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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, April 26, 1856, Image 4

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Valuable Sugar, Cotton and
Moat sadantagousnly ;:tuatre'. being of easy access to
market and will ildapttAd to the cultivation of the
BUG(.tR C'.NI:. CtIfrON AND COt.N, and well
locatedfor Saw Mills. Woodayrda, &c.. &c.
TI. . R. I E. Acres.
8 half ofof. a. quarter section No 1, on Tiger
Bayou :'d Natichez R a! ...... .......... 7500
F. W. quartet of s. e. ouari.r -e 27, tPvou
Tenaas. oppoite T L Bailey. .. ..........t _00 t
Rich cottotn 1'. 'n. part cleared. Acr , ... ...... 00
T. 4 S., R. 6 E.
it . W gnarl. r :er. :i " adjoimug . ....
1q r ! djoijing Swa&1vr 400,81
T. S., R. 7 E.
W. hell et 2, ) tih rrth it¢rlaonda
All of it.. e ... 117.7
1i. half . half se 4 . J l lSrs 1117.
On both siden ltavou '1etit Prs ro., u-xar A-
chafalay River. Total........ .... 15.59
T. 14 S., R. 12 E.
S.!qcTarter and e. slfof s. w quartIertsc."t..
W. half of v. e. quarter and a. half of s. w.
quarter sec 26 .. 30.,05
These landt arne part hight and rich :and valushl'e for
eypress an.i.ash, on Big Ft rk and Litti Btay-tu 6,retl.
T. 14, R. 13 E.
W. half and w. half of s. t quarter ee 31 2195,97
On both sidies Little Baty-' Sorrel, u,..tly
high rich lai. 13Bth havau navigable a all
measoan for ttrearn!.at. Acres.......... 95 62
T. 6. R. 1 W.
Seas. 3. 4. . 6. 7 F. 19 10. 15. 17. 119 and 20 3234.94
T. ;, R. 2. W.
,een. 1, 13 anr! 11. ... .. ....... .. .. . 674 40
Fr.diin Miii.i ippi Hi-.er., ix tmilet abtee IBaton
Rouge. valu blel f.. tienber.
T. 2. R. 7 E.
Sec. 71 and LLot , See 73 ....... . .. .. 202.00
High rich ar'd timbered land, ad,, mg JdoS. M.lre.
R. R. Coyle ar.nt Jour 'an
T. 4. R. E.
All ec. 63 ............ ............. ........ -4a .7`,
N. E. quarter aonl s. a. ,juar, .c. 7. :........ :'20 l0
All aec. 78.... .................. .
. balf see. 79 ....... . ....... ' 05.12
Allsee. it.. .............. . .... 64i ,6
A see 84.......... ..... ..... 0
lArge portio if aorve ilia'rn rich land, an l valuable
for timler. tot,'I in rt'aPr f 4 lanitat!s oi"r Str r
ling, R. F. MB,-ren,. '. ' 'hltn, tI. it. owning ,aid
N. Beanaain and otler' on li~ar i', r'c,.cii.
T4,, R. 9 E.
N. a. and N. w oarttu'rit .. w tntrter fse 41 80.16
t:ear ,f ih*u, ald otue
All ,f Rte. 4 . ..... ..... .... .. .. 5".34.0
Adjoinin -t. t r ;.n! other-rs uw F atsse iv --
r , fine timber 14,76t
T. 4. R. !1 E.
Sec. 35, aoljoinian Au;t f,4Blalc. abt.' Wa
terloo..... 200.00
T .. R. S E.
E. ihalf of . ,.. quartt, rc. 71
Fractional sec. 72...... ... .. .... . ..... 372.99
See. 0it
Lts 2, 3 awl 4 - C i'
lola . 2, 3 a d . ... . 7 .. .... F34.9
Lo:s 2. 3. and t. half of r- c. 4. see 74n.... 245.75
See. 75.
Lots I and 2 and r. t q, ai ter see. 79.
Lot 1 ee. S. .... ......... .......... 577.02
Iots 4. 11 ant I2. sec. io
Lots 2: 3. 4.. .5 :n, ). io and 11. sc. 81 ... 4qa .43
Rear of the 40i arpntt .~f plantiatlns on Bayou
Fordoche: l:ue ylr.ires thun.er
T .S, R. E.
W. half of N- ;. r. quartr, E. L.a .f v. W quar
ter and nl w qtuarttr of s. w. quarter,
sec. 27............. ....... ......... 200.t1
Total acres ............... .. ......... 126,57
T. 7, R. 10 E.
See. --..................... ......-.. . .f 10,80
. 95 ....................... ...... f,
F. hallf sec. 9 ................. ............. 317.08
All ec 97........ .............. ......... 6d2.48
All sec. 98 ......................... ...... ... 640.0
On Grosae Thte and litoisstippirailroad, mostly high ;
all richly timberel with c press anid ash.
T. 7, R. II E.
W. half of s. 5. quarter. s. half of of. w quar
ter, N. w. quarter of s. E. quarter and s.
w. quarter, Se 6 ................. ..... 327.73
N. w. quarter and s. halfofy. v. quarterse. 18 226,80
Description as 1pteceding.
T. 7, R. 12 E.
•. w. quarter sec. 10.
N.. a., N, w. and s. w. quarters sec. 31........ 280.00
Adjoining Molaitin. Lelaiane, Narcisse Laudery,
Wood and othcr, fine cypres timtber.
Total .................................... 3697.81
T. 7, R. SE.
See. 1, 2. 3, 4 and 5 ....................... 594,5
S(e. 60, 1 nd 62.. ................ ..... .. 4tiS.i0
..ec.33, 84 nd 35. ......33.............3...... 4353
Sec. 87. 88, 89, 90, 91 and 92 ................. 950.7
Lot 7, sec ll1, src. 119. N. half of 120, 121.... 405,4:
On Bayou Alabama a; high rich land, well ad
apted for sugar; naigable at ll seasons:
fine cypress; easy access to market.
T. 7. R. 9 E.
W. half of w. half sec. 106.
N. a. quarter see. 107.
All se . 113................................. 939,01
rear of Gov. Johnson. B-,rrow andi others :
fine high rich land, best of cypress.
T. S. R. 8 F.
Sees. 3. 4. 5. 67. 7. and 9, Bayou Alabama. . 11431.07
Secs. 10 and 17 ............................ t30.31
Sees. 39, 40. 41 and 61. Bayou Alabama...... 687,07
S. w. quarter of a. w. quarter sec. 63
All see. 14.
W. half of w. half and a. a. quanrter sec. 71.
All arec. 72.
N. half see. 73--... ... ......... 939,57
On Bayo: canS or Bayou I.'eurs.e; high rich
cane land, finte cyrpresC.
S. half sec. il and a. half 1Lt 3, sec. 82...... 400.51
.ine high rich ins. 390,53
... t .. T. 8, R. I E.
E. halfec.27... .... ...... 31,444
T. 10. R. 12 E.
N. half of N. half se. S6.... 1. 60,00
Fine cypre., timber, near Bayou tboula
T. 11. R. 13 E.
See. 1 .. ................... ................. 188 00
Adjoining Harrison, Mrs. Iauve, Richard; high
and rich land ; valuable cypress.
