about it as a
follows: I
St. Jons.a Co.Ln; .o
A' APOLIs, MD., June .7, 1871.
I am much Fleaed with the etymologies
and definition. of Webster' s nabtridgedt Dic
tionary, a" far as I have examis.et Ithen, andw
r'onsi,der as invaluable additions the Introdme- t
Lion on the Enngish Language by Pro,. Had. t
Iey, and nome of the appendices. e-pecially s
that on Fictiionu Names by Prof Wheeler.
Presi.lent `t John.' College
-.-- ...----- I
have just received a late number of a
this old and popular Monthly, which a
is now entering upon its 31st volume u
We well reasember this Magazine as I
a 'avorite among our fathers in ante %
,,'llunm times, and are glad to see it ti
still living is the enjoyment of richly
deserved p:osperity. There is a prac.
tical matter of fact air, about the Cut- r.
caoor, which com,,mends it with wo,,. is
derful favor to the average farmer of CI
the South, and secures for it upon ti
that class, a hold which eannot be w
broken by the claims of more ambi
tious competitors. Its subscription
price is only $ a year ; published at
Athens, Ga.
S. ADAMS Lna, the great sensation th
lecturer, whom the people of Delhi th
will remember to have had among
them during the late Christmas boli- tL
days, is one of the most accomplished an
rascals sad consummate scoundrels
unbung. The missing foot which be
claimed to have lost in the Confeder.
ate cause, was amputated from the fai
efects of a wound received in attempt- an
ing to escape from a penitentiary in
which he was confined for stealiag a
watch. The numerous priated slips for
of paper containing "puffs" purporting Cil
to be copied from some of the most fail
respectable newspapers in the United
States, which be carried with him,
were all most impuduent forgries
written by himself. Our people can- s.
not be too cautious in receivring iato°
society tbhe oily-tongued fascinating
individuals wbo so often come sleeg
claiming to be forty-second cousin to
some royal family. ..
Tag LAst Rnroon-Honr.-When
a man's allictions come upon him
fat and thick; when car, fevers hiscb
brain, and sorrow knows his heart;
whbea the tide of misfortone has part- ca
ed the last aord that heldhis bark to Cr
her moorings, and the sound of its viii
parting sinks like a death-knell into j
bis inmont sonl, awakening all its
sympathies to the fearful reality of
the moment, the itensity of the ex
eitement gives way to a kbre of an
guiah, a Utter tear of disappoitment,
or to that meeat trangl *ad unee.
trolabls, yet sileat power-dispeed
--cy. But it is for a momenat only;
one eoavullve tirob, ee leog-draw,
heartheaved ighb. ad it is ail over;
a iush pano. over the earn INb. the
-te ass snhadwow fe April day, ond
Sc the divie priae of chests, the
glorioes mperor of deceivers, its
mmilin on his throe. And so, at ed
atidsed with having bou befeoled a she
thouaed times ten tbouosd bhefore;
sot contest to wipe away tie tear of Iho
ad and melaceholy disappolutmont ,
hat had jost beeno made to gush from z
he founat of life's feelings, not imelgia
ing that theb aie of arrow tbroughb
which he hasb just psesod oeld bo en
eted over again, and that the some
root that spurned bin en spur bin
gnin, be falls don a and worships its so
light as the Persian kneaIs to th "
u-god of his seou's idolatry.
We Ihpe fSw life e e is is hIem Iour. .
lo pr henaleib wha i lela r. sduwIn oe•
We hoepe S r frwdomn whee inasevory spew A
Htae t'r eourage wimn haited b fer,
W'. bo.. fSwr st the swe..eat pyso hfy i'.
11 \*..-.rt e", dw th it d4e,*. rt. 'e." ' e
e- . gret to learn by telegraph
re that Commod,,re Mathew F. Maurv.
a- American hydrography and naval of.
