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The Semi-weekly Shreveport news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1862-1864, May 02, 1862, Image 2

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velort.r º An ocea siona
x:13 _$+osi. our Plant relative tc
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" li 1Y gmo4nof uc~at or
.,items ~oý e~terlt ton~
o -r ohcr n osker
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'i .wtfriý,t , Irfl tU&4 4MplcIso,
.liar dig Win ; toat lengthy oeiti
muiniatina :mo~dm appreciated
t . a ý1ý . -lP~)r.
Mr. D. D.O'Baiuwl,.. .Nei Obbw1u.eý
R MsOr Jpks . 'i~ ,. .Xahitoie&d
JA, .... * Sid:
Peg. ;,o.
"T a#jq Gipt ;, ib. ahea fgar,
I,.;~ s At a3S Th9Usb6S l, W3 ·
. 'QL~C ihE~b· f0· boat r
I vii-mIJ ~T-Z·aaLus a been ini the rte
* 4pioye;bef aer-vie--'brthe Governor
..da wMici .sh. reasedt to do. -
Ne ri t M kbq ie m ;apt n city h s
b 'a lest'v`o marde tbw*er Cs
ea~4pe ' e ns a 8 : ·d S I t;yhey
Seuteftaiiiu such fears, we eannotlir
tt olies1 s to run aw#ýX. In
·. f n I ",i `lfEah.nuit·· w1* 11
; pigbtt;b wiet o 0 City 'wae
sf' bpt,.be 9~asg9i qýrunr hieb
.edto X, e <f!Rd g qlpntýi u4g eitatated
firs~ he s the nno r i qgý brpiIkitaz
were pre.epj },ati . 'ý T1he
;efort ,sts ... the woman'uIt p Ii.
: e. , iy . ip J tbp c * ouse . -tihu
i ..'ares1Rtaiu teyq eiimto
Our pub h sabjept to the
06 cr1'ptin .Oas w .t1dr wu~e. 4 i
s···. a3 ne1 awofui C': Ceei o0f~
woe e~rry to -witl hi Jut
i~t help qu a wz h . £ :L
We advise the people, to keereaol
~.: ' Le "a~s} i ,aiy :of tA r ac -
ti ',.for oýº4s}ýIte'ýtimid rr er` I
"refection. L..t.be caunnn etg1
iTiee~p gwe mpnv .aq4 ther
w Mapllb tohn i ta've 'another ro
ctsh~o~t East'; tey cony e. c paaI r
~O.d4 h~' ojg~b~t IIsc~ta~iir
'stabti oar ho
* ýý apattipe gta'tie.14
j1 MLtia part,: * i
atn f Qleans, are s differ
i s difacialt to airriv
1du~rdjrddii. al ;wb
rt ied,6. Z` ih,
*rM.before ýe . .ý1"eed
orals planted i heir flago"t w3ºarf
;t at the foot of Canatstree tLic4 e'as
to iistandy kicked dow by some o
- 'ti4ens. After i an intervie;
l wiiad with(et y6vell, at the city.
h'&all; itle the prelininaries of an in
or iducWion, th'i s'ederal 91icer 'e
anaed a repl to der 91' the city, !ta
reply to this, Gen.Lovellaid that q
oinot, but "woald remove the
troops. etc., and leave the city in tje
rs. Iandsl he qiv .aitoritites. The
W, interview -ing ended, the Federdl
So Cler jsked that an; qscort be sint
see him bate on his boat, for soPn9
p ee thoreand pesons headaasseep
ied in te street aboo th .hil wi
rt. tne . determination of -killing" him;
le. tia.l request was .ranted, and Gen.
f tdvel broither escorted hhmn..
A Mi.the cotton, tobacco, and guum
d. esrtiaays whicl were being made at C
the Custombouse were burnt., and a t
lie op who' stood. by'looking at the
destrcution, remarkins thatth,o man
Swho set the dur ouight to be killed, 1
was mmelliately kiled. Mohaases,
ar, et., was all estr yed. All a
t~ veesss and boats, sih docks, qtc. a
were bu, ne. t
Gen. lanIcan feels coreideat that
he can ild the forte, &nd is deter,
ar sied 'to retainhis opision. He says a
he has amzuition add prWisoaqli-. e
or ieet for 8L months:. These partic'
lfars we get from passengers just ar- I
r- tv4efrom the oy. bv the wiray' we t
1- neglected to say that Gin. ?ovell re- t
or marked to the FLerpoffler, gtfebaif h
their forces wpui}dZmeetbiiitwo miles F
frin their gunboats, he wuutld tight t
In. igar4 to .numeronsg iquiriqa.
