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The Semi-weekly Shreveport news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1862-1864, January 28, 1862, Image 4

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s r (or*' a tia to Stirwl.
iLethard thiesaspill us,
L''et poverty oiL us,
4 e mytcal ohestwo .oes to every nuall,
Let deep tribulation
A4dB Cree desolation,
p~read overall lands like a fuuqral.pall;
Thoagh empty our purses,
Tiipugh ceditors curse us, fhowl,
A4iequartqr.agequneezed till the eagles all
'Lets .have merry faces,
And swiles for a pIaces,
ljemasemlering tis better to grin than to growl
What though banks are breaking,
SAnd " big houses" quaking
IjLet one day undo all they ever have dowe,
Our crossness gan't mend it,
- ---Qnr weeping won't end it, Cfo1?.
take the bright side and call itWall
W'ill forfeited pleasures
Or imbecile daqgsures (cowl T
iring back ourlost confidence? lift the dark
S No! No! Todays sorrow
Brings nobrighter morrow; (growl.!
- lihen things i*ll gobhd, let us grin.nd not
Batlet us keep bhinking
That though'vse are sinking, [pay.!
We can't go much further, because it won't
The old saw not forgetting,
That's.cured lots of fretting,
'*1Che.aour that is darkest isjust before day.%
Though vacant our purses,
Thbugh creditors curqe us, [howl
WBWo' quarters are squeezed till the eagles.all
ALet's)reep mnerryfaices,
Anad'niles for ll places,
For surely tiUs better to grin than to growil ?
"Whqrt- Afine head your boy has!'
.aid an admiring friend.
A'YIesb'said the fond father, "he's
a chipof the old black.-ain't you,
my boy?
"Yes, father, teacher said yester
day that I was a young blockhead."
The South Carolina State Conven:
tion has made an appropriation foi
'tneiwildihg of a marine battery oo
ram, and other vessels adapted tu
.coast or islandAdefences.
A Yankee Teacher Expelled.-WA
learn from a reliable source that Miss
Annipe X. Kellogg, a New Englani
teabier, who fornwely taught at th<
ua*sveille Female Seminary and
several other scho.os in Alabama
,apaeeded not long since, in obtain
,jXa& situation as principal in a fe
male school in Georgia,-in Ogle
thorpe coqipty, we believe-i-by repre
senting to the trustees that she hac
long taglt in the South, had beev
treated with kidAiness by. the South
erngpeople, and deeply syrnpathizet
with them in their present attitud<
towards the North. It was howevel
receaitly discovered that rhe hai
wxitten. .AroGv. Brown of Georgia, foi
a ipaisport to Canada-not New Eng.
la-nd-andthe trustees sutminarily ex.
peledbher by resolutions setting fortl
the above facts. We have sinc(
learned that an Alabama gentleman
who euaM*yjed her to teach his daugh.
tirs, dismipssed her some time ago
because shp had been detected witd
aboittih dBmekents received from the
iortli.-Hiuntsville paper.
Ca.r^ WS N JL N s T ,
Ohsar*iota e*tices to the public,
tao wftxueRrpis ie «ani attend to all
i siness. Can be seen
ti wrl. nIras. a d2o
? IAy.nS. ARTUR wa. F, YATT.
o' :4iV tet' zI - POW
are o
0 lb .,
in the 0
0 4G
0. 7N.
Arrovad on 85
Texas eat, SOl e and
60 veal cattle. ;Sales, 186 Texas
cattle, 48 .hogs, and .92 veal cattle.
