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Published on Tuesday and Friday.
Memphis Items.
The Glendale steamer left for Cin
"innati on the 10th instant. Passeu
;ers, one hundred .and ten; freight,
sixty three bales cotton. The Silver
Moon, of.the name line, arrived the
same day. The steamer Ben Ad
:ams was advertised for Louisville.i
The Autocrat bad arrived with 800
barrels salt, 500 barrels pork, 1500
barrels flour, 100 casks and tierces
of hams, and 100 bags of coffee.
We take the following general
items from the Avalanche:
Memphis. we heard it reported
vesterday, is likely to become the
lheadquarters of the Western District.
Trhis will induce a large addition to
our population, and still further im
prove the activity everywhere prev
adent on our; streets.
The Memphis and Charleston
railroad is being prepared., and will I
soon oe in good running order. We
hear that it,will be open to-day, but
we presume that it is but a prema
tire announcement. It wnill certainily
bte ready in p. tLw days.
The IRed Iovsr. tho hospital
s:eamer of the gunboat fleet, in the
rm on Tu'riesday night dragged her
anchor and drifted against the Cin
r:::nt gunboat. losing her anchor
and sustaining other damage. She
-:_:m 6some half mile.
gn.r was- a dress parade of thel
th I: i:ar.a regiment in front of the
;v3cei Slouse yvesterday afternoon.
he e 3iIt:iOon attracted a large con-1
=. :-0 was cheered by parties
- .eg-sph will stoon be in op.
:. - saw the instruuments
_: : _.:;:.i :-.e oicce yesterday, and
+ a-F--. be in connection with
-:ua i3i Corinth in three days.
- he change iotes, it seems, wer,
:ot actually ordered by the board ot
aidermien at their meeting on Tues
day night. The report of the coim
mirtee, in favor of the measure was
agreed to--.eight to tour-l-et after
wards it concluded to w:ait and let
tae next board of aldermen carry the
measure ito effect.
Major Smith, of the United States
Telegiraph corps, arrived in this city
T uesdaS evening. and inunediatelyv
ithee was a stir about the telcgraph
orfice. indicating a speedy comnlluni
cation with the outtide world. Ac
c'o)mlpnliying him was Maj. Brackett,
of the Curtis corps of United States
L..n;chburg Republican says :
A gentilinan iront Lewisburg in
t',rinrL us that Col. Crooks, the Yant
kee 'nilitarv Governor of the town,
ordered an ele ction of town oeficer-,
and summoned the ieopleC to intet
him at the Court House. Upon their
assembling, ho addressed theim'n in a
:na speech, telling theni the ifoly uf
thuir rebellion against the ilmoSt
humaic and benignant go vennirent
in the world," and advising them ti
take the -oath of alle.gisn.ce, and
again he received under the pratec
wion of the Stars and Stripes; but
his words fell as if thie struck the
**dull cold ear of death," no one res
ponding to his pathetic appeal. Af.
ter he concluded, Samuel Price, Esq.,
bun old and prominent lawyer of
;reenbrmer, arose and commenced
addressing the crowd. He told them
Virginia had soteded from the old
IJnion and united her destiny with
another Governmenment, and he re
garded her course as legal and just.
HIo had gotten thus far in his ad
dress when, e w ariested and
r started 1 Cip Chase
in Ohio, 'hu ira . onparole.
and permt4 t e.st of a day's
1journey, Mtlptp et day after his
return, the p(warire open but not a
single vote wai cast. Up to this
Stime not one citizen of the town has
Staken the.oath of allegiance to the
Y ankee 4Government, nor is there
any likelihood of any doing so.
The gentleman further informed
Sus that a large number of the Union
citizens of Nicbholas and the adjoiu
ing counties were leaving for Ohio
and other parts of the North, being
L1 satisfied that tihe sichemes of Abe
Lincoln would not succeed, and they
Swere taking time by the forelock
e and getting out of the way; being
t. convinced that the Southern Confed
0 eracy would then be no place for
- them.
