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-' -· 4·
. b e r t .'"I
* . . * ..* ,SIEV POIT 7RRAYAPRB 4,~ ' * :> d 10
~Aft~op. ICt. IaW.
,.O rcc oit Grkldrr 8 BEQrd'e Seer1 .
Cor. Texas tud Spritagst.,
nl-lyd 8Rnvfdoai't, x.
.J. b. Moscan'E, .
Asttorneay at maw,
O ig.e wit . At Nt, ltct r So
Mim and 1Carket streets. A44d-l1
Attor and OonaselorT at Law,
e' yi 4 es ait . ofN ,
Will pretice in the Courts of
*Caddo. Desoto, aad Bossier. d141
*L.. M. ' UT1,
Attornrey ait ILaw,
SOFce, cqrner Milaun Market Streeg .
SuaVRsI'opT, LA.
Practices in Caddo, Bossier. and
DeSoto. . nl0-lyd
Attorneys et Counsellors at Law.
.Shrerepart, La.
RlA(rTICEincopartneship in all
the courts held in the city of lShrteve
ptort, and in tihe josrishes of f) Soto
S iliicre on Market street near illam..
.' lTraviv stret, 'near Bapjst Church.
3ES(I lEajfed in a retired and agree.
!hl.- ljart of tihe town, safords 11iuquual in
d ucmentou to kurders, transiaent or periea
nont, will find it a comfortable hbme. FamoN
Silies or slingle gentlenmen can obtain pita
ant rooms, and lay boarders will be accooa
r.,dated. s99r9 Mrs. A. 11. TAIm'ror
Phelps & Rogeas,
Groeers &Cooidunissibn Merchants
C('or. Commerce and Crocket ata..
i' One door above A. M. Hull & Ce's.
Krºep conitatntly on hand a large as.
.ortmcent of Staple and Fancy Gre
reries, etc.
Advances made on consignments to
jur friends in New Orleans. nl8dly
J. R. Simpson. G. M. Calkovn.
Sinpsdou&ºc Calhoun,
WiLeceiriqg and Forwgrdig Agerts,
Having leased the popalar and commo
dious Warehouse of Messrs. Howard, Tally
& Co., and having had long experience in
business, we hope to receive a share of the
public patronage, and pledge ourselves to
do all in our power to give entire satisfae.
tion in all nusiness encrusted to odi care.
All we ask isa ftrial - no25
4 I. 0. O. F. .
The regular nmtetings of
NEITHfLODGE, aNo. 21, are held
on Wednesday evenings, at 7 o'clock,
at their Lodge Boom on Texas street.
F'. W.SPILKs R, $.eretary. . n1o
S 3 and A. M. No.. 115, meets
evety Friday at 74 P. M. -
J . -os JoiW W..
H. H. 3Irownlee, 86c'y.. *
Shreveport Chapter 4f R. A. M..4o. 10,
Ipeets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each
month, at 7)P. M. J. G. McWitLAMs,
'. C. Waller, Recorder. H. P.
Shreveport Council, R. and S. M. 'No. 5
upeets on the let and 3d Saturday of, earh
melith, at 14 P. X. Ernntr r. CRAi.
Renry Levy. Recoraer. T. .G... M
'r Placqof meeting, at the Masonic Hall
-Nas street. over Mayor's offi.c. oo24
lit p d ery lbassay ad -
d ay MBrhis.g.
Me. *M Tezasn Street,
4j $**priag, sear the Mayor's dice.
T ii
u Mv, (bi A4ve ) #&H
sx ass s,24 " * so
Thur i'4 is i s !
`Ten OueS per Wei Deli cred.
Coplie.s e Year, $1*.
The above low rsae are for the "Was
latimes and sise." which j~aea our paper
within the teach of every family.