'w eer, died at Lexington, Va., on the
hi lIt inst., aged 6' years. He was the
m author of letters on the Anizon, and
Is on Atlantic slopes of South Anwmrica,
ly the relation between navigation and
u- the circulation of the atmosphere, as
!y troaamieal observations, pby'icai ge
h ography of the sea, etc. During the
Se late war be was an officer of the Cor
federate navy, and at the time of his
death was a professor of physics in
" the Virginia Military Institute
b- Robt. A. Mosely, Jr., late editor of
e- the MJountain Home, published in Ala.
who has been a loud-mou:hed I)emo
o crat from his infancy up, has deserted
j his old friends and gone over to the
o radieal eamp, after firing into them all
I- the amunition be had, he shot biim:elf
I- away. We remenmber Bob as one of
- the 'rebel school boys' with whom
we enjoyed the fun of banging old
a John Brow. in effigy, and we thought
s then he had a soft spot in his cras
aium. Poor fellow, he's gone too
late,-the th.ires are "falling out."
I . ...-
A special Washington correspond
Sent says: "An affair of honor between
f ltepresentatives McCormick, of Mis
r soour, sad Sypher, of Louisiana, has
been the subject of discussion, in quiet
congressional circles. The trouble
arose out of a statement by McCor
mick to the effect that he was in pose
session of an affidavit going to show
that Sypher had bees paid several
thousand dollars for the votes of him.
self and the Louisiana delegation in
behslf of the Rock Island Railroad
land grant bill which late passed the
House The Louisianian says Mc
Cormick most fight or retract. lie;'
also says that he was not is the city
at the time of the passage of the bill,
which as generally known to be a faet. i
It is expected that mutual friends will
will settle the matter amicably, sad
that no blood will be spilt.
- 4J -----* -
Stock raisers in Texas have been
roaming certain sections of that State ,
in armed bands threatening vengeance
on parties who have been skinning'
their cattle killed by the late cold
weather. Several of the parties have
been killed.
Chinese bird fanciers tie tin whis
ties to the tails of their feathered pets
to protect them from vultures. As '1
the bird lies the whistle shrieks, and I
the vulture is scared and lies sway. Ii
But he isn't say worse scared than
the small bird, nor does he fly away t
any faster.
The Italian Minister of Greece re
fuses to have any coas'unjestion with
the Greeisa Minister of Foreign Af
fairs, in consequense of the receipt of a
an alleged discourteous letter. t
Arrargemnents'are now being made
for the grand Carnival in the Crescent
City on the 25th inst., which bids e
fair to be a most splendid success.
DIuvs sursc.-- tle appenintmenso ofI
the bptit Cbhurech t ayville, are the lIt
Sundys in each month.-Rev. E . Rey
nolds, Paster.
Drvasm Savaeea will be held in Rayville ar
on the Third heny ia erLt month, by Rev.
T. 3 Lawson, Epiceepl Msiniser.
Preaching at osee aepwtpsis Church, atC
Jas Deoisi place, Second Sunday of each
moth by lev. . . Rynolrds, and the
Sateborday before as Nowos McCowan' 1
EnerL Ss kavac--o New IrSlem ,
Chuneh, near sraud, by Rev..Mr. Miller,, on
the Arest Suadoy e each menh.
Armeserawsra RAts. (mrcsrr. M g
Canmes See,. -Fires Sunday at Linle
Cm.reek, Sreed Sunday at New Salem. third
Suday et Union, and hearhl Sunday at Ray.
vile. Rev. J. .. Wribght, Panor ila chate.
Wm.mlg m - esmaur enmmunieutieae of
' P. Mcairo Ledge d.o 0o the tad Wed- .
aedaJ eaelh meath.
J. 6. RICUARDSON, W.*. N.'. I.
W. TA. See, Seemery.
.- -----·..-----
Orrc or J. D. Sn.ras. .
Oret Cheap Furituure, CAair a.sd -
FeeAsr Warehosse, No. 56 Wash- -.
iugior 3Irecf.
tcsastvso. }Mess., jan. 9, tsay.