-ye wnould say that the stock of paper
n y'e haye on hand, iqa jfiicient td last.
qs oape year, at least, and, that we have a
S4p more iea of suspepdin;- --unless ?
oomp,1Jed tp by uqforseeu circum- P
Sstances-ithan we had when the Ntiv s
3 firt made its appearance~ l.rsons
th reforefor need entertain .ne fears e.
Aboutt4sieribing. WhIbeyer repre-. si
t stp,our businessa in any oter lifht
isa falsimer. Our subscription list2
lafily iacreasqs, which is gpod evi
4 "p3 t .at our fee1 rlt .a rp.. ci
i i ell. te fa o,r thi. w* oP y to bue
anid all of ou aqbspyibmp , thank you. t
SO0t. planters are it i'abotit finish- ht
ing playting corn, and we 'wonld 1
ugges tto a thete grea4 neccessity p
of plating a few more acres of corn
instead of cotton. The' wheat croP m
tin Texasa.wrill be t4 aryd short one,. to
e*uased by the cQld weatart in March on
lwhwi has killed-a, irge 'Iortion of fo
the wheat. TPhe breaking of the si
layeas .n thb 'Misseissipi river ha to
overflowed a Iertpou of the land on m
thbe ri'er ana bhebts. As the rivetr. e
it new'risinig, it is iwpossible to tell ex
*he,.estuq of the glanage tv;the corn OQ
on rich ·bottom land.. It therefore, th
,uff~6ndS every plEater in hjpdh who is lo.
sip ao danger farom Ahgh' water, to fo
lant more ser i-Xoaroe Register .ce
thr riveriskisf risirig; a)1 the ~
l&1d ikat can, arp .coiping up 'fiosis"
ro*, as' ast as thi~y can. Bfy o
FM of' t)W gdott the stiedmet
n! : ttoMgLs. l~a to riw over opa e
a Md ba~r; of Mo6as, on her of
d·ra trip. - ' e
A fire broke out in the '4 innis
ot f ee Sitat~si~teu_' Peiee r *
' "o'clock. It
be'd g $ aeh· i hoe ' et
e a , ý Rbof
of all, cotton. iVW hope no man wil
ZExj5A bot pq in coitplyinl
&e errit d.
. t' ef e n y .e i:
1'- r TA T o UrsoT 011 sN Tr
rfAW,4.-d 2.-We a instractes
it ' t d~tdry, S Etp# (Oa Ai
So ciao, J at.a a Baton R.o R1 )
I repl sis the law rplativ ta o. 'foli
Vaa4, .ji" sial. saleE of. property", is
' ordea t '4qjtet clerical error. Ir
' the foerth liae, oS .ectionli -9f Aci
a No irt entitltd "An act to regulae
Forcep4 aid Judicial sales of Proper.
8 ty," the word "or". after the 'word
e "i mone". as publisheA in'the bound
e volumesbf acts of. l862, ehdla1 'bE
I strick-a out,.apd tle word '!du`' ui
t stitqted. *
SThe Atlanta Confederacy ?f toe 15th
'-This 'iorning we gird it as our
apitian, from all the ioforunation we
can obtain, that thp Y.tderajs it oc
Scnpying Huntsville wrre co-oppra
L ting with the bridgeburaing engine
stealers. fthey advanced from.Hunts
Dville, anticipating, thesuccess of the
bridge-burneard, nd tool. the town
of Stevenson, gad even came to a
bridge some piles this side of there,
and with a heavy cannon shot i.ray
the ,mild2.piUar, to prevent qur
g upon thep at. HuntviUlp.
We learn, further, that they were
attackad in the rear by sonpe Confed
erate cavalry, iadtl in t s irmisl,
aQome tixty Y anlkees .wePes killed.
lTyon this intelligence, ce nd the fur
ther news of the-fafIe Qf thyit unmir°
to. burn the State Itoae bridgep, tiny
hastiry etvaeuatiC S'everegn,. apd
perhaps .have left Ipntatvill'e by
this time.
The Colu pbu&,Times of the 145th
We hrave iffornation of the mulove.
ment of Confederate troops, ,inicfd
assures us tha t tlhe raid ixqnlunts
rilly will tura out to. be-a yery-ex
ousiivpYankeeJexury.- The Yanks
who are engaged in that expedtion
nifl Hseer sc.e dear mothers agIin
except through the grace ad perm is
sion of their enetnys.
The Evening 'I'rae Delta of the
24th; says: " "
At anlearly tour this morninggthe
city was t owp intp astate of c'on
asiderable 1ciitinerit *Ly. tihe rurpor
that several of the encepy's gunlloafs
had succeeded in. p sinig the forts.
