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A Iomeetio Weekly Newpap_, _
-Pdihibed at
AgI1UI, IeIglI
Advertising Mediam, and Live Psuer.
Rates very t·esosalble. -.eJ liberal dacouon
to Yearly Advertisors.
Piee p/le Amme. *AW.
IS P. lBaI- - - Ir.
Saturday. hbruar 1 1S Isl .
Democratic Ste Ticket.
for Giro v:r"r.
Ai %NG< r . r 'II',LLc,
uof t)rlras.
For Lien0en.t.Gw-ve.rtr,
ef Rapilde.
Fwr Seeamary of S"at. ,
of [ooere..
For Treasure..
SILL;.1.\ II. I .I'F.S.
of East Flli.'ia.a.
Far tMsorney-Gen:esl.
of Orlealns.
For An.lisnr,
of CU uo.
Fur Sul:erintendeut . e:i',:lic T..lueation,
. f i *rre.
We, the Democracy o, the State of Lasi.
. Ine, i eovcetstuws assemnbled, do tanoIae
sal dec:l.r-
Firwi-(lir deroton to ;he .ene.-booeed
a lt'ineplres  sthe Lsoe ,eL partty as pm.
clainmed ly its (osaetee, Theasn Jefferrol,
* lieteviu, them hei r recognitiese and entlrce
meeat ae essesial rsthre measeteeance of ftres
sontitultoss rnd popular government.
rPonad-Thla we indurse ise ta ai.i·r.
ton of Grmver (:leveland, and I,eheve tIos
tLe iterests ofl the u lion will he Ithi the.
subeerved Iy his re. Iecsrn; we also ndlrh.-e
t,.e ad,s.te.itstatisuk no Sameet It.gls. M1ir
,ller). P a reropsqltiol O sIe el*itaet.tl k:r.
v .r. ,.. . e Stie of a fhealel pabli ser.vant:
anld we airm that the admi.ilasasona of
pdstalie slamir is Loeiseana hea, daemnt tier
Ikst elevee ,eae Ieoehet the ia usem t
anarchy, developed weaIwhi an putlpesity
uand paved she way to the ilgh posiwe,
L.sisiian is aa esied among the Sase,.
Al, I we pledge mereees to its perpteu
Ttlird--We pledge eeai;ves to an econ
tnmical administrtaion of public cNaire, ,.
the nminatenee of the State credit by Into
itime acwproprikaic.)n to the amount of otit.
revenues, sd to the liquidavesi of the Sate
debt. sad the prompt paym4ent a the interlst
on the neaMu so ow adjusted by law.
Fourlh--11s h the levee symeml (,t Wle StateI
is a newesaity for the protection of the liaes
oand property s cart eisl.us, and we pledge
.,mrelvyes to develop, aiicain t and Imrme
tI.. eanie de se failest eisset consi.teet with
the tlaste.. of the State as absolutely
essential e thIe happiness mal prosperity of
tur people.
Folsh-We pladge the Democratic party e.
this State to an earnest e Ot to-place the
tree puwelitc shenlad w twhis State ulMos a sub
eancel l and misfatklory Iasis, and o that
end the leisilatmre is requesed s, eppeopri.
atCe a ltlr'ltet U.t a UUit Frtlel tlhe anllsl
s venues of she Sate to provide for the
sustadwei ewaeswa o the child eu of this
bli e.
Sisth-Tht it the deap elof she State to
aiter and to improve all f is great agri
e~jal isteree, y adeqesI . sltin I;or
their devcJrpesat , and Iwtaeastion, Mnm
espertally by tae r a roeuaeaseet and main.
tetnaea of she erickl-saal eniege and the
pesetnt and proposed Sete etpeci ment
tattoes, and by all oher Ieuislatioas il the
p eetsl interes of tagri-attarse.
Seiveath-We are sppased to the epley
mesat e is pealetutiauy enaies of Iethe sn
lo seak m Ceasras belug th ees au labor
it s et. N.Ja . atiliswwith
Ia* I eem ses . .Ith bee laBe. Orh
Elghm-We helmo t the battie Selde of
a ie D. Wimm iee bare Illhad, wish
Cher Cer. welem nd a happy oel C.
eeA. A. . I I. toO oety, of O his.k
bge. f Ste, O ller Arme. Pqemise
mNrr Iv STATs Jma Drast.
.LeYbaea eeaIta. J.&mII eFe1r iaaIe. i
JlJi s T or inOF TillS S , Co UrT.
t C.ers. F ier of r.an
' i ' D.l&Waskess Re e t
A. A. Gamehy, or onehkia
T. Clinta o s eo H elena.
COXGiIEAMAn 5th-DiArjct.
R.P. Wincas. aefslehm.
Cask eae I. 8ic S. Sammeale.o
APimbl. Wile, P. Meamhern
lhgii b.T.i.,J V.. Iham..
rVW. P.tV . Wa. A.
