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The Semi-weekly Shreveport news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1862-1864, January 31, 1862, Image 1

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Mi-&. aad lMarket atr. *a* -1 ,
. ,z .p, ' .pte Pe.,t Oj. ,
s9a8 vIIPOiTI A,,
Will practice in the. Court of
Cadido. Du;oto, and Bresier. tdly,
L. M. NU'TT,,
Alttoryey ast I.aw,
Ocpe. rner M,dea 4 Market Segts.
SEairPvneos, LA.
Practices in' Oaddo, Beosier and
DeSoto. nlO-1yd
Attorneys & Coianseors at Law.
Shreceport, La.
RACTICE iancopartpership in all
the eourt held in the city of Shreve
port, and in the parishes of De Soto
and Bossier.
O4ficeaon Market street near Milam.
Travis street, near Baptist Church.
EING located in a retired and agree.
able part of the town, affords unusual in
ducements to boarders, transient or perman
nent, will find it a comfortable home. Fam
iljes or single gentlemen can obtain pleas.
antxooims, and day boarders will be aecom.
weodated. s99v9 Mrs. A. B. TAenron.
Phelps & Rogers,
Grocers &Commission Merchants
Cor. Commerce and Orooket as..
gWOne 'door above A. M. Hull & Co's,
Keep constantly on hand a large as
sortlment of Staple and Fancy Gro-"
cerica, etc.
'Advances made on consignments to
our friends in New Orleans. nl8dly
J. R. Simpro. G. M. CalAowx.
~Simpon & Calhoun,
Receiving and Fornarding Agents,
Having leased the pop.lar and eommo
dious Warehouse of Mesers. Howard, Tally
& Co., and having bid long d rience n
business, we hope to receive a sare of the
ubIHe patronage, and pledge ourselves to
oall n r power to give emtie satisfac.
tion in all business entrusted t our scare.
AUl, l e ask is a trial. ao25
4L L - O. F.
T'he regular meetings of
.°I.PTHW LODGE, No. 21, are held
on WedJ~ eaday evenings, at 7 o'clock,
at their Lodge Room on Texas street.
..... N.  mSLImAN, -N. G.
F. W. 8~m,.xas, Secretary. U10
,,a4d A. M. No. ,, meets
S: J " Jors, W. M.
* T . ea.
p r o a
e* : Mio al
Seae, * .erM. , ita4 .
A.8 s -pe M a er
ontr W .; Del ·ease
si M.eai r, *b 0
'a a' be e , at .
'T she-ve low rates are fir the "War,
times sad sise." whic., plaes our paper
Within the reach of everyfamily.
srproKir: (OPX) h CENTS.
For each sqnars of twelve liner oriess
forthe first inaertion,..... ........$1.00
For. eah additional inastlion, per
square,.... ..........5........ f0
i - _ . .
The privilege of yearly advertisetr is
strietly limited to their own immediate and
regular basiness; and the businas of an
advertising irm is pot considered as inclu
ding that of its individual members.
Advertiseoents publisibed at irregular
intervals, $1 per square for each insertion.
All advertisements for strangers or tran
sient persons, to be paid in advance.
Advertisements not marked on the copy
for a specified time, will be inserted till
forbid, and paysent exacted.
Marriages and deaths will be published
as news; obituaries, tributes of respect, and
funeral invitations as other advertisements.
We will be pleased to ieceie as
contribstwos, good chaste romauces,
poetry. etc., if original, also well writ
ten articles on any sbject.
Wilmington, Jan.24.--Heavy win
east north-east all last night and to
day up to 8 in the evening. Nothing
new from the coast except an appa
rent wreck drifting towards the shore
this morning fifteen miles east of New
New Orleans, Jan. 25.-The steamer
Calhoun, from Havana, on Wednes
[day, in endeavoring to make an en
trance at the Balise was discovered
by the blockading fleet and fired upon.
In the effort to escape, her machinery
was disabled, when she was aban
doned, after being set on fire. The
crew have arrived here safe.
Richmond, Jan. 26.-Dispatches
from Knoxville this morning confirm
the report that Crittenden rallied at
The early reports of our disaster
were greatly exaggerated.
It is impossible to arrive at any
accurate conclusion in regard to the
The statement that a large Federal
fleet had been officially reported in
Pamlico Bound, is now officially con
A large portion of Burnside's ex
pedition is believed to have been lost
in the late storm.