Fer eah m sqwu of tele line aor less
for the frst lasertioo,......,....1.00
1%r each additional insertion, per
squarea............. 50
The priviige of yearly wdvereiss kt
strictly limited to their own lIPmediat asd
regular bu ineas; aAd tom business of an
advertising trm is not considered as inclu
ding that f its individual members.
Advertliements pulfiished at irregularo
intervals, $1 per square for each insertio.
All advertisements for strangdrs or tram
sieut persoes, to be paid in advance.
Advertisements not marked on the copy
for a specified time will be inserted till
forbid. and pvpincat exacted.
LMarriages and deaths will be published
as news; obituari.w,:trlbutes of respect, and
founral inlvitationj as other advertisements
Wie will be plcased to receive as
ontrihib tgos, geood daste romam es,,
poetry. etc., if origival, also well Mwrit
£es artirles oansay subject.
I * · -'
Through the politeness of Mr. W.
C. Jones we have been favored with'
the following Fatra.
Dispatches. this evening to Ger.
Letbher frdn Staunton, say Lieut.
Juaedin Willia rs and captain Morrt
sen were taken prisoners at Winches
ter the Confederatie prisoners were
sent to Baltimore. -The enemy's
total loss is 2000 in dead and wound.
ed, oiur is 465.
Heavy cannonading is heard, and
another battle is expected.
There is no Union sentinent in
Winchester. All was quiet last night.
Col. Ashby tad a little, blush this
morning and drove the enesiy back,.
killing 12.
'At Ybrktown the Feaorald are ad
vancing ip large force. In a skir
mish on Thursday Lient, Miajy, of
the Confederates was ktlled,
Augusta, March 20.-The Savan
nah Bepublican bf this morning says
that on Satprday lasit a Fedeipl gun
boat was dispatched to New 8rnyra,
Fla., frogm St. Augustine, ana seut in
barges with fifty men to attack our
Captain Owens, with 30 horsemen,
opened fie on the bezges, kipgi 48
Federhls. aportally 'wounding two,
"d, tIing one. prisoner. Nine
escaped. A negro pilot, who brought
jp thobarges, was cptur4d andjung.
The Yapkees sent in a fag of trauce
to bury the dead; which wag panted
oncondition they surrender the he
groes they had stolen. They gave
unp seven,
Richmond. March 29.-,The Presi
dent's :message to Congress, asking
jhe vpeal of all existing military
laws. and hiaking censcript laws in.
stead, recomsmends i law subjecting
every man betweei 18 and 35 years
to. military service. There .was a
spicy ,debate in the Senate apon the
proposition. Wigfall spoke in favor
and. (ldlinum against.
New Orleans, March 29.-A spe
cial telegraph from Charleston says
tiat five of the enemy's ste'ainers
approached Wqshington, N. C.; and
landed one hundred Yankees.' They
marcbedthrough toirn playing Kan
kee Dpodle, hoisted a flag on the
eourthouse, and destroyed gun car
riages and an fninished gunboat in
the ship yid. The people of the
tows preserved a sullesi and unresist
itg silence. The Yankees then left,
saying they were disappointed at not
fadDingeny unippists. 'iheir ofcers
declared that they were waiting for
20,000, reinforcements, when they
wquld' march direct against Raleigh.
'A secon1 dispatch last night says
that Gen. Evans had sent a detnch
ment of scouts near the enemy's po
sition on Edisto Island, below
Charleston. At 3 o'clockthis morq
ing they .pneountered the Yankee
pickets, when a skirmish ensued,
)Ve.kilied one, wounded one, and
bagged twedty one prisoneis. One
Carolinian -.was slight'y wounded.
This is official. Northern papers of
the i6th pay that a mortar fleet, con
sisting of twenty-one heavy mortar
boats..eight steamners 'and, one store
ship undcr commander Porter,' had
left Key West to attack NewOrleans
by Lake Ponchartrarn.