Waern P. Msaeu, Egrier Brees,
Durdm'r: Though yer aduabe paper I
wi-h te order my thN, a the people shag
the liaetlm N. L &T R. IL ome Dheat W
Menroe r the very laeerl patmeage eswnad.
ed a me. My thln are especially due to
thepe eple s and urend RaIyville. To all
I sender my hear-ftel theks. Thunkiae
them sr put ihcre I disit a eoeniaun,.e of
their par kind peseage ad inluetce, prs'n
ria as prove nmysrlf wtth y ofthe same.
1 am very reperfully, e
of J. D. SrLES.
W.e mae snetriurd to announce Ithe name
of ha ene. 3. C w ed, o Muna,
Pnrih. La., as a camltate fr Sate hesor.
to lil bhe unexpired terst of Hon W. L .tc
Milnen. Spt-mil election latsaday, slse 10th
day of Fehrnery. A D., 1857. -d.j
A .O.. mOIK or behne woan
esIt emlmnea a eos for s a str! I fL
eay, t mad wa, by apmlyias : atiis t
,:,- w i-w,,: dC1·.qn. "
ph Column for Land Sellers.
S A I'Paclr.tstror-- We pru.e i ailvrti-,c
iland for sale. with thit un ledertan.ldl it tithe
be Iand. o no-r will give jprone and ttri.tl. .it11
be if no sale, no chlarge. and if a ,lc lihe will
3d pay us It) pea ce't o(f ilcnrc~ha.e price. rcut
cf the cash payment.
ad nf ,eral.le place Ibr a s latl ilicl,-"r. I) I)
.- L4 acres al g w , dn rage lati. only rnailes
'e- a,y valt. Si.l un easy termIr t
t:licrthtlal r enqiuire at thel cLftc e. tL.
O lF ilalf itt..r -t ti  anr lre hody of ind.
Sbut will Ie al I i hli i tie pu -lit rchtasers
. lcr antrhtullars .tp:. yii thic iLL. .t. II
S20000 ... "" i.....l 'il (.....i ha
Ssers. All is tle. wt,, . F',r I
patictar. apply at sls i01 e. tr
o- Acres of land -ISImne impttr e.-.
eIi mrnlt on tlle lp'ar. N.,ar th,
Northl Lcuisiana A l'xas Rail Rondl . and ill
a ga d range. For particulars apply tt tIlhi
yl ofice. r1:
OF Trru
* The first number of a weekly paper, under
d Iit above title will be issued, in tIle town lof
Delhi, on or about the tIr.e day of OIrtal.r.
I 1872, anl now is Ihe lisite to eend in your
names, in order io colmnence witll the first
number of the paper.
SHaving prneured the services of some of
the best writers in the Southl, the purpose of
the proprietor is tot merely to make it a Live.
SLocal, CeOnitry Paper, hbut oi First Class
Family Journal,
that will be a credit to the ceuntry andl wel
Scome vic-ior to every Firesidle, Workccop, c
Olfice anod Cocllttilng Rcml i'* Nrkth Laulcsirana
Sor aniy where else it may flnd its way, as it I
will. besides giving the current news of the
day, he devnted to the enonlragemlent of all
the Industrial Pursuit,. Intellectul. ARric-ulu-.
ral and Mllechanical, the development of the (
resources of this portion of the Great als-si -
mippi Valley, and the prooantin of thie Reh
giots, Moral and Scrral VIrtuesof our ittell
gent, chivalroucs and ge.cerous pecople.