* oe; sw a s kg Week .d
eInesse lbs k of gelsgme.
W4 L *
From the "pelnilg of the State
campaign we opposed the nomiaa
tion of Gin. Nicholls for the reabon
that his past course encouraged dis
organization. A point that the Dem
Soeraetic party could not afford to
yieald. Already we Lear of indeleu-
dlent Iotemente all over the State
with the excuse that "the Democratic
" party in convention at Baton Rouge
not only admitted the right, but Cl
' dorud tihe prirciLh by placing att
its head for overanor a man who
was known to be a iupjportrr of;
iudeuup-ndenlt noveu.oenta." The Nich
oile admirers, losing sight of ever. -
tLiug except the mar, have placedl
the party in jeopardy at d we have
work before us.
The w tch word mnst be work I
il warnings are nt bheeded when.
given an advance the dangers umust
be met w.bh a more det ru.iun d wall
when they finamty come.
The action of tne Den~* rat s
Sarougjout the S!ate in entering ;4e;
ti. Il as in.,leI en leltst is not com
mendail,. Let as lohs bi~ht. of the
ttan and au!ttport the l)emocratic
ticket. Iuit they s*' ', 'ae supporters
If Gel. .Nsi,l, ll :u ked wore so the
man than the paorty, and we think
tiey I:ta'e no right to expect us to!
render that devotion to party we
would if one had been nominatedt
.:who never supported an iudeopendent
maovement. Our answer is, "two
.wrongs never make a right." If
* Gen. Nicholls did wrong it is no
reason for ohers to do so. Of course
it is at eri use, one that we shabould
"ha rve been saved from, but too late
.rt nowf
Stean, to the Democratic party.
,: Tbhe rit eas taken up this week
Swas - State of Leuisiana vw . -
Grat for obtaining money under
Sfalse pretes. We irst heard it
was for forgtry. Ifw e a w esiarea
.proneution under that law 9 out of
Severy 10 colored persons in the coma
, i tiy could be prosecuted. If we wre
" to take their words for the amount of
etoepta to be made, for which they
a get money and suppies, we would
,wethribble out yield.
e We do not object to the law nor
the enfoere ment of the law, but we
.should enforce it upon all who come
a under its subjection.
A large portioa the preset
generation are living, a it were,
en ander "false prtaene.
- We cannot adfrd to lose several
year' aubseeription to the BE'COx.
is We dislike to drop from our list the
unames of those who seem to appreci
ri, ate the paper. We also dislike to
0 turn from our door the tramp who
Swsts bread, but so many tramps
ecome along that it would be ira
poveraih fIr any one person to feed
them all. 8ome of thoe who fail to
pay forthe aper are no peaupers.
w They dres better than the editor.
We have reaeved a cwmmiseion
from the Governor as a delegate to
the State Immigration Convention to
be held at h8rmport Marci 1th.
If wean maketherise of emt a-l
Aeiant to atdl of the hotel man we
may go.
Hope toe a full attendance.
J **-----
IM. Lab.... Cai qa., La. e, 'as I
Dmn Pua:--Aa I have not written i
t.thi weak I wiI write yeua afew
I am improving is miie very feet.
MY studies are leaguage lesson..
Sandford' Common Sehool Arithame
tic, penmanahip, History, Art, Ge
- opaphy and Word Aslysi.
We can say there are early 300
aholarm here. It is a spleedid
achool. Everybody likea it. The
Art orom is jee beautiful; there are
i many pretty pieter.
Mrs. Wolfolk i the test art
teacher ian th~.aountry.
My teher is Mrs. Morrison. I
rLy th'sj r my relatioa in Al
bma, md thatl I amo 10 year old.
Your daughter.
We tbelieve Mrs. i Morrisoma isa
Atabma and is acquainated with our
relatvees, that is why Eiase nas
to her Alalbam ra rem
--- a
il IS fasmsl Te.ss , R. r'ma
lame ll mea,e I wl u1tea ps el e sme. h
Sm'ais ee*.*yl eM r Wade; I s *
amt Mei. Is e baaseam mies hare h
mm. Csie. a me a s anesei Inaqs s i
vet msmuM. I ad ebalm 5ab17 mme
teeealar ash ,m see Is ema I eint
vatsaaa mm a d pl Ui
Ikada,.mae me habbug hwpad as 'ish nto
'neha in Welita als s Is I wiillI
L . ". .. .
(From n ow Reglar Correspondent )
I W.lhingtos, D. C., Feb. 9, 1888.
