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0ijrcvepor Re *.,~.,
Number 38. SHREVEPORT, FRIDAYI, SEPTEMBER 19, 1862. Old Series Vol. III
- I ~ · -· -·· - - ----·~---------LiCI -- r
It published every Tuesday and Fti
day Mornang.
Office, on Texas Street,
Above Spring, near the Mayor's oJice.
Per Annum, (in Advance,) $5.00
Six Months, " " ý.50
Three " " , 1.50
Persons sending us remittances will be
good enough to send no other paper money
than Louisiana State or Confederate Noted.
Shreveport hills, and ''exasTreasury War
rants. Other money sent will be returned.
'ý'W\VEELY--;. Weekly and Semi
Weekly to one adl.ess, 37 per year.
Phelps & Rogers,
Grocers & Commission Mercliants
Cor. Commcrcc and Crocket sit..
L.3'One door above A. M. Hull & Cu's,
Keep constantly on hand a large as
sortment of Staple and Fancy Gro
ceries, etc.
Advances made on consignments to
our friends in New Orleans. nl8dly
.. R. Simpson. G. M. Calhoun.
Simnps.on & Calhloun,
\AR1t1910U li & I't0M ISSIO
1EI ullA N TS.
Recering anti Forwarding Age"ts,
HIaving ieaset.l the ,opuitar and eo:unno
dio'i: WV,tret:,,tac of .1fesir. lowttrd, Tally
-& (o., and Iaving had long" c.nrienre in
ttusi::lc.s. we hope to recfrive a .l.arM of the
nubi;ic p'> rocLage, and p.:e..ge oure- ol s t,,
i u:: inL our p .o r to give 0.ut:re sat:.satc
Uuu in :l1 buin mtin entrust':d to our car.-.
All ice a(ck is a triall.
TO13I.4AS 14 .IO.vES.
Shreceport, f,ousinana,
SlHardware, Iron, Osstings,
Belting, Packing,
Xec-hanics' 4- .achinists' T ei;), fix.
Castings ot' all kinds c,)stantly on
hand or iui:idt' to ordcr. 2 l-yv-d
tllice of Dr. Leslie-At
the lut. C;ourt llouis. M.arktt titlet, opp.-
c.i:e the Pte-iLyterian Church. junli -'t1
Dra gs, P tints. Oils, I'arn,srs y4
SIt' or THlt GOI.DE)N 3MRT.A:.
Shreveport. ''xias 't.
No 9-d ltv
I'. SHIIID ;''.
1-) IA 1-t ( )N ) - , ,
T'.E: A.S ,T.EEET ,
"' Between Spring and Market. .,7
blI~EV;:Pl'RT, LA
Watches and Jewelry Repaired
:aind Wa'rrntl. nl-l y
ENVELOES, Cap, Note and Letter
t'aper. Biank Bookus, 8ts:el l':ns. l'tn-
cils &c..in large Quanutitie for the rade at
Clarkes Boolk :tote. Vicksburg 3Miss
Enquire at this oflice. sept5-tf
Texas Stage & Livery Stable,
On Milanm St. opposite the ITaran
daak Hotel.
r tHE proprietor has been to great
expenso to make this the most
dohirablo Stable in the city, it is con-i
v.cNic'nt to the Steam boat landing.j
Horsei will bh boarded by the day,i
wvook or month, on the most reasona- j
hie terms. 'Persons visiting bh-reve. j.
port or going to New Orleans, byI
leaving their horses at this establish
mont, can rest rtssured that they will
be well attended t. Only give him
a call and satisfy yourselves. !
r. .19--v. :\ KIMBL.E.
:'., '- t; '.3UA "-'i'.
Confederate IBonds
ANTED-ipnmediately. For which
t- iglest price wilAbe paid, by E
eeptl2-tf Shreveport. La.
Gapnsniths Wanted.
. TITE want 30 or 40 GUNSMITIIS im
Vy mediately, to fill a Government con
tract for the State of Texas for 5,000 guns
-to work in the
New Gun Factory
of Short. Biseoe & Co.. Tyler, Texas. The
most liberal wages will be paid for good
e workmen.
ang2--.iu SHORT, BISCOE & CO.
SseOO Acres of Land.