Having slWl his mark high, it will rie the
Sconstantl si0n anil chief desire of the prulrie.
tor to bning and keep his paper u1p t the I
highlest standard of jourrnalism, worthly of the (
generous support of a discriminraticg and ap c
preciative plstlic. Upon whom lie contidclenly
relies for their cu-operation in the enterprise.
assuring the people that it will always Itcw
c-ommenesurate with Uce ee cooiragelnent it I
receives from them. "
To this end, he appeals to all who ,iy
favr the enterprise. anhl e-specially thore whoi t
de.-ire the prosperity of IDelll and all that tl
pleasant and beautiful country known as the
Macon Ridge, to as*ist him in procuring aitr
i the paper tach an extensive circulation anit
ailvertniing patronage as will justify the ex a
pen liture of the money and labor neccesarn
for the establishment of this cherished enter.
prise upon a permanent and prosperoius basis.
not only by satbecriling and adlertisinig them
selves, but influmcwing others to do likewise.
All ministers of the Gospel among whose
lcLks lhe paper circulates, will receive a copy
regularly Ireeof charge, by hfcrnisalccg their
names and post oiffie addresses. School a
Teachers and Pnstciasatena are requestod to
solicit subscriptions in their neighberbhlul. fP
aeta or scmacamorit :
One copy one year, $1 (r
Six copies one year, ameo Poet OErne. 3I (At
Ten " " 25 00
Fifteen Y " " " " .36 04
Twenty " A " " A 40 0U
One copy sent by subscriber to distance, 2 00
brmonickt and Beacon both one year, h.5 0 to
I )isoomnt as aboee for clubs to buth papers pl
Other neighering papers desiring toelab with Fi
the CaRONICLg, can do so upon the anoe be
terms as iie Beacon.
ADVr Tisaixe ATas: Ci
One Inch, less thanne month, per week, $1
Two ins. " " c " " I 75
One inch three months, $10 00
" c six montls, 17 01i
t a me year, 6 (sA)
Like deallctons made according in length
and time. Adverticrs will find it one of thle
hest mediums in North Louisiana Iar maslingl
their usiaiess known.
'G"reat incluements offered to compe
teint andl re.ltocabhle Agept+o.
For further particulars, address the under
signed. at Rayville, until Sept. 15th, and after
that date at Delhi. La.
Aug. "24, 1M72.-tf. Proprietr.
B e S@ per day. Agents wanted
AC ll , .aaes. of wcrkig peple,of. either
sme. young or old. make more money at work
for ew In their splre motnensl,. or all tlie time.
than at anything else. Parieclarm free. Ad.
dress G. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine,
Co,- etioe ariue and Family
L AM new prepared to Manfaurtr plai sio
CANDIES of every deseripmie, and esr lic
them at WHOLESALE, boxed, ready r (
shipment, at 20 cents per lb. delivered fIro
SteaonhOat or ailroad free of drayage ad ai t
aexing. My mseck lof
I- alwaye omplee. The oeo· s qalis r
lmpocal diree.a
Ia mer of stre.
Ireo Fronm eek, 1IS Wabaiene k,
Doe. 10, 1872-12m. Vicksbegias Mia. I.
-. A. tULLUT. a. o. aLLa
Commission lerchants.
--: AD:--ri
Wiolealoedealers in PernimionM, Groeerier d £
.hIry e a H.ad. Re
Lime, Cement, Plater Paris, '
Pled-er Hair, Lehe ~cE. .
a *l 18 4 930 MW thlry Wtreet,
nep.trS-G. .] Vi'kabrg, Mius. T
*. . Cwea & CO [email protected]
Ca-rnr I W iRngrea ead Ctromfosrld Orrea i the
A. P ADAMS, .tir/.J. we C.
Liberal Advamresa mde am Ceosnso be j hs
dee? ad 7 y t aw
k .7'. 1,.Z
IR. N. F. e;CRAW.