The enemy are not in Lewisburg,
having fallen back to lMeadow Bluff
n last week. Their scouts, however.
1I frequently come to the town.
SWe have received copies of the
? phi Apiwal, daLtiu 4 .ren:iada.
MissI. The estibliihmnoent w., ninrv
LI ed there previous to the t'ill of Miim
enc phis
S ien. i illepigue i;" c..nmuandant 01
-' the mnilitary post at renadT: . l iss.
'r On Monday last oei of the h-;r.
iest rains of the se:son fell at 4;r'en
ville, Ala.
et Cl. Wi. II. Th :n:o, of N-::h
of Caiolina, with two ednpasnies of Cier
I. okf'O InTdians, is now lit .tr'tw,:r v
- Plains, Tenn., guarding the rauiir. od
s bridge at that point.
The Baltlimorf" ('lly _t : r :t.n '+:
). " r v-', tine brid'eit s err '.::f B;altimlor" &t
uill Railroad b3e~tween'"1 1iahhnore- and
d ý Whtetling. have be-nr epý dre Iandl:' i,:I,
1 the portion of the Bialnt:ire & 4 hio
Itailrotad iiestrSVd(l Lv .Tlack-ot na aimm
put in working eirder.
S1'hl Ynk1 t:dk u + s :i i "1) .r c,. cmpa:m
e' ~t L-wis tu g:. \-:. ui 1(d rai k to
h I:ti an e-lcti en t "r .,n uJ icerrs. but
alter k' tiiinmz t?1, t..'U i-.ini f tt w.:
du eys without :iIV *. .. } ,- I ing COSa thn
SfAlout was albauitndiimed in disgust.
I 'iThe Mobile kReti -tr learns triu:n r,
private hotter that the Yankees haeY.
twice visited Moulton, Lawrence t'o
layviig hand.s each time eon whatever
Ythey chose. particular4 horsres, pr.
visions aind watches.
TInse Yankees pretend tlhat the fight
Sin frint ofRichmuoud inria threidayi
and that it was in thie thi'r(l days fight
(which wasr 7 :"Lt) that thry
gaine;, d t1:,-ir tint .::" t. .:,.
(h t"; t t : 1 !, :i ...: i : v. au.- re-·
e cognizi' At iii tIr , of -
Amieric:oa /I it I in ltichlttiiu:ni n' ft w
- days sincinn. i Lyi liatth dauu h i r of
i- Mrs.. Grooni f a, diitsw;." "l
i, as a ' til ,- . . t . " t :.1 . I',' :t
ZO in A:icn Va. Lii,1 . *ms i.n xit
at tollet: mr aa:..:t - v re iins Ir ,*. nif
!i t t h }. ',i: t2: i t:,: c it
t,( } 'rt~j t.n : J .:I ,"-,..iIin i ? h S Ir 1'.lie
:-ed at ]'irt IRoyal by thu Yanhki. (ini
at Hunter.
ie Gen. Price has fought thirteIn brit
I- ties, and suftered no 'h-feat, and yet
- fhe regards the retreat from Corinth,
., the roar of which ho brought up and
if protected. as the proudest occasion of
d his life. lie was in that' saddle for
n dayd, and on the retreat had to turn
dJ and Eght and repulse the enemy six
ih times, all of which he did successful
,- ly, inflicting severe loss upon them,
t. and bringing of everything in per
Sfect safety.
With its usual fondness for sensa
,tion articles, the New York Herald
,proclaims the wonderfulpiece of news
Sthat the defense of Richmond is to be
Sabandoned, the rebel army disbanded
Sand the whole Southern Confederacy
a to be given up in despair. The Her
Said goes so far as to say that "a pro
; position to this effect has passed
Sthrough Gen. McDowell's lines, at
Fredericksburg, on its way to Wash
Sington." This extraordinary story is
1 evidently gotten up to ratllyv the North
Sern mind from the disheartcning oeffect
of its reverse before lichmuond, and
the Herald accordingly dresses it up
in the very best style.