The London Times thinks the re
cent Yankee victories will open a
way.to conciliation and a peaceful
The Sumter is still at Gibraltar,
closely wa'tcbed by the Tuscarora:
Houstor, Afrch 25.-A battlewas
fotght at Valverde, four miles above
Fort Craig, on the 21est. 'lhe. Con
federates numbered 200; the Feder
als 1000 regulars and 4000 New
Mexican volunteots, including 100
Pike Peakers.
The enemy first attempted fo turn
our left flank, but wire repulsed by
Major Lockridge. They the.attack
ad our whole line, and were repalsed
1aiu; The enezmythen conecntratod
on our left, and forced our troops to
fall hack. when they crossed a bat
tery of guns over the river.
This move proved fatal." We
charged the battery and took it at the
point of shot guns and revwolers by a
desperate struggle. The enemy fled
with great slaughter, retreiting across
the river. Ve poured atheavy. fire
into them, slaughtering them terribly.
Thecontest was one of the mnost des'
perate on record. The Confederate
loss 36 killed, 196 wounded. The'
einemy's loss in killed and wounded
over500.. Maj.Lockridge, .Capt.Van
Henrsl, killed; Cob N. L. Robards,
slightly wounded:
In the beginning of the fight a shell
exploded in the midst of Kit Carsen's
'regiment, killing and wounding twen
ty. Tfte regime.nt fled in. a panic to
the mountains. Two th1i8sand five
hundred of thS eucnny returned to
Fort Craig; the balance are missihg.
We-have thenm completely surround
ed; they must surrender. This bat
tle is regarde4 decisive of the fate of
New Muxico. We took a tield bat
2~zy OTýymdU3I* tiro bus.
dr#and$y meta, tiy prison.
14 a tered.the.ir forces. We
havei0 at our mercy. ColL Gueq
commande oar forces. G u.Sibey
was OIA, butwas on the fiId.. {en.
Cahby couinsiade the Fideswl.
Corinth, Maarh. 2L--The :follow
ing is taketa from .the Louisvie
Journal of the l24th:
Newsrn Euroe by theAmerca,
gives an iiportant debate ia the
British Houseq CfOomnnosp, upo thi
bockeade. Mr. Griojry denouaced
it, and exprwesed strong sympthy
for the South. Sir Jaewe Fergison
called on the Govermeat: to inter
fore. ThseBolicitgr Genei strongly
oppgged Governmental intbaterence.
~e London _Times " throwi cold
water n -..the asucceepes of the Fed
eralests in Tennessee.
The crew of the privateer-Besaure
gaurd have been sent to EoA Warren
The prevailing opinion at Wash
ington ib, that theFde . flag foats
over New Oriedns, as tai mortar
fleet had attacked bur fort at the
Rigolets, at last accounts.
A large fleet of steamers arrived at
Louisville, on Saturday last from the
A steamer from the Tennes* liad
arrived at Evansville with 500.sick
The. Journal has a fierce arficle
upon-the London Times, which paper
insiststhat'the war between the Fed'
erals and the Confederates must'be
speedily. settled. .
Andrew Johnson'saaplteal to the
people of Tennessee promises a full
and conplete amnesty to all who will
turn to their allegiance to the
United Smates, and assumes dictatoe
rial right to appoint all officers:
+Parson Browrnlow delivered' a
speech at Nashville on tho'l7th, rela.
tive to.imprisonment for treason to
the bogus goeyprnment. He declres
hinielf to be no abolitionist, and
said' that thae.South had. sunfered no
inrringement ond her institugione.
He was grossly vituperative against
the South.
Freom the Potomac-Fight sear
SWarrenton S&ation-Forty Yankees
Kgied and 100 Me and' orses
Gddtarred.-We 'havet been reliably
informed that.a cavajry fight occur
red about nine miles below' Warren
ton Station, on the Orangeand Alex
andria Railroad, the latter partof the
.lhst week. Our informant did not
state the day it occurred, hut theie
can be. no doubt as to the truth of
the ' 'pert, as our information was
derived through Mr. Thos. Yuille, of
Campbell county, who was wounded
in the engag.ment. The particulars,
as far as we were able to ascertain,
were these: A force of.three hundred
Confederate cavalry, under command
of Gen. Stuart, who were protecting
the rear of our army in their retreat
from Manassas, wete attacked by five
hundred Yan eecavalry at the point
named. W6 lost six killed. The
enly person'cilled on our side, whose
name we have heard, was Mfr. Thos.