Last Thanlday was a BSid day in the
Se.ate. It had been announced thar Senator•
Kenna o. Wens Virginia. would repy -o the
Srecn tariff spreeh of Srasor hherman The
galleries were crowded with hausadreds who
were eager to hoar the discrsion of he most
e vitl, issue of b taints.
c Seruimnr Kensta's defense of d Preela'st
. famtous mesenge was masterly sld I eavicing,
.a:d the Deamrcasts peaniie uon hle tarif was
Sset forth in le style, whail thIe alleged
arremnele of Seamasr Shrn..nl were con
Splrtely deuemlihedl.
e pllyingll i he Oin SalyieI claim that
,a Trraury .arp  was preferable to a
- lelirci, Mr. Koena riled the fact that flot
I .wcewesiv SeVe, tarsras of tl.e Treasury- 'a
t Reptl.licn anl iwo Detooclatic-.nd two
Presidenst--Ar,essr anid Cleveoand-heat
ewnred in eo*.eanning a mrrplus rev eae and
n dleamalilag a redsction of asstion This.
Sargruslment wai uaanawernble. t
t Mr. Ridkdleberer eonoanne his war on
I s.:crs uaeem ean of tle &nale, tie lasesM assult
I e impulsive Virginian bohaving beeu pro.
vkel by rho dictalort airse of 1he would-be'
Sl.rdly Edmlaand, of Vermont. Execusive
e "tar chamber es;o.as are growing more eus
I popular every day and heoir nal ahbadon -
e ment is only a matter of tine.
e Some newspapers haroughoe the coontry
C have been conrouading Senator Hear's In.
Saslguraion Day resolution with sose othe
S meaeure. The joilt resolution wbeih passed
the Renate was simply this Time tero of
i olle of the Presidelt and of tia Fiftieth
Congress shall continue seil the last Tues.
Sday of A:,l, in the year 89, aot ni oon
The Selaors vrose term we..J otherwise
t expire on the fourth clay of Iarch, in the
t year 18t9, or dhereafter, 411 conotiL. in
I office until noor, of the last Tesdlay in April
saiceeedinig such expiratiCo; and tUe last
g Tuesdayt o April, at noon, shall thereafter
he substituted for e fourth of Match as theI
comsaencement and termination of trhe official
term of the Presidet, Vice-Presidens 8, Sea
toes anu Beprsenmatives in Congress.
There is nthingl in Mr. Hear's resolution1
relative o to time of meeting of Congress or
les elemsion of members. The are tills
- peading in both Houses however, which
r paroide that Cegss shall met an the 141l
it of Osober, sseddl of the list Monday in
t December, and i ii as wi thre hbil that the
Hoar resn tion has been esoalronded.
The even of the wek in the Hours waes
the Lowry.,Whise elclin contest, which is
Istall pending. All of the Republia Repro.
If setive. are marshatled Ia battle arras art
is is evident that they propoen exlhessung all
Sthee reo m ees semai an alien Congress.
man whbo is an mere nor less than a userper,
in his seat. The Democrats are edeavor.
ig s remand the controversy back o the
people for setoleent. The Republican
s party his so eften been the champion of
fraud that it seem t betssita at athing of
t this kind.
' You always g~e "v.lae received
whoe you boy Dr. Tilcbe or's Anti
eptice.'sad you esm buy it fro E.
W. Tbompeos, Delbi.
t. --- --~
STo the People f North Leala.
GaUsasIH : There can be no dokbt blas
) that new is die peopritioas time Inr the people
of this Sato, a-! particularly of tle NortLeien
part, ao take stae deei eId action relative io
a seerine immlgan.on
It needs no agaement with all thibiang
mem to enaavite 'hea of the impertease of
Iettlng tmee people o settle among al i The
s,rinciral peis* to be dwelt anpn is the inw.
tivitly oe ear pple d their sameag indif
foresee s all publi damnsuai ene , lateDing
towards she maseral developueat of the
satw touh the e ab nel Of irmigasleat.
S It has ee sa d, the "e o erial
Luisianm beams s be behind ether eton,
i irthe pmOpIo a hm pstais a lm Stao aeerv
Ill slhel In thoimpetamne of the siatia at
lh oenm a "me A aeis f the will
rally sas muse and when tay espei their
eseqsa ad hav b oa ia e up, te..n
aaat p.asi will "ealp i " and give he
s saneLr sliah puh f onward.
ThIesers if peosd, i, ao m r v be
p oedao ae oanyl goad.
Tha peaper a a do isfr oee eem sto
uwahaso athe roalieaimaat semeshig mus
th dea. pmued by the aeeistily e etherla
*.eesa, the s tne o Louiana s m esa natmaole s
dle lad mlere her inere s soIIe.
oa . Presidents of e he Jern,
IPemor. UDaeaeand all bediespaelss I weald
spa: Dea oattmithe amber of delegates
a the mleaoisene Ceniaon alled y the
Geessor a s.eet in New Orisae Mase 1hs,
and deIeaes oa he Caeseoeies mled bl,
hene exesave ao mee i Shrevepor
Maseb Ish. I
It is usele es eeek ie ay way the
eaeushlanm I te peoplie; et oebeo a fuell
prsesem ma oler m h prish or towa in
sbe Sant at ha eaetiagsi h will sake
mIoey, esogy ad hias, so make a saceas I
shainsa logai mpsegpooustad lasso have. a
n the shape of delegate. I
Ias truly,
Sereary to I Neek Leelsiaa Immgue .
tien Asasarie·n
A Imb t ouwead au Dr. Tilesar'r
Amiephi will met .betl with sued.
fetcile Io iti prst *wmer. Ad
dre 0. M. ., De*s* egeLa.
