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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, January 19, 1856, Image 4

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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7 'l'he folont xintr tecn nt.; c i l saw · i
what modcr.nlited from ixe ivel.n i, tht'
' Sonig and ('aro'l pri rntid' . IIfn: MIS in lie
Sloane Collection." It was w\i tli aUbout
the year 1450.
An old Ballad.
I haver a ou,. saiter
Far bt.riond thl a.tr;
'ilny are tl, ' ,r .rr tll
That lxi . ruet, mWe.
Mbe sent me a cherry
Without a stone;
Whl aent Is a plgesn
Without a bone:
Without any thorns
She sent me a brier;
Rhe bade me lose my lover,
Anid that without4etir.
Row can a rherry
Be without a stone?
Bow can a pigeon
liB without a btme?
Now can a brier
Be without a thorn
An4 who 'ere loved without desire ,
Since true love birat was born?
When the sherry was a blossom
Then it had no atone;
When the dove was in the egg
Then ii had no bone;
When girt the briar sprouted
N'}er tmlhsorn It here;
When ti maiden has bher lover
(s, tiew she longs n monre.
W , t5ere as e sog wa r.
tr i r .tc aC nsLa MUSKAL'.
4Who can fihom the depths of futu.
rit I who can td -the. precise point
where life termiriai s and wh'ere death
cmmaiees t The ldark side of nature
is cosed to our view, and die sunny sitle,
mano terreRtial existence, is not less an
"From whence arises the inexpr(ssible
hrror which is felt in the prese.nce of
the dead I whence the fear of their re
appearanee I whence the dread of ino
turnal darkness? whence the icy shud.
deringbefore those who once had life.
and now appear before us divested of thl
veil of mortality which "covered them I
"The elastic spirits of \',outh surmontm.
tfg the influences of fear in the zenith
of my manhoodi and v yutlhful co.ur-r..
I ordered the trap-door which conducted
to the family vanlt of my ancestors t,
be unlocked and I entered alone at mid.
"Three eoffins had been prvviously
opened at my request. l When I foundl
myself in the charnel-house, I experinenced
an indescribable sensation-it was not
fear, ndr griet, nor pity, nor horr,,r. at
the hideous forms before me, but it seem
ed almost as if the very springs of liti
we.s frozeri within me-as if I nvaseif
were a corpse.
"My grandfather who had died at the
age of eighty-six, was the first object I
examised, his snowy locks had becrl
throu$h the influence of the leaden man
tle which enveloped him, of a blond col
or, his head was not tying in the, usua;
pition upon the pillow, but was turned
ow .w me, and his eyeless sockets were
starkhias if in reproof for Violating the
.sanotaary of the dead ; but I consoled
toyself by remembering, that if ray be.
loved parent was living, he wultl not
friw' ajion me; his character was too,,
m'id, sad his mind too candid and ens
'"I now passed on to another reeepta.
cle of the dead ; it cuntaiined a skeleton
wrapped in a cloth' embroidered with
gold this bhad been a brave and power.
full warrior, who commanded in tht.
thirty years' war, and was governor ,of
the margravate of "usatia ; a sur erl,
portrait of him now hauIs in the ances
tral hall of my castle, as he,at the head
of his cuirassiers, under Paple.nheiim,
charged the flying Swedes-Ah! how
long is the laterna magica extinguished.
which once illuminated that beautiful
painting; the remaining fragments orit
are n.'w before me.
"The third coffin contained a lady, who
during her life, was called the beautifull
Ursula; the small skull had assumed a
disagreeable dark brown color, the whole
body was enveloped in a long wrallpper
of flame colored silk, in a wondarful state
of preservation. I wished to raise her
,. but at the first movement she crum
sinto dust, and myrinadt of tuilte
ode(s crawled through my finger: al-I
As bon joints of the mnouldering
"I meditated for some time over tbhe
og mrow or coMns, absorbed in deep
eoetemplation, then fell upon my knew.
and prayed until the ice which had fro.
son over my breast dissolved into cons+,
bag tears, and whatever I had felt ol
honror, superstition, or fear, vanished be
fore my God, leaving only a deep feelin,
Of pious .esignation; I Jisseil, without
expeJ.acing the slightest repugnance,
the cold foreheild of my venerable rpa
lent, and severed from his head a lIck
of his hair as a memento of my visil ;
.nd if hef had at that mno,,nmt arne. ifs
itk seol! and taken my hand, it w 'i,,l
:..t have cau'ed the slightest shudder ,,
terror in my bosom."
Frank Marryatt, in his "Mountains and
iehel.l.' to a story of an old Judge in
i wrm., wwasan htbitual frequenter of
he etr-moon, and who. with his rich mellow
eJ. would endlaim to the crowd-
leds ai tlltake a drink I?
GCladtI temih woeld surround the ber.
head eack wuld call for his favorite bevera
gv; but whbn all was finished, the Judge
dtS t"aa f0 ". whichthe
w i ornowf. do, and then retire
HIi "l.iack 3Oph,:xoln. abo.ut I1 ,or 3,.
5 1 n.elr ' incheL higur, coummitted o ':- , w vr l!,a
hemip t, aIpt. Briant, on led lti-er.
JlM-.: ·!3a co(p$ e Oxion. hanut 19 yearn nM, 5 feet 'fa
in t."b higth. committe'! Oct. 1 i ay- he belton to
mnme.i Forstall. to tle cosat.
HII.\ It."I tack c.omplexios., about ." yearr ol, 5 fi't
41 atnrtoe h ,igh. comilttd some th oine I 'pt; ., -
he tbel.tip ito a Mr. (lnover, of .Iac, oon, li~ !,
ret ~way from the jilo.of lh'o l'arish of .-t, tr,,l
tlDICl l .»CAtitte'd .Tune'2., 1854; says he bthni,. 'o
M31. 'Wiliast, of ltalourte.
MAllI N--('onnitteld .an. 3lth 1855; nay ,t It, ,h^iw.
to John Winter, of Miss.
JOE-£,etnmitte4 Jan 26, 15;: says he beClong, t,
Godrrie Robesou, of Iberville'
BII dL.amnilttl June 4 1855; mays he belongs to
Ritcari Rake, of timalaiplpl.
GUCIl, ,rita-'ommittt l July 30, '1866; says he twlon'*
to Mar. Baker, of Soutth arolina.
F1UfMtiHItY--,nCommtted July 19. 1866; maey no t*.
limay to R. C. Hutchinson, of West Hatson Rouge.
CILtF.tki'L-(.ommitted Aug 22. 1855; says he belongs
to Mo. ,'tacan, of Aseenston.
JACK--"'ommitfet Aug. 3mi 1866; says he belongs to
cl. Wilson, of Arkansas.
JIM-,scmmnltted October 1. 1856; says he belongs to
Eimload Forstal of St. James.
BEN-lt'Cmlmtted Otober 4, 1856; sayn he belongs to
Janl. Bryant, on ti. coast.