All se . No. 23 6.............................. 6.,00
Adjoining Hon Tranimand LAndry. Valery
Landry, Antoine Dias, Vinson & Gindry.
Cyprir:n Ricard; part high rich cnnr land
well timthredo with best of cypress. Total 8500.26
T. 12, R. 15 E.
Part of see No. 1 ............ ...... 34,00
Rear of Ory. Llomuf and others, part of
Double Concesaior.-ftne cypress.
T 11, R. 4. E.
W. hlf sec. 40..........
W. l . . .... ........... .... 320.00
Reir of Colomb. Veasser Weber and others
-ide cypress and ash.
T. 11, R. 6 E.
6 half of . at quarter and s. C q,,arter, see
tion 88 ....... . .. . 250,73
In rear of Jos. LeBourgeoi .... other "Ian
tas, as far down as Ed. 5Lrmiiionus--finecy.
!l. f s8C. 81.
N. w. quarter se. 92 ....... .. 0,00
In rear of Tregle, Feiam and others-fine
T. 11. R.7 E.
Lot and . w. quarter sec. i.
8. hafk sc. 2
N. half of .. quarter see 11............. 3,88,
8. qu.arter, N. I. N. w., and a. w. quarters
of a. w. quarter sec. 8
8. L quater ne. 4 .................. .. 440.24
Section 12 and Lot I, section 18 ............. 51,5
T. ii. R. 8 E.
Sections Non. 7. 18 and 18 .... . 585,13
Adjoining and in rear of Double Concessions,
valale for cypress, being high and of easy
osses. These lands are situated above and
below the plantation of Hollingsworth.
T. 12 R. 18 E.
. half eetio ................ .. 0,00
Rear of St Martin, Roussel, Graolis and
others, ansot 0 arpents from the river-fine
tJ dt. ...... . · • .. ........ 3 7,1
1T. 13 R. 19.
S. s. quarter se.tion N 11 ............. .. 145.40
Arijoinrg Wflhitehcad and othera. rear of
IDouble Conces.ions--flue timber.
T. 12. R. 13.
S. w. ornartr rect.n 3.8, Bau !i iTrre Part... 118.09
At first ferry, south side of road.
W. half of'.. w quarter section No. 48...... 81.004
Ilavo l'hellp, on new ro.l to Pierre Part.
rich high lands, in tlhckly I-tftled neigihaor
T. 12. R. 14 arni If E.
j r.n b',e nrn es.,,m-n t -o irrs of Lotui. (:uilliot. 1037,00
llHigh: vdaluable Lhnd -fin* cir,.
T. I',. R. 13 E.
i half t: . . quarter and .. w~. quart, r
Abow. a. i :dja.m ninvf Supeorvt:le, 4'11 Gtat.,l
Sect.n. : : '.4 ...i ..... ....... .. ... 2 4 )
Iake !" a. .i an* iadl aLe I at.lmur,'e--vgh
and well timbevrr,..
T. 1 R. 1, , .
E. half of ):. half .,ctton . ... 1
3. half o: N I:. qu~arter, and a half ,,f Pý,. E.
qarws section 12.. 16 00
I you lir. Ligh la l, a t auti !, wi)de
and navigable trraru i ia ttllm. it; :.,Iaynn.n!:
T. 2 l4 R. J11 I
ectiou' ?.o . . ..... . .. ... 7
fnt- on .anal.
ntI l.ake rret rt an i aa ourbeaux. hisli
Tand aluable nt c)r pre-.
Ir. 1.3, R 14E.
W h a. lf f al e sge-tin . .... ........ 160.00
T. is. R. 1 E.
4-ction No 9..... .... ............... 639.67
W half of . P quarter ii half ,f ' . w. quar
ter and s. . qttrle 5e<ttti O.. . .. 32it.
W ,halft+. r. E. quarter, anid . . ,u.atter
rcti .. ...... ... . .. 2 1.
In rear :f Tite. Welwr I'airnre'J and otih
ers : Itrt+i laP Bad e.
Tt:tl era in .iHacr. ti .. . .. '.. 4 l 0
T. It, R. i E.
N. half section No. 19...................... 320,(
R.ar of l1,:'a, Cohina,. Tuoler and others ;
fiOe c'ipr +i awaslp.
T. 18, R. 14 E.
Se tion So i1......... .. . 26.50
E. half i,,-tion 70. all ection 73. Itt 1, see
tio 74 ............... ........ ....... 448,01
W. half of s. w. quarter seetliol a,. w. i:alf of
w. half section .......... .. 390
North ,f plantation. .rlaorth sitde of Bayou
IBlack-f-ie iratlre.l land!s.
T. 1;, R. i5 E.
cti,,n N' n...... . . .. . ..... ...... 47:,0R
Oetions 37. :18. 39. 9 ,41. 5- . 5 .,rnd -5.. ......... 1179,92
Otn Pivoa rhic:kahoutla. n rnlr~a ; part
high . all valuable fior tnmlwr.
T. 17. R. 16 E.
.in 7 ........ 29
ii.a: of laudsl on Pa, : lr .r~ k.ý
T. 20. R. ti E.
ection.s 17 andlS i'u ti aux lIer.,i Hol.! e !7.t0
T ota l ................. .. .... . .... .. .. 3t 44 , ,
,ectton . A.:. T 12 IR i C
-eeion No 1. TI 1. R 12 F ,. ............ 1 5,
n In ar of 40 arpents adjoin"m: abo:i lands
of .,i rO
The foregoing lands will be scl, ,n accumam,,.lattin
terms. Apply to J. i tWELL,
P ,nai,i-.t,,e . l ou- :aeri.
tp" uhz.nw. in the difft'r,.nr lat,, 111Pr+.- ..,- tl+
St.a mn t al- at tille itiatrlt'at at a: ..;ton t lit it y.
atirten'.,into with prmptur .s by
mar 29-Ofm A. . i'tWELL.
A. ern ri n t e ent thr;i u -It tlhe I'1,t office.i
cj. Corner Third and Church strelkt.
L * Shop on kifth street.
.4 D)ilMAN\ & WI.litlAN. NEW ORLEAi S CtIEA-' {
SStore. corner Iuaayette and laurtl Itre,+ts.
Stier Third anid ('hurch sterets.
S prietar
ST M. FA'IIto. AT.TI'(T Et' d" ('SL'tSvEILOYI
1 at law. Offce at the Court Housc , aI t IPat
on Itouge.
J ,Ms. M. MCS1AIAN, A-1 1it.'EY .. COt1 .r.
lor at Law. Office on Iainre: str-t.
. strert Let. (Convetion and ,',rlbh It ,levardi.
J H ifSHECK. Ilr'K F'..; d I II (LL Office
* " on Church ppposite the Ila r. a Houseo .
J T W. ItItOWN. ARCII!T1r7C d- IU ILJDERl Orders
Scan be sent throucht the I o.itcihe.
------ - ----- - -
Churchl street.