- ---*****--~-- -
ulls yomn, well koown i this 'eity, died
a T~rnr Tes, ai January 8. The
W advIeee op f h lia dest ha iI
gued by dissipasis. Della was a grains
and e lear en thlrty ose a ag. Mo p
wa rbees ie WeMaga ole uaa, Teos and
Skie enld dmlalsr.dts ae pnterea--will
he gaumeiy smernd. We know him well, a
Bl aepiailes was * mahe his "G rip Suguin
ibmma gseler plu and med a beupe Ale4 h
per I l b I
Venderl e ledanide We have -
times&d... tic , L I,
D. T .reir Aesias ears
csaau sus *Dessa.r curn.
e tharI bhe. a paivio emedy eIr the
abm named dims Er e tielS y me
heid-m f remedy urn so nap as pear
mabaedy meidob so h ta i b aled a l
age Cloese ots MLeepe m ea
Monday we bedl the pleasure ; rh'aking
the bhands of many of oar sturdy farme» who
came in to attend court. Among the number
r we noes: W. A. Boughton, Jso. A. Free
eland. Win. Lynum, E. Overby, L. L. Ed
werds, E. . Rincler, J. T. Johusen, J. T.
o Lylee and J. W. 4riser, jr.
a Ho. F. G. Hwudn came in to howdy
wilth a on Monday. Glad to see Fred.
SRobs. Wetstone, Esq. from Morehouse
called on aus Moday.
o Our friends, J. A. Brinsor, A. J. Clark and'
SJee. McCon, from the upper neighborhood,
;clkei o ae M oday.
W. W. Rihardon anl sond from ward one
a cal.ed in to see us on Moenlay.
S D. T. Chapman wae it town o. Mondlay,
o and paid s an appreciatlive call.
i We had the pleasure ef meing Dr. Me
d Corniek, from Rusoen, on the *nain Monday
Semroue to the city to wainess the Mardi
Gras festivites. Mr. McComick was also
) Rev. J. J. Lewis was in town on Monday
on his way to Fraaklin
e Mrs. M., Mrs. Thurntontd and ollr Ioy
. carte in on Molay Ifro Mt. Lebanen. Mrs.
r M. reports the concert t the 'o:lege a succers.
Says it was as fine as most concerts.
Dr. T. W. McLesy was in town on Thurs
day. Paid for the Bsao.
d Our friend, D. S. Travis ec;led on us
SWadneaaey. He was in artetadence upon.
j the eaert.
a We met Mr. Hall from WharLo on Tlhurs.
a day ' He cane over on a visit.
a -
J. G. Bl'*Ine de-lines to become a
candidate for President Mr. Blaine
is one of the trouet men in the
Republican party.
The folk.wtng btate cases hare been tried
Sand disposed of as follows:
Sa e, s. Horaw Tucker, C. C. W. 31W
dae and coat, in default 30 deays in jail.
S State, vs. Gas Gsant, obtamnang money under
Sfalse pretenses, mitriaL
Is Stne, vs. Henry Smith, mies Clay Sorith,
eh e Henry Williams, forgery an altering
t Guihy ena stA neut
a State, vs. Hesy L Case , manslaughter,
Str.ed-not guilty.
State, va. Frank and Malinda lHuhes,
s larceny. Tred-found gilty.
Si81e, vs. Joe White, murder. Guilty
wihouet capitol punishmaent.
-I , .-
' Ofice of tahe L.sisieae Weather Jersare,
New Otleea, Peb. Ist, 1888.
The moued f Jeanuery. 1888, openaed with
a cold-walve the tempertl re falling from 25
a o 30 degrsees ia the N, ','+en section of th.i
C a~te, and Irem 6 to 15 degrees in the Soulth
eta astisn on the les, and a frbther fall of;
(o 10 to 15 degrees througehout the State by
'he morning of the 2nd. The temperature.
rse rapidly from the 3rd to 6th, the maximum
Stemperature o the mnth, excepting along
i- the G..tfcoas, ecaoerrig e the lntter date.