JOi--Comn" itted October 4, 1856; e.sys he belong to
James Bryant, on the cost.
AIFtfEDl-Copp . or griffe color, about 28 year.rold,
Sfoot 7~Sntie high: ays bhe belongs to Jarmes
DBlton, of Et. Louis. Mo.
AAC.-.Abost58 ears old. 6 feet 6 tnahes high, con.
mitted Oct 29; not menutioned who ho belongs to.
COOY,..Ye-low osexlon, abot 2o yearn of age,
rbout 6 fietSLLfn[te ihlJ, committed Novr _5;
says he belongs to Mr. Ben Graves, near Keller-.
town, Mias.
GEDOIIik-Beack somseionoab saru 30 years old, abaot
6 feat 8 inches high, cdmmtttoe.d November 8; says
he belongs to Mr. John t'alsey, of New Orleas.
JIM-Copper emnpletlto, abouto years old, 5 feet 5
or ix laoches high: says he lontaags to qtierce
(ifint a negro trader, and says he ran away frotu
ISAA(I-4'Cop'pr complexion, about 2. yearn old 5 ftI
18 or 11 Inel , high, committed Nov. 23; aays heI
Ilolng, to Wim. Bell, near Asltwood, Is.
SAV-Hlack complexion, sbout 26 years old, b feet 10
Inches high. commttedl No,. 23; ljaiystebeLrlum.s
to Gerge Wilton, at Waterproof. 4~:
JOHX-..oper camplexion, shoot 23 years old. about I
I feat 5 or 6i onehee high, eommnitted shout Nov,
28: nays he belongs to Dr. Anderson'., estate, ne: I
Vidtlia; he filrt said hi. name, was Jim, anld be
longes to Pierce Griffin, a negro traier.
ftirlTONi -ltu s about . ' -rar. .d5t, abtiut 5 feet
10 irsihea hi&t. committedt about Nov. :i: mav hi f
betlag tol, r. Anderson'sentate neaor Vi lalia, 1.,
He tftrt said his name wait mike, and bteloged t i
Pierce Grithon. a negro trader.
WALTER.L-Copper color, 28 or 20 years ol. about 1;
eet higlh, ,ammitted Oct 19t11; slys tI' Iwlonge to
Slatmel Ricbardnon, near Warrontron. il.
PRTERt-hbout 28 yearn old, 0. 4et 73,t Inoth.'- liet,
doMlnhitted Nov. 27; maya he belong~to Mr. Gibson
of Ctilitpepr county. Va.
WESTI EY--Black complexion, about 25 vtars old 5
feet 7 or8 inches high, committted aleunt (iat. '27
Si.talebelongs to Mr. C. Tjorcler of Bayou Ia.
WILI.t.!-.-- ulatto, shout 35 vuara old. 5 feet 5 or ti
incher thigh, committel about Ort. 27 . an l he be
lorng to Mr. T. Troxeler, ,of ayou lafourc.he.
l'I.-Ahaut 25 or 30 year, old, 4 te t 9 inchen him
cotitmittel Nov. 11: says he b'ilngne to Ilwarsr 1
lr.nmallohn, of the .tarioh of St. John Ito 1 Hapti.t.
SAIlf-',l ut 25 years old, 5 feet 5 inchel high. com
nin-let Oct. 12; smys he belongs to Mr. Wiltam,,
I'utlplhreys, in tlhe parish of St. Iary's Im.
JORN-O:r.rif about 22 yearn otl1, 5 feet 4 inCheI high Il
committed trlt. 3; says hie belo.ngs to Mr. Willao;
0'p-ow, near Springfield, parish of Natclhltoch t.
GEORG-E IIARRTI--Very black cnmple.ion; about 35'
ye,,'a olI I leet 7 inclr !highi. comUintte o lept. t
2~ ..,"a hle belongs to Mr. lRobert Hnruderon, re K(
3i ng near Alexan,lria. Ia.
HENt1' --'opper colored, about 38 rears old, 5 feet 0 la
0nr0e high, eomnmitted Sept. 27;: iv lie tlloto,. ,
t .l. Direaw Malone, residing in the parish of I., tl
HILlR -Mulatto, about 19 years otld,' o6 7 inchelr
high, commttlnl Sept. 20: aysn hasa.ieong to Ihr. r
Pett, of Virginia, who has a platatloa on thei
idijou Teche. o
NEI--lllrck complexion, about 26 years old, 5 feet 1'
in30e3s hi;I, eomnui'tled about. t,!. . - .
btionain to JameIt . l.arisence, of Mit .. pln
A.Fi'tlt or ALBERT-Abt,,ui5 v, , ,1 ;.. iLb.lt 5 fe it
10 inches high, committed ab,l -,,", _ o sat, l .
is4segn to Geo. Jones, near NapSole3,' ille Aoump;,
Iloit parish.
- ý I'n"
- 1~
JOE BflL-Ilack complexion, 5 feet 5 inches, high
eor;imitted Oct. 10; 'ass he tbelongs to Robert N1,'
tfey in Washington county, Miss.
PIREETN-Black entnplexion, about 5 f et 10 inches
high. eonmittel O:. ~a. he belong, to Duncau
Mc"al, of St. Juospeph La.
GEOWRGRG-Black complezion, &bhot 22 yaers old, 5 feet
4 .tobes high. committed Nov. 260: ays he belongs
to Rdward Dailey, living bear Grand Lake, Ark.
JACOBi)4ark comlezion, about 13 years d ; aays he
ol-mgs to Davtd Porter. of Lafayette county.
ANT!ERSON-Park Complexion, about 30 years old 6
feet 6 inehrs high. committed Nov. ; sas he
belongs to SMrs. -Mrtha Hoggatt, of Washington,
ANTONY-Blark eomplexion, about 30 years old. 6
feet high, aars he belongs to David Weathers, of
.VIlkrluoo eounty.
PEZ1R WILIAW'l--Bltlelk omplexion, about 40 year.
oL alge. bfetS inches high, committed Nov. 17;
gs he blMlsrg to. John R. Williams, neamr the
musuth of Red River.
JIM RUSE-About 35 years old. 5 feet 11 inches high.
coatmitted Nov. 4: says he belongs to Semphroni
us Rusk, of Hanover county. N. C.
OVFRTON1-Trk complexion. about 30 years old, 5
feIt 7, inches high, committeld Nov. :!t; says he
belongs to William Thomas, of Burned Irairie,
near llarrisoQburg. La.
WItIA-M--Itlak completion. about 27 rears old, com
mitted Nov. 28; avs he belongs to Thomas H.
Sailth. of New Orleans.
JOI. It-Blek complexion. about 27 years old, 6 feet 4
nllosa high, committed Nov. .4: sau: he be
loig~ to John Husiceker. near Waterproof Ia.
JOEo- .-bout 40 years old. 5 fet' 6 inches high, com
milted (ct. 29; says he belong, to !'.Cancan McCall
a Tneas, 10 miles bags. 'Af ;ate.-iroof, Ia.
