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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, May 17, 1856, Image 2

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Hiia; i J. tI1ntAuS,
.A., ".r . . inte'ndedtopromnote the pri
oa:;" " ; " · · :.··i rpo\rr tons. Suzir"ttes, ludr
* .,:.., cuirged a- advxrifieementK.
c cI8aerctr!, can o~if 1, in
r,,r ; ,n," an~·- ..reemnnt+. and must be
r nm ;;, r - ,.., ,."~ t, Ji r~- h.1 ;-yp -1'u;11 be
tav W^ )r u., 1,up
-"~ ý··. :;. ·· i:: :· ·;rr a favor up~~a1 uv 1bj llrect
~torBao oue ir(r(iRni ha.v
it:,'ma. &c., for thne Sizar-P,1
ter ', vine i hr:re with Mr. Bruce Hustost.n
on board 'I h et; I i ,rat Rerorir. wt\· U prrot
t\ rerelt-el aria tri ietort to
SATURDAY, MAY 17, 1856.
American Masas ,ectlilg.
Pursuant to previous notice a mass umet.
ing of the American party was hcld at the
Court House to-day at 12 o'clock, which eur
pa-sed in enthusiasm a.ny meeting of the
k:nd ever held in5,he palisth.
'"'he meeting w-as called to corder by B. R
Chinn, Esq., and on motion Hon. Lewis Far
rot took the Chair. and Rosemoud Hebcirt ary
II. J. Hyams were appointed Secretaries.
The object of the meeting he ng stated by
the chair, on motion, a cemmite,- ,' ii e
were appointed to select de!: ... t.. the
Electoral District ant State Cois eations to be
held in Baton Rouge in June next.
The committee reported the naimes of
Hlon. H. M. Fasrot. J. V. T)iraide. W. D.
Winter, B. R. Chinn, 1i. W .\ i:ile V 1,:
broca, Dan. Hickey. H. J lmaias. Jrmones L
Lobdell, W. J Lyle. J. S. Wýi:iams. T. P.
Vaughn, Hon. L. Favrot as deiegates to, the
State Covention, and Hon. L. Favro,t. substi
tute V. Dubroca, H. W. Allen. sutstitute B
R. Chinn. Dan Hickey, substitute Joachern
Aillett, delegates to the District Convention,
all of which were recieved and adopted by
the meeting. 1
Having kept our paper back in order to give I
the proceedings. until a late hour, we are
unable to give more than a brief synopsis of
the meeting. It was, however, one of the
most enthusiastic and largest for a parish con
vention, we have ever witnessed. The con
vention adjourned with nine cheers fcr Fil
more and Donelson.
077- On our fourth page this week, will be
found a copy of the charter of the "Louisiana
Sugar Mart."
Tir BALTr.MOKi Wamss.-The old line
Whigs in Convention at Baltimore on the 30th
nlt., passed resolutions endorsing the Ken
tucky Know Nothing platform, and deprecat
ing the introduction of religion into politics.
ems- Some weeks ago, everybody wanted
rain, just now, nobody wants it. We has e
had enough in all conscience sake, to last for
a couple of months at least. On Tuesday last
we was visited with one of the heaviest
showers of the season. "It never rains but
it popv.'i
THE OLIo MlISTrELs.-We witnessej the
performance of this excellent band of Min
strels. on board the steamer "Banjo" last even
ing, and must say they are far superior to any
thing of the kind ever before visited Baton
Rouge. A song from Master Adams. or a
single glance at the comical .face of NED
Davis. is alone worth the price of admissron.
Give them a bumper to night-you will be
richly repaid.
j7 The St. Louis papers of a recent date,
say that the river has overflowed its banks.
doing much damage, and is still rising. At
this poin: the rising is very rapid. Once
more: keep a sharp lookout for your levees,
before it is too late.
O-i"We return our thanks to A. J. Bryn
for a copy of the address to the Lafayette
Society of Centenary College, delivered byi
Rev. WiLLtax B. LaCY. A perusal of thits
beautiful producton, has offorded us much
pleasure and we think it is a highly credita
ble to the Reverenad gentleman's efforts.
POLICE JLa ELECToN'isa-Sana dost!
The election tor six members of the Police
Jury of this parish took p:ace on Monday last,
and resulted in the choice of three Americans,
and one neutral. In the tenth ward no election
was held, and the twelvth not heard from.
9ad Ward Frank White, neutral-o. the
4th j, . C. Woods, American.
t;th ,, Judge Farvrot,
8th . Jas W. Pilpes,
10th ., No Election.
12th ., Not heard frontm.
There seemed to have been g~ls neglect
on the part of some one to not having the
polls opened in tenth ward; but as a tratterof
course, as is usual in such eases. nol one is to
-b blamed The President of the Police Jury i
will have to order an election to be held in l
that ward forthwith.
Rlecogmntion of Nicaragua.