TOSEPH JOOR, ATmIRNvEY i ,r: -. ,: -. l
S Iaw Office with P. A. Walker, J. !'., o.
street near Third.
_ - -
Slows. Office on Main: street.
* at Law. Otffice on Laurli street.
cer. Church street.
P Store. VSoth itouliear
7 P. G;REV: , AT.,RNE/Y~& COti.V.FLLOI AT7
LI .e law. Office on lnfaiyto. street, Baton Rouge.
and near the Court House. West ]Baron Rouge.
SLaw. offiie on Laurel street.
Watcles, etc. Under the Iarlney House.
e. teors ac law. Otfice ou Laurei st:est.
n er., near Church.
* &c. Maine et., next the City Hall.
THE subscriber respectfully begn leave to inform his
.j friendt and the public generally, of this and the
adjoining Parishes, that he is now prepared to execute
all work in the above line, in the best and moot work
manlike manner.
lie ;s ready at all times, to make or repair
Cold water,
Stops Pipes of
very kin,, quality and description.
Tin or Copper Gutters,
Spouts or Valleys
for lining Cornices. made and put up. Always on
band, a general assortment of Tinware, Sugar-house
ltampu, lanterns, Oil Cans. kc.. Ae.
- AR onrders from the country promptly attended
Church Street, Baton Rouge.
I EEPS constantly on band, a large and beautiful
a assortment of CLOCAKS WATCHPS. and JEWEL.
Y, which he otfers to the citizens of East and West
atmn Rouge and vlcility, om reasonable terms.
NoT, lit IML.
Carpenters & Plantation Tools,
1lane . gag.
Tape lines, t tnge.
haw Files, R~u h,,
Sill I-ilen, tia.mtera,
Square Files. 1tatcLet.,
B} stard Fil,.s. V lcas.
Match Plaun. IDrawtug Knives
Turn srs., H[and tcrews,
.Gimtbhto , [ vIA sa,
e It'. s , landle,
M:,ltetn. Trow ,,
,eror, . BrLrae..
Stck a .t tole, F it , ,"'eri.
[lo nch tluok., .i ry 1a ,er
tSand falr. For vale by i'tts,
iTw s r uche-s, t
vr. J . B . N " A N : ..\ r
Irhln b,,. an-i 11 i!l, ws & .ou ,nd,' 'omapa- r,..
o s rs: ,1. ('r tit: in f .... th e p bl:ic th at h a ,vin ;
S e 'an u :ax - as ia ta Itt r it -. -a
SINY.·.It) Ih:, !ti- :It." ai' i- .tt+" l.: tll(,! ti. !:" la !low Khr_,v.
,tt; c tt+, N wnt c ;. in on h r ,rdI b e l lt et sttt b.. " h1 -,
l . 1 , n a ,r , it t ,- t . n o r t , ,i e ti r d ,,:
re! - i t" "v IIftl| . re- -wh·'! O Oi IF a n d h i, .rrony -s l i 'n ' I
da "l " I , rl 1 ,--- <f (, n it , bit w "t' ! ,at ti-ti 1.1 a la ri. -e ll
;Ii 1"" -t YT·II ,l " na, Iakt- ~. t " t t
idi:r,,.r a iltatlpu-nl'- I'rstale la l anitt;i il :t ; llt;I)t'
mu i 1 It r it O't : t"tlt. l a " t-1 t. 1tntt-r . .t.
I I. l t. , , r , , a
,nI . + , i: a . , r :!- l, l i4t+ . A I "' , . - - . i,
. ti, I , , tr . : ,- ItI stc to I n ;-, ta l t, it
l aate. ti i:r1 t E r l: Art l .
'A t I tne ,,n.. e' iL :.
Au i rIiv-"e Jti" ('.l a shart:n call "
SC' Gil s. DEYTaST,
P-tN-. o" tce. I.a.,
S .EN: CWr the t, .na der of hit pr id--l hnal at rvicet in
the vario[Is bran h+ tlp+lt e to, t!, ""1 :t
to the i ,:er- aftr:o ge!i;le ,a".n of ". t a Ind W .- t s` to,
i,.,I f n , 'e 'rir b.0! to t. 1,t" whi haw n>.: ,'' n ,
p lae-I him. i e t. uti re pcttful refe. r to i:L, tt n-l
k u iuln who have , . ibe t ly ftac roved h n ,inturi II t ,.
p:ant ytatr with their c lntienev, n d ( or ,va ,.':h Lh
woul- return his tn,+' sinctre thank+. prom.-;1.. to
u:eevery mor xertion t i. continue t, l rit V'i"[.w.i- .t
All s.1 ,'k perflorma .i c t a d ,ilth It . i
arua-e cart a:ld Il- o altl t'r 'Iw at ,dtlr:Dhi, lt.ta ta
rendering Ea lr miwn t i t Irrelat t a' t tG 0i t. ie w"1t w'
I citte ttt tt -et
I hon for f lanekrrf,
I ',t--aIt ita hi' g al -m,,kirt tt t tI 1ft n, hi- art
cl" intvalugtl!t as a brtIltir cen.t , r :.r -I t L o L
Dan a I1 if \t t I")I t-L.
s nit a'tr / tlt I ( aet a td-` a o lier tta". a reef.
S .l, ' t t t ,.; I ,' f. .)eT.i
c , ::U ,t , ,, .: 5 o }
. ha r :or. .+ d ' ear 1l0i._ ,tuewr ALt e .miutl
te,l Feb. ad.
T/;'('YK-Fiv,:i,.et aix e-is nn : , i ri'v 1 : ne p-r e,.
or,ano i+. : ) cla:- ,. "v , ,1- tl +: ! e MO ". ,
Ml.qer of M`"i .. I ,,m nti ,o t' - , f ,J.II
JIMl-Dark cm M,,.,n,,,, abou :3 ..... it I. and aboat
J rel :n, ' .t " lb,=. a ",f blnt", f: ý I to li htUhmanl
,, l . :r t . t, lv 'l v ; . , R i v; e r . e ,s . J ln : t t s l 3 i a i e i. ,. tl h '
f11.lfLEI; -Y-1'. w e"+"+irp i"- n t :.-ar r , a1.,
r o,,' i5 ..i't 7indI*Ilv ill!tI so-, a ,` - 1 , ea ie ,.
Til; laan -ib+' ,n len>as elver cml:t:ted
3M1ich 11. ".5,.
1A'i'.II tOF L,(FOU. RIE--T!I10CSiRIT'.
JOIItY PlLII'--l ii maltto e,: abe<d al,"" -r, wear,
5fet thIn i; he wrte, an lI : -k, " .: t. lith a . I
t tm nt,e-. lath F-eb. ll-rat? t.- in, rucm Newo
1",,. ; !t . frfee
FR 'AR.Y( F'CIS-^tou' b alit. a',,+ it '2 wt:r, .I! :, f, .t G
incl.- high, black con,;Jexoun. near' a (,r
n.amispeak, iF rnClh an`1 iLogI.,i: :-i . " l .e i|, n,
to in.. GoI.o in tlim pari c. of rt Le airy cru
miitttd on t. h "' L tl.