Nashville, Jan. 25.--The fort Hen
ry correspondent of the' Union and
American says that a federal gunboat
came near that post on the 22d and
fired tour shots from behind a point
of the island.
One shot passed through the chim
ney of the steamer Lynn Boyd, lying
t the fort and fell in front of ,her
bow. Oat 8-inch mortar shell burst
od' fe'll inslile the fort, but nobody
was hurt.
Pickets who returned in -the nibt
of the 282d ranp tb- enemy esasop
ed Ct Callowt toh,, saxteen miles
below the f it.
On the oppse1t aideof'fe :im* is
'acim; ~ ii? t i~~~ii'Lii~r
'.d -,.ed th thit.he tm..
our ow. s not aece '
known, abu* . anp$.dfet eorn t.i
A special, 0 e'. Unios
and Am i .hrit Knxi le o.n th
2ith,, ays that' uthledge a all hiF
It cominandare saf i.
MAugurtae, Ja 2.--The Savoan sr
News,- of thmorning, says, a letter
dated the 19th, c s the
of Cedar Keys. andthe b o
the towand ytheraves .e nd fidvelo
sehoooers in port, also t0 bealh,
cotton and 150 barrels tourpentinjt
)ihashille., Jan. 26,-A prs*te
din tck fresh sowling Green
ni satysL that bifteen thousand Fed=
erals crossed Green river yesterday,
It ia understood more were to cross
S o ile, Jan. 26.-The Mobile Tri
bune says there hive been nine fed
eral bodies picked up on the beach,
which were killed by otar ren in the
taking of the schooner Wilder. No
doubt but there were over thirty of
the enemy killed.
New Orleans, Jan. 27.-The- an
niversary of the secession of Lou
isina was celebrated here to-day..e
There was a grand military review.
Ten thouiand troops armed andequip
ped and ready for the field were out
on parade. One thousand of thema
were free negroes.
Richmond, Jan. 26.-Intelligence.
from Wilmington has been received
in official quarters announcing mat
a British vessel called the York gtran
ded near the month of Camp Fear.
Some Federal vessels threw combus
tible material on board and set her
on fire. The crew escaped.
The report that a large number of
Burnside's expediteon were wreecked
off Hatteras needs confirmation.
Richmond, Jan. 27.--The New
York Herald of the 23d and 24th has
been received here.
A financial measure is before the
Federal Congress to issue $100,000,
000 of demand notes without interest,
and $400,000,000 of six per cent
bonds. The Secretary of the Treaau
ry approves the bill. It was made
the special order for the 28th. The
estimate for the navy during the
present year is near $50,000,000.
1'he Herald has no news from Burn
side's expedition.
Aceaunt of the late Fight.
At 2 o'clock the stage arrived from
Lebanon, and among the passengers
was Mr. R. E. Morris, a member of.
company A, McNairy's battalion,:
brought additional news, and to whom
we are indebted for the account which
follows :
Gen. Crittenden, on bearing that
the enemy, 3000 strong, had crossed
Fishing Creek, ordered Gen. Zolli-;
coffer to advance and give them bat
tie. Gen. Zollicoffer, as we under
stand, protested against the movement,
preferring, as he alleged, that the,
enemy should make an attack on our i
breastworks. Gen. Grittenden, how-.
ever, insisting that his plans should
be carried into execution. Gen. Zol
licoffer, at the head of portions of
Battle's, Newman's, Stanton's, Pow
ell's and Murray's Tennessee regi
ments, and the 16th Mississippi regi
ment, under Col. Statham, together
with an Alabama regiment, (the 14th
we believe,) proceeded immediately
to meet the opposing forcns, and ifter
marehing seven miles, found thet en.e
my somr B~000 strong.
At eigbr o'clock in the uoindng o'
Sftaday last, the 18th inst., the battle
comtnen.eed, the enemy oa.ng f!ie4.
.when `it. wS to ?. "
Zoil s' "cried oat; Ber H e
Iere leved at his person. ?o
Zoiliefier, dreit ia rvolve a nd
£area, killing he beagtrp to
the battle.. Zeor : the .mag t
pednct eclsst,, Genp. e ritUA enr
proagdeed to the head of with h _eemy,
ant drawing hie sabre, eut'es hmad
of .the llncola. Colonel ,fon* his
shoulders. As soon a itils was don.,
r twentr bullets pierce4 the body of our
gallant leader,s and Gn.i Zollico r
fell from his horse a mangled corpse.