JOl.-;boot 40 years oil. 5 feet 6 iuches high. com.
m .ted Oct.; eas he i:. o rl.s to ouncan iMcall.
os:Tensee 10 mils. back ," Waterproof, La.
EIJCK-Itght brown complexion, about 18 or 20 years
old, 5 .et 5 the high committed Sept. 17, aay
he belong, to Mr. Bleaty. inVicksburg.
WRMltltlet.. .lllck s ion, about 5 feet tea inches
coittmbnins 6 ;.says he belongs tedames
,wiun, setar El, 14L
GEOR o& r,-.cac n m£apl;aon,o about 25 yearos .o, dom.
mft teov ze belongs to M ereleas of
(d.I't At'il', I 1':oI( tt"I
Leonard Scott & Co., Publisher,
i9 FiU TOIr AND 54 (0JL,) iS'rlEE'TS:
rjill. 'l:>"1:'erii.eihi at." tier criliral ceti-.r,, of lth
T 41ir.4 -.4 -.ch in an ii'l 1114- wo-4.'-~ Iy tein-i
ii i444-.iii thbey ll traier ,it- 14. 4,4 LIo of *lttioo -
ard aloal044h books;out b,4 the 1141414ml-. )'ir' I!,, I
44 44 41,4nt¶411401i o ¶4' 44fl44 4'V414114.4 .0 44- 1,11 i
place wlhich f'l~ier l4~ 44.4t ,q,: n, .ar ,tf II 1441 y 4 '
they dlscuo-i topics relattI nito. -ti-b - lv ton ile l ir4 41
polltical, l-ellg.44I, ecieriitile, and literary, of the ren
tinrint of P..ropl. They art rlcodcted by thre be 4
talent of Great lirtt-lan,awl a Int arei Iage-f wlti thle trio'
lw~iimlpatat qu4eotina.. which Interret or 44'l4gict th cil
ilinril world. Whioevter nibncrvilwa tu them, all, may
read4i th11 aiii'st rtiirrr1ti44tatvl o l 4,1 4 r' n cil4i4 Ipartl~
into which the people of ireat Btritain are divided.
a the exponent of the Whig party In Glreat Britain
havIng tlnio Ito comiioetuc-mnt adlvIctted1 'Frteiii
nd tfihe rilght of the Iwllt. t lfion Iti,' war, u4414
really fI extermination, Wa. 1a;;i 4 against Franc m Irv 1
British Tory rult,-.. amitl1 fring which ircirrrl'-ll te
second great struggle of I'mgtlad with oi r town ram.
try, thi. ttcneivi first unfnid iirdthefla of r441 ittlaorto
al tnmado. byl to unan'weritble on-I .-k4l ltent Iplpl-4a1 4
iu behafi It in aienaiali rightst, the hall. of K~lt.-lt.
tegieabtion and Irte the tholnne it-elf to trelie, 1T1i4
I graphuic anl s.irring deie.lliiouo or tlhoe -114-i-o, pie
sOtrel in the piage of t hat dlistingiisiheid J4444rnIi. i -
hilit the true.t iiitrait re 44f thii.er pexioi.i. tle " tIo
be folo I., perhapLs, in tilla nLgoIge. I14 hit IfeaCIIl(4 w
icoming nit apparent. that It Irngllt ttoheieait-, it ti:
Tory party at wnhom thle ttimidiiri of its etl.jaeti~c
were o1.4-dally idirettel, foIinrd it t, iipowerful an in,
ilruil4-4it to hbtP-.i itel b, 444li 4n141$w,44 an4 404u1r
they enitabliluet the '"lljoii-rlt.tv or ta. it in slditil
guisheli amning the American Iteptinta,
whereby to coulteract thtt Iiliiurnt wehich i1 power
fill rival erntrtiii aigaiunt their i""t.4rro. Ti44 4w444
th~r4ugh their rr-pecive, 41r.444444-.. 44or .4lt44e 4 pr inglui44 Io
44f 4 eir t ntagio444f44a i ..r441i4 irj-i an-i ,me-i n: a thv t.,
,.eri14 If yeayr, ti.~ i-r~i 144-li .44i14 I~l·tn,-14',li4 14141 44444·
trei 4r4t44 the laiar'i. the talent. an,4i the inrt4entgi 44
thIo'-'.iiegentl of the Whip and Tory p44tie41 of Great
ieu of 114 hiIghesrt litirary rank. 410 well as digni I
tarii.,,civi-iand ,i--clt-44a,41,. 141:ic44.4444.itr toi 114114
iatr. of Ihe.i). I, - 41: alintmIg them444 might hi- menti44oneFli I}
l-ititof thei, i04-t reipi-1llulten 4i4e40 444Ilte tii-it irt oif
f44me4. Amoiii,; thut t-1,.,ii et44ril4iti4,4 totlti lI.iiiii
t144rte1t1 I --i, is-a4 40r1 Nit gIs. S444-r. lu t.41441Xi ( its
[rettcent 4 iii4r. i Aetntt41:1, Frla,)r-41 10444.W 14414
1.4414t .1444 0 14 ;. 4 1h. li .ai.. rii4'"~ ntli,-I- otil4444
lit-"rot 444 .ý- h144 -41 44411444 1.t,) 114", 1 44' aw l th
14444lert..t 4,.44.4an4 ofI -,4 tlin" e %ft+ 4444414t "_N41 4:
fur ti.4o-i44',41 ree o1,aniow to an ,"--ii ihchi
it mIOillt 14e -,4uriittll =-411 t4411 1A,4tr i
In 4( Itil..1. M444\144144. 4411id A,'At"I.Ay:ci; ;,"iA4-Arlll-;
44ur101 Ii, l4g r1441144141, l 411titlhIe I:til iitt-'-,- 14444Tu -
tarne, its br4iihiiant pages1; whiile 41. unite-4,111y 44
uoire.l a--ai-of tih lebt, rr4ihibliti41- 44i 10414-41i4 Il
14n our oiw and ie' parenr4t 414ry. ileaeo-i nl f 4 a tit.
Thils abl- Journal was edlahliied un0,.r the atron
age and .utlprt t of the ultra-liberal:. si, '.tyitjl in tih.