DA VII-.- grin, ab tut 22 yearn o!d, 5 feet R ;n h;
high ha- to ' ti. lt la't i,.er's on the rik.Lt hat.n,
s0 si peakOugl:.i) ,ni ". ss', ue behoup to , E t E ll I
" cairri in the pariah of it. I atr;, < I.amu tt d
Ilatt'h i., ".,
IPETER--'i.lA cu::,pl+..e.'. 24 nears old. 5 fe,+t 11I
iuchesa i.rý,}h: ,;la . bt he":,,:"_ to A/,;as ,'rwn e o
T'ennas arr.:t. L... " ,. ,- 3 Alar,': l} t,, W t."
1 11. 1 - J'A}-It--oiI5 FI'.VEPt ;LiT
GEOIGE-A- ,u: 5 f:'t ~ ,r S :i.ch.,. l.gi,, 22 <.r "..
years ult. iorh iatt tomtbi nut In t!,- under..&V
dIItk coml',i11rtu , bl..'n'. to TtOnmas ecout, -,et"
ding hn I. a~ ountl, hxan..
PArne![l oF lItEV1LILF,-PLAQt FM\iE.
CIL4RLES--t'ht tualtlit, about : ,.l.r.i ,, a ,r+t
S ,lent 6 a .! he- hitgh tlp,,.i u } u,,,t L ."h ': ,u .i ,
, ill .,e, sa.- he b . ags to.!,h Wilia:.,
old, r ttlfer taHi. , it .. "" ,.", . t . - ;
scar on the llts .w.>I or thle l-,r, ,:ead, nas - hr, u,
lung. tuoT. 11. Hari.er of Non i leuans.
DICK-Black comlplexio,, abh,-t 2Y: }ears , :,i. 5 far'
11) in.-lhen hegh. and stout built; .ony h.. b o,'h .n, t,,
.q.uire (Careltoun lllnlrro, Ark.; committed 5.tl
Feb '56.
ALECK-About S1 years old, 5 feet 3 inches htzh
dark copper color. dressed in oens blanket ,'.sat
blue cotton pants. brogans:, wo rn cap, and has a
scar oter the ri'ist e:.: ,as lie hbelon.o to John
Jack Odell, of the parc; of t. John the IlBapti.t.
coumnitteli Jan. 9th.
SAM--Elack, 5 feet 3 inches high, 54 years old, had
a. white linoey pants, lowell ahirt anl blanko t
toat; belongs to Vasllinzton Rowden near Prince
ton, Miss.; C(ommittedi Fe. .5th.
COR.VELICU.-Thirty-three yesars old, 5 feet 4 inchts
blab uas a scar under the left arm, about '2
inches long; belongs to John T. M!,,re of tio' firm
of Moore and Simmons, New Orleans.
ADAM-Dark complexion, 3u or 35 years old. 5 feet
10 inches high, wears whiskers and weigh.: t;5
or 180 pounds; beloogs to Cincinnati Viltlia in
Lauderdale county Misse.
DAC--ark complexion, 30 or 15 years old, 6 feet 2
inches high, has a scar over his right .ys' and
some scars on hisa legs; belongs to J. J. Ty,o: oft
PETER-Brown complexion, long Svtage, has whiakers
and goatee, bad teeth, lost part of front teeth of
upper and lower jaw, and has a scar over the left
eye and temple, cauedi by a batchet: run away
from Bayon Vidal about two weeks before Christ
mas; committed 'ith Feb '56.
GEORGE--Copper color, slim built, has good teeth,
has a large scar on the left arm caused by a
burn, and a fresh bruise on the cheek, and is 5
feet 6 inches high; nays he belongs to Jack Wat
son of Tensas parish; committed Feb. 13th '59.
PARIClK-Ts a copper or brown color, about22 yearn
old, 5 feeet 10 inches high and weiges 165 or 170
It andsa ays that he belongs to Gen King near
.lutmbus, HIss.
British Periodical Literature.
Leonard Scott & Co., Publishers,
rNeWo rolr..
HIlf; .l'r al:| , 1', hth il yl N onst+r of thi
Bril- . -ci,+,:++-tac ant hterar) wrld- Nv thetr
crit1w 1n . they ti e;l i rt !' t;n .(+ :Mirt 'r!'
aird ,tak ble t,,. k f nd tl th epi s+ wlir thIt
pre -,l, i, al ll t tnL , l "i-l ~ ill1 ult(nt w"rk .
t, Icu.)tll :] r t, M!lr l'hin' nrul '" i int:"`l. ''h . !i
;i,.,+, i.+ t A t.l rt'u"'in nI t+"',t ,- ".i t ,iTI', ,
t 'ra tv dl:[email protected] ti" 'l t 'Ilf -e.ot eli :Int, e-1 : " e a iu- .
l,at< elt, I it i `, ,(' nl ht .,re t ! ,,r n r I
Itl tt ,: !".::., i, p s ' I"l c0 ,.,ty ' n uf li: rO -t
ali.ln: ,I:r,tta i.r·ni c mnc.. rn l tie a'"! , w;t. , ti - tL r
1Pi t?.+r t p .,+ ';·nl5,,n.· h tit-1',"-" or atr;l;. ,' I 1.." 1,
uii.+ 1 1t ! ,, ih. . ": w.., cllh ' si n t r.,ut :i nil
, th, l t i . . ' I 1 a :
T ia l E E INI"t'I ti1 Iit-:"t;W
tIr ,tI It, f harty . it l i r1 Br i .
1 a+ 1... . bn-l+,i i' r a si we. blt' ", a'n r ":',ol lo + V1 " . p l,
ath tn" rhlgi ,f 1!i -.ron e l'!;-t t . :r .t
h' . hanl ut-i n.Ln ielin.. . L i ta r L th.. ' l s l"'
,a..: , n the,p'age I thlat ,h "l:,ih,-+ journa: t ,
!:r! he," 4 -t portra+t ,." -f tno,+-, lperilo't. ..: ,,
L ,t* I o L. lhap.r.+ . r th_ -ri. n n . It, irn. tfl aiu |
bmInlt .g r pa+.. t, that at ni' rth :he a' , .
T ,,ry t.art at i hol m t' . :ilt;u ,-r+ of ,; '
werr ,+.;p«":all" ,ti,, t«"t funi it too ol'verf",l :it, ,"
the , ' - i,-1.r"!t,*. a I ,] * rt'rl. " ,,r a · it 1 , ,
I i-ilt, ar If." It , -
"!HE « I_ NDI ) N 1. : ,:,;i;,R .. ,,:; RE1 VIl,\i
:a t , . r i . .-t th r : r... Ti ;
gr-at 'aht( I rt \- hI, n.t -, JNu4 . t
Lc+nt ) t( r t:~1 + ,-t'+I I" tl:, | n>/ n . " " .f ,,tt,
tw a:e Ait . :" r . i: II. . " m
f I:rl ;- .t: I c' l ti , , .t , , * :, "
,, -.ent . ;c. t: u; ý-. t. : :
:n ý.': ,'I IM.r..r trr.,, !+-- "vl+ ,ra t"". 71..n 1 'nies:
f,,il.. .t.," ,.,.- ae, ý,:.,' ,f "+:n , .t! t f 1...?!! irt
'I re ~+ I l, , ', ,-.1 r,_,,,w , t
,:,:.i+ + !. -,,., 3.. t.,-0' i't"", a n.' li.