,l IDentast.
ill , vr,ag permanently located at Dert.ti. I.A.
u waia. ld re-p-vtfrully inforn tlie ciltz.o oft
Ri.chlnnl parIl, anutd the surroundltg cotlutri
lhat hle is prepared to perform all kiinds a,
ei.erannsy in Il-nti.rry with nealiels nla,:
S'lrabiliy,. mapon, 'centale priciple..
tr will he at Rayville on Saturdlay before
rthe Thtrd Sunmday in eaclh imenh. and wl!
dt tesde pronmply drinl Ihe week fillowing
tnial orders left at the Bkcov Orrtetl. vi.itl
tug ive rewaIlenrs of applicant. when Ile-ired
All operatiaos warranted ullless etherwrle
expressed Jan 20. 2-i
rP . TOLEm,
ayville, La.,
Will gite hi.s per-oaial attention to any pro
t.1.,ntal Is-ine'-. un the PMrateh l ad Iistrict
I 'mrtr of liaRhland, Franklin amtI lati on,
parnshc,. Nov. 4, Ib72-ty.
R tyville, L3.,
Thankful for the ll.erel patron.--ge hereto
fore extemled In me, I wall intitue to prac I
tire my profeosion in all its branches Specil
I attention given to chreonic dteaeas. lJdire
with W N. Pens. Esq., where I will alway
hbe foundl when not professionally engaged.
S July 8. neo'8.ly
.eiLTO. LA.
Having located pernanently near this
place. I offer my prefeu+ioeal services to the
citizen-t of the surrounling country.
Lue attention given to all diveas.e.
Always te he found at my off.e, at Steam
Mill, when not profea.immally engaged.
June ?l 1872-ly.
O. H Morrison. W. W Farmer
Practice at RAYVILLE, Parish of
ICHIILAND. Also in the Supreme
Court of Louisiana and is the United
States Courts.
LAnD buasiness attended to in the
State and United States LAvD Or
VICEgs. 1
W. W. Farmer, late District At
i torney,. will o.sw devote special attea
tion to the DeFgNssn in criminal cases.
Jan. II, 1873. ly.
Rich3rdsons & MoEnery,
Practice in all the Parishes of North Lnmi.i
ma1n, in the Suplreme Court at M. ror, the
Federal Cart, and in the Land Olice De- C
pertmnent of the General Government.
Jan. Ilth, 1873. ly.
R e mseeare , . t
AIRTIES wiehing to seller purchase lands R
in this section will And it totheir innelt in
tou address me. I have for ale several SAe In
plantations in Osuachita, Richland, Mrehentee,
Franklin and Caldwell parishes. which can ta
be purchased on very reasonable terms. I.
Having formed connection in Washingstn \t
City with an agent, I am prepared to repro- ."
sent litigants in contesaed land cases, abeia y
patents. etc JAMES . RAT.
Rzrvrsseum: -Cal. I. Garrett, D. B Trous.
dale, Col. John McEuery, Julia Ennemerr.
Copper, Tnla A Sheet-Iren W ker,
aker of Drove WelS. Pipes sad Toole, A
House Furnishing Goods,
Tin Ware, Pampo, Pump Pipes,
Sheet Lead, RBrieh and Tile, -
Crew Yalr~ y and C(ly AOi,
Ageny r hle C ihelebrated Pere Oil.
Particar Attention pid to Steamboat and
Job work. octSdoi95-" mpn
T EE anale*i*ned having pernnently
lolated at Rayville Sor rhe purpose *(
practicing Medicine, hope. by prompt
ane anti punetualiat-in diacharge of pafea
siottal daetaa-to merit a hate o' the pub
lic patronage.
lOlace in Dr. Ralb's saore. Ofice hours
fron 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.
"202-6m JOS. ATKINSON, M. D.
T HE undersigned ropectfully inform la-i
eomunity and eountry at large tha* m mey
h've a ehoai lot of DBY GOODS. .; the old .m
sam o4 Riley & C., which tIhey propoe to Vi
sell ceep lor aes.
IJan. 25tb, 1873. It.
U. W. C. TasZVArT, Tutor et al.
[No. 157 ] vs.
14th District Court. Parish of ) l'
Richlsad, State of Louisiana., " -
Sy virtue ofean order of nmir ieed from ar
Sthe IHonorable 14h District Court in and il
,,r the prriih aend State aSurenaid. and In me P
direteal I will es er for ale at Delhi, on set
Setrday the lat dayof MarcA, 1873,
at pus'lic auctionto the lat ansi highest hidder not
the lollowing dlecriael propertyn, to wirt: :,
A five(5) are Lot frnting on Rail Road E.