The reception of El Padre Vigil at Wash.
ington City, and hir reroglition by President
Pierce as the representative of the Walker
Rivas government of Nicaragua, is one of the
news items of the day. The obstinacy and
stolidity of Mr. Secretary Marcy have for
once been overcome by the effeminute headi
of the Government, and a cherished desire
of the people complied with. The poli,-y o1
lossiliferous o!d figyimin has for the first tone
durirng tt.e eent!iil career of Mr. Pierre's
adminihtration been fr'eel to give isay 1,
p,;ular clmoe aunt one of the progiCe-i'e
pitititcal iteas of the time.,. TI e hiroic
littie lband of Americanr who are now struga
1ling untler th" tropical si;es of C'nt;i-t
Amenrca, to lescue its lovely soil froi :tii
hands * savage iespadier., are to-day noinme
thing more in name tl:.in fi!tilustes ansi a,
'The "Republic o Nica:tragna.l d1,spite
British interference and the slow coach it:
pliomacy of 1arcy & C:?..s no longer a vis
ionary idea- it is a ealitS, "' i ii bourdai:
|marked boldly out on tie eap of rinb,
with iope beating high in the hea;ts of its
galiant founders as they lork forward to the
time when its fields will be made green a,:d
the sound of bus commerce andi industry %% iii
spring up in response to the energies of Aug!o
American thrift.
Shomld Costa-Rica. sbacked by het IEur
pean ally, overcome WaLt l:tt hefore asiist
ance carl reach hin. it will only make her
o erthrow more certain. If she attempts to
execute her threat of massacreing all Arnezi
cans found armed against her, every drop shel
spills will spring op hydra-lieaded and retali
atlo: wii! f ,,:w in tenfold proportion. Thel
American people will see t it. thai their
brethren shall rot be mlitered with impi:nti
r" by t:.ose c.rtper-skinned x endtacrious say
eges. although a .oll:isir: with a power, Ii
i, ri .Try enemy s..ouit be the .:o;.seqtluence
of tneli action in the matter NS::iragua is
lnow an ndependant goveitllent, recoreized.
too. jy that of the United States. and we
eannot view with lunconicern ally attempts to
crush her rising nattunanit) bv trans-Al
ant ic people. Any :,.:tererernce l y I :::" iders
:o .,adue her, wi., i n'icdt r ith Amcrncai
interest and t!:e policy.as well as t!,~ spr.t
ot our penip'e antd .v,!i i:.,tr ote i . p,,wer
,wh,ch, oue aroused,. wivi be da;gerous to.1
those vwho br ug it into at:.,:;
We know the popu;!ar t.eelnr. will promFt; i
respond to the recognilion c: miutcarag;ia as ore
,t the tree R.-p;blics of Atnertia hi ouw Gov
erumie,,t. and itthey r., !et w ;I Ti iuw up
the example. he may yet get out of the Prest
euncy with the respect of the American
THre Court HO~Urs.-It appears that the
architects a;runted to examine this delapi.
dated and venerable pile, have pronourled
against it as irreporrabie, and the conseqrn." ce
is a new Court House will is:.; i, h, it
or bought, This being ge case. the l'oh e
Jury musi take this matter into consider.0uion
at its next session, art :sc upon it imnir.di
ate!vl or. eilure the w ra' h of J uie Robert
son. The police Jury. mast now set to work
in earnest and the question with tharn should
be, economy. The purchase ot Vilda iRosa.
could be made at a fer less price t;,. a new
house could be built. and the tire given umon
the purchase. (four yearsl should cormmersi
the matter to their most serious attention
This would save the so much dreaded irrre
diate taxation. and give all a chatce to get
ahead before this taxation falls rup,r them.
Ifa new honse has to be built, it wsi'. co ,. a
great deal more, and some cash must be paid
down. and the balance of course would have
to bear interest, which would make a di:tbr
Oce of one-third (if not one half) over ard
above what it would cost to buy Villa Rosa.
As our Police Jury'have been pri;.erl,al fr
some years past for ecornom} in pOublir arfairs.
we hope they will pursue the same course in
the present matter. We gris ti-ne our prin
ion, honest!y believii'r that the measure
we advocate will be beneficial to all interest
ed. and though it may appear at present in its
worst light. they will ultimately come to thei
concluolo;r that we are right. Na'f red!
WHAT THE DEAD WcuiL DO.-It is a corm
mon practice-and one that deserves rensure
-with political speakers and political jour
nals. in speaking of party ends or in advoca
ting any particular political objet, to quote
the sayings or action of the great men (over
whom the tomb has closed) of our coaur.try, as
an evidence of the justness and honesty of
their purposes, and as as often wind up with
the too often used remarks, that had Mr. So
and So been living, he would be an advocate
of this measure or of that measure, or would
be a member of this or that party. it seems
to be a want of proper respect far she ilinrs
trious dead of our country, to bring their
memories up before the people to! add effect
or force to the views of men or measures.