British llouse of lolimlllons; among wllomn ltr.t to .
|iiI.ts. IlHwl.n, tR71orl5+1.n L .'Il of the Iindon lvi
verast}y, Mol MlAIttoraI' and other:, whope, namen. neei
noit be quttet, clllonspicaluoly flgured. It a5s for l.s, w
years under thee etitorial supervision of .rhremy Lth
alt. from which fact it obtained tlhe elhritqprt of the
mnouth!ioec of t"llt;tanli.lll. This work has eto r
I,-en especiall devotei d totlhegreat tliCe. s wir h i ter
€,t the mass of ploIllie: ita i~nters have liven rift-. it will
be relnenllred. with I series of p.wlertu) artirl.. telln
diig to the slelction of Tor andi excluiud;ve Lp-iviJI EtsI..
hierelary ritltl. kingly pl I gatives. tc. Tih a
toulndliog dlevrlopmlfnts mlatll.7e a few yI'ara sille, ire
,pecting the wretched andt. till then. un, rhead o hIr
i'wr, of somlie br'alncthes of the 1nliini·, Iltpllat;on ti
i:nll.and, first apliwared in it, paogs. Not Tillr have.
its articlres ever 7been dircte'l against theI nl re Itl-n
tioer bllll, e--;ttilework has also m,+intailne, ..) llt
teoting crillote aiinst the alllialell of ('lre., a:I
'into, ths virtwallyl. erknLg to abohibh the, " i'n):to.
Itulntary lP'se;zion" of F1ozlawt, and e'entlilly it r.
move tile till il;sting remt1nt11l' Of feO adsair, whi;,l)
continoeto attliit thle llitish natilon. It is liat rece1ntl
b.tcome he meldiulm throulh whiih llttobden prollrnl
galte his liFree-trale dolil'itrine,. whic li g;ve it in
Icreltse interest to tih orllnlrolu a ttt::,.... 'llere oano
Lobewhere, of thllat great llReforn lr. I mal;ly Ipartiru
lars, the W 'e-tm ini si ter Hte 'iew eo ,sp . ,. ol a li i hc, al
lrith closely alli"d to that of our ,wn tcllontr; sian.t
therefbre we may1. withoutl any ex11 tratordinaryl aeT ort oft
charity. Ier indhlIlld to celerilsh it t, an ,,.tie wortdh,
of being enzraftedi into olr m,,re srn iil oil. I' hIi"
recently been united with thle kIe'lri <tl alrttrlv !teI
iew., thie more att:ractive f.attur.se oft tile 1two eItet1w
einlg now cumbhied in the th,~lmiiniter. andi lthus
addlig greatly to its vjalue 01 a7 l'terary rperiodical.
is a work of more recent origin than th1ose already
escr'bet-tt-hlt ,, nevterthleh'-. destined to oc1tUpi x
place ill the Rellliie of I .
The g0reat '.: .,iast'r cl Ilnll\tmilnt in 'lcntlan ledi t
it . .stablih:lmint. 'T'hi.' , no, !os sov'l, in the I'm+
TED) ht:..:lno. whicih appr-artl d to n"ltt the l,.,reoaitie.,
of this Anti Nntional-I'lurrcth ag, .:ion. Indeed. the I
revoiuiion cauwtll by ithe ilirpltion i:1!inlled a new
state oI thing., plain tle act'o.rs in a new plsition lof
ohber.altil: nor cou,1ll1 tlhey gite utterance lo ltlheir i
inew jltre1p.ltiO.'n 'f Mtate and Clurch T1Polity v-theirnew
sympathb-their inew emotions, without 1.m1 or
o4he" organ of thoul.hr than any extaat. Nt1Hen tile
splntanelou agri nlOent of the great master of mindi
1among them4 . in the ne1.0 .ity of a neS w oltlet of opi
ion. and ttle inlmmeleilte creation lof the NNorn Blr:mslt
Rtevitw. Tflie tia ait Itl;is .1ti 0'rnlu i thle Ivanr/elim
of the NinietevInth (e'lnttry; n.,r ii it llp be Ov7'rb,1irted
as one of Il, htlriidins cl+lra-'r"- .tles of tie timnr"
that the grand printciple which tobl,;tlon ii nilh, and
many of the eminent men of t,'lil:tnd to~ +h,. flel i It
cent1iry ago to write dIllnz, is now a1lwtrlle and rin /i
eated in this able work, and in the same literary me
Tlis Periodical is not ultra in its views on any none
of the grand l ielartmetsi of human knowledge: at the
same time it never drub1s from iti moor;ngs on ithe
0,1o1res of lpure Evatnelical religion of thel Bible. Nor
will it fail to compalire nlot fllvorablv with e!,ery ollher
culter;lpoary in the amount of talent, energy and
spit tl erli-ted on its slite. The names of Sir IDavid
Irewster. I r- Hanna, 'lunniltham. Lorrimner, Can
dhahi, Goroiln, iuchanan, Sm:thi, ke., are a Ilhot with
in themselves.- Mlech foreign tal0ent is also pltedgedl to
llladorn and enrich its !paze..
ft I1 not to Ie conideredli tridry a Thai,..:iTycal tei
for topic, of every kindl c'lelclaltel 'no ces pt and inter
esi the well cultivated mind are iltrod.tlrel. Political
qleatiInli, noIt s1o much ill their party a-pI t1 as their
g'neral character, a're c~sai.hrerl Lt''ral re and titr
literary mer t, ot worko are di.1curse:n an ' dclvelries
in mental pod pihyical science unfild.ed: Ihe dti.clnss.
ion of relegious subjects, however. in a dli0lsttlionate
,and Christ:an sjplti, torml ali'tinct feature of the
work, and will continlle t1. oceulpy a promintln,. 1place
in ts, gagie.
The lamlented UIaR. CInAt.a-I was the fWou teI anl
principal E itor of tlui Re iew tand s'nce h lealh
ha. been abl, eon ucted by hi sn'. -l'aw ir. Hat'3.a
is less exclusive in It echaracter than the works al
ready noticed; it, contentt may be considered under
the general hleads of tL',sical liferature, biography,
narrative%, hitorical and licttious poetry, critical
analytes of new works. &c.. &c. The high order of Itt
disquisition ha olaIg renleredit pilronl di lstingnished
in the departlment of Greek an7l Roman arch.olrogy-;
.l;ile it. range ,If e.lege:nt 'itii.n may 1 + said to dlsI
"ll er al astl'rly Ilpowernd skill, Io urpa:ts~,i be any
of its nnterll;t 'lont1illloie . A hal. it, its bio
'aIh:c':el ,de a 4t1e t. ln<! 'llar ltrlnl lf rvoyages at.d
t~tara F, n.) ll t" , inll t '0'r 'I o11 rulbjOOIO pIlely
",cieant-lc. i. ' mai r.bt '0r1 dial lil e0eri, player}
i 0'l'oCree olnque- t1t1l bit.ly .l' r to any slmiLar w.ort
in t ! worhL 18 to it, :olo't, a " mis~ln , althoigh
deerly infl.ed with Troyl mr. to an extent tiHe i4o-Slt
lahlu.. par ian co),.li de ,re; Let so witching is its
rlhetoric aw.l irt n.-d.tently unibloim is it in its anti
republican ollOlqlitv, liat ]mwever Obnoxious its ten
et11 it is ispodt}le folr the rea'er to fail ot being
ct:larmeed by the perueol bf it. brillitnt palges. The
ae1t of this dlotinguihbed .tltlazrine hlaRing, for a series
of year4.1rtintaineda circulrtion in C:reat !iritain of
0410nt -O,l.uO opiI-.a 1ru enOriell 4i1n eq-ialleil eir
cllatitn for thlat cl0ntry, wh1ere the price i.. 57 ( a
year, will alone settle tie giletion of its premitnint
erit. ThTe samon renmarkl is eqtltliv applicable to
Itnis touotry; it Is well known that its circulation,
even In the Uaited clate, is already far nbhove that of
any 1 h4 er work of its ela. net with -rnling the nn- I
ipalatable lcharacter oftie l ioltie., a fart which can ,
Inly¥ 7e neoet or byt the trfa lerotisentabity which
lh7.te17ai"a Ito pages.
