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The Semi-weekly Shreveport news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1862-1864, July 04, 1862, Image 3

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I'nbllihed on Tuesday and Friday.
&P'When suoncribers see Time ?tpired,
'r.:npe i ? d on their paper, it denotis that in
: " w kc. their tirane of subscription oxpires.
4 :trlcirntox, .1 Tune 23.-Al qutiet on
.`:Lflrl'c· Island.
A gunboat yesterdav shelled a d .
Satl rnrient of Marion's artillery poEted
n:1 .John' Island and forced them to
lieitinond .June Q:3.-Nothing of
perilM iliteretst ihas transpired here
for several days. Skirmishing along
tih.' lines is of daily occurrence.
~n. .JosephI E. Johnston is rapid
t'"r ·,.,,vprin g and will soon hb able
t · L1';I command of the army.
From New Mexico.
1W clip the following from the
IHouston Telegraph:
tlan-as City, Mo.-Theo Santa Fe
;ail witlh dates to the 3d, has ar
ii ead.
The'l 'lTexans. while retreating met
u bodyi of 500 of their men, under
('Col. teele, at Adobe Wall. but the
u hole torce Conltinte.'d their retreat.
The' tirst regirumnt of Colorado
Srviinmteers, with their regulars, are
:t Fort Craig, undelr command of
('4. IPaul. (en. Canby and Gov.
)nnelllev are at Santa Fe.
S)wing to the scarcity of provis
ions. large quanttities of which were
dettstroyed to prevent theta fadling
into the enemy's hands, our troops
have, breen place t at less than half
ration.. heing limitedl at tignt ounces
pir day.
I ne hundred and twenty Texan
prisoners were pasisedi on the. road to
Fort Larnes.
1:.PRa~.-Mr. iuHenry Bingham, a
gentlerman nhmo has the very best
Itiimoniv as to chartacter LIand capa
tmiit", has established aletter l:JIrt4s-t
tZr ltl purpose of accomnodating the
publi.: tot'orrespond withtheir friueds
i: the ar1my. lie will deliver if pos
ilelt all lettrs placed in his ceharge
1,1r cersoile. in t1he nl-toy, oc.e per
mIthtl, \and bri g ret1urn letl hers. Tlhe
Iharge will be tifty cents in addition
1.1 t" rcegela r jostag. . Persons ill
1",A:1 \\ i-lung to scud ltters in this
\,will a1 n( titi' sittme to the l".t
51:. ster, whle is relqustel t u: as
.L nlt, 2".11! t :'w rci the l:loyliy. 1.
oter t' !, 1. . icl hl curl 1'tt li tot
ii troubl,. A.L drt `- l l' !rv ilsn'
We\i itb lv e Matralal ,11 tinl- ill of
, mo:,V a titelr It ceaft
\X1r. 1B. .iUll aL-i re.eiv i-tt:. 'a o
11ur . 'Eitors r ei ndt' i vt *,' t". ily n~
. .:1::!11 w ill )il'le sl 11't11',.
lI e New York Ifetali. mtiths :1
, i tn- l ill, the attle! of Sh l h to tilt
e", at narton~i or Corinlth l.\ lit':aun -g ard,
It Ha~llrtek'.s armyt~ by sip knet" and
,it ni t., Ifl, 60,000. this C't el'i n b
t0r10'. lien 1 .3,000 t1 ;.X1ju4.- TI
I.r- p t.ty =0.-- r.
1:1:-I \;: uci- - ':'.r'-, 2232 Altit ult l 7
"rl,. ý . !.,,! : ..'ie t!,1ý . ,.t"-, ''' "'L !itr: . ..tl:;t
ILl.! .u r Ii3* r 1: I : t'l:4 thlŽ .h . "r
* ~ ~ ~ Ll .,lt.. .!,e7.JI
't".t I it i t :t izip.:J.
ýi~~~lr",. ~ 4 ~.: .r';. -t 'J t edi 3±.
I:1:1: 1i1:1 111 ~ ,1 L ,I ":p"\~y " .1.yt
r hnI 111 .3: kIA I.L"t :', z i " i .r u.!±h. K .± t *tgri t
*'1,ýl! tl .1 k '. t }l..' t~til hz=+gu ' t:i'0. 1'
Successionn Sale.