This report was corroborated by the
pblice bein ordered to press all
nanner.of vchicleas, to convey am
munitioh from. the Marine Rospital
to the river. At hWaif-past 9 the bell
on Dr. Palmer'a'churclh struck.l w elve
four different times, which was the
sital Poir all nzilitby organizatimons
to repair to their armory:. This
made confausion'worse," adta .set
evoery body to inquiring as tp the
extent of the thnya ened damger.--
Our bzllethn. board announged aU
the information receited frombe.
low. Actiye preparatfotis are on
foot to give the enemy a warm re
.eepticn' before he reches'the pity,
bnt with whatl Srospeact of. suceeess
We canmo( say. Thus anatt~rs stand
a we oCo press.
SThe Usme' (Ggi (JetAdr sayrr:
'hiere ought tor be a geanral meetting
of plhuts averrrwheil e to :put doini
·axtortion. * * . *
Major 1V. N. I Trown, of. te 20th
Misuisqippij aatkn prisoney at Wou
eteon. haa been paroled sad arrjed
Sa.Richmond .
·, .
_ ,.5mvudmfaluaIN...
EBATpN ROUOE, 6.prilatthl 862
T5 aor p' l2th16 o
o ityl
cce is o tat
as I. erefqie order tjqit,'lestruction of
Led : .lO~nn withia the-l6m ts jff Louis=
Wei iana thkt t~i aI' ger ofta1lin" i~ttp
ipa i 0tý;tp'eltecutctbiArP o th*4 r ..In caw,
in thoes Q #. sbhld i be atle tq
Lct with suficient protaptitide; let "e
q he4pfiea by .j0e6ri1 appoint=
or- e4 by t1he soye . oll+e.wia. In
ird those parithe. bordaring bn the Mi-.
pd udmaip~i~ klv., .th~cj~nqldpb
be to's 1i st act tliem#i1abej i onsum
i- matlngthis. dpptrwctipn.a he fiee
up i eof the of e t ia huf~neither
of ' e aieairtho ties sihoai4 Ye dimeinr
. " pt'ictictl·blebto herd the, Cuteij in thel~
interior, oat of t l D4f,'DfaDbf,' D 4pemym~l
ipt it be dens,-but if)I.t. 1ihbpld be
eburued'm4·tll, wtgtqgCaloms qp 4 the
plantatis. I -
n'1Vhe' patn4oiism4 f tbo t cli l
. of itseif, p Lpý tkelntohlesacrifiea
b M y. ab in issuhin this'ur(d', iiSto
systematize the* efI yý and " ensure
tl th grneral s 'd~ipcp pse destruction
of~nacrop, ratherihIb permnit it to
l''fafinto'tbeha~ndg~Qofri eib,
'Y' . I will not attcinpt" opace,! ko
r 'vpz the fljellcft of the ser us 104.
We sustaijn yp jine fall et 4 leans
rebut we are Iunrfrom beiug'wner
ed now, aswaweuet-eir wen 1ibcvpndal"
+hrdithat nbn6* pi so:our b t gqrc e
d- 'irptcalld, t jeI er I ythe.!I).ova
l The pftccrv w'ad'oldierw to
a wg couam nnid' the 4efiuse of .ýilr ''
Orhrane~dc'serre' votir thanks. Maj.
31' Cuca. tbvell "i ao'inuas eiIncmaiu of '
this lciridrf y rig. Clem Dan; to cI'
wb? ha4clnar} Qfl'Qort& Jackson add.
St. P'htilip, an4 all njliuy and uicn
under-tltieir canifnaid hlive beiuravq a
·wvitlu. espicuonis gallentry. T'hey
merit vourc -cnf rLcanco, rnd'will con
tisruu torereivelt: 49
:s . . T1Tt n. fl. MOýIA,
"G vpt tIi,
g- I3HVJ1445 I J'arls-C retva~ue 013 h
the Mjaspypi, Baj ou 4irosse Tote qad
Lower GrandI irU cr-We talu- time
e following from the iaton Rouge fa
zette otf 7j, tieda? . I
e It is ourpaitfuf provincc to name.'
i. IUL unusal number of' dovastating 6
ir crev:asses, tlthati q recently occarmed I
a in this parish, the largest of whiph n
on the plantatmpn if Mrs. II. L is
e Vaiughinani, of laoU Goulau ue'aryv I,
11 no bunandrel fct.i wide ry: eiglit to 1ý
i- nine feet adep. Opiruons difirwheth; ,E
Il er it cain be cinseS or not before the a
(I water of cye , rivt r -recd into ite t
ch~caupel.:. "" " g
e "orwine time the lov' s on the
i swest side of the bayou, framete mouth
a pf. the Orosa. ToWe to rian& river,
t itay Iaqhem overflowed, thus arryizi
e off an immolnis. b4mdj of wrt'er, fill~ing
- ~the ~jvaaanj azi4r Bacting upona rmany ti
h g~ralale. -piantatione~; and tIh1 qsatl
::aki~ Ier~vee boa haeft daily thrieteued b
pl ,wifb. s~4pk~lruijn, but bithert. hras
wLithi~ood 4a .ucnroackmitsn of thq .q
*, watezj~9nI1.