Reserve on tie Soth. (being thirty feet fromt er
the Rail Read Dit.h) and honaded on the to
East by theop line of the South West (1) jor
qarter of the North Weot quarter (1) of ow
Sctia, thiraten (13) thence running West on
To-r-want isee. tlhmce South to ,she Rail sub
Road Reserve, and ail niued in Towaosip Ra
Seven0se (17) age NoNi ne ast.
Wali b:,ld aceedinglo liaw, as eet a
prtnita,. Terms of arle emeh wilth keelt
of appmnement. J. A. LIDDELL,
jet 45-4-q 61'4U. SheriK.
Webral k a le I* ave a ia lae our
O.phia Asyleam.-Sas.wasiis ci(red on
in (a a Pr.ae. Tb. appeal i madte on the ie
ground of bhumanity, frosa a new Steae.where adj
he tide of immigration ia immense, and whete as
ach_ an Instiution is grealy needed. The oe
htilhat Primae i. 75,0o. The ticket. are al Ch
rach or aiz SY. r 55. J. . Patee,of Omaha, (
haa bee cbeae the Genetal Mangt-r of Ric
tih leg ad ndm ae n dnLertklng, which is
eered by the emeonr and bet buninea
men of 'ue Sane .
&r Co Sod and Seidi·tt Pe ' ^
Ct)D VIn I~ vL ()oIh
n~oa o som1 smz...s`
NEW OtLKAXS zxn= _ m_
" r lip..
E " "
0- S
~,r r
Ev Fry variety of Lades' a.dl Gents
SHIOES. ('HROM1(, Ol11. PA.IN r
( a (as11 a.1itee the goo!..
Berl.harhlt Bual.ln.g.
nov23t 3m. I).Siard Stree :. Mosrse. La.
JTOB WORK. of all kinds. fr.o a carte de
st isreo a poe-r, eetly eeurated as the.
ade. se, sp short nait.e.
liOE SInOP !
The unslereagtled have establi.hed in Fell,,
chops for tse ,tanulfartare af
armoss sad Saddlry,t
and alslo of
Our Saddlery is made fr n,, hIatler out of our
own Tannery, where we have experiaen-el,
We manuULfhclrc as bheap es firat cnass w rL
rca be done either in Va:kshaerg or New
Our .lins.e Ia' r i undIler 'ntrol of nn ar
copnpli.lse waakma.,. We have on hand
French and A.,aeriaan ('Val. and Muorrecno
Skins, and Kap o.f mar twn and foireign make.
and can give our cna-tomers t pnw n itk an
article as the-y may order. Shoal I we receive
orders enough to jal-tary it. will send oum
Foeter to Rayvilleto take meamuret.
octltf MOORE & TRAVIS.
rRE tn.ler:rned i% enot pr-par t and
j wll open no ise first lay of January.
Ib-3, a tirt chlss Boardinl Hut,, at the ,old
.tand of " Mr. Hrw-on," i:orth .idse of the
Ra Iroad, near the Depot eta DrSiard atrect
in her new Iwo-stary b.silting whlsdh ha-lneen
lately itaed up (or the psurlp, eeud is emply
•ualicieutt to entertal, i clasy. week. menth or
transient bearters. a one h, aIalred aper centt.
less than they can Icet it as any other nl ses in
Monroe, and rqual y as glod fre and other
aeommtodatios.+, anl mrsl more corenvenient
:y situaLed o the N L. T. R. .
HlavsL s en e ngaged in the t.imnes for a
"nag ine feels eatieled of giving atsae-rtao. .
K HF.W:oN.
Monts., La , Dee. 1lth, I. 72-12m.
hL rhelati erczreises the ThirteTat
Anuael Term of enemr College begie on the
Ph-E Taelday oresepMblr
Iezi, S7ers
Tuition at the rates of $ per meam. I
Beard from $12 te $l1 per mant .