SState of Lonuisiana In 10th District Court,
Parish of C(,ddo. No. 871. t
*. Succcsion of John Larmnier, deceased. r
B Y virtue of a writ of sale, tome directed
J.) by the honorable the District Court, in d,
, and for the Parish of Caddo, and State afore- G
n said, I will offer for sale at public auction, tl
Sto the highest bidder, on I
STh.ursday, thea 31st day of July, 1862, C
At the late residence of John larnier, de
ceased, cn the Island near the Ferry Land
- ing, in the Parish of Caddo, between the -
hours of 10 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, P.
d M., the following described property, be
o longring to the succession of John Larmnier, s(
deceased, to wit:
Virginia, a woman of griffe color, aged
about twenty-three years.
Charles, a boy aged about eight years.
e Amelia, aged about four years.
One Biedstead and bedding, halfa dozen
g Parlor Chairs, one fine Rooking Chair, one .
tine Sofa, one Bureau, one Wash Stand, I
SBowl and Pitcher, one Centre Table, three
Window Curtains, one old Carpet. one
e Cluck, one Shot Gun, one pair And Irons, 0
one old Sofa, one Lounge, and Matting, one i
Map, one Cane Rocking Chair, two Cane t'
Chairs, one Dining Table, one Large Pot,
twelve Cows and Calves, four Cows, twelve
Yearlings, eleven Shoats, three Sows, and J'
e twelve Pigs. one Boar Hog, one old Wagon, -
one Mule Jack, one Mule Jane, one old
Mule, and eleven Goats.
e Termns of Sale Cash-Provided the pr E
Sperty brings its appraised value, and so
much thereof as will not bring the apprais.
nment, will be at the same time and place,
re-ditfered and sold on a Credit of Twelve
Months. Purchasers on a credit to give
tr their notes, bearing eight per cent. per an
num interest, with good personal security,
" and a special mortgage to be retained on
, the Negroes to secure the purchase price
thereof. II. HUNSICKER,
0 junesi7 Auctioneer.j
f Almanacs for
1862, I
e I For sale at this office. Sent to anya
g address, on reecipt of 20 cents.
f D o Negro woman and child for hire
S g or wfll exchange for a likely
young negro. She is a good planta
n tion bhaud. Spins, weaves, oooks and wash
o es well. Inquire at this office. jelO It
.,Job Printing Office,,
a, c
1 1.
P ht lS II l
al:, . ,rt.--itile iir'' t-it .t zi or.k'
HO'. a eear (,tI a CuyiIfrl'u': s ?,a" l j a
f , ,.tti a tu rbi, tý ,fis e 'l.l"l -t:
III _ __ A __ 1 . .
0 / j I4I .l cI' S IV .Ti:. l, ,, ," i, ;
tlt-" hi,',t markl
Jo(O tltPVI~tha'. i~
11 tT J. 1.4wa Nir 'I:i. i. 1t ,,1
l .ut.s ri 1 a , :tis ) and e t;,n.^. <h : -
1! I , 1ltil rr,· i'i it- no v nctiu
.a ,a . iwii i It.T 1 ILt 1 f.
Retady l&PoofP.''ss
r0 Cl~·lrtlT . i)SItc'l 'S. 1i( .
* 4t1( i at it l -~att a .% hea elieiit [
coI;'·n try·\ P::pers and kllall JobI I)tllcos. t
T 1I1I aIlltlersi: ·nedt know~\in:: thiis from cl~
Iexpe"rience. has~ inve1nte~d a1 pres~~ o
o:Ii~ribe it to( the( (craft asn thel (·heapest·
,' -r v'l!4ind-r, it iSmu !ht
i''onj aind tilleni, beii'ng a scl,'ided ijms
p' ~rovement, asr. it pives· trlastitcir v to:t
:> l @*JO (' i·~ ·ii~tr
*Sr·l'4.iipcrt 1.11.
'eveport Senmi.W'eekIc
New Advertisements.
*FIE Annual Examination for the pree.
I I ent year, will onommonce on Thui.a
a day June the 26th. Sermon before the
- Graduatinj Class by Rev. Joss PIPEs, of
.the Louisiana Confesence. Concert on
Tuesday night July 1st. Commencement
day Wedneaday July 2nd, address by John
' C. Moncure, Esq., ofShrveport, La.
Je 20-2t President.
- Brogans, an. Boots, in store, andcon
stanly arriving at
-Special _ otice.
Z. O. O. P'.
ANY person or member of NF.TlT
Lodge, No. 21, 1. 0.O. F., having
in thueir possession Swords, Scarfs, or
other property belonging to said As
e sociation, are hereby notified to re
e turn the same immediately.
By order of the N. G.
Sje2O-lm F. W. SPILKER, ;ec'y
Now is the Time.