George De (Irasse, a colored man,
and the bLodyv srvant of the famous
(C unt e Grasse, and subsequently
of Aaron Burr, died i .Brooklynu, N.
Y. lately. Ibetween 90 and 100 years
Gen. J. A. Earyiv has been commis
s'1 ioned ait Mjcr General in the Con
fe-derate service.
ALAl1AMA SLATE.-MIr. Elliot sent
us ia few days ago a sample of slate
taken from his quarry in the lower
end of this county, which is wee think
equal to any we evor saw.-Talladega
klut/. A. Hi. St'epheng Iti ai spe:i
unearlv a year rago, said
''MIy friends, forget not the soldier!
"',nd him contributionsf to make lkhimt
comnifortable while he is in thoservice.
Take care of his family- while he is
3absernt. Employ your hands and
byour substance in doing works of
c ('harity in this day ot' your country'si
1tr&it. If any should fall in the barttle
r,niaenll"er the orphan and the widow
and take care .f thel'n. Glod will
Il.-s y i suc h noble performance
of a patriotic duty."
MI- EICA N:EWs.-lhe l'rinchl
furcqes have paid the penalty frt their
rash ness in invading Mexicr, H ithi
4.010 troops, by mIeeting with a re
pu!-r in at attack on the city (f I'uie
- Li,. 'T1he h"rencih were ui-.led hby thi:c
representation,. of Alnointte,that tilly
t wouli e inigely assisted by the MI-x
llans W'ho wPere anxious to. thir'w oftl
th. ' k ,t the .J ." uarez ('o-vernment
In thi the error has eenu that whilt
, Ni exieans are willing to revolutionize
. their giv,'rnn,'xnt themselves, t hey
. aro inndisposed to, hI. ve it done tor
r theta by strsngei.s. F artnily q<arrels
_ always were thyii most delicatet( quest ion
ti rnnm le in, and'Napoleon will cer
t tailly tiiiu the rule, to hold good in
Sthis ia" e. Hie must now forsake the
t Allmont- faction or nmake war on a
SgraInd s cale, in which latter vent IIhe
will haveI to send large alrmies ti
' Pic. or else i nteriveontioi IV ii l OnlV
ir"'i e .jolte- hatl'1m, 1y lmI ilttk e t L." toi
v fusion t vose) than i 'vir. It is n
,11 lI -el 'tiedr that 7(1.0e) 1 r(o1 h
i troops Will at once nm y " a~n ..ximc.
and that thev will hr,+ld e1 t!:. eimpor,
- t tiit owrls.-fort Bro'tvin l'lae.
t eitI{'r l'It>,:.-s I { S n tie lH\
3 im.-.TIak i' at suluti' talt] ti h 'ot
i'tatr 'h.-a'i : r .'iz IIS high to. the fir':
cesimk-n u the paton f rku insel tlw
Iu' pusioe'.. ,,.t the llamas 1111, sh ul-l
iers h'e kept in tireea minuti es 'Nnd a
hitil anti thle aniddlitigs .Vi ie ad a
uip ~imumdint 'IV anh smoikli thnet.
arad 'toln hrave a Ihiole' article of ba.
.tianf in XOver short time to what you
~ will lit thll osuial process, as 'tell as
vin- "iur-rirtbs (t y'ur salt.
'lTrnspric's· n ill anwer' anlytie
I between N''ebnher and April. 1
fj have CravId ranch in this way for six
ror eight ; eans. See that you keep a
srmilh portion of salt, dutring the pro
SIcess, in the bottom of y-our vessel, ts
be cet taint that your brine is suffi
- ciently strung during the whole pre'
Jouhv 3. S'rL'9ss.
I 'Low state of Red River nodrtnwbhack.