When the grave closed over their remainsr
their political actions of whatever co m
plea ion. belong to the nation at large. and
are no longer partizan. Singular, that while
these men lived no man knew from day to
day-no matter how well versed in politics
what action they would take in this matter
or that matter, or knew what change might
have taken place in their opinions, yet no
sooner are the green sods thrown over them
turn the living are suddenly seized with a
prophetic instinct, and know exactly what
they oulri have done, and what party they
wvndd have belonged to if living !
Fie, for shame ! let the dead sleep quietly
in their graves, and let not the hallowed re
collections of their names be again brought
in contact with the polluted atmosphere of,
politics. It is a desecration of the dead and
shows a want of good taste. 'tReform it al
together '"
Tai GAzErzrr.-Wý" are yiva:;d to rnoi.e
the improvement to . i!:ro'e r..ry riipartmeit
of t ,is old time-i.t!riai tio Surr av
morning last the pr;ir it *r I irnirhod their
readers with a huh -i! d nwith etch,
slerv, and rinrreevt: g nchi matterr mu ri
of whiebt we iivtirn wras nmill Ii t ite
11 pationn of the (;uz .,e' ,. ! ''tt.
the iaipioveturnt iii ti;e ii ei.,v r!e aritii'it
ofttheir faici re tii~ii. the'' in :.'id '
hail d i please i"ý~ nr -vii -vii. - are i*' i u t s
biiy.rvi try hr ardveri'tir ''' rio tal rrIitr rtip
Grr r'Us er r tin r !iu' ii ir e ;oi,.k n u ."' ! ai r
Sate puib'ished, art ii the: i; if \iw (i'aiu.
pr,-ink 'o.'o Irot. A. WV'. 1llt54!, t~i a
firt itr .rrs p ioiiii ity ;,lid s iiiuiii being ' s''' o
muicii oii ie i nilterire. an to be utrhea to 'go
ita1,. ' h,4 lkiier rrtu ro-partnrhip ', Ir
A.P I~\o". 'l :inr, have just I tuniri ruei,
herit' With a iCr:iandi well rer'rtrii soil
'-t. ir"i' ., wiu'.' alnd riiiiori thiat areuI
to tie ' ipeissed. aid invite the attrention of
tuner iriruiP and s'ustiiflrs to-tbe iii~e %''
111t;>1 fenrit thr le' limo, oar thai ii,
de bt'ui'e ofd.ci',ns brardiirt ririe
soli jt Is ti sendi rrr-.irt bt'i aii' 'ciii'fdi
a rt~t' via 'criiiiit' nv iea perno al t
iuatuit !bit our 8Ib atv. rAI t t a a~de en
it is !the ,rrt :d ltar~i hi' ever
hriry, that! XX' o tý t ...o li r r fins i..t~ it~
dens Crye".
(ijili eKs. Chadtatans all It.PI W t 1" r,;'. ,nus
p .etend .rs to heal, . t . .o . at e, . l.. ..
and it, the face arnd eari of all n.it. t.e:r
h'!aring Jericho truit';"4 at! .t otter n5;vy
.lti 'erous :n, iii Oitl1 i" nmarv -+: l
w :-t td iia-.. in s c a w to ' li: ..i.tl i
deft eP o,'h as t. i . I b \. ii isl col:f"rtio-g, In:
e,,en checert'it to the carn.s t l 'iI'.-'
S;ilcJ e to k~wtlthere :-..; arll edi lti iis
w.orld a ie,':e tpi ,tii---:, hl: ,,[email protected]
and D,n alercul:! ,a i. u itl th ir p!lebi)
tomtie. }...Oln and a.,tin water."i
Y o-u: CaarIaltli Pills anl.! Cher.r y I',,'toral.
ca s i s fa.';n C3-- n u
le.n il I',ama,.,,.-o.ots, whr,' Scwe,'Ir('. deep
,'!. ug ,p ,' ii U.t tt'e lpr,. 4'.- s o' thi e. .
s'a . wlt.. ilt:n ,. o .w ig, :nring out the
gelui!:e t.laxer \ itae : t .:r of a truiith there i
il:ja!llwstiV en.o.~h son:ewhat oi that ,sirte
L::e 'ese'nce ui your s:i: e rgetaWe distil
lafions and contipti::ta
You realize t I:- t: e sl,iln of ilose pain
fulest. smot ke- ,lllt Alcih;nist bootless seek
ers---dreamers a!nori retorits anll crt:cle
touching :he (dj 'nte-et'.ial hidden Virtiue of
the. UGiiverse. wh!i.hB -:,, ,it ...lt ditem
per. ar:d ibreak for nan t!i, 01- elr of T" e
-A :\, . ,. eg. i c : isynth c..