Stock on sale, 900 Texas cattle, 1726
hogs, 000 sheep. 100 veal cattle, and
9 Zrileb,jcow4. The quotations are:
Texras, Phead, Istqty 30 0004& 0 o
S9d qty ........... 20 00030 0(
Veal Cattle, V head., 11"'00013 00
Sheep, P head, Istqty 4 000 5 00
Inferior....,.... ..2 0002O 3 00(
lIogsV 100 lbs gross. 10 00012 .50
Milch Cows, yP head. 45 00060 ,(0
2d .quality....... - 0o00- n00
Braachst fte Citizens' Bank, (
SHRByj&PORT, 23d Sept., 1861. 6
THIS 3B3NK will, hereafter, pay
and receive at its counter, atpar,
the Treasury Notes of the Confede
rate States, and the Notes of the other
Banks -of -New-Orleans.
Owners of paper deposited in this
Bank for collection, uiless willing to
be governed by th*. regulation, are
requested to withdraw the same.
s24-tf Cashier.
-* *Disolltiox1.
THE finn of HYAMS & BRO., was dis
solved on the Ist of Jannuary, inst., the,
business will bLe 4e continued by I. R.
jan2l 1P. HYA M S.
Corner of Tevas and Edw;ard hSts
AI4V1ING permannotly located in
Shreveport, I am prepared to man
ufacture from the raw materijal, and
right at homre.
Ofiese criptien,i tli beetvork
The vudersigtwd having made ar
rangements with the manufacturers,
is now prepared to order every des.
cription of
suitable for enclosing buildigs, garn
dens, cemetery lots, etc., also
for galleries and balconies4, which
will be sold at MANUFACTUERS
PRICES (adding transportation),
Purchasers are invited to call and
examine the various styles, at the.
Southern Marble Works of
Corner of Texas and Edwards Sts.
Mv Post Officeis Shreveport, La.
no 6---dly.
SCIOO I, OTICE.-The under
i) signed will resume School busi
ness in Shreveport, on the Second
Monday in Jannary, 1862.
Rates of Tuition per MothO::
Elementary English branchcu,. 03.00.
Higher English branches and the
Languages, $A.100.
j3-3t D. DONOVA T .
flt i iunder'igned will be 'haba from
Shreveport until about Marwh. Ir. T.
E 6 Ba istz r .1wr Wia 4 0iB, iat
hbtills to Mr. 8amad 8. :
Job Prmintin Itfice.
Pamphlets, Blanks,
LVAnd eiey dcscription effJo .
Our facilities for doing job work
are unmnrpass4 by any estcablishnipt,
in the State, and wefeel confidentthat
satisfaction will be given to those
who may favor nus witI their patrolage.
NWe hlave on hand a good articlef
and a tine assortment of fine busines6
and CHINA surfaced,
Whiita and colored.
Vewspaper Advertising
Offict uorner C.anal St. and Exebange
Place, No. 6,
Weekly City Correspondence in
English, French, German and Span
ish Lauguages, furnished on nod4er
ate ternns.
New Orleans-wTri-*eekly-Arrives
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sun
days at 6 p. m. Departs Mondays,
Wednesdaya& Saturdays at 4 a,m. .
Texas Mails- Tri-weekly-Arrives :
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
Sdays at 6 p. B. Departs Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 a. m.
Arkanss Mailes-Tri-weekly-Arrives
Wodnemdays, Fridays andgundays
-at6p.m. Departs Tnesday, Thurs-'
days and Saturdays at 4 a. m.i
Monroe Mail-Daily-Arrives daily
at 7 a.m. Departs daily ata p.m.
Albany Mail-rSoroi-Weekly-Ar
eriveaTuesdan and $atitay at 6
. t. Departs Moudays a Pnd ri
t a. u.
choew Mail-Weekly-Arrives
¶Thursdaysatl2m. DepartsThurs
days At 1 p.m.
Office hours-From 8 to 12 a. n.; fromt
2 to 6 p. m.
Sundasi from.8 to 9 a.m.
