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The Semi-weekly Shreveport news. [volume] (Shreveport [La.]) 1862-1864, April 11, 1862, Image 1

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) .1.b$4Ua A.1 T*Cs
Num r 44.. ylr sK ývPDk¶', FLJAY,APL~e ~ý }I . . it (r1'tAt I
Ofoe ikai d ,-. 4 l od d'k .,Str.
Cor. Texas and Spring i., .
7l-*74yd , Ma*svDro7T. LA.`
'Attor> efy at Law,
SIMrY ro3rT, LA.
Ojer -witk 1L. 1W.2 Ngts, corwer of
Mtilias and iafe*.et aeea.- "a4d-ly
A s TP p. CRAIG,
4ttor '. bnd nalor ; lawt
O ue opposite Post Ofior;
s.HRnanysPdrT, LA.
Will practice in the Courts of
Caddo. DeSoto, a n'BoSiletr. I dl
I ,.. .XU TT,.
Attorney at Law,
OpFcd, corier Atilam 4- Market Sreets.,
Practices in Caddo, Bo siier and
D)esoto , n10-lyld
, RS' 4- POLLOG6K.
Attorrsgy & Counsellors at Law.
S"kre'rieorl, Lta.
SIA(U IOE in copartnership in all
the courts held in the city of Shrove
piort, and in the parishes of De Soto
c(ue on Market. street ner iMilaln.
S'Travis street, Ignest Baptist Church.
I.N; lo,,tt.ed in a retired nsU agl -re
iale part of tlt: town, atordsi itesltl in
dulltceIlteplts to Imarders, transient or lyrns.
.nent, will find it a comfortable home. Fam-,
lies or single gentlemen can obtaiin pleas.
nit rooms, and day boarders will he accom
i wedatod. s99v9 )Irs. A. 15. TAIrCo. .
~------~. _ -~:. -------
Phelps & KRe ,
Groeers & Colniission Merchants
Cor. Comouuerre an Crocket sts..
J'Onez door above A. )l.. Hull & Co's.
Keep constantly Qu hand a large as
arti'nt of. 'aple anrud Fancy Gro
ceraes, etc.
Advances nmado on ponsignments to
our friznld. in New Orleans. ulS8dly
J.R. Simrpson. G. M. Calhoun.
Minmpson & COlhoun,
Receiving aend Forwarding Ageits,
Having lease4 the popular and capmmo
dious Warehouise of 3Mears. Howard, Tally
&. Co., and having had long experience ite
business, we hope to receivi a share of the
public patronqge, and pledge ourselves to
do all in our Hpwer to five entire satisfac
tion in all business entrusted to our care.
All we as is a.trial. noth
I. O. O. F.
The rcgzlular Meet}i of
NrEITH LODGE, No. $1, wre held
on Wednesrday evenings, at 7 o'cleck,
at their Lodge Roomoe Texpe stiect.
N. s5uGMu a5 N. G.
F. W. S SPJLKB,$Seeretary. a10
and A. M. No. 115, mp.ts
.1'. W Jo11., W. MN .
J. H. Browunoe, rrec·JL .
SBreee m Clbpuº ' "'!G'A. X. No. 10;~
mleets ma tk and tit of :lie Op4aQ
,month, at .} M. J. G. VYO; C aaxs
T. C. Wa) ý fl ecordver.
.ci~resao:Cccicit "R. 4ry;$ )l .Ne 6
elects onbe tat and 3d $etnrda of each
Optst, at 7I-P. M.. '' : Ellj~i)rS * iio
nrLevyRcoder. T..CGt.A.M
Place of meeting, at tshMaaoniolfla
.Texas street, over Maror's [email protected] i2V
It pwe"abaed ewerW ti iasty aWd li
day Isrr~g.
Abe s pring,  n e. Mary*.' ofot .
., E l2 s,"s , ,
E . nmua , (I Advape, - $4-,"
T e,e .6. 2.4 ..
T a e ,eut, W n6 .elive .
2 Copies ne Year, $1,.
The Above loa ratie are for the " War
times ."nd oe." which plaoes our p15p
within the rfech f e cery femily.
INGZLa ;DaV C1 0 rr
For aeb squasr of tw.6yIp flte or lees
4o~ Akl ,rain esion,,. ..........SE
P'ot each additional i pm4,m, pr
square ............. .......... a
The privilege of yearly dve"rtips is
strictly limited to their own Immesdiatt* ad
regular iuine s; and the business f an
advertising frm is not considered as Ihel.
ding that of its idividual iweanbers:
Advertisements published at irregular
intervals, $1 per iquare for each insertlia.,
All advertisements for strangerº or tran
sient persos, to be paid in advance.
Advertisements not marked on the copy
for a spefie l-time, will pe inserted sill for
bid, and payment ezarted.