.Maav 0t: ti, t..1 . ., t Vss that a Ltr_
andl e,,tti .ilasti o,:. t 11 i - t urof tWaiker'
t:'v':t., it I: N ; aW .a. 0 as be Li last night
Besile- speecnes frto: a;be speaker.', -tetters
t' in.;tathy 0,it 1luoI. Lewis (:ass alnd
,.er,. were read. ill' tta eriat .,,d nis
pi:''r:ed, ai a cor.tln:ttee was app:r!n!t-ed to
sc ici sI s E r t'l itslfonS.
Ti., Demoi .i: of t. :tl..) leir:m..r e' me
la ie elect~on to <, "' i! : ,.at nti- n rs
o: ttlein did :: ot a'ter. .e te a,,--I z (;ii e.
Now. Jet t:.e-. it you sutipoise twi- Arteri
call people ;re Co '-_ sed stupli!' a, to- el;,
the l.ocos. wo lt iput in ii the th.:,:i;ht
there was the slightest chance of Winning '
Tel! that. :o the be-.iisged people of Petrsim.
-nonville; but di!;t whisper it to the itnrdl
ligent. Ph) 1. popie with v-t r s iu t a. as
much as yoi have a mind to: but d,;" a:
tempt to force u:ch an eretl, s th:t :. ;
their throats.
-ew WORK-L.- -s'tos.- ---. ae si
)lst seen tl,e adis .lt-,, shee- if an r.... :t
,.i. nove,; prc, , ..:, tled R tl ,'t '. ,i
Scenes in 1the llt8ý'u Ile authior. w, -;
under a tnrd .' ,,.-w a ci
spiri. ai an c.u nlilti of t151,,:. ite s
likely to raise aah i, t t the o n it it n of
all lovers of iu. Till: work '.s .' e ('1- U ,aLd
fly our b iksellers i :, i.w da)si ,. wie ad
st e the judiciiust expctildtWti: o the stnali
sumn asked for it. as iiearty !agh inll tihese
meltitng days, is worth but !'li at al't .,t an
-"Yesterday we tet'e itt at vi-tt tr,.m a
1coupl of friends ainid , ubsribet- ;I Bri.iC
Landin,. who asuired us. ti-t Ve-t P,:,trn
Rouge would hardly rate cane esl-gith Ior
'eeri next year.-lb. (atiiie
Your information is not :rue to the le'ter
friend Jr:,siisI. There are a few of our
planters ,,hu will hoane to h:ty seedl but a
large majority of thern wil make seed enough
for next year: and i: man;y i: iL.a,ce seed :o
sell. T'ere is n,, useintakit;ig iatters wVr-e
than they really aie. aitt,ntgh heaven lkows
they are had entc,;lsh. ()Ou palii: will imake
this coming season, a crop of Oi.,00 hiogsieadis
-if you 'a)ll 2,;010 hoeiio.ads a crop!
THE BA.,T re. ,KIvA.--The W\\ashinto n.
correspondent of the N. Y. C&'rier and Et
quirer. in his letter of the 1st inst. sa:~
The inte!lignr. from Central American i,
certainly unlavorahie to W. lker, .JlihI his
last battle. as in ever. other in which he has
commanded, he ws l ictorione. Private ad
vices explain why it was that he was corn
pelled to abandon the city of Rivas on the
night after the light with 3lura, although he
had beaten the Costa Ri.'an army, with the
loss of only about one-third o lhis own in kill
.i and w,ounded, and had driven the ehnemy
from the place. It apixars that (;en. Ilona
wa. erpellet fron t'Ve hbod of tihe town, hbu
that his force retained its organization, and
remained in the outskirts; it was expected
to attack Walker in the morning. Walker
had only one day's supply of food for his men
and his ammunition was exhausted. With
these deficiencies he could not have resisted
the anticipated assault of the next day. It was.
theretore, the part of a wise and competent
leader to retreat as he did. Whether he has
reliable stores of supplies anywhere, is the I
question on which li safety depend.. I
What we Thinx About it,
Far awayh from tf : '' rve t and, ; tailanl
haIud. -arrm:oded by of erwlie ; ing loasts o0
(ues, are struggliig for x: ster -.. -:xistanre
we sao, for the questiu oft su e'irnacy i 1 adC '"
rior '- the annih" . tivn, .o W ak! er' bati .I \v.L.
ids "Wachenani"t'' iue-.
W hilst3 uphohling i, t!itr dr"perat e t':u-r
the proud fame of the;ir-: d' 1,. Olna!d. +L ,,r t'. r,
arte trned toward her : ' i ' ,
ti II that -isuc or t t ta t 1 o : - ,,',1 t!.,u u.+: tf a , ,ly
, i ;SIVi o that i - '; - : I:,
thie fl ee-rtIdene oi.i .t e ni i ' <I'
ple ;is d i fl i,., a p: .i It, Ehr: bIn- ate l: :-"
t o'it is 1 , in 1 s ','it n t 1 ":l e : e
t:,n goti.; t wpi the wr :! 1I-~i :c-atpa~i. tg.t!i
the iterl're nlce of hler an .'nt : :. hl .