s But4 zwsobelp the purk don; lo
bl~rfejtPirr foot of * Iv. yieded cl
to tloe, ~jreosrsr, and .out the ilatrst
aJTu41no~d with .thu fujr mrd- violenc;
o ·t~d . Ijo bodies of-u~
groes f6m the -plantation~ofth~o. i.l
teros~ted were at once sent.to tIu..
hi CdI1i~ of saiss~e,.ad~a few days of
-ptit.tc1a perac~oring labor
j'4a tlh effohrt with 'mueerisss Ot&. ij
slight~ crevausee, bs ,hamvi saucer 1
occutrd*, blht they a now dubionu
ly safe. .
~a rt0io* of Atne lvqj. are
in ve .II cndition, and it is
that negligence sand
*u neo shouid be perimitted to
thdie in satlogity
bile great iteq arq e at the smewr
.6 . priocrastination.
Tbhe.parish*l~geo pm{'4af&5, Tjete
honey ,#&kw th' n-r -i aour pa.
'otAiwuint .riiai r Arbour,, has
- m way ant)'P t a crevasse of
" l" }e TtTl mi adsfor.
pVt ox rp t tas ib doubted
ly is io' -featlies- in that section of
thit oooabtry, is k blesintg ý to the
pler.; of ite t.oqth-western por
tio of Weost; )Qpa , as ead
the lveo wsto , thepysest un.
sual 1s wte=, the, wr of Bayou
iaoc tl d arw ed land
bht is now hipl and ry.
Most 'o thji B lusters cad by
tIiese ofeaflkl & m14ight 4. pre.
dented, bad measures ifen p1'g.ptly
tamen to to leya tie fsrne tirom
a i7. grapd fi7ve. t h o lakes.
which is chdked with dril and de
posit ·
ari 119 ifdMao.
DU~ireor'# AI.neac.f-ili.bick-. -
insoa, edit tt of tbe shrevepert News
sad . formerly of the NaqliitoJep
CkpgiJle,shas ishedsd ia Almanec
and Book of Ieferente,, It is what
was muh needed; fr it bipi been
dificult for -most fi(aities to get,
since tlqa year began. an artdie even
auore si pasaesToe than a. yankee
blodk. ik~re ihe wit, almanacs
'' 't dn~irsa of
could be haid itq i r an d ofn
tw * ar ety ftr notping. Pa every
Invrntgr or 'endor of a quasck adi
ciup convoyed his pus.fe the public .
eye through the medium of da siia
nac. It tp iobe hop d j,6 ' r will
lorevir 4ppriveus of tlui9 kiof lit
erature andot the nastaips ibey in
ended to populwrise. o
Mr. )Jickinson's am aciim o n.tains
all that is needd- -i-t omits all fanny
jdobs and irs. guesses aibost the
wreaither by wkeh somoe biample be
ifgs thought' they" dwld regulate
thelt asiouur-'m3hes to eairy an um
bru4lat or wear a gwst coat.
:The price is Onlv 20,ctp. We
hoe a he rill find kale Por his whole
et tion.-cNaschlitcs Union.
[''" "Dickinsaio's Almanac mad
BLook of 'Reference for 1862" h.as
booa issued from the offie of the
semi-weekly News, att Sbrevport.
It is well getten qjp dnd lcoitaUins
many usefl mestic receiptsue It
is perlhaps _the kort ( w .being
qugptied tlis. ygar .can be
forwarded b3 qi;1, * any order.
Prime, twenty cents( a espy---six For,
a dollar,. and a liberal discount to the,
trada--Washington (Ark.) Teld
graph . -
**---- c----
A Sc.ura- I;r LjisLa,*Mri-The
'London -cprresponent of the Bt*i
mnorc Americap says :
_ When the voe was t 'si:t ithe
i)ricish P~iamlint Giegory's.am
tion caling fr the4ers ntbe
two Soerbauruntsda R welstioto the
bloakade,Vhibqh who ncgativwith
oat a dirign,' thyPe kwee preaeu't
twq remekai f p4rionhSj on theon
ltoor. Tbh.one ov,'S~ Thqleea Weed.
lopking as serene as if" afl the btpk
coantiet were heArdt fa the
election had gqpe.ri6htF. l
aa 'as Soaster Mago*, p 6bel
Oomgnis.gqwer loolking * black as.
thander cloud from .hieh Ill the
loetrieit' bhad been dasws.
I en raihetice tp the rtueption of,
Gen. G. Cri 4tiq;i,: a ' , ·Ffgls
a o

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