& fl`~~~T H SC KJBB, Pf. M.
liilaowatfte, of etad River 0o drrawback.
ublishers of Newspapers
Bloith Louisiana, and
teas, who may wish t6
didnpe of their establishents in
whbihe br part, bysending me partic
ulArs, and locality, will fiud it to their
adwantage to address me as below
Peasons desirous of establishing
Newspaper or Job Establishmean t in
the interior, will be -furnished with
Estimates free of charge, by address
ing me. And if they order Printing
Materi alor paes , .cardcs and ,card.
boards, throujgh me, will be fuanished
-,for cash .only or its equivalent
the best bltgains, at Foundry prices.
I- offer the following estaclishments
for cash, or good negroes with nnen
cumbered titles.
An old established Book and Job
Printig Office, in a large city. Price
The material of a Job fioice, in a
city. Price 85000.
'Ohe cOheaapest
Printing Materials and
A Newspaper establishment and
Job O efficocdnnedtcd. Price $2300. .
A Newspaper establishment and
good Job Office coaneeted. Price
A newspaper and Job Printing'es
tablishxnent. Price 8*000.
[ An Admun's Bbok'Power Press,
second hWad, in good order, medium
size. PSrice$100. - _
A Ruggles Card and Bill Head
press, vwill print any brdinary sizojob
at the rate of 1500 to 2000 impres
sions per hour(Ne.w.) Price 6225.
A Raggles Cardand a Bill Hfead
press, oldsie, second, hand. Price
, 8150.
- 1-ingl-*rinters' blank-cards, China,
Satin Enuamelled. and India, from Si 4
to $3-ýpr thousand. Fnauorat;, Note,
AS other paper.
"'jLlj None but cash orders will re
. ceive any attention. Paper 24x36
to arrive. I
.* I have also for sale, the following ]
second band materials:
A font of 500 lbs. Brevier, 4
S" " 260 ' 4
tC " " 150 **. i
i " " " 510 1* Long Primer,
6 fonts 2 tine Brevier.
F* 4 . * . Lon, Primer Condensed.
Together with the column, head, ad
vertising and dash rules, leads, &c.
5 Also--AwXledium Printing Press, j
Roller--Moud, 4-e,, all complete, and
the followiyg materials used for a
short time in the publication of a
weekly paper: About 850 lbs. of 4
Bourgeois and Minion, with two line I
letter; column, head, advertising and I
dash rules, cass, <chases, etc.
The*e' materialb will be sold low 4
for casi,
All the requisite materials for a J
paper 21x28, will be furnishel for ]
t750, decidedly cheap,
An entire outfit for a paper 26x40, 1
I have the disposal of, for the exceed- !
ingly low price of 81000.
The Job Type of a well assorted
Job Office, together with the cabinet,
and Job Press, Lead and Brass Rule
Cutter, etc. Price $550.
s22tf Shreveport, La.
Vlcksbnrg Whig.
Published in Vicksburg, Miss. by
M. Shannon. Termnns, in advance,
Daily per annum, 88; Weekly, 83.'
Subscribers who donotgiveexprses
. notice to the contrary, are considerwd
as wishing to contnue the subscrip
Jf subcribers order the discontin-,
. nance of their papers, the publishers,
; may continue to send them till all that
. e due be paid,
If subscribers remove to otherplaces
SWithout informing the publisher, and
- they pper is sent to the former dircc
tion, they are held responsible.