1. TN Johnson county, five miles from the
i~ L county seat, Buchanrtn; 100 acrer in
cultivation; geod dwellings and out houses;
Sfine spring and timber, will be sold or ex-.
changed for negroes.
Address F. W. Dunaway, Lehanon 1"
amiles nest of McKinney, Cvilin County,
T' 9 xas. Sept2-gt
MSansfield Female College
ý TIIF Fall 8ession of this institution for
Ik the pre~ca.t year, will open on the first
day of October. with ample arrangeiment
in every department. Parents may rest as
sured that every reasonable effort will be
m ade to romuote the comfort aend pro,,-c
Sof their daughters. For terms &e.
y Address. CHAS B. STUART,
2. Aug. 9-5w Minsfi.ld, Lia.
Notice.-'l'Th, cr.,dito ot' the uet'
[ eession of John Larmietr., dle. n'-d. will pre
I -ont their clhims to A. I3 L- hi:c, my attor
Iny, v for the t..- :crc.iou.
vjuly26.2t" Aduiuistr.trlx
- II)auIlnters of the Cron. s.
' rI[llE f:ii se .-iou of this sch.,ol for y.unttg
S1 hltie.s will .pen in Lrv-pcrt hetw eLe
, the il'st 'ad sixt.ecuth ot'f September nest.
Sf - --C . --
.- Srtalc or tLouiszana, Pari.,. of ,ad.i . {
Il jth/ .hlrd'ia/l Ds;rict Court.
OTI(CRI is h.:rehvy tonnu that Johnuoa
i)rfousCe. ,f tii lat.. s this dlay I
,etitionet the H1,norrale 't'.trt of tiIs Pat-o
ish. prvyinr to lbe ,p ewinted Adtntzi.-tr:tt.."r
of the a uresrssicu t ,: 1; hai.1 l rto:t-.;.
dece( sed, a 1tud .f Ippeit: 1(. i 0 ui,,t L U:tt
Sthereto, a '.  it t L -e ' d , ..ald p ta. r w.1i
U 00 graut -l
:i'tr.:1 t t a t!i..,e this rth day of ,ý''p'etn
,er. lt- 2 A I.. 31ML.l1lH)N,
t I t I, .L t-iu . t('irk.
1- - -----.
, Confederate Bonds
r' adllE -,ndcr.i~r:ued wil! p'rchxae a few
1 thoansauti dollars in Confederate ir,,ls
: otff-rtd iniLcem:na:eiV.
Ce.ti2-t Jl)NAS rO} h1.it)N. '
-S"tate of Loutstana'. -Parisil n Cadd i
--10t Tju dicr.l Deo.rrtct (Court..
Succtssion of L. 1'. Crain:, de,:·endad.
No. b.24.
I1 E1,1'::S, Mrs R. A t'ri.n. Admitn
• istrtt ax ., tli, above usuye .-  (e
Rien, his this tlay tilled a tab!ea; of d'e:bt- ;
in the Clerk's office of this prt-h., aend Shayi
Spetitionct.d the IIs nrieraio Court that thet
satt:e nmia I eo htcuaiga.t:d anrtd rad. the I I
p itn ut of th.i e,art. Now. ti. . : -e, i
no oppositiou ih nuado thretoe wit.thirn ten
days, said lprayv.r s ill he grantr.d. i1
Gi ven at otlic' thais l:h tidv af Saeptena
reor, Jit. .t I.. MElr1SON\,
ise tl-lt Iepty l Ik
For NIde.
J1`i. Cast and Blister Steal, Hatnrdiware, (utt
j lery. 1 oIls. Fii.'s, &e.. C('pat'ras, Altm.,
SSalt 'tre, &i:. ept. 16-tf.
Attention Ladies' M ilita
ry A;id Society: i
TIIEI:E V\ill be a meeting a.f thir Encie
Lty on Tuesd tv evening at 5 o'ciock.-
A spec:ial attendance is req-ute-td.
By order ot Mi. ROIANI) ,lONES.
ttr': M.r.nY S. C(uarlr. Scr.'taury.
Shla.-vecp0rtt. .eptember 19th. 2t
' . fiub.stitute Wanted I
" jtOI{ -r THE WAR, nmust not be subject to t
S Co.nscriptitn. A. liral pr ,ce 'ili b.
paid to tro suitabhi- peron-. Irr:.laie rat thit
- I G. O, .