Wafler, an officer in .theAmherst
* The eneine's loss was 4'0.killed and
100 prlsotiers captdired, together with
their homre, arms, eqpipments, etc.
*Additiom*. Sine wri.ting the
;move wehave seem Mr. s.
trawoinQiedIan he it, adfrom
hi we received Oi. .fellsw i1u par-,
The engagemd it ook place oe
Saturday Bet. T.e : nemy' esala
my, who 1 1ia . abhou 5000. wre
wim&ia aight of ofourstowq hep .( .
Sturlt,irdared asid Ied' the. chuag.
upon them: Thei tes engigd paOn
car side were Capt. idaWhite
head'a company of = tt . and
cai Harrins' rupany of .a b " ,.
wadeer c ama4 erf O L dforad.; na
Ahur comper .of A.tb*: Second V r
iUaa Oavalry. Aneder 'tobmnesd of
as~Jidenes. .L;. ·i )Wi
Thanu&b1 f1!e e 's wound
ed was neat s rtimeisd, lit ft.nu s
bane ben large,. giwe are known to
hae killed 40, a" ejt d0a0,r
with their bouses,. 4e, waie wer
brought to "O alpe rpu ourt"bo~uei
on Saturday.
. The loef O our uside is killesand
s180 woaunded: Buitfair of the neames
of those who havre 'been wound are
knuownm. All that we hase ascestain
ed are 1st Sergeant'Thamas Waller,
serioul rua dedaandsupposupikiiip .
In. aCt. Harris' company, GpoT. T.
yuite, Jerry IoEton ai' Robert
Huiter woundead. -Naalkilled.
-Lyncbburg Virginian, 21st.'
Taeas.-We have- received they
Houston News of the 19th instant,
inelaIive,. There is no particuilarin
telligeace ofinterest.' The News says:
Coloiel F. W, Latham arrived
last night, direct from Brownsville
He informs us that all is now quiet in
Matamoros. The foreign. vessels
(mostly Eagliai,) are still lying dht
side, awaiting instructions from their
''overnments. h
The Houston Telegraph has the
following: s .
A troop of twenty ,indepondnt
scouts from Wharton county pgassed
through here on Monday evening,
bound for the wers. They wers all
well mouqted, well armed, and . will
pay their own fxpenses to the .scene
of operation. They design tendering
their services to Gen. Sydney John
son. We know many of the men
well, and they ae among the bestciti
zeus of the conntry. We noticed
among them -our old friend, George
Quiian,. one of the best lawyers as
well as most brilliant minds in the
State. Glory attend the troop, say
Get. Jeef. Thompson;--This re
me.kable soldier is now in our city.
He.is everywhere, seen end'feked ly
our enemy. He is full of life amid
spirit, and has no evil forebodings for
our army or our cause. He is the
same wh6le-souled ani high-spirited
Geoueral, whetherin peace or in war,
in victory on in defeat. He is em
phatically Jeff. Thompson. He is ,
loved by his me, and bhated by the,
enemy. Heis the pride and boast of
his State.--(Memphis Avgianclie.
The Ldi isville Journal publishes,
pon what it 'alls "unlquestionable"
authority, a statepent of the .iapture
of Capt.Joh i H. Morgan, near Scotts
ville, Allen cohuty. Ky. Doseals of
Buell's pickets takeo prisoiuers 'at
and u'krNashville during the ast
ten dayu, can testify that the gallant
Oaptaid is-still aliveand active in the
lan<d of Dixth.

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