Attention Publishers.
Publishers of Newspapers
in North Louisiana, and
'rexas, who may wish to
dispose of their establishments in
whole or part. by sending me partic
Mlars, and locality, will find it to their
advantage to address me as below.
Persons desirous of establishing
Newspaper or Job Establishments in
the interior, will be furnished with
Estimates/frce of charge, by address
ing me. And ift' they order Printing
Material or paper, cards and card
boards. through me, will be furnished
-tor cash only or its equivalent
the best bargaina:. at Foundry nrices.
I offer the following estaclishments
for cash, or good negroes with unen
cumbered titles.}
An old established Book and Job
Printig Office. in a large city. Price
The material of a Job oftice. in a
city. Price $5(000.
'The Checapest
Printing Materials and
A NewMpeaper e.tablishmnent and'
,TJob Offic.e connectedt . Price. $2300.
A Nowspiqx-r establishmnent and i
,-nod Job Office connectct. Price
A new.spaper and Job Printing es
tablishmecnt. Price 84000.
An Adam's Book Power Pree,
second hand, in good order, medium
size. IPrice $1000.
A Ilurgles Card and Bill Head
} press. wii print any ordinary size job
sat the rate of 1 500 to 2000 iupres
.ijnks pe}+r hour. (New.) Price $225.
A Rusitles Card and B3ill lIe:d
pre..e. old size, second hand. Price
i Il Printurs blank cards. (.iina.
ýatn Eii ut i . ±d. and Iiitl.a, tri: x _1
ti ", pul t hous(;td. 1uu'ral. Note.
anl' oidle paptte:r.
"'T' N011° ;"ut each torde'rp; -ill re
ti'i* e Ott ai.tetitun. Itfi ir i :a
to atrn v.
·ire it i
I hatve a so for satle. the fll. wing
"o o iind hals .i mat.l"rin :
.1 t tlt ; :hut I0. rt E iur.
S:11]0 1.., ..an rI n r.:
fi Iontos line lirevoi"r
1 :,1:Prinwr t ondncsd."
1T'giietlr w ith tih." oluiuui. letMat. ad
ve rtii .ni u 1. 1 iattb*,-. r hl-, a- . 1 c. +
Also-A M."iatilu Printinlg P'r, ss
RIt Lk r 'ii uld, .s.... all ..'0 1pl."te". an d 1
t+the ollo ig iateri:l used f'r a
J.1614 rt Ith le iln till publ).4:1tionl .it :
eiekll paar: Abnitt S:-; lb-. ot
i Jurgteois and iMinion. with two linlit
l.tt er; c .l itn. head, a rlyd.vrt:> int " and
Th0 se 1aterials will l- illl low
t for eca'.h.
All the requisite tnateridls fiiri a
, Iap r " i :'-. will bi. I tc'rni d for
ins : I~ri,. t "I'1 .1 ~. i
TI"[ "1" " t .' well 'as.orte.'d
.Job 1(}i"h . t it: t I ith the' cabinet,
aria .1o l 'r l - .. 1 .d Prass uIttle
: Creprt.Ia
Vickeehurg 1Vhig.
I ubl im-ed ini Vicksbui'g, M1id.. by
M1. #.haitnon. T-rint'. in advance,
iDtilv per~ annum, $S; Weekly. $35.
L. 1.ILR.
Wholesale and Retail lDealer in
Liquors aid Tobacco,
Shreveprt. La
namediarticles conatantlv oni hand.
No 6-dly.
_ -ý I ieCt' -piirt &'±i(Ii :r (: ius"..,i .
Carrcclcd )7prTLafly for thzn Lanzj 1,
SUGAR....... .... 4 'a' 1
COFFEE........ .. 00 'a' ('
3I .ICE..F - O'W"a 't.
SI3ncoN. S11koULd-'rh - 1S 'a.
Bairtnz 1 . S 1 "a' :.'"