T-o reguLar meetings of]
I NEITII LODGLE, No. 21, are he!
on Wodno.d~ay ovenings,: at 7 'clock,
at thoir Lodge iRomn on ''extas street.
.TC,1, rt)IKINSOtr, . --. 1 .
Office Semi-Weekly News,
1 Friday, September 19th, 1862.
Richmond, Sept. 1l1.-Baltimore
and New York papers to the 6th
inst. were received last night, but
too late to telegraph. Great prepar
ations were snaking in Cincinnati to
receive the rebels, should they con
clude to advance.
Gen. Smith's army was twelve
a miles north of Cyuthiana on Friday
3 at noon,
There is great excitement in Balti
- more, because they fear the approach
of the rebels; but a personal recon
e noissance on Friday, byv Gen. Wool
n and staff: as far as the Point of Rocks,
showed no signs of the rebels on the
Maryland side.
7 here was intense excitement in
Fredericksburg on Friday, on a,:
- count ot the falso rumors that the
Union men all had stampeded to
Peunsylvania. The Provost Marshal
r had burned large stocks of their
t goods.
McClellan has all the fords on the
Potomac. from \Vashington to Point
eof ' ocks, heavily guarded.
Lexington, Ky., was entered by
('~nfid tteratt" on the :;l.
An extra session of the Legislature
i of tKentuckv has convemned in Louis
S viile.
riankfitort has been :und,',lnied :utd
- ill the erchidve', etc., reoinved to
S.itut. ('cl. S:chingltr, of IH-loorn''s
I ,.c·P1O, I eporp t. o.Icially that, on the
9th ihi:. he ,nult It dash int, Wil
* liamsl utrg wi;:l :-3.i env;i rv, tdr,,vs i.
the etenzm . -.:0() .srt'oln , atitont :5 toile'
(capturitr,' rhlie colt' .i, miilit. v i,,'-.
(rnor', n ituvor, tw'% captai n-., si lr d"
tliRten:ault ant . nabo't 75 p: ivati::
'. , :tl.ý do 'crt,,.l Itn e. uit:l iti;it's ot.
!onrg :.is.t'ar- 1,ad ,ti , :" ,re.. t'h
')'f Y kets lost 15 killel. :tad ,1, ('nu -I
(f.der-rates th," sa ', Ittulll.' int kill..
WOundtce(, a:1N1i. 11.ssi ',.
At l"v' !itd : ~l bwt. t;,:; v :ni2 .."r
fr''m .Nw I J'le[ans an t h- :'.t:':"! :e
Slearn that our f','t."- ttnei'er ("'o. Me
\Vhr,rter cut thir way re:rd thlie l"',
etral eetm..p of 1:.50 n,.-n a"tl at tat'keil
ilthm,t ta.kif tl1e w",hoh. (',rip:zly I
'pri'm 'r .1' war', with t heir ar:ns (10 :
Entifiehl rifTi.'-) three hit,' , n:intn+, ont,.
of whith was a 12-pn 'tlair. Th l' ente
n "y d'-stro t"'ve theilr :ttlt .:n i :in.
Sh..rtllv aft,., tlh. train (-t:tta outt
frotm Ness\ (t'lr:tn-,hr:, -ir. tw, au.;l,:;t,
our lot. - firt io it it ti:[ ki!l,.i th,
' rig ncitt r. Ti'l, tirn:i n r,.r,-. d tii!
It.ie-m .- a140d inovhi', l,.'k s,,.'l.
A tight r -tlt'mnd. in whih the:'"
S; were 1:; I'' ra :tls kilh';1,th: :t wt',r, hr
i ,tr,. rh, g'r, ,und, tie, i . -1 l:argt
tnumtbalet wt h. ti'er' hill ntitd woant
el- 1),1 th i train. T'li i t.ai1 l : rI : a
Ia , - to \ew " Irleans.
get n thii ('r to :ink .' 1tti--, '-sitn, wA's
vottletundetl ill tlt arm . l']its w::s ill
itht (- rl.-,:tt t oti Rnt' iti-..
' e-lv'e des.rt,.rs t,.re ':mt'ttrerd.