Students received in regallr elmss.e, only,
alia She ead efa ,eesinm.
A Preparatory Deparmenat, mader «s.pe
teat management is aarthed M the C .elleto.
Taiiem I$ toSs per mIn .
For further particlars. aIddress:
REV. J. L COBB, Pa stm a.
oemer Cellege, La.
By orertr o the Bear.
W. F. meras.u"s,
Presideat Beard el Trasmee.. ailS-l -
-DLALnE. I'(-.
jrsear r, Preiesas s
AND LSt4eos,
Cerer Cramword and Levee Sreets,
Liberal advenres in Cash or Supplies
made . Ceton sold by as or sored in the
Planters. and Merchauta. Wareease," is
ec. 10.' 72-1.
( IVE. tsat the 3d 1ad 4,lsatrlmstlas
Sthe atmoent s,,berisbd fer teo builing
a the Ilall here which is he a o lnse of
_orlaip ,taner the coatrel orf. P. McGuire
"ligo Y*. 209, is now de aMl the buiilders
ro bher at worek and want the moere thit
a uleeribt pauid immalediately. I pro
-m so pablie th llanme et tlhoea who hvO
aseeribed anml paid nd also tloes whno Ihve I
aslribed and not paid. Tbose who feel a
sterest in othe building of the house ad Lape
loet iven any yet aro inbformed thae the mm
a ahe done oy calling on Maj ()laver, ap.
Scott, Dr Peit, H. F. Vksm or ay oSlh. d
r mnemberof Loalgeor 'omomineeof esbetrip. p
on. The who paid the BIra quarter owe
or aeefndandtShoe owho haveo t pmiJ ay p
we foe half.
N. A cail is now malde for eull ame1nt i
aesherihst as te bniklina nr mroeempletiot. I
lrville, La., O:t. 2)th, 1879. tf
T*m,* L r. e. LMcoi ge . 20.
e the nderasigned havethiedoy aso·ei]e
nrrselve tonether r the p o eanrya i
so a Rel F.tate Agemy. We pepeoto
sy, ell ad leose mead ia thui Parist and
:sjininig Parishes. We alm ppse to pay
xeo for new IRpideako, they edianl s do
money, and refer a tie & Elae., Jnr.
habe SBo & Sen, Levy & Hams, J. W.Anbr
k Co..N1ew Ostrnen, and to may eiise of
lichlald Parseh.
V. T. OLVEr,
Raytde 1. .. ... :S m,
ro( ( 1('e.
-a e
wNoll. ·N,
Rayville, Lounlians.
--o-- a .
I wiIsh to notify the public that I will -rnm
plete all kanls of eaarp-nater a work in the,
heat man:,niner, at shluort fau e. e.) . I) s sa i
jmarials or State.
S Gin Houses,
•.ni. al r.f the tat i -l...vi of, corT N
I 'JE F: : bn. r awre rine t. nr, er
( tne ia- t rial an I fair play. rtnt I guar
itanlr lati 1r'mionn or all parhi;e. r no avo
Jan. !t, 3 : ly N .M. As'ION
Architect and House-builder.
,torn,.,the pIubllic gea eral:y that he in ntw
lisrated at (itarJ. ial ai. reamly ltoo ai! c ta.l
anrl work of all kinll thalt come.i i ts is ;l:
Otf a lirnt clas htu-etaitler. on a- re:.'- ,;,t, e
termtans . pay uther nre' - i ana" its the ,'..., r, y,
and take, tiltl metlsd ,a f ina;til t.. h. ....
knowa,. unv2--'an.
J uter's Male.
i y irtnl of an a rlter iPeerd form the. Hini
t'," Parish C'ort of the Parshr,. of tOuuaerI,.