When we call to mind the natrin of theR costtibutors I
t *b &W"d Tm3 s, It Is not a"rp *mtaucb
I I. 4, , , ---ilo --h-
ii ea !" " 1111th. )1 liC I'lrl: 11·111( r' I tlllt 1.,r
I.;·_· :ll ill' Ill·1 I~)·. r' 111'(1:1.
" n It i.::II I^), l 111 ! 1 Clll ! ' !.ill .
ii . It^:n , illl 1
lt l~cl Iij)l tl t li It .aol i n lPli~l~lt nt tl'tl'lV
Itr~tiril Iullli~l l iii Itrl ·Ir i' IiiltII lil~ri i ' '11111
:i ori toliii 1 t1114 Itu 11a1ri as111 .l li I It tI'
hl il tI lion ofi :o Itliat I" ' iar ii 1 tflm hic
flee h ll. it I: 1I of lo.r4all III I' :t''* illlil'
·i I ittr itll ll, n Lliilr~lr~i'I'ii trimk tII'1o1 IO. lii IL
* na'.t oh~,"·.i! ia 100 Illiihr~,tlitara.il lltnit0t~ll0i~
, n i n.1 it. byi i Itil;'1.r 1 M It n Il' l o , .11l I
lI~ ,0,1 i.4- tlo1iitna 1 of otI pi Iti {lo kO -ol' x1gi
. I 111 .,0"" ýLj i. lftili :11 f 0 1111111 Ittlr ih11111 t; 1ant, t
IIIw thir i IIn tht ng a yitv . I1' 1.1 llI itl igllrllant I
'irilo~h It'u lth e Ollt ,inr.I t+ n It,, %aI' I~a·'tl " i :l 1
i ml'g i1., tadvanta :1no than tile wihn Ilo i "1 il l Ji: 01111
ri Int'ir ltrit . ators ll. o it, II hit rn. rlt. I I' t I~o r til1.
I iaarltalW"'t Ito'~n~ ang' ti l~m tlgI, Illn p11'llill~!l.--I
T1:.i= Ire i, aiX. ot I1 lift I."irrr) . ao.n l· II> 1 itrut.
I1r1ahw Il ftlillt lu ttt11 lwoer l ,...il t ll,11111 nnti 1
11'1 :IT 1. ft mu 1, a Itito1ltI' , tl- l~'
1.e ,r'.t 1 1i.-lo rý in !ilia c inrt y it,. 11,11000:1 to i-w,
Ihitchwood after i all 'illrallr 'li: pIfuP'! th d til- I
I\aill of II I rr, chcg·u · , aub, rrrI.\n l·ci ,"tut. ll'liAJIOl··
1110001.,' lllv )·r G it\ II lo" And other eri aili I~ tit it
-n l i'titotho p 'it ii T & i" r1.'iti l r · wll. .howl in tti
e~li ~ltlolli~r. .1,0 " 1~" tra c,' 'Al of IIackwlll'00 4 Maga
tin", x111 t i. xihto re l lbrr, in lli, l atnernlinu
I lnt twenty t1.' £11.11 will pu(cha: it 1 nn hl) 11011
ýit~tunrllthrni n thee disino i ned teth r
tS find them ol t lr r inq twit i t pr.,.. prt. viin r"· i
neglect ofr thriahi(I Clam,, pon ilt-f-ot-idtratin ti
F~rall c1AS llr of th .'li8 1t nm ", t w ul 00
,trily arcr r it cor ",p oolinir ind lo. r-neI to fit.- t nea I
I·.r phica~cl inqu iry 1 n ,rIF P\:one the pen' .'; ant to
Bl,, to lo *ter rt'm 1 at nlt'lb utre, bot It 11111: and L'
11i-EW TOL.st-M -.
( it Ai AM : 'S
. iMI"ERIC2' N' MOIN7'T11. M.di;.J ZINE.
IE ll: NEW V* tI.I'E. rmmlncinr with the .arnlarv
j umbrr , tn l ., will raotmaiontpr TwI t' r i·'4lr
I A1lrA ;. the heuicest rmt ding lita ter, I:'T 1. AanDv \t tr,
E m;kA l ING ' AND .h I,, '.,
r- A
will trmnai.t Apln,;,l Steel ,l -nvravi i a Plate , f the
:aris lahor. . on str.,l. rlreant.Ii clorert: onlie or .i ,.
artiales richly illostrated wila itnh it ngravin g. .
i elaiCn'eout iroie and 'oetr:; an I l.uitor' laci-" |
rv.' w. Of New IBok .;Hint, n Fahionan i Fa-h., .
lIatrtliigen e; I'ptterns fior N .dltr rk and , N. . at t ,
li'-He STEI C>"t Gn t.ltAVIlf;
" ill em a rate finely e v , te d, portr ai t , .r t .h +, -ated
.t, writer.s of the dray. trul perra-rde with a sariet' t
oiter sitrjrec.t of gwielral int1re tt.
'lo F ,.F l I'LTIt.i
are engraved on .t.t -. after t ,e ia'*.-t 'aris f' bhi,,-,.
Sgiving out and in 'hxr ent,omaes for the in|,nth, 'Ihi'
Lave b.h n ipr' no lncedl -s potily . r to tun e I ubbtshed i,.
any thIe-r \m'ti'an Ieriodical.
will bL of tlil high.-t lintd ,, nt bly our ta r t arlist,.
Tits i.ITKRAI.Y \lIA ExR
'1 rilnstht of tintorhicul. IL;arapAiia*l, and I.itlra't
S >k -tche..,f T'rai I. Ei- ' Art Novel, '.!.
' ftmtnanane et' The \o... I an' Ro/n,,es rf Gr t;..:r.
at, n liveraally :c knlowledgrl to xcaerl al1? <ct -ir - ilb
it i.hd in _,anerica.
Tire .I-rti- a Tuser
i- atase up of ITumrou. 'k*t-hre, al Anrc:,,ts. For
eiln. Iome -ti, .ind l.it'erary ,gosip, eti
THElln nTl:.i ' M MAtY 'iF C(n "kY-T v-rv-r
,pcjretL by Wr Itn. Itowe givre a condrtlsedt ac-l,l-Ont iof
'he principal cwent, whirh thairv taken place in the
aorll during the pre.eeding mnoth.