The fight continued ustilabout 11
o'clock, Vol. Batl41e'4 and , l. Stat
ham'ss regiments. hearing the bruin of
the battle. Before the engagement
Slosed, at this point, Gen., rittendear
arde red the entire force, with tho rx
ception of the two regiments above
named, back to their breastworks.- -
It was at this critical moment thatI
our troops sueffered the meet. Side
by side the gallant Missiessippi and
Tenncsaee regimenots stood up against
the overwhelming force of the enemy.
Three times the spartanband charged
upon the united host of the vandals,
and unawed by the lifeless forms and
dying groans of their comrades, they
continued to dispute their right to
desecrate the sacred soil of our sunny
land, until they were compelled to
retreot or fall into the bands of the
At 4 o'clock in* the evening our
forces who had gained their en
trenchments, were again attacked,
the enemy surrounding them on every
side. From this hour the battle
raged furiously until 11 o'clock at
night, at which time the Confederates
were compelled to abandon their po
sition, leaving upon the field a large
,-lot of provisions, the splendid bat- I
teries commanded by Captains Rut
lfedge and MeClung, besides camp
equipage, baggage, etc.
The Killed.-Among those report
ed killed in addition to the command
er of the brigade, are the following:
Lieut. Col. Carter, of Battle's regi
ment, from Williamson county; Tim I
Dodson, a well-known citizen of this
county; the gallant Lieut. B. B.
Shields of this city; Lieut. Bailie
Peyton, jr., of Sumner county; Jas.
Patterson, of this county, color-bearer
Battle's regiment; James Gray, or
-derly-sergeant of Capt. Rice's com
pany, Col. Battle's regiment.
The Wuened.-Col. H. M. Fogg,
iTd tio Gen. Zollicofer, was wounded
early in the engagement. Opr re
ports in regard to his condition are
corlicting. A dispatch to Orville
Ewisg. Eaq, state that Orville Er
ing, son of the Hon. Ed4in of this
city, is wounde&ad s a psisoner.-,
'w16boi&i ofJilitr' P. Gosi sE , off
thias ity, ar aampag the wounded.'
Wan. Battle, a* of ths col.ael ofthej
laspjj Wmine
,not killed " but ..'.
terde. who , -as
were pouslb .j IO
of those high in en
alln te engagesioment hre r andly
on thure wside jusy ielo a re
Our Thooswa s 11ited er itn ,
works meu ere atA a r oe.# it-e
tenden, who w $5
shied`' abcve r.. ,d
he veal ofvGener. . 1 S
Swere, tras ported sc o a -he
river, and heat ts Xc fthen
In the engagement R osen and
ThicClung' brattery wore to)zsoe
two piecers ofn the way to Knvselsre.
stationed withe onrrew manuftie at
on the south side note tht Slphate ofe
Our losswas wa not vy BeIOv)' ut
jour men became psnic hWAtikefafter
'the fall of General o ico~erfew:.
Gen. blue vpfcommitriol or ble stoned
oral staorces, and It swe suproeep t pet be
as nasisufacted by Gen. Reaenera.
Their orcs the wae tmeet turs and
whileverale iof our me ek In yes
terday, and report large nu mbers of
otlhers on the way to Knoxville.
[Nashville Gazette.
Among the newsuppl mathe woeld at
w the South, we note that ulphaite o
copper bquirese vitriol or' ble stone, imade
now mplatinde. Typome fosubatitute avet
been started, and now w e Demo-apr
manfaetoriesbrg The pte, of pow4th
derins the article mostllow:ed. and
while there igs, in Arkansas, eiough
manganese to supply the world, yet
cowehasule no means of melting it ae-re
it require crmaciblevery morts made
ofplatinawo Governments substitute ta yet
be found. -Arkansas Tme Dbemo
From the Norfolk torrelsonde nt
ofur the Pet-ersbrg Epites, of tl not
inst., we take the following:
The foreign consuls--that~n ithe
consuls of England and Fraee--.are
to receive mails evay meatj. The
two Goveruments aria ' take it by
mean to atrust th~ilr mais the care
of the Lineola.i :aon .. This
*laieb win *aT21c & '
I p bny othem.

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