i, ,e - - n atul t ntra l w "a-,, 1 ! De a b e t te r w \ , , !. W e
ai W h ) -s ijsl - I-an d FP .\ t rti .
t;G Z elz s t o b 1P 0 i ; i:,', 0 < Nl :o i. "ti + i i.t i -
d a , ,d w ith inm ;o ';t- ' ,l th, A mrt th.e a
':t pe. n n ei r l .t I l: ',t
-' t l'a r.uill.l.a.il ),-t nt"- 1)r:, ; ', .
a ),th n ,,ar:" It ., : , i., ' ., , .,c .:
th w ne r i lr ... ;,! l. ',. . .... ._ . t ..: r, +."t
-,, . r .. % -, ':i - t oe i a t. . .: t rs a --i r _
itb." I theu i 'a L., :. ; le o 'i .
q:ieu ii .l.t t i,, is le . e r' c ed r "thr
stuf.f w ,,r - cill \x 'il mis; ant: . vt ,
het: w i . Ic b and in Ie r r'h. ' {- are
o eoun , an its ,e : at -: a- -, a.s
uI ha.l'ntuc -e C'ot' It I ry tt-o. :- '-, '
i t ' f, -R ;l rS ) 1 V a, tit assistance W, ic.
tt:,"' ,r ,..t *:':i,., DP;;. wr.ite.: par'" r.. . .,';
s o u ! a : Id . e Ir . v , k i t a re a ,e - . 0, a o th ie
co . pt i' - lt t'hi rIp ; -o, Ats h,2: e,-- a ;., t
he a t h Dma t : cr::t t, , ' ,., .,: , "- . . t. , ; , r, -- ;i I
h Ie t t.'e p+r e a w :l.e L ,- t r.,. > , -" "
h," d h,' Pou n 'y-T , r, t , ,:t T+ rlib : ''u,. . .l1
mi:.m ., .!al-eda".. ia'r . "t:o i tee ,,, :. J,' r .t
sotl I.-'. io'. tI . . `r.,tu :! se took tt}
OU ti i -. e rve s to W , ,, , ! . ,
t..+ ut. r a.en a 1e, ,e t : C .rt '. T
• :' " y " 'r r: o v, S di u r i , r t o D e i .o c r a r- - .
n ,:it th is st-r,,.g a m tas tieen s+, e 'thed L , irth
oct, N . iis band of t ',-leau wer,.d re.. , s a re
re it n gr - e 3 w ith W h r n+e '! ,:, tr, : ; of t , r tr eth -
Iii s : 1`.e1r01--an is R;;,, a=-aiid Ib,-!,,r," :ta
pre.-ai e Dem itcra,-: ina in .h.d e iti tll l
siedn d h ea d in the g -,,'+ :. ,as r'he , e th f;,h.
oWas h l^ te n l 'it.- Iha n of 1 ;lea 'ua e- t, :
or flue p o....."'.
te anars (,f their c,1 :lry lltkered and died
out bhemath the extin;, a. er to Locofoco. m?
r does it yet he dormat. to i.- ,cr ga. iun its
pritir 1 -,. t eril: n t"e h,'al is o the
who are inow i: the iug freed s cuse, v ith
ic.ciousness that their memories instead of
bihle co.i-ned to ohlivion'bs totm,, wor! Jive
to blazou thIe pages of history, anld be sacred
i thi e haarts of their cout'ryokIedC Give
them assistance and it is done.
C1sr or & PouiUX.
CrTY (C i' 'r~ oi "r.e A.t:.ur.N P.1.
I T l.-The delegate- to the City Convention
to nomrnate candidates for city offices fron
the American party. nmet last everu:g in tie
hall over the railroad depot aird loroec.d,d
to business with nien doors. Th'e should be
evidence to the pecople of New (h.ra:: !at
the inr endos.t u-picios, eind far i ,',ho
s,.ppositionr. of the C('urir of secret conrla es
in the .~eriran party were thei otl;ipri:tg of
the turid brain of its editor. The actioer of
the convention, though htarrionn:ii and dIgni
fied, showed that there was rn previous con
cet in regard to candidate., and that the
questions of candidacy to he settle I hard not
been decit'ded in any previous caious. The
contest for Street Comnlissioner was close.
and elicited several amusing and spicy ep
'Ae resnlc of the ballots were as follows :
For Maryr--C. MI. Waterman.
For Cotrptrol/er-Thomas 'Theard.
For Street Commissioner-Amadee Guyol.
Fir Recorder, First District-Gerard stith.
Third District-Joseph Solo
For .A'dermen. First Disirict----- A.
Landrv and, L. H. Ptace.
For A.ldeCnu. n, Third Dictrirt-J.. V. Gourdain
andi P W ilt,.
For Assistant Alderman, Serenth Wrard-L.
It will be seen that the ticket for the whole
City Council and for the Recorders is no:
fully complete. Such as is here presented is
decidedly good.-Creole.