Tlro R-"ISI.v ori. New ll. 'ai
from the pen of the tr. at critic. E. I'. tWhipple. i·rl
Tint FAino:ts m ARnLt'.
by G. C. Scott, presents a correct and comprehensire
a.i.ount of the new stvyes of Ireaoe'., lonnlo4. Man
tilts, )hawLo, Embrol.d.riet, audeverythiug relating to
Fashion, of interest to lardi-s.
Tuit N.amts-woeR PArra.cu
'f 1fr Cnder.leeves, Caps. Berthas, Skirts. Embroideries,
r for Hlankerchief.' and general Needlework, are unmetr
v ous and beautifully designed.
This alone. at a music store, would coat more than a
year's subscription.
One copy, one year, in advance........... 3 00
Two opii~.. ... . 0. .
Five colre,.. one to agaentot ...... ........ 1 i0
Eleven copies, one to agent............... 20 00
For six dollars onu copy will be sent three years.
Additions tot lubs at tihe the (ame rate ao Clubs sent.
Specimen numbers sent gratis to thoser desiring to
get iup' clllm.
All communications to be addressed to
No. 106 Cbestnut st., Philadelphia.
RATlvls, BieenAcPIoIn, mrd TALno, for the Instru
tion and entertainment of the Young. By Jacon I
Aanrr. ntbelllished With numerous and beautiful
Tanlw.-Ifacb number of "Harper's Story Books"
will containu l0 pages in small quarto form, vorvy
beatuifully ill.etrated, and priuntee on superlie calet.
dcred llaper.
The ter.les may be obtained of PSooalhle.t . Periodical
Agent. and I oLmasters, or from thie Fublishlrs, at I
Three hlollar. a year. or Tweuty-tire Cents a Number
in palter, or Forty tents a Number bound in Cloth
Silt Subscriptions may eommence with any Number.
The Ip.mtage upon 'Llarper' Story Books." which
mu t paid quarterly in adlance, is Two Cents. "Har
per'- MagazLne-' and H'Hfarper's Story Books" will be
sent to one Addres. for one year, for FrIVE Ik),LR...
The Quarterly V.lumes, an completedl, neatly bound
Sin tloth gilt. are old at lone Ikltlar each. and Muslin
Covers are furnished to those wlt, wish to have their
back Numbers uniformly bound, at Twenty-five Cents
V'r.. I Containt the irst three Numbers. "Bruno,"
"WIiUe."': and "Strait Gate."--Vi. If, "The Little
Iouvre," "traunk," and "Emma."'-VoL III, "'Vir
ginia," "Timboo and Jolba," and "Timboo and Fan
nyi"Vo.. 1V. "The Harper estoblishment," "Frank
lin." and "The Studio.'' '
They are the hbest chilren' books ever published.
They wisely avoid ihe introduttion or discussion of
religious topies, vet are such as chriotian parents mae
unhesrtatitngy place in their elildren's hand.. The
price is marvelously low. Twenty-five cents a number
makes it about six pgen of print and two excellent
engran Ingo foe each cent of the money.
The engraving alone withoat a line of letter-prie.a
would be cheap at the price. One good thing these
story Books wlill certainly accomplish; henceforth in
ferior author.hip and +sed-up worn oat illuntratioot
can not be atmet offon children. They ave satmples
hIere nf what is bet for them, and Utbey are hrewdl
I eougl not to put op with any thing of lower baimty.
-- - . .D a . . •ines.
We hape heard so many fathers and mothren who
recognize the pleasant duty of guiding the minds of i
i tl -ir children in the paths of knowledge at haen nn
series of books for children, that we feel a desire te.ee
them universaflg read among children. They eolati
tote te finest series of books for the .ong that we
have ever eeno.-Louadcmae Cuur .
-JUiýItý.1 (01I'IJES SE(; I: 1.EI.
T I . lt d I' t ti. W (Wig t.
to p. ipol· li;.r , t e II t is tll··u 'Frilt il~tl i I't ·.i~diu ; , · s
TUF '0': ""lil)tUllI P14t.X'li (W'hig.))..
iir L.2ll ,1 ·ill. N 11.lifr.. n}ti li II* · 'Flu C lr?·r r~r.
Ir· ('I1.L 0 s it l :i)l: hi:ii.,d t (1,1fit.f.
.l i.AillI~r t t11u'o Fl l Ibu oot,' ol Ii,' .1 'ii1 fi':, ti
-' t~t tit t.' ottr 13' ,tit c,. tri iot'rntlt~titd -1io
b'."h ftgo'a ' i , br'tt,"it- t ito.'..iyillto ~,'to i t ."
ii 'tr fif littoI i~t var.q .te i t' trt w, it i'tp i ti
" to' nil't'' a~ ..t - ti,'rtiit'r..! tii tiiti it 'll ii -ti , ii 3
he I tri ii' aed tl.vL n the to " lo t go v j ir iiiit irit -ii t
r i n, Itr i if,rntil 'r h iti i'rig uitha t. a wl thu ,la toe u
~fitsaobet'lu:t ttti'e.l v niz' onie ~n" i.tl1..
Ii tn, oe if the fath- Re jeranr........... tl..S
lvi~ ant ,nl~tvf tinc' ii,inr hot'ii'ioo..........~('
Iookr uni r t tien' Ut. toniy r Iieirw .and intelhgib :t,
Fir alt" mimeo of tiaa rrn eteviow n . 8, srieii 4
tttt't ,ci tatnri~ ain trow lelra ewimw. ........1 li''
t'tlv liakwiitai~* and tim, tinur P~oaiewoe tO.....1 (t
i tfni/ t o ,!teir iaadel r it ltf CIia, in nir Ian'n' Von,
iniri tO t~r~l itle .Sttz whUr itiiiivi trill U r·in'rdnit ol HT.
0} rllal to', f twelnty fo"ur ter ent, froni the a, lo\ri'
iii,'. thrlt i for ,,'lobm onri'itrin Ilived fr'iu c
by whichwe are nabli rtotc niatr all onrI'r"rn, t:
11w abut coiivL. '(lhao: Iteur cpieipi'i ILntdulanniI
ri "ii' a It roo liare bennt titan , s nir preto Fir ,'.1
' 'oticu itptoo tule iltur lteo'ien antI Rtackwnnl t or d'te
Fitt' any Ornrflhefoucidrnn wl . toiwn. "l,.c., work
FIo sinhio,'i,'d. tirn Agent' 're .... .... )t. 'n"..'1
10 an'ti l s' int I ii flour. Ito' ...t.r to . na . 1 ot '
Fur nit toul:(r of the Review, ................ .... .y In
For" "i'iaoti'i. 1ad >itn' i...................u. 1'oo't'it
Fii' ,"iwoit''t bn th fourItt.ovie len.Ti ne 00
I ,'nyrt'in t laii, ,rand ris llvloi ratn, i ttol n·at',,i to
t di-t'~·. .of twenty folur (er ceint, from the alt&,(,i
,ter., w!IIli I, ) pri·* tits. Club. orderi g til s. i ftou
I. Thrr I :: c . tour hae mreceetty o1 any' ,tt it-i mot
N'. Ii 'tinitol tlti 'M n, n 'our oiol, rtnatun'"uvo1
!:" Vir a' 'trth foiur R eIieti anld B IA'kwood frnr
il'tl MIon.iolte nltrn onttk
Inatt tits.h pacr llntip. ltrinl o anti t Ce them wnai
'.'loon "' blymail. iits tO nion ptorpny p n.9: ioiit
( oý'rd t firs will b, in quairti, Tuniv, a privu'lirn'tH
or hti'., ~"1bit''at eolol, Ain O anti criti ou n r tis non
'""~lionl trarl ornieriun1 they IrKa* ofl ~il~nve ilen~l~til
;itidtrtilttan,;r.i a f d rotjnltn t of liii- aliven h.