We haveeas yet received but little
by tulegraph of the battle. The city
is full of rumore from it, the rumors
were principally by the passengers
frorp Jackson this morning. Who
reported that Gen. Mladden had one
of his arms shot of dew. Pro.tees
who it is rememberodfigurea at·3airo
some time since, was in command of
luell's column.--BwlIl being sick
and was taken prisoner. He states
the vietqry was aoet eeiwplete-that
we wil ltake their etire army, gun
boats transports, e. Our b} velGen
eral Albert Sidn7e Johnoteid fell a
martyr to 'the caue of freedom: Ifo
was pierced by a shell and Minnie
b.ll while leading his pen to the
thickest of the ight. Beauregard
immediately assumed command. We
have sifted the above from the ipu
merous rumors in circulation and have
goodreason to believe it is in tie
main correct.-Vicksburg Whig, V.
Memphis, April .-On last ~ri
day night one of the enemy's gun
boats passedlsland No. 10, and is
now at New Madrid.
Fighiihg cgmmenced this morning
at fivp o'clock, near Mopterey, on the
Teunessee river. It eas .a generdl
engagement. Gen. Hardee engaged
the enemy at first. Other divisions
took part during the da', until the
enemy were deferied.
A large nmbue of prisoners were
captured. together with 8 batteries.
Te1,. Grant commanded the Feder
als. The fbght as teudfric. Another
engepeat is anticipated to-morrow.
The pstiealars ae not known.
cBRahmnond, April 6.- Rport of
_ghtingaear Yorktown aree srrnt
a1-day, It was generally credited
that the enemy attacked ur lines at
half past ten, aided by gunboata..
TIhe ighting ,oantinure till twelve,
when the memay aeed ,.1 . Our
troop stated 4."ia l Yitiatp .
*Memphis, April, 4.-w A nyevere
story occurred at Foret Pilew rpd
i. The *stabt c n a Valer
esl .d. a, wsbkl ' The. swne
b of  aer #sl t ed dows en s.' pes
_ tip wsgk t.kwar " New 3a1 id,
baawere:all maned by the- .snr
- .and Gaap.p, rsany of thps
w itbeaelotbes. Tlpy hav.e esved
e Um-sthe BotldL "
TheI s hwing of.IhadNo. .o .iil
mtl*aaes, writhost esot. One o the
L euemas, ,guboats and :tmmpests
have besahbadly suagaed. o ibather
r The seamy heae R' a sned Uqise
.E dfences no t&e Isla" u a5
go*d moedition, ae the .eem.y ha~n
- aebeid.M reason to kneir. :It was
believed that the machinery of the
famous gunboat Paton had been
Sconsiderably" damaged, and that she
had been penetrated by a ball w"ei
Seat a liiuteasat in two sand wounde
d ,igj or ten men.
I ichmond, Apr4 4.-A lett r to
'tie Examiner says that Col.. Aihby
r Wua.ghiting the enemy all day Wed
" uesday in Shenandoah oogpty, firt
in the streets of Woodetock, andkthen:
in Edinburg. Ioat aevm iaess. The
. enemy are advancig,
Norfolk, April 4.-The steamer
Jqra has, arrived at Portland with
two days later news doom Europe. I
Lincoln's emuncipation message
- had been received in England.
r Lord RussaU 1p praising the con,
I stancy of the Southern troops, says (
I the Northern troops are weary of the 1
Swpr, and clamerous for forloughs.
4 Ba St. I16uis, April 5.-About 1
e 20Q0 of the enemy landed yesterday I
] at Pans Christian, and attacked.our
f camp there. Seveial shots were ex
- changed,. but uo body hurt on our 1
'aide. Our troops retired in good I
order. The en.emy hburned our teats
and every thipg in the camp, Sev-.
,.1r houses have been struck by the I
sihells of the enemy's gunboats. k. t
launeb, with one aundred men,,esmei
in Bay $t. Lotuis and captured a
k schooner and, cut the telegraph cable. '
Houston, March 31.--Dates ntm '
"Mesilla to the 7th. report Sibley's I
advance to be at Socoro, thirty milmg t
above Fort Craig. half way between
Mesil~, and Santa Fe. Letterse- t
cei" e4 from our troops state that New t
Mexico is practically in our hadnds.
Sibley is advancing on Santa Fe. a
Nothiap from Fort Craig: we elpect '
it is probably evacuated. Browns- '
ville hates to the 20th state the Brit- a
ish frigate P etog, 56. (oet the Rialto) *
Admiral Teasham, anl corvette Ber- t
thold, six 80-pongnexi, Commander I
Jonquiere, is off the' io Granue. t
Admial Teasham d visited Browns
ville and sympathres with our cause.
He says .his mission is to keep the
mouth of. the 1%io Qapde open to the
trade of the world,, a llhasards.
England is repored to hJave with
drawn from the alliance against
Mexicq. A .lLet , 8d00 ns i 't
Vera Orus, expecqing to sail mme
diately for New Orleans iad the
8outhlwk coasut.
.Foua Guasroar u,.--O.r _I.- .