A c ,l-,tve we priedied on morning
of the 27th. ea the temperature fell from 20
to 30 deges by the morningofhe 81, and,
i a further ill of 10 degrees by morningz ofI ie
l 10th in the Nonrthern section. The tumi
perastue fel amst 25 degree in the Southera
Ssection lease th 7th to Ith, when it begue
e to rie, eastinne a mazemom of 80 degrees
Sby the eafternoon of the 15th, whicb is the
n haghest January maximum eerperature on
rered in eighteen years obe.rvatiums.
I The minimuam temperate of the monath
L for the liostnera sotiae n seard e the 18th.
e and for the Somhern section of the State (29)
Sathe 19th, flos which dae to the end of the
meth the temperature was equable ad
s deesely heavy rain fell in the nemtlern
pnt ef the bts on he 9th, am in he o.th
e ra past ee the 25th. Light raiua noseered
a onthl Sh ao Stheaesepting the 1ha, 109h
rnd 0th. Ne prerilltitn was reported
t from he 6th to 31st, inclesive.
I TbeJ o sminfll for tie month for the
Sr tae nlgudl ISem one inch ias the Nonhrt.,
aeelste to two and one-hall ischbes in thel
ea Setass e tao below the average Jiauery
eufamb efpast eighteen yea.
Srmese Wae freqeent during the month in
the asthee pwisle Killingl frost occurred
a ale he Gn eeaat Anthe l9ts.
I Hit wind eeea·sralo the Il. Iah, 1Stl,
r a llth, due ts parsls oeyhlues, and the
a swep of auiteyel teen e Stem t aearthweat.
Ulgael Corps, DiNer.
From many sourea e e the remor th I
Governor Mcqseary will nt appoint a saei
msnt Assenitto sine of dte Supreme .
I Coart . I. Tldd, whoe terms exparesr be
fWe General Niholnttel Isee in but will leeve
t aheppointeet to he 811.4 ta his sreessor.
Aid it is fuetnheramewod tat Govermlnor Me.i
Eseary will receive the eppientment from the
haeada of hi let opponent. We eineerely
honpe that thi is tree. Governor Nicholls
enalId at Sald a mo deserving man or per.
form a more gaeful act.-Natchitoches
---e *** s---. -
to citizens of the Southern States
during the pest week, & epor:ed ex
preesly for the BAcow by C. A.
Snow & Co Patent lawyen, Opp U.
S. Patent Office, WVashington D; C.
A J Athlis. Asoer, Ga. Railway switc h
JD Belmr, Aewr OreuMa La. Rise hll a
la methsie.
I S yraee, Memph, Tem. Deesa e
AFleausa,- Air Moen, Miss. FVeee. (
WU GibbOe Columbia, M C. ew mi:la
Seed devise.
I Harrisn, haville, Vs. Deer spring b
mad sees.
0W V Iaal, Taeshau, Arkt. Oil pres s
S s Idmshes. ew Oras, La. lmes a
3 A Lem-sedl ime , Nd. Meeaestlm
A J3M a askeom, Tuee. Car a
o Meeeathur. aulmesa . M s . a
IL PLgs, Tlgese, ie. AdjS led S
*T 0suIen, Jh , Mite. c. a caaa
Ada I Wi.., sIliases b abums e
; iused inmauulnt to the Coastttio!
i ethe Ist.t d lacuiina. Adopted by
theammelAuembly is 1 884 u,
.STA- or LorurAA, )
am oLdo iSecretary of Sate.
1N PURSUANCEof the provisions of the
( ! Cnsitilo, publimatin is hereby inilde
and given to the quellied eictors of the
State of Ltsisimna of the proposeJi amnead
e meatn m theebonsaisatino of this State. which
have been concurred in by 9wo.d iards of all
the members elected to eac hoese of ale
d (neeral Assembly of this State. at he regalr
, sstinls thereouf, hbkl as the city el aeenr
Ruoge. it rthe years 1884 and 1885. and
whrh are lequir ed to be publeshed for the
informatl;on o, the qualisied electors of this
State for three months next preceding the
ieneral election for Repress nlatives, 1a.i
l Whalh propoIed amendntmela s emoe fully all
pear in Act No. 43 anld Joint Reoibtlion No.
112 of the Recll.ar Session of 1iJ84, and in,
Jo, ' Reroluntens Nn. 28. 75. 88 an.i 92 ,,'
she Revualar St.i-ion of Ihmis. which are h. re
7 irstelr olicially ,'tiblhhed fr the M*ifornmatoi
i- of he qsalified eletors of :Ians State, ani
o which will be siultniitted i themr for their
arluroval or their rjectioni, at the aest seneral
election whi,.h will lie held on Tuesday. the
y 1tih tiny f April, A. Ls., 1888 (it being the
SI'res.lay near following the third .}on:ist of
' saidl I"n,itlh) in such mluner a*.,t fnrom that
t the qamltiri electors may votee ir or against
'eh "la linllolin rt separalely; and if a ma.