a The coarteshayo decided that refius
ing to take a paper or periodical from
the ol'co, js prima face evidence of
Shacvewet ^Psec au€reast,
Corrected Exprc&sty for thae Ddily New
AR...... .... 8 wa 12f
COPPmFr......... 00 oi) *U
ICE.. ... . . 64
BAcoN, Shoulders. 14 ' 00O
i ams .... 18 00
'Sides.... 16 'f 20
SLARD..... . -.. 25 4-v 2e
ROPE............ . 00 a& a:5
,IRON... .. ..... . 5 7
IRON COrTON ' 0s'.I, 0 10
CANDLE. ...... . 00 58
CHBESE..... . .... ..12 Aa i
SPUNVYA.KN.... .35 'r -
LEAD, _..... ..... 9 12
SWisv, P gall- . 75 r' 1 4 -
AMoLASASS., ..... . .3.5 a 40
OIL, *Lard...... S1 50 5'
Linsced.. .. 1 75 '
FL.O, -Pi barrel. .. 00 000 0(0
" Texas P 100 1ba 0 00 ' 5 50
PoK. ... . ... ..-28 00 'o00
LIME,...... .... 5 00 ad
VIrnEGA..... ..... 5 50 ra> i 58
CE.MIENT.......... .6 00 ra
POTATOES, V barrel 3 50 rof -5 0o
1BAcomtiix, India.. - 00 q 00
Kentucky 00 '15 25
CORN, bushbeL.4. 50 a 0 048
OATS....... ...... 00 aOO
BRAN, P cwt..... 1 15 'a
HAY.. ............ 2 75 &
POWDER, iP' Kog.. 25 00 &mo we,
NAILS........... 00 GQ 9 00
SHOT, V bag..... 2 37Ta) 2 75
SALT, P Sack.... 0 00 ' 9 09
UP FREIIGHT...... 0 00 r'a 0 06
DOWN. COTTON.. 0 00 oa;
Shrevepcort Cottoen Murlcet
Corrected Expressly for the Daily News.
Inferior.............. ..0 '
'Ordinary......... .... 0 a 0
Good Ordinary....... o0 0
Low Middling....... 7 ' 0
Middling............ 8 ' a
Good Middling....... 9 'a(
SNew Orleeue Piries Currm.
SUGAR,...... .... 1 . 10
COFFELE,......-... 00 aw ;5
RIcCE............. 6 a 7
BAC6N, Shoulders.. 00 '& 00
Hans. . .... 25 a) 30
Sides...... 00 a 00
LARD,........ ..... 28 29)
ROPE,............. 23 'a 25
IRON,...... .... *. 5
CANDLES ........ 50 '- 53
CHEBSE .......... 00 e 00
SPUNVARN .... ... .o00 a
LEAD ........... 14 Q 15
WHIsKY, *P gall.. 1 10 a) 1 1.5
MOLASSES........ 16 iia 19
LARD OIL,........ 00 4a 2 60
Linseed, ... a) 2 75
FLOUrSI, r barrel.. 9 00 r1l0 26
'.ORK,,.._........ 44 00 '00 00U
LIsM , ...... ..... 25 ' 3 5U
VINEGAR,......... 3 00 'i 5
SCM1ENT,......... 5 00 40 6
POTATOES, lil ]. 5 00 /i 5 50
lBA .IN. <, India. .. 24 '1 25
Kentucky,. 22 QS 23
CORN, i bushel... a 0 S5
OATS,.......... 0 00 a 1 40
BRAN, P 100 lbs .. 1 90 ,iv 2 00
IiAY, V ton..... 25 00 a40 00
POweDR, V keg... 00 00' 'O00 00
NAILS............ 0 10 Q) 12
S3OT, V ba'..... 5 00 r' 6 00
SALT, sack.... 00 00 '09 00
M BhrevEcport Iid« M1rkcte
Corrected Baily by N. (. Tryon
DRY HIDES........... 0 t 8
GREEN do ........... .a) 31.
DEER SKINS......... 10 a 12&
COON do ........... 5 a 10
r OTT.BR" .....-....... 25 .'\ 00
, BEESWLAX............ 20 S 22
. TALLOW'............ 10 @ 12.
SHE undersigned wishes to ob
tain a situation as Teachlr of Eung
lish and Mathematics in some well
Sestablished 'Male or exialeo School,
s or as paivate instructor,. . He has
t been successfully engaged in tcacl
ing during the last six years, and has
a reason to expect a liberal salary.
-He refers to all his patrons here,
Sand to the PFacblty of the Georgia
Military Institute. He prefers a sit
- uation in L'isin.a-.
1 Qulftman, Wood Co.'Texs. Oct. r

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