,asisippi leet, yelept a few month ae 
r the moalrSto leet,puusleqm to hbe b#1
foraelpa a tolsombly~spectuble oud
lit wiUYleasn, by Irtiug to ouru.F
I ve4isezents,tha tup oMre gauta bts,' ~t
,wo I , I 'IIs.4ui tap...4 "
Na.d I Mi.-'mdl.Wo a I:
Plictte the irrim w lith, pgo i
a y W,***e.r* *
ta1 .. Tid* .he iw ~4 .A
ýit 4 wu g tlyp lAe hYs (tA : ,
out snlmap hepelg ia 9aai
Do.ei ; " aut~o-tO. 
t 4i , O tt s n g , i ek i m e o m -
stau his supr em ea Olbq asp. Hisr
woodean y i. w.l lS
his moitr la t " iW t 4 M
IleP be obihs! aofhs duy -
the. YirgipAwete ous untso "
gUw4e* k no h4ey knbay ,ow agiiy
to be used. Ton 4willawl "
between the Feds, sad the Coe4.
as to whiph rrl a t beoable e ,to i
these iron ams,' ad is the green
pumber. Time now is everyti,.
sped Tape-iThe followlg from
the Atlanta Confederacy exposes bet
a single one of the many instances of
official batprted to pev et p'si'
tical ammesuss, which' have ocaur
red since the beglA ig the war.
It is tine see man sense should rule:
'~oe' las niiteet display of
tapE and W eCl at wisdom came
in this city last Wednesday oevialy
Elevea ear loads of gbus and am
munitien were coning up tie Geot
giSroad, en route to a polat whre
we know they were badly needed,
It may be that our ave men willi
have to retreat from the enemy for
the wanut of arms i their bondsbe
fore this reaches the eys of our
readers. Due notice was given, a
splendid esnine e was sred up here,
ready to hitch ho to them the onoment
they arrived,"aid pushl on with them
to their destinetiop.
Two of the cars became disabled
on the way, ,sit were left 4 Social
Circle. The engine was about to;
take the nine ears of arms, etc., and
troceied in haste, when an officer of
the army stepied up and ordered
that noue of them should be sent un
ess ali of them were sent at the
sa-he time. It was urgently. repre
sented to. him that our army might
suffer a defeat for the waet of gqs
and ammunition, unles they woer4
at once sent on. He was persistent,
fnd thus. nine car loads ,had to lie
hbere twenty-four hours to conform to
the rules of the red tape.
Erarxiuow of Ort eArtI AL LAW.
'-.-Oret many persons in tire cityi
thotught t first "e1t eaartial sla*
wemild be limited to the segulattim
ahout the closing of odbeekouses andi
the taki. of oasths c4q iesauce. BEt
we knew vwery well thos- people wee'r
,p error, ag4that bf ae4ks 1hi mi
tary .e lwouid be * tendeol. -We'
havein ser papmr tuadily fo'r aror
dilrkemn the Prvoet NKaishuiIsa o on
:to,,bphant hg ig hbuse., mxitmer
'teac in peper eriraecy tendiuq to t
-' .`
TIrhe free colred saies
ueuus by th.
pa,. iS~~Q I Jeqca~ *srn
- t i ini A* "dja%
tfr haviug4.,n$i e
power and' fotejbt emm~&. *3q te
a - - 'Te n do e Radw 4ehm
of the peeple ." v op A
h Pave, "Ae d44 . tri thue Sa
ft. the w9 gaf s , mss'
,iWer Ur die to tbie a-w
bielt that 440 waliib' Ir
Etire se~dbrt..iaf jqý.,ºp tiw_
of e "m 6
whiobi the ke i. g w : ha ei
in~tesct.4 ended hwhis mgsi
hey e.ibmpd; iwt aou dq.eo.
to the recent reverse! which we have .
stated by the Esuiner:
we learn that the oEl feljt of
,the eiý9A~~qfat ourt ' Snagawtato~m p vq
adequate to . lyinc all the mtt
of the Gkevrawo uottidamIu.
the mnexPect . ant i u· hoc. in
crease of eqpendittures =reetl fnis
the great augmbentatien in the eces
variy meons .1 4sfo..a 7ie oexeit
exhibits the ratifnt~ fact etht we
have no doatig debt; that the credit
of the Qovepza ja usnluzmpehitq4..i
that the totg expenditure of the
Govermns et for t yemrlhas b in
=maud nunmbewm. sue." b kd sad
rsventy mzillions (fadmo,4sse than
one-third of that tm waned by the
enemy in bn vain ewfort to eowlajef
W2-lese than the value.of &ai p
article of Sxiort- the cotton rCp of
the 'year.
The Examiner u'so Bays:
r iaae ddrosned tq tie~crbur
of " are v' a pr iactd r z
buorn cit d 'so the 'Noerth; ox
g * MO idetirmi.edeqa deme.
tht runles sosuigreat, dhlseuetipest~
irne rnposue., thoe fttemept *hisi
w id ma jce, aheboat the miatdd. o
mErt `aaontbI~r ipun1 opta' o *ae~~g.
imeu 0dket ~lamn ms ati the
debt oF the North ~ii~ ~p- t
ready t wel'ks tdree~~i~C
to be .x~6j~e. Pratt, of rylen~bd.

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