, rumy of the lqualliels ellctrs voting, at sail
.:nrtlon. shall approve uli:l ratify all or eillther
of said prmoposlil amendmens, then suchll
proUlosed amendment or amendments or
i- tllht.r f' thilm, so approvedt and rtifiedl,
si-hll become a part of the ('onstitetiou of
this Stnte.
r Act No. 43 of the Regular Session of 1S84.
Amen"Iment ho. 1.
Thle ters of Aret No. 43, of the Regular
Sesion of 1884, adopted at thle wsesson of the
4 LeLitlature in the year Ilb84, are hereby rati.
tierd ani m.pprovel; and all provissiois of the
otm('nsrtltioin of 1679 repulgnant thereto, or in
any way impailing the ip asage thereofl are
hIle. ny repealed. an far as the opelations of
said act are concerned.
Joint Resolntio No. 12 of the RegulaI
Session of 1I881.
SAmnnemadmemntl No. 2.
"The Go.neral Aesembly may dividle the
SState intto leve. districts and pruvide Ir tihe
appommilieent or election of Levee Commis.
sKmrers in raid districts, who shall in the
inl'tlhlal or manner to lie provided by law.
have superviaion of the erection, repear ant
i.auisen ite of t levees in sai distrirts;
so that e .ec.t the Levee Commisiomers mmay
levy a ax nole to excere ten tnils on tihe
taable property. situated within tile aillviml
4portions td'iaid distriict sjtll to oveit ,w.
l.rovdetl tiat, in case of necessity, to raise
addisional fads r the purpose of construct.
ins. preserving annd repairing any levees pro.
t-rling the lanwsl of he district, the rate lof
taxation, herri limited, may fle iecreseed
a hen the atef slch inremse and neessity
and purpose for whicli it is iltetndied shall
have been sublniltat to a vote of the prolerty
ins payers in such district, payinl taxes fir
amself. or in many reprtisenatlve capalctay.
whe ther resideas or non-resieleln, or proFerty
5 situated is he alavial portion of said di,.
irict nstject ta overlow, and a majljity of
t mose in mmsater and value, voting at seen
Selection, shall have voted therebir.
'Joiant Resolution No. 2$ of the Regular
Session of 1886.
Amendment No 3.
II "n those districts composed of oee perish,
there shall not  less than siz terns of the
I Disriet Court each year."
r 'le all other distrimts, there .bhll M. ia marlk
p parish icwa less than four torims of lthe a iPtric:
tCourt each year, except in the parishes of
a Ca era, Franklin and Verana in .hieh
Sthee shall not he less that two teras of the,
SDiestiesCoatteaclh year."
'lUntil provided by law, te terms of the
Dirnas Coaet in seac periLsh shall liled
by a rleof said court, which shall ass he
changed withrout notie by p*oieatiom at least
i idaysl prior st rtib ehane.
t s e shaill be in eeh prish not less
I tl two jury terram each year, at which a
send j ry shll b esmpeneled, except in
I tshe pehe ol Caserot. Froakim andI Ver.
nn. a which thes shall m ht e ten han one
I jery term eah gear,at which a grand jinry
shall hle esIpanelled."
I"At other jury ae the Geneekl AsOelably
shall pmrvile for peell jsies when neoss
-ry fitr the trial of eatninal eass"
Joint Inesolution No. 7, of the Regl ltr
Seasion e 1586.
Amendecat No. 4.
Artichl -i*he New bled Canl andli
Shell dRod and their appursanoee siall at i
he leased no' alienatad
Joint Iruoltin No. i8, of the Regular
Senion of 1886.
Amendmetr No. 5
Articfle62--"ThLat in the evat of the
death, or fros wlhateve reuse the Od60 of
Lentetr.nn Governor shall esone vacant
than, aml in that event lth Prlsiden pro
Iutpsprerof he Senate shall Slt the oate of
Lieutnant Governor, iperforming all the
duties maident t the odos and weeiving its
Joint Rsolaion No. 92, of the Regilar
Session of 886.
Amwmndet No 8,
Article 2f'--Tih koitewle eloprfly shall
he exe.ps from setlen. and ao her, via:
All public pmuperty, plers of elpiom
worship at arial, all eharimahle instisatises,
ill bhidis anagd penpty uaed eolesively
fr aclean or ther sehel pepss, the emial
sil prsonal ater any puhlihsbry. and
by or er.nacsd wilth sc liasry; l l l bks
and philosmphial appraes, aad all paIi.
ingls and statury Mo any compeanye a s
eiation bps isnn phi ha11 presidoi, the
prolpety a aempted h ot need or leased t
fr prpo~ of priveo a oporm pn oSt or
laneme. Thee. n se ls eept hem
s hllndltd dolleaht ahem p sll lio li
exuept from tsati ud been or a perioai
oftwehnw year mm e adopti or tIe
Coomtasin oe 179, the epital, mahinery
ind oher p~e perty emplyed i the ma:m.