3idc. .. . 138 'a' :a'
SLARI........... 15 'a ::
~ ir~lOF.'... . 00 -' 2
r-IRO ......... ... 10 t 'r 1.
CANDLEL... S . . O ', t'v
I (: PEIN .. .( .
tiPUN AU...... 00
LEAD..... . U
LjMOLASSES..... . 30' 1
OiL.. Lard...... 2 5 0 'a -
i ia. td. . . . 0 00 'a -
FLOUR, y ba:r11re1. 0 00 'a '(! (N.
'a'e'tw'( b' 1( P100 Is 9 50 'W1a'(' 0
PORK... ..........00 00 ',.'00
f.lsw................t)100 'a -
VINEOA.I........ .. 'a (' ('
MENT............... 0 00 a -
tPOTATOES, lB iat rel 0 00 'a Co (. (t
! BnauiNO, India... :3'u0
Kcntuky v 0 a (Al.
CORN, P' busfc4~1... 115 ''a 1 (t,;
OATS...................00 '(1
BRAN, ' Cwt-. ...0 00 'a
B AY............ 0 00 1, -
POWDER, V' K1'ý 0 00 'a' O Ii'
NAILS .................. 0 :,5
SioT, '' bag... 00 'a' 0 Ot'c
EtSALT, 4 Sack.... 0 00 'a 0 t
,'U FREOIGMT..... 0 00 'a t' t.
I)OWN. COTTON. (1 00 'a
i COTTON..................
t Fh1cvcp("rt 11i cirs %1nrla."t, --r
CornectLd Roily buy N G Trz,i,
DRY llIDES.......... ( 'at
'jI REES do ........ .. "1
S11)DEER SKINS.......... 10 "a. i!.*
txN icy.......... .......1 1(,
iOTT'ER "................) 'al Ol
. .. .20 'a 1t
1 ALLOW.... ......10 " 1*
ti~0' To Editors and Printers.. i
jj S.C;.\I11:-1hv. Newsip'aper anrd .t"'b,
1 Alteri:a, hoo '~ks, and out.tranding d.-it
ot this '.0>41. lr',"ts, i r ii g g'i ,'iu
v t ti put..icittionl 4) the Iih!7r
a b~argatin uIle off1ered. 'Tb" !1at-ri..:
are nvrw, ttzi'f ti th is suftlicie'nit sria' k of .",a
per (n uni~til to ia:- six. or eight rv.i'x.thj.- -
:'1.,11 at! the pr, 1.::"to . .iii t
1 -~ ~~-`-~-----~-'
$ Coxur X~li'- 1(141 lrn i :"i "',
i 111·1 X trinanei-ntlv
j uti e t t pc ·f'l.tI 1 .1111 .I W I'l%'t!'fjl to mulli
UfIJc'Uur fr(1m the raw Ianti~ri al. 1111 a
right at. hon':e.
ITARLh:TS 5- TO." .--' Dv Al`.'-.
+) e-ve'r41 iti" l . tilttlo l i the- 1 k. r-:
i;titanik.' miai i: ta'r.

r (jetll. Ctllt' t': 1 .1 . tit-' -.. iutt, t lr
iK for ltli'Ii. ud I~,t:i to lt-till ,v-. r' ha, .
Souriitit·n oflI·~~~l~o
wlo 8;-ldt)1.x
I I'urvha8e r-.''''` Il'- 1st. t 1'.d to ,.al t,
11t('Nt It' N1.I\1ý
for ltern :Mll-ti' X'nRk-. wt'
w:Oil ' ot': ,1('i ati ) ANti]:dw:(r1s [
My It'ai't (ifije'- h-.Sler avto rt. I
Purcha . r- lnt" nvc ",i t ."al at."
Io int" 11or1,"r acrit t and M;lnpc'".at
Oz'7,oie, th(o Bn.
SibW t(RVEJ'OT 1~..
Nc ippe Adirtiin

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