a,!"' , r -ed. 'dt ry.i t'i te tlr tlt Ir n nalali
notir;:I1~ Z t~i-·I leteint ilrit1 inlrr,' . d tiovitu ~iv It
..'.ri NARDitlte',.tt~ 'leCe.
t'4 'irnto'rrrx y..r . Nr h i'lt.
00 ',1'''i rtar h(oetrtn'a ntiv lcrii-brt 40, ot.
I e Olca ii'u~ ~ h ' -Flu 'imereot. . . . . . 40. h'n y Iipl
ofFlnxn"h n h efe.\r~,.'t'I I, Ili.,;.l;rl. \""w l Islny rlttutlct r in 1 lorlt. royal octavo.
- c·rittt~nisltj ···0 pac w it. 14 st.t u and (00 wt R .l en: * re v
1 ~'i') IlmH~.. .... ...... iii~i
nit' on Mr. it he yn'l'n:",r $[ i tiitto r
,a&- iht rotr inikinig it,, rat~ia,i fat vi, toe orinh'
t I:lr ro y rrsur ;i JieI anti rhrt\ oe u lx;) rnu rlet.
''lrpon Ito ott , e 0w ofrt
titri l belt ae. k n -o: tw$ f toi.ey l't that"x ail itii.wo
.ioreOI,,.l.tr . ttotui }' tetkin at atiy l'.iv`titic.
i t lr wt ' t 'liilir liv vorF .o
'' \ fiER this title. the Bible Union purpose'. to n cfacur
, onhy rotue t uatofrm aprilio
,.i aout wt~nt ti -r paron. welv [stit r, wil
, Second Year.
, RRANGEEMENTS: for the secondl Annual Collection
o.f this new and popular Instition for the ,tiilT .cn
of Literature and Art, have been made on the most
extensive scale.
Among the works already engaged, is the far-faied
which originally cost Ten Thousand Dollars.
In forming thenew oldlection, the diffusion of works
of AsMKRoAN Art, and encouragement of American gen
iin. have not been overlookfel. Couomissions hnve
to.en itdt.ed to many of the most distingrnihed"Ameri
can Artists, who will contribute some of their flinet
prodletions. Among them are three Marble Busts,
excauted by the greatest Sculptor,-hIzax l'oweas:
George WVansinhigtoa,
The Father of his Cbuntry;
Beujaamlu Fruaaukla,
The Philosopher;
.Dauiel Webster,
The dtatosman.
A special agent has visited Europe anhd made careful
and judicious elections of foreign works of Art, both
in Bronze and Marble; atatuaryane C(oice Paintings
The whole orantag a largpand valuable collection of
Paintings and Statuary; to be-distribated among the
members of the Aociation for the Searnd Year.
Terms of Memberasip.
The payment of three dollars constitutes any one a
mmber of the Association, and entitles him to either
one of the following Magazines for one year, and aLoo a
ticket in the dietributien of the Statuary and Paint
The literature issued to subscriber,. consists of the
follwing Monthly Magazines: Hatrper's, Putnam'.s
Kuicrerhoeker Blacksw',d's Graham's, Godeya' l.dy's
Book, and ilousehlold Words.
Persons taking five memberships are entitled to any
five of the Magazines for one year, and sex .ea.c. in
the distribution.
The net proceeds derived from the sale of stesbor
ahips, are devoted to the purchase of works of Art for
the ensuing year.
by becoming a memberof tle Association are-
l1t. All narson receive the faul rasue of their ab
scriplions at t sta.rt, in the shlme of sterling Magazine
Literat ure.
2,1. Each member is centributing towards parchas
ing choice works Works of Art, which are to be dsatri.
buted among themselves, and are at the same time,
encouraging the Arts of the country, disbursing thou
sands of dollars through its agency.
Persons ;o remitting funds for n embership, will
please give their podst e ý eJ~J, " tl*n thbemonth in
which they wish the Magate to eommence, arid have
the letter registered at the Post Osice to prevent loss;
on the receipt of which, a etrtiSate of'membership,
together with the Magazine desied, will be forwarded
to any part of the .ontry.
Those whopurhbaie' Itagannes at Bookstores, will
observe thatb josniag thsn Ase iatn en,. eee the
Masgsass d mepa ltrlz in to fhe an eatl diatdrbhetos, all
th same they now pay for the Magaine alone.
cript lto t Jv gfel des.
For me"bar lpip,
At either of the perlsdpatofmse
'Knihkerbockee¶ Mgaln'5 Wt)e, 834
Nesi York, ngWstern Qlces l@ WfI r * Sei a
r. r: - ,r a v:,t r r" ," , . t. ' Iii.nt 4!e i ovr e ,
.I ,il 1,"e v'm rl ,., i is h' t r~li't 'l , ,", t ,, , ,"1o b, .
, . . , . , i - . - -. t ' l l 1 t . L i a :
T i. Lo-', IIl.IiIr Ii,. St ati h~' t i. we. .
,n a , h u m h. o u. Pl ls y
%i'1. to, t ,Ib,4 w er ,. i , I t.r ,.,,U '. le I, g t-ar: n
,, lt . r,-r , tt ' ,, . l'"H' ,Ir..:i,: in t ft 40,
r0.,:," l,,-.,:il, ,r+--ithhe. Stte. tio n it|
lIIn cop sent tti av tiV pt'i t 61 e 0
4' , I'c nangs noticingi wli onfer r a or.
:1 ", ..-. I- - - - -. .
tHarper chool for both Seneut ,
' r1 ol',-,.onl p.,n.t i\ i in ' lli.tnc! a.o , mr aity, m wll, fM
u,,.I 1bh p.r ;:.;n uit : ".f .,ther in North Itui .
,'na. yu .tntl ,. r wiil l be ,n"rmve from thuli artspt.
:tznd n wgiv ' uhill wly fout ,nd i. Ie.-rsn antd
T her LtrI hY'A Iiorl r will be p tllihed w.eekb
on a ti,,Ol- trn-,hm "tHe i-t, on toi, htilrog trma in
r.rd :t," h I it tircumt of r the inltituion mr
"ln r tf'; . e~n. It , 01,n," 1etec plart at once.. 20 00
ri-tully 00 COpy, Lin, piar gratit. Addreia
Mtr y. . w .Lett La .