1 w."; t' , '.s ~,i . ' e t: "f ,le t1 arl, ';-',1it
, it m il r , *, .1 1,n : - t, t o -InI* " i8.. e ` I . :
"l'I'll 1: IV I'.-1'' X e ' t 'it I I-. IE W.
trh ilu -e , n , - , . wi .r , .
l,'ar t:'., I, ,, ,rlt.rrvi- ""n , , r ,..t |'
: . f ml whic, f.cit ',..., + -."t
r~t th+ tl',n-. o" ]+',+l , its |,a: -. t., ,
"lh,.,., L . «Lv r :.t- ki- l. . " . : ",:
Srr ,, sa,, L .c: --, ... . r "f ,, I p+,+ a l :,n of
E: .it, . r t a|,] ,,+:r+++ i:, i' t, , N\ :t uonly lhir.
it. ar'_ch- en ,r hi+,,l !divcte n ar aui, ,. r e mf,+" enl
lentin* e.. w.** < u1," re:t aI-. ditul : at "r
l+,;lir 100, ir ly a to .,. [ .d . -, i'( 1' :
n' ntarv ti i i. kn, . 2 .: .n i : it.aHy t, r
wn ti u n .. J it "te . ".( . w th'u"
?- t~n~'+, ;th 11 ,++ 't.4 i. G ,. i, I I +ha , ,n , r.
twale> !d-. th" I,"o. ', ,' ,,t
rte, h ir t,'- . .! "' . ,, -. .. , ,- I , :ti
-;-,rewhere. , T V r a ,t I n: w : :.. : t;,:
f -i: tn v , , .a l , l ": ,. - ,. -ia ,,, '_ •;"
,) ".b n en'+rate:d i L.,, ,r n~- .c '. . ! it ",,,
rI e,et ,in b s -. mr -I wi t 1 , Ih« to e , -nt. + , : - l i,
i w :,io ,,, .itt uti _ f,.atum e , t ,o i ,,, , a. .R ,e" " i
i a w-ork of iure receri enli : .ac i I .e already
! e. ribhed- h.- t i . n -vt .rihelr ,,s , d*, -ti.ed ,, occupy a
S'ice in thile RIepulhe of i . t -.
T ;ir reat ,:-il--ia-ticat -io,, ,"ltetl in i S ot-la. td led to
ot this A.nti-ia: ionai C'lih:o, h :,t-iti n. Ittni'e , the
revolul;ionr cast ,,e 'y tI.. ,Iiurotpt-en ;nho, : ,w"
ý, f l , , p la ce 0e , ",," ' .; i t a w .,i:i n o f
S, nr n i. e gitve i'tte.rir te toiltir
, 'i- ftate and Ithu-Ch , , i
.,i::l, --',iar new emttins, wllti, .it -ne .r
o' .': ,rpan of tIholught than a.:y '.ritl t. 1t1 nee the
tlionnt .*e,,i-i agreemet t Itil f i he: t lt;.ti' it minn m
li<:nn t *em, in thle nteo-wtt of a tw °l<e let it of oin
ion. and tie in.ineeat. creatiin of lthe INcr:TQi 1.! .rtL
Rasiew. The ba-i, of this .,ournal i- the Fanctrt,;,i
oif thi' Ninetreenth Century, tnor ii it to bh,: , er.i,.ke.;
ia one of the strikiig" charaCteri. nc of th-e tiime-.
ti::it the grand prin. tplt' whiech Hti,he:.tton m;nith, anl
Isrlny off the 'liotnt men of 'ctatlhat t,,k Jithe ti,'i41 a
ctilttury ~sa. to Write dmunt i. now aoh,.ft.^.i nd nti inli
raeid in this able work. ant in the ,sate literary me
Thl'l I'priodicsl is not ultra in la views on any o:.;
of the grand department- of h'rmain know-t i:e- at th,
same time it nui-er drifts from its itmr,::-¢ oni the
shotrcs of pure IEvangcDica: rt;lion of ilte It!le. Nor
will it fail to compare mo-t far t aibl with every .th-r
t,.iu-porary in the amount of talent, enr._it- ; .(
pirit. enlited on its sid,. The nameis of ir lavid
ew.te-r. D rs. Hannia, Cunninghatn, iortirneir-, iCn
,Ih-h. Gtordio, I;uchanan, Smith. ke., are a hoi t with
in themsselves. Much forergn taarrt is al.o piteiged to
adorn and urich it. p·jgs.
It i not to be r.i;rid.trd.e striily a Thobi-iral Reliew.
for topic- of every kindl cte.elateit to lc.i,.pi anl inter.
4t the well e~.ltivated mini are introd::ce!. olitil
qt:estions, not so much in their party aipect. is tietir
'-neral chtlrai-ter, are cO nsi thred. Lit!at . re and the
literary merit- of works are ili.-cussed, anl dicol, ries
in min'al pod physeeal science unfolded; the dii cns.
ion of ret'g ous subjects, however, in a dispasniouate
and Chri-t'an spitit, form adistinct feature of the
work. and will continue to occury a prominent Ilace
in its pages.
The lamented Da. CnatWIR.a was the foun-ler and
prineipal E itor of this ite. iew, anid s: ce h's dtreal
hai. been ably con inuted by hin st n-in-law. 1'r. Hanns.
is less exclusive in its chaiacter than the works al
realdy noticed; its contents may lie considered under
the general theads of classical liter.:tire, btiography.
narratives, historical and fictitionns iptry, eritical
analysos of new works, Ae.. &c. The high order of its
disquisitions hbi lngrendered it proudly disling;uihled
in the department of Greek and Roman archiahoigvy
while its range of elegant fiction may bhe sai to ,t.
cover a masterly power ani skill, unsurpasse.l by ion
of its numeroas contemporaries. Again, it ih t,
grathical dee.atmeat, and narratives of voyage. anl
travels, no le a than in its papers on subjee'ts r irely
scientific, thie aim rtble I eri dieal has eBer di played
re-i. trees unquestionably siuprior to any similar work
in the world. As to it nGlitical opinion., alriisulrh
deeply infused with Troyism, to an extent the Inot
zealous partisan coull de-ire; yet. tso wichintiy i its
rhetoric. and no enoniatently uniform is it in it: anti
republican obliquity, that, however obnoxious its ten
ete, it is impossible for the reader to fail of beiog
charnmeed by tine perusol bf its brillignt pages. The
tact of this distinguished Magazine having. for a series
of years, maintained a circulation in Great Britain of
abount 40,000 eopies-a prodigious and unequalled cir.
culation for that country, where the price is $7 fl a
year, will alone settle the question of its pre;:minent
merits. The same remark is equally applicable to
this country" it is well known that its circulation,
even in the United States, is already far above that of
any other work of its elass, notwithbtanding the un
palatable character of its-po-litie., a fact whicih can
only be accounted for by thetranscendentability which
charactenrzes its pages.