Thet pris=,n r.s the.Cla.r, tit' th,.v ic, i
nt',t 415esirI. to beh pa:ro'tlei. 'they are
tire d tlr thi' war. The'v are att o aftpxi
l'i r.tt.-- Hot, -taln "l't ,,gra: ph.
\orthern lttclligencee,
tp ,':al tt , t oi,. C(lhirtngo Tiules.
Cinciuati. Sdept. L.--The re,,-ls
pare ii torete ill thlt' icinity of L.x
ington. (it. (''itof.dthrate rcgiiwnt'i i
is organizing at Paris. and another
at C(vthinna. 'hie advance is un-i i
Scertain, bt prohable. Should :tt'v
vYit ('inciniati they will meet with a
wartm receptilron.
The outpouring of troops across I
the ()hio river from this state and,
Indianais is imments. The fortifiea
tions are exten'itsivte and complete.
Mni. rGenIs. Wright and Wallace
and inumcr'uis brigadiers are active
in mprparing for an itnmergency.
SWallae n i idolized by the troops.
Citizens of' all classes are flocking to
his standard. IHis movements
amotg the troops is hailed with deaf
].ning applause.
SMartial law is very stringcnt.-
S'rsr~ .:1~·L
or at work on the fortictiations. The
negroes have all been pressed into
service at the point of the bayonet.
Active military preparations con
tinue. All business is still suspend
t ed, except butchers, provision deal
ers and bakers.
Kirby Smith's forces were posted
yesterday at Lexington, Versailles,
and Georgetown. T'heir position is
a good one for an advance upon eith
er Cincinnati or Louisville.
Troops continue to arrive rapidly.
1 o'clock P; M.-The Paris opera
tor evacuated his office at 11 o'clock
this morning. lie reports rebel cav
alry entering the town.
Information at headquarters says
the rebels are in force sixteen miles
from this place. There is great cx
citcment here. Citizens are rapidly
being armed and hurried across the
a 7 I. ..--.Preparations for defeince
are unabated. The city was lively
all the afternoon with the marching
of troops.
l'roflhrs of armed men have been
received and accepted from a large
number of towns in Ohio and Indi
ana, and forces will arrive in large
numbers to-night and to-morrow.
Sýp,'eial dispa'ihi to the Tremont house.]
Cincinnatti, Sept. 4.--Our pick
ets were driven in, four miles South
tf Covington this morning. Flor
ence twelve mile-s South of here,. is
t:aken ly :,000 cavalry.
A matn arrived here thIis mnrning,
having left Lexington, Ky , two
days .-iine. who rports Kirby Smiith
jat t:," hIil aot o 25, U0 troo, ps. to b'
.iia by ,',000 mre, marching on
SThI (incuimiati conrltraltband are in
the t iovinigton trenches, hard at
I1 is glorious enough for one night
,tN eta-my nwa Litwee.l this allni
I.,T.xiwn t-n. (od be pi'aisdi !
f Wt. Pul, August :S.--Tea whitee
w"-r, kilohi and tifiv-one wounidd at.
NYw N v a diturhlg the l iight on .attr
day. 1hI I :inials t;,utiij: bra;vely
n' 1 r:-cklhssly, a ii th,." loss was
const.l.ralc. On Sunilay ar small
tfre' undtr l1t,). ljlhm.trau, fearing
thy couldt not st-and another attack,
w iiitirw to M:nukota, leaving the
tow t i th . nar'v ,,t" the Indians.
It is rip'ortd et i -we-n.3(00 and 600)
lndind.an we.re in tlhe right.
o Tlon-I Sibley's cotntnuanid proba
bly re. achlt, t lihfiegeiV yesterday.
"T"! , Aljutanlt UG ncral of Minesso
t: . h-s i .-i--td an order to county off-i
,r. o, size ail hI rs-s :and means of
tr:T--ici tation lne,(e'ssc r " yv, givingr re
ei s t i it"h 'nets.
thie M.;sslu rl d'tis not enem can
fit d(n t -o o it c i'iV , but is spre:atI
ovr a vast: in, tiin t ,f tc'rritorv. It
is nl r:ete 'i tortl-v-tice families, all
:t " tw,, rsOnssu w.ere killed at Lake
Sinuiik, ,ixty mihils - ottiwý.-.t of New
Stin. bit mun vy of those reports are
tudtlut,,dlv , xanggrated. .Many iar
so us hatvingited or secreted thenm
se lv.'-s. ar,' pr,bahly supposed to hec
kill (.