;Purify the Bleod! Strengthen the
System i!
et AC1Fi!
Invigorating Aromatic Vegetable I
Stomache Bitters,
Prepared from Aromatic Bitter Herbs
Are an agreeable and palatabh
Invigorating Tonic. prepared from
Aromatic Bitter Vegetables. corn
*bined with a Pure Spirit. improved
and perfcted by one ot our venera-,
ble and eminent physicians during a
practice of thirty year,. in the latter
e part of which lie uiecd thnose 1itei
SHerbs. with unparalr-!ed succpre, in
flamination tfromn the ftiet or body va
ythey progress in the piritication aot the
- .blood.
Viewing tlihem simiply as a bever
1age. they equ:d in ri'ch1ne.'! and deli
cacy ')ft flavor the' liner Igrades ot
chiuice (Chamnpagne 1Aine-s---the bit
Iter principle being only perc(eptible
* when e-1: in the gooid v. rk tof urity.
in- and invigeratinz.
1 or the u-i"t of oldi lull ivyoung of
'botlh se-es they are admirably adap
ted, being grateutil to the tteute; of an
.ax'qisitely delicate ilavor-imparting
to the p1Ilaite it stc,4 hlini :tramatit c t ef
I Ijil. t. le ommi.1., v
S*0s, it edl oll!ny by It- purity anti
1h' I Iiwing let4.11 rI.g:trtiL4k t
1olrity and uijt.L1i\" .f (h> ,]-bat
1 *to 4 1.4 1'4.11111'. - :1 ' 4 114 0' I a-tt~lt
41/dO al LTarui'. ro 4I:.. Nrezda'n.
x001 rit'th d ph iin·1' ·· ::, anti ."lwc'ini -t.
! ii. tor E. I ktnln"n, s l",ttn t ti f
iit. I1' iit i lt 11 . 1 ý":l'i :. r. . ' 41 I
. 1bl ko w dlii 14 c i ith
ýý'r) r h m Labra ýr,:. 11 s t oad it' a:.
New York. I 1 '" 4"''1" " "'. I i''
1r. 11 MI. ('r'"* "' . Iý.. .: -
It , o I a 10 t" . itI
.ttpl,. .,t t our favtir" _ ~an
It t',<" g tablte ":""l:lntcl. 1
r*1 4 t. 1 u I 1.1 a v.I&I ani t 1' . .
11. .4i 1 4 4 i- nd }r ." "".4 1"':u"' .:t1
.itlnue-trIn 14el1tabe \ - 4111 LI'flI1
1i 1 . .l l r oue 411 - . k.t il - ,li , l:. .: :
in a.I '13.xtfVc'll iin t halo bim ' .4413 pse.
,f'i I'4'I~I'In c ovecr '1 .t I in·t irri ho 441· 4, 114'·
I rc ulntuilm dt:n r pii. very rel4-n'e -
41 rtit h. 014 rend EI ' II' p 5dtiO i
('~t ~ o cut iueto p"l ar 21.11 1 r 11: in1:o
fittr s trilt l )..:)t re+.itt
the 41 (llula 1Llu hil X..14 iiia m'tinilt-.
alknd "i ethenm k't1t' tle edyttl. ti.i
} hs "uiu t'' ii t ehr. ved port Iin
r1& .. EAGLIr E & (0-. .4
Terms nvariabl3 CASH. 43-"i-iy
Horse Shoeing Two Dollars. uo82
After the 1st Decemboer, Terms Cash.
Watchmaker and
Agezt, for
i Dealer in Flie Watches, Jewehy,
Dia,ri',nd*, Brazilian Pebble Spec
taclC., etc. All ucoed Watches wacr
Irantcdforr one year. Job -wok neatly
I Teaxs Street, opposite £b4iders &.
Vol. 1 no- G-l1.
i n Bctw', u Epringand rniurk..:. .-I
'ti-atthcias and .T u t 1rý lj.aFrir:d
-and ` anrTuLIId n 1- I v~
Trede gar Iron 'Wrork%.
.1 RII'I{'".It N! ). V .
E '..:. ~ t .1 1' . : i 1 .: `- ,
1: ul I ' 1
1' 1X 1,ý rik* X 1'ii ::~ . ..; tii~ i.:^:*
'L 5;t nIrTlt Nt't V.
r ioffice of Dr. Lesie,
* r IPJ*"~:(' (/*1: Prc.si~d,-r·izc ~'; UYc~.2.
And Dealer in
Nos. 2 Front, and 10 Fulton Strci t.