When we call to mind the names of the contributors
to this sterling work. it is not surp-ising that a.eh
iih.n mtned of pra t- :ihul be iawarded it in th re
puti,lit of lo.tto-. Ift ti,,. ,itrient writers wit hive
g tri.l it, p-ages. inav bhe ton.littol, the loltotwin. -
otrof. W'i-o t. bLtert kun w as Coestitopher Nortl.h, i
renowned editor. Dr Warren. the graphiic and brilhllnt
author of the "'1 iary II a I'te 'hyt -ieian," and of
"ili Titoustand a yeatr," w t. a : t -t b.en t .
extt .! - lt e . ,p.rt aar reiuv ithed fr. : l ' L.
iAnstt, r -Ir~ -ir l. t,tot. Join Lt t Bly lwn r. o,r.
tMagti in l: :,is :-y. :sd Lith' aitthe of '-tn, trin
gl . i. z. ""+': - of , te. work., which
have ,e o, the dehtt t (.f thou- ain d ,: t0le:v n :,
It is at tt tLim u- u sually atotrttr -rh.tm lt e t
rill ',tork o f blel a *r :: ,d o f I th r r d it , li :ui h d v - rt tr ,
t1 ta h Krat e. ti1- i ,,,e. a or'.glial cun!Itm, .son aippear
i r" 1 : ir t... , U-t h itt to h i . ii . t td
A.mi i,, cr an tEditan. . v an s ,o':.u rem rct . ,l th a ,
[ ti ' - l ,u iý h r ,L tpari y .heet ofil t lt't [t.ae Tlla ;' .
rn r.bt [i t to ,'e .-di to t o i: a 'u tt ttr v e ~ a , . t , nt t lle .ll,
A mt, ri , ati I I.: ,I,"t . + to tisue th1 w ," r --ph ut b -t l rr tl e
ori llu.'i ,di.,'l t arrile, N rwsin ~ Q-tanIttI they r.t
tshI',e " et ! .a nar'K\et l 'fore nv of :t' c rit at:
L ý b. i..,pubt bt,, l " ,m r finr . "t-tt .t th oo ,Ia,.r'i,- t, t
A«r,. .' . r, kt i tt ta o ta: it..t l et ra- . lit r :it t '
I l, i, r,. 1 .+ hi (oul.nlrt" ,r are r c ntlent to ~IlAus
'i ,r '"} r t r 0 o f tthtm , pi. i tr. l iI 1."t t :L t , t
ti ..i ? ý r~ , att- r it it r t, r l tti- ,. in . d t0 the
S ' '.t li t.. h b l .: r, ' " ie t ilt.i t t . t ;
- 1ntry iti. tb e- !
' ,l , i ;tlt ili %! : tl' i- uIll.~is lwe f d torkl ia:
..)i, , i , /it T.1 , it, t i to 1.-t iekr f i hl oult-' i"
S, l ..i lt it ht I ! i,.,.,tnot b V r e
t"l. t_ i -t ri the ... io i t i o. ! t f, i l,
t ·· :"· '. I -'' ei, l ' n t t. r , 4 r ~t +. I o t
i ., - i--" i" hr ,l ., l S t t i : l it a f Lt.g , o we t
I. ",h 1::t y 1 1a b r ,a0 0 i t nm e o, 'A I ZAO . ,r , ,
ii n. f IL-o " .te : may it - e . that tn o tr.ner
SnI S a, i + d,-s,,n,.i a, rlt I.frtllrl bui t a fanlt: anl i :
trllti tt:e fault e5 .wt - :t 'lthn we find N uel
T ;.t e, : .agt, th.,, I, t ..'d within oar gra p.p, a:;
i,,": r it .. .. a;" ma.. y 1*- the remark. it not i o t
', t f tilt ' d iat/' n of M'Lerature 1nAI ¢, A '
wiaOTi. t! i*i ne't RT rI in, Rit uni.itent -i.
e- .e l 4i. , t in , n pu G -h.r
, i'. , til .' i nviteith e,-ri.ial at -ienti-,n of t: :
i.' ' R-o.,lrint t of the sovT'Otal iel:.
i .' }.- r".i', :. I.. -"r.f ,, tIr u.long r,,nir! rt tlhat in '.'n,, i
i-lt -rt niot rly h-erte the niet inPrlaten theo
Sl i' r - , t w.:t . at the iraie tine . ad ore
S:-erit i:api. (f rt nation, iy Imparatng t1
-: i -.i n, n li ,tltiul timula i for a Light order.
1i. --t..YHE'T TO ) li MADE i ADVA -t.
pter annaim.
' t v roor t.he - t four hlt'it 'ws. . ... ..... b s i .
t j ' , ]i a t *i r € Fra .. ...... . . .
I : . w. ........ .. . b1 v j
"4I.Ll NA I>it -t' , IT & ('i., 'Pu lb, h-her ,
7 F 'u, ::... :t en-tr.lnce u4 t l, t. New iruk
t e l , en oct 4r
G iA I .\ M'nr
F-.1 ' 1. 1oti -tl1-nv, IN 1L627
Trp T-- , '! liVt " 1i.IE. rior a encinl wi:h the Januaro
, . *. ' t"" . t read:ug matt r, .-TE' t ..1 W u
:i t rntt. l . s tendi- fter l - nrar!n: an plate of the
Fi 't . !b , - -, of t.ei. elegac:t clored .o or more
r r. r' il tL. itei;th ,of t I--ingravang.: i.
S,:, ".- - i rose and P,',etr : an EMitor'o "able: Re
. ,f . ,.-. H tn:t', onu Fai' ib uan Fas:,onable
lwt lI,- t: Sotterne f.. t :eerire.lk and New Mmre .ir
ill enmbrace flinre executed 14ortraits of ce!*brated
" irt att r o,.'ty. Ini of terIn st:-ed with a artety or
OtUher :uii c- of t-rener inteoc t.
Too111 1-:n-wet0e t.'Latn
art en.ae.tr U on steel after the srtest Pari Fashion.
g.nlg ct! and tin d ir costamoe for the month. They
t.3l, !"en pr-,ounced super;,r to those publiahed ina
" i n b- of the :igh.-t 1:1n.-h, and b)y our best artists.
w on ,..4-t ,of Histritcal B;i era.,hiat, arra Literary
t'- - 4 c"h', . ,J ira"^l. Fin, Arta, NoveL. lale,.
},.utn:-e- v1e. Tihe tolN-s an', Rtormanees of Graham
an. us v -tally ackn, -edged tot xcel may others pub
Te"r ET-: Rn'tr Tam4t
i" n.mle up of Fltmor"rntt ; etche- and Anecdotes, For
cregt ~ o,- u tic and liltt :a1y Gossip etc.
'i1 M.c JrrLY 0t-a:3ARY or C'L'.R "\kT-erErEs
prop. ard y 1;1-m win • ,. t ivtes a t'emiensed. a.:count of
in n-rircatpal e- ent. 1.':;,'h Iate taken p.ace is the
world during the pre', e r.ng m,,onth:.