Isanure of textile Ahriea, leather, shoes.
bhrness. nddley, late, Sour. mahinery.
sarirtrassl impaetmese. manauhere of lee,
fetsiisal sad chemiel and eal tuse mu t
'ther articles o weed, amele, trone, seep,
ssiaonety, Link d paper, bent taidida nac i
cbholmr; poeviuld, lha a sI les than Iv It
hands are m playedd is ma ne aerry."
In sesimony whaeet I .he! her.unto
.r6ed my einetere and inwehed thersa I
do teal se the Sante ofLosidesam at the city
Iba loung this 13t day o Jausary,
., 1858.
3m Secetasry of Setat
frla .adrrJ W &..e.a proerts o Durgg
e a PuFsed Flesh. hOwns a the
gand quqalkiess tab Plaid
- -' ammiges- rl n dere. peas and
hndth- amh_ esilly end, as her., uppn..
whoe breye sar*sel d *ns distressing fe
mile capa tins. weekewea, ef, onasmmon
f to hers, and had despaired of a care.
L sally found remedies which romperl earsed
her Any sfferer can as. them and thnu
core herself, without the aid of a phypirian.
From feelitgeof gratitude she will send two
presrriprio.s-wwhieh eared her--ond on il
r Intaltrsed pamphlet eglilded "Tax STtrrtPae.
r STO: Tn HeIAaT." and l ll inltrettlns,
Ssealed Address (wit'. 2 cent salmp), it
SW C. HOLMES, 1.s3 Brmadway, N. Y.
I (Name this paper )-Oct 22, '87.-2m-9d.
Dr. Ticbheor's Autimplic curt
niald bead.
Nothing relieves a Headache so premt pyas
CrClla.' .gpa a e . It Cleanaes sthe eam
ah, prsomtes antion of the liver andp ries
the blood, aiding you to perfect health.
i A few dos es Cof 3 gg Ca winl
r lckly break up swea ase of Malarial
it soe acem'l lye tadicsMlag truss the
e sytem. CRILLS I ,ul? n yield at
SIa seo its itt laeace, theare Ispemealsat
mtaelate wlree and a speedy ema e for th
worst eaes of MlIess Coll s is eami ia the sse
S Ceila'AM sts  e . Mla tiueal -or
I eswee all Bluas Disordlers It has a. equal
.,A IlInZRUmlAor i.LU .
r u la. Disrrhwu fl l ,en!er CeanSartu
-u seas rnes in.. T. mU.n
I hereby give notice that in accordance
Swith Sec. 38 of Act No. 123 of l188, I shall
in Mditi as the two days required by law
to attend as each, polling place for the purpose
of assessig taxes renmaing one day for the.
pepurpse of registerwing te voters of Riielasn
parish, La, anl all permon who have not
heretolire registered or those who may wish :
so chales their voting precenct are notified
to meet me at the following named pollig
places on the days and dates hert specified:
Rayville-wart 2ted. one week begining.
Thursday, Februsry 16th, ending Friday the.
lhi ward ist, three days, 97, 21, 29 of
Goshes, ward It, three days, 1,2 and 3 of
Girard-ward 3rd, three days, 5th, Crt andl
7th of Match.
Alto-ward 4th, thbeetlaya, 8th, 9th andl
10th of March.
Red Mo.lt,-w-rd 5th, three days, 12th,
13th and I hll of Marcht.
ST.omnnson-ward 7th, three days, 13th,
16th and 17th of "riseh
iHolices--we.d 6th, three days, 19th,
i 2th and 21sn l nl Mareh.
Returning to Rayville will keep the
SRoistration books open during the remainler
of tLe acid asity dlays.
Ta Asseaor an i E-Oitlci Regitesar.
Rayville, La., Feh. 4th, 38-.t
1 c ean.sI hCT Wal +
8lte i Nervemue. i A
'l I iiallllmi t. L .
State of l.Toisasa, Parish of Rilcisad,
7tth District Court.
Succession of I J. Wllkeraso, Der'd.
By virtee of owmi..Io isemel frn tle
Honirale lth Dtstrie Cone in nad ikr the
Parih of RiotIlent, sid Sms at , as me
directed, I will ier lor isl, to pay dkes, ai,
Sthe lae reeidemce of L J WilLisos, deesed, I
in te Pariab of ieLikndl, a
Wednesday, March 7th, 1888,
the followisgl esrihel property at pehlic
recon so the lass aild highes bildev, and'
Swithin the hnns prescribed by law, to-wi:t
An oulisialed even-saiseeneh intemet of
S 3. of S. E. *, all N..E. * Sec 8, west o.f
Beduriver: . N.5l ofN. W.* See. 8, an1
(fractioal N. W. i of N. W. )Sw. 9. T. i6'
N. R. 6 Eaut and . of 8 . n . S -c. 5, T. It,
iN. R. 6, Fas, onteaining in the aglregple
(:t31) threm htadrled and titty-one ecret,
more or less
Temnsof sle-eamsh with the tseft of
FIer'y 4th, 18M6 5t
Dr. Tiehe 's Als ispli caresM
Thie i ascetisW hat I hae he. a sr- .