' lnc anOges noticing will confer a favbuild or.
Harper School for both qul oth
HI' So.,e4d i. citalote HOne tlle from Woob-ilpe,
a .itl.i n Ior i,. I .,iia . i the mit a
irimn in point ,d' inelligen.e aLnd moralhty will bear
lRnt oa h i n Urn with any o ther ir Nortb Loui~.:
'.na. -tuuentao |tre will be re'moved fronm the tetmpla.
l.in. alcotin~e whehtadir. lwritiy f and in rst
"'. Ii l'r cn-io, ant.e ontratedm with Rev. A1ti_ .
3 rIr. to teale charge o twit Institute. H bre .e,
t*,'ciiltf IIt ntlit," than twenty years, and id ttei nell.
i'iWt a.. C .-tdt ara t Aritltic.rntr of yuth to- need an
.un mdat n lrom c .. He bring. to iurv vir n the
'- ..ii. ,h rti.v ', it, hi. two 'lauKleter, whto here bea
tithe? .nir tti, horic and fmaAic, and iok. pro
l.ier. the circta. the institution may
'li'e inostitute btiiling i large and oinmmrodiuad"
i lit- "Truter. lsier appripriant~l a riOneiderable.sum for
eh ne rtvey ittxtu.ree. and will hrve alnl in a st thf
ea,-inmcel open It ueu of n uien, which hr.s been Mt
or MTionay. i.pltrem . r .10, .185P.t
It i our intention to atd the principal, (who ha a.
'dl, rnmoved t, the neighirborhod, ,[) tbuildt upsi
, ,llo'.i both ~rorh, that will'; be equal to any orth
1. sjolelinv. Rt-eading. Writing and First
liratuar and !5i eolisraptiy . ... .. 12 80
S-,tinm. ronni.e i with ftreqent reviewo n
wilthi i-bit . :l Arithnietic. Algebra, Hito
r, l',eiio..tio , anLc NaturalPhiliteophiv. 15 00
4. A,-ri- ,l AlKt.xhra. (eometry. Surveing,
('hems. try, iJ toric and .ogic, and . oikt.
ST I............. ..................
1. The tuition will to'. clte om the lata day ofi the
'-tuili. Iuta ,huhtutlron af ten per eent, will be allowed
,r" pt.m,.nt fra wh.ile , ciclon strictly in advlane, or
,iil~t-per C'1nt. fcr talf a onuulmf.
Si.te, , etht will be chaegh'il from their entranre to
l,. e.e of -.i~io. aeel ni dedieltion will be made fb.
l,..i,',-. f,,r any other Cauoe. than slckness fur tw.
' oe oat i-ltei pecoeilttd to le engaged in more
:, n t , r-e ,c u tie at :t time. but fretuent review-w in all
ti-r c, - lr ain che+ w ill be re.e-q ir, l. "
t. P,.ordin.r .'n be obtained at reaaonabl rates tai
ft Ti. prw! et f.er a large ',d miet intereeattii
-ci i, eilon vtrt !iattering, and we earrnestly oliteit
,h,' ,',.,6ii..i if a~ij-s ent ne~gthbrlw,,.ds and tbi
critnds ,f t.rme enterprioe.
R TneW. F. ltiNI) Pre't,
Hor.n Tatunt Tent. ...
.A (A.tutrer,
1 -es ctirl Jac-..'-, l'.,ctoh L A .a . . . 10 ,
A\) l FItT!SEM ENTs.
T fE iubscriber respectfully roturne his thanks to
his friewts and customerv'who have during the
1i "t year lib.rally gave himtheir patronage, and takes
hisitort ost ifO in.h +mirtg them and the pnblie at large
t::at he hIa non on hand a iearget.t of seanuunu lum
hr, and everything requieite lir the undeitaking and
" e'est tl l cemlletion of all work in the shape of
!|nt'E ]r'tlDtm'(, BIJNT. l 8A.S .'H. and IDORi, It
TloE Up "TUR tt IAfR-t(N,0A .s, tn the best, most lure
lie sod woikmansike stcle. All orders left at P. V.
\Iouos.n' H:,itware Store, the 'ost Office or at my
.ho .,a Fifthi Street. nljoining the .St. 'eter's and nt.
'aul'a College, will meet with prompt attention.
G. 1.. SF .
IIE undersignwl has on hand a quantity of Well
T Sea.i.sd lumber expressly fi ttateorns togeter
uith ;ll the 1 ther materiala. Cisterns made of any
rize. either on the coast in the country, or in town at,
a.-aonable prices. G. L S.El.
I. 19 1866.
r-o. tlon , La-.,
R EEWS the tender of his pro.essional service is
, the various branches pertaining to the . .trraAr
t: the nladies and gentlemen of East and West Batuo
lRouge anl the surrounding country.
Ao to his abilities, the best credentials can be fur
nished if necesary; but to those who have not em
ployed him, he would respectfully refer to his kind
Mpatrons who have so liberally fravoed him during the
past year with thei confdence, and for which he
wout return his most sincere thank, promising to
use every exertion to oontinau to merit the same.
All work performed scientifically and with the ut
m,tt care, and also with the view to durability, thus
rendering a prominent benefit to the patient. IHe will
always be hs his ofice from $A. X., until 5 P. x.
Office room over J. W. Qu ggiye' shoe store Lfty
ette Street.
W. F. TUNNARD, & 0V.,
r is, BAROUCXES, GMCtg i ansdt
now complete. They invite saasaminatiosn-a their
stock before purchasing in New Orleans or elsehwbere
as they guarantee their prices as low as any la the
a Wareroom on )ain street ~et the City Ball.
-A MArFtArstremo and Lieataux. in superior style
at the old stamsi co;nec ncur qd5Jtt .
Baton Rou.e, lept, Ti L 6-y. ..
oewr rzm:-g sIlto.we.
HtlY. opened a Drug Store ms the house lly e
cuplied by Mr. Thersot, one'door'soath of mlie
sna I& Co'n t rocery Store, where Itwilleen conutantly
on hand, a freeb and well selecte! s tac of JrrlrS
M.Idiemes, Chemicals; &c., whieh I offer to thebcltlios
of Baton Rouge and vicinity. From the long practical
experience that I have of the busi, fIel confident
that I wlt be able to give eatire satisfastion to at;
those who may honor ma with.tAel patroage.
Country orders promptly filled
isyaiciana caerel on having .bi iscritptiem
arehflly prepared at all hoots.
7. L. VIAMT,
Third street,' between Norh d C
Jaton Rbg, Feb. I 1456.
are now opening our aoqd e[ MaL ad WW
naet as Is ts Itt a I tek s ClothIng
tRow The
met stogey- b s tet t do to 5 Asbl ý K
to show - ' I.·. I +-~

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