:T4 2 1 ,' o1 Nxew BooKs
) from t}hP pen of the ; n~t critic, F P. Whipple, Esq
,t'naco nt of the new :174 of 1',?s w..., L. trts., Man
ti lat. lawl:, .mhroidleme.., anudeverything tlating to
Fa h:rn:, of int-rest to ladiea
TIrE N co.- e.aRP. }ArrE.RN.
rfr t aderaleetres, Cajn, Bertha,, I'kirta. Fmbroideries.,
for }Lana. arclhieft and gneral Needlework, are uiumer
ous ni, beaut 'HIv desigue l.,
Tills amere, at a music store, woult cost more ttan a
I year's ubuucrintiono
One eopy. one year. in ad~ane........... S 3 00
Two copieS .............................. 6 00
I'iv: caoli ,s one to agent................ . 10 0
;l-',vn copies. one ta agent.............. 20 00
fr sir dollars one copy will he sent three years.
Ad.-L ons to (libs at the the same rate as Clubs sent.
Lptcimen numbers sent gratis to those dedring to
;et up clubis.
Al communications to be addressed to
No. 106 Chestnut st.. Philadelphia.
IHARPI'E.t' ,~T'ORY BOOKS. A Mormrs' ,usRIS or N.AR
ranve; BlxinaMlco. . and Ta.u,. for th, Ilntrue
lin alnd nter: tainment of the Young. By J.cos
AsrrT. EmbeUllbhed With numerous and beautiful
Ts.vs.--e.ch number of "Harpaer' Story Books"
will contain 160 pages in small quarto form, very
ibcat.ifolv illustrated, and printed on superfine ealen
dered paler.
The series may be obtained of Booksellers, Periodical
A.gent., 7nl l'ostmaster%, or from the Publishers, at
Three todlars a year. or Twenty-fire Cents a Numbedr
in tpaper. or Forty c'ents a Number bound in Cloth
gilt. Sub-criptions may commeace with .ny Number.
The poyi,-le ulion "ularper's Story Books." sthich
mutt paid qluarterly in advance, is Two Cents. "'Har
per:'s Maggzine" and "Harper's Story Books" will be
sent to ou. Address, for one ye r, 'or ifvm- DOLURS,.
The ytaarterly Volume' s c oimpleted, neatly bound
in C(loth giltt are sold at one Lilo.r eheb. aond Mul::in
t`ocra are furnilhed to those who wl,h to have their
back Numbers uniformly bound, at Twenty-fire Cents
Va.. T Contains the first three Numbers, "Bruno."
•W:li;e.'" and 'Strait t;ate."-Vot. II, "The Little
Loruvre." - "Prank." and ' nmma."'-VoL. I, ' Vir
ginia'," -Timboo and Joliba," alnd "Tlmboo and IFatn
ny"--Vot. Il, "The Harper estobliahment," "Frank
lin," an, "The Stridio."
t!hey are the k--t chitlren'a ooks ever publisha.
Thety wisely avoid the introduction or discussion of
religiour tolies. yea are such as christian parents muy
unlhesitatingly place in their children's hande. Che
price is marilot Iusly low. Twenty-five cents a nuraber
smake- it tab-ut six pages of print and two exe.lenOt
entraviezs for each cent of the money.
Thi- -mngtueinu alone without a line of letteP.ress,
would ble cheap at the price. One good thins these
Story Books wdl certanllv atompiloh: hencePrth in
fer;ior authorship and used-up worn out illastration
eoar not be pelmet offon children. They hary samples
here of what i* beet for themn, aid they a,' rhrewd
enough not to put up with any thing of lowit quality.
-N. . Do.ly Tms -r.
We have heard so many fathers and vethers who
recognize the pleasant duty of guiding tie minds of
their children in the paths of knowleo at home,
speak in terms of the highest commeration of this
ierieu of books for children, that we feela desire to see
them universally read among shidres- They consti
tute the finest serite of books for the yoong that we
have ever sIen.-Louirl Couri.
HARPER & BROTEr-5, Posns.
For the Iapld Care of
A. anod.iu- "., . ,. 4ewV .de,.
Sere-. i d ""C :,r i:.v ., t; v r nete s
t. l rc:. . f ....1.. gr. , .. L . .,.:. a :,er i ae' tt o
rn'.. iali t L ) far ltsong any hs .
)It . ,r;:: , ·~ iii - ., I·rl. ; M r I;., : . -ter raaguint-ina.TtiD .
)"r. ýi'·t- tl :;,:a.J x:- ?,"!,,+ pr",lU rr o(,t as pm
t r.t-t , nlot:,n o , ' it. , t e+uia a+:diog tophysimi(a
Sde."r!ttm in;l min,: . "it hit',,rtoi btamneda, ma.
",at' et na :t r." + div :. , - e IbeI,- oA to do fortbw
nil a t :,-ti, i " r :. ,, i* + r oumil und tad its.lt
i itl - .hntter to the hich>ti medili ea.
tihor;: ,, in ks ;l. n-,t:n ;i t" ,: receivedI the ta ,l{.
.it1d co:i,:wn:;t : . -, ri i. n the irn h .lowings ehik
He vi n 0 "|. * ,.! M b. ie at l ti',It IeA. i lt
(1Lto Mle- cal ('.,oI'Kt> 'Coumn.., fO: Bowdon llMe4
',Oittie dirun 'iw.K MI.- L Vni Cr t (rol]g f Medo
'11"! z . A ulnlrfe'i. : -t oeine Albany, li y
of --!Wintl Inx:ugtoln, tI Meldcal Schoolb, Harva
tni erity. aoibrtg. ia.n.; (,',limbian Medie lC
I "", Wa.hlinsgtoi. Mteuphis ModilcallttitutejTepageu
Ar.d in frro gn i entrieo :
! .' :ale de i-t.ic a-, iaria. France: Royal cones,
Phys- n:",- ae-i urge.-', ian-taon; QUteens Caolg
Ire'hi"; r ve-~It ,t \.. Italr.; Imperial Clg
oif Pit,:.-ic.,, Vienn, Junta Meditcal.g" Jlsam
Cuba, ei .
Tih l1echanlic ianstaute of Ohio. at Ctaeinnati ag .
Sdel trher dipliomna to the CnenrY "l'tTiiltt, with heaps
for it, extraloreilary viriue for caring diease. Thad.
,ltia of the Mi--atchusett Charitable Mechaniicm I
clrti,a was given to thii- prparation it their fair l
, eto p. ei t IW47; Alo, t tMelithioa Awardsafthe
tIhr-e p;neat Institute of thi, country.
Etdre frr,,nl the port hf ohi I.,xrd of JAdpmea Ga.
ittd for the Inastate 'f )l aaahnuts. eonsria;d of Zoe
fes.-,r {ebeter, of rd ifrieA C,;at. and hapers.
{ .iie I'herrv J"ICtc;iai t relpae.C by 'r. J. C. Afyl,
laweata klac i, habe-"e ael: and favonrably knowato
- the ,i:al Ir.i n "o : ar.! )yi clmitt: ceoaorts ti
,opincui, if thn.oe wtho have a..l an, pueacribed itt'
ctis a beautifal and hiuedly svaiable preparasil'm
evidencer of its i utccn. a a remedy auhtieist.y .i
ti-t it may be relied u!sa, with ctrondenac tr the ntli
of the nuimerou anu I atiecting puutnoary diasemass ni
diint to our el mate.