A La.n.-The fool who tumbles int a river
while endeavoring to escape a passing shower.
Sardinias participation in the Eastern war
has cost her about 7s n000o "j
N TiR-.'s .A' IA, ru', -. he it,,ci in.g co._r
suri cation we clip fromt the New (trle;ins
( rcrret, and we think it a matter that ,rv ery
,. Southern merchant shoual pay attention to.
SThe:e are in noarly ever'; town in the State,
merchants that m;ake their purchases at the
SN:rth. ,l., it is very pn:ai;Lle that th .v btu
I r oods :t ~ :.i , ien as thoere :en
,.ulted ' y 'L 1,'l I VIn. II the co.rrn.mica
, tnt. ,W e !1, +:.I t .L eve any Southern ni r
i: I t. I :ster c ' r ri' t o-; !: t n ! atrao: t a,
Li . . '. '. , '. it rt:v v 6 : :, . "t !,, t ! '. , 1
i, ;. ., , , L . I ' a . I
.r \ 1",, I l t e ' , F i t.': .I w i ' Lr, I .'I
, .. ,a. ' staun i h trle., d. to tihe .' , :, ,
d I-: autlle h' ires at tie N r.,I .
L -v ot 1. ,,r . ughI t. tI . I i ; e a preferen, ce in
th,.:: ' r' ha I J "c:
- . ,' ,.'. ~ ' f 'or a ,.ck R 'i,. -
SV .7t _ I,,. ino. I he 4 ' w .d ob,','t of
til- ,. 1 ,.i ,ppo it.l',. to, 6'.,'" rv. avli '
,t':,,'; Pre.ial. : 1'.s. ti, l
t I t' ' i t , e'i, r, 1 ' .' i',. '', .1 r Li t it i. ,"
, i sh", o.' te lhat r: Ski- th',r I I
I',l IF'IP' ".llt' , i' n':4l" ',,'h, ,,t;1 .t
,i'l o.n the r New fori b.:-u,, s for
L [ r' 1 : :" 'i' al,',r nN .
triso Itu rt' '' r r . it ,l':'. i m ,re'than':
• ar . ,: ,. w ,rk l :' I ', . ,,I
::. - ,- bi-u i, .. br motre t,.an tw1 c.i t
' ' a.. 5'i' , r-em -hall aFtai;
1' 1 , , . - .i:" -tl,- l' : ti+ 'i e . ,! , :l,.
. tJl(rX7 '1 wP.., tarr ' tl,
.`t,.n anl "+ ,'r ',rti -rl ,
of the tw' ' : -- x tori ',, " -i,- li ,, k i'_,"
bitl n .! ,. t. : ( i.er re ,-r ar a
Sh r. L : I L, ." r ,,)..:ý . ` the :i.t ,. -. : -.,
Let m . , rother < ai; wt ".. , , ,r
,,., ,ii Ltw. - . ,l .or - ;i
W i-,-.n ,. at! .Now ',,tk .... !.":r i: , -pre
,rnt; a ,:t grat y;:ng ti a , S iiu ,- a:.d
t ,- r, d-':eI that ,, ' _v .l , br,-a !-?mo. ' o.,,.
-at 1i, " i- l ' ,- : , ,tlo.. <,1 t e f ir!t ra
.1-1 ., .1, ti.at 1.1ies5 .,,ne ': ri'l "e1: o41i45a.
tel "'leek- t;e g4ow1 h 'or ,eb, the wheat
,onre ma, irlt.. , e ne t .ho 'arest crop. 'it
have be. nn ;:.t-,t t. w :l !t 11'."e tle taro:,:r
:,1xt auto:!re: (f 'o ere r, o' e |"b !or
.t "! ," i,.,t+" al C(.;,-e uitieh .c . A nd w e
SV , ,. "'h: - a e n r, i ;.r'.a: 11;:, iet aoty tin
ITa, P'r..- -T -[ LaP heard of nianr
Sl.;: int:s atbout the plant cane bei':g r: "-',
--, re'..o not coming up.--cornJ d vp ::
SI .u cwnid-eat that there are ras ma :
, -r .cl:s on our globe. a- ti-er .:re i :.
moor Mi plantation exteird1 .-,r tH ar
i i of Iberville clear acioest into rte pp i,,h
Of West B3 n os uge. 'o i, kinow ':r. Etitor
I like to rtedt .c-,. I , ; plant cane and
Sra t oS aret v,.,- , ".: . I tt ~h :eb a" oft e t!,T
S::i;t ,..m. r:.;oor:· ,.r h 5:':,htie t wvo,:tr not 27 w
',ip--b , all '' m: . ,i tnle ra I- o t.ei.
aile aS ,a"i d stPln I as ,ias ' er ixc-n uen r
h e pa :: f in a ,'i" fle b l o r a ,an . " : . :o .