Texas 8tage & Livery Stable.
On Milam St. opposite tke Farak
dak Hotel.
r'HE proprietor has been to great
. expense to make this the mosit
desirable Stable in the city, it is con
venient to the Steam boat landing.
Horses will be boarded by the da-.
week or month, on the most rearonra
ble terms. Persons visiting Sbrec t
port or going to New Orleans, ty
leaving their horses at thisestablisi,
ment, can rest assured that they w ill
be well attended to. Only gi aiseta
a call and satisfyourselves.
_no 39-ly. A. KIMBALL,
Pine6'¶2 . Agent.
Drugs, Paintrs. Oils, Varnishes 6
Shreveport, Texas St.
No 9-dly
A New Mode of Tanning Leather.
THE SUBSCRIBERhas apatentproe ss
for Tanning Leather, that will tan
heavy Sole Leather in 80 days; Upt.pr
Leather in 10 to 15 dayse; Calfor other skins
in 3 to 5 daye. The process is fifty per cet
chewer than the uld process, and the leather
is heauier, better and more durable--ail e'
!which is done wirhuut Bark, and there is any
quatity of the ingredients in the countr. -
TERLis-$100 tor the right o! a county:
$5(S dollars foir an individual right. war
Londs, Treasury Warrants, Cunfederari
Notes,.or any nioney that is currtnt at h.nm.
I in the South. rn (cniederaty, taken at nar.
AddrlesI, B. 0. HATTOX
Little Rock Ark.
Arkansas Penitentiary Jan. 1.1Ntit.
VIr. B. 0. llattor-Sir: I have thorcugl -
lY te-red the recipe- for Tanning which I pl.r
I char-ed of vou, and have no hesitation z
t vini tihat it ukes lietter leather ir.t
Wieth shboer'rtiinm than the old fogy pru...i
I i wiuld retoinntnd it to Tanners, and tt.
p i:luters aishing1 to tan their own tenth.r
Your, A. . `.E
To Ihomrn This Maezy Concern.
This is. to c- tifx that aw c ere calikd t.1' t
vtoi n'.- tihe Pan It. I r.cess for Taz..r :
}t r is nit!li nad e;o.c :tedbyour rue.
):.:: ":, l . I . 1~att(x. te stedl, ttrran Nle w e a
c v( -it r 'n to h i' role at ti iniiiig :1.
ti . :1.1 n a . o: Leaither t.t.t ai
; . t.; 1 a r. L, thCer fotr coarse she h
:1 " <.. .. .'1' 1 that his pra"'
. .co . \ inu . I in his ads.r
.: r, --lt, ell,:d~ iii! :-1l". : lv brii!L r b ut a
3" l . a . x. sa :he Tanu:Lg ait. c i.
. I N, 7o 1: m ti: e a r,-diett used lu
i t a: i; . ..I 1. 'v ,t r t:: t I i l u ia nt
a ." , / _ r. : .L. i :,, h ut ti:.' e 'i tou l.u
a: - l, , 1 r. jI
* -
I tri i .I .. .. il-l i ;- 1.!: 1'i *.tm" r htc,- 2 li tI
Til'A -I the aubit. h
*i' 1l<?+"1:,.,. .:! . %l ai ' Pa-"r iS iS a dle 1' t:
..t 1. 'r in La t b ineid ', -:
ur 2:yin pos at ou.Ing itsoert
it : I i. a t Itt; 111 foinnu: A .ainl r i.
: wri t :L, anh souhtaferir:1n
Pl-·, ' c :L * Iia.'din in the u.th Utr:·
-' livh \e . pr riiih ueds in a dn.-- .i.
P ra.' c'-- vi i i-A *v.:rv<a Ieola inc~ed i ri
ii0.x ct .. t v. t dsinir that tcihiry I e l Iv
ing, Can e knIful aeha the Scura'
l nn: 'd nti wtrou tih t use i xthr*1
Pb 1.0 it :. tch' iyiilt tw i nd tis cit wit.
'C c Io S: Ci ic vi: I do not St*L
VMst n ti: In time: All 2niist
Ii0:ut ivkb taking the 1'Ostn:Lii, ¾
ilcipti ' ithiuti :.tirl:' ring.
Add*-< m**:tLittle ih~t. Ark. wenti
I i i tec': tap~iy postage 13 () IIl70>
ii iin little 1Rock Ao
.L c!, .beli L. & 13. JFainb.;
Beltinig, Pauking,
(:stilus of' all kins :ae nttalstiv cor

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