I wil offer at paublic. Pse on
Wedoesday,tbe 5th day of Feb. 187::,
at. It door of he. Cort Haoose in the town .(f
Rayville, wtlhin the hrMt. prescrilad by iaw
all the prrapervy Ieloat:,i, tea sIlhe mi m ar .1.. , Ia
R. Rtchardtrn in the town of Ravvihls.. cYn
stating of Lait I? in PIaIre 3, in rni. Iws.
Terfms olf ale ayn-i wlah Ienelit of a, -
prai.ement. J. G RIC.LAR.bI)ºN.
yrit4 2Pgqr-5t5l1. Tauir
Mr. G. C. Ensenminer havinlg waldl.t Iarga.
7y I. the t ao nli.rts of hi- Rea-tu,,rant ons (:r.a,.,l
sltre. ie now lareparel to meet the Watsi: a. ,1
suit the tahtes oIe O ue lavotrig y I.in .r,",
their parlaage. A birat a :a." R.-taira"nt
nolk has been employed. Fosh. ;tsat:e aent
Fresl Oysters kept. and served in easy st) le
Monroe, aNov taith. t17?-ty.
S.C WtILK.Iaen,Ja. IaLS, ote. U*. MOSEaLTy
.Aeaba. Loasmiea. N.asiaappi.
TUlTUkermIs, WIbbler * Co.,
Commsrdon Merohants,
3i0O avei, SIt., New OrIeail.
Bagging and Ties fIrnislhe. Liberl ,as-h
advancees made on £onalgaanent teaulI* Pan
To AI'hltecat sad agI@erU,
Iaving proureml the wervice i of aeve*al Irs
clas rarpenter. would repr etftlly irbrifr
the public that be is prepare-. to tak. r oltmt..fs
w u kilainl, and all n.et wwrk in hloa line
and ezere.* it with skill and diapeelh.
hnmp onar ILO Iltilvead Depot, Rlajille.
--anj. tI, 15.-l..
Parish of Richlahd. J
.eaessies of Robert Rad, dereus.
BY vinre of an order of sale iaea.lt
from the Hon. Pari-b Court is *01~l
for the Parish of Richiandl.State of lta's.mna
in the mattenr of the sweemsion of Ro r.
Retl, dec'd, and to me tliretealr, I will
proceed to fiter fur sale a tihe Iast plate of
residence of tb- mid *leeeared. near the town
Delhi. is said Parish of Riehalnd, at Ibibls
s·etion, to the highest bidder, on
Saturday, the 15th day of Feb., 1873,
the following described property, belonnliag
to mlid Suecesaiou of Robers Reed, deceased,
"he ear lhl((j) of the month Smot qgnrter
di) of maies twety.lve (26) towshlil,
_=vesieen (17) rsage nine (9), together wibh
all the haildiangs and improvemoets tleretan.
Tetras of mle-ash nt ams l shun the
appeaiemce. mANCIC REED,
Iev35-3sIs-'-t I18 Adminislenril.
Tas Seits, or LoecatA, Parish Ourt.
Parish of Rabdiend. h
arsm n/ We IV LAraa, Drraed.
BI i3 ovir e of at tr of ale Isued froan
the Holnt Parihb Court in andI for the parish
of Richhand l and o me darolela. I will asla
Saturday, the 16th day of Feb. 1873,
wbin the bonor preeribed by law, at the
dme of the court bourn in in maid parish.
proceed to ofer far le a publie mutiem, Ifor
eabh, to the highest bidder Ihe Ibllowin0g
ptwpe belnesung to mid saureein,. to it :
Tke North Veit qutmrer Set.n Saur.Tow n
ship (l') ;iEighteen Norath nf Rangn Eitt (.)
Eas, e'maaanizi one haudred and siat) (I ')
sese, mowe or lees
Termo of sale-eash at the iaveboried mp.
jmall-sespa Sbhrll.t
I. ailed for msa bp gs . lOEII
, as t, Vi ' est.i
KAb liITR ATE IS A IS Of auvey
LU cl**r* *
********~ cJ r

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