I ,-o git I 'lntive weirt. '
t'y ti' at.i ': by eCA 1 thet a'. s"e' ca..e
I as :ou wl e LI iAt. .i ,o deig a :p' .a
,hill--' ':,ite* , '1e:Tal 9),rto rs - \,s?
,to . o i th . to ra', l, t.: .ro a in
r -i:r:.: F . 1 ,; , .I ,,,) i rv,4e age wa y :d d ,-st i r . n
tIi tt,.v., "ra: 0 t .* /'-F- A.t the ca) e tiit ed.
v i ':e -ln. t.a, ,l o he, i, n .r h tauttu or n
the West iaton h.,,ige bside :" v p,1tsaion
::t ), -mn,, on throug tie outr iRroa, Loth
,+ i -ina pVcid.ed wabh ,ood s'eelt and s era
oe the gacon . a withe apcoitaed it, bandoth ar
rsi, soe takl, ' sleps to ix saul r ad for. I catrion
tirnm their lis and an ,o ,rr trements Vrh t
, er endan ere t- by the bad state of said cut
ot' road.
A Solitary Ratooe.
The Sgear Planter please copy te--b Gazette
The Sugar Ilant.r coles it, and will air
tiyou a da pulier likenessd for the runior di
har of the indirg thate, to know hat you arend
trying to et through you. Ask es, thei con
to geve you a dose of vermifng at theiryou vaexpenset
it ade tory th
A STORY FINISHI D.-Some years a rlooa
Cincinnati paper received and printed the
first chapter of what proulr ed to be a tprial
in romance, with expectation of being pro
voted with the concluding portions as might
h bearleded. "the chaiper was. very ingenaous
ly writtve mles, and co.ctuded by leaving the tprin
riple character sus,,ended by the pantabons
from he limb of hia tree over a perpendwhi sular
precipi ore. It attracted the attention f the
press, and inquiries were about to beh made
oner, and is the continuation of the stary and
the fate of the hero. Day after day the vic
timized publiocaers looked for the remansng
chapters, but in vain, they never came to
hand. Finding that they had been told. and
wishing to put a stop to the jokes, their con
temporaries were cracking at their expense,
they briely concluded the story thus :
Chapter 11-Conclusion.-After hanging to
the treacherous tree four weeks, i panta
loons gave way and Charles Melville rolled
headlong over the precipice He fell a des
tance of five mides, and cate down with the
small of his back across a stake, which so
jarred him that he was compelled to travel in
Italy for his health where he is at present
residing. He is engaged in the ,atcherm'n
business, and is the father of a large family of
children, and doing well !
Tre PAAMA MassAcar.--The Panama
authorities punlished an official statement of
the recent massacre of American citizens. It
is designed to be exculpatory of the disgrace
tul part the local authorities took in that trans
action. They condemW however, the wan
tion outrages of the ,.,, and expresse.d a de
sire to arrest and punish the gailty,
denti7l iti.ant , >, I. s aTe . Pr .1
bluet+ )1 k r e sat,
Sblujh Io be it ne 'i r 'U t th falt
cate". a: ctrious p:liticJ' C. 'nteats roa .
n_.S. it oiI r coun tryl . rt the electin 1"
Mr. Ad o nsms i) .Q. Wirn rmere e f
earnbda' ii, i tie i ' at ,: " -, - . the fou:
"tof Repro ....,;. i.a i t", Lu,.ýke aRP1 .h,!,. +
in detaul '. f i , , a
not: lry hie t::" "har
Sp - tot f 'rit hisi r '. 8m
n.e politicab
. . . .. ! gle el'rct
".; ' , . . i , . . . , - o f par i+ s
atj in P i
, ' ,', :V. a rtd a t )
the 4h n
Sha at.
,·~ : -.t v+ i,. . 1., l
. .,e ' .: , (.Ott i UtteIa
.' . probably but
fo ie W.., n""ritV ever
U ,, . .'.1 " ,,i: . . I.;. a..... e,,.' by othe:
bt,, r i-. , . - , ie eitheroa
,, ' . ib; es. 'h
::.:weverj. wjil
:ý':) :- ' 9t ' " .. . ,.r, ms to be
r i i... r , .'. ., ril ! . ± Cr "mpu nc t1 +it
tie a' as fo.mr ea' ii
U... . . .............m..." that (
m,. ! :.,i.'rt.,:,'. t.;',it:-sil th Yea
. , . t , m a , arrieshetwa:,,
a.! , , r .... ricant r a
S.. . ; .r .ger shie oa
- .truR -b, wi ith the Bla
D.:n,, r,,_ a:d ,' grr- Worsh:pers will
r.-main to it a . cry ;retty triangh4
'!t is,, ar~e -,:t specu.Fati:n s, to be
rgappear t" )be we x1rounded. o
;.2 ihe ,o:re :,,-, a: e ,t the a l
Amn:,ricans a5 thae ýNorth ere aibta
·. , t,, ,,."i'. " t:e - ,u:, r; srek .at;:' o.rmziti
. .., : F., ,-il caap. The[y are
Sai--; i. ,,:· p.i Nu;-i rF1*elteveet whe.~ at
to t ,., +c r &cra terod will ered
a .v -1,*1 .i flr t.c Presidential eieetion-
"I r .ir '.rica:.;- :i is a n:re l : nder'~r et,
::.• ' ,. an;i- ,ver, ) ,aa-raent. rampant,
a , . We. . ,a well aetit
!:.u t: , lt+ ., wtc'. '.O ei' ,therft retmn of
F it'.llers "with t.i e at te Pa.' ta rei na
el.m. 0 - Yet. Wte ,ctirt in litte dou tw a
anti--.a;very Ail .I ,ou.ted. Lett as.