feer Ifem pileo Ir amost 34 yess. Thel
tumors cealsod to inreers and emlerge,
s.d pedaced ao mueb pain sad soaring
dthe I had eglan to despair of life. Thsegh
,me adie of a friend I placed myself mmder
eas of Dr. McCoramik, of Rasaam fr treat
---. 1 a amo well, se uamoser pain or
sirig. Doritse the time of the treatment
I led may rmelar appeia us, ouly aiss.
ita , sdlatteaded a emer duties. After
hailng my ewa sesaditi, so o,, need
depair who will peace themselves moder Dr.
MeCertnick's treatmenl. T b k ib or a'
lisgnato was ms used.
J. P. Evanrrv,
iPasor Isprs, Chereb. Shilbh, La.
I ecase of fren womled is whichb
Ir. Tickbeor' Amnepti i s osed re.
condie, to directiom, aid falis to give
tistostioe, I will pay fr the Hmdi
elm. C.M. 8BERROUSE,
Veiprn sad Best
aedb or a ,asleru d Cimese. -
Isg [email protected] Pheuulsms. 1
'1 I3phewby thse marked peealaritues:
. A feiin of tearlineau anda m pe in thera
a Iid brath, be taste in the month,
and furned tongnc..
. U>nstMipta, with eerasemal attacks
43 L Ucaduace. in the front of the beaud
Marit dlsarlea, aau yellownerus ,
a Heartburn. lom e of appetitt.
. D! itent at the stAoac ansd bowels
by wind.
7. iJrpcaskº of spIriplr, anld grelt melan
aty. With lassitude and a dlspoait.wt
t el verything for tolorruw.
A matural ew at Mlle femm te ULver
is caws"" M on" When this
. taiiriite It raesela i
which, If naglected. sn leand to rrrtflet
di sesoq. 141t*aonol cAVerl guiattu.rt xrt.l
irn n",,At fe;t'etotll ntluenreover e. rrv It1int
a tl t. lirtollss. It restuor,, thle l.ivr to
a , r,. oil'r e:,r:iug r . derre iawer.- ther iI  .
iuL ofbii,, ui d ptlts the idlretivo r\.cus
In us-h t'n.Ili 'an th:l. tht i canl dlotIltir
beet work. Altf, t;tktng thiscnedlein.c l
t. one will say, .I unr i, llius."
$,I have 'cen sl jat we scre spyels of Cvn
icnlion of the Liver, ~. i have been an the ha,;t f
taking fron i5 to a. grai.s of calomel which ea..
erally .id m upfr( three r.r four days. Lately I
have bets takin, Fimm.a Liv.r R lh.:atlr,
S which gave s..e re fw.ito;ut any internuption to
busimes."--J. HBau e. Mtdd;epolt, c hi..
v has our ,trap na t:. on front Ef Wrap.,er
. . 1. i telta . Co., Vbiladelphli. Pa.
` e
i I
- ine A S..IF I...St
he enever to ,dverthere the latetm
A eTag WATED to CaEvery Wem er.
Tee oour laty ias. wie amoulit ie
a a how Cidte aellalrn mtea e ma deo.
lb, taosaeesalderemhleaiss. Leal/aeeavuea
htadrai dall~asaa eoemalo asaa aeiagleeueaoa
Padict med erft nan lips e nformation iLE ar
Metied envelope b n.enin oaa ur tent irs
I. ls REVERE, Bo x sob 3t Jery Cie , N J.e.
aud eniesyia to edrarti ra the infoaottua
, AIA ths rakern alcrge of be aboveu Mi
Toe pro tly ad ry filled. umber ad.
dmall ine in i wil l b in uisped on prder eital,
b " im o or ilrnl, rIe snl qudliy
A e uppl o Cypry ess W hime.
Th l o rders for dreed ler who ill b p like
Silew how. CMil. Tieo i may be mardl
agents a f lravi et, L heI nrma de ls irn
them will be prlmply sndinkur cn. in
CpoHtage samp. to
a.REVERE l , Jos. 1r ,a 1885.-I , . .
I IN3 t -en earge " r bot
I th1 his IanrlrC. will he conslned in the
tamne of (ans. A. Dnwsar . All orders il
. p ,romptly and sreAlly filled. Lumber
1 .all sljnesi.an will .,.h.ilpe. on or-r. .i.lar
r.e. A large ispply co Cjpres eshiul
on elartly tiC an *at rea.,oabe prie. A
I, =
,rrr L
Dr. Tiebeg' Asisaptac cores

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