Elaborate ciunouendations of the CarutwPac as
hate appeared in the Guston Medical said SagletalJoa
sail irltinsh Ame.c. .I Jornal of Medical and Phyjil
ewao-i t. onIreal, tandon Joarna fPhasag.Caha.sim
taru MlC-dical i'-, :e. «. C . irsitthwaute'm aet,
E.n4.rti, Me cal rep-p tar. New .iray, Londoa ianeet,
t. 'L,. p M-r,<h .ue et do r -ia,. N eraue Meaoii le, face,
!rasn. .. As,..:n. arLlO - poyuti utridity. this to
r.-t r ha reeirai ti.e fatvoraoiie nouice of many atk*.
g tb.le I erronageM ation wi: ata rtne
ii, P.eynl Jtfjeatr. O(near. Kinnoat $wemreanda eay.
IH- liol.mnrl UaM .ty, Nic.Lato, IEmeror .f all the
Iis It '.ness. I'l s IX., Pope of Rome.
Hir ' uol:ms tthnesbar .b ,lI liejid, Sultan'a"i .
Hi A argast Mayerty, Fredri-ec VII, KIng of lern k
It' r et . ('atl.c Ma.jesry. lsabelllall., QvOml~im.
11, i, yal Maje:t y. tlito, King otiGreece.
IHLil, reue tghne,:sse, Le.lud. Graad Duke OtE4a".
H.a MoSt Noble tlighness, George, Prines of
S,.3lcl Phri Paramedn r Maha Mongket,
ir Charhie T. Metcalf, Governor General tl
Gra. Don Thomas C. Maaquera. Presad~e$t Ilf u
Gran ata
Rit.: I1tl. l, Edward Power. Lor Btishop ofT"fM i.
iil:it tev. ertiitt Paine, Met;hdit Bt BL O in a t -
Frm nZhn Pi.-ree. Preoidert of the United St4..
iHarv ereyamour, rtovernor of the Stai4ttlliujllt ,
lion. Henry (.ay, United tiates Senater frol .
toi. lm.el Webster, zecretary of State of tli .
*tAard !_iteheock, D. D.: IAD. . e-c. .&., Pt f
Amilert .iiailge.
L. cirkcini. D. D., LLI. D. President O(aKlettesi
Hou. Frane a Shank. ex-Fovernor of Pmaniyltiw A
fHara onu .rfoledson, Pr ofe-sur, of Medl .,t Slek
I-. C. T. Jackson, Geologit of the Publi le ala.d
tUnittl -tales, aiscoterrr of Ether, Knigahtithli, e
of Honor. er
Ge:i. Le.il e Coombs. Member of Congre frtomall,.
* io WH. B reton. .cretary of the U.. Isty..
I:e v. lia Lnc.ug. of tt.uvklyn, N. Y.
l.ev lieu:r Ward Bkcecher, of New York ety..
rev. Dr. t aomas Wormeraley, of Massacboeat y -
It. e. si;tLe . t1)., I'rnuislent of Roanok. Coia La.
f C. Welts, Prof. Math-. and Chem., " "
Wm. A. mith, I). ,'re. P.andolyh it .
C. $ Stuart, Prof. Cltem. & teal., "
L. WI. Green. iti 1t.. ls. .irampdefl a - l
Maj. Wm. Ge.illam, P'rol of'Chemitry, W .
Tau C.u.EnY i'tTnlA has not ontly Rfe
into the armies ian hospitals of the aba o e b
soereig.na., but als '.ioeo of atnlm t ar. rf r
eranent on the glote. Throught a tia ata
and by many nations, it has proved tLihe
reme ly evcer ye-t ddaev.ere.I for the
tre-"su.t &-.i+as:a or tee throat and l.oag,
shoutl be without it; ani tacae who have g ktatm
it( virtues neaer will. Dy it, timely use
thoiiouands are maceJ every yea from thuka
wh.ch as:;a Jo down to an early grave ittsb ia liwb
every age and sea and na.!on.
From the tyrerrable RJ idt of
J. C. AYOs, Sir: 1 tate sa d rojr Comr
my own case of deep-rooted bronchitis, sad a
from its cemical constitution, that itis 15
oumpound for the reliet of laryageal aed
culties If my opinion of its superior
of any serrice, you are eat liberty to use itat
proewr. EksSDa
AxEamtr, Sep. 29, 1S49.
We. the undersigned, have long used
PrIe^r.u., for iItamateou and other
tbhroat and Iangs, with sucht marked succes
that we confidently recommend it to the
exellent remedy fur the complainte arisies
II. M. Erm ,. D.,
Surgeon of the Military Iastitut i
J. C. MI. McagEtu., M. l. .
Sup't and Physician Deaf &Blind latitaot, St llr
F. T. hsmorurso, f. D.,
Sep't and Faysican West. Lunatic Asyl.e ,
ED. D. WArut D, LL.- I)
rrofen..or Phys' c in Washi
li-es. Jajm boo:s,
Chief Ju.tice of the State
RT. Rev. Bla.sor HLeSeAW, o
New i'onLLrD.v Ws.,
Ds. J. C Avur, rear ir: I have
yaur Censt P.crorAL in my practice. ad4,4 ~*
knowledge, with far beyond the o,.dinary .4t
medicines. It has cured for me soeae.isan s
couicmption, which lad assumed an 113 .
taid many cases of asthma, bronchitis, and t
which I coatd subdue by no other remedy. :.4 ,
J,;n you to maintain its excellence at the high
yu havre reached: and while you do so, he aeetd71
pre doing an amnant of aod in the world of
neost ambitions brother in the profession
Your friend, W. I
The foloten g is froe a nj hengeieL d
rosee Qf l Chest.
LA FArr Cob., PEEr., Ortt.
Its. J. C. ArTa, My Deer Sir : I think it bst
inform you that I hare son a most
consumption by year .ectorial in this
ful young lady, nineteen years of ae,
the last stage of disease; her cough was me
and the expectoration part blood and part
with large lumps like pieces of lung, I
thodox remidies without efect; and ..n
to the Pectorial. which, to the incredible $o0
ity, has restored her to their arms prfeetly
not the custom of phycicians to laud such
but common justice demands this iat*fleit,
niways recommend the Cherry Pectoral in
Yours respectfully. J. P. &'st
SIIIa x rr, 'Texas.
Sm: Inotice n your circtular that the
your Cherry Peetoral and Cathartic PillI
any physician who have not yet receivede
pllcation to yo . I should like much to
as I havelong used your preparations f- sla
and generally withoeniellent success. a
furnish to the prolfs the best expecta
best catharie we have.
Yours. respectfully. A. 113
511 A. PP"/d e off Lod Plserstof the
Dr. T. C. Area. Sir: I have nuse oar
,naud exteneively In my practice, and fnd it
.e far any other remedy we here for curing
the lung. R it Joea -

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