tt+ trmiirtat'e as 1: mus, the s7.gs are to
m:-n!ii',st to e i i ;-ai:erl. ib, reeanewi h
pro _,tes aB .:-..`t . A., . .:ht.-n. arI i favot-*
Na'io'lit, xc t-,at ' wino r9 may
re-ad.-- +. '9 . "
I;. wi 1 ff' is 1"t. eirTvmS
TI rt r u e c: ,. ai ,0 ".r ,- ,?"i.-Cl a Chicago. our
rcauNr ti know. tw i, in atltiniavorofth
I)D'mocra,ý., t:.re\ :h the m.t asiou(ndit
fromf, i:> ý , -'.s" i n ;' x I he givin gp
titc! , tier . :. .ra.- LartyrY inaCies.
o a t, ,. f ._ . !t . w" -;c, yt tothehatnd
S ,: .. ,, .a:r.r. .,in t ; f .". r recordsl. s.
S:. ,.:a ,. o '.lowing
'iio. C oulu ho..em: I . Srt -.
'+ cint ii ayne. U:,itel States DittAt
'li: i. " . "['.,tied Mate, Collector and
Lt i - 1;.f 1 u rre "
t' t C,.,. . ;, : , : M .nistrator.
I;!.A.u I. :,rtt, treay' rer.
)1. d'i.rot. Prrseinting Attorney.
I. A. Ho r. Cierk iecirder s Otlte.
43 Mc(Carthv. low. Ctle-'cr.
.1 l1 ,,on. liv, City "larshal.
(. L,_hgrts'.State Cs'ono.ssioner.
C. O' Hial.
P b " 7:.}ticr of the Part.
.. o'!) ono toe !
J. u)u,,'F a ,
D). VaA: Ke-cr :I C:'v Bridewell.
('itizns of Chicago! these are yoe dckW
otlcer·, appotnted by the United Sahtes, tr
Rate of iiisc.pi, atnd 'tv t'fe city and: Clty.
'ie reve.it r. Tie United States, the.i$
tire taxte of tlhe city and cotuntry, the -ae
Sta'e tax of Chicago. are placed inthe hands
of Irishmen ! Tihe public prosecution of tt
I nited States, t.he s:ate Prose:.t:ingattorIof
six Justices of the Pea'e, and the ,M"t.
who has the entire charge of the peae a.
order of the city, are all Irishnien !
March 185 , Lewis, Cass, thitn who tbh*
is not a more devoted partizan atn.t
prominent men of the court., delk.
speech on h, floor of the Senate. in
of which .o paid the followinr c
I to IMr. Filnlore's integrity, and to I
cienev in "parfvits. the ,oiatry. "W# QI
from the ('ongresswonal Globe.
"The ad m:aistration has paced itts.Ii
in the great work of parifyi gi the l
received the meed of approbation frol
cal friends and po iticai foes. Ip r
same sentiment. I do them justice. 11B
a Democrat, and Goal willin: I mess
one. This is a Whig aidninistration .
there is no readon shotul not do tit.sa
tiec. and I do it with pleasure, in tM"i
matter of the saication of the counitrl if It
say so. I have done so: shall contioue ,.I
so, whatever sneers thelRr paper may
for I do it not for their sake, but for
of the country." Speech of Mr. Caussiti .
ate of the United States. March. to, 185L3.
letter from an unusnsuly well intormed u ach
dated London, April 4th, says:-"Y e
he assured that it is the determinationt
present British Government. in case
Crampton is dismissed, to send back n..
Slas. A division of our army io going t
I ada. This is actually required torepl$0
troops drawn away for the Russian war;t
I have no doubt myself that tt. force i*3
out with a distinct eye to contmigenfci;?
fact to the possibility of hostilities witrh
United States. It is perceived herethat*
biow struck upon the surface of the Uit
the chief entrances-as New York and NO
Orleans-would inflict almost as much ij
upon British as upon American propart
those at istocrat.c politicians, ignorant
the true interest of England anid of *
strength and resources of the United"
who cling to the idea of chastising the
power that has arisen in the new wo .
thinking of a blockade of your coast;St
mode ot employing the leets that the p,.
has liberated.-F-orhle rr T,-tf'°,"

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