S('lich-on, A.ttnt ts' .- .John Iaos,.
Chi ef of thie 4ther'kee nation and a
retinut, of fi'ity pr-s as, p:,-sen
through h-ere last night, en route for
-ashint on. I goet s to lay his
grievances before the President, anti
to urge sending a body of troops to
clear the territory of hostile Indians
land rebels.
A dispatch from Destnoines. Iowa
to-day, says arrivals from Fort Dodge
bruing reports of the destruction of
Springfi eld on the State line, by In
Emmet and Dickinson counties are
to For.t Dodge and other places for.
A gentleman from Fort Dodge is
now h re to procure arms and amumu
Later from Cincinnati.
Sp,'nin to the Grouta.l Appeal
Sotchoia Sept. 10.---The Oin,'in
flt it-tTi flitmr-i;++a ,1 t . h, ,be . ;th hn b-,,-.,m
received, which contains the follow
ing article contradictory of the report
that Geu. Smith was in front of that
The excitement among the people
ofthe country north of Cfncinnati,
who are most intimately connected
with us by social and business ties, at
the news that this city was menaced
by the enemy, has far surpassed any
thing that we have witnessed here.
The most extravagant reports have
been circulated and widely credited.
It has been believed in some quar
ters that the rebels have crossed the
Ohio at various points in glat force.
The church bells have rung alarms.
Companies without number have or
ganized. lifles have been collected
and ammunition prepared. The far
mers have mounted their horses and
turned out with their wagons, taking
with them provisions, blankets and
horse-feed, and started for the city in
immense processions.
The railroads have been asked to
bring in the companies thronging all
the stations. The idea of danger of
invasion has electrified the whole com
inuuity. The clangor of angry par
tisan disputation has been silenced.
'I'hose who have been reproaching
each other as abolitionists and seces
sion sympathizers, have forgotton
their controversy and have taken
down their rifles.
As to the extent of the danger the
proclamation of which has celled par.
tisans, merchants and farmters, from
town and coun;ry, to present them
s«lves here in arms, there is unques
ticniablv real danger. The force of
the enemy that hls invaded Kentuc
ky is frmidable. It consists ot
lpretty well discip!ined and very well
armted troops. '1'hey have efficient
cavalry and artillery. They are ani
nmatlci by success and thirsting in
ten.sely to carry the war into the
INNorth. T i:ey are ably led, and are
recruiting rapidly in Kentucky.
They announce the purpose of re
maitning in Kentucky at all hazards,
and their great ambition is to take
andi destrov Cincincinnati.
'iThe alarm which has pervaded the
country is not false, it is true anudsig
nificant. Movements of the enemy
are difinitely ascertained to be in this
direction ; it would seem a rash enter.
prise in them to attack Cincinnati.
but they are enterprisilng to audacity.
«Ve must be, prepared for them.
'ITheo rehb.ls are reported, with artil
lery, within forty miles of Cincinna
ti. A dispatch from Falmouth, Ky.,
dated at one o'clock this morning, re
prrts the rebels within four miles of
that place with artillery. Falmnouth
is f)rty miles from Cincinnati, on the
Covington and Lexington railroad
It is situated at the fork of the Lick
ing river, and is the county seat of
Pendleton county, which Lorders on
Kentou and Campbell countice
these immediately south of us.
This must be taken as an indica
tion that the appetite of the rebels
tforCinciinnati i, so great that they
are determined to try the experiment
of paying us a visit,
Sickness Caused fro m Exiposure 1t
The Newburyport ( Mass.) Herald
says it never knew it so sickly be
fore at Newburyport as is now. ThM
diseae afifects only innles between
the ages of 1S and 45. The cases
iare verq! distressirg. Several have
occurred where men have nearly
lost their sight ; they say that bad
as they hate the Confederates, they
could not see one across the street
and spectacles are in demand. Some
are badly ruptured but were never
;roubled by it till last week; and
others are lcname. This disease atftet.
the mind as well as the body. They
see war in a different light than for
merly, and soren of the fotremost ab
olitionists begin to., thiuk they would
be w*illing to abandon the negro if
the war c,:nld be closed at once.
This